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pregnant in aberdeen

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Sillyness Tue 29-Jun-10 21:51:36

hi, i'm moving to aberdeen in august and am 8weeks pregnant. anyone else about who is preggers too?

Medee Fri 02-Jul-10 21:53:50

Hi Silly; I'm in Aberdeen, but currently in the two week wait to find out if I am succeeded this month - will let you know if I am!

Sillyness Sat 03-Jul-10 20:45:07

oh good luck! despite me saying i'm 8 weeks, that's doctor talk and its only 3wks since we found out so i still remember the anxious waiting!let me know how it goes!

LittleNutTree Sun 04-Jul-10 17:12:30

Hi Sillyness, I'm in Aberdeenshire and am also 8wks pregnant with DC2 - I found out 4wks ago, but still in major disbelief!! Hope you're keeping well. smile

Medee Sun 04-Jul-10 18:42:52

Nice to see the Aberdeen forum finally come to life!

Is this your first, Silly?

Sillyness Sun 04-Jul-10 22:53:25

yeah...we're moving fast...been together 4 1/2 years, got married in april and now pregnant. love it when a plan comes together!

Littlenut: congratulations! how old is your first child?

LittleNutTree Mon 05-Jul-10 23:02:25

Thanks Silly, congratulations to you too! My DD is 2 next month, I've no idea where the last 2yrs have gone, it's scary!

Hi Medee, I know, there's not much activity on this local forum is there? When I first joined MN and for ages afterwards, the most recent post was about 2yrs old!

Medee Tue 06-Jul-10 18:35:11

Hello, found out I am pregnant yesterday, very chuffed, and nervous.

LittleNutTree Tue 06-Jul-10 18:45:38

Congratulations Medee! grin How far along are you? Will this be your first?

Medee Tue 06-Jul-10 19:01:53

Just over 2 weeks since ov; yes, my first

Sillyness Tue 06-Jul-10 19:53:22

Wow! Huge congrats medee!!!

perhaps you guys will want to meet for coffee when i get up there?

getting excited...less than 4 weeks now until moving day!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Tue 06-Jul-10 19:55:26

I'm in Aberdeen, not pregnant just had my ds2 13 days ago (he's my 3rd)
Do you know where in Aberdeen you are moving to?

LittleNutTree Tue 06-Jul-10 20:01:58

It's weird when you first find out isn't it? We'd been ttc for a while and when it finally happened, I was so excited that I wanted to tell everyone but I was completely terrified at the same time! I found out in December, it was a nightmare trying to keep it quiet in amongst all the nights out!

That would be good Silly, just let me know when you're sorted. smile Do know anyone in Aberdeen already? Where are you moving from?

Sillyness Wed 07-Jul-10 19:10:37

Yeah, mum and dad are there...eagerly awaiting us!
We're moving up from London. Will be living near Tillydrone.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 08-Jul-10 09:45:54

Well although i'm not pregnant anymore and that was what you asked for i'm up for coffee too if you fancy it.

Sillyness Thu 08-Jul-10 20:51:00

Excellent Ineed...!

Can't wait to meet you all!

(Ineed... it's a great name, but there's no way i'm typing that everytime i speak to you!)

Sillyness Thu 08-Jul-10 20:54:19

Can I just add by the way that i'm 8weeks pregnant and have been looking forward to pregnancy and all it's symtoms for YEARS, and all i get is bloody spots!

LittleNutTree Thu 08-Jul-10 20:59:12

That's a major move Silly - are you all organised? I only moved 15 miles to this house and it freaked me out - I'm normally really laidback but moving makes me all anxious!! I bet your mum and dad will be chuffed to have you around, not least since they're going t be grandparents!

LittleNutTree Thu 08-Jul-10 21:03:03

Argh, I hate spots. I got loads on my forehead around the time I found out I was pg, but they seem to have disappeared for the moment! My only symptoms so far involve me either wanting to eat the equivalent of my bodyweight, or not being able to eat anything!

Medee Thu 08-Jul-10 21:21:59

no symptoms here yet, but it is v early days!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 08-Jul-10 22:09:01

That's ok Sillyness I get called allsorts to shorten my name it used to be shorter but someone suggested this version ages ago and i've kept it.

Looking forward to meeting for coffee I love meeting new people.

THe last pregnancy was my spottiest one but thankfully also the least sicky one so it was a bit of a trade off.

Sillyness Thu 08-Jul-10 23:29:59

Mum's very excited, dad's more excited now that i'm preggers. i just hope it all goes ok with living so close to them again after having 900miles between us for the past 8yrs!

i'm washing my face with clear and clear-it's doing bugger all!

and i want morning sickness...just for about a week. i don't feel proably initiated yet!

sorry i'm such a moan! haha!

Sillyness Thu 08-Jul-10 23:31:30

gosh, we're all addicted to this aren't we! love it! haha! we're whipping the ass off the other threads!

LittleNutTree Sat 10-Jul-10 18:35:38

lol You gave the thread the kiss of death there Silly! No-one visited yesterday! grin

Oh and moan away about symptoms or lack thereof! grin I felt nauseous with DD from about 6wks until 14wks and it was horrible, but I didn't really feel like that this time until eariler this week when I gt to 9wks. I spent ages wishing I would get some symptoms this time just to feel reassured and I want the nausea to go now. I sometimes wish I could just be sick and get it over with! I don't know if Clean and Clear would work on your spots with them being hormonal but if it makes you feel better, scrub away!

So are you from Aberdeen originally or did your mum and dad move from London too?

I don't think I said 'hi' to you yet Ineed..., sorry! Will be good to meet for coffee, I don't think I'd ever met so many new people until I had a baby.

Sillyness Sat 10-Jul-10 18:51:11

our family is from belfast, sister went to scotland to uni, i went to london.dad started working in scotland and trying to persuade rest of us to move up/over! so now we are! having said that my sis is in stirling now!

sorry to hear you're feeling ill (jealous!)

booked man with a van today...woohoo, moving day come on!

LittleNutTree Sat 10-Jul-10 19:15:33

<<sends Silly some sickness vibes>> grin

Good to hear you've booked your van now, that'll definitely make it more real! I'm sure it'll be fine with your mum and dad and will definitely make it easier for babysitting! smile

I've lived in Aberdeen since I was born and really like how it's a city, but close to the beach and the countryside at the same time. The facilities are getting better here all the time, especially the shopping although I don't get much of a chance to take advantage of it as much as I'd like with a fidgety toddler! I live in Aberdeenshire now and I totally love it, the only drawback is that I tend to forget to switch off my 'country head' when I'm in town and will randomly say 'hi' to people I walk past, which gets me some funny looks!

Medee Sat 10-Jul-10 20:10:34

we're close to town, and we made the mistake of walking in today to do some shopping. Was bloody knackered and had to go lie down afterwards - 2 hours later I finally woke up!

Sillyness Sun 11-Jul-10 08:22:00

haha! thanks for the vibes littlenuttree! i agree, about the city/countryside/beach bit, tha's what we're looking forward to, especialy the beach. we're both used to living near the beach and london is a bit crap for that!

btw, had spotting this morning. scared the life out of me! anyone else experienced this?

Medee Sun 11-Jul-10 09:10:58

I've not, but if you are worried, is there an EPU you can visit?

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sun 11-Jul-10 12:13:26

I had spotting with dd at the same tage as you and all was well but if you are worried get it checked out set your mind at rest.
The extra stress of that on top of your move is not what you need.

I never had symptoms at the beginning of my last pregnancy and was all chuffed with myself but I paid for it at the end with the worst heartburn ever.

I moved to Aberdeen when I was 7 and moved away when I was 19/20ish.
Came back last April really liking being back.

Sillyness Sun 11-Jul-10 15:23:43

i'm ok now that i've calmed down. it was the tiniest bit and i know it's quite normal. am having scan in 2 weeks (don't have a date yet, but the doctor wants to push for one before i leave) so i'll just wait till then.

been out for a walk in the sun...get me to the seaside! it's too hot here!

Medee Sun 11-Jul-10 16:29:23

you definitely won't need to worry about that here - it's been sunny but quite windy keeping the temp down; and yesterday was rainy!

Medee Sun 11-Jul-10 18:41:56

is anyone involved in NCT in Aberdeen? I've just been on their website, and they are advertising course for the Jan/ Feb deliveries, though they all take place in Banchory.


LittleNutTree Sun 11-Jul-10 20:03:31

Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a scary morning Silly and I hope everything's kay now. I had the tiniest amount of spotting at 8+5 last time and called the mw for some advice. She got me an early scan appt for the same day (appt was within 1.5hrs of me calling!) and everything was fine. They didn't know what caused it in the end and it didn't happen again. It was a horrible feeling though. If you're worried though, I would call your mw or EPU just to get som reassurance.

Urgh, heatburn is horrible Ineed, I was drinking Gaviscon instead of tea last time! I got a bit of a taste for it, the liquid was much better than the tablets!

How are you feeling today after your walking yesterday Medee? Hope you got a nice long lie!

LittleNutTree Sun 11-Jul-10 20:09:45

Oh and I meant to say, that the only involvement that I've had with NCT is going to their Nearly New Sale - what a scary experience! grin It was really busy and I almost got trampled when the doors opened, but the bargains are brilliant! My friend got a changing table for about £20, it was a Mamas and Papas one that should have been about £65!

I went to my NHS classes which I found really good. It was run by our community midwives so it was nice to go through it all with someone that was also looking after you and the baby. I still see all the girls form my class regularly and I acually childmind for one of them, so it was good for business too! I understand it's a bit different in town though if you go to AMH for the classes since not everyone is guaranteed to be from your area and there's such a wide range of people attending.

LittleNutTree Sun 11-Jul-10 20:10:20

God, I can't half talk - sorry about War & Peace above! grin

Medee Sun 11-Jul-10 20:31:54

not at all, very useful, LNT. I'll ask my midwife next week when I see her about the different class options.

Yes, I managed to sleep in a bit this morning. Did quite a bit of gardening today, and worried I was overdoing it, so took plenty rests and then a little lie down (20 mins not 2 hours) later in the afternoon.

Sillyness Sun 11-Jul-10 21:22:39

i've heard about these sales, how often are they on?

do you have to pay for NCT classes or what is the difference between them and NHS?

so meedee, have you seen your midwife yet? got a due date? how many weeks do you reckon you are?

i reckon i'm 8weeks today, but due to long cycles and doctors counting from first day of cycle, he reckons i'm 10 weeks today, hence the scan in 2 weeks!

Medee Sun 11-Jul-10 21:35:36

it tells you on the NCt website, but I don't think the next date is up yet. Yes, there is a charge for the classes- I'm going to ask my midwife about them when I see her.

Seieng her on the 19th. The calculator on here says March 12th. I am 3 weeks past ovulation, so officially 5 weeks, though might be classed as 6 due to my long cycle.

LittleNutTree Sun 11-Jul-10 22:37:07

I think the sales tend to be once a quarter silly. The last one was at the end of June, so probably September for the next one. It usually tells you on the MN Local site, think that's where I saw it last time. Maybe we could go together, for moral support! Also if you're pregnant, you get to go to the front of the queue!

One of the girls in my NHS class went to to NCT ones and I think she said that she was charged around £150? But that was 2yrs ago so not sure if it'd still be the same.

I'm due 10th Feb but I'm thinking of telling everyone I'm due end of Feb. My DD was 9 days late and the amount of texts and phonecalls I got asking if she'd been born yet, drove me insane!!

Glad you got some rest medee, it was a great day for gardening, if a little windy!

Sillyness Mon 12-Jul-10 18:15:32

yeah, its a good idea to say end of feb. im waiting to see what midwife says, but i worked it 2 ways and it came out as 14th feb and 28th feb. i think the end is more accurate.

can't wait to go to these sales! would love to go together littlenut!

Medee Mon 12-Jul-10 20:34:34

sounds like a plan; elbows at the ready!

Sillyness Tue 13-Jul-10 17:06:14

5 more days of work! whoop whoop! can't wait to move up and be a (pregnant) lady who lunches!

Medee Tue 13-Jul-10 20:48:39

hello local ladies, can I pick your brains. How close to 12 weeks did you have / are you having your scan? I reckon much later than that and it clashes with all sorts of things which would be a complete pain, so am hoping it is at either 11 or 12 weeks. I see the midwife on Monday.

LittleNutTree Tue 13-Jul-10 20:54:55

Hi medee, I had my booking appt on 1st July at 8+1 and got my scan date through yesterday for 30th July when I'll be 12+2 (although I changed it for 2nd Aug as I'm off work for 2wks from then, so I'll be 12+5, the scanning dept were really accomodating when I wanted to change it). My mw said that they'll normally do it anywhere between 12wks and 14wks.

That's great news silly! Are you not going to be working at all when you come up or are you waiting until you're here before looking for a job?

Medee Tue 13-Jul-10 20:58:52

Thanks LNT, that's really useful, especially that they can be flexible too. If I am there on Monday, looks like a good chance of an appointment pre the end of August.

LittleNutTree Tue 13-Jul-10 21:20:25

Fingers crossed you get a good date! smile How have you been feeling apart from tiredness?

Medee Tue 13-Jul-10 21:35:19

A bit of indigestion, but otherwise fine. Yourself?

LittleNutTree Tue 13-Jul-10 21:48:13

Glad you're doing fine. I'm okay too, just a bit of nausea during the day which is being combatted through eating ready salted crisps - no idea why, but it seems to be working so far!

Medee Tue 13-Jul-10 21:52:21

someone else on here seemed to rate that for nausea - shall bear that in mind for when it kicks in.

Sillyness Wed 14-Jul-10 00:12:44

bit more blood...am scared now. have told boss and have day off tomorrow to go to the doctors...wish me luck ladies!

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 08:59:23

Aww Silly I really hope everything is okay. Can you not get an appt any sooner or spreak to your Early Pregnancy Unit? Thinking of you.

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 09:01:35

Sorry, read that as having an appt tomorrow, as in Thursday, but just noticed you posted late last night. Hope your doctor can get you over for an early scan today.

Sillyness Wed 14-Jul-10 12:43:16

yea, all is well! went to EPU and had early scan baby is actually 7weeks tomorrow, not as far along as i thought! they seem to be dating it straight from conception now!

she said the blood must have been a warning to stop doing so much! fine by me...i'm quite happy to just sit on my bum now! DH is already doing all the cooking, cat litter, packing for the move and any cleaning which involves effort or fumes! (i still do some dishes!)

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 14:09:53

Yay! I'm so chuffed for you silly! I've just logged on sneakily during kids' naps to see if you'd come back - so glad everything is okay. You'll be amazed in the difference between this scan and your 12wk one. DD was 1.87mm at our early scan (8+2) and was almost 9cm at only 4wks later (12+5)! I second the 'take it easy' advice and if a medical professional is telling you that too, then you have to do it! grin

Sillyness Wed 14-Jul-10 15:25:53

Thanks LNT! gosh what's it like being pregnant while still looking after little ones?

Karen4007 Wed 14-Jul-10 16:59:41

Hi there,

I have also just moved up from London and am 19 weeks pregnant. I would love to meet up for a coffee if anyone is up for it as it is a bit wierd having moved up here not knowing anyone! Can anyone suggest some good places to go to meet people. I have looked about and a lot of the clubs and groups are for people that already have kids.



Karen4007 Wed 14-Jul-10 17:04:19

Hi Silly,

just saw your message about Early scan etc. Happened to me too and had really bad pains in one side, but all was ok after scan. Scarey tho isn't it. Hope all is ok now


Sillyness Wed 14-Jul-10 18:04:10

Hey, nice to meet you Karen! Congrats on your pregnancy too!

I arrive on the 2nd August so should we meet end of that week?

Has Ineed deserted us?

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 18:21:23

Ooh! Week commencing 2nd August sounds good to me, I'm off for a fortnight from then so am free to meet up whenever anyone else is free! Plus, my scan is on the 2nd so will have proper confirmation that DC2 exists! Seriously, I felt like this last time too, like I was stringing everyone along! No-one's actually tested to make sure that I'm pregnant apart from me!

It's not too bad silly, as long as I keep busy I don't notice how tired I am! All being well, I plan to finish the pre-schoolers at Christmas but keep the before and after school kids on until the end of Jan. Then will hopefully exist on MA until August!

Hi Karen! <<waves>> I found that meeting people after DD was born wasn't a problem, but I didn't really know many people in my area up until my antenatal classes, although I had friends in Aberdeen, just not in the Shire where I moved to. I think the NCT do a 'Bumps and Babies' class in the city centre during the week - I'd check their website as a starting place. I've never been to one though, so not sure what the set-up is like.

Not sure where Ineed is, come back if you're lurking!! grin

Oh, and I forgot to say to you yesterday medee, a girl on my post-natal thread swears by White Magnum ice-creams for heartburn!

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 18:21:59

I promise one day that I will post a 2-line message! grin

Karen4007 Wed 14-Jul-10 18:35:11

Hi there,

the end of that week is good for me, the Thursday or Friday would be best as I am not sure what I am doing any earlier in the week.

My fiancee and I are starting up a business at the moment, and I am his chief driver at the moment. On the Thursday and Friday he is in the same place all day, so I can drop him off and be free.

LittleNutTree, you are the most local here, can you suggest somewhere? It will be really good to meet you.

Silly, good luck with all the packing and the moving - don't lift anything, I discovered why pregnant women should not lift when I moved here and packed my own car and then could not move for 3 days and I was about 10 weeks gone then.

Look forward to it

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 18:54:35

Thursday and Friday are good for me too. I'll have a think about where's best. Should probably be city centre to keep my direction giving to a minimum, I'm rubbish!

medee, please feel free to jump in with a suggestion too!

Medee Wed 14-Jul-10 21:12:15

Hello - I like the ice cream tip, the heartburn hasn't come back, but I almost wish it would.

I'm working that week, so would need to be evening, but what about the night of the Thursday 5th. Probably a coffee type place rather than a pub? I'm trying to think what's open late.

And welcome to Aberdeen, Karen.

Medee Wed 14-Jul-10 21:14:11

oh, and glad your scare has passed, Silly!

Karen4007 Wed 14-Jul-10 21:19:11

Hi there,

I am not sure that I could make an evening but let me know what you come up with and I will see what I can do.

Thanks Medee for your kind welcome. It is nice to be talking to some locals with a month of just my parents and other half.


Medee Wed 14-Jul-10 21:31:01

ah, if I am the only one working, then just make it daytime, and if you get on and organise another one I'll come along then. I'm the least pregnant anyway!

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 22:35:58

Aww, but still important medee! grin

If it was a Thurs evening, it's late night shopping so think most places would be open in the evening anyway? Union Square has a Starbucks and is open late, or at least until 8pm every night I think. Or what about a Saturday? Just to throw a spanner in the works!

Sillyness Wed 14-Jul-10 22:36:18

ADDICTED to white magnams!!!!!!!

(no heartburn though...just greed!)

my husband is laughing at me, saying i've got a playdate....jealous!

Sillyness Wed 14-Jul-10 22:37:09

i can do anytime!!!

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 22:42:32

lol silly! Don't know if there's a Dadsnet Local site he could maybe use if he feels left out!! grin

I can do anytime too, so we just have to organise medee and Karen and then it's all go - oh, and Ineed too if she fancies!

bakingtray Wed 14-Jul-10 23:01:46

Hi. Reading through the thread and wanted to let you know that I had a baby in Feb at Aberdeen Maternity. It was my 5th (big gap, 2nd marriage blah blah blah!) Anyway the midwives at AMH were fantastic. I had someone with me and husband for the full 13 hours labouring in hospital and absolutely no pressure on when to leave despite local midwife saying I should leave within 6 hours. However AMH no longer do tours of unit which I would have liked as I'd never been there before. Enjoy Aberdeen!

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 23:08:39

Hi bakingtray, thanks for that! I would agree that the staff were great (despite being in short supply!) and I had a really positive experience too. I was in for 4 days after the birth of my DD and also felt no pressure to leave, they didn't even mention it until I asked when I'd be likely get home, after I'd been there 3days. I did go on a tour, but to be honest, they could have just shown me the door to bang on to get at the gas & air and I'd have been happy!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 15-Jul-10 09:37:58

No Silly i'm still here just not getting as much chance to sit down and type anything out between bickering kids on school holidays, trying to get used to DH being back at work and me going it alone with all 3 kids and feeding my new little man not to mention the 2 weeks of ironing taking over the sun lounge grin

SO glad your appointment at the EPU went well and you were reassured.

If i'm invited that week is good for me too, going up north to visit my parents and show off new baby to some old friends the week before that and DH is off work so can leave the older ones with him and show off my baby to all of you grin can you tell i'm loving showing him off at all??

Karen4007 Thu 15-Jul-10 10:28:37

If you guys arraange when is good for you I will try and fit in around it. I have to pick my other half up from work at about half sixish, but I could try and get my mum or dad to get him. They are away at the moment, so I can't ask.

Medee what time do you finish work and would you be able to get there?

I've got to the weepy stage of pregnancy, so if my parents say no or my boyf gets annoyed I can always cry! lol

Hope to see you all soon


Medee Thu 15-Jul-10 18:25:08

If it was a Thursday, I could probably be in about 5.30. I finish about 4.45, but Thursday night traffic is usually hellish! What about the Saturday option though, does that suit people?

LittleNutTree Thu 15-Jul-10 19:12:24

Lol at your weepy stage Karen! Mine started at about 5wks in my last pregnancy and hasn't worn off since, and DD will be 2 next month! grin

Karen4007 Thu 15-Jul-10 19:37:11

Ha ha.

I spoke to my mum today. She is fine to pick Dan up from work, so Thursday would be better than Sat for me if that is good with everyone. Is it sad that I am really excited

Medee, shall we say 5.30 and then if you get held up a bit we will be there anyway. Does that suit everyone? Was it going to be Star Bucks.... Where is that. Ha ha. Still just finding my way round.

LNT - yeah my weepy stage started about 5 weeks too along with the all day everyday nausea and puking, but that seems to have gone now. Touch wood.....


Medee Thu 15-Jul-10 19:41:11

excellent. Union Square is probably a good idea as it is easy for both parking and public transport. Starbucks is at the end of hte first floor.

LittleNutTree Thu 15-Jul-10 21:30:44

So are we saying 5.30pm on Thurs 5th August at Starbucks in Union Square? Yay!! (I'm excited too Karen, so we can be sad together! grin)

Hope you're doing okay today silly and have had no more bleeding.

Hi to medee and Ineed! smile

Sillyness Thu 15-Jul-10 21:33:21

starbucks, union square, thursday 5th, 5:30 onwards...lovely!

Ineed, you'd better be there! 'am i invited?' please! get thee to starbucks girl!

LittleNutTree Thu 15-Jul-10 21:58:43

Oh and take your baby too Ineed! grin

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Fri 16-Jul-10 13:00:11

I'll be there with baby Samuel grin
You'll know me I have a bright orange Bugaboo.

Sillyness Fri 16-Jul-10 13:42:16

fantastic! whats a bugaboo?

Sillyness Fri 16-Jul-10 14:18:19

oh, looked it up, very nice!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Fri 16-Jul-10 16:21:35

Yes that was my dads contribution to my 3rd born grin we were in Mothercare for something totally unrelated to prams but he is a man who loves gadgets and an engineer so fell in love with all the fancy things it does hmm

Medee Fri 16-Jul-10 20:36:04

Excellent, glad it has all come together. How will we know each other? (although the orange Bugaboo will help) Do some of you have bumps yet?

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Fri 16-Jul-10 20:53:02

grin yep can't miss me.
Where is everyone coming from?
I'll have to get a taxi bus into town but it only takes minutes, if it's a nice day i'll walk although that is a reasonable hike I quite enjoy it when I don't have dd and ds1 with me.

I wondered about how we would know each other I have visions of us all coming in and this bunch of women all sitting at single eats staring around looking for each other.

Medee Fri 16-Jul-10 21:01:09

work is near the airport, but I live close to town.

LittleNutTree Fri 16-Jul-10 21:05:46

I was wondering that too medee. We just have to hope that you get there first Ineed and that no-one else with an orange Bugaboo turns up that day! I have a pic of myself on my profile, but it's from my wedding day, so shouldn't be used to gain an accurate portrayal of how I look in RL!

How about we all wear pink baseball caps?! grin

I've got a bit of a bump already! blush I look now, how I looked last time at about 16/17wks. shock It's a bit of a pain as I don't normally wear loose fitting clothes so I feel it's quite obvious, but to change my whole wardrobe at the moment would be just as obvious, so I just have to pretend to myself that no-one notices!

And just you wait a month or so silly, you'll be able to reel off a list of buggy brands like you wouldn't believe!

LittleNutTree Fri 16-Jul-10 21:08:38

I'll probably drive in and park at Union Square as I live near Inverurie. I'm off work that week so will probably come in a bit earlier and have a rake around the shops.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sat 17-Jul-10 09:33:11

I can hear us all now, we'll sound like something out of a bad spy movie.

"Are you a lazy slattern?"

"Yes I am would you be a littleNutTree? Or possible sillyness?"

Karen4007 Sat 17-Jul-10 15:41:13

Ha ha. I vote Ineed and Samuel get there first and we congregate round the bugaboo. I will be 21 weeks by then and def have a bump. No matter what the weather I will prob have my sunglasses on my head. Long story, but used to live in NZ and got sooooo used to needing them even in Winter, that I tend to keep them with me.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sat 17-Jul-10 18:36:01

I will probably end up being ridiculously early becuase I'll be too nervous to go in late and have to figure out who everyone is smile

Sillyness Sun 18-Jul-10 15:17:42

can't wait!

2weeks today i move! (well, i'll arrive 2 weeks tomorrow cos i'm not doing 9hours driving in 1 day!)

can't wait to meet you all!
(i'm looking out for orange buggy!)

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sun 18-Jul-10 21:32:21

I remember when I moved back to Aberdeen last year I was not so much excited with 2 weeks to go as tearing my hair out with the stress of it all so you are doing better than me.

grin better not change my mind and take a sling now then hahaha.
Nah definitely taking pram cause i'm going for a quick trip around the shops first and might try things on.

Sillyness Sun 18-Jul-10 22:43:24

what stress? i an't lift anything! husband is packing us, van men are moving us...i'm doing nothing until the actual drive!

Medee Mon 19-Jul-10 18:06:46

hello, had my booking in appointment today, all fine. I asked my midwife about the NCT classes (she was talking about the NHS ones at the time) and she said they were complementary to each other, gave a good balance, so a definite steer that they were a good thing to do.

Karen4007 Tue 20-Jul-10 16:00:26

Worth going on the website and putting your name down early with NTC as my baby nit due til Dec and the lady I emailed from NTC basically said I had left it too late and it was first come first served. Still space for Jan and feb births but no Dec ones.

Medee Tue 20-Jul-10 18:56:53

Thanks Karen - I actually sent my enquiry off for the March-due-date classes just after my post above.

Sapphire1 Thu 22-Jul-10 10:26:23

Please can I join your thread? I moved to Aberdeen in March and I still don't know anybody I am a London girl originally but moved from Barnsley. I am 18 weeks pregnant. Would be good to get to know you!

Sillyness Thu 22-Jul-10 11:31:49

Course you can join! Nice to meet you! Congrats on your pregnancy!

Sorry to tell you this girls, but I had a miscarriage yesterday! DH and I are strong and looking after each other and I'd still love to join you all for coffee if I may? Still want new friends when I move up!

Hope you're all well! xxx

Medee Thu 22-Jul-10 20:08:51

oh, Silly, so sorry to hear that.

Sillyness Thu 22-Jul-10 22:49:03

Thanks Medee. Really, we're trying not to dwell on it. We're just viewing it as 'it'll happen a few months later instead!) x

LittleNutTree Fri 23-Jul-10 17:45:07

Aww Silly, I'm really sorry to hear your news You sound quite philosophical about it though, which is really strong of you. As for whether you can still meet up with us, I'll refer to your comment made to Ineed last week and only tell you 'get thee to Starbucks'! grin You started all this off so it would be wrong if you weren't there! As long as you're happy to still meet up then it'd be great to see you there!

Hi Sapphire1, welcome and congratulations! Hope you're keeping well. It must be hard having lived here for so long without knowing anyone, what area of Aberdeen are yu in? As silly said, you're more than welcome to cme along for coffee. Have you seen all the details for the meet-up?

Hope everyone else is well!

Sillyness Fri 23-Jul-10 19:26:37

Wahey! I'll see youal next Thursday then!

I'm now able to do all the things i was enjoying being able to avoid...cat poo, cleaning, packing!!!!! Damn it!

And I've lost my excuse for all those white magnams! Damn it!

How is everyone? It feels like ages since we 'spoke'!

Sillyness Fri 23-Jul-10 19:33:38

Yes LNT, I guess I am being quite philosophical about it! What else can you do?!

It'll happen...typical offspring from me and my husband was bound to muck up my plans! xx

LittleNutTree Fri 23-Jul-10 20:31:11

I actually reckon you need to eat more white magnums as a preventative measure against future heartburn! Build up a sort of barrier if you know what I mean?! grin

Is it next Thursday we're meeting? I thought it was the 5th August? It's no problem if it is next week, I finish at 3.30pm anyway and can drop my little devil DD at my MIL's. Are any of you on Facebook? Just wondered if that would maybe help to recognise each other?

I'm doing fine thanks, I've been lurking around here as not much to report so didn't want to bore anyone with my non-details! Having a quiet-ish time work-wise and only have a week more to work until my fortnight off! Woo hoo! grin How's the move coming along silly? Are you almost there with your packing?

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Fri 23-Jul-10 21:05:31

I just thought I would check in here so sorry to hear your news Silly, all the more reason for us all to meet and have a good old coffee and chat.

One thing though I am changing ISP and am worried I end up losing broadband (that would be just what would happen to me)
So just in case I go totally missing I will still be there at 5.30pm on the 5th.
Just hope I don't lose broadband AND the plans change i'll look a bit daft waving my pram around starbucks staring at pregnant women if they do.

Sillyness Fri 23-Jul-10 22:36:57

Yes, it's the 5th! I'm losing days here, sorry!

Packing is coming along rather quickly now that I'm participating! (Funny that!) To be fair though, he had a point...it obviously doesn't take that long and therefore need to be done last month!

I'm on facebook, but don't know how to pass you my details without the rest of the world seeing...i'm gonna try though...is that what 'contact poster' to the right of our names means?

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sat 24-Jul-10 07:56:20

Yes if you have signed up and paid for CAT.
If not my email is pamela0903 @ googlemail dot com.
Obviously without the spaces and an actual dot you can find me on Facebook that way just put in the add request who you are.
My Initials are PB so you know you have the right person.

Sillyness Sat 24-Jul-10 10:56:03

Thanks Ineed, I've used your way as I haven't paid CAT yet!. x

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sat 24-Jul-10 11:36:56

Got your request and accepted it.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sat 24-Jul-10 11:38:37

And I know what you look like now so no excuse for not recognising you on the 5th grin

Sillyness Sat 24-Jul-10 11:51:36


Sapphire1 Sat 24-Jul-10 19:35:00

Thanks for letting me join! So sorry to hear your news silly <big hugs>. I would love to come and meet you all for coffee. Will probably be a bit later than 5.30 though as I'll be coming straight from work. I live close to the city centre LNT, and yes, it has been hard not knowing anyone! Hope your moving prep is still going well silly, not long now...

Sillyness Sat 24-Jul-10 19:56:10

Packing is coming on brilliantly and I finished the white magnams as you advised LNT!

Glad to hear you're coming for coffee Sapphire!

So how are all the pregnant peeps? What symtons y'all got?

By the way, what do you guys all do? I am was a primary teacher. Not allowed to teach in scotland due to my training and have to re-train! Typical! xx

LittleNutTree Sat 24-Jul-10 22:00:53

Glad you took my advice silly! Remember to keep topped-up though! grin Will you have to go back to Uni to train or is there some sort of 'conversion course' type thingy? Will you just be a lady of leisure in the meantime?

Yay sapphire! Will be good to meet you on the 5th.

My email address is hazie1982 @ yahoo dot co dot uk. (Again, without the spaces) I'm a typical Aberdonian saving my £5 for a particularly big cake from Starbucks that you will be able to see wherever you approach from!

I've been a childminder since July last year. I decided not to go back to my evil job after having DD and this was the best option for working full-time and avoiding childcare costs at the same time.

I was feeling nauseous all day up until about Weds this week, which I'm not really liking (weirdo that I am! grin) but I'm sure you all know what I mean.

Sillyness Sat 24-Jul-10 22:18:09

LNT...I've just sent you a request on facebook, but silly me forgot to write that it was me! My initials are EL. x

Sillyness Sat 24-Jul-10 22:21:49

Did you need quailifcations to childmind or just a police check? sounds like a good option! there is no conversion course, the teaching council of scotland were really snooty about it all and said i must restart from the beginning and they can do nothing to help me...not even ensure i get on the course! i was seething, but this does tend to be my luck!

LittleNutTree Sat 24-Jul-10 22:22:37

Just added you silly! grin

LittleNutTree Sat 24-Jul-10 22:27:42

What a complete pain about your teaching! So you'd have to do a whole new degree?? That's totally mad!

I don't have any childcare qualifications, just did a pre-registration course and had police check done (called a Disclosure Scotland). I also had to write a Policies and Procedures document and childproof my house, but it wasn't too bad to be honest. It can be a bit of a long procedure though, but fine once you're in the system I think.

Sapphire1 Sun 25-Jul-10 11:57:34

What a bummer about your teaching silly, seems crazy to me. I am a library assistant, only started a couple of weeks ago but I've been working in libraries for a few years now. Nausea is a weird thing LNT, I kinda liked it too although I felt like poo. I have weird symptoms like sore wrists, how on earth can a baby give you sore wrists?! Oh, and I can only walk waddle for a couple of hours before I'm completely crippled. Hope you don't mind silly and LNT, but I have sent you friend requests on facebook. I have put a message so you should know it's me. At least then I'll know who to look for!

Sillyness Sun 25-Jul-10 12:22:44

Ah! So that's who you are Sapphire! Nice to meet you! Funny, I was looking at jobs on aberdeen city council website and the library assistant ones caught my eye! Am in the middle of applying at the minute!

Sapphire1 Sun 25-Jul-10 15:44:18

Nice to meet you too! I work for Aberdeenshire but my DH works for Aberdeen city libraries. It's a nice job, but you don't half get some strange people coming in to public libraries! Good luck with your application

LittleNutTree Sun 25-Jul-10 17:30:38

I'm not so worried now about recognising you guys after being able to 'see' you on facebook! I'm loving all the wedding pics! grin Please bear in mind that I don't look much like my wedding pics anymore after being diet-free for almost 3yrs (shock can't believe we've been married that long!) and having 1 child!

Sapphire I think your wrist problem is likely to do with your ligaments becoming more relaxed due to pregnancy hormones. You could maybe talk to your mw about physio or something? I get a pulled muscle feeling at the bottom of my stomach now if I stand up too quickly! I look like an old wifie trying to get out of my chair! I had back problems last time and got a really attractive, over-sized tubigrip to heave ease myself into for support. It was comfy but not my best look ever! Your library job explains the Bookstart Bear pictures on your profile, they had me laughing! I always thought bears went to the toilet in the woods... grin

Sillyness Sun 25-Jul-10 17:35:10

Sapphire, who are you talking to? i'm confused!

Sillyness Sun 25-Jul-10 19:10:47

oh! sorry! it was LNT talking, sorry! i was very confused! sorry sorry!

LittleNutTree Sun 25-Jul-10 21:10:39

Too much packing for you I think silly! Think it's time you sat down and had a cuppa! grin

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Mon 26-Jul-10 10:47:02

My hair is longer now than in all my Facebook pictures and i'll probably have glasses on but the small baby and orange pram will give me away.
I'm really looking forward to the 5th. grin

Sillyness Mon 26-Jul-10 11:15:32

I can't wait either!

Getting really sick of packing now, it's at that annoying stage where it's all bitty, i'm running out of boxes and we've having to open boxes already packed to find kitchen utensils!!!!!

Ah well, at least I can drink red wine again! biscuit

Karen4007 Mon 26-Jul-10 22:23:13

Hi Sapphire1, looking forward to meeting you on the 5th.

I have been a bit quiet cos I had no internet, but all sorted now. Had my 20 week scan today and saw my very busy baby! Can't believe they will not tell you the sex here in Scotland.

I will add you all on facebook if I can find you. First name is obvious from my nickname. Second name is a the same as the guy robin from sherwood forest!

Hope you are ok Silly x

Sillyness Mon 26-Jul-10 22:54:41

Woohoo for your scan!!!!! bring pics to the coffee place! did you ask about the sex? i think i'd pay to know, i really have NO patience!

Sapphire1 Tue 27-Jul-10 08:55:22

I'm looking forward to it too! Hello Karen <waves>, glad your scan went well. It's a pain that they won't tell you the gender, I'm impatient and think I'm going to get a private scan.

I've got one of those tubigrips LNT, I love it, but DH isn't so keen I've got more bookstart bear pics on my phone, they are more x rated so didn't put them on fb cos my Mum would have told me off! It is actually DH in the costume, he enjoyed it a bit too much...

Happy packing silly, and hello to ineed, I don't think I've spoken to you yet but looking forward to meeting you!

Karen4007 Tue 27-Jul-10 20:36:01

They told me that they think it is a girl. They only told me that because there is a congenital eye disorder that runs in DH family and it is more likely to affect one sex..... but I had to cry! Ha ha ha again!!!!

Sillyness Tue 27-Jul-10 20:44:13

I think that is one of the times in your life when you're expected to cry Karen!

Wonder where Medee has got to?

Medee Tue 27-Jul-10 21:08:53

Still here, lurking but nothing to post. Though I did get my scan date - 20 August.

Sillyness Tue 27-Jul-10 22:36:21

Medee- Nice to see you again! You on facebook? Congrats for your scan date!

LittleNutTree Wed 28-Jul-10 09:37:00

I'd wondered where you got to too medee! Glad you got your scan date, only 3wks to wait!! Mine is on Monday, DH has started panicking already, and I'm just looking forward to confirmation that I definitely am pregnant and don't just have a biscuit belly! We were both so wound up and worried at our last 12wk scan that we had a massive argument the night before so I'm trying to be the relaxed one this time! hmm

When do you get into Aberdeen silly? Don't worry, I won't be standing at the gates to Aberdeen with a big banner or anything... << LNT hides banner behind her back and whistles in what she hopes looks like an innocent manner>> grin

Oh and Happy 21st Birthday Sapphire! smile

Hi to everyone else!!

Sillyness Wed 28-Jul-10 11:06:43

No no, bring the banner! grin

We're driving up on Sunday. We were going to stop over half way, but to keep the cat sane, I think we'll try to do it all in one, so probably arrive in Aberdeen around 1am! (Movers not coming to load stuff till 10am!)

Sapphire, hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Goodness, all these scans happening! Lots of pictures to look at over coffee then! xx

Sapphire1 Thu 29-Jul-10 10:32:03

Hi everyone, thanks for the birthday wishes

The weather was rubbish yesterday so didn't get to go to Balmedie beach like I wanted, but good day anyway. Mind you, I did throw a pregnancy induced tantrum when DH told the restaurant staff it was my birthday, he he!

Good luck for your scan Monday LNT and for yours when it arrives medee. My 20 week scan is on 11th Aug, but I'll be 22 weeks by then.

Hope you have a good trip up here silly, not long now!

Sillyness Thu 29-Jul-10 11:25:36

balmedie beach was one of the reasons we decided to move to aberdeen! x

Medee Thu 29-Jul-10 21:33:19

where did you go for your dinner, Sapphire?

Medee Fri 30-Jul-10 20:11:06

Ladies, thought I should let you know sooner rather than later that I am unlikely to make Thursday due to work. Various deadlines and the return of my boss make an on-time exit unlikely. And as I know we are only meeting in the evening to suit me, I thought I would better let you know so you can rearrange to daytime if you prefer.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sat 31-Jul-10 08:36:43

Oh that's a shame Medee we'll need to arrange another date soon that you are able to make.

We just got back last night been up north through the week visiting my parents and touring a few friends.
Am shattered today DH really needs to learn to drive I think.

Sapphire1 Sat 31-Jul-10 10:42:49

Shame you can't make it medee, maybe next time. I went to TGI Friday for my bday dinner, not my first choice for my 30th, but when your 13 year old stepdaughter is there you don't get many options! Hope you had a nice trip ineed.

Sillyness Tue 03-Aug-10 21:20:21

Oh, Thursday's coming close! SO sorry to hear you can't come Medee! Can't wait to meet you all! Was at Union Square tonight...loving it!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Wed 04-Aug-10 14:29:59

I'm looking forward to it.
How you settling in Aberdeen Silly?

Medee Wed 04-Aug-10 22:37:25

have a fab time tomorrow, everyone. I hope you all get on so that there is a second meet and I can come too!

Karen4007 Thu 05-Aug-10 08:51:06

Medee, hope your boss phones in sick, so you can come meet us... if not, see you next time

Sapphire1 Thu 05-Aug-10 13:35:05

Off to work now, see you all later. Might be a bit late, hope you don't finish before I get there!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 05-Aug-10 15:41:38

I'm frantically ooikg at the pictures on facebook so I have an outside chance of knowing who at least one of you are.
I'm getting excited at the same time as trying to stop Samuel's poo exploding th

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 05-Aug-10 15:42:41

I'm frantically ooikg at the pictures on facebook so I have an outside chance of knowing who at least one of you are.
I'm getting excited going out soon to go to a few shops first.
Actually am effectively talking to myself because i'll probably see you all before anyone reads this grin

Sillyness Thu 05-Aug-10 16:03:33

No, I've seen it! Wanted to check I wasn't going to be a loner tonight! I have memorised my way there, so fingers crossed I don't get lost!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 05-Aug-10 16:16:43

Samuel and I are just getting ready to go out now see you all shortly.
If you know how to get into town you'll be fine.

Medee Thu 05-Aug-10 19:28:54

Hope you are all having a lovely time - I got home at quarter to seven, so definitely wouldn't have made it!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 05-Aug-10 21:00:04

Erm lol you would have done that's me just home.
Really hope you make it next time. I think hope we all got on well plenty of chatting going on anyway.
Was brilliant to meet you all had a great time so did Sam. grin

Medee Thu 05-Aug-10 21:34:28

sounds great, look forward to the next time.

Medee Sun 08-Aug-10 12:02:25

are you all too embarassed to post, now that you have met?!

Sillyness Sun 08-Aug-10 15:40:22

Haha, no, I had a great time. Same again in 2weeks time?
You have to bear with me, I have no internet still, so have to wait to use my dad's now and again.

Karen4007 Sun 08-Aug-10 20:59:54

I had a great time too, but have a very inconsistent internet connection, so can not get on all the time. Medee... come find us on Facebook.

Karen4007 Sun 08-Aug-10 21:01:19

I would be up for meeting again whenever it suits everyone else!

Sillyness Mon 09-Aug-10 10:40:30

Yeah, perhaps not an evening so Medee can come? or a different evening? How ya feeling Medee? Any sickness?

Sapphire1 Mon 09-Aug-10 12:41:43

Count me in too! Silly, go to the library for free internet - your local one will have it but they've got loads of computers at the central library.

Medee Mon 09-Aug-10 20:10:54

an evening would usually suit me fine (in fact, embarassingly, I think I was the one who requested this one be an evening!) it was just that various things collided to make getting out on time imposssible.

Or we could do a weekend afternoon, though everywhere will be busier.

Sillyness Tue 10-Aug-10 11:06:14

no, evenings are good! Actually, I discovered that evenings after 6 at union square car park are £1 no matter how long you're there. Don't know if that's every evening (I went on Saturday)

Sapphire-spot the librarian!!! haha! no,mum and dad live 4min walk away so they're much easier to use, but thanks for the tip!!

Sapphire1 Tue 10-Aug-10 12:24:45

He he! Got to keep me in a job somehow! Union square is a pound after 6 every night. Evenings and weekends are best for me cos I work strange hours during the week.

Karen4007 Tue 10-Aug-10 19:41:17

Hello. Weekends are not really good for me, but I should be able to wangle most evenings. Next week would be good as Dan is working at Mum and Dad's all week whilst they are away, so he does not need picking up. Anyone wanna do Thursday the 19th?

Sillyness Wed 11-Aug-10 10:53:37

Um...can we make it any night except Thursday? Mum wants me to go line dancing with her!!!!!!

LittleNutTree Wed 11-Aug-10 15:37:30

Lol, I forgot we spoke on here too! I keep checking facebook, but haven't been on here in ages!

I can't really manage evenings sad I work until 6pm and I'm not normally much use to anyone at that time of night! If we met around 6.30pm I could struggle along, or weekends are good for me. Or maybe we could crash Silly's line-dancing class... grin

Medee Wed 11-Aug-10 20:28:42

Thursdays will be no good for me too soon as my dance class starts again (not line dancing!)

Actually, I am getting a bit superstitious about my scan, so not sure I am ready to meet you all until afterwards. It's on the 20th, so maybe the first week in September or something?

Sapphire1 Thu 12-Aug-10 12:08:12

I'm sure your scan will be perfect Medee, but I understand how you feel. I went for a private one at 9 weeks cos I was so freaked out.

Sillyness Thu 12-Aug-10 17:34:45

Ah bless Medee, you're scan will be perfect! Going by the statistics, I should have had all the bad news for all of us on here! ;)

What dance class have you found? I really want to go swing dancing!!! (Can't really do that and be pregnant, so I guess I'll have to pick one!)

How about meeting same place next Wenesday at 6:30, then the meeting after that can be at the weekend for Karen?

Medee Thu 12-Aug-10 19:03:59

I do tap dancing, have done it for a number of years now. I got to Danscentre on Hutcheon Street.

Karen4007 Thu 12-Aug-10 19:22:38

I can do the Wednesday, I can't do most weekends, but it is cool if I don't come to them all!

Is everyone up for it on the wed then?

Medee, I hope your scan goes well. I was the same! We will look forward to meeting you when you are ready.

Ineed is quiet, if we agree to wed at 6.30, we should FB her with it! Where shall we meet? Will Starbucks be closed at that time on wed?

Sillyness Thu 12-Aug-10 19:51:05

Ah!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!! Please change the plans...we went to the line dancing and it was advanced! We've to go back on Wednesday for beginners! blush

I'm so sorry! I'm not going to go for them all, just 1 or 2 classes to get her going!

Can we do Monday or Tuesday?

Sapphire1 Sun 15-Aug-10 11:04:18

Hey, where's everyone gone!

Medee Sun 15-Aug-10 11:47:01

it's sunny!

Sillyness Mon 16-Aug-10 12:11:34

anyone want to meet tonight or tomorrow?

Medee Mon 16-Aug-10 20:09:00

can't I'm afraid, have visitors tomorrow night.

SaorAlba Mon 16-Aug-10 22:07:50

I'll come meet you all after the first scan. Only 7 weeks today and we haven't told anyone yet, so I don't want to out myself too early. Not got my booking in appointment til 11 weeks either, so I would think the first scan will be on the late side.

Sillyness Tue 17-Aug-10 10:43:08

Welcome and congratulaions SaorAlba!!

Karen4007 Tue 17-Aug-10 13:03:31

Hi there, sorry just saw your message. I can not make it tonight.

Sapphire1 Tue 17-Aug-10 15:36:27

Welcome and congrats SaorAlba! Sorry Silly, just seen this - prob a bit late now! Another day this week or next week? Am just moving house at the mo and could do with some distractions that prevent me from helping DH wink

Sillyness Wed 18-Aug-10 11:39:07

It was just as well really as I didn't get a chance to get back on-line and check your responses!

How about next Tues (24th?) ?


Sapphire1 Wed 18-Aug-10 14:52:35

Tuesday fine by me. I haven't got internet at home now, back to using it at work and starbucks so won't be logging on as much

Karen4007 Wed 18-Aug-10 18:34:32

Tuesday would be good for me. I would prob not be able to get anywhere til half six ish, but if you are still out and about then I will pop along. Does anyone know if Starbucks will be open late again that day?

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Wed 18-Aug-10 18:42:27

Hi sorry i'm still here.
I won't make it on Tuesday, in fact Tuesday not a great day for me full stop but if and when we all meet again I will try and make it if it's another night.

Medee Wed 18-Aug-10 19:09:45

Tuesday works for me.

Sillyness Thu 19-Aug-10 10:40:14

Tuesday it is then! Should we meet at 6:30?
Starbucks, union square?

Ineed, poo, sorry! How about you call it the next time?

Medee, when's the scan date?


Sillyness Thu 19-Aug-10 10:42:13

Oh, I've just checked backwards...it's tomorrow, isn't it?

Enjoy it!!!!

Medee Thu 19-Aug-10 11:45:25

it is indeed, Silly!

Karen4007 Thu 19-Aug-10 14:06:52

Good luck Medee. see you tuesday at 6.30 ish.... at Starbucks

Sapphire1 Thu 19-Aug-10 17:41:57

Silly, I just glanced at your post and it looked like you said 'I need a poo, sorry!' pmsl! It took me a few seconds to realise you were talking to Ineed!! I think Starbucks is open late every night, the centre is open til 8 and the restaurants til late. Good luck for tomorrow Medee, bring your pics for us to nose at! x x

Karen4007 Thu 19-Aug-10 18:28:21

Ha Ha, I did the same thing!

Medee Fri 20-Aug-10 10:42:47

and triple posting - scan all fine, due date of 12 March.

Sapphire1 Fri 20-Aug-10 15:00:48

Woo hoo! Congrats Medee x x

Sillyness Fri 20-Aug-10 18:45:05

Major congrats medee! Can't wait to meet you!

See (most) of you on Tues! smile

LittleNutTree Mon 23-Aug-10 22:16:43

Hi ladies, sorry I've been awol, have been mega-busy recently with not much chance to get on here.

Really glad to hear that your scan went well medee. You can breathe a bit now that the scary 12wks has passed!

Welcome and congratulations to SaorAlba! <<waves>>

I won't manage tomorrow . DH has mangled his knee playing football and can't do DD's bathtime, etc. and I've also become really tired over the last week (not sure why but think it's all the running about after DH and organising DD's party whilst being 15wks pg!! ) so I'm under orders to take it easy and with no running about for the next few days. Weekends will be easier for the next few weeks, until DH is back to normal so if one of those meet-ups arises then I'm there!! grin

Sillyness Tue 24-Aug-10 13:40:34

Glad you have checked on here, little nut. I didn't want us meeting up and you not knowing about it!

Sorry you can't make it. Will miss both you and ineed, but hopefully will see you both soon.


Medee Tue 24-Aug-10 16:52:48

Hello, looking forward to meeting some of you tonight. I'm hoping there are a couple of bumps so I don't wander up to random groups of women and say, are you the Mumsnet ladies?

Medee Tue 24-Aug-10 21:20:31

Hello, lovely to meet some of you tonight! Hope to see you again soon!

Sillyness Wed 25-Aug-10 15:38:12

Was great to meet you too Medee!

Was nice to be out of the house with some friends!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 26-Aug-10 13:12:54

Well SIlly if you are ever fed up during the day maybe we could meet for a coffee too i'm often at a loose end.

Sillyness Thu 26-Aug-10 16:07:45

Definately Ineed! I'm getting so bad, I'm looking at waitressing jobs! Having a bad day today I guess.

Anytime, although you'll need to tell me via facebook how to get there via bus. My clutch cable went so i've no car...maybe that's whats depressing me!

Karen4007 Fri 27-Aug-10 13:08:28

I'm often about too Silly if you are bored. I can pick you up. Except OH has just put his shoulder out so is on the sofa today! Hopefully will not take too long to mend!

Sillyness Mon 30-Aug-10 10:56:40

Oh Karen, not reat in his line of work...hope he gets better soon!

Sapphire1 Mon 30-Aug-10 17:55:47

Oh dear, get well soon Karen's OH! I am always about on Wednesdays during the day, and Friday afternoons...

Sillyness Mon 30-Aug-10 18:46:40

car's fixed! whoop whoop!

Medee Mon 30-Aug-10 20:16:50


Karen4007 Wed 01-Sep-10 18:37:07

whoop whoop broom broom!

Preciousdaisybear Wed 01-Sep-10 22:28:50

Hello, I am new to Mumsnet. I am not preggers but do have a 4 month old boy bubba. At home and going nuts Nice to make contact with other mums - all my pals are working!

Sillyness Thu 02-Sep-10 14:10:54

Nice to meet ya! We're due a meet up soon!

Preciousdaisybear Fri 03-Sep-10 14:19:07

Meeting up would be great. Hopefully see you all some time soon.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Fri 03-Sep-10 14:50:16

I'm looking forward to next meet hope it's soon. Where about in aberdeen are you precious?

Sillyness Fri 03-Sep-10 17:02:22

When should our next meet up be Ineed or littlenut?

Sapphire1 Mon 06-Sep-10 16:36:53

Welcome Precious!

SaorAlba Mon 06-Sep-10 16:52:36

Hi all.

My first scan is Sept 20th so if you're meeting up after then and I'm free I'll head along.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Medee Mon 06-Sep-10 21:15:34


Preciousdaisybear Wed 08-Sep-10 14:40:07

Hi everyone, I am Bridge of Don. Is there going to be a meet up soon?

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Wed 08-Sep-10 22:14:58

Hi all, i'm ok for any Wednesday, thursday and most Saturday evenings so if littlenut and everyone can do any of those then i'm up for another meet soon.

My MIL and SIL in BOD precious, you always lived there?
Looking forward to seeing everyone again grin

I'm choked with the cold and even Sammy is sounding a bit croaky today poor thing. Not much rest for me though with the school/nursery run every day.

Karen4007 Thu 09-Sep-10 08:40:58

Poor you Ineed and little Sammy. I hope you are feeling better soon.

My days are all different, so if you guys arrange a meet up, I will do wht I can to get there

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 09-Sep-10 10:16:19

I'm feeling rotten this morning and Sammy all snuffly now but still happy enough in himself thankfully.
My sister did the school run for me so we're just relaxing at home today.

Medee Thu 09-Sep-10 11:14:54

Thursdays are out for me, but any other time works.

Sillyness Thu 09-Sep-10 15:49:28

How's about next Wed? 6:30? Union Square?

(I'm starting to crave Starbucks-who thought that was possible!)

Ineed-get better mate!

Medee Thu 09-Sep-10 16:19:36

My new place has a Starbucks!

Next Wednesday works for me.

Preciousdaisybear Fri 10-Sep-10 09:13:42

Next wed works for me - one of the few days DS1 doesn't have anything on! Much better social life than DH and I have...
Been in BOD for 14 yrs, really like it. originally from Cheltenham via London and Fraserburgh!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Fri 10-Sep-10 13:02:46

Next wednesday should be ok for me Sammy gets his next injections that day but should be fine.

Sillyness Fri 10-Sep-10 15:24:42

Poor Sammy...that's a lot of injections. He just had some, didn't he?

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Fri 10-Sep-10 16:14:07

Yeah 3 weeks ago, they get them at 8,12 and 16 weeks it's not nice.
I've had some nurses that do them nicely and they don't notice but this last one was a butcher and he screamed the place down sad
Just realised I can't make next Wednesday actually got some mummy stuff to do.
It's the Parents council AGM.

Preciousdaisybear Fri 10-Sep-10 16:48:17

Jabs are awful. Harrison has just got through all of his. Biggest brother was present at last lot and was not impressed that the HV made his little brother cry! Thank god no more for a while. Hope that Sammy is ok.

Sillyness Sat 11-Sep-10 20:04:54

Just realised I hope I can come on Wed. As you may know if you're on facebook i finally got a job and induction starts next week, although as yet i don't know when.

I hope I see you all, if not, enjoy and i'll see a next time round.

LittleNutTree Sun 12-Sep-10 00:13:41

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well. I tend to just check my emails and stuff on my iPod now and it's a nightmare to catch up on MN or read posts, so don't tend to be here very often.

Yay Silly, I'm so pleased for you on your job news! I hadn't noticed on facebook, but will go off and have a nosey now!

I'd love to catch up with you all again, and can manage any evening apart from a Wednesday - I've started pregnancy Yoga out by me and really enjoying it. I'm not really a Yoga person, but it's good for relaxation and is helping me to accept that I'm actually pg with no.2!! (because the scan and hearing the heartbeat at my last mw appt wasn't convincing enough!! grin)

If you're all still meeting on Weds, I hope you have a good time and look forward to meeting up with you again soon!

Medee Sun 12-Sep-10 09:53:44

why don't we reschedule - it doesn't seem like next Wednesday is really working?

LNT where do you do your yoga class - I've been looking for one, but can't find on it town that starts later than 5pm, because clearly no pregnant woman actually works.

Karen4007 Sun 12-Sep-10 11:12:01

Medee, I know what you mean! They seem to think that all pregnant women spend all day sitting around doing nothing and if they do/did work that they go on maternity leave at 11 weeks before! Even the anti-natal are too early cos when you work for yourself, if you take time off to go to them you don't make any money!

LittleNutTree Sun 12-Sep-10 11:17:57

Hi Medee, surely you're not still working? I've been sitting with my feet up since I got my BFP! hmm grin The class I go to is at the village hall in Kintore from 7pm - 9pm. There are quite a few girls who come in from Aberdeen for the same reason as you. You should come along. It's £8 a session and you get a drink and a homebake at the end.

LittleNutTree Sun 12-Sep-10 11:20:00

x-posted with Karen there! Hi Karen, hope you're keeping well.

Medee Sun 12-Sep-10 20:57:19

I know the class you mean, her Aberdeen city one starts at 4pm - grr! I would, but 15 miles is a bit far of an evening. (though I will have to do that when doing the NCT classes as they are in Banchory)

kikicole Mon 13-Sep-10 13:44:54

Hi everyone, im new to mumsnet and unsure how to use it haha anyone from the shire? I have just moved from Aberdeen to Inverurie and would like to meet some other mums and find out about any clubs in this area. I would appreciate any response haha how sad im missing my mates in town

Preciousdaisybear Mon 13-Sep-10 14:28:40

I did pregancy yoga for a while (till DS1 broke foot and weather got so bad) it was in Mannofield. I will try to find the details as it was on at a decent time I think (but being a teacher I do get to nick off home pretty early...) The teacher was really good.

Welcome Kikicole.

Medee Mon 13-Sep-10 16:35:19

What about rescheduling for Tuesday 28th September?

Sillyness Mon 13-Sep-10 21:09:46

I'm cool to go with the flow...still don't know my hours yet!

I do however have the internet in my house again! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 16-Sep-10 15:59:06

I can't do tuesdays at all so i won't make that one. Poor sammy grumpy after his jags but wow did he sleep well last night poor soul he wasn't happy at all....mind you neither was i wheb i left clinic they muck around so much taking it for granted we have nowhere else to be other thab there.

Preciousdaisybear Thu 16-Sep-10 22:56:17

Love to meet you guys but can't do Tuesdays either.

Medee Fri 17-Sep-10 08:21:36

OK, scratch that suggestion!

SaorAlba Fri 17-Sep-10 08:26:46

Medee, which nct classes are you booked in for? If all goes well we will be at the ones starting in January.

Preciousdaisybear Fri 17-Sep-10 09:15:49

just been diagnosed with PND. Kinda been trying to ignore signs but now I can actually deal with it rather than bury head in sand. Seems crazy as DS3 is a cracker and all is well with him.

Shall keep smiling...

Medee Fri 17-Sep-10 09:30:22

PDB - sorry to hear that, I really hope you are getting the support that you need.

SA - first one is 11 Jan - is that the same are you? If so, great timing!

SaorAlba Fri 17-Sep-10 09:39:30

Medee, yes, It's the same ones. How exciting!

Our scan is on Monday so and after that we'll confirm the classes and tell my parents and everyone else. Yay!

Medee Fri 17-Sep-10 10:03:09

how exciting. What have you worked out your due date to be?

SaorAlba Fri 17-Sep-10 10:44:13

At the moment I reckon it's either 04.04.11 or 10.04.11 depending whether you go on LMP or ovulation date. Obviously the scan will give us something more firm. 10.04 is DP's birthday and he would be delighted if the baby was to be born then as he doesn't like fuss over himself and he'd be able to ignore his own birthday and concentrate on baby.

Clearly at the NCT classes we'll be one of the later arrivals as the class is really aimed at those due in March, the next block of classes was going to be too late for us though.

What's your edd? I seem to remember you saying middle of march or somewhere around then?

Medee Fri 17-Sep-10 13:07:29

That's right, 12th of March.

Sapphire1 Mon 20-Sep-10 17:41:41

Hope your scan went well SaorAlba! Sorry to hear about your diagnosis PDB, must be a terrible thing to suffer from Welcome kikicole, sorry I'm in Aberdeen not shire but I think one of the other gals lives your way. We must sort out a day to meet when most of us can come, which days are best for you all? I can do any evening after 530, or weekends if necessary - over to you...

Sillyness Tue 21-Sep-10 00:43:08

As of Wednesday I'll know when I'm free.
Can't wait for next meet up!

Preciousdaisybear Tue 21-Sep-10 14:13:00

I would really like to meet up if you don't mind my coming. I can be flexible but Tues and Thurs are most tricky due to choir/football/cubs. DH very obliging on other days (likes the peace and quiet I think) hmm .

Karen4007 Tue 21-Sep-10 21:45:27

Again I am not sure when I am free at the moment, got loads of jobs coming in and we can be working till 9.00 in the evening, so if you guys plan a date I will try and make it.

Medee Sun 26-Sep-10 19:18:38

hello, I am back from holiday. Now shall we try to arrange a date that suits?

Medee Sun 26-Sep-10 19:19:53

right, checking back Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are all out, so by default that leaves us Monday.

How about a week tomorrow - Monday 4 October?

Sillyness Sun 26-Sep-10 23:36:40

I shall try my very best, still waiting for my month's rota!

precious of course you are welcome!

Sapphire1 Mon 27-Sep-10 09:10:18

Monday 4th is fine with me...

Preciousdaisybear Tue 28-Sep-10 23:27:55

Brilliant news. Where do you guys normally meet?

Medee Wed 29-Sep-10 14:55:34

starbucks in Union Square.

Karen4007 Wed 29-Sep-10 15:32:27

Prob not gonna make it that day as our last job is not booked in til 6.00, but if it does not take long I will text Sapphire and see if you are still there. (sapphire pls make sure you have your phone on you )

Sillyness Thu 30-Sep-10 01:30:48

oooh....it's looking like i'm working. ah well, enjoy yourselves! x

Preciousdaisybear Thu 30-Sep-10 23:15:56

Look forward to meeting you. What time and how will I know you?

Medee Fri 01-Oct-10 11:51:57

Sapphire looks pregnant, which is a pretty good start (I less so!). I think it is usually any time from 5.30, I should get into town around that time, traffic permitting.

Preciousdaisybear Fri 01-Oct-10 13:20:10


Sapphire1 Fri 01-Oct-10 19:41:15

He he - I'll wear my most bump enhancing clothes! Precious (and medee), are you on facebook? A few of us are, we found it was a good way to see what we look like beforehand. I'll have my phone Karen, don't worry! Shame you can't make it silly, do you have random shifts or are they the same every week?

SaorAlba Fri 01-Oct-10 22:11:57


First scan went great but my dates were slightly out. Due date is now April 15th, which makes me 12 weeks today.

Everyone now knows. My parents are very excited about the whole thing.

My email address is deliriouscow at hotmail dot com and my initials are KW if anyone wants to add me to FB. LNT we appear to have a mutual friend!

SaorAlba Fri 01-Oct-10 22:13:09

Oh, and if work permits I will come along on Monday. What time are you meeting?

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Fri 01-Oct-10 22:50:54

Hi got the heads up on facebook about the meet up. Should be able to make it. Saor got your friends request on facebook. Did confuse me a bit until i read this lol. You and i are friends with the same school but knew we couldn't have been there at the same time from your age so now it all makes sense. Was facebooking from my phone so things not always obvious.
Def going to try make it on monday though will obviously need to bring sammy though if nobody minds.

Medee Sat 02-Oct-10 15:37:55

sapphire, I've private messaged you on here a link to my FB profile.

Not at all, Slattern - I'm sure he will delight and terrify us first timers in equal measure!

Sapphire1 Sun 03-Oct-10 08:10:07

Hi Saor, glad the scan went well! We will meet from about half 5, but will probably be there ages so don't worry if it's a bit later. Glad you can make it ineed, course we won't mind you bringing gorgeous Sammy!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sun 03-Oct-10 14:55:55

I'm probably going to be closer to 6 before i'm there but should be there

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sun 03-Oct-10 14:56:16

I'm probably going to be closer to 6 before i'm there but should be there

Preciousdaisybear Sun 03-Oct-10 21:28:56

Hi Sapphire, I am on FB but not sure (being total dimwit) how to a) find you guys and b) let you know who I am... Duh

May need to bring Harrison too - depends on DH and nanny. Won't terrify you with the older two

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sun 03-Oct-10 22:42:20

Hi there,
Going to be a pest might not make it tomorrow.
Got another cold and feeling pretty miserable.
Bit skint this week as well after dd's birthday ended up spending waaaay more tha i meant to so would feel guilty swanning off for coffee.....well only a bit guilty grin

Precious my email addy is pamela0903 at googlemail dot com (obvioulsy put together properly lol) you can add me on fb if you like.

Sapphire1 Mon 04-Oct-10 08:45:49

Be a shame if you can't make it ineed, hope you feel better soon. It's fine to bring Harrison precious, would be nice to meet him. Your older two wouldn't terrify me - I have a 13 year old stepdaughter lol! My email is sarahjaynemain at yahoo dot com, you should find me on fb now!

Preciousdaisybear Mon 04-Oct-10 09:09:18

Hope you feel better soon Slattern. Hot toddy...?
Thanks for emails, mine is asmith at bridgeofdon dot aberdeen dot sch dot uk which i think is probably the longest email addy in the world!

See you later Sapphire

Sillyness Mon 04-Oct-10 09:49:02

Hey guys, have a great time tonight!

Slattern, feel better soon!

My shifts are random, but I do now know them all for this month! Wasn't supposed to be working tonight, but as my next shift wasn't til Saturday, I offered to cover someone else tonight! (money, money, money!)

Medee Mon 04-Oct-10 13:15:24

if it helps anyone, I am coming straight from work and wearing a black suit, with reddish top underneath.

Preciousdaisybear Mon 04-Oct-10 17:51:54

Apologies everyone. I chickened out. I have so little confidence at the moment - part of the PND I think. I am really angry at myself. I even came down to Union Square and did some shopping but my courage failed at the last minute. What a sad sack. I hope you all have had a really good time. I will make it next time...

Sapphire1 Mon 04-Oct-10 19:47:48

Don't worry precious, come and meet us when you're ready. I understand that it's scary when there's lots of people you don't know. Everybody is really friendly, and I promise we'll be nice to you when you do feel ready x x

Medee Mon 04-Oct-10 21:17:34

sorry we didn't get to meet you, PDB. Hope you feel up to it soon.

LittleNutTree Mon 04-Oct-10 21:35:00

Hi girls, hope you're all well and had a good meet-up this evening. I'm really sorry I didn't make it, or even let you know I'm still around blush DH has been really busy at work of late, so trying to plan anything for the evenings doesn't really happen at the moment. If a weekend meet-up comes around, I'll be up for that. I'm also off work from 18th Oct for a week, so an evening meet then would probably be fine.

Medee Wed 13-Oct-10 11:50:50

shall we try to arrange another meet up for early November?

Philz Wed 13-Oct-10 13:45:04

Hello everyone! Ive just found this forum so I thought I would say hello. Ive been in the Deen for about 6 years and moved up here with the hubby when the black oil called!

Im 31 years young and 25 weeks gone with my first baba...all very exciting! Due at the end of january 2011 and apart from having to get through Christmas the size of a whale, very much looking forward to it!

Anyone else due Jan 2011?

Medee Wed 13-Oct-10 15:27:35

welcome, Philz. I'm 18 weeks, due March 2011.

Sapphire1 Wed 13-Oct-10 21:04:48

Hi Philz <waves> I'm due Dec, got 10 weeks left - eek! A meet up in early Nov is fine with me, when is best for everyone? Just seen LNT is off for a week next week, is anyone around then?

Medee Thu 14-Oct-10 09:33:36

I have Monday and Tuesday off next week.

SaorAlba Thu 14-Oct-10 09:48:25

I could probably be in Aberdeen Monday or Tuesday next week during the day. Failing that, a weekend meet-up in early November sounds like a nice idea to me

Philz Thu 14-Oct-10 13:41:47

Big wave back to you all!

Anyone here going to preggo yoga at Queens Cross Church on Wednesday pm's?Ive been going for a couple of weeks now and its fab...definatly recommend it...me chakras feel all alined today

(takes deep breath...ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

Medee Thu 14-Oct-10 14:18:30

what time, Philz? I've been trying to find one which fits around normal working hours.

Philz Thu 14-Oct-10 21:12:29

This class is from 4-6 on wed afternoons... I work but my boss has given me permission to leave at 3.30 on Wednesdays as it's a prenatal class really...I work for the city council and they tend to be pretty good when it comes to maternity stuff... The class is run by one of the midwifes from foresterhill and she is also a very experienced yoga teacher....it's really chilled out and I was made to feel very welcome. As well as an hour and a half of yoga, we also have a wee blether about how we're feeling, people share their birthing stories and judy makes cake and juice for the end of every session!! I've been twice so far and both times ice slept like a log and my back feels strong... Defo feel more energetic the next day....you should come along if you can and see what you think

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 14-Oct-10 21:26:19

I could do monday this coming one. Cannot believe you only have 10 weeks saphire it is flying in. Sam was 16 weeks yesterday cannot believe it. He has hit 14lbs now and i feel ecery ounce of it when i'm feeding him.
I might possibly manage a weekend meet beginning of november.
Can't possibly do tuesday the 9th though am having a girly night out with my dd...we are going to see jedward lol. She is a huge fan...she is only 7. Am imagining there is going to be a lot of screaming going on.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 14-Oct-10 21:29:48

And sorry for rubbish spelling and typing am on my phone.
Where in aberdeen are you philz? I am so nosey i'm just desperate for someone to live close to me feel like a loner in my wee corner of town.

Medee Thu 14-Oct-10 22:57:24

sounds like a good class, Pliz, but as I work on a contract basis, that won't work for me.

Sapphire1 Fri 15-Oct-10 12:49:15

I can do Monday, but only the evening ('bout 5.30) - that time any good? Can't believe Sammy is getting so big, bless!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Sat 16-Oct-10 15:24:05

I can do that time on monday if anyone else fancies it. I'm for the first time in weeks cold free grin

Medee Mon 18-Oct-10 10:22:41

I can't do tonight after all, sorry. Have fun though!

Sapphire1 Mon 18-Oct-10 12:56:46

Glad you're cold free now Ineed, think I'm getting one now - bleugh! It's probably best if we organise another meet up in early Nov - half of us haven't seen about tonight by the looks of it. Hope that's ok...

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Mon 18-Oct-10 13:46:36

Yeah that's fine i'm feeling a a bit lazy today anyway...although I keep thinking about doing the iironing just cannot be bothered grin

Karen4007 Tue 19-Oct-10 21:27:52

Hello there, I have just seen all your messages, have been stuck in Edinburgh for a few days with a boken car. Early Nov sounds good if I can still move at that point.

Been told I am having a 'big' baby, so got lots of scans and blood tests etc. to try and figure out why. Am a bit worried to be honest.

a) As if giving birth isn't scarey enough without them telling you the baby is big

b)poor bugger might not fit in any of the new born clothes I have got to take to the hospital.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Tue 19-Oct-10 22:10:38

Awww Karen honestly don't worry too much.
Just remember the scans can't see fat so you may be having a long skinny baby or something.
It it makes you feel better they told my tiny skinny sz6 friend she was having a big baby she was 5lb something. Next baby they told her she was too small baby not thriving we need to get baby out now type thing and that baby was 7lb odd. hmm so not an exact science.

I'm looking forward to all these babies coming grin i'm only 5 minutes from the hospital so feel free to let me come for a cuddle...the babies that is although i might give you a quick hug blush

Medee Tue 19-Oct-10 22:13:11

Slattern; I too am just a few minutes away from the hospital - so close I might just walk round when in labour hmm. When we finally meet, we must compare locations.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Tue 19-Oct-10 22:16:34

I am 5 minutes in car about 15/20 minute walk.
I am probably other side of the road from you as i'm near the Kings Gate.
You should walk in labour grin wee stroll will do you good.

Sapphire1 Wed 20-Oct-10 08:56:08

Karen, don't worry too much, I've also heard they're often wrong about these things. On the plus side, at least you'll get to see bubs more at scans and know she's doing ok. Have you had your growth scan yet? Ralph freaks me out on a daily basis, little sod is really lazy some days and I can barely feel her. Got an antenatal class today, but don't want to go now as I heard it involves group participation eeek! shock

Karen4007 Wed 20-Oct-10 16:39:06

Sapphire, is it at the foresterhill? Participation not too bad! I have been to one but missed the others as I had the wrong dates on the bit of paper that they gave me. There is one tomorrow too, but I am spending most the day at the hosp tomorrow for tests, so not sure if I will be able to face it!

Medee, I am very close too, about 5 mins walk from Maternity unit!

Sapphire1 Thu 21-Oct-10 21:23:32

Yeah, it was. Wasn't worth going really as I knew most of it from reading baby books. Hopefully the next one will be better. Hope your tests went ok Karen...

Karen4007 Fri 22-Oct-10 17:08:30

Fingers crossed for the results. Just went to the number 2 course at FH, was a bit rubbish too. Told about diff pain relief, but nothing that I had not read already. You going to any of the ladies only ones?

Sapphire1 Fri 22-Oct-10 21:25:32

Fingers crossed from me too. I'll probably go to all the classes, but will wait til I'm on mat leave before I do the daytime ones. Only another 4 weeks of work, it's going soo slow. When can you stop?

Karen4007 Sun 24-Oct-10 12:00:28

Dan is driving again as of 9th Nov, so will have to keep going til then. Tho if I am honest am a bit worried about what I am gonna do to fill up my days. Am not very good at spending time on my own. We will have to do a lunch or some xmas shopping when you finish work x

Medee Tue 26-Oct-10 08:57:15

Morning ladies, had my 20w scan yesterday, but baby not co-operating, so I go back on Friday. What they could see looked good though.

Medee Fri 29-Oct-10 11:42:21

Hello, back today, and all could be seen and all well. that's two nice sonographers at AMH now - Ashley today and Michelle on Monday.

Sapphire1 Fri 29-Oct-10 14:22:14

That's great news! Glad you got nice sonographers, the one we had for the 12 week scan was a right dragon!

Sapphire1 Thu 04-Nov-10 22:34:28

Hey, everyone's disappeared again! Anyone fancy a meet up? Am v. bored at the mo, and wishing the weeks away

Medee Fri 05-Nov-10 08:45:09

Morning Sapphire, had just been thinking myself it had gone a bit quiet! Yes, a meet up would be good.

Medee Tue 09-Nov-10 16:35:10

have you all started a secret thread somewhere to which I am not invited? grin

Karen4007 Tue 09-Nov-10 20:49:27

No medee, we haven't unless I am not included either! we're just all useless. A meet up would be good if I can waddle that far! lol x

Sapphire1 Tue 09-Nov-10 21:07:28

He he - was beginning to think that myself medee! Any suggestions for dates?

littlenuttree Tue 09-Nov-10 22:34:59

I'm still here, in the useless corner too!! grin

Medee Wed 10-Nov-10 08:40:50

What about one evening w/c 22nd November?

littlenuttree Wed 10-Nov-10 21:38:16

Hi, hope everyone is well. Thought I'd come back and write a proper post! Can't believe that karen and sapphire are into counting down the weeks in single figures - eek! I'm waaaay off that... grin Denial is my friend at this stage!

Meant to say before, but I'm glad your scan went well medee and you got a good sonographer again. The one that I had at my 12wk scan was the midwife who looked after me and DD in the postnatal ward last time! It was lovely seeing her again. How's that for continuity of care??

I think I'll have to rule out evening meet-ups for the time being ladies sad. DH doesn't come home from work until at least 6.30pm and by the time I'd get into town, it'd be just after 7pm. If anyone ever fancies a weekend though, just give me a shout.

Sapphire1 Thu 11-Nov-10 08:28:44

Hi LNT, hope you're feeling well. TBH a weekend meet would be better for me too - although I could do an evening I'm getting to the knackered stage now (I'm sure Karen would agree!). W/C 22nd Nov I'm on mat leave - woo woo! I could do Mon or Wed evening that week, depends on what everyone else can do...

Medee Thu 11-Nov-10 08:38:40

weekend works for me too, what about Saturday 20th?

Karen4007 Fri 12-Nov-10 13:37:39

I agree, evenings are too much for me now. Not sure I will make it on/around 20th as I have been told to rest more, but we will see how it goes nearer the time.

Had another scan today due to size of bubba and got an idiot sonographer. She said "I wouldn't bother buying new born clothes if I were you, they will be too small".... obviously had a panick attack as New borns I have bought go up to 12llbs. But Doctor said that was ridiculous and the woman should not have said that, Damage done tho. Wish people would think before they offer their stupid opinions!

littlenuttree Sun 14-Nov-10 23:07:18

20th would be good for me, plenty of babysitters around at the weekend so can escape for a little while!

Sorry to hear you had a rubbish time at your scan Karen sad I don't know if it helps, but a friend of mine had a scan at 38wks and was told that her baby would be well over 10lbs by her due date. They wanted to induce her that week, but she hung on until just after her due date and her baby was 8lbs 10ozs. I've heard loads of stories like that since talking to people about it so I wouldn't take it too much to heart.

I dread to think what size my little monkey will be since I'm at the uncomfortable stage already, and still have 14wks at most to go! I feel full all the time so don't have much of an appetite, and if I walk or sit down for too long, I get a feeling like a horse has kicked me in the nethers! Oh the joys! grin Please remind me of all this when I start thinking that no.3 would be a nice idea!!!

Sapphire1 Mon 15-Nov-10 11:47:25

Sat 20th good for me too - what time ladies? Don't take any notice of the sonographer Karen, LNT is right. I've also heard loads of stories about how growth scans can be inaccurate. Hope you're feeling ok, you're full term now aren't you? Oh dear LNT, sounds familiar! DH has already banned me from having more cos all I've done is complain! grin

Medee Mon 15-Nov-10 12:40:50

Does morning or afternoon suit people better?

Karen4007 Mon 15-Nov-10 19:11:13

Ha Ha Sapphire, I have been banned from any more too as I have done nothing but moan and puke for 9 months!

Not sure I am gonna make Sat as I am sooooo exhausted now that doing pretty much anything is too much, but I will pop along if I can.

I am 'full term' as of wednesday this week. Hope bubba comes soon but not til after weekend as DH is booked on a training course thursday and friday and folks are on hols.

LNT, I know how you feel. My pains have got better since pysio so go to docs asap and they can get u on waiting list.

SaorAlba Mon 15-Nov-10 19:15:28

I'm in Edinburgh this weekend so won't make it, but I hope you all have a lovely time.

littlenuttree Tue 16-Nov-10 14:35:16

I'm happy to meet in the afternoon if any of the more pregnant ladies fancy a lie-in!

Can't believe you're full-term this week karen! How scary exciting! Are you all packed and ready to go? I started putting things together for my hospital bag yesterday. I know I'm only 28wks but I feel like I haven't really done anything much to prepare for this little one, since I have most things already. Poor child's suffering from second-born syndrome already!

The uncomfortable feeling that I was talking about the other day is probably more due to things being <ahem> looser second time around, but have midwife on Thursday so will speak to her then. I keep forgetting that I actually meet-up with you ladies, so should really rein in my 'sharing' of details! blush grin I'm too used to being anonymous on MN!

It's a shame you won't make it SaorAlba, we'll hopefully meet-up again soon! And there might be babies next time too, judging on how frequently we seem to manage to get round to meeting! grin

Hi medee <<waves>>, hope things are fine with you!

Should we give Ineed and silly a nudge on facebook about Saturday? I don't think I'm 'friends' with any of the others from this thread.

littlenuttree Tue 16-Nov-10 14:36:57

Sorry, I seem to have an inability to type less than four paragraphs! blush

Medee Wed 17-Nov-10 11:42:38

so saturday afternoon - shall we say 2.30 at Starbucks as usual?

littlenuttree Wed 17-Nov-10 13:16:34

Yeah, 2.30 pm sounds good to me.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Wed 17-Nov-10 13:37:47

Hello thanks for the head up LNT I can't do Saturday afternoon i'm afraid.
I am starting to feel like all your babies will be starting school before I get to a meet up again sad

Sapphire1 Wed 17-Nov-10 14:16:59

2.30 good for me too. Shame you can't make Sat Ineed - we'll get round to another meet up soon. After Friday I'm a lady of leisuregrin so I can meet up any time! Shame you can't make it either SaorAlba, hope you are well. Be nice if you can make it Karen - am dying to see that bump! Totally understand if you're too tired though

For those of you that are interested there's an NCT nearly new sale on Sat 27th Nov 10.30 - 12.00 at Portlethen Academy (which happens to be where I work - well for the next 2 days anyway!). Not sure what they're like but I might pop along anyway to see if any bargains can be had...

littlenuttree Fri 19-Nov-10 22:21:24

Just checking in to make sure tomorrow is still on! Is it just the 3 of us this time? Looking forward to meeting up and also getting a couple of hours to myself, think DD is brewing a cold or something, she's been a major grump today!

Sapphire1 Sat 20-Nov-10 08:27:22

Yep, I'm still coming - think it is just the 3 of us. Hope DD is ok, the terrible twos eh!

Medee Sat 20-Nov-10 12:48:21

Yes, I'm still coming!

Medee Tue 30-Nov-10 14:39:02

Did anyone make it to the NCT Nearly new Sale? I was away so missed it, but would have gone if I could have.

Sapphire1 Tue 30-Nov-10 21:25:56

No, couldn't be bothered in the end - too much snow. Would have taken half an hour to get the car ready!

Medee Tue 30-Nov-10 22:19:00

that's a shame, but probably sensible!

Medee Fri 03-Dec-10 20:09:13

just spotted on their website that it was cancelled due to the weather, so hopefully will be rescheduled soon.

Sapphire1 Sat 04-Dec-10 11:15:04

Good job I was too lazy to go then!

Medee Sun 12-Dec-10 10:53:19

just popping in to say hi!

Sapphire1 Sun 12-Dec-10 13:28:57

Hi medee! Everybody has gone again! Congratulations to Karen who had a beautiful baby girl last week, hope we all get to meet her soon! I have got a week left from today - eeeeek shock Don't think she's budging anytime soon, hasn't even attempted to start engaging yet. Lazy, like her Dad...

Medee Sun 12-Dec-10 15:14:45

Ah that's lovely news, congrats Karen!

Medee Mon 13-Dec-10 22:22:57

NCT Nearly New Sale rescheduled http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/18564189/864765418/na me/POSTER+December+10.doc

Medee Mon 13-Dec-10 22:23:08
Medee Mon 13-Dec-10 22:24:58

Hey Sapphire..

From: "Press" <press@...>
Date: 9 December 2010 17:29:31 GMT
To: nct_announce@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [nct_announce] Do you have a baby to be born at Christmas

One Born Every Minute, is back for a series of Christmas specials in One Born at Christmas.

The shows will be transmitting live at prime–time on Christmas Eve and across the day on Christmas Day itself - capturing the drama and showing the birthing stories of new life.

They will also be mapping out Britain's Christmas Day newborns to create their very own Christmas Day Baby Map. From Britain's heaviest Christmas baby, to first one born on Christmas morning – they want to know it all.

This will be an opportunity for the public to share the news of their baby's birth with the entire nation. During 4 live hours on Christmas Day itself, One Born at Christmas will be announcing Britain's births, showing photo and video messages live to the nation and adding all that baby data to their very own Christmas Baby Map.

So, they want to hear from mums, dads, aunties, uncles, friends, neighbours, colleagues… ANYONE who knows ANYONE who might be expecting a baby at any stage of the festive period.

You are invited to contact the production team to let them know about ANY potential Christmas Day newborns:

Email: oneborn@...
Phone: 0207 033 2250
Text: Text `ONEBORN to 81025 followed by your message
Twitter: @oneborneverymin OR #oneborn

Sapphire1 Fri 17-Dec-10 09:22:29

shock medee! I'm far too vain to be seen without make up on national tv! I do like watching that prog though, although I've been avoiding any birth progs lately! Damn snow is back in force, bet they'll have to reschedule the nearly new sale again. I was going to go to the antenatal breastfeeding class today but changed my mind when I looked out the window. I have managed a grand total of 2 of the 5 classes, because I thought I could go when I finished work - then it snowed non stop. Am expecting to get told off!

Medee Fri 17-Dec-10 10:00:59

How are you feeling? Any sign of anything happening yet?

I know what you mean, having watched the last OBEM before I was pregnant, I'm not sure I can watch it now!

I've just checked on their Yahoo Group and no mention of it being cancelled, but I'll check again later. I don't think I would go if it is the same tomorrow as today - I tried to go to work today and turned back.

Sapphire1 Fri 17-Dec-10 12:00:11

I know, I can't believe how quickly the snow has come down. There were a whole 2 days when the pavements were safe enough for me to venture out unaided, then it started again!

I am ok thanks, not sure if I am having signs or not. Feel a bit weird every now and then, and some other stuff far too TMI to mention! Was convinced I was going to be really overdue, now not so sure...

Medee Sat 18-Dec-10 12:04:48

No sign of the NCT sale being off, and it starts in 30 minutes so probably safe bet if anyone was going. I'm too cosy indoors though.

Karen4007 Tue 21-Dec-10 19:18:12

Hello, been quiet for a while.

Congrats Sapphire... not an xmas baby after all! Hope you and DD are well.

Thanks for your congrats Medee, how are u getting on?

My DD is doing better now. Her jaundice has cleared and she has put on some weight. Hope the rest of you are well x x

Preciousdaisybear Tue 21-Dec-10 20:40:55

Congrats to all you new mums. Hope that you are all doing well. What a wonderful christmas it will be! smile

Medee Wed 22-Dec-10 09:40:29

you're welcome, karen. Glad to hear your DD is coming along well. I'm fine, now at 28 weeks and starting to get a big bump (well, it seems big to me!)

Maybe in the New Year when the new mums are more settled we can arrange another meet-up, a daytime one to get more people along.

Sapphire1 Sun 26-Dec-10 15:09:48

Thanks folks
OMG what a week it has been, we had to go back into hosp because DD had lost too much weight. I hate that place! They had me on a 3 hourly rota of b'feeding, then formula, then expressing bm. They were supposed to help me by giving the bottles so I could express, but every time I buzzed them someone different turned up and it didn't end up happening. So by the time I sterilised all the breast pump equipment and changed nappies etc, I had a grand total of half an hour between feeds and had to listen to all the other screaming babies on the ward while their mums were snoring their heads off! I look like the walking dead and DH doesn't look too hot either lol! I must say the experience on the labour ward was a much better one and the mw was lovely... A word of advice to those planning on b'feeding - if your baby isn't really feeding properly, don't feel bad about having to give them formula. It's far better to not let them starve, and if you end up in hospital the docs will make you give them formula anyway to help them gain weight. I'm still trying to persevere with b'feeding, but I totally understand why people give up doing it. Sorry folks, just had to let that rant out! blush
It would be lovely to meet up in the new year with the new babies. I will have to train mine on how to behave in public first lol! hmm

Karen4007 Tue 28-Dec-10 13:03:42

Oh my God..... I could have written that myself Sapphire word for word. The midwives on the labour ward were brilliant, but I got so sick and tired of buzzing when they told me to and a different person turning up and not knowing what was going on. I also was b'feeding/formula/expressing and then time to start again....... I was so frustrated in the end I just sat there and howled for about 3 hours! Luckily I had my own room at that point as she was under the lights.

NEVER want to go back there.....next baby better be a 6 hour and out jobbie!

Can't wait to meet the new bubbas and see the expenading bumps in the New year.

Medee Wed 29-Dec-10 22:53:02

jeez, sorry you two have had a rough time of getting the feeding established. To my complete lay-persons ears, all that mixed feeding sounds counter-productive, especially without the right support. Could NCT's breastfeeding people help? I have just had the latest newsletter through so could post the details.

Look forward to seeing the new additions sometime in the New Year.

Karen4007 Thu 30-Dec-10 10:20:41

Thanks Medee, but I have had so much conflicting advice that I did not want to talk to the NCT people as i guessed it was just another different opinion. It does make it harder once u introduce formula, ut noe mauch you can do when they are in the hosp and will not let u out til they have put on weight and tell u to give them formula. Esentially if u say no, you are starving the bubba!

Look forwasrd to a meet up too. Will be nice to get out! Been in the flat for the best part of a month, with just one small outing every day or two!

Sapphire1 Fri 31-Dec-10 15:14:54

I'm with Karen I'm afraid, fed up of listening to people now! Thanks for the offer though Medee. DD just will not latch without a nipple shield - I have had at least 10 different midwives insisting they can make her do it but none have actually been successful. She will sometimes latch with a shield if she feels like it, but has only had about 4 proper feeds in 2 weeks. TBH she is mostly on expressed bm anyway (I bought a super duper 200 quid pump), and the formula top ups mean she won't starve again. They think when she gets a bit bigger and less impatient she may latch more, but we'll always need shields. I've been stuck in too, all this bloody expressing etc means we're lucky to get out the house before 3pm lol! Happy New Year to everyone, hope you have a great evening. I was looking forward to a small glass of champers but I'm on antibiotics so can't even do that - booo!

littlenuttree Fri 31-Dec-10 21:21:16

Hi girls,

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas - especially those of you who had your 1st one. smile It was fab this year now that DD knows a bit more about what was happening - although she was shaking when we took her downstairs on Christmas morning when we told her Santa had been, she thought he was still there! Bless! She had a great time ripping open her presents and it was one of the first years that I had to be reminded that I had presents to open too!

Glad to hear you're both doing fine Karen and Sapphire, despite the lack of getting out! I don't think I had ever visited Tesco as much or ever have again, since those first few weeks after DD was born. It was a nice comfortable place to practise my 'getting out and about' skills! Granted, mosts of those visits were after 3pm!

Sorry to hear about your problems with feeding, but glad you're both doing what work best for you now. I'd agree with the inconsistency with advice in the hospital, it's a shame that 2.5yrs on it's still the same. I struggled with every single feed when I was in (4 days) and when you have a newborn who wants fed all the time, that's a lot of feeds! I eventually managed to feed DD using nipple shields, thanks to one really good midwife, but the lactation consultant in hospital was concerned about me using them and so were all the other midwives that looked after us. It's horrible when you've never had a baby before and you're relying on all the experts to advise you on what's best, but no-one tells you the same thing twice in a row! Luckily I kept going with the shields and eventually managed to feed DD by myself after about 3/4wks of constantly trying to latch her on after every feed - so you're probably right when you say that when your DD's a bit older Sapphire she might latch on better. Luckily, my DD fed well with the shields so never lost over the 10% of birthweight that they worry about.

Phew, that was a big old vent! Sorry! Looking back now, I beat myself up way too much over not being able to feed and that's mostly all I remember about the early days - I guess it's all still there, just bubbling under the surface.

So my advice is be nice to yourselves, or else! grin (Feel free to hit me back with my own advice when if it comes to it!)

I've got an appointment with a consultant midwife at the hospital this Fri to look over my notes from DD's birth. I'm half looking forward to it and half worrying about what I'll remember that was forgotten for a reason!

I'm off, have bored you all for long enough! I hope you all enjoy your New Year celebrations whatever form they take, I'll be cracking open the Shloer and slumping in from of Jools Holland soon! grin Then most likely will be heading for bed! Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Karen4007 Sat 01-Jan-11 18:23:16

Hello LNT... it is reassuring to know that you felt the same about the advice!

I think you are right about beating yourself up over it. I can't help thinking that my little girl would have not survived in the 'wild' lol.

I also feel that my body let ne/her down a bit having such a long labour. I feel like I want to have another one just to see if I can do better lol.

Still she is here and that is the main thing

Hope u all had a good New year x

littlenuttree Sat 01-Jan-11 22:06:47

Hi Karen! Happy New Year! smile I managed to stay up until 12.30am before giving up and going to bed - not that I fell asleep for a while, bump was up for a New Year's party! What did you get up to?

It's weird that you say that about surviving in the wild, that used to go round and round in my head too. I eventually thought that we probably would have be fine, as there wouldn't have been so much interfering from HCPs if we were in the middle of the woods and we'd have been left to get on with it! I'm not going to test that approach though, will probably just go to hospital! I was laughing at you saying that you want to have another one to see if you can do better! Do you want me to report back on how much easier the 2nd time is before you jump in?? grin

How are you finding things in general? Am I right in thinking your DP will be at home a fair bit just now?

Karen4007 Sun 02-Jan-11 20:47:15


Yeah report back on 2nd birth lol. I think it would have been easier with Lizzie if she did not have a squashed chord. It meant that they were doing so many internal exams and trying to get blood from her head and putting monitors on her head whilst I was only slightly dilated, that it caused me the most pain. It was slow anyway tho. I had a epidural after 24 hours cos I could not stand another round of foetal pokings and proddings. The contractions were a breeze in comparison!!!!

I think u are right about the wild... we would have been outside, so she would not have got jaundice and therefore they would never have insisted that I give her some formula, which would not have made breastfeeding harder!

DP has been off for 6 weeks, cos some idiot drove into his van and it has been in the garage...plus xmas/baby and all the snow etc.

We are enjoying our time off even tho we are not doing much and trying to get our wedding sorted. In-laws are being a pain, cos they can't come when we want to do it. Don't wnat us to do it without them.... but it is the only time we will have off pretty much all year. So i am a bit annoyed. Don't even care if they come, just want me him and DD there really!

Really don't want to wait til 2012 just for them!

Anyway.. moaning over... we had a good New year but just stayed in. What did everyone else get up to?

Anyone up for a meet soon?

Medee Mon 03-Jan-11 10:17:53

definitely, Karen. Why don't you and Sapphire tell us what suits you best, and we can work from there?

Karen4007 Mon 03-Jan-11 12:11:04

I can work round any time. The afternoon would be best as it does take a long time to get out the house!

littlenuttree Mon 03-Jan-11 20:29:12

Wow Karen, you're back to organising your wedding? It was bad enough trying to sort ours out when I just had us to concentrate on! It's a shame about your in-laws, but it's a nightmare trying to please everyone. I'd hope if you arranged it to suit yourselves (which is what your wedding is about after all!) then they would just get on with it. We bent over backwards to try and suit everyone at our wedding and it just caused a lot of unnecessary stress, it's the only part of the whole thing I'd go back and change if I could!

Hi medee! Hope things are good with you and bump. How was your last Christmas as two?

For meet-ups, I can manage Friday afternoons, or at the weekend. I'll be more free after 28th Jan which is my last day of work - woo hoo! grin Just hoping I'll get some chance to rest, and not cutting it too fine!

Medee Mon 03-Jan-11 22:55:36

very peaceful, LNT. The calm before the storm!

Is SaorAlba around - we start our NCT antenatal classes a week tomorrow - eek!

Sapphire1 Tue 04-Jan-11 12:53:21

Wow, lots of posts to catch up on! Hope everyone had a lovely xmas and new year
I don't think my bf probs were made worse by other people, DD is just a pain in the arse! Her latest trick is to latch on but not drink and just let it dribble all over her face and me, think she just uses me as a dummy lol!

Sounds like you had a terrible labour Karen, I was lucky. When we went to the hosp I was already fully dilated so only allowed G and A, but gave up on it cos I didn't like it shock I spent nearly 5 hours pushing and it was so boring!I had rubbish contractions and by the end didn't have any - I avoided intervention by about 5 mins and had to push contraction-less at the end(couldn't think of another word?!) I think the staff thought I was some kind of freak, as I was the talk of the ward blush

Anyhow, enough of that tmi! I agree with Karen that afternoons are better, I'm still in pyjamas til well past 12!

Good luck with your classes medee, hope they're useful. I only made it to 2 out of 5 of my NHS ones, which turned out to not be useful after all. The first one was common sense, and the second was about early labour and made me think I would be in labour for ages. When I rang the hosp to tell them I was coming in they told me they would prob send me home as I wasn't making enough fuss. They got a big shock when they examined me wink Two of the ones I didn't go to were about drug options and coping with labour, turns out I didn't need those either lol!

Karen4007 Wed 05-Jan-11 20:50:41

Wow Sapphire, that sounds like a good labour, up to the pushing point. I never made it to 10cms. They got me to push at 9cms and they strechted my cervix from there as they wanted her out. I was 5 mins away from c section. Once I started pushing she was out in 5 mins cos of the forcepts.

I know what u mean about being talk of the ward! I had at least 5 people in the room most the time (student midwives and docs) the midwife from the first shift made a joke that she would seeme later when she left her shift and was coming back in 12 hours.... she was shocked that I was still there when she did get back on shift!!!

Wedding is booked for May in Edinburgh... just both sets of folks, bubba and us! Simple!

Sapphire1 Thu 06-Jan-11 12:17:38

Ooh, not long til the wedding then - how exciting! I think the simple way is the best, you'll have a lovely day

Microbe Thu 06-Jan-11 21:44:22

Research would be useful (if not already researched) as to the success or not of pregnancy in varied Britannia places. E.g. potential and already ‘bun-in-the-oven-mothers’ need to know whether their ‘tum-tummy-tum-baby’ (another colloquially expressed as to a ‘pregnant mother’) has chance to be born of a son or daughter successfully between John a Groats or Lands End?

littlenuttree Thu 06-Jan-11 22:49:45

What's all that about? ^^ confused Posted in the wrong place do you think?

Aww, I'm glad you've both updated us with your birth stories, I love reading them! And you both did so well. I wrote mine out (well, what I could remember through the gas & air induced haze!) about a month or so after the birth and I read it quite often. <<weirdo emoticon>> Even now, there are little things I've forgotten, so I'm glad I did it. I wish I could better remember the minutes right after DD was born though, I couldn't even remember those moments about 10mins later. Adrenalin has a lot to answer for!

You've almost written mine Sapphire! The hating gas & air, being fully dilated on arrival at the hospital, pushing for 5hrs! Except I did end up with forceps after not quite managing to push DD out myself, she kept slipping back and I just couldn't push anymore. I didn't really have the urge to push that I've always heard about so was sort of pushing by myself the whole time - which is one of the things I'm hoping to discuss tomorrow at the hospital. It'll be interesting(??) to see what it's like next time around.

Exciting about your classes Medee! You looking forward to it? How many do you have?

Whereabout in Edinburgh are you getting married Karen?

Sapphire1 Thu 06-Jan-11 23:31:30

I think you're right about that post being in the wrong place LNT! I didn't really have the urge to push either, and it was the same for me - DD kept slipping back. I only avoided forceps because as soon as they mentioned getting the doctors, I thought sod this, and pushed with all my might!! It was lucky she was quite teeny or it could have been a lot worse lol!

littlenuttree Fri 07-Jan-11 07:57:53

Lol at you getting a second wind Sapphire! Nothing like a bit of motivation! grin

Medee Fri 07-Jan-11 12:13:58

This is a course of 6 classes, including a breastfeeding workshop. Then I plan to do the NHS ones, but given Sapphire’s experience, not relying on them, more using them as an opportunity to familiarise myself a bit more with the hospital and meet some of the staff.

Sapphire1 Fri 07-Jan-11 13:56:35

Hehe, the mere mention of the word 'episiotomy' worked a treat! grin
I think the NCT classes will be brill medee, there weren't any for my due date so I was a bit miffed. My friend did some and they sounded really useful, they did practical things like changing nappies etc - the NHS ones don't do anything like that.

Karen4007 Fri 07-Jan-11 17:34:33

I was a bit miffed too Sapphire! I enquired at 16 weeks preggers and they said I had left it too late to book them!

LNT, I wrote my birth story out too and saved it on my computer. Partly so as not to forget, but also when people ask me I can just copy and paste it to them now.

Medee Sat 08-Jan-11 09:24:58

they've only got one teacher at the moment, when they should have 4 to cover the area. I booked well before 12 weeks, which was scary but in retrospect a good thing.

Medee Sun 09-Jan-11 18:10:07

I have finally found a yoga class I can attend. It's the one I have seen advertised before, but missed the poster for last time round, but spotted it this afternoon, and there is space. Starts tomorrow, in Mannofield.

Sapphire1 Mon 10-Jan-11 17:01:39

That's good medee, hope you enjoy it...

littlenuttree Tue 11-Jan-11 18:16:39

How did the class go Medee? Is this one run by Judy Cameron too? Her homebakes are yummy!

Did we get any closer to arranging a meet-up? I'm desperate to see these babies! grin

Medee Wed 12-Jan-11 13:29:51

It was really good thanks, LNT. This class is run by Jeane Christison. Judy Cameron’s classes don’t suit me time and location-wise unfortunately, but I had heard about her home-baking!

We also had the first NCT ante-natal class last night. First class was mainly introductory, but sounds like it will be really interesting and useful, and a nice bunch of people too.

I think we had got as far as establishing it for an afternoon, to allow Karen and Sapphire time to get out the house, but that was as far as we got. I forget what the consensus was on weekday v weekend, and we hadn’t worked out a location either!

Karen4007 Wed 12-Jan-11 13:52:08

I would prefer week day, but are you still working Medee and LNT? I am off down South for the 1st week of febb. Other than that am about.

Medee Wed 12-Jan-11 14:42:59

I'm afraid I am, until the end of Feb, but might manage an early finish one afternoon.

Sapphire1 Thu 13-Jan-11 12:03:52

Well I can do any day. Afternoons or evenings - the only time we manage to get out the house it's dark! My folks are here from Sun to Thurs next week, but apart from then any time will be ok.

Will be nice to have a distraction, I'm going out of my freaking mind! LO seems to be intolerant to the formula top ups I give her and I'm not producing enough expressed milk to feed her exclusively. She screamed the entire night and nothing would soothe her. I've given uo trying to sleep now, it's pointless! If she'd breastfeed like a normal child there wouldn't be a problem, sigh...

Glad your class went well medee

Medee Thu 13-Jan-11 13:43:02

There’s no such thing as a normal child wink Sorry to hear you are struggling, Sapph. Could you change brand of formula, or give breastfeeding another chance? Hope you are getting the support you need.

Karen4007 Thu 13-Jan-11 14:54:13

I feel for you Sapphire. It is awful when they won't be soothed. You feel so helpless don't you!

I can't wait til it gets a bit lighter in the evenings. Even by the time we get out for a walk it is nearly dark!

Medee Thu 13-Jan-11 14:58:18

I'm glad for that reason I am due in Spring, karen.

Karen4007 Thu 13-Jan-11 17:04:41

Yeah, we didn't plan it too well did we lol, except that I have had OH at home for a few weeks, which we could not have done in Summer.

littlenuttree Thu 13-Jan-11 20:02:04

Aww, hang in there Sapphire, it does get easier, honestly! I remember the first 6wks being evil hard and sitting on the sofa crying, thinking 'What have we done? We had a nice life, why did we ruin it?' and then looking at DD and feeling really awful for thinking such things sad I can't remember exactly when it turned around, but think each day got easier until I didn't think about it anymore. I don't know if this is exactly how you're feeling (feel free to tell me to bog off grin) but I hope it helps. As an aside, one of my friends had formula prescribed for her DD due to lactose intolerance (all these problem girls!) after and she couldn't believe the change in her. If you believe that H is intolerant to her formula, then it might be worth speaking to your HV?

We need to get something sorted to get you, and Karen, out of the house! Or in the house but with company! I'm free all day Friday at the moment, but finish work on the 28th so free any time after that. Probably for a couple of weeks after my due date!! grin

Medee Thu 13-Jan-11 20:09:36

What's your date, LNT?

littlenuttree Thu 13-Jan-11 20:12:46

I'm due on Feb 8th, but have added 2wks on ever since the beginning so as not to be disappointed! grin

littlenuttree Thu 13-Jan-11 20:12:46

I'm due on Feb 8th, but have added 2wks on ever since the beginning so as not to be disappointed! grin

littlenuttree Thu 13-Jan-11 20:13:46

I'm due on Feb 8th, but have added 2wks on ever since the beginning so as not to be disappointed! grin

littlenuttree Thu 13-Jan-11 20:15:11

Hmm, having some internet problems I think!

Medee Thu 13-Jan-11 20:17:39

wow, not long to go!

littlenuttree Thu 13-Jan-11 20:26:25

I know, it's really exciting! It feels like it's been the longest pregnancy ever in some ways, but the last few weeks have definitely flown past, it was a good plan to have Christmas near the end! I packed my bags the other night so am pretty much ready to go, just waiting on my TENS machine which I'm borrowing from a friend.

How are you getting on with your preparations?

Karen4007 Thu 13-Jan-11 21:00:23

Not long now LNT! You are'full term' aren't you then? I have also had similar feelings.... not that I have ruined anything so much but the reality that this is life and I can't just go out and get a job etc. has def hit home. She is lovely and I wouldn't change her.

Sapphire... I also have a friend that was perscribed fromula and I myself was given a special Soya based fromula as a child.

littlenuttree Thu 13-Jan-11 21:26:15

I think I'm full term on Tues, but DH is late for everything and DD was 9 days late, so this I'm thinking that this little monkey won't want to be the black sheep!

You'll be fine too Karen, I really do think that the first 6wks are the most difficult. As well as having a baby to look after, you're having to cope with the hormone crash and the same lack of freedom that you used to have. It's good to talk about how you're feeling. I didn't tell anyone, even DH, how I felt until DD was about a year old. The girls in my antenatal class seemed like their babies did everything so easily, slept through pretty quickly, fed well, etc. so I honestly thought it was just me making things hard for myself. God, I sound so miserable!! I'm not, honestly! I think I still struggle with the feelings that I had of being useless at being a mum, which is hard as I always thought of myself as being really maternal. DD is brilliant though (obviously! lol) so I must have been doing something right!

Hope I haven't depressed you all with this cheery post! Therapy session over!

Medee Fri 14-Jan-11 10:55:34

Not at all, LNT, it’s good to hear all sides. And I bet the other mums were thinking a lot of what you were, just afraid to say it and putting on a good show of coping.

Still lots to buy, and it doesn’t feel like many weekends left till the due date. Planning to pick up some things this weekend, and at least the big stuff is bought/ on order.

Karen4007 Fri 14-Jan-11 19:25:16

So true LNT and Medee. Not that I want to wish suffereing on anyone, but it is nice to hear it from others in the same boat.

I am so excited for you two.... babies coming soon. As it turns out I was rubbish at shopping. I thought I had everything that I needed and decided against some things (like a chair that swings) and now am going back and getting them as Lizzie does not really like the bouncy chair, she likes to rock rather than vibrate.

I also got a rubbish play gym with just one bar, which I thought was really cool, but cos she can't lift her head, she can not really see it, so I got another one with the crossing bars, which she likes!

I also got a microwave steriliser and have now boycotted it in favour of a cold water one(which are really cheap in TK max)

Still, you learn by your mistakes!

Everyone told me not to bother getting a changing table as I would end up doing it on the floor, but I got one that went over her cot for free and I am so glad that I did as even now it hurts the episiotomy sticjes to be on the floor!

Anyway, good luck shopping Medee.

Sapphire1 Fri 14-Jan-11 20:40:16

Ooh lots of posts to catch up on again! Wow LNT, really not long now! It's nice to hear people being honest for a change, all I ever heard was people saying how wonderful motherhood is and it makes me feel really inadequate. It does seem like other people are coping better but I'm sure they're not really. For example, someone I know bleats on about how happy they are being a mum on fb, but I know for a fact that she spends most of the time crying and has been out getting drunk loads of times since her 9 week old was born.

I'm happy to admit I can't cope! grin Trouble is I'm probably too honest about it and people think I'm horrible lol! I've spent loads of time crying and regretting having LO, but I put it down to hormones and not having anyone apart from DH to help out.

LO has been prescribed lactose free formula so we're seeing how she goes. She mostly gets breastmilk anyway, but I'm going to have to change my diet aswell in case that affects her. Hope it makes a difference, it'll make things so much easier. Sorry for being grumpy blush but it's good to let it out.

Hope we haven't worried you too much medee! Oh and you're not the only one rubbish at shopping Karen wink So, lets pin down a date for this meet up...

littlenuttree Mon 24-Jan-11 20:14:16

10 days since the last post! You killed the thread Sapphire! grin Hope you're all doing okay. I'm fine, just knackered and can't wait to finish work.

I'm free all day Friday (and then most days for the next 6mths - yippee!!! grin) if anyone fancies meeting up?

Karen4007 Mon 24-Jan-11 20:41:57

I am down South from Thursday for about 10 days... then am def up for it. If you are still very tired LNT we could do a meet in inverurie or Kintore, if there is a nice tea shop.

Your bubba may be herte by then! Wooopppeeee!

Medee how are u getting on?

littlenuttree Mon 24-Jan-11 20:50:02

Eeeek, you could be right Karen! What a crazy thought!

I don't mind where we meet up to be honest, I'll just go with what's best for the majority. I think I'll be fine when I've finished work, it's just a nightmare getting to sleep at the moment and by the time I fall asleep, it's almost time to get up - not good when I have to start work at 7.30am. At least I don't have to travel to work though, so can afford to be a bit dozy for the first hour or so!

Sapphire1 Mon 24-Jan-11 21:12:46

Haha you're back - thought you'd had enough of my whingeing! grin
Bet you're glad to be finishing work LNT, can't believe how quickly time flies!
I'm easy about where and when to meet, shall we wait for Karen to get back?

Medee Tue 25-Jan-11 15:49:20

Hello, hurrah for some thread activity! I’m well thanks Karen. Hope all mums, mums-to-be and babies are well too! I’m off to a spa with my mum tomorrow, can’t wait! Still working till the end of Feb, but I’m sure I can squeeze in an early finish one afternoon to meet up before then, once Karen returns from her trip.

Karen4007 Tue 25-Jan-11 18:30:03

Yay, cool. I think I am back on the Monday the 7th, so any time after that I should be free, just name the time and place.

littlenuttree Tue 25-Jan-11 19:08:49

Ooh, sounds nice medee! Where about is the spa? Are you having any treatments?

The 8th is my due date, but I completely expect to still be pregnant for at least 2 weeks after that so I think it'll be fine! How are you both at getting out and about, karen and sapphire? Would you prefer to meet at one of your houses or are you fine to meet in town somewhere?

Karen4007 Tue 25-Jan-11 20:12:58

I am pretty happy to get out and about. In fact I went into town today for the first time on my own. Was Pretty shocked by how many people DO NOT help you with doors etc, but if we meet at Union Square they have electric doors lol.

How about wed the 9th as a starting point for debate????

Medee Wed 26-Jan-11 08:14:27

Wed 9th works for me in terms of disappearing out of work early.

Stobo - near Peebles in the Borders. Heading off for the train in about an hour.

Sapphire1 Fri 28-Jan-11 20:20:03

I'm fine to meet in town - am a pro now for town solo trips you know grin Wed 9th is fine for me - will have to be after 1230ish cos baby clinic is til 12. Hopefully LO will be in a good mood, last time I went to the shops she screamed the placed down and everyone was looking at me lol! Hope you had a good time medee and that you are well LNT

Karen4007 Sun 30-Jan-11 11:27:22

Medee, what is the best time for you? How early can u escape work lol

Sillyness Sun 30-Jan-11 12:02:32

I wana come too!!!!
(bet you all thought i'd left, eh!)
can't wait to see you all soon! x

Medee Sun 30-Jan-11 12:10:16

Hello silly - yes, I had wondered what had happened to you!

I'll check my diary when I am back at work tomorrow, Karen, and see if I have anything scheduled for that day.

Medee Thu 03-Feb-11 09:40:44

hello ladies, sorry forgot to come back to you earlier. Yes, Wed 9th is fine for me to make an early exit from work.

Sapphire1 Thu 03-Feb-11 19:22:07

That's good Medee, what time can you make it?

Medee Fri 04-Feb-11 16:06:40

anytime mid-afternoon. Arrange it to suit yourselves, and I'll follow-on.

Karen4007 Sat 05-Feb-11 13:52:12

Two? Three? Sapphire, you name the time that suits u.

Sapphire1 Sat 05-Feb-11 20:46:12

Lets say two then, I think silly finishes work then?

Sillyness Sun 06-Feb-11 10:13:03

you're too kind sapphire, i am indeed working that day and finish at 1:45...see you all at 2 then?

Karen4007 Sun 06-Feb-11 20:03:33

Sweet, I'll be there then. Medee, what time can we expect you?

Are we doing UNion square Starbucks again.

LNT.... u still there? Or has bubba come?

Sapphire1 Mon 07-Feb-11 11:23:24

I guess starbucks, if it's too packed then tinderbox (can't remember if that's what it's called)? Anybody know if ineed and saoralba can come? Oh, and I apologise in advance if the little madam doesn't stop screaming - we've had a lot of that in the last few days :/

littlenuttree Mon 07-Feb-11 11:38:35

Hi girls, hope you're all doing well (screaming babies aside Sapphire). I'm still here - my midwife booked my induction appointment on Thurs and even that didn't scare the little monkey into making an appearance, so I guess I'll see you all on Weds!

2pm at Starbucks sounds good. My mum and dad are off this week (handily!) so they're going to look after DD and I can have a proper chat! I can ask if they want to look after any other little ones??? grin

Medee Mon 07-Feb-11 13:04:16

I’ll try to remember to mention to saoralba at NCT class tomorrow night. I should be there 3ish.

Had my midwife appointment today – apparently AMH has installed a new pool (still just has the one) and apparently is very nice. New dimmer-controlled lighting, etc. Takes 40 minutes to fill the pool, and just one’s luck if you get it, but you can birth as well as labour in it.

Medee Wed 09-Feb-11 10:11:32

Morning ladies, Spoke to Saoralba last night, but she won’t make it due to work. I’m still planning on making it work permitting, need to get something finished first.

Sillyness Wed 09-Feb-11 10:27:59

Hi everyone,
so sorry, but i can't make it today. last minute plans mean we're driving to Dundee as soon as i've finished work to (fingers crossed) buy a new car!!!

Have a great afternoon and maybe anyone will want to meet up next week?

Thinking of you all!


Medee Wed 09-Feb-11 13:18:07

NCT nearly-new sale on Saturday 26th February. Typically, I probably can’t go to this one either as we have visitors! www.nct.org.uk/in-your-area/aberdeen/NNS

Should still be there later – boss is fine with me disappearing at 2.30, though it depends on a piece of work being done first, and that depends on someone else!

Ineedacleaneriamalazyslattern Wed 09-Feb-11 13:24:54

I am still not sure if i'm making it, might be able to pop in with the 4 year old for a quick coffee and off againbut would like to try so I can see you all.

Has anyone heard from LNT she hasn't been on this thread or facebook since Monday anyone think anything happening...i'll text her lol just to check.

Karen4007 Fri 18-Feb-11 19:09:13

We have all gone quiet...... is everyone ok.

Sillyness Fri 18-Feb-11 20:37:46

I have news everyone...i'm back in the club! 14weeks tomorrow! whoop whoop!

meet up needed to show you my pics!

LNT - where's that baby???

Karen4007 Sat 19-Feb-11 20:45:43

Congrats LNT on the birth of your lovely little girl..... and Silly.... congrats again.... but don't forget you were always in our club...u started it! lolsmile

Can't wait to see baby LNT and baby bump Silly.

Medee...u nextwink

Medee Sun 20-Feb-11 20:22:00

Hurrah for LNT's new one!

oh, that's fantastic news, Silly

I'm reaching the top of every list I am on, Karen - is very scary but exciting too! We were in Glasgow at the weekend, collecting all the baby stuff my parents had (Moses basket etc) so feeling a lot more organised. Just the pram to come and a few other bits and bobs and that is us sorted.

Sapphire1 Mon 21-Feb-11 13:23:38

Woohoo, congrats Silly and LNT! Not long left for you now medee, when do you start mat leave?

Medee Mon 21-Feb-11 13:55:36

Friday, and not a moment too soon! really struggled out of bed this morning.

Sillyness Wed 23-Feb-11 12:51:43

Was so excited about NCT sale and now i've realised im working ALL day that day!! Boo!!

Anyway, hope all the babies and bumps and mums are doing well!

Meet up plans: i'll throw a date out there for thought...
how about friday 4th march about 2/2:30?

Medee Wed 23-Feb-11 13:54:17

That's a possibility for me, though not till 3.30 once I have waved my mum off at the station (but assuming it is UQ as usual, that is fine)

Medee Wed 23-Feb-11 13:54:31

UQ should be US ie Union Square!

Sillyness Wed 23-Feb-11 17:13:05

sounds fine medee!

how does it suit other folk?

Sapphire1 Wed 23-Feb-11 18:57:39

Yep, fine with me too. When is the NCT sale, anyone going?

Medee Wed 23-Feb-11 21:11:26

Saturday 26th. I can't unfortunately as I have friends visiting, but as one is bringing me loads of her baby stuff I'm not complaining!


Sillyness Thu 24-Feb-11 10:03:22

Great Sapphire! Re NCT sale, desperately want to go, but trying to swap a shift!
I think Karen is planning to go!

Karen4007 Thu 24-Feb-11 11:28:16

Planning on it but am pretty skint.

I can come to the meet, but I think we need to start looking for somewhere more toddler friendly for LNT. Would be easier for her then she could bring her eldest.

JollySergeantJackrum Thu 24-Feb-11 11:36:21

Hi folks

It's saoralba, namechanged recently

I start mat leave from one of my jobs on Friday too medee, can't wait.

4th sounds lovely to me, but I have a meeting starting at 2:15 so probably wouldn't be about until 3:30-4ish depending on how long it takes. Happy to meet anywhere in town as my meeting is at Broad Street.

I'll be at the NCT sale on Saturday. On the look out for some bargain nappies as we only have 15 so far and I'm fairly sure this is not enough.

Medee Thu 24-Feb-11 11:49:20

good point, Karen. I'll be in town anyway, so whereever really.

Welcome back NotSaorAlba! I have no nappies yet, but a consignment of them on their way this weekend from my friend who's used them for her 3.

Sapphire1 Thu 24-Feb-11 16:55:52

Wow, you two are brave using reusables! I would have liked to try them but I couldn't cope with the washing/drying as my flat is teeny tiny. It's amazing how much washing a LO can produce lol! I might go to the sale, shame it's not in the
afternoon though - might be a mission to get there on time grin
Does anybody know any toddler friendly places? The only place I've seen that has a little corner for children is cafe nero. Mind you, I'm sure LNT/Ineed would know some good places to go...

Karen4007 Thu 24-Feb-11 18:32:14

Hi Jolly,

I know someone that is selling some reusables. I have messaged her to find out how much she wants and what she has got. I can let you know as soon as I get a response and if you do not find any at NCT Sale you can let me know if you are interested.

Sapphire.. I am in the same boat. We have been back from our holiday for 2 weeks and have just caught up on our washing... I wouldn't mind but I did some while we were away too. I just have nowhere to hang it and refuse to use the tumble dryer cos it is rubbish and they use so much power.

I have FB'd LNT and ineed to ask her to read the thread re-meeting places.

Medee Thu 24-Feb-11 18:32:30

I've got a couple of packs of Huggies Newborn (the freebies) and some free Pampers to collect to do me at first, but I've got great drying space out back so figure it will be do-able <famous last words>

JollySergeantJackrum Thu 24-Feb-11 19:40:40

Great, thanks Karen

Medee, we have drying space outside too and with an April baby I figure it might work. If baby was due November then I don't think I'd be considering it! We don't have a tumble dryer.

At the moment the reusables we have are tots bots bamboozles, but I understand they take a long time to dry so I'm hoping to get some that are not made of bamboo. Having said that, I'm not all that fussy - price is far more important!

Ineedacleaneriamalazyslattern Thu 24-Feb-11 22:37:51

Heelloooo everyone.
WE should all go to the Ceramic experience and get the babies hand and footprints done.
I could see us all sitting around painting litle plates and things grin

It's tough to think of somewhere actually that suits us all, soft play would be a bit pointless trying to think of somewhere that won't expect us to buy meals but that LNT's dd will be happy as well.
I'll have a think.

Sapphire1 Fri 25-Feb-11 09:49:04

While we're on the subject of nappies... Karen, have you tried Asda ones? They're better than pampers and half the price! I was a nappy snob, but people kept recommending them to me. Only trouble is, I've got a mahoosive box of pampers from costco to use first!

Is that the place on Broomhill road ineed? I think there's one just round the corner from me too. I'd love to do that, it looks brill!

Ineedacleaneriamalazyslattern Fri 25-Feb-11 10:08:11

I second Ada nappies they are good and you get way more of them for your money.

Yeah that is the place Sapphire, there is a simila place on St Swithin st as well I think.
Don't know what that is like but Ceramic Experience does have a cafe and play area plus obviously the ceramics.

Karen4007 Fri 25-Feb-11 13:22:10

INeed I was thinking about there actually! I went with a mate not so long ago and she had her bubba's done, but there is a good play area for LNT DD/parking and coffee (tho not posh coffee)!

I think Ceramics is a good idea, u don't have to get feet etc done, but I have been trying to get a 3d cast of Lizzie's hands and feet and I think I am gonna have to leave it to the professionals lol

Karen4007 Fri 25-Feb-11 13:55:59

Jolly.... this all means nothing to me but she has:

8 Kooshies size 1 for £24

5 Bots Tots sixe 1 plus 4 bottoms 1x size 1, 2x Size 2, 1x size 3 for £15

5 Sandy Small, 1 motherease Air-Flow sm and 1 x Med = £15

5 Sandy Small, 1 motherease Air-Flow sm and 1 x Med = £15

or the whole lot for £60.(not sure if she is negotiable on price it works out at £3 a nappy with the other bits thrown in)

Let me know if you have any interest. I could try and bring them when we meet if you are able to come along, but will have to get out and see her.

Sillyness Fri 25-Feb-11 19:10:04

ceramics sounds good to me (is it in inverurie?)

Karen4007 Fri 25-Feb-11 20:02:34

Hi Silly... no it is just in town between union street and B&Q, off up a street to the right.

JollySergeantJackrum Sun 27-Feb-11 09:44:17


Thanks very much to your friend for the list, but I did amazingly well at the nearly new sale and ended up getting 23 nappies for £17! We now have 38 nappies and about 15 wraps so I figure that's probably enough.

I definitely would recommend heading to the next nearly new sale if you haven't been already. We got heaps of stuff and almost everything was really reasonably priced. It was mobbed though. The queue was all the way round the car park even though we were relatively early.

As well as the nappies, we got a bath, a nappy bin, a top and tail bowl, two wooden puzzles, one of those wooden things with beads that move that you see in dentists and a baby gym. Total price was £27! We were sure the till woman had miscalculated!

Ceramic Experience on Friday sounds good, was glad to see it has parking so it sounds ideal.

Medee Sun 27-Feb-11 13:24:32

Excellent haul there Jackrum. I got a load of nappies from my BM this weekend; enough to only need to do a wash every 2 days she said. Also won a nappy bucket on Ebay, so am sorted for that. She also gave me loads of clothes, a Bumbo and a Baby Bjorn. Apart from waiting for the pram to arrive, I think we are set.

Karen4007 Sun 27-Feb-11 19:46:57

Hello. Jolly...I went to the sale too. I saw all those nappies and hoped you would get some! It was carnage wasn't it! I heard a lady saying that she had been in the queue since 7.00am. I got there about 10.15, so was not too bad.

I headed straight for the 6-12 month clothes and got LOADS of lovely things. Mainly from Next etc. I paid about 50p an item! Got way too much, but the stuff was soooooo cute!

Medee, can you get to ceramics on Friday? Or would it be better for you if we meet at Starbucks this time? I know u are at the station waving off guests. Oh and I found my baby bjorn carrier wonderful! It really saved my back as it helps you carry the baby in the middle. I still use mine. I often put DD in it when I am trying to do the housework and she does not want to settle!

Medee Sun 27-Feb-11 20:06:43

I'm happy to come to Ceramics on Friday, will come after I drop my mum off. Can't remember her exact train time, but will confirm once I know.

Good haul too, Karen. I shall definitely try to make the Next sale. My friend recommended using the carrier round the house for exactly that!

Medee Sun 27-Feb-11 20:07:00

I meant next with a small "n"!

Sapphire1 Mon 28-Feb-11 21:01:45

I can't get LO to go in either her sling or baby carrier. She screams her head off in the sling and tries to stand up when I attempt to put her in the carrier. I have found that the solution is not to do any housework...

Karen4007 Tue 01-Mar-11 08:05:01

Ha ha, good plan. Lizzie hates a sling too. Someone gave me one, but she is too big for it anyway and if you don't have them in it just right then it is bad for their back.

littlenuttree Tue 01-Mar-11 13:29:08

You guys have been very chatty since the last time I logged in here!grin I hope you're all doing well.

Thanks for all your congratulations! DD2 is fab! smile It's been such a different experience this time, from the labour through to how contented she is! I don't know if it's because I feel more confident this time or just that she's got a different temperament to DD1, but it's good. She just sleeps and feeds so far, and only wakes up once a night to feed. I keep thinking, 'It'll change tomorrow' but fingers crossed it doesn't! I just want to be on my guard!! The labour went really quickly, only 5.5hrs this time, and she was born in the birthing pool - she was the 3rd baby to be born in there! I don't know how much the water helped but it was a good distraction and the gas & air was brilliant this time.

Sounds like those of you who made the NCT sale got some good bargains. I was going to try and come along but I don't really need anything at the moment and wouldn't be able to control my spending self when I was there!

I'm really sorry, you're all going to hate me! After all your arranging to try and keep me happy, I won't be able to make it on Friday. sad The health visitor called this morning and is coming round for our first visit on Fri morning (fun! hmm) and we got a letter in yesterday with an appointment for DD2's hearing test which is on Fri afternoon! It'll be a busy day I think! I will definitely make the next one and I think Ceramic Experience is a great place to meet. Even without a toddler in tow. DD1 loves the soft play there. As an aside, Mondays and Wednesdays are fine for me to meet without DD1 as there are grandparents around those day to babysit.

Sapphire1 Wed 02-Mar-11 16:17:50

Aw, it's a shame you can't make it LNT, we'll have to organise the next one pronto. Glad DD2s birth went well, I would have loved to use the pool - maybe next time eh! People often say that the 2nd baby is easier, my mum says you almost don't notice having an extra one.

Anyhow, would anyone object to a change of plan? It might be a good idea to save the ceramic place for another time, perhaps when the other babies are here too? If you'd rather still go there just tell me! wink

Karen4007 Wed 02-Mar-11 18:21:52

I am happy where ever, as long as everyone responds... we don't want half turning up to one place and half at the other lol.

Bathsheba Thu 03-Mar-11 12:05:50

Nah...she was fibing about being in the queue at 7am....

How Do I know...I run the NCT sales in Aberdeen and I got there at 8:30 and there was no-one queueing then.

First people started queueing at 9am..

Do come to the next one though...28th May.

Medee Thu 03-Mar-11 14:23:22

Sounds like a plan, Sapph. If we revert to US that suits me best as I'll have just dropped my mum off at the station - but you ladies with babies decide what suits best.

Medee Thu 03-Mar-11 14:24:29

and thanks for advance notice of the next sale, that will be perfect timing for my next tranch of stuff I'll need. Was a bit gutted to miss this one, but this week has made me realise just how much stuff I do have for the imminent arrival.

Karen4007 Thu 03-Mar-11 17:23:55

I am happy at US, Lizzie is too small to care where we are. If she is gonna be grumpy she is gonna be grumpy wherever we are!

Yay...can't wait for the next sale..... I'll get Lizzie's 19-12 months clothes lol

Sapphire1 Thu 03-Mar-11 18:45:09

Erm, what's the best way of telling the others if we change venue? Does anyone know if Ineed is coming or have Jackrum's number? I have silly's number so could let her know...

Sillyness Fri 04-Mar-11 09:48:45

Thanks for FB message, i'll see you at US then!

And i've already got next sale date in my diary...NO WAY im working that day!!!!

Sapphire1 Fri 04-Mar-11 12:03:48

Ok, using my detective powers I think I've managed to find Jackrum and Ineed's phone numbers. Hopefully, they got my message. Methinks it might be a good idea for us to get eachother's phone numbers in case of plan changes...

Medee Fri 04-Mar-11 12:27:52

I've got Jackrum's email too, so shall drop her a note in case she doesn't see the FB message.

littlenuttree Mon 07-Mar-11 14:35:33

Hi girls, hope you're all doing fine. No new babies yet?? grin I hope the meet-up went well! It's a shame I missed it. sad Still, I did have fun at home being patronised by the health visitor!

Did you discuss another meet-up? Does anyone fancy another so soon? I need an excuse to get out of the house! We can do mornings or afternoons, just whichever suits everyone.

Medee Mon 07-Mar-11 14:49:30

Hi LNT - nothing doing here, am due this coming Saturday.

Closest we got was a couple of us maybe going to the Bumps and Babies group on Thursday afternoon, but nothing else arranged for a proper meet yet.

Karen4007 Sat 19-Mar-11 12:05:05

Has anyone looked through some of the other threads on here. People get well irate with each other and start using the c word. Can't believe how mean they all are!

Medee Sat 19-Mar-11 17:38:08

AIBU is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Sapphire1 Sun 20-Mar-11 12:36:22

Blimey medee, you still here lol! smile

I find some MNers a bit mean too. I'm a 'baby and bump' addict instead!

When are we having another meet up - I need to see mini LNT!

Oh, and do you think we should start a new thread? 'Pregnant in Aberdeen' isn't really accurate anymore - maybe 'bumps and babies in Aberdeen' would be better? You never know, we might even get some new people join us!

Medee Sun 20-Mar-11 14:08:36

Still here!

Yes, Bumps and Babies does sound a more accurate description.

littlenuttree Sun 20-Mar-11 18:20:20

I thought everyone had defected to facebook and forgotten about MN! We're free for a meet-up whenever, DD2 is looking forward to meeting all her little friends! So, when and where??

How's everyone doing? We're getting on fine, the transition to having 2 children has been much easier than I thought it would be, but it's only been 4wks so there's time yet!

I used to sit for ages reading through all the threads on Active Conversations, and agree that most threads turn to be a bit mean. I really only look at this thread now, and the pushchair threads. Should really stay away from those though, I don't need any encouragement! grin

I think maybe a change of thread name would be good too, do you want to start it off sapphire?

Sillyness Mon 21-Mar-11 10:49:15

new thread is started!

meet up with everyone would be great! i'll let you guys organise it though cos im still waiting on shifts for the next few weeks!

Sapphire1 Mon 21-Mar-11 20:32:31

Thanks Silly! Will carry on conversation over there...

Karen4007 Fri 25-Mar-11 16:12:54

How do i find it?

Sandilj Fri 01-Apr-11 19:34:06

Hello fellow preggers, I'm expecting twins, first and second kids!! In sept this year .

Only 15weeks but looking for an aqua aerobics class in Aberdeen. Can't find one anywhere any ideas?

Also looking for anyone with lots of twins advice as I am clueless !!

Sillyness Fri 01-Apr-11 22:48:33

Hey Sandilj, come over to bumps and babies thread as we dont really use this one anymore...i have details of a aqua aerbics type thing for pregnant people...

Sapphire1 Sat 02-Apr-11 19:36:44

Hello Sandilj, congrats! As silly says, come over to the bumps and babies thread (there were too many graduates of this thread so we had to change it lol!)...

Kellz92 Mon 23-Jul-12 10:14:18


I live in aberdeen and im 12 weeks pregnant. Im waiting for my scan. smile I would like to talk to other pregnant girls in the area as I dont know anyone who is pregnant right now!

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