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Help! Non lairy yet not dull hen night in Bath

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Daffyboobface Tue 31-Jul-12 22:36:54

Just that really. Looking for recommendations for cocktails, dinner and a club in Bath. It's only a small party, there are six of us, and the bride is not a massive caner, (but will of course want to get wee bit drunk). Really struggling for ideas - particularly for a club… Can anyone help?

Door 34, Slug and lettuce or The Tramshed for cocktails. Opa for club? opabath.com


Daffyboobface Thu 02-Aug-12 17:34:43

Thank you!

Tikkabillajive Thu 02-Aug-12 17:43:58

Jamie's Italian for dinner, Hall & Woodhouse for drinks (they do food too), Mandalyn's the gay bar for club - it is tiny but great fun and very friendly.

Niceupthedance Sun 05-Aug-12 20:21:58

The common rooms was quite a good club last time I went.

watusitoo Tue 21-Aug-12 14:41:12

I had my hen night in Bath and we went to Opa which is a greek restaurant where you can book a sort of booth for privacy but there is music and dancing (not greek!) afterwards. It was great fun and as you say not too lairy, but just lairy enough. http://opabath.com/photos

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