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Are there any Worthing meets?

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Anything going on in Worthing? Moved here last year when pregnant - now with an inquisitive seven month old. Anyone in the same position?

Haha! that figures. God I can't wait to move back to Brighton/Hove!

MABS Thu 18-Jun-09 19:34:02

come over to Brighton Sat lunch, other worthing gals do sometimes

Hi Mabs - where do you meet? Can't do this Sat but if it's regular-like??

MABS Sun 21-Jun-09 12:30:41

it's usually every couple of months really

OK will look out for it. Thanks

Tortington Mon 22-Jun-09 23:15:39

howdy - im in worthing - i go to the brighton meets. i could give you a lift

Hi Custardo - that would be great thanks. I was beginning to wonder whether there were any MNers in Worthing - nobody I've spoken to seems to have heard of it hmm

Tortington Wed 24-Jun-09 16:01:48

maybe they don't admit it!

i am positive that there was a worthing meet with kids - might haVE BEEN SOME TIME ago

Hello!! I'm a worthing mum! And I know what you mean - sometimes I feel like the only one!! :P
I'm new to mumsnet - I'm 29, have a little boy called Dylan who's nearly 10 weeks old & we'd LOVE to meet some other yummy mummies & babies!! :D xx

god..i thought i'd divorced my social life when i had my babies and moved out to worthing area..will look for brighton meets!

Well that's four of us grin

Hi missleslieanne and oneopinionatedmother - good to know you're out there.

I'd be up for the Brighton meets but also maybe (hey lets be crazy) a meet in .....Worthing (I keep telling my Brighton friends that it's a lot cheaper than Brighton the new place to be...no really it is....no really)

Quick background - I'm a little hmm older than missleslieanne - and have a 8mo dd.

'ello make do and mend.

yes indeed - fancy a cuppa cha in waitrose or somewhere ? (or indeed, a pint at the Vintners?)- i can turn up unbabied if it's just an afternoon. Though i understand unbabied time can be difficult to organise!

I'm 31 (and a half :P) and have 23 monther, a 6 monther, and a poodle. I am generally to be found with dog on lead, toddler on reins and baby in sling. (or more often, posting to alphamummy on timesonline)

problem organisation for me: we haven't organised our hol yet so could be any week out of the next three. so, if you guys set a date i'll be there so long as'm not on holiday....

clarerw Sun 05-Jul-09 01:04:20

Hello all, I too moved to Worthing last year (from London) and definitely did divorce my social life I'm afraid!
I'd love to meet anyone in a similar position, I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old and am a little older than all aforementioned ages... Also, does anyone know of any good playgroups for under 5's?

Hi all - sorry been unable to properly get to the computer all week due to dh monopolising it.

Excellent news oom - it would be easier for me if it could be an afternoon with baby - evening is ok but dd's bedtime can be a bit more flexible than I would like at the moment due to either me being useless or dd being difficult - not sure which

Hello clarerw - another one! To answer your question - apparently the one at the Tabernacle is good (it's where I'll be taking dd when we finally get chucked out of post natal - we should have left at six months but it's just so nice blush) There seem to be quite a few on a Wednesday morning (annoying that they're all on the same day) There's a mag called the Grapevine which has all the groups in but I can't bloody find a new copy. Will bring my old one when we meet. Where in Worthing do you live? There are quite a few scattered around I think.

The only days not free really are Tuesday morning (try and usually don't succeed in making it to Baby Rhyme at Library) and previously mentioned Wed morn, oh and MIL visit on Fridays. So Monday/Tuesday/Thursday good for me.

Anyone else? Custardo/MLL you interested?

clarerw Mon 06-Jul-09 00:21:32

I work part time but Thursdays are good for me. I am just west of the town centre.
Is the Tabernacle group called the Ark? I was flicking through the family grapevine online and noticed it.
I suspect it will get a bit easier to go to some more playgroups and stuff when 4 yr old starts school in Sept,he's a bit old for some of them...he's not always that interested in me having civilized cup of tea and chat either!!!!

Totallyfloaty35 Mon 06-Jul-09 11:15:07

Can i join please,i have a 2yr old and moved here 2yrs ago

Welcome Totally - the more the merrier!

clarerw - i think it's the same one - I'll check with a mum I know who's just started going. I know there is also one in East Worthing also (surprise surprise) on a Wednesday - it's called Cupcakes I think - I've met a couple of people with three year olds who go.

Is Thursday good with everyone? How about Thursday 16th? Does anyone have an idea for a venue? If it's sunny I usually end up at Parklife for the cakes sandwiches. The Dome is also quite pushchair friendly downstairs or upstairs. Any other ideas?

clarerw Thu 09-Jul-09 22:43:43

Thursday next week is good for me, and happy to give either venue a go. I'm sure a Parklife cake would keep one or both of mine quiet for a few minutes at least....

Parklife - is that on the Steyne? or the one near the hospital?
Thursday fine hopefully

Excellent - Parklife is on Bath st I think - down the side of H Samual and Top Shop. i'll double check that (sorry mind has gone blank - it's the weather).

AAaaagh! Sorry Something has now come up on Thursday (going back to work-related) - so this week now out. Will post again later when I've sorted out my diary. Gah!

Oh clarerw - the Ark and the Tabernacle are two different things as far as I can see. The Ark is on in Broadwater (Church of Life I think) while the Tabernacle is opposite the Town Hall. I'm going tomorrow for the first time if you'reinterested - it's on from 10 (I'll have a black Loola Buggy and a small blondie/reddie/but mostly baldie 7 month old). if you spot me say hi!

Tortington Tue 14-Jul-09 15:50:43

if ever you are just going to get a bit pissed let me know. - i don't do kids - but i do beer and good company.

You'll be the first to know custardo. God a pint! In the evening! In a pub! On my own! <<faints with the very idea>>

Tortington Tue 14-Jul-09 16:19:15

doesn't have to be in the evening or in a pub - the brighton ladies do it in styel doncha know -nice restaurant - bottle of wine - ladies who lunch - i call it getting pissed - but they are more refined

well la-di-da

I'm sure we can do something akin. Although a nice restaurant. In Worthing? hmm

laughing at makedo and mend..

so true! i could cry ....i went and had a lemonade in a pub at lunch, just to see if it was possible with the kids there.
it was possible. It wasn't fun though...

ah sweet sweet bottles of wine, just like I used to get pissed on enjoy

Ooh I get all misty-eyed at the idea of pubs and restaurants - I'm sure dh could cope ring me every five minutes for one evening.

How are you entertaining the kids during the day oneopinionatedmother? Have you explored all the playgroup/babygroups that worthing has to offer?

clarerw Tue 14-Jul-09 21:01:16

Thanks makedoandmend, but can't do the tabernacle tomorrow as working, but went to the Ark last week and was nice, just miles away....another time I hope....

casa ciro (seafront)is very cheap nice and Ask (montague st) i seem to remember being fun too. There's the Tex-mex on the other side of town (next rose & crown) that has phenomenal cocktails decent food (in monster portions). actually Picassos in Ann Street is pretty fine if you lke tapas (and indeed Spanish wine)

of course The Mahaan is pretty much unbeatable for a curry. Then there's the Thai place (if its still there)...

Have you explored all the playgroup/babygroups that worthing has to offer

ah well, i am ahem a worthing area person so actually live in the arse end of nowhere beautiful village of Sompting

I've tried our local babygroups but find trying to get to know other mums whilst my toddler is trying to hand them toys (nicely, but annoyingly) and the baby is, well, there, rather difficult.

St James the less has a nice selection of Mums, and I hear Baby Boundstone is good too, ..i proabbly should make more effort really, as the toddler is reaching the age where she might actualy play with others rather than just near them.

What age is the Ark for clarerw? I got the impression it was over 1s is that right?

Good grief oneopinionatedmother - your very knowledgeable on Worthing restaurants - I could have done with your wisdom when I was pregnant and moved here. It's a bugger trying to get to know the good places to eat in a new town. I'm definitely up for meeting up for an evening and trying one out - but also still up for cake coffee too.

Next week (coffee wise) am free Mon pm, Tuesday all day (still haven't found anything to do on a Tuesday), Wed pm, Thurs am.

On a related matter - can anyone recommend any groups for under ones? I'm going to go to gymbabies as soon as dd decides to sit on her own (like her mum she's happiest horizontal on the sofa), Tabernacle on Wed and Thursday stay and play in East Worthing (until I go back to work when it will clash).

Tortington Tue 14-Jul-09 23:59:20

the mahraj nepalese is the best place for a curry imo - and you gurka beer ! BONUS.

always up for a tapas though

i'd love to get a bit merry in worthing - the brighton girls are great but getting back shitfaced is an ordeal

i did fall of a train once - it was at the platform i hasten to add

Easily done custardo - I remember, in the days of the slam door trains, seeing a drunk open the wrong door of the train, thinking he was stepping onto the platform and just falling onto the track in Wiley Coyote comedy stylee (luckily there was no train coming). I remember thinking at the time - there but for the grace of God... wink

Definitely up for some sort of tapas/curry - any type of wine food really.

Tortington Wed 15-Jul-09 17:37:17


ah well ladies, Ive lived in the area since age 14, all efforts to escape (and I've made a fair bash at it) have failed, leaving me with the worst of both worlds, ie I don't have roots here, but I don't anywhere else either.

horizontal on sofa...long may it last.

slam door trains..fond fond memories of sleeping through my stop at Lancing and walking home from Worthing three sheets to the wind. Why is the last train so sodding early -still? It was the same 15 years ago!

@ makedoandmend. if you fancy tuesday afternoon coffee - lovely.

Hi!! Add another worthing mum to the list
My little man is only 3 months old though - do I still count? ;)

I'm such an idiot! i didn't realise I'd already posted in this thread - oops!! Lets blame the baby brain :D

So... did anything get sorted meeting up wise? Did I miss out on the chance of grown up conversation and/or cake at Parklife?? Hope not!!

baby brain understood, i keep on forgetting simple words like 'nap' and 'car' and call everything 'thingy'...

though my plan has changed: my toddler is being babysat for a few days coming back tuesday afternoon-

so if anyone feels like coffee, I'll be in worthing Parklife tuesday morning @ 10 o'clockish with a six month boy (in very cute toby tiger stripey outfit, and graco three-wheeler)..even if no-one else goes it'll be a real novelty to be in town with just one baby and be able to read a book in peace (hastily touches wood incase DS decides to have a case of the screaming mimis).

oom - if this cold I have (convinced it was swine flu over the weekend - but have to admit it is just a cold - and a really meek one at that blush) has not got any worse I'll toddle along and say hi. FMI - are you 'ishes' early or late when it comes to time? Will I miss you if I turn up 20 mins after 10ish?! (not that I'm always late or anything hmm)

missleslieanne - welcome back! My baby brain is awful - I recently took my mascara into town with me instead of my mobile. When I got home I found my mobile in my makeup bag. The annoying thing is it always happens around a particularly efficient mum from my postnatal group. I know she thinks I'm an absolute fool sad

my ish generally means later, as have just got back from rare evening in Brighton very late.

I am always late..the baby is normally good but can sense when i am going out and his impatient howls make me forget everything (nappies, wipes, babygro - it was so easy when it was just purse and keys)

i plan to write a long letter to a friend whilst there so should be around annoying the staff with my lack of spending for a while.

no doubt I'll forget a pen though...

correction toby tiger left at sistrs three-wheeler not in car..

blue baby, grey graco 4-wheel pushchair

looking at parklife website..yummy cakes!

Popi70 Mon 27-Jul-09 12:44:11

hi there,
I've recently moved to worthing from oxford with a 2 yrs old. I don't know anyone in the area as I work in brighton. Unfortunately I work f/t but let me know if you get to meet during weekends

Popi70 Mon 27-Jul-09 12:51:45

...or evenings...

Hi Popi70 - welcome! We'll definitely do something. I'm just trying to sort bedtime as it's gone a bit awry over the last couple of weeks (teething).

Worthing seems to be full of mothers who have moved from outside who don't know anyone - I know so many through baby groups (I moved here when I was pregnant). Wonder why it is?

Maybe you should do a guided tour oneopinionatedmother wink

Popi70 Thu 30-Jul-09 15:46:12

brilliant - just let me know when

hello folks, have been very broke busy on mumsnet

hello Makedo - i went back to parklife - fab Cakes/ chocolate with marshmallows!

Teething gngngngn - non stop pointless yelling for a week now and not so much as a tooth to show for it. Babies!

if makedo can bear to hear me waffle on again,

hows saturday the erm...

5th september (better for those paid early month)

26th September(a bit in the future i know, but it gives more time for me people to notice this thread and decide they want to come!)

and food option

1) All-you can eat chinese (£14 per head Fortune Inn)

2) Tapas @ Picassos

3) did someone recommend the Mahraj? sounds good Currylicious.

votes on dates/food please.

i vote for 26th and Mahraj as haven't been there before.

Hello oom - I'll scuttle off and look at my diary and post here tomorrow as dh is dropping heavy hints he wants to get on here (the computer I mean not mumsnet - least I think he means the computer)

hilaryt1 Tue 18-Aug-09 12:17:02

Hello, I'm a Worthing mum with a 13 month old boy. Would love to meet up with people particularly on Wednesday and Thursday days as I don't work then. Moved from Yorkshire to London to Brighton and finally to Worthing. Anything happening?

hey ladies - i notice there is a meeting in Brighton on the 5th -

i could run a car over (thinks, maybe should ask the brighton ladies first)

scratch that, it's on a 1.30pm at donatellos on 5th, would want to have a wine or five.

MABS Sun 30-Aug-09 13:04:00

glad you are coming Oneopinion, rest of you fancy Sat lunch?

Hi hilaryt1 - sorry haven't replied - looking after a sickly dd with a hideous cough and a voice like Bob Hoskins. Very perculiar hearing a very gravelly 'dadadadada' coming from the cot.

I've been useless about arranging meet ups - been trying to get childcare sorted after fuck-up with nursery. Am around on Wednesdays though if you fancy it.

Re the 5th - gah! at ILs that day to meet 150 year old long lost relative (something like that anyway). Would rather be glugging wine in Brighton envy

Popi70 Thu 03-Sep-09 22:25:35

I could also do the 26th anywhere in Worthing really. I live in West Worthing so anywhere in the 'West End' is closer for me.

Popi70 Wed 24-Mar-10 22:12:50

Anyone in Worthing? Any coming meetings?

ronshar Wed 24-Mar-10 22:23:40

Can I out myself as a Worthing girl?
I was born here but did move to London but hated not seeing the seesad

Three children, the youngest 18months.

I would love to meet for beer. Or cake! I dont mind.
Custy, I get pissed toogrin

Lynzie Thu 30-Sep-10 16:54:50

heya, any meets going on in Worthing at the moment? i have a 8 week old daughter

would love to do days with kids, or a good old knees up with the adults

Belinda100 Thu 07-Oct-10 20:31:21

Hi,I'm new to mnet, in Worthing with a 19 week old daughter and would love to do something social that doesn't involve singing 'twinkle twinkle'.

Lynzie Fri 15-Oct-10 15:52:17

Hey Belinda,

Do you go to any of the early parenting classes in worthing?

Where abouts in worthing are you?

Belinda100 Sun 17-Oct-10 19:50:21

Hi Lynzie,

I'm in West Worthing, near West Worthing station.

I go to the NCT group on a Friday morning in Durrington and thinking of going to the Monday group in the Maybridge Family Centre Goring/Durrington.

I go to a baby singing group on a thurs which is sweet.

How about you?

SaintEpney Tue 19-Oct-10 13:57:58

Hi - another "new to Worthing since becoming pg" person here. Didn't get involved pre-baby due to full time work in London and home renovation project but have 15 week old DS now and we are keen to meet other babies and mums as we know absolutely no-one!

HV is coming Thursday so will ask her about social activities in the area, but would be interested to know about other options - baby signing, swimming, massage, yoga etc.

Belinda100 Wed 20-Oct-10 07:01:12

Hi SaintEpnew & Lynzie

That's 3 of us all looking to meet new mums and to me that sounds like a meet for coffee is needed.

Would either of you like to meet next week?

Anytime Wed or any afternoon is great for me.

SaintEpney Thu 21-Oct-10 16:57:23

Hi Belinda & Lynzie

Wednesday afternoon is good next week - we're swimming at Littlehampton with some friends who have toddlers in the morning - first time swimming, will be interesting!

I'm v close to West Worthing station as well, south of the tracks. Where are you based, Lynzie?

Belinda100 Thu 21-Oct-10 21:54:33


I'm in West Avenue, are you near there?

Wed afternoon is good for me. 3pm is always good as it's between feeds and naps. How about a close to home venue such a Doyles cafe on Goring Road?


SaintEpney Mon 25-Oct-10 11:52:04

Hi Belinda

I will send you a private message now with my contact details - Doyle's is perfect.

Lynzie Mon 08-Nov-10 14:21:52


I have only just remembered to look at this thread, sorry.

I am in West Worthing too, abouta two minute walk from the station.

sorry i missed the meet up........

we go to early parenting classes on a thurs which is fab.
was also thinking about checking out the new family centre in town as it has a stay and play sessions for under 1s.

Belinda100 Wed 10-Nov-10 21:34:11

Hi Lynzie,
I've sent you a private message with my contact details.

Hi to all Worthing mums!!!! I live in East Preston and I run The Creation Station, providing children's arts and crafts classes and parties in and around the Worthing area - classes start in central Worthing at St Pauls Centre on 11th January 2011 at 10am, for children aged up to 5. I also have classes running in Lancing from 31st Jan and in East Preston from 4th March.

I also offer family fun sessions in all school holidays, as well as Arty Parties for children up to age 11!

St Pauls in Worthing has an excellent cafe, so if you would like to come along to my Tuesday morning classes, you could enjoy a meet up, coffee and cake afterwards!! If you are interested, please take a look at my website - go to www.thecreationstation.co.uk and click on the "Find your local Creation Station" button and select Worthing. Or drop me an email to aby@thecreationstation.co.uk or call me on 0845 303 9451. I have a special offer running of "buy your first session get your second session absolutely free!!"

I'd really love to welcome you all along, and look forward to hearing from you
Kind regards

tamd Fri 14-Jan-11 23:31:45

HI im from worthing, is there many meets, iv got a 3 year old too. Im 25 and just want to get out do something i seem to work an stress at home ahhhh

jollyboysmum Fri 11-Mar-11 07:46:48

Hi, i'd like to meet up, I have a 5 and 3 year old. When do you want to meet?

sarah108 Thu 26-Jan-12 11:02:47

Hi Worthing ladies
Have just moved here from london, and trying to find my feet. Have been taking my 18m to a few playgroups but found them very definitely hit and miss. Wishing my son was a bit more clingy so I wasn't just standing round like a lemon (also I think I swear too much for the church groups!).

Would love to know if there was anything going on, any meet-ups (kids or no) in worthing. I cannot be tramping over to Brighton ALL the time (can't afford the petrol these days!) would love to here from any mums in the area

i have a almost 18 month girl and would love to meet up with mummys

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