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Book club...?

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Does anyone belong to/know of/want to start a book club in Bristol? I've had a bit of a google and most I've found are closed to new members. I'm in Long Ashton but as long as it's an evening thing, can travel (a bit!)


boopbedo Sun 17-Jan-10 08:33:55

I'm in Long Ashton too and been idly thinking that it would be fun to belong to a book club. I've always been a big reader but it would be nice to have an incentive each month and perhaps an excuse to discuss some books over a glass of wine.

sarah293 Sun 17-Jan-10 09:34:02

we have started one. Meeting at Blackwells in a couple of weekends time having read 'The Time TRavellers Wife'
<opens first page>

bratnav Mon 18-Jan-10 12:47:09

Ha Riven, I am on page 20, only another 300ish in 2 weeks, no problem grin

sarah293 Mon 18-Jan-10 16:46:35

half way through now. its really interesting!

bratnav Mon 18-Jan-10 17:07:02

freaky speed reader grin

sarah293 Mon 18-Jan-10 17:11:34

I tend to read while eating.

bratnav Mon 18-Jan-10 17:32:03

Why aren't you the size of a house???

Trying to read when DS is asleep but the damn housework keeps rearing its ugly head hmm

sarah293 Mon 18-Jan-10 17:51:12

housework? What is this housework you speak of?
Not read any yet today but will probably read later this evening before taking dd to bed at 8pm. I rarely watch TV unlesss its Holby.

saggyhairyarse Mon 18-Jan-10 21:41:01

CS and Boop, I am also in Ham Green so not far from you. Do you fancy meeting up of an evening to get started? I would prefer to meet of an evening in the week rather than a weekend day as my DH often works weekends.

Do you know The George in Abbotts Leigh? Would that be good for you?

crumpetsolo Mon 18-Jan-10 23:01:32

I'd forgotten all about this thread. SHA and Boop - yes! We're on hols until the 1st Feb now but would love to kick off book club when I get back. Don't know The George but I'm sure I can find it.

boopbedo Tue 19-Jan-10 07:20:58

Evenings would suit me just fine and The George seems like a splendid suggestion. So just need to set a date and a book!

Any ideas? Just come ordered The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and With Their Backs to the World if they take your fancy

bratnav Tue 19-Jan-10 13:02:41

Now on page 207, really enjoying it

saggyhairyarse Tue 19-Jan-10 21:17:16

What about Thursday 4th? 8pm?

The George is on left on the A369 in Abbotts Leigh.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo looks good!

I don't know much about book clubs but am an avid reader, what is the drill? Is it just a question of read the book and discuss it on the night?

My DH buys me books that he hears reviews about on Radio 4. Maybe the one after could be:


boopbedo Wed 20-Jan-10 21:14:56

Ooh, like your choice of book for next time. Very interesting.

Thursday 4th at the George for 8 it is. I'm the one with the shoulder length brown hair holding my book aloft!

To be honest, never actually been to a book club either so we can make the rules as we choose. Just read it and then discuss sounds good to me.

saggyhairyarse Wed 20-Jan-10 22:12:24

I have reddish-broown hair and glasses, i'll wear a red carnation wink

saggyhairyarse Sat 30-Jan-10 16:34:17

I only bought the TGWTDT today so will be doing some serious power reading between now and Thursday shock

boopbedo Sun 31-Jan-10 20:56:38

I'm only a third of the way through so we're probably on par!

crumpetsolo Tue 02-Feb-10 18:55:47

Oh nuts. DH is working late on Thursday so I can't come. Which is probably a good thing as I am only on page 5.. wink Hopefully will catch you all next time

saggyhairyarse Thu 04-Feb-10 08:27:29

Shall we postpone? I 'haven't got into it' and am on a par with Crumpet blush I've also got the cold doing the rounds at the mo and feel terrible but would have dragged myself out if Crumpet didn't come up with a get out clause wink

How does next Thursday or the Thursday after suit?

boopbedo Thu 04-Feb-10 19:26:42

Next Thursday would suit me. I'm only half way through. Only just checked the post so saved going out!

crumpetsolo Thu 04-Feb-10 19:43:32

Brilliant! Next Thursday is great for me - DH off work so can babysit. And it gives me time to actually read the book!

crumpetsolo Thu 04-Feb-10 20:52:30

Nooooo! Sorry - he's working nights next Thursday (11th) but is off work the following Thursday (18th). Rubbish. Sorry to be such a numpty, go ahead next week without me if that suits better. Will get reading now though smile

boopbedo Fri 05-Feb-10 07:02:01

Let's go for Thursday 18th then. At least means there is a stronger possibility I'll have finished it.

Really enjoying it actually. Never read a thriller in my life but really enjoying the style of it as well as being gripped

saggyhairyarse Fri 05-Feb-10 12:55:00

Thursday 18th!

boopbedo Tue 16-Feb-10 08:25:46

DH's grandma has died and her wake is on Thursday so not going to be able to make it. Any Thursday from 4th March onwards would work for me. Argh! Just finished it as well and loved it. Bit brutal in parts but proud I managed my first thriller. Obsessed with all things Swedish now

crumpetsolo Wed 17-Feb-10 22:18:19

Sorry Boop, that's sad news. We're on hols from 5th-15th March.. what about 18th?

saggyhairyarse Thu 18-Feb-10 20:56:26

If you ladies met up, I am sorry I didn't make it. DH didn't tell me had to pick his friend up from the airport til he got home from work angry

Will admit thought that this is one book I can't seem to get into and I likea thriller.

boopbedo Fri 19-Feb-10 05:27:48

Ok, so do we abandon Dragon and find a new book? I was rather keen on the Indian book you suggested before but might need to give us a month to find it and read it. CS, keen to meet up with you so could have a chat on Dragon if it suits in the next couple of weeks? I love it to be honest and could talk til the cows come home.

crumpetsolo Sat 20-Feb-10 21:44:16

Ooh, I'm halfway through The Inheritance of Loss anyway, so I'm happy with either - Yes, Boop, next couple of weeks would be great. What about 2nd or 3rd March? We're going to Brussels for a week from the 5th, so not around then for a bit. And next week is a bit busy I'm afraid. Don't know if that suits...?

saggyhairyarse Sun 21-Feb-10 22:37:54

That suits me, I am free when Crumpet gets back.

I will warn you now that I am trying to move house so if it happens to be the date that is arranged (which I don't know yet), Iam notbeing a cop out and it is just bad timing!!!!

boopbedo Mon 22-Feb-10 08:25:45

Cool. CS, how about meeting at The Angel in the village on 2nd March at 8 for Dragon and finish The Inheritance of Loss for 18th to meet at the George in Abbot's Leigh.

I know we haven't managed to meet yet but enjoying having new impetus for my reading and its something to think about besides the demands of little ones,

nicecupofteaplease Mon 20-Feb-12 17:28:48

Bit of a long-shot as this is quite an old thread but did anything come of this..?

bunsandroses Wed 29-Feb-12 20:26:30

is this still going on, I'd really like to join too! Could yo let me know which book you are on and your next date?
Thank you!

boopbedo Mon 30-Apr-12 09:59:00

THe book club never got off the ground but if you're interested, we could make it happen. Just clicked on the thread title, thinking 'ooh always fancied getting a book club started' not realising this was actually related to a conversation. I had 2 years ago! So I'm in long Ashton but happy to drive. Electic tastes but made a pact to start reading more novels again last week. Too much mucking about the Internet and reading magazines at the moment!

bookwormthatturned Tue 01-May-12 22:35:58

... I'd be interested too if you're thinking of restarting something. I'm in Montpelier but am also happy to drive to meet up so long as I within striking distance if DS2 decides to have a breastfeeding crisis while I'm out!

Spero Wed 02-May-12 14:17:48

Me too! I almost got a book club going with two friends but then killed it stone dead when I suggested the Memory Chalet. I am in Southville but have car so will travel.

xkcdfangirl Thu 03-May-12 20:13:49

I'd be interested too. I'm in Windmill Hill. I couldn't meet on Tuesday or Thursday evenings due to other commitments. I think this is enough to make a decent sized group, isn't it?

Dolcegusto Thu 03-May-12 20:27:50

Could I join too? Can't always guarantee I can make same day each week as dh works funny shifts, but sounds like fun.

Spero Thu 03-May-12 21:09:54

I can usually make most nights unless work stuff pops up at last moment. Is there anywhere centralish that would work as a meeting place? Somewhere by harbour?

Lamazeroo Fri 04-May-12 22:11:40

Desperate to join/form a bookclub! Is there room for one more?

xkcdfangirl Sat 05-May-12 10:02:15

I think we've got enough to make a go of it. We need to decide on a book and a venue. How about Mud Dock for a venue? Can't remember what their evening music is like.

Spero Sat 05-May-12 17:30:08

Sounds good re venue. Anyone fancy Capital by John Lanchester? As I have just read it (lazy). Otherwise have no bright ideas but happy to try anything that gets me out of my Heat/Grazia rut.

xkcdfangirl Mon 07-May-12 14:32:23

I've no objection to that one, but mightn't it be nice to have one that we've all chosen together?

There's this website called whatshouldireadnext.com/ where you feed in a list of boos you like, and it compares your list with lists of favourite books of thousands of other site users, finds similarities and suggests lists of books you might like. If we all nominate just 2 or 3 books we have read and enjoyed, and feed that group list in, maybe we would be given some suggestions of books we'd all enjoy but none of us have read before?

Or is that too complicated? I have a tendency to over-think things.

Spero Mon 07-May-12 18:35:07

I am easy, I don't mind something I have never heard of/previously discounted as I think I need an impetus to get out of reading rut.

boopbedo Mon 07-May-12 21:38:50

Ok, looks like we have a book club then! Based on my experience on last time, reckon we should get a night booked in and book suggested to make it happen. Monday and Tuesdays are good for me, happy to travel around Bristol.

How about The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, The World in Half and The Glass Room for starting suggestions? Haven't read any of them but in my vague consciousness for a while but pretty easy on suggestions. Be nice to have some impetus to read something different.

MrsWembley Mon 07-May-12 21:46:43

Marking place!

If this gets started, how about Clifton as a fairly central place to meet. Lots of choice when it comes to venue!!

Are you all talking off a monthly meet-up, too? It's quite tricky for me to get anything finished sooner than that.sad

MrsWembley Mon 07-May-12 21:53:02


Spero Tue 08-May-12 16:59:04

Think monthly is good frequency. Tuesdays prob best for me. Shall we aim for the last tues in every month? We could have a first meeting this month to pick a book? I am paralysed by decision making, happy to put suggestions in a hat on the night.

bookwormthatturned Tue 08-May-12 19:47:35

Tuesdays would work for me,

Lamazeroo Tue 08-May-12 20:32:45

Tuesday should be fine for me too. I like the idea of meeting up to discuss choosing. We can also discuss locations: should it be the same place every month? Or our homes? Or different locations dependent on where we all live?
When is a good Tuesday to start?

xkcdfangirl Tue 08-May-12 21:02:52

I'm afraid I really can't do Tuesdays at all, as I mentioned in my post of Thu 03-May-12 - I have to work late every Tuesday and can't possibly join in. Is Tuesday the only possible day that someone else can do or could we look at another day? Or we could have a different day of the week each time we meet so that no-one is excluded every time.

Lamazeroo Tue 08-May-12 21:44:27

Whoops, sorry xkcdfangirl.
I'm on maternity leave at the moment, so could really do any day of the week. Hopefully we'll find one which suits everyone smile

MrsWembley Tue 08-May-12 22:49:58

Any day but Friday is fine by me.

How about a pub to begin with, then deciding if anybody looks like a possible axe-murderer and going from there to each others' homes?


xkcdfangirl Tue 08-May-12 23:00:46

Monday is best for me, followed by Wednesday. Any other votes?

boopbedo Wed 09-May-12 17:17:09

Monday works for me then, I work Wednesday night. Pub suggestions to get the ball rolling - the quadrant in clifton, the lansdowne in Clifton and the one near at nicholas's market with the velvet curtain! Can't think of the name but had a committee meeting in there recently and it was perfect for that sort of thing. Will find name if any one fancies a central location but throwing it open for suggestions

xkcdfangirl Wed 09-May-12 18:04:51

St Nicholas Market would be easier for me to get to than Clifton. Do you mean the Crown perhaps? Whichever pub we choose we'll have to check whether there's a pub quiz or live music or something booked for the evening we choose - they often put something on on a Monday to draw in a bit of business on an otherwise quiet night.

MrsWembley Wed 09-May-12 19:40:05

Don't know St. Nic's for pubs but what's parking like, otherwise I'll have to think taxis (although that's a perfect excuse for a couple of sherbets).

The Lansdowne is tiny inside but had a lovely garden. It's been a while since I was last there but can't imagine that's changed much. And for empty space, at least it was so the last time I was there, the Clifton Wine Bar, near the student union, could work.

Spero Wed 09-May-12 23:03:16

Sorry, missed the post about tues. Thought Monday's not good as daughter has ballet, but then thought you probably don't want to meet up at 5pm so any evening good. Happy to do central pub.

Last Monday of this month to pick book? Are you thinking 7pmish to meet?

MrsWembley Thu 10-May-12 19:30:20

grin @ Spero and 5pm!

tsa628 Thu 10-May-12 19:46:21

Excellent. Last Monday, 28th suits me fine. Clifton Wine Bar sounds like a good bet. The Rummer was where I thinking of in town but parking could be a pain although I like MrsWembley's reasoning for not driving. Few sherberts could make the book choice go that much smoother, these things do!

MrsWembley Thu 10-May-12 19:59:15

Looking at everyone's location, Clifton Wine Bar's probably going to be the best bet. Are we meeting first to say hello and choose a book or do we want to choose a book here and then just dive in?

Spero Thu 10-May-12 23:24:33

We could all do a presentation about our book of choice with flip charts and visual aids etc, then vote for the winner. One with most disappointing presentation has to buy all the crisps.

Picking a book now might give me some problems in reading it in time so I vote choice on the night.

Lamazeroo Fri 11-May-12 21:31:56

Yes I agree, let's chat on the night and decide how we're going to work things. Sounds like fun! I've got a seven month old baby so am only just ready to start thinking about nights out now - should be lovely smile

MrsWembley Sat 12-May-12 03:49:26

Ok, so we're nearly sorted then. Anybody got any other questions/problems?

Other than what colour board markers Spero's going to allow, I'm cool... wink

Dolcegusto Sat 12-May-12 07:22:55

So it's Monday 28th at Clifton wine bar. Is that right?

exexpat Sat 12-May-12 14:12:26

Joining this thread rather late, but would there be room for one more? I could usually do Mondays, and haven't been in a book group for aaages.

boopbedo Sat 12-May-12 21:25:45

Cool. See you at Clifton wine bar on 28th may! Ex expat very welcome and anyone else who fancies it. I can get there for 7.30 - does that work for everyone else?

Spero Sat 12-May-12 21:42:30

I will be there at 7.30 with some spare markers - bagsie red. I assume if I google Clifton Wine Bar I will find out where it is.

I fancy the new Kate Summerscale about the Victorian scandal of an adulterous wife. I like the suspicions of Mr Whicher.

MrsWembley Mon 14-May-12 08:33:55

I'll aim for 7.30 but it may be closer to 8. Depends how easy the baby goes down.wink

And I wanted red.sad

exexpat Mon 14-May-12 10:45:10

7.30ish fine for me. The Clifton Wine Bar is the one just along from the students' union, isn't it?

I was wondering if anyone has any strong feelings about fiction v non-fiction, recent v classic, genres etc, or is that all stuff we should be talking about at the first meeting since we won't have an actual book to discuss?

MrsWembley Mon 14-May-12 17:01:06

I only have strong feelings about autobiographies - in that I don't really enjoy them. Otherwise, bring it on!

MrsWembley Mon 14-May-12 17:02:53

Oh, and yes, between the union and the ten o'clock shop. (That's if it's still called that?)

Tercear Mon 14-May-12 20:05:52

Hello, new to Mumsnet (and soon to be parenthood!). I like the sound of a book club and live a couple of streets away from the wine bar. I'm due on the 2nd of June, do you think I'd be mad to come along on the 28th?? It's literally 5 mins walk from home...


exexpat Tue 15-May-12 11:05:05

If you think you can waddle that far, then why not? Of course you might not feel up to the next one with a newborn, though I was in a book group when I had DC2 and I used to take her along until she was five or six months old.

Spero Tue 15-May-12 13:25:24

Well MrsWembley, want will have to be your Master. You can have green.

google tells me thie Clifton Wine Bar is an undiscovered gem. I hope my interactive white board will fit in. on the plus side, I will be easy to spot.

MrsWembley Tue 15-May-12 14:33:29

Spero You can put your whiteboard over the big screen tv - I'm sure no-one will mind...

exexpat Wed 16-May-12 11:14:59
MrsWembley Wed 16-May-12 19:56:32


exexpat Wed 16-May-12 20:55:56

Martha Kearney was talking about this on the world at one today - it's on iplayer, right at the end of the programme, around 42 minutes in.

She was asking about bookclubs on twitter earlier, so I replied about my old book club - and she used my tweet. See if you can guess which was mine...

Spero Thu 17-May-12 15:19:24

Thanks for that link exexpat, now following them on twitter so I don't miss another trick. I have already killed one book club by suggesting wildly unsuitable turgid text so here's hoping I am not a book club albatross.

bookwormthatturned Sat 19-May-12 23:04:22

Rats, I won't be able to make it on the 28th, but AM still up for book club and will be watching out for any updates on book choices / future dates.

... I've now got a small voice in my head saying 'the first rule of book club is: you do not talk about book club!' grin

Enjoy the wine bar!

exexpat Thu 24-May-12 12:33:27

This thread has gone very quiet. I hope lots of you are still planning to be at the wine bar on Monday, or I shall be sitting there with my books and glass of wine (and maybe a packet of pombears for identification purposes?) all by myself.

By the way, how are we going to recognise each other? I don't have the MN haircut/scarf/whatever...

MrsWembley Fri 25-May-12 20:05:19

I was wondering at the quietness, but I just put it down to RL.grin

I shall either have a packet of Pom Bears by my glass or, if I'm late, I shall wander in with a sign asking for directions to the naice ham...

boopbedo Sun 27-May-12 08:19:27

I'm coming! I bet we'll easily figure who it is we're meeting

Lamazeroo Sun 27-May-12 18:03:13

What time are we meeting? My baby is currently going to bed between 8.30 and 9 so I probably won't be able to pop out til then, but this weather is making him sleepier, so you never know.

exexpat Sun 27-May-12 18:08:50

7.30 was the time mentioned further up the thread, but if 8pm or later suits more people, that's fine by me.

Looking at the website, the wine bar seems to have rather a nice garden/terrace, so shall we aim to be out there if the weather is still like this tomorrow?

I will be carrying at least one book, which may make me identifiable.

BobblyGussets Sun 27-May-12 19:07:05

Sorry to hi-jack, is anyone still interested in the Abbott's Leigh meet up rather than Clifton?
I noticed SaggyHairyArse, Claire Sparkle and a few others were up for that initially, so if anyone wants to do Abbott's Leigh, I could do that as I am in Portishead.

exexpat Sun 27-May-12 19:42:09

Couldn't you make it as far as Clifton? It's only another 5 mins drive from Abbot's Leigh.

BobblyGussets Sun 27-May-12 20:33:54

No, I am Portishead, so it would be 1/2 hour drive, Suspension Bridge etc rather than the 10 minutes.

Thanks for the encouragement, exexpat, but I just know I wouldn't make the time and I don't want to waste your time.

Happy book club though, I hope you enjoy it.

BobblyGussets Sun 27-May-12 20:35:36

And I'd want to go on the piss in Clifton too.....

boopbedo Mon 28-May-12 11:36:22

See you there at 8 then and I'll have a book under my arm in the garden

exexpat Mon 28-May-12 12:34:35

OK, are we going for 8pm then? And are Spero, Lamazeroo, xkcdfangirl, Tercear and Dolcegusto still coming?

xkcdfangirl Mon 28-May-12 17:50:12

Yes I'm still coming. 8pm will be slightly easier too. I guess I'll clutch a book too so as to be identifiable. See you later!

Lamazeroo Mon 28-May-12 18:05:31

So we're carrying books are we? I'll most probably be there later than 8, as my DS is a champion non-sleeper and doesn't usually go down until well after 8, usually closer to 9. I guess I'll wander in and look for a table of women with books - keep the books visible please!

Spero Mon 28-May-12 18:20:12

I will be there with a book or possibly ipad

MrsWembley Mon 28-May-12 19:20:12

I'll be there with a glass of wine...

MrsWembley Mon 28-May-12 19:20:41

If my two yr old goes to sleep, that is...

exexpat Tue 29-May-12 10:39:52

Great to meet everyone last night.

So, for the benefit of Dolcegusto and anyone else who wanted to join but couldn't make it last night, we are planning to meet the last Monday of the month (so next one June 25th), venue to be decided but preferably a pub with a garden and easier parking than Clifton, and we are reading Persuasion this month.

Did we agree that future books are to be decided by putting suggestions in a hat and pulling one out? With possible vetos for books anyone has read too recently (or Middlemarch, anything by Will Self etc).

Spero Tue 29-May-12 10:50:58

Brill, it's in the diary. I am afraid I have no idea re venue unless everyone wants to come to Southville, there are a couple of places on North Street with big outside bits, parking not great but certainly better than Clifton.

xkcdfangirl Tue 29-May-12 15:18:24

It was great to meet and lovely to have some time out of the house with wine!

If it's south-of-the-river's turn, how about Grounded on Bedminster Parade. I go there regularly during the day as it's quite child-friendly, but is also open into the evening. There is usually parking spaces free on the other side of the road by the library, and a car park on the north corner by the roundabout (plus it's walking distance for me and probably for Spero too). They do have an outside area at the back, not quite as pretty as last night's. I asked the staff whether it would be OK when I was there at lunch time today and they said it's usually extremely quiet on a monday night (they have live music at the weekend and on wednesdays) but that there is another group of some kind who regularly meet there on the last monday of the month so if we particularly want the outside tables they would advise us to reserve them in advance (which they would be fine with).

The suggestion I made for choosing next month's books was to put suggestions into a hat and then pick out two so that we can have a brief discussion at the end and choose which one appeals more to most of us (allowing there to be some right of veto in case of russian victorians).

Spero Tue 29-May-12 15:50:18

Grounded would be good if we are heading south, it is massive inside and you could probably park at ASDA which is opposite no trouble at all. It does very nice cakes and coffees, which might be a better choice for me than alcohol, unless of course you are doing a Jilly Cooper retropsective in which case I will need something to block out the horror.

xkcdfangirl Tue 29-May-12 20:45:28

(in case the comment about coffee panics anyone, it does also do beers and wines)

exexpat Tue 29-May-12 20:55:17

Grounded sounds fine to me - are they OK with people just drinking (coffee or otherwise) in the evenings?

Lamazeroo Tue 29-May-12 21:37:47

Got my copy of Persuasion today - £1.99 from the Oxfam shop smile But the type is so small! I feel slightly doubtful that this will be the first novel I finish since the arrival of the incredible non-sleeping baby...

exexpat Tue 29-May-12 22:11:07

It's quite a slim novel, though - much shorter than Pride & Prejudice, say. Maybe you'll get caught up enough to read fast and get through it and if you are getting to late June and want to cheat I can lend you the DVD.

MrsWembley Thu 31-May-12 09:26:52

You will get so caught up in it... wow, I can't wait to read it againgrin

xkcdfangirl Sun 03-Jun-12 22:40:10

I hadn't been making much headway with it and was finding it quite difficult to keep track of who is whose sister as they all refer to each other as Mrs [Husbands Name] (hmm, perhaps there's an online familt tree somewhere) - but today the car broke down and I had an hour sitting quietly and reading - luxury! and now feel I'm getting some handle on what is going on.

bookwormthatturned Sun 03-Jun-12 23:34:55

Good to hear the Clifton meet went well and everyone recognised each other smile I'll dig out my copy of Persuasion in readiness for the 25th, hopefully I'll be able to make it this time.

exexpat Wed 20-Jun-12 16:56:10

So how's everyone doing with Persuasion? I have the DVD if anyone wants to cheat borrow it to see how it compares with the book.

Is Grounded booked, and what time are we meeting?

Lamazeroo Thu 21-Jun-12 13:21:47

Actually exexpat, I was just coming on to ask if I could borrow it from you! I think we're near each other, so I could easily pop round at some stage. Sadly, hourly night wakings are not agreeing with my return to literature!

exexpat Thu 21-Jun-12 13:34:24

Fine, will DM you contact details.

exexpat Sun 24-Jun-12 21:56:24

Helloooooo - anybody out there? Is it just going to be me sitting there tomorrow night, waiting for Lamazeroo to turn up after getting the baby to bed?

Spero Sun 24-Jun-12 23:20:41

I will be there, is it 8pm again?

HeadsShouldersKneesandToes Sun 24-Jun-12 23:25:00

I'll be there but it'll be my turn to put DS to bed so may be a little late depending on how much of a nightmare he feels like being...

exexpat Sun 24-Jun-12 23:31:44

8pm sounds good to me, specially if some people are likely to be delayed by bedtimes. And we're going to Grounded, yes?

Lamazeroo Mon 25-Jun-12 10:28:07

I have a super snotty baby who just wants his mummy at the moment. Will do my very best to be there around 8 but no promises!

exexpat Mon 25-Jun-12 14:04:13

Hope the snot dries up and you manage to make it, Lamazeroo.

boopbedo Mon 25-Jun-12 18:24:50

I'm not going to be able to make it tonight. My husband is stuck in London but I had every intention in coming as I've been thoroughly enjoying Persuasion though all I am still 30 pages from the end. Let me know what you decide to read for next time and I'll see if I can get back up childcare. Thanks for the suggestion on Persuasion. Its taken me back to being 15 and a simpler time.

MrsWembley Mon 25-Jun-12 18:49:18

I'll be there! DS has just fallen asleep in my arms after a full bottle and DD is currently all calm and sleepy, being read to by DP.

I just popped in to check we were still going to Grounded and found this thread had disappeared from my 'I'm on' list.hmm Thankfully, you were easy to find.grin

Can I just check, is parking easy around there?

Spero Mon 25-Jun-12 19:31:42

You can possibly park on street outside or ASDA car park if you get stuck. But the entrance to the car park is all the way round the other side

exexpat Tue 26-Jun-12 14:39:15

So, for the benefit of boopbedo (sorry you couldn't make it), and Spero, who left early (and anyone else who was interested in joining - I'm sure there were a few others further up the thread), the next book is Please Look After Mother by Kyung-Sook Shin and we are aiming to meet on July 23rd, most likely at Robin Hood's Retreat on Gloucester Road, but I am going to check that they are not showing football, having a pub quiz or whatever on the night in question.

My copy of the DVD of Persuasion is doing the rounds, currently with Spero, but if anyone else wants to ogle a younger Ciaran Hinds check how it measures up against the book, they are welcome to borrow it after her.

Spero Wed 27-Jun-12 00:13:41

Sound good! Will try not to drool and/ or sob too much over DVD.

MrsWembley Wed 27-Jun-12 09:35:10

So, Spero, how's Anatomy Of A ^Murder^ Marriage coming along then? First chapter and main plot points marked out yet?

MrsWembley Wed 27-Jun-12 09:36:11

Bugger about the strike out.blush

Spero Wed 27-Jun-12 13:19:10

Hmmmmm. I am not sure if the subject matter is conducive to plot points or narrative arc. I am also distracted by youthful Ciaran Hinds. Damn you Austen and exexpat.

MrsWembley Wed 27-Jun-12 13:51:15

Oh and I suddenly thought last night, I know it's not a book, but there was that film Parenthood, which is surely about the happy ever after?

I will think of a book, honestly.grin

Spero Sat 30-Jun-12 13:53:49

Have just finished the DVD if anyone else is waiting - the public snog was more restrained than I recall and fortunately I was saved from being a sobbing wreck by Captain Wentworths quite ridiculous hat.

exexpat Thu 05-Jul-12 10:02:35

I just called Robin Hood's Retreat to check that Monday evenings are quiet, and they said there should be nothing going on in the way of sport, quiz nights etc, so it sounds fine. 8pm on Monday 23rd OK for everyone?

I know it's a bit early to be firming things up, but I'm going to be away on holiday until the day before. And I know what I'm going to be reading on holiday...

bookwormthatturned Thu 05-Jul-12 19:52:04

23rd is great for me and I can walk to the Robin's Hood so am looking forward to a large glass of something. See you there.

MrsWembley Fri 06-Jul-12 08:35:39

S'good for me! Thanks for calling them.smile

boopbedo Thu 19-Jul-12 10:00:19

Hi I'm not going to be able to make it on Monday 23rd. Hope you all have a good evening

MrsWembley Sun 22-Jul-12 19:27:24

Sorry to miss you again, Boopsad I may not make it either, but I'm going to try my damnest!

Lamazeroo Sun 22-Jul-12 22:25:33

Sorry to say I won't be there - my sister flew over from Aus as a birthday surprise and we are off to Cornwall for a few days tomorrow smile I'm very much looking forward to it, but am sad not to make the meeting. Hope the discussion goes well. I've been enjoying the book and look forward to hearing what others thought, as well as what the next read will be. Enjoy Robin Hood's Retreat!

exexpat Mon 23-Jul-12 11:02:48

So who is going to be there this evening? I can still make it, and it sounds like Bookwormwhoturned should be there. And possibly MrsWembley (go on, you know you want to have a glass of wine an intellectual discussion about books). Anyone else? Spero? Xkcd?

Hope you have a good time in Cornwall, Lamazeroo.

Spero Mon 23-Jul-12 14:29:09

I should be there unless it goes horribly wrong in Swindon...

MrsWembley Mon 23-Jul-12 19:46:14

I'm on my way.grin

exexpat Tue 24-Jul-12 23:35:11

Shall I do the update again for those who couldn't make it?

There were only four of us last night, but we had a good discussion (and a drink or two). Opinions mixed on the book, but the two who hadn't managed to finish it yet said that the discussion had made them want to read to the end (I may be checking next time...).

We have provisionally fixed on September 3rd for the next time, as the last Monday in August is the bank holiday, and the previous Monday (Aug 20th) might be too soon & too many people away as it's peak holiday season. Is everyone OK with Sept 3rd?

We also failed to come up with a book for next time - MrsWembley had an interesting sounding one about Africa by Paul Theroux, but it's only just out so still only hardback, and therefore a bit bulky and expensive - maybe one for a few months' time?

Those of us still there at the end were all quite keen on the idea of finding some kind of neglected 20th century classic - the kind of thing that Virago used to do a lot of - but didn't manage to come up with any firm suggestions. Maybe something along the lines of Cold Comfort Farm or Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, but one that most/all of us won't have read already. Anyone have any ideas?

Spero Tue 24-Jul-12 23:41:18

I quite fancy Cold Comfort Farm because I haven't read it for 20 years, so I remember it was good but can't remember anything else about it...

MrsWembley Thu 26-Jul-12 16:03:04

We did look at the possibility of something else by Stella Gibbons, but nothing was really settled.

Lamazeroo Thu 26-Jul-12 17:10:08

I'm so bummed I couldn't make it - although Cornwall was amazing! - but do have some suggestions of books to consider. Hopefully the are along the lines of what you discussed as being suitable/desirable.
My first thought was I Capture the Castle.
Then, being all Cornwalled-up at the moment, I thought about Daphne Du Maurier. maybe something like The Scapegoat?
Or Carson McCullers?
You mention Viarago, so I assume we're looking for female authors. If not, how about George Orwell?
Just some ideas floating about, feel free to ignore.

Lamazeroo Thu 26-Jul-12 17:12:59

Or, how about Elizabeth Taylor? I enjoyed hearing about her when Radio 4 did a bit of a special, and must admit to never having read her.

exexpat Thu 26-Jul-12 20:54:25

I have read both Cold Comfort Farm and I Capture the Castle multiple times, so if we could possibly agree on something slightly more off the beaten track I would be much keener... But on the other hand I haven't read any Daphne du Maurier or Carson McCullers for years, and I'm not sure I've ever read any Elizabeth Taylor, so would be quite happy with any of those.

I also thought I might as well take advantage of the all-knowing Amazon, so checked out 'people who bought xxx also bought xxx' for Cold Comfort and Miss Pettigrew, and followed a few chains of things, which threw up a few interesting possibilities.

Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski is something I've heard of but never read, and judging by the reviews, is worth reading.

Likewise, The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim - highly rated, possibly a slightly lighter read.

Frost in May by Antonia White (story of a girl at a convent school) is also a bit of a modern classic that I've never read.

Any of those appeal to anyone? Or is there a particular du Maurier/McCullers/Gibbons/Taylor that everyone likes the sound of?

Spero Thu 26-Jul-12 22:01:56

I like the idea of Frost in May

Lamazeroo Fri 27-Jul-12 11:00:50

Okay, I did lots of thinking overnight during my many, many nightfeeds. In the interests of investing a little Australian flavour, here are my suggestions:

Ruth Park - A Harp in the South. Would give lots to discuss: colonialism, racism, ethnocentricity, sexism, slum clearance (fairly topical given what's happened in East London for the Olympics). Very readable.
not much on Amazon but plenty of reader reviews here

Better known is Christina Stead - The Man Who Loved Children. Lots written about it, again lots to discuss.
Guardian essay by jane Smiley here

Moving to another part of the colonies, I'm a big fan of Rumer Godden, and would happily read any of her books for discussion. Thinking of which would give the most material, I'd probably go for In This House of Brede.
Amazon reviews here

Spero Fri 27-Jul-12 11:12:50

The man who loved children sounds like the perfect antidote to my Grazia addiction...

exexpat Fri 27-Jul-12 11:26:11

I've read The Man Who Loved Children, but only once and about 15 years ago, so wouldn't mind reading it again. Rumer Godden also sounds good - I think I've only read some of her children's books (Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, anyone?)

The Harp in the South sounds interesting, but a quick check on Amazon shows it's out of print here, and only a handful of second-hand copies available, some at ridiculous prices.

There are lots of good suggestions coming up, so they might keep us busy for a few months. Discussing and reaching consensus on the thread might take ages, so do you think we should draw up a short/longlist and get someone to stick a pin in the list for this month's book, or maybe we should take it in turns to choose?

Spero Fri 27-Jul-12 12:15:35

I agree we could debate this for ages, let's just go for it! I say the man who loved children as it sounds EPIC. So that is me and lazemaroo in favour, exexpat not objecting... Mrs Wembley are you spitting your tea out in horror?

exexpat Fri 27-Jul-12 12:23:39

Fine by me (it helps that I've got the book sitting on my shelf already).

MrsWembley Fri 27-Jul-12 19:32:40

I will happily follow the herd when there is no reason to argue, but please, please, please could we have a happy ending with the next book.grin

Lamazeroo Sat 28-Jul-12 09:23:26

Hmm, we may have a slight issue. I just had a quick look on Amazon and the book may not be terribly available. I know it's usually on the shelf in any well-stocked charity bookshop, but if anyone is going to have issues acquiring a copy maybe we should think again.

MrsWembley Sat 28-Jul-12 10:03:35

There seem to be plenty of Devon-hand options. I don't mind going that route.smile

MrsWembley Sat 28-Jul-12 10:04:37

WTF has my phone just done!

That would be second-hand options.grin

bookwormthatturned Sun 29-Jul-12 21:41:15

Mmm, not sure I fancy trekking to Devon to pick up a copy smile but I'm happy to give this one a go - it's certainly treading the margins of my 'comfort zone' so should be an interesting read.

MrsWembley Mon 30-Jul-12 16:32:34

Shall we go with this one, then? Just waiting for the nod before I order it as it's definitely outside my comfort zone!wink

Spero Mon 30-Jul-12 17:59:01

I am currently in a Wetherspoons in Barnstaple so can hopefully pick up a copy soon.

MrsWembley Mon 30-Jul-12 22:22:32

grin Get one for me too...

MrsWembley Sun 05-Aug-12 21:36:12

So, I'm assuming we're doing this one then? Has everyone else started without me?sad

Spero Sun 05-Aug-12 23:48:38

I've just ordered my second hand copy from Amazon so will be most displeased to receive message that in fact we are all to be reading 50 Shades of Grey...

MrsWembley Mon 06-Aug-12 07:15:06

Ah good, I've ordered it too, in the hopes it will arrive before we go camping on Wednesday.grin

exexpat Fri 10-Aug-12 11:26:23

I haven't yet located my copy on my bookshelf, but I know it's there somewhere (must get round to alphabetising or putting my books in some sort of order one day...) so will start on it as soon as I've finished my current book.

The rest of the group seems to have gone very quiet (summer holidays?). If I read fast, someone else is welcome to borrow my copy before September.

Spero Sat 11-Aug-12 12:31:56

Mine hasn't arrived yet. But I can download a book explaining it so I can always blag it at the meeting!

xkcdfangirl Fri 17-Aug-12 23:12:53

Hello everyone. Sorry I've been out of circulation for a bit. I'm able to come to the 3rd Sept meet but I'm not quite clear what book I'm supposed to be reading. There are several suggestions on page 6 of the thread but none seems to stand out as more popular than the others, then on page 7 everyone is agreeing "we'll go for that one then". Am I being a bit thick? Which book is "That one"?

MrsWembley Mon 20-Aug-12 22:12:02

Hello, xkcd!

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm attempting to read The Man Who Loved Children... wink

exexpat Tue 21-Aug-12 12:34:40

Me too! Only poss problem for you, xkcd, is that it's only available second-hand on Amazon, but there seem to be quite a few copies around. Or you could check with the library?

I've finally found my old copy and am just about to start re-reading it, so as soon as I've finished I'll post on the thread in case anyone wants to borrow it.

Spero Tue 21-Aug-12 12:53:18

My copy only arrived this morning and it is the size of a very large brick, but I am looking forward to the challenge. Do we have a venue in mind?

exexpat Tue 21-Aug-12 16:42:05

I think we started discussing possible venues after you left last time, and one possibility that came up was the Grain Barge in Hotwells, as a mid-point between the north Bristol and south Bristol people. Parking supposed to be quite easy in the evenings too. I've never been, but I think bookwormthatturned had?

exexpat Sat 01-Sep-12 11:43:58

So, how many people are still on for Monday? I am guessing that people who have actually read the whole book will be in a minority...

Maybe we should try and choose books for the next two or three months so there's more time to get hold of them and read them?

MrsWembley Sat 01-Sep-12 11:57:21

Can I admit to only having read the first chapter?blush

Can I still come? Maybe one of you will convince me to read the rest?

exexpat Sat 01-Sep-12 12:14:55

I think that if we make having read the whole book a requirement for coming to the meetings, we will soon be down to attendance of roughly zero...

Does the Grain Barge still sound like a good idea?

Sabriel Sat 01-Sep-12 15:44:06

The Grain Barge is closed for maintenance on Monday 3 September, according to their website.

exexpat Sat 01-Sep-12 18:13:05

Ah, thanks for pointing that out, Sabriel. (Are you a name-changer we know, or a possible new recruit?)

So - ideas for a venue? If the Hotwells area seems like a good compromise for the north/south Bristol contingents, one possibility might be the Hope & Anchor just up the hill on Jacobs Wells Rd - nice, normal sort of pub, quite quiet, has a garden at the back, and I think you can park free on the road after 6pm.

MrsWembley Sat 01-Sep-12 20:35:33

Hope and Anchor sounds fine, but I'd query the garden?

MrsWembley Sat 01-Sep-12 20:36:22

That is, I can't remember them having a garden, not querying going in it if they have one.grin

bookwormthatturned Sat 01-Sep-12 21:05:28

thanks for checking out the Grain Barge's website Sabriel.

re the Hope and Anchor, it used to be one of our locals (when I could be arsed with face the climb back up the hill to Clifton village and, yes, it did have a lovely garden grin

Sabriel Sun 02-Sep-12 10:10:51

Not been on this thread before but was toying with the idea of joining the book club.

exexpat Sun 02-Sep-12 14:03:52

You'd be very welcome to join us, Sabriel (well, as far as I'm concerned - I expect everyone would agree?).

So shall we say 8pm at the Hope & Anchor if no one has any violent objections? All welcome no matter how little of the book they have read... (but come with ideas for future books).

Spero Sun 02-Sep-12 14:14:55

Mrs Wembley is a wimp! I have read almost half! But I suspect that one chapter tells you all you need to know... See you at the Hope and Anchor.

MrsWembley Sun 02-Sep-12 14:35:50

Oh, Spero...

I may have wimped out of reading, but I was brave enough to admit it.wink

exexpat Sun 02-Sep-12 14:39:34

I've read it all twice <preens>

(OK, first time was about 15 years ago, and I may have skimmed a lot a little bit this time)

Lamazeroo Sun 02-Sep-12 19:52:19

Hello hello! Sorry about being completely off-air - we've had three solid weeks of teething from hell followed by hand, foot and mouth disease confused
So I've given up even trying to read in the evenings and have just been going to bed with the baby. Surprise, surprise, haven't finished the book, although I've been heartily enjoying the little snatches I've managed. So interesting.
Good idea about choosing books a couple of months in advance. I might break my own record then and actually finish one.
Really looking forward to tomorrow night; see you all at the Hope and Anchor at whatever time I manage to de-latch the incredibly clingy child and slip away...

exexpat Sun 02-Sep-12 22:47:58

Oh poor you, Lamazeroo - sounds like you deserve a very large glass of wine tomorrow - are you allowed one?

MrsWembley Mon 03-Sep-12 08:19:16

Lamazeroo You sound like you need one whether you're allowed or not!wink

See you all there.smile

Lamazeroo Mon 03-Sep-12 08:33:58

Oh god I didn't even mention the fact that we currently have no floor in most of the flat due to an epic plumbing issue. At least we finally have water in the kitchen though...
Sooooo looking forward to an evening out.

Spero Mon 03-Sep-12 17:21:06

Sorry, I woke up on Sunday feeling a bit ropey and it hasn't gone away so I will not be coming tonight. My general lurgy and rather negative reaction to our text will probably combine into something very toxic, which I would not wish to inflict upon our group. But let me know where next and what to read!

exexpat Mon 03-Sep-12 18:44:03

What a shame, Spero. Hope you're over it soon. Do you have any book suggestions to throw into the pot?

MrsWembley Mon 03-Sep-12 18:56:21

'negative reaction to our text'?


xkcdfangirl Mon 03-Sep-12 22:34:46

Sorry I didn't make it this time - I really did intend to. I shall definitely definitely come next time. Do we have a book suggestion?

Lamazeroo Tue 04-Sep-12 11:18:00

I'm just taking advantage of nap time to very quickly post details of the book I mentioned last night. For those not present, we discussed having a teenage/young adult book for the coming month (in the hope that more of us will be able to finish it), and then also choose a book for the following month, with the aim of staying two months ahead.

This is what I suggested, having had it recommended to me by several people independently.

MrsWembley mentioned The Hunger Games, which would suit me, as I already have a copy waiting to be read.

For the following month, the only title I can bring to mind as being one I intend to read anyway is Ann Patchett's latest but I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else suggests.

Spero Tue 04-Sep-12 13:06:10

I would like the Hunger Games.

I thought the man who loved children was horrible word soup. I think I need a bit more of a narrative arc.

xkcdfangirl Tue 04-Sep-12 16:07:48

I love Ann Patchett's stuff, and Lamazeroo's suggestion (Anabel Pitcher) also looks interesting. I can't say I'm massively inspired by the Hunger Games as I didn't think much of the film but I'm happy to read it anyway - so long as I'm allowed to be critical of it smile! Do we have a date/place for next meeting?

MrsWembley Wed 05-Sep-12 16:09:06

Haven't seem the film yet, but very excited by the reviews so I hope it's not too bad!

I threw a couple into the mix, short(er) books which we might finish...

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep


^A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court'

I am determined to read more of The Man Who...(hmm)

MrsWembley Wed 05-Sep-12 16:10:13


I wish tech would bloody sort a preview button for the app!hmm

MrsWembley Thu 06-Sep-12 20:03:06

Do we have a decision yet? If it's to be The Hunger Games, can I borrow someone's copy as mine is in storesad

exexpat Fri 07-Sep-12 01:02:52

Hunger Games fine by me - is that enough votes in favour? I can go and dig out DS's copy, and try to read it fast so I can pass it on to MrsWembley.

I'd also be happy with the Ann Patchett book - over the summer I read Bel Canto, which I think one or more of you mentioned at our first book group meeting? - and it was brilliant, so happy to read more of the same. How does anyone else feel about having that one for the following month?

We also neglected to fix a date/time/location for the next meeting. October 1st?

bookwormthatturned Fri 07-Sep-12 21:51:56

Hi all, sorry to have gone quiet on everyone and not have joined you on Monday but I've spent the last week with some hideous lurgi (have we been picking up the same bugs spero?) which thankfully is now subsiding.

I was looking forward to hearing everyone's experiences of reading The Man Who Loved as I found the writing style such hard going - I'm half way through and am carrying on out of sheer cussedness! Do tell me there's some exciting developments in the second half? A surprise ending? (maybe we could suggest some for a 'revised version' grin)

MrsWembley Sun 09-Sep-12 19:53:03

Any thoughts as to where we'll meet next?

exexpat Mon 10-Sep-12 16:51:12

I don't think we discussed date or location. If we're doing one month from the last one, that would be Oct 1st. In which case, for purely selfish reasons, could I put in a request for us to be somewhere not too far from the Triangle (eg the pub we went to last time would be fine).

It's because I have an event I need to go to in the Victoria rooms starting at 6.30; I think it's due to finish at 8.30 and I may be able to sneak away by 8ish, but that means if we're meeting on the other side of Bristol I would probably be very late.

But of course some of you may have equally valid reasons for wanting it to be in a different area...

Spero Tue 11-Sep-12 14:14:26

Oct 1st ok for me, not fussed as to venue as can drive there.

MrsWembley Thu 13-Sep-12 21:29:38

Trying desperately to think of somewhere near the Triangle to meet. If it's not to be the Wine Bar then it could be the pub at the bottom of Pembroke Road, can't remember the name off the top of my head?

exexpat Thu 13-Sep-12 22:29:14

Parking would be the usual Clifton issue there. We might do better either heading down towards Hotwells again (brisk walk down the hill from the Victoria Rooms for me) or up the other side to Kingsdown, maybe the White Bear or Highbury Vaults on St Michael's Hill? There is a resident's parking scheme round there, but restrictions end at 5pm so parking shoud be possible.

xkcdfangirl Sat 15-Sep-12 20:43:50

How about the Hope and Anchor on Jacobs Wells Road? I've usually found on-street parking when going there (though that's always been on a weekend) but if there isn't on-street then there is a multi-storey at the top of the hill. Obv would also have to check for pub-quiz-nights etc.

Are we settled on Hunger Games?

exexpat Mon 17-Sep-12 11:47:44

Hope & Anchor was where we went last time, and that was fine - nice and quiet, plenty of space, so I'd have no objections to going there again. What does anyone else think?

xkcdfangirl Mon 17-Sep-12 19:18:33

Did you? Oops shows how long it's been since I joined in blush

Lamazeroo Sun 23-Sep-12 18:56:35

Hi everyone, sorry to have been a bit quiet - I've been busy reading! I'm delighted to report that The Hunger Games has been the FIRST book I've managed to finish since the arrival of the incredible non-sleeping baby! Really really enjoyed it and I think there'll be loads to discuss.
Have we settled on a venue? Happy to go anywhere. And do we have a definite next book? I'd like to take advantage of having finished this one to start the next. Are we going to do the Ann Patchett? Or does anyone else want to put forward a title?
Oh and MrsWembley, do you still need to borrow The Hunger Games? Welcome to mine if you'd like it.

MrsWembley Sun 23-Sep-12 21:14:45

Yes, I'd still like to borrow a copy, if that's ok.smile

And I would refer you to my earlier post regarding suggestions for the next book... <hopeful emoticon>

exexpat Mon 24-Sep-12 12:46:39

<Round of applause for Lamazeroo>

I started Hunger Games yesterday and have nearly finished already (yes, I did stay up a bit late).

Future books - I've already downloaded State of Wonder (Ann Patchett) to my kindle so would put in a vote for us to do that sometime in the next couple of months, but am also happy to keep Mrs Wembley happy to do Electric Sheep/Connecticut Yankee too.

(Connecticut Yankee is available free on Kindle, by the way, and there's a £2.50 Collins Classics paperback too.)

So are we going to go the Hope & Anchor again next week, or does anyone have other suggestions?

Lamazeroo Wed 26-Sep-12 09:08:15

MrsWembley did you get my PM? I sent it from my phone so am scared it may not have worked!

MrsWembley Wed 26-Sep-12 19:28:35

Ooh, I'll get on my laptop as soon as DS is asleep and check.

I love the iPhone app but it does need to have a link to PMs.

Spero Mon 01-Oct-12 00:12:11

Is it hope and anchor at 8pm tonight?

MrsWembley Mon 01-Oct-12 04:32:11

As no-one else has suggested anywhere else, that's where I'm goinggrin

exexpat Mon 01-Oct-12 08:55:23

Me too (may be slightly late...).

xkcdfangirl Mon 01-Oct-12 23:36:23

I am going to be more organised this month - I have placed my order for Ann Patchett - State of Wonder already and so might get around to reading it by the 29th.

I was asked to suggest a few south-of-the-river possibilities. How about:
Star and Dove
Banco Lounge
The Victoria Park
The Windmill

Parking is probably going to be easiest around the Victoria Park out of those 4, but to be honest parking isn't going to get actually easy unless we go much further out from the centre.

Others do feel free to make alternate suggestions!

Spero Tue 02-Oct-12 18:16:18

Shamefully, haven't been to any of those venues yet, so keen on any!

bookwormthatturned Sun 07-Oct-12 23:46:45


My diary keeping has totally gone to pot - I've read Hunger Games but completely missed that we were meeting last Monday - hey ho, it's either sleep deprivation (courtesy of DS2) or old age sad

Hunger Games was a great contrast to The Man Who Loved Children - from 'word soup' to pulp fiction - but, a real page turner - I think I finished it in 2 days so that must say something, given that I only ever normally manage to read in 5 minute bursts!

I'm curious now as to what the next book is - was anything decided on on Monday????

exexpat Mon 08-Oct-12 12:21:12

Next book is State of Wonder by Ann Patchett, and we are meeting on October 29th to discuss that.

One after that is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick, and I think we agreed on December 3rd for that one.

Venues to be decided...

MrsWembley Mon 08-Oct-12 15:05:09

For those who haven't checked the local boards recently, I am currently herding cats organising a Christmas meet-up. Please add your name to the list if you want to play get drunk and talk bollocks.grin

MrsWembley Mon 08-Oct-12 15:10:24

Although, just looking more closely at my list, there's pretty much all the regulars there already, except Lamazeroo!smile

xkcdfangirl Wed 10-Oct-12 19:10:08

If any of you are (a) of a sensitive disposition liable to be disturbed by reading something awful relating to a tiny baby and (b) haven't yet got to page 69 of State of Wonder may I suggest you stick a postit note over the last dozen lines or so of that page. Summary of what you would miss: "Marina gave up training to be an Ob/Gyn doctor and went into research after having made an awful mistake while alone in charge of a difficult birth whilst a trainee dr"

I really wish I hadn't read what I just did and that I didn't have this image in my mind playing over and over...

MrsWembley Wed 24-Oct-12 17:18:43

Do we know yet where we're meeting on Monday?

xkcdfangirl Thu 25-Oct-12 17:13:06

Don't think so. I posted a few possibilities but no-one has expressed an opinion on any of them!

xkcdfangirl Thu 25-Oct-12 18:40:32

The victoria park seems to have a stitch & bitch scheduled for 29th October so prob best not that one. the others would all work - I've checked with the Windmill and they had their fortnightly pub quiz last monday so we're clear for the 29th. If driving it's best to look for a space on Fraser Street or Eldon Terrace but you'll need to be good at reverse parking! - it is right next to Bedminster train station though and it's near a stop for buses 75, 76 and 90. The Star and Dove is also quiz free and happy for us to be there. There's usually somewhere to park on St Luke's crescent and is on the route for the number 20. Banco lounge aren't answering the phone so I haven't checked if they have anything else happening. There's no parking right outside but there are a couple of off-street car-parks within a few minutes walk off st john's lane, and they are on the bus route for the 51 and 54. Anyone have a particular preference for any of those bus routes?

MrsWembley Thu 25-Oct-12 19:27:47

I'm happiest with the best/easiest parking.grin Bus routes round my way are shite!

exexpat Fri 26-Oct-12 15:37:15

Just refound this thread - anyone else getting fed up with the new MN local thing that means you can't actually get to the local chat board?

Easy parking will be the crucial thing for me too - will be rushing around a lot on Monday, no time for buses, and we are going somewhere I can't walk to for a change.

If you know all the pubs, xkcd, why don't you just pick one, since no one else has expressed a preference? And then maybe PM all the regulars, as they may not be able to find the thread either...

xkcdfangirl Sat 27-Oct-12 20:19:53

OK let's say the Star and Dove then - I think parking will be easiest there (as I said before, you don't get actually easy to park without going way way further south but it's better than some).

The pub is on the corner of St Luke's Road and Windsor Terrace - see the map on the "contacts" section of the link. For finding on-street parking I would first turn down "Hill Avenue" the other side of St Lukes Road - this runs along the edge of the park and there is almost always parking places along there, and a pelican crossing to get over to the pub. If not, then return towards the pub and go up Windsor Terrace, take the immediate left down St Luke's Crescent - there is almost always somewhere to park along there too, but it's second preference as it's a dead end so you'd have to do a 3-point turn to get out of there.

Do we say 7:30 usually? I shall be there.

exexpat Sat 27-Oct-12 21:16:40

Think it's usually 8pm, isn't it? Because of people having little ones to get to bed...

I wonder if we should PM the regulars in case they haven't seen this? Spero, Bookworm and Lamazeroo haven't been on the thread for a while, so may not spot this. I'm happy to bung some messages out tomorrow.

Lamazeroo Sun 28-Oct-12 21:50:41

Ah there you all are! Thanks exexpat for the PM; I'd missed discussion of the venue. Totterdown is a new area for me, looking forward to visiting.
I'm about halfway through the book, absolutely adore it so far. xkcdfangirl I know what you mean about that image being seared onto your mind's eye. I had a c section and it did make me look up from my reading to glance at my beautiful little boy's perfect face. Anyway, enough of that. Really looking forward to tomorrow's discussion.

MrsWembley Mon 29-Oct-12 18:48:36

I'll be there with bells on!

Have had a bad week so I need a distraction (and a drink but can't justify a taxi so sad).

xkcdfangirl Thu 24-Jan-13 18:30:24

Just a little post to revive this thread which got abandoned when the local talk system got changed. Anyone wondering about the Bristol boock club's activity between October and January can find it here

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