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Toddlers Inn Nursery in St Johns Wood.

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Norange Thu 31-May-12 23:15:24

Do you knows? Know someone who attends? Recomends? No? Other suggestion in the area?

I really, really need some advice.

Thank you smile.

EverybodysSleepyEyed Thu 07-Jun-12 22:23:53


considering for my DD so would also be interested

MummyCares Sat 03-Nov-12 09:22:32

Same here !

but did anyone consider a Bright horizon one ?

Thank you

SleepyEyed Tue 13-Nov-12 21:52:24

My DS went to BH - was ok

DD is at Toddlers and loves it. I wish I had sent DS there now!

disty72 Fri 05-Apr-13 21:31:34

We took our DD out last year. The owner let unchecked people into the nursery without letting me know and was absent from the school during school hours very often (staff/kids ratio??). Staff look constantly annoyed and we think transferred to the kids. Have recently checked the failed ofsted report which we should have done a lot earlier especially the part about child safety. Didn’t like the way that the teacher was analysing DD’s behavior after raising concerns to her, not sure if she was qualified or made things up. Although DD looked happy, we were very worried when DD started crying too much and developed oversensitivity to people speaking to her. Completely disorganised business, would not recommend.

It really is up to you but you should check out the premises and talk to other parents before deciding.

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