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Hello Dundee and surrounding areas!

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Klaw Thu 25-Oct-07 22:34:04

Hello MNetters!

Anyone live local?

Tayside, Angus, Perth & Kinross, North Fife?

Perigrine Fri 26-Oct-07 18:21:04

Hiya Klaw

I'm in Perth, whereabouts are you.


mrspitt Fri 26-Oct-07 18:32:16

I'm in East Fife if that counts?

FromGirders Fri 26-Oct-07 18:33:19

Alyth here, but soon (hopefully) to be moving to North Fife.

chainKLAWmassacre Fri 26-Oct-07 23:06:04

Hi FromGirders, we've spoken before, I recall now.... smile

Perigrine, I'm just outside Forfar

blush I volunteered to be the Dundee Tsarina and have done bugger all very little except delete a double entry. << klaw shrinks in embarrassment >>

Have you ladies got any suggestions so we can pad the Local site out a bit? and tell all your local friends to come and say hello!


Perigrine Mon 29-Oct-07 18:16:47

Klaw, I used to live in Kirrie. In fact we has a lovely day out at the Den during the holidays.

I have added a couple of things to the local things to do, but hey - I was sensible enough not to volunteer myself as a Tsarina grin!

clayre Mon 29-Oct-07 18:22:59

i live in dundee smile hello

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Wed 31-Oct-07 11:59:10

Perigrine, it seemed like a good idea at the time..... grin

Hello Clayre!! How are you?

fish45 Sun 11-Nov-07 01:04:44

I'm from dundee, newbie to the site, have two GORGEOUS children ;) (aren't they all lol)
ds 6 & dd 2

work full time and also starting my own business part time so I can STOP WORKING in my current job!!!

any suggestions for what to do over the winter months? dd & ds love to be outdoors but its soooo cold just now and its not even "real" winter yet, any suggestions apart from soft play etc?

Hi too all local mums!

ILiveinhope Thu 15-Nov-07 21:52:21


My kids spent 2 hours in the Fergusson Gallery in Perth today, and had to be dragged away for lunch. (and my kids love food). The staff were great and were very hands on,

They are 5 amd 9, so might be worth a try. Also loads of nice Cafes in Peth for LUnch

PinkPussyCat Mon 19-Nov-07 14:35:34

Hi all, I am also in Dundee. Currently on ML and loving it! DS is 17 weeks. grin

dingdong05 Thu 22-Nov-07 14:20:49

Hey guys!
I'm in Dundee, trying to do the whole work from home thing to avoid childcare nightmares.
Mind you it brings its own style of nightmares shockwink
How about we start a thread with details of our favorite places to go? Is it possible to run a vote?
I'm going to start a thread with my favorite parks, anyone else want to join in?

PinkPussyCat Fri 23-Nov-07 08:52:54

Hi Dingdong! I visited the Botanic garden for the first time last week (have lived here 6.5 years blush!) and it was very good + pram friendly. Maybe you could introduce me to some other good parks round here? Only really know Camperdown/Balgay.

dingdong05 Wed 28-Nov-07 13:16:26

Hi pinkpussycat!
6.5 years is nthing- I grew up here and I don't think I ever went to the botanical garden before I had my J shock
It's a god one though, I've started a thread called favourite parks so do you fancy popping it in there?
Where do you live and do you drive? That'll help me think of any other good parks for you. smile
What brought you to Dundee?

PinkPussyCat Thu 29-Nov-07 13:46:43

Hi there DD! I actually stay in Longforgan, came here for dh's job. Yes I do drive (thank God!) so getting around is no problem. Will nip over to that other thread you mentioned smile...... maybe see you there...!

PinkPussyCat Thu 29-Nov-07 14:44:08

DD, could you do me a link to the favourite parks thread? It's not showing up in the search thingy. Or am I just being thick?blush

Klaw Thu 29-Nov-07 23:25:52

Hello Fish45, Iliveinhope, PinkPussyCat, DingDong05!

Nice to see you all here! grin

Tell your mates, tell your neighbours!

dingdong05 Fri 30-Nov-07 00:03:12

LOL PPC, there's only 2 threads on our local boards grin
This should take you right there though

I've discovered "watch thread" doodahs which are great as I always loose interesting discussions on boards like these blush

clayre Mon 03-Dec-07 20:39:54

i thought i was the only person on here that lived in dundee, hi all

SantaKLAWs Mon 03-Dec-07 20:49:00

Hello again Clayre! Keep posting smile

My usual name is Klaw but I've got my Christmas outfit on just now! wink

clayre Tue 04-Dec-07 09:56:44

hello klaw, i cant think of a xmas name, no good at that!

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 14:26:06

am thinking for you Clayre, can you hear the cogs turning.....

S L O W L Y...? grin

Been wracking my brains for stuff to do, and as usual come up with very little, as I don't do that much, due to being very skint, spending too much time online and being very wary of the cold and rain!

I take dd to Toddler group on a Weds afternoon and Gym Teds on a Tuesday morning, and while I have a working car will try to go to NCT coffee morning.

Apart from that all I do is go to MSLC meetings once a month or so...

Dingdong05, what do you do from home then? [mosey emoticon]

and Fish45, what are your home working plans?

itcameuponamidnightclayre Tue 04-Dec-07 15:40:38

another mumsnetter thought for me! such a nice place here.

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 15:52:07

Oh, good, I can stop now, my brain was beginning to hurt.... I'm not that much good either. Fortunately my Xmas name was so easy to come up with!!! I'm gonna win the Xmas name competition, doncha know! wink

So Clayre, tell me more about you please smile

itcameuponamidnightclayre Tue 04-Dec-07 16:20:48

not really much yo tell, quite borning really, 25 year old sahm with 2 kids, spend my days going back and forth to the nursery, cooking and cleaning, occasionally i see dp, he works lots and out of town.

What about you?

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 16:40:55

I'm a 40 SAHM with a 14 yr old boy and 2.5 year old girl, dp is self employed and works 24/7 till very late so I know how you feel...

I've done my training to be a Doula so am waiting for some local mums to give me the call!! Have had two ladies in Aberdeen to support so far.

Am desperate to be TTC before it gets very much later but dp is too busy and stressed, hopefully after we get property issues settled...

Moved to near Forfar to get away from the sh1te undesirables in Stobswell, but liked Dundee for not being too big but having enough things to do.

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 16:45:59

Am really keen to set up some sort of Birth Choices group to help women to make informed choices re childbirth.

Particular emphasis might be VBAC and Homebirth as well as Breastfeeding support for those who need it.

Do you think from your own and your friends experiences that this would be something others would like?

I know from my time online on various forums that a lot of women around the country are wary of NHS based services and so are glad of independent groups... But I'm not sure how many women in Tayside might be keen....

Sorry, got all political there....

itcameuponamidnightclayre Tue 04-Dec-07 18:35:32

in dundee, you dont really get offered birth choices, it's like theres not enough time and money for home births, i dont even know if there is a breast feeding support group hmm, i asked if i could have a homebirth the second time and because i had a heamorrage the first time i was told no and that was final! Choice is not something you get here.

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 18:55:23


It shouldn't be a case of 'asking for a Homebirth'!!! It is your right! They have a duty of care to explain all the risks to you in your situation and support you in whatever choice you make!

Right, that's it! I definitely need to do something!

Ds was am emCS because of my naievity and their poor care, Dd was a VBAC but with forceps because they relied too heavily on machines and still didn't provide the right care. Plus I didn't know what I know now!

Both my children were born in our local hospital wink Next time, if I am lucky to have a next time, I will be staying at home!

I hope to start training to be a BF Peer Supporter at the hospital in the New Year!!!

The Head of Midwifery for Dundee and Tayside seems to be lovely and very forward thinking so maybe with a bit of patience and time we'll get things improved in Tayside.

Any volunteers to start working to get a group started? We can meet in peoples homes while it's still small!

OMG what have I just said? I'm going to have to follow this through now! winksmile

itcameuponamidnightclayre Tue 04-Dec-07 19:30:15

I'll hold you to your word!

After i had my second baby (ds) my community midwife said to mw that if i had another i would be hospital from 38 weeks, over my dead body, i think if i had another baby i would oush fir a homebirth, i dont know anybody in dundee thats had a planned homebirth.

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 19:40:13

grin start ttc! Then you can start planning your hb!

What reason did cmw give for you needing to be in hospital from 38wks?

itcameuponamidnightclayre Tue 04-Dec-07 19:45:57

cos i heammorraged after having aimee then just got to the hospital (6 minutes) before nathan was born, they dont want to risk me having a baby out of the hospital

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 20:05:04

"they don't want to risk you having a baby out of the hospital"!!!!!!

Well, a planned HB is definitly safer than an unplanned one and probably safer than a hospital birth!!

How long was Nathan's labour? planning a Hb might be better for a precipitous labour but who knows if another one will be fast too. Third labours are notorious for taking ages to get going, on/off/on/off for days and then sprinting to the finish.

And it's worth doing your research into the Third Stage of labour as one previous haemorrage does not guarantee another. It just means you need to be more in tune with your body and mw need to be vigilant.

How close are you to 'The Hospital'?

itcameuponamidnightclayre Tue 04-Dec-07 20:13:59

with nathan my waters broke at midnight, my contractions started at 12.45 i got to the hospital at 1.25 and he was born at 1.31, i had started pushing him out in the car park. We are about a 10 minute in the middle of the night i could take half an hour 45 mins in rush hour

SantaKLAWs Tue 04-Dec-07 21:38:28

What would make YOU feel comfortable? If you want a HB for a possible future child, and there are no other contraindications, then it is your right. I'll back you up! I've got the quidelines etc which can be quoted back at them to ensure that you are taken seriously.


itcameuponamidnightclayre Wed 05-Dec-07 07:48:32

hmmm now to convince dp to have another baby.................

SantaKLAWs Wed 05-Dec-07 11:24:19


LittleWeePickle Thu 10-Jan-08 15:03:32

Where is the NCT coffee morning? I'd love to come along!


Klaw Sun 13-Jan-08 12:53:19

LWP, I go to a coffee morning in Meigle run by the Strathmore Branch.

Here are details of the Dundee branch so you can contact them to make enquiries.

HTH smile

jamtastic Tue 29-Jan-08 17:41:35

Hi, I'm Perth based, work p/t in Dundee. 2dc's, 5 and nearly 3yrs. I'd love to keep in touch with our local group - will bookmark this thread asap!

clayre Tue 29-Jan-08 19:52:54

welcome jamtastic

littlepinkpixie Tue 29-Jan-08 20:12:04

Hello Jamtastic, welcome!

PinkPussyCat Fri 01-Feb-08 13:41:54

Hi + welcome jamtastic! Hope to see more of you around soon..!

Hi there
Hope it's okay to join your conversationsmile

I am in north east fife near Cupar.

I have 5 children aged 15, 13, 10, 5 and 2 and am pg with number 6 - due July!

I work part time as principal teacher so quite a busy person!

I have enquired about doing my doula training too Klaus. How's it going with you? I had planned home birth last time and it is also planned for this time....absolutely fantastic experiencegrin

I do think that there is a definite need for a local independent advice group particularly when it comes to bf. The rubbish and half truths that are still told to some mums is incredible. Any problems of queries I have had in past have been solved my myself through lots of patience, reading and research - not everyone is as stubborn or determined though and that's why mums give up - sad

Nice to speak to more local people xxx

PinkPussyCat Fri 01-Feb-08 17:03:25

Hi there ScottishSusan + welcome!

I now feel very blush at being so overwhelmed with one baby to look after! And I'm still on maternity leave! How do you do it all? (Staff? wink!)

dingdong05 Fri 01-Feb-08 23:40:27

Ooops, sticky caps lock again
6 kids scottishsusan?!
You take my breath away!
I'm not sure I like having over achieving, accomplished, professional people here making me feel bad... lol
I'm with you PPC, 1 is most definately enough!

Hope everyone is embracing the new year and is sticking to their resolutions... Is anyone sticking to their resolutions? I didn't even make any this year as I didn't think it would be healthy to cover myself in failure before the year even got started

dizzydixies Sat 02-Feb-08 15:28:16

Hi all
am from north east fife and work in dundee if that counts as close enough?!

am slowly picking myself off floor after being overwhelmed by scottishsusan and her part time job & 5+1 kids!! you're an inspiration to us all

I have 2 girls and due in July this year, think I'll stop after that, always wanted 4 but its different in reality somehow!

hope everyone is managing to wrap up warm

littlepinkpixie Sat 02-Feb-08 16:19:25

Hello Scottishsusan and dizzydixies smile
Am also overwhelmed by the thought of managing 6 children. 3 is plenty for me!

Hi again all!!

Dizzydixie - I am in Auchtermuchty! What date in July are you due? I am the 18th.

Booked for homebirth - my second!!

Great to hear of really local mums xx

dizzydixies Sun 03-Feb-08 10:04:47

Morning Susan

am not due until 30th which is great because dd1 birthday on the 7th July so at least there will be a few weeks before birthdays! also, fingers crossed, baby might be here in time for me to manage dd1's first day at school.

Have only had my booking in appt so far but not sure what they're going to advise me to do. DD1 was 10lb4 and DD2 was 11lb1, neither of them straight forward so who knows lol. Am very jealous of your homebirth plans!


dingdong05 Mon 04-Feb-08 14:10:25

"DD1 was 10lb4 and DD2 was 11lb1, neither of them straight forward so who knows lol. Am very jealous of your homebirth plans!"





dizzydixies Mon 04-Feb-08 14:40:19

yes dingdong you're absolutely right, Ouch was one of the words I'd use but hey ho, both happy and healthy - goodness knows what this one is going to come out as - I do NOT want to be in the paper as
'local woman has 14lb baby'!!!

dingdong05 Tue 05-Feb-08 09:56:17

lol dizzydixies, I bet ouch was one of many words you went through wink
They paper could stage the pic with bub in the foreground and you in the background to emphasise size

dizzydixies Tue 05-Feb-08 10:35:18

eh no, I couldn't think of anything worse than being in the courier looking like have just been run over by a train lol

dingdong05 Tue 05-Feb-08 13:45:48

<just remembered what I looked like after the birth, which wasn't helped by the fact I swelled up after an allergic reaction to the drugs... man I was huge >

Totally understand where your coming from lol

Klaw Tue 05-Feb-08 16:00:40

Hello, ladies, sorry, I've not been watching this thread properly...

Hello to Jamtastic, DizzyDixies & ScottishSusan!! grin

Started my Breastfeeding Peer Support training with local hospital this week! [excited emoticon]

And spent some time last week doing post natal work for a family with 6wk old twins!! Have been asked to provide regular Monday cover as other Doulas can cover other days, and so mum can carry on bf, cos she definitely needs extra support to bf twins! They are the most delightful family.... smile

Klaw Tue 05-Feb-08 16:06:43

ScottishSusan, are you planning to train with Adela Stockton? She is lovely!!

I'll be passing your way'ish a fair bit in the next few weeks as postnatal work is in Largo area.....

Still looking for birth work so if anyone seems interested tell them about me wink

envy about the HB plans, I so want to have a HB if I am fortunate enough to have another child.... certainly don't plan on going to 'that' hospital on my own account.... as labour support for another woman, yes, but not for me sad

Klaw - don't really know who I would train with. I have just made enquiries with NCT and have not gone any further as I think it best till I get my own birth out of the way first. grin

Any contact details you can give me though would be much appreciated. Do you do any other work? Do you think you would have to do BF support work or Doula work exclusively or would it work with other part time job for example teaching?

I am so happy to be having another HB. The horror stories going on in hospitals just now really scare me!!

xxx take care all xxxxxxxxxxx

Klaw Tue 05-Feb-08 19:16:14

Well, the only local (Scottish) trainer is Adela but you can see other course providers via Doula UK, although most workshops will be based in England.

You could, perhaps, fit postnatal work and antenatal preparation courses around existing work commitments but to be a Birth Doula you need to be available 24/7 for 2weeks before and 2weeks after EDD.

The NCT bf counsellor course or antenatal teaching course are very intensive and take about 2 years min, afaik, which is why I'm doing the volunteering with the NHS for now. I'll see about NCT or LLL once I've got some experience.

I'm more inclined to think about doing the antenatal teaching as it would give me more consistent, regular earning potential, in conjunction with being a birth doula (which as a VBACer is my most important goal)

dizzydixies Tue 05-Feb-08 19:51:00

oh my lord Klaw am going to be picking your brains over next few months as am hoping to have a VBAC and managed to bf dd1 no problems but found dd2 to be a nightmare!!!

Klaw Tue 05-Feb-08 20:24:08

<<claps hands with glee>> Another VBACer!!!

<<skips around thread in delight>>

Why are you jealous about HB plans? You could plan one too, you know! wink

CAT me if you wish or email me via my website (on profile) if you want to talk offline.

dizzydixies Tue 05-Feb-08 20:49:26

Klaw what a fantastic website you have, all very inspiring!

am not sure my house is clean enough for a HB lol!!! Birth this time is certainly going to be thought about a lot, they were trying to find a consultant to speak to me when I was only booking in so no doubt they'll be pushing for another c/s

will be in touch!

Klaw Tue 05-Feb-08 21:09:53

I spent time with a lady in St Andrews last June while she was trying to get her labour going, we all spent time tidying up the chaos in her living room so that when the midwives came (10 days later, when labour eventually kicked in) it wouldn't be too cluttered. Her home, like mine, is not that dirty, just cluttered with LIFE, so don't worry about your home.....

Unless Kim and Aggie are required! wink

Thanks for compliment on website blush

BTW, you don't HAVE to see a cons, if you would prefer not to, and remember that they don't 'allow' you to do anything or have a real say in your plans at all, they only advise based on their hospital protocols and one must be aware that certain policys are not there to give the individual the best treatment.

Don't worry, if you want support in planning a VBAC there are many of us out there who can offer the benefit of experience.

I get a bit too passionate, sorry blush

<< klaw backs off apologetically >>

dizzydixies Tue 05-Feb-08 21:30:15

lol, please don't its nice, although my dh is killing himself laughing at me getting enthusiastic about being able to do this when I'm just short of 15wks!!
quick history to help you understand

dd1 - was induced, they now say because of high bp but thats nonsense, it was only high after a sweep and frankly why is that such a shock. Wasn't allowed past my due date (too naive to question it) because they were concerned re size of baby so taken in, induced and although the quality of care was fantastic was in labour for very long time/gas & air and epidural/ presented face turned and shoulders stuck and ended up in theatre getting high forceps and an episiotomy (excuse my spelling) sad She was 10lb4 and 51.5cm long so at least she was big. wee soul's face was black and blue right down one side, was frightened to touch her ear as it looked like it might fall off was soooo bruised. Was stitched to within an inch of my life too and couldn't sit down properly for about 8wks, never mind going to toilet etc shudder shudder

dd2 - here I was thinking couldn't go as bad and refused induction, went 5 days over and stayed at home till 5am (pathetically proud of myself at time lol) another epidural and long labour strapped to bed although had promised myself wasn't go to do that - am big wuss when offered pain relief. made 10cm but dd2 refusing to come down and threatened to sue all attached to hosp if I even saw high forceps. fantastic surgeon only one step short of miners helmet and flippers trying to get her down but to no avail - she has remained as stubborn to this very day - emcs carried out. she was 11lb1 and 59cm long but by this time I was bruised and battered from trying a labour and ending up with emcs. Am not sure if the cs was contributor to poor feeding but the scar and sitting on sore nether regions certainly didn't help.

am trying to convince myself that cannot be as unlucky this time and if can manage a quicker, more upright labour will try not to have epidural and let gravity do its bit. I need a quicker recovery time than my first two labours as dd1 starts school soon after birth and dd2 will only be just over 2yrs.

sorry to all else on this thread for birthing stories but am not sure what a CAT is!!

Klaw will def be bending your ear re options this time as am determined that this time will be a more pleasant experience for me AND the baby - not a very dignified way to enter the world and having tried both times I wouldn't recommend either lol

Klaw Tue 05-Feb-08 22:25:34

CAT is way of emailing another MNer without them having to post their email address for all to see! I've checked, you don't accept CATs, so I assume you can't send them either. There is a £5 yearly charge for this.

Anyway, you can use my website contact page if you wish, when you're ready.

Not surprised at the outcomes given where you were labouring sadhmm.... and am positive that with childbirth education, positioning, active labour, etc you can have a very empowering labour and best birth outcome for you, whatever that ultimately ends up being smile

I had a CS first time, episiotemy and forceps second time, and plan to stay at home if I have another (as I keep saying ad nauseum)..............

dizzydixies Wed 06-Feb-08 11:11:37

dizzydixies is now back from setting up the CAT facility - she thinks!!!!

Evening all!

I'm not worried about the actual birth this time....just keeping fingers crossed that midwife will make it for home birth...don't really want to do it myself wink

Birth history (in case your interested)

DS1 1992 - induced 18 days over...33 hours labour...natural delivery...gas and air...no stitches. 7lb 9oz

DS2 1994 - induced 5 days over...12 hour labour...natural delivery...gas and air...no stitches. 8lb 2oz

DS3 1997 - went into labour at home 7 days early...delivered in hosp 2hours later...no pain relief...no stitches. 7lb 11oz

DD 2002...went into labour 6 days early at home...delivered ib hospital 1 and a half hours later...no pain relief...no stitches. 7lb 2oz

DS4 2005...went into labour at home and delivered at home 1 hour later(only 1 midwife made it - I delivered 20 mins after she came in)...no pain relief...no stitches. 8lb 6oz.

This time ?????? smile

Klaw Wed 06-Feb-08 20:13:58

ScottishSusan, you are living testament that we are actually designed to birth babies and can do so very well.

I'm amazed you survived induction tho! shock

dizzydixies Thu 07-Feb-08 16:59:17

scottishsusan tell me
do you have a stay at home husband or are you an heirness with a staff to do your cooking/cleaning/going to toilet for you or do you just not need ANY sleep?!?

I am in absolute awe of you. I always wanted a huge family but I reassess with every baby we have. Pg with number 3 and don't think would ever convince dh that more would be a good idea. Dh comes from good irish stock where his mum and dad are one of 11 and 13 respectively - how on earth these people managed I have no idea!!

can I ask, although not really any of my business, what on earth do you drive?!?!?

Hi "dizzydixies"

hee! hee! Staff shock Stay at home husband....grin...my house would be in chaos if he was!!

Things do get a bit mad and I do get stressed...very sometimes but it always seems to work out! The older children have to muck in a bit...tidy their room...do dishes (no dishwasher here)and money is a balancing act but we manage and are happy..the kids never seem to miss out on anything. Oldest went to Norway last year on Youth forum trip and 10 year old going to Ardroy this year....we take thinkgs as they come and try not to panic!!!hmm

It was much harder when I worked full time because I felt I couldn't be a good mum or a good teacher...now although not perfect the balance is better.

I have a Vauxhall Zafira, 7 seat. Great car! It wont be big enough for all of us once this db arrives but the older 2 ds age nealy 16 and ds nearly 14 don't come out with us that often any more.

My friend has 13 children ( not all at home any more...only 9) "AND" she is my child minder too when I work smile....now that's magic!!!

Klaw Fri 08-Feb-08 15:26:07




what are your thought on amnios? I got blood results yesterday via phone call from hosp. Risks for my age are 1 in 110 my risk came back as 1 in 236 but because it is below the 1 in 250 i am being offered counselling and an amnio on Tuesday...am now in a real panic...never had this with first 5...

dizzydixies Sat 09-Feb-08 10:37:00

morning scottishsusan nothing like throwing you into a panic is there?! One of the girls on my antenatal August board got back 1in95 and she sat and worked all the stats re it - not very high and yours look even better if that helps. Are you too late for a nuchal scan, do they even do them up here?!

is it ninewells or forth park you're with?

I spent all morning and most of afternoon in ninewells yesterday after another bleed, horrible morning when 2 of them couldn't find heartbeat with sonic aid - eventually got sent for scan where they found happy heartbeating baby but another large membrane seperation. I was then told that the blood that has to come out is a lot larger in size than the baby (am 15+4) and not to worry as I am young (31) and can try again, miscarriages are just natures way. I haven't even lost this one yet and felt that was a slightly harsh way of saying hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Got to love the NHS sometimes!

sorry to crash on your questions to Klaw! Hope you manage to relax and enjoy your wkend - can I borrow your 2 oldest for some housework or babysitting?!?!?

Thanks "dixxydixie" - supposrt very much appreciated. Didn't mean to direct just towards Klaw - I wasn't thinking!

Too late for nuchal scan and not available here anyway! I am Forth Park!!

Sorry to hear of your experience - thinking of you and got everything crossed...sounds like your little one is a fighter ...good luck xx

Klaw Sat 09-Feb-08 19:07:45

Dizzydixies, am keeping fingers crossed that all is well, get plenty rest and pampering. and don't hesitate to contact me off line if you need a rant.

Klaw Sat 09-Feb-08 19:21:01

ScottishSusan, you and dh need to think about what you would do if results from Amnio came back with a 'problem'. Would you still go ahead? If so, don't have amnio. But then you might prefer to still go ahead but be able to prepare mentally for what you find when baby is born.

If you could not handle a baby with disability then have the amnio and make a decision based on the results. You are aware of the risks of miscarriage if you go ahead. Also you need to be prepared to terminate and birth a baby at this stage, could you handle that?

This is a tough one to consider but I would also say that your odds are pretty good. My bloods came back with a 1 in 13 risk!!! So we had amnio. It was horrible cos I already loved this baby, and was firmly attached to the sofa for two days until initial results came back. They can do FISH testing to check for the 3 most likely abnormailites, Downs, Turners and Edwards syndrmes, iirc, then the results for all other chromasomal abnormalites come back in two weeks. You've got 5 kids to run around after, will you be able to get support to look after them while you take it very easy?

I also think that my odds was so bad because they did amnio based on their scan edd which had brought my dates forward by 9 days. The testing is very date sensitive so if you have any doubts about dates speak up.

Feel free to CAT me if you want to discuss at further length, or you can get my tel number via my website www.angusbirthcompanion.moonfruit.com

What does your gut instinct say?

dizzydixies Sat 09-Feb-08 19:24:20

thank you Klaw. I have kind of come to accept the fact that there is nothing I can do about this and will just need to wait until they see me again in 3wks - as long nothing happens inbetween.

dh on mammoth shift today so had the girls myself but we've kept busy and they've been good bless them - he let me have a lie in too this morning which is always gratefully received grin

I HAVE however poked myself in the eye so its red swollen and massive - no wonder the girls are behaving they're too frightened to do anything else lol

dizzydixies Sat 09-Feb-08 19:25:26

klaw - any ideas which anti-histimen I can take, I know you're allowed a certain type in pg but I can't remember which ones?

randon question I know but nobody on pg topics seems to know!!

Klaw Sat 09-Feb-08 19:53:42

Chlorpheniramine is what I used, iirc, after I suffered beyond endurance trying not to take anything. You can check all drugs at that site. I believe that any drugs that seem to have good history of not causing problems are considered OK to take if benefits outweigh any potential risk.

Ask to speak to pharmycist (sp) and get any prescription double checked so that you are relatively happy to take it.

HTHs smile

dizzydixies Sat 09-Feb-08 20:53:45

have taken a very low does of piriton as couldn't see out of eye and dd1 is being sick tonight of course so really needed not to be poking about my own eye and freaking her out.

it has helped and won't be taking it on a regular basis it was just for today's incident - serves me right helping to blow up balloons for friends' ds party and then rubbing my eye - from now on they can blow up their own balloons!!!

dizzydixies Tue 12-Feb-08 14:59:22

anyone know of any antenatal yoga classes round here?

could do with all the help I can get this time round lol

Klaw Tue 12-Feb-08 20:43:30

ScottishSusan how are you? What's happening?

[worried emoticon]

Klaw Tue 12-Feb-08 20:57:06

DizzyDixies, I don't know of any but you could try asking Tayview Yoga is any of their classes would be suitable

What about AquaNatal? Ask your mw what's local to you.. I went during my last pg and loved it! Being supported by water is fabulous and I was frequently found cycling round the local swiming pool using my Noodle and doing the excercises from aqua natal class, I didn't care what anyone else thought!

dizzydixies Tue 12-Feb-08 21:11:24

thanks klaw, will give it a look. I love swimming and can often be found fighting off greenpeace who think am trying to beach myself at the local pool am just not so sure at the moment when still bleeding and meant to be taking it easy. will be back as soon as mw gives me the green light. thought mayby yoga might supple me up for hopefully a more uneventful birth!


I'm here - just went to ground for a few days!!

Had an awful weekend trying to work out what to do for the best and still didn't know when I went to hospital yesterday morning and met the fetal medicine team.
They were fabulous - very reasuuring! They explained the risk factors again and although I have a risk of 1 in 236 it is twice as good as the norm for my age - pretty good then hmm

Anyway then they said I would be given a detailed scan and they would look for any soft markers - and although they in themselves give no guarantees it could aid my decision!

Well the scan was fabulous - so crystal clear and the sonographer and doctor and fetal medicine midwife explained every structure and measurement. There were absolutely no soft markers none

And I am having a *little girl*

Well by then both dh and I were grinning and I was crying and we both knew we couldn't risk this precious little thing with an amnio.

I am feeling so much happier and relieved grin and if anything should be wrong well *she's mine* and that's all that matters!! smile

Take care all!! Oh scan picture is on my profile if you want to take a look!!

dizzydixies Wed 13-Feb-08 08:56:26

YEAH!!!!!!!! Look at wee pink mini scottish susan!!! Thats fantastic news, am delighted for you. Am sorry to have to ask but your kids names are somewhat unisex (lovely) so what do you have already!??! Are Taylor and Mckenzie boys as well or wee girls? If its all boys you have this is going to be the most looked after/protected wee girl in the world and lordy help any boys that come calling lol

klaw I emailed them and a very nice lady emailed me straight back with a couple of names of people who might help - they also have a class for primary kids in our local church hall which I didn't know about so dd1 will be getting signed up for that when she starts school in August!

susan step AWAY from the much pinkness in babygap!! lol

Stefan is ds age 15
Jaydan is ds age 13
Ciaran is ds age 10
Taylor is dd age 5
Mackenzie is ds age 2

So 1 more girl - dd is delighted!! grin

dizzydixies Wed 13-Feb-08 11:36:07

I can imagine!! 4 big brothers is still a daunting thing for potential suitors though lol

Klaw Wed 13-Feb-08 17:46:25

Reading your latest posts, ScottishSusan and Dizzydixies, has made me very gringringrin

Everything is sounding great! I'm feeling so happy for you both.

dizzydixies Wed 13-Feb-08 18:14:44

klaw to be honest I don't have a sodding clue what is going on and am worried am a bit of a ticking time bomb with this membrane seperation BUT I am happily doing as I'm told and sitting on my backside, slowly becoming addicted to mumsnet instead of doing my college work, and trying not to worry about things I have no control over. Time will tell

now, back to thinking about babynames for minipinkscottishsusan.......................

Thanks so much dizzydixie - thinking of you and have fingers crossed for you !

lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Klaw Wed 13-Feb-08 19:37:05

Obviously DizzyDixies, I am not happy that you are still having to rest with no real answers yet, but the fruits of your enquiries into Yoga is what makes me very happy.

Didn't mean to sound like I was disregarding your current baby worries.... blush

dizzydixies Wed 13-Feb-08 20:24:57

klaw am sorry I never meant you to think that was what I was meaning, am being rather flippant about it in hope if I don't start worrying about it, it can't be real and therefore have just been given green card to become futher addicted to mumsnet and sit lardy bum on sofa ignoring piling up housework lol

am going to see gp next week as I can't sit like this indefinately and would like to go back in pool, if even for a float and maybe yoga - everything to help with birth!

positive thoughts and planning in my books!

louii Wed 13-Feb-08 20:30:30

Hello, Dixie sent me here, I am from Fife grin

Klaw Wed 13-Feb-08 20:32:23

No Dizzydixies, I didn't think that you thought I was being insensitive, it's just that when I read back my post I thought it could be read as that, so wanted to make sure that you understood.

Please don't worry about me! smile

Actually, I know you are supposed to rest while they figure out if all is OK or not but I can't see how a gentle float in a pool could harm.... providing any bleeding has stopped. Whatever you can do to relax is what is important now, and not dwell too much on what may or may not happen. If there is anything I can do to help on that front, please don't hesistate to ask!!! grin OK?

dizzydixies Wed 13-Feb-08 20:46:19

thank you klaw all greatly appreciated - are you handy with a hoover and or iron?!?

welcome welcome welcome louii
where abouts in fife are you?

<<dd rushes off and twirls all please with herself as she has managed not to get Louii lost even with her terrible directions to this thread>>>

PinkPussyCat Wed 13-Feb-08 20:51:35

Hi Louii & welcome! We are fairly growing now!grin

Hope you are well dizzydixies & taking things easy.


WooHooo for mini pinkyscottishsusan!!! So pleased for you <chuffed emoticon>

littlepinkpixie Wed 13-Feb-08 21:07:16

Welcome Louii.

Hope you pregnant ladies are looking after yourselves! smile

Klaw Wed 13-Feb-08 21:12:11

Yes dizzydixies, I can hoover and iron! I can bring dd over and she can do the dishes!

Seriously, if you would like an online friend to pop over and do a few chores and have a wee natter, please ask! No strings, just friendship. OK? Email me if you want to...

dizzydixies Wed 13-Feb-08 21:14:18

ah bless thank you so much, will keep it in mind

and thankgoodness you went onto fife post on chat and gave them all proper directions lol

Klaw Wed 13-Feb-08 21:16:53

[stern face] you'd better do a bit more than just keep it in mind.....


dizzydixies Wed 13-Feb-08 21:21:31

tis why am cunningly recruiting other local members - will have an army of cleaners/dog walkers/childminders within a week - am devious underhanded wench in real life wink

hoohoo Wed 13-Feb-08 21:24:55

Hi all i live in fife too(also Auchtermuchty) I have 3 boys (4,3 and 6 months) Got here from the link in chat.

dizzydixies Wed 13-Feb-08 21:33:16

welcome hoohoo, am sure scottishsusan is from auchtermuchty - could be wrong but think so

how are you coping with your 3, I have dd aged 4.7, dd aged 21months and due in july with 3rd unknown baby!

PinkPussyCat Wed 13-Feb-08 21:35:24

Welcome to hoohoo too!
(anyone hear an owl there?!)

louii Wed 13-Feb-08 21:42:06

I'm in Markinch, was at Uni in Dundee and stayed up menzieshill in halls.

dizzydixies Wed 13-Feb-08 21:43:38

wimberly houses? they've been sold now and they're being demolished

I was at uni in dundee 94-00 but stayed in westpark then various flats

louii Wed 13-Feb-08 22:00:03

Hillside halls of residence if i remember correctly, was a bit of a mental year that one, lol

dizzydixies Wed 13-Feb-08 22:21:55

according to dh its closed down as well. we drove past westpark on the perth road a wee while ago and I nearly didn't recognise it, then again it HAS been nearly 14yrs!

Hi all

Wow grin where did all you people come from?


I am in Auchtermuchty hoohoo - near the school. You must have seen my lot around!!

Be nice to say hi in person sometime smile

Markinch isn't very far either louii - come to think of it Dundee isn't too far either!!

Maybe we can all have a get together - a big picnic in the summer maybe.....hee! hee! Am I getting carried away?


dizzydixies Thu 14-Feb-08 22:40:07

susan always delighted to picnic - cairnie farm is a favourite of ours, can be found there most sunny days in the summer

hoohoo Fri 15-Feb-08 17:57:20

Hi all
ScottishSusan i think i know you but could be wronggrin
DizzyDixies three is not too bad some days are harder than others, but i think its the same no matter how many children you have. Both my oldest sons are at nursery now so i get a little break altho my mum is fab smile
I think a picnic would be fab i don't know many others with kids as my friends don't have any...so it would be nice for my boys toogrin

dizzydixies Fri 15-Feb-08 18:10:10

hoohoo am going to hold you to that, my third is due in july and am not sure how am going to cope somedays. DD1 starts school in aug and dd1 at nursery in the mornings so maybe that will keep me sane - I have NO idea how scottishsusan does it and she swears she doesn't have staff or a sahdh!!! I don't have any support other than my friends as dh's family are in ireland and manage over about once a year and mine are the far side of glasgow and pretty useless for one reason and another - goodness knows I'll probably leave one of them in Tescos or something!

Hi all!

Changed my nickname - thanks to dizzydixie - had to go fo the pink thing!! smile

*dizzy dixie* - I haven't seen you on ante natal thread - I will try to give you link - Ha! - maybe I haven't done that before!

Give me a minute xx

Ok here goes


hope it works dizzydixie

Anyway - honest I do not have staff and SAHDH - don't make me laugh grin

I would love to meet up for a picnic my kids love Carnie Fruit Farm and play place - let's make a date come the better weather.

HooHoo - give me a clue as to who you are or CAT me!! My dd is in primary 1 dut ds number 4 only 2 so not at nursery yet.


No got that wrong - this time dizzydixie


dizzydixies Fri 15-Feb-08 18:53:27

thanks minipink - loving the new name, does this mean I get dibs on naming propery newmini pinkscottish then?!?!?!

am on the due in August thread because am hopeless and got all dates wrong prior to scans, they're a lovely bunch and seeing as I'm due 30th July I just stayed - in a horrible sense I think I would prefer to be one of the first to go than sitting waiting watching everyone else lol

dizzydixie - I'm relying on you to come up with some names - as many as possible xx

That's good your on a good ante natal thread - no chance of me reaching August - usually go a bit early [said that very quietle - don't want to tempt fate!!]


dizzydixies Fri 15-Feb-08 19:13:11

well we can waddle round cairnie sometime in june then!

Am thinking something along the line of '6' as a name for your wee one, I still don't know how you do it! lol grin

hoohoo Fri 15-Feb-08 19:41:46

minipinkscottish i have no idea of what clue to give you. Not in any cliques! I live just down from sands, my mum lives in westbank and if you are who i think you are you taught my little brother matthew(he's 20 now) at school. However i bet you still don't know grin And i have a black Zafira!?! I think you'll know who my mum is rather than me.

dizzydixies my oldest goes to school in August too...how time flies! I find the mornings hectic trying to get everyone fed, dressed etc. My two boys play well together as they are so close so occupy themselves a bit so i can deal with ds3.

hoohoo Fri 15-Feb-08 20:42:19

Also meant to say congratulations to you both!!!smile
My Ds3 was due 12th of August and was born 20th of July!

dizzydixies Fri 15-Feb-08 20:55:56

thank you
dd1 was july and dd2 will be 2 in may so think it will hit her the hardest but heyho no choice now lol

hoohoo Dh thinks he knows who you are and so do I but i think he is thinking of a different person than me - Mmmmmmmmm! Fun - guessing game xx

I don't remember your brother - at least not by first name!


PinkPussyCat Sat 16-Feb-08 15:18:26

Hope everyone is well!

How old is your ds3, Hoohoo? My shares his birthday!

Am quite envy of all you Fifers knowing each other/thinking you know each other...

I am definitely up for a June picnic too! Strawberry tarts here we come..!grin

PinkPussyCat Sat 16-Feb-08 15:19:00


dizzydixies Sat 16-Feb-08 18:27:36

PPC its only minipink and hoohoo that think they know each other, I am north east fife just over the bridge - I shall however be easily recognisable at Cairnie as the heavily pregnant waddling woman with a plate of strawberry tarts bought on the pretence of sharing with others when in fact to be snaffled before everyone arrives

'hi everyone, am dizzydixies, I can't believe it but they've no strawberry tarts left, I understand if you want to try somewhere else for the picnic' grin wink

hoohoo Sat 16-Feb-08 19:35:29


Pinkpussycat my ds3 will be 1 this july. How olds your lo?

Minipinkscottish its intriguing to know if you know who i am. Don't know what else i could say to give it away. My boys are called Kyle, Cameron and Innes you've probably heard me screaming after them when they've all went different directions wink


Don't think we've ever spoken but I think I've seen you at school dropping of ds at nursery. I've seen the black Zaffira - I have a silver one!!grin

I am at school with dd on Thurs and Fri as I don't work then. I am part time principal teacher at Freuchie now. Left 'muchty about 2 years ago. Was your ds at nursery last year? Mornings? If so maybe there with dd - Taylor xx

Hi all - sorry for hoohoo and I going on a bit xxx

Definately up for summer picnic and the more the merrier xx maybe if we warn them we're coming they will make more strawberry tarts especially xxgrin

hoohoo Sat 16-Feb-08 20:11:21

Mpc he was in the afternoons. yeah don't think we spoken i'm shy when talking to new people, but will prob see you this week up at the school.

All you ladies can share my strawberry tart at the picnic, i'm trying to shift the baby weight.......from DS1 grinblush

poppysocks Sun 17-Feb-08 20:33:51

Hello! Can I join you too? I'm in St Andrews. I've got a DD who's 2 next week and currently pg with no. 2, due in August.

Hi Dizzy! [waves] I found you!

dizzydixies Sun 17-Feb-08 21:40:54

yipee, welcome on board poppy

PinkPussyCat Mon 18-Feb-08 13:23:19

Hi Poppysocks!

hoohoo My ds will also be 1 in July! Are you on the July '07 post-natal thread? Haven't been on it myself in ages though... must get back to it, starting to feel bad! The girls on there are lovely-


Mmmm... tummy rumbling already at the thought of strawberry tarts. I am off to Botanics this afternoon (before it's bulldozed) for some sort of delicious traybakegrin

(Stop drooling, dizzy!)wink

dizzydixies Mon 18-Feb-08 14:00:59

Ah PPC enjoy botanics traybakes, have to fess up to a malteser traybake yesterday at heritage park down visiting family - that and a steak and onion panini and chips blush
have hopefully managed to walk some of it off this morning grin

littlepinkpixie Mon 18-Feb-08 16:04:41

Welcome Poppysocks.

Maybe a botanics MN meeting is in order, so we can all stuff our faces with traybakes meet each other. grin

dizzydixies Mon 18-Feb-08 17:45:11

actually I think we should make a list of all the --decent homebaking suppliers-- child friendly spots and work our way round them, would be rude not to grin

PinkPussyCat Mon 18-Feb-08 22:17:32

ROFL @ dizzy's 'most wanted pie shop' list!
What a great ideagrin I must say though, steak & onion panini + chips sounds fandabbydozyenvy

Botanics was lovely... carrot cake + latte went down very easily.

dizzydixies Tue 19-Feb-08 13:17:07

omh, who mentioned pies?!?! no am going to have to start listing pie shops too?!?!

just got a receipe for malteser tray back (I blame YOU PPC) so will let you know how I get on with it later - maybe could open up Dizzy Cakes store - only people with buggies/stretch marks welcome

PinkPussyCat Tue 19-Feb-08 13:34:26

Or what about diversifying into Dizzy's Deli? New York style, obvgrin

PinkPussyCat Tue 19-Feb-08 13:35:10

<eh'll heh a pig's ear an a'>

dizzydixies Tue 19-Feb-08 13:36:50

lol - it took me AGES to work all those out when I first moved up here from land of weeg!

now who mentioned NY sadsadsad I should only have been arriving back this morning from my wkend away - still not over it grin worse things happen at sea I suppose!

PinkPussyCat Tue 19-Feb-08 13:42:17

I am not even from Dundee lol! Only lived here a few years!

NY is my favourite place in the world! How come you didn't get to go dizzy?sad

dizzydixies Tue 19-Feb-08 13:56:35

I went in 2004 for long weekend with bestfriend for my henny - my cousin lived out there at time so not quite as indulgent as sounds! Dh always wanted to go so we decided to really treat ourselves for one last weekend away before we have 3kids, slight complication with pg anc consultant grounded me, literally - no flying!! should have been there Thurs - today sad
some things just not worth chancing though!

means I can't go on oober rich cousins henny in St Anton in March either, and it was sponsored by oober rich cousin's daddy envy I know I can't ski at moment but I could have lounged next to roaring fire and checked out traybakes for afternoon tea!!!

your accent is pretty good for a non dundonian chick grin

PinkPussyCat Tue 19-Feb-08 16:43:13

Aaah of course dizzy, I did know that from earlier in the thread (baby brain!) Apologies. What a bummer though. We went over when I was 24 wks and it was great, I got extra-special treatment on the plane from a very camp stewardgrin It was our last holiday as just a 'twosome'. Luckily I'd had a very straightforward pregnancy though.
We're off to a cottage in Drumnadrochit this April - almost as good eh?grin
Btw hope you are managing to take it easy. I bet your dh worries about you when he's at work - mine did + I had no problems at all!

I am originally from Stirling but have lived here for nearly 7 years now. How long since you left The Weeg?smile

dizzydixies Tue 19-Feb-08 16:48:58

oh god now you're asking, came up here in 1994 to go to uni so 13yrs - oh my god am old sad

go home now and then to get the old patter back though grin

we're looking at somewhere to take the kids, that doesn't require a plane, at some point so let me know how you get on or any other suggestions welcome!!

PinkPussyCat Tue 19-Feb-08 17:29:49

Dizzy, have a look here we have used this company twice now, their cottages are fab. They are lovely + friendly in terms of service, great at answering queries etc. Give them a go!

btw I love the 'gallus Glesga banter' a la 'Chewin the Fat'!

dizzydixies Tue 19-Feb-08 17:32:40

lol, my mum is Mary and dad is Bob so when I used to write home from uni I would always address it to Rab C and Mary Doll - she hated it, I think she thinks she's more of a Mrs Hyacinth Bucket!! have had to translate Chewin the Fat to irish dh who now loves it even more than I do!
will check out the cottages thank you

PinkPussyCat Fri 22-Feb-08 16:00:21


You there DizzyNesbit?grin

dizzydixies Fri 22-Feb-08 16:07:40

yipee, I thought I had totally lost this thread - was even posting for klaw on the pregnancy board, she'll think am complete pillock!! blush

how are you PPC - not blowing away in these sodding winds I hope?!?

PinkPussyCat Fri 22-Feb-08 16:16:56

Yes I posted you a link on your Klaw/preg thread too Lol! What are you like!

We are lying low today, I keep thinking the weather will improve but it's just so blustery out there. Drove to my parents' yesterday (in Stirling, hadn't seen forecast) and it was REALLY scary, the car got blown about quite a bit etc. And I had 7mo ds in the back, was nearly crying a couple of times. Silly cow eh?

Hope you are ok - resting up?wink

dizzydixies Fri 22-Feb-08 16:22:29

don't think you're silly at all - wouldn't dare comment as I think its an achievement if I remember to breath coming over the bridge when its this windy, normally get to the end and think 'something's not right' and then realise its because have held my breath the entire way blush

I swear the link had disappeared!!! It only came back on this afternoon - maybe dh has been on and removed it all to try to get me back into RL!?!?!?

resting up but going bananas with it too - met friend in borders today for quick coffee but sh would only let me out an hr before dc had to be picked up from nursery so I wouldn't be, and I quote 'fannying about in the shops' grin

jamtastic Fri 22-Feb-08 16:26:09

Hi, just wanted to say I'm checking the local stuff all the time. I hardly ever post, but am on MN everyday. I just spending hours reading 'active convo's'!

I'd join you for a summer picnic, or Easter (the fortnight hols in April not the long weekend) if anyone's brave enough? I'm Dundee/Perth (with many Fife connections), 2ds 5 and nearly 3.

dizzydixies Fri 22-Feb-08 16:28:30

brilliant jamtastic - but as a late arrival to the picnic discussion if there aren't enough strawberry tarts to go round its last in first out and you'll need to make do with a custard slice winkgrin
we're thinking of cairnie farm when the weather is a bit nicer?

I have 2dds, nearly 5 and nearly 2 so I'm sure they'll all have a ball

keep in touch

PinkPussyCat Fri 22-Feb-08 16:29:55

God yes hate bridges in the wind... Friarton one was awful yesterday.

Hope you had a dirty great big cake in Borders!

Talking of 'fannying about in the shops', that's exactly what I'm about to do tomorrow, and I can't wait let me tell ye!

Going to Edinburgh on the train to spend my Xmas money (from dh) on some new clothes... I am sooo looking forward to it. I am taking a book for the train and going to have a leisurely lunch by myself with my book! Yeeehaa!gringringrin

PinkPussyCat Fri 22-Feb-08 16:31:42

OOh sorry for x-post

Hi jamtastic!

Your name always makes me want a jammy piece!grin

dizzydixies Fri 22-Feb-08 16:32:58

I could grow to dislike you you know!

and I had 3 custard filled chocolate donuts blush in my defence they were mini ones and sold as a package! grin

PinkPussyCat Fri 22-Feb-08 16:33:02

Why does this thread not show in active convos? Shockinggrin

dizzydixies Fri 22-Feb-08 16:33:50

SEE?!?!?!?!??!!??? its not just me that loses it - this is the bermuda triangle of threads ROFL

PinkPussyCat Fri 22-Feb-08 16:34:30

Mini ones!

(I've heard some in my timegrin)

Yes i am getting quite excited about my day out, canny wait!

PinkPussyCat Fri 22-Feb-08 16:35:38

Actually dizzy, have just looked in my 'threads I'm watching' and this one is gone!! You're right!!

How wierd

PinkPussyCat Fri 22-Feb-08 16:36:18

Will need to moan at the teccy people.

(Like I'd dare!)

dizzydixies Fri 22-Feb-08 16:37:32

well you just enjoy yourself HUMPH!
lucky for you the rugby is in dublin this year so there won't be an abundence of poleaxed rugby fans falling about in the streets

will hear all about everything you bought, and you ME time (rrraassssssp)

am off to make the tea as girls are shattered and think that the sooner they go to bed tonight the better for all our tempers lol

PinkPussyCat Fri 22-Feb-08 16:45:21

OK dizzy, catch up soon. Hope you get them off to bed nice + early so as you can stick a dvd on or something. Have a good weekend!

PinkPussyCat Fri 22-Feb-08 16:47:00

(poleaxed rugby fans are prob a walkover compared to ds right now!)

dizzydixies Fri 22-Feb-08 16:47:34

you too, enjoy tomorrow

Hi all

Haven't posted for a few days and it's taken me a while to catch up on all the chat. smile

Hoohoo where are you? and Klaw?

Had a tiring week - 19 weeks pg today and starting to ache a bit sad - ligament pain and headaches...not able to rest in the day really with 5 other dcs...not complaining ...much blush

Sorry...think I'll feel better when the sun is shining and we are at Cairnie eating strawberry tarts grin xx

dizzydixies Fri 22-Feb-08 21:23:43

minipink do you mind if I ask you do you work in anstruther as well?

have you thought about going to osteo/physio re aching, am certainly going to do it this time in hope of getting things lined up for birth?

sorry about your headaches, I had terrible ones with dd1 but fingers crossed not this time, lots of water and rest, well as much as you can with your bunch!

No dd not in Anstruther - I work as PT at Freuchie Primary.

Think I might consider going to something - the muscle cramp I get in one or other side of bump is terrible....bad if a I do too much ...bad if I sit too much...sad

I am drinking loads of water but then never out of loo...ah the joys!!!!
How are you keeping...still confined to house? When is your next scan?

dizzydixies Fri 22-Feb-08 21:36:06

still confined lol - am taking some tentative trips as bleeding has eased and frankly am demented! scan on wed morning then consultant so fingers crossed

have a friend going for interview at anstruther which was why was asking, principal teacher position temp until july '09 i think, can't really remember

hope your aches and pains ease off soon, can't be easy - I always found lying on left side helped if thats any use?

Klaw Sat 23-Feb-08 11:39:39

Hello all, not been on MN much this week, what with bf peer support training and spending two days helping mum with twins in Fife wink

now I'm at my friends in Kilmacolm for the weekend and am just checking in on my online stuff.

will be back with you next week sometime providing I don't get blown to the moon on the drive home again tomorrow shock

Take care smile

dizzydixies Sat 23-Feb-08 15:14:17

hi klaw hope you're training goes well, can you say hi to my parents when you drive back through Bridge of Weir please, thats where I grew up and they still live - small world eh?!? grin

Klaw Sat 23-Feb-08 20:52:55

friend's dh off to Bridge of Weir for the take out....... grin

dizzydixies Sat 23-Feb-08 22:16:20

lol - we used to go to kilmacolm (years ago) for ours as the one in bofw was awful!
remember to wave to ma and pa dixies on your way past!

dizzydixies Mon 25-Feb-08 08:15:16

PPC how was you trip to Edinburgh?!

PinkPussyCat Mon 25-Feb-08 22:33:09


Well I feel a bit bad for saying this & don't want to moan BUT....

Grrr... it was grim. Best bit was the train home (I fell asleep!blush)

It was soooo windy I though I was going to be cut in half, just had to duck in & out of shops looking like something the cat dragged in. I wore STOOPID boots which started to hurt within an hour (came home with 2 big blisters)angry

Also, I kind of felt like I don't 'fit in' anywhere anymore... Gap etc full of students, M&S full of old wifies, New Look etc full of 12 year olds. Maybe it's something to do with having had ds. None of it seemed interesting to me anymore. I had the best fun looking at all the children's clothes! Which was really not the point of the trip. So I bought 2 t-shirts from Next, then the rest of the stuff I bought was for ds!

I think I'm going to have to become a mail order sort of gal. Where do you shop for clothes dizzy?

dizzydixies Tue 26-Feb-08 11:03:30

oh no, am sorry you didn't enjoy it. am the same though, much prefer getting stuff for kids than me but then thats more to do with not shifting baby weight!

at the moment am all about the maternity clothing but at other times I like
Oasis/warehouse/gap for basics/new look and primark - got to love a bargin! am also a bit of a home shopper online too - most of the high street shops have online stores and I am more than willing to spend money on delivery if it saves me traising round the shops!

were you looking for anything in particular or just some nice new stuff?

Klaw Tue 26-Feb-08 23:09:29

Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, Ebay, Tesco....


hoohoo Thu 28-Feb-08 21:46:50

hi all not been on much as it wasn't showing up on threads i'm on...so i thought it'd went all quiet!! hmm tis very strange

Think i'm gonna need to avoid this thread tho all this talk of strawberry tarts and custard slices is making me envy grin

MPC Not so good your not feeling well, certainly got your hands full...i hope you've got them all looking after you!! I think i seen your youngest DS and DD at the school they are sooo cute!

dizzydixies Thu 28-Feb-08 22:47:17

hoohoo - this is the bermuda triangles of threads, we all lost it for a while!!
and you cannot avoid the strawberry tart - they'll get you wherever you are!

PinkPussyCat Fri 29-Feb-08 17:50:36

Bermuda triangle? More like a Dairylea triangle. Hmph. I am having a 'fat' day and have eaten all the bad things in this house, our fruit bowl is bursting with fresh fruit, there is tropicana in the fridge etc and what have I eaten? Cake, mr kiplings viennese whirls and 2 packets of hula hoops... It's just because all those things are easy to just grab + shove in your mouth, I never seem to get a minute to even make myself a sandwich! <sigh>
So not impressed with myself at the moment.

Hope everyone is well and not all lost this thread! T'is a bit slippery at times!

dizzydixies Fri 29-Feb-08 21:25:13

PPC - am right there with you and about to open massive bag of doritos and multi dips all for me, myself and I?!?!?

PinkPussyCat Sat 01-Mar-08 10:02:29

Ah but you have the best excuse going, Dizzy!

Klaw Sat 01-Mar-08 14:12:51

drops in to say hi and see how everyone is.....


dizzydixies Sat 01-Mar-08 18:07:00

PPC - am sure gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins, not one of the 7 very important reasons grin

hi Klaw, did you get home ok? I came down on Friday and was blown about all over the sodding place!

Klaw Sat 01-Mar-08 21:04:18

Hey Dizzy, yeah I got home ok!

Hope to go back through during April Easter hols. There's a screening of The Business of Being Born organised by Birthchoices so my friend and I would like to go.

dizzydixies Tue 04-Mar-08 13:44:02

hi all - everyone doing ok? Apart from being bloody freezing its getting brighter - one step closer to cairnie farm!!!

Minipinkscottish - everything ok, you've kind of disappeared!

PinkPussyCat Tue 04-Mar-08 14:55:14

Hello to dizzy + klaw... yes where is MPS?
Disappeared into the Dairylea Triangle?

Aye the days are fair drawin oot, nae be lang till the clocks change....

Bit of a crap day today, went to the huge Kingsway Tesco for week's shop and guess what? At the checkout I discovered I'd left my purse at home. So I feel as if the whole day has been spent driving back + forth to Tesco's. What a numpty.

<<shuffles off to pack it all away>>hmm

littlepinkpixie Tue 04-Mar-08 15:00:47

Hello all

It is getting a bit brighter isnt it. At last!

Poor you PPC, what a nightmare. I always worry that I'm going to forget to bring my purse to tescos, but luckily havent done it yet! What happened - did you have to abandon your shopping and do it all again later, or did they just let you put it to one side?
Sounds like you will have to sit down and relax now with a nice cup of tea and a cake!

PinkPussyCat Tue 04-Mar-08 15:37:11

Hey LPP! Where ya been?grin

Tea + cake have been consumed, don't worry! They just put my bagged shopping aside in the 'chiller' and I went back to pay for it about an hour later. Poor ds, two trips to Tesco in one morning - he looked quite puzzled!

Anyhoo... how's life?

dizzydixies Tue 04-Mar-08 18:19:17

oh PPC - huge sympathies re Tesco, my shift won't come to supermarket with me as I always have a checkout disaster - they either crash or breakdown or I forget my purse blush am cursed lol

lovely day over here with us but BLOODY freezing!! can't wait for it to warm up and me and kids are getting cabin fever spending so much time indoors!

littlepinkpixie Tue 04-Mar-08 19:18:12

I've been about, just havent been on this thread for a little bit. Not sure why really, seeing as the recent topics of shopping and eating are basically my 2 major "hobbies" grin
Anyway, been keeping myself busy trying to both keep the kids under control, as you say dizzydixies, not easy when its so cold that you feel like you deserve some sort of medel for bravery just for going outside! Hopefully will start to warm up soon, and then can start trips to the park again.

dizzydixies Tue 04-Mar-08 19:30:15

we braved castle green on Thurs - yee gods was bloody freezing, needless to say we were the only ones there and left very quickly lol

Hi all - not disappeared just been sooooo busy with stuff - oldest had swimming comp - got parent interviews to do etc...

Anyway...hope all is well....grin

Thinking of starting mat leave middle May around 32 wks...so ready or strawberry tarts anytime smile

dizzydixies Wed 05-Mar-08 21:33:30

minipink - just glat to hear all well! not surprised you're thinking about starting matty leave, I'll just be glad to get back to work before am off lol

was just thinking today what a beautiful day it was although very cold, not quite picnic weather yet but soon hopefully!!

Klaw Thu 06-Mar-08 19:52:37

Was my first day on the post natal ward at the hospital today as Volunteer BF Peer Supporter.... GULP! Very nervous and hope I didn't freak anyone out...

Have been busy supporting mum with twins in Largo one or two days a week, they are long days but so rewarding!

Have loved the bright days but could do without the bitter, cutting gales sad

And our car issues are all sorted, for now at least, so I'm safely mobile YAY!!

DD started at playgroup two days a week and loves it, told me to 'go away' when I dropped here off first time, I was trying to make sure that she knew about telling staff when to go to toilet. No separation anxiety there, then! But was well pleased to see me and dp when we went to collect her. She loves it!

Bless, she's just been blowing my nose for me!! She's very good at blowing her nose and it's so sweet that she's mothering me too! What a little angel grin

dizzydixies Thu 06-Mar-08 20:15:19

Klaw your dd sounds like a wee cracker. My dd1 was the same, never looked back from her first visit, dd2 a wee bit more wary but she was younger and that only lasted a few days!!

Glad you've got car all sorted, the weather had been horrendous gale wise, my drive down the road on Fri was worst have done in over 13yrs of living up here. was very glad when it was all over.

Am sure you were brilliant on the ward, everyone is just so grateful for one on one attention with such an important potentially tricky thing. I needed more help with dd2 as dd1 was a dream feeder but dd2 and I never seemed to get it quite right - will no doubt be giving it another try this time round! when do you go back in again?

Klaw Thu 06-Mar-08 22:48:33

At the moment I've put myself down to do Thursday mornings, as I get more experienced I hope to do more.

dizzydixies Thu 06-Mar-08 22:49:52

will make a mental note to have this baby on a wed evening!

Klaw Thu 06-Mar-08 22:54:32

Have the baby when ever you want if you ask me to join you in labour wink

Klaw Thu 06-Mar-08 23:08:44

No Obligation though! smile

dizzydixies Thu 06-Mar-08 23:11:55


Klaw Thu 06-Mar-08 23:20:17

must call my friend again to arrange to go visit second week in April... and organise night out to The Business of Being Born through Birth Choices UK, remind me to call her tomorrow

dizzydixies Fri 07-Mar-08 12:04:40


Klaw Fri 07-Mar-08 16:49:17

have called her to discuss possibilty of her dh having dd along with her kids while we go to Doula UK meeting tomorrow but he too busy...

She'll have dd for me so I can go but can I justify driving to Kilmacolm to drop off dd and then to centre of Edinburgh for a meeting?? At least if I do it, I'll stay over at hers on Sat night and drive back on Sunday, which means I can pick ds up from Bannockburn on way...

There's no one else can babysit dd, dp is out on the piss for Calcutta Cup and close family are out of country and friends are all too busy or else away... sad

Decisions, decisions,

Fuel expense is what's worryng me most

Hi all!

Just wanted to check in with you all to see how everyone is....

I look VERY pregnant now...someone asked me the other day when the baby was due and I could see their shock when I said July...I look full term blush Ah well it is number 6...

dizzydixies Sun 09-Mar-08 17:43:30

hi minipink

am the same and not due till very end of july and its only my 4th pg, 3rd dc!!

20 wk scan on wed though so hoping for some good news

Klaw - hope you got it all sorted and didn't have to trek from one end of country to other

dizzydixies Mon 10-Mar-08 18:21:47
dingdong05 Wed 12-Mar-08 13:41:37

Hey guys, just thought I'd pop in and see how everyone's doing... so how're you doing? ?

Klaw Wed 12-Mar-08 20:15:17

I'm doing OK

How YOU doing? smile

Looking into Fairy Hammocks atm... TMI alert!!!

dingdong05 Wed 12-Mar-08 20:48:12

Fairy hammocks??? TMI???
Sigh, I really am not well versed in all this virtual speak blush

Klaw Wed 12-Mar-08 21:01:34

Fairy Hammocks also here on MN

TMI = Too Much Information

Thought you'd have known all about them! wink

dingdong05 Wed 12-Mar-08 23:21:34

I have heard of them, but not by that name!
They're fab, the last time I looked for them- for I have considered them before wink- there weren't that many around, and not called fairy hammocks!
I could do with some myself right now...
IFKWIM was another acronym I couldn't get

dizzychixies Wed 19-Mar-08 11:48:58

hi dingdong and everyone, just thought I'd check in!

getting lighter a bit longer these days which is nice but not looking forward to the forecast wintery weather for the easter weekend sad

dingdong05 Wed 19-Mar-08 14:16:09

Hey dizzy! I must have the memory of a goldfish because every day when it's light after 5pm I'm surprised
I do believe in the old adage "there's no such thing as he wrong weather, just the wrong clothes" but that has its limits when your walking in freezing rain and gale force winds. My word, I was freeeeezing by the time we got to nursery school!
I'd only just managed to defrost by the time I had to go get him again

Do you have any plans fr the easter weekend? Apparently Camperdown is fab, but he queues to get in are horrendous. Actually, I may bike it!

dizzychixies Wed 19-Mar-08 14:56:02

am not sure yet as dh was meant to be off but as usual his work are mucking him about and all of a sudden he's working again hmm
he's going to speak to his new boss at some point today and say as far as he's concerned he's off but we'll see - if nothing I may be forced to snaffle a whole load of easter eggs as compensation grin

littlepinkpixie Wed 19-Mar-08 17:18:45

Thought I would check in as well. The dundee section went very quiet for a bit there!
I think that I'll be taking my gang to Camperdown this weekend, weather permitting. Hopefully the queues arent too bad. Usually the camperdown thing brings the kingsway to a standstill though sad

Hi all! Glad this thread hasn't gone!! Hope you are all well!! I am 22 wks now and HUGE

Also thinking of Camperdown for Saturday - going to Easter party on Sunday. We have to work on Monday and our shools are not off on Monday either. We finish for holidays the week after Easter - crazy!!!shock

dizzychixies Wed 19-Mar-08 20:08:27

hi minipink, am only 21wks and huge too, all the rest on my antenatal threads are postingpics of lovely neat bumps where as I look about 31wks gone blush

hadn't considered camperdown for wkend as weather is meant to be terrible, my mum also has v important consultant apt on sat so depending on outcome of that will maybe need to go through there - would be nice if once in a while someone would offer to come through here, we're only in fife ffs not the end of the earth [humph]

dizzychixies Wed 19-Mar-08 20:09:44

is it on Sat as well as Sun, I thought it was only Sun?!? shows you how much I know lol

Never mind dizzy - we WILL all still have a meeting at Cairnie for strawbery tarts!! Wont be long now!! Are you able to get out now and have you changed your name??

I'm not going to Camperdown now as mum has decided to return from Spain so will spend some time with her.xx

dizzychixies Thu 20-Mar-08 13:22:22

I must actually phone them minipink and find out when they're open for normal business, am not adverse to getting the girls all cosied up and chucking them out in the elements!!

am allowed off lardy backside as long as sensible about it, another scan when am 28wks and back to work (gently) on 3rd April!!

Klaw Fri 21-Mar-08 11:08:55

Doubt I'll be venturing my little toe outside if the weather today is anything to go by....

I don't have the right clothes,

or the right blood.....

am a cauld tattie, me

can't bear the cold and, even more so, the wind! sad[brrrrrrrrrrrrrr]

dingdong05 Sat 22-Mar-08 13:09:07

Camperdown is only on the sunday- 12-4 (I think) free to get in, 2.50 for parking. I think I may have to check out the weather before committing myself to biking it...I know what you mean Klaw, it's been snowing for heavens sake!!!
On the subject of biking, I just fixed the child seat on my bike, hurrah!
"I am a strong and independant woman who knows her way around an allan key"

dizzychixies Sat 22-Mar-08 18:22:07

was snowing here too but just flurries thank goodness as bloke came out on friday and condemned out boiler and its now out of action until at least tues or wed when they can get new parts - its only 13months old ffs angry

Klaw Sat 22-Mar-08 19:07:04

We've got a child seat on dp's bike but I'm too scared to travel on roads that cars go on cos I know what numpties there are out there! Especially in Dundee shock
Ds and I used to cycle from Stobswell down the Ferry and back getting back up from the Ferry Road to the Arbroath Road was a bugger! hard work!

dizzychixies Sat 22-Mar-08 20:54:47

god well done you klaw, am lucky enough to be able to cycle into tentsmuir from here but not confident enough with child seat on bike!

Klaw Sat 22-Mar-08 21:59:23

ah no ds was on his own bike by that time...

I just feel so wary of losing control and smashing poor dd's head onto the road.... [exageration perhaps?]

must get more practice round the village this summer.

at the moment dd really needs ear muffs to travel on the rear bike seat. Can't find any

dingdong05 Sun 23-Mar-08 10:00:30

We are fully kitted out in hivis and helmets, and I'm pretty cautions on the roads... touch on wood!
If I walk up to Clepington road there's not much in the way of hills after that ...

dingdong05 Sun 23-Mar-08 19:12:07

Well, we just got back from our mammoth cycle ride to camperdown and we are both ready for bed
It was pretty good, but freeezing, as you may imagine. Jamie managed to go from 3 rides to 5 rides, a hot choc and a hot dog without too much trouble

littlepinkpixie Sun 23-Mar-08 19:34:02

We went to Camperdown too (drove there blush ).
Got there reasonably early, so it wasnt too busy. Managed to spend far too much money on rides for the kids. They also managed to get loads of free sweets from the Radio Tay stand, so were pretty pleased with themselves grin.

dizzychixies Sun 23-Mar-08 22:02:21

we decided against it but only because my brother and his wife and my nephew came up to visit and the kids were happy as larry doing easter egg hunts in the garden and decorating the cakes I'd baked grin

my girls absolutely shattered and went to bed without complaint and the wee man no doubt fell asleep on the drive home

dingdong05 Tue 25-Mar-08 10:08:26

My saddle area is now too sore to get back on the bike...
I knew it as a mistake going out on the bike again yesterday...

Klaw Tue 25-Mar-08 19:39:19

admiration for Dingdong!! My lady bits need an armchair to stay comfy on a bike...

Just been too cold and windy for me to consider anything more than hanging out the washing smile

Klaw Tue 25-Mar-08 19:56:15

Dundee Birth Choices support group in the planning. Tell everyone you know! smile

clayre Wed 26-Mar-08 10:27:03

hello all! not been on the local bit for a while and there is even more of us, Hello to all the new peoples.

dizzydixies Sat 29-Mar-08 21:23:05

evening ladies

so I went to soft play bonkers in cupar today as was on own with both dds and needed to get some college work done

its nice and clean and was quiet
expensive enough though and a bit limited on the food front - the whole of the bottom of the cabinet is FULL of sweeties on display which of course was all dd2 wanted

still, clean and safe so that was the main thing smile

fingers crossed for some drier weather with the clocks changing!

I've never been to bonkers and yet I am in Cupar all the time....where is it? xx

dizzydixies Sun 30-Mar-08 21:57:49

hi minipink

do you know the car park behind the co-op
and you can keep going through the car park and out the back? its there

how are you keeping? how is minipink doing?
looking forward to the easter break no doubt?

Thanks dizzy - I am going to take wee ones there one day this week.

I am holiday now for 2 weeks and when I go back i have 4 weeks till maty leave starts. For me that really means only 11 days to workgrin

I am a bit fed up at the moment - bump is huge and I feel very uncomfortable and tired - don't think I've seen 10pm for weekssad However, everything seems fine and I am looking forward to the 4d scan I have booked for 19th April - I'll be 27 weeksgrin

How are you? Bet you're glad to be able to get out a bit now.

Take care xx

dizzydixies Mon 31-Mar-08 17:56:28

am delighted but still taking it easy iyshim? we're just back from a long walk out towards tentsmuir and round the park. the pair of them are still going strong and I'm fading!!!

am back at work on thurs for 4 shifts so will see how that goes. Am planning on going off matty leave at beginning of juky and using annual leave to bring it forward a bit

am only 23wks and feel massive too - thank goodness for this tubi-grip the physio gave me, I think its helping!

whats this 10pm you speak of?!?!?! Am the same although a tad worried as this week my shift is 3pm-11pm so will have to try not fall asleep at my desk grin

Took ds and dd to Bonkers today - thanks Dizzy!! They had a fab time and so did I - lots of tea and I sat in big comfy sofa and read my book grin Two hours of peace - blissgrin

Will be going again before these hols are over!!

Hope everyone is ok xx

dizzydixies Tue 01-Apr-08 20:23:24

all well with us thanks, if I'd had good sense I should've come through am met you smile

we went to look at cars today as will need a new one before dc 3 arrives and we can't afford one sad some major shuffling and belt tightening to be done me thinks

glad you managed to relax x

babyboos Wed 02-Apr-08 02:20:44

hi guys can i join you mum to wee boy 10 mnths in dundee

dizzydixies Wed 02-Apr-08 10:18:34

hi babyboos welcome to thread
we pop in and out of here when it suits but its great for recommending local places to go and to avoid lol

Hi babyboos!!

Dizzy - I'm off to Cairnie in about an hour for a little play!! Hope it doesn't rain!!smile

dizzydixies Wed 02-Apr-08 10:57:55

ooohhh lovely, I have an apt with our force medical advisor which is a load of sh*te and waste of time but hey ho - have to do it.

been cooking up a storm this morning and picking up the girls at 1 - will have to keep them out so dh can sleep off his nightshift!!

dingdong05 Wed 02-Apr-08 13:13:28

Hiya babyboos.
Gawsh, there must be half a dozen of us now!

Dizzy - ended up in Cupar at park as cairnie was closed - ver disappointing as it was such a nice daysad we had fun at park though xx

was it a return to work interview?

dizzydixies Wed 02-Apr-08 18:48:46

we were in St andrews for a wee while this afternoon which was nice. cupar park looks great, I can't believe Carnie is still closed esp during easter holidays and when its nice weather, you think they would open and let people make their own choice as to whether to freeze their kids or now grin

maybe they don't need to, maybe they take enough money over the summer

its an ongoing thing with the FMA as I was on a phased return, think they want to make sure am mentally stable, its a complete PITA to be honest but I have to be seen to be playing nice

Oh well - good luck anyway! Just think though it wont be long till your off again with the LO grin

kofiwan Sun 06-Apr-08 12:31:58

Hi everyone. I live just outside dundee, have transport and work full time. I am due my first in July and looking for any fellow pregnant or just had first baby people that I can meet up with and share experiences? WIll be on mat leave from end of June.

Klaw Sun 06-Apr-08 15:19:12

Hello to Babyboos and Kofiwan!!

Welcome to Mumsnet Local - Dundee

Kofiwan - hello!!

Some of us are planning a little get together at Cairnie Fruit Farm and Maze sometime in May/June - so the more the merrier! Only one condition - be prepared to eat lots of strawberry tarts and cake grin

I am finishing for mat leave in May - 6th baby due in july - I know i'm not first timer but always happy to meet up with new people xxxxx

dizzydixies Mon 07-Apr-08 10:20:06


well I managed my first shift back at work and am shattered lol it was 4 very busy late shifts (esp with everything thats going on in Arbroath) so am abslutely shattered. Am doing nothing this morning, absolutely notihng, dc are at mursery and dh at work so until 12pm I'm on strike with my baked potato feet up lol

hope you're keeping well, am aiming for 10th June for going off on annual leave before starting on matty at beginning of july.

am going to phone Cairnie farm to find out exactly when they open lol grin

Hi dizzy

Glad you survived your first shifts back at work - well done!! I hope you enjoyed your rest this morning xx

Great about phoning Cairnie xx let me know xx

dizzydixies Tue 08-Apr-08 09:24:20

minipink first of may - roll on the strawberry tarts grin

Klaw Tue 08-Apr-08 11:57:56

Dundee Birth Choices group should hopefully start in June, might see some of you there! wink

dizzydixies Tue 08-Apr-08 12:02:26

ooohhh Klaw brilliant well done you!

littlepinkpixie Tue 15-Apr-08 20:10:43

Hello Kofiwan and babyboos!

Looking forward to Cairnie grin

Hi all....OMG it's so cold here.....roll on the better weather and strawberry tarts grin

littlepinkpixie Fri 18-Apr-08 15:33:07

Its nice here, little bit breezy, but we about to brave going to the park without our coats on!

dizzydixies Fri 18-Apr-08 17:09:16

turned nicer this afternoon, dd1 was in a class thing so I was sitting in car with dd2 whilst she napped, was in a sunbeam so was nodding off myself grin

we went to the deer park last friday and it WAS bloody freezing!

last day of work 10th june thank god and matty leave starts 7th july grin

hello formly hoohoo but decided to have a change in name.

not checked in for ages life seemed to have gotten in the way.

hope everyone is well and the bumps are getting big grin not long now ladies.

is the Cairnie day out still on? Very nervous about coming (notoriously shyblush) but also can't wait.

Bye for now

Hi Jenny - had wondered where you had disappeared to. I haven't been on this thread for a while either. Hope you are fine. I do hope the Cairnie day is still on....I am looking forward to it...please don't be shy...we will all feel a little awkward but I'm sure that wont last.smile

Hi everyone...hope everyone is fine xx

I only have 5 days to work now, 3 days next week and 2 the next....very exciting xx

PinkPussyCat Sun 27-Apr-08 18:11:25

Aaargh haven't been on for ages, not had time to read + catch up... please tell me I haven't missed out on Cairnie? <sob>

Hope you are all well... wasn't the weather fandabbydozy today?grin

The weather was lovely spent day at beveridge park and fed the seagullshmm they kept chasing the little ducks away angry
And we had a bbq it was excellent i lurve bbqs!!

PinkPussyCat Sun 27-Apr-08 21:36:23

Hi Jenny, we just spent the day in the back garden, it was lovely. Whereabouts is Beveridge park? I don't know it. (Those poor old ducks, bloody seagulls are a menace!)

dizzydixies Sun 27-Apr-08 22:02:10

is beveridge park not the nice big one in kirkcaldy or am I getting mixed up with dunfermline?!

cairnie is DEF still on but doesn't open till may

does it have to be a weekend for everyone or can anyone make a weekday afternoon

doesn't matter which it is, we can start looking at times nearer to dates

I am pretty flexible due to shifts and minipink is almost off on matty smile

start banding about some ideas ladies and hopefully we can come up with something to suit us all smile

Hi all

I can go anytime as well so will just fit in with everyone else!!

What is it with the weather?? The rain was hammering down today!! Makes me miserable sad

Yes beveridge park is in Kirkcaldy. Is lovely as it's just been renovated lots of new equipment. They also have a bouncy castle. Word of warning if you go tho you need tickets for it which you get at the ticket office, we had to walk all the way back for them angry


PinkPussyCat Tue 29-Apr-08 09:45:26

I can probably do any days apart from Tuesdays. <salivating at thought of strawberry tarts>

Nice morning... wonder how long it'll last? As for yesterday.... total pish here as well, got soaked taking ds to toddlers. Hey ho!

dizzydixies Tue 29-Apr-08 10:59:34

jenny completely agree re weather
sunday was fantastic, yesterday morning pished down then afternoon nice again

looks nice today but am sodding shattered after terrible night with dd2 and dh away on a course this week

glad we're getting somewhere with the meet up smile

littlepinkpixie Tue 29-Apr-08 11:11:02

Friday would be the best day for me. smile

Hi guys!!

Any day would suit me for the meet up - just let me know xxsmile

PinkPussyCat Mon 05-May-08 11:55:07

Hi Dizzy belated happy birthday for yesterday!

What, another excuse for cake consumption?grin

Hi everyone!!

Happy Belated Birthday Dizzy!!grin

Went to Camperdown today and it was fab! Hot and lovely and everyone was happy!smile
Home now for a BBQ!!!!

dizzydixies Mon 05-May-08 16:52:06

right girls, cairnie is officially open!!!!

will have a look at some dates and post them up soon

thank you for birthday wishes smile

Come on then dizzy - my mouth is watering at the thought of strawberry tarts......grin - so when????? CAT me if you like to work things out xx

tigz1985 Fri 09-May-08 20:20:24

hey there

just found this site n thought i wud say hello, 22 and 1st timer from dundee

PinkPussyCat Sat 10-May-08 08:19:16

Hello Tigz, nice to meet you!smile

PinkPussyCat Sun 11-May-08 10:16:31

Ooooooh have just come across this!

littlepinkpixie Sun 11-May-08 11:11:48

The strawberry cakes in the picture look really good. smile

Klaw Sun 11-May-08 11:49:58

Friday's are good mostly for me! Maize opens on 17th July.....

dizzydixies Sun 11-May-08 14:48:05

hi all, back from wkend away at wedding so will recover this afternoon and start throwing dates at you for Carinie tomorrow!

hope you're all well smile

Yipee dizzy - can't wait!!

Hope your wedding was good xxxx

Morning all! What happened to the sunshine??
SOOOOOOOOOO tired this morning and LO jumping around like crazy. xx

Hope everyone else is good smile

Klaw Wed 14-May-08 10:23:55

We've got sunshine in Angus.... <<gloats>>

Send some here klaw!!!envy

dizzydixies Sat 17-May-08 07:46:10

morning all!

first visit of the summer to cairnie yesterday afternoon and it was lovely

we really must set about agreeing on that date for a meet up smile

I agree dizzy - the sooner the better!! Maybe we better watch the weather reports for the next month though...sad - is it going to stay nice???

Are you organised for LO dizzy - I am so NOT!!sad

dizzydixies Sat 17-May-08 14:54:40

minipink having only just accepted that this is all happening I think we can safely say I'm not lol!! May is too busy so will set about it in June grin

jamtastic Wed 21-May-08 12:40:34

Hi, sorry I'm not contributing to the thread, but I do try to keep up with it most weeks.

Would love to be part of Cairnie meet up but can only manage school hols (30 June onwards) or w/ends as have a LO in P1.

Hi jamtastic - good to hear from you smile

Maybe we will have more than one trip to Cairnie - one soon and one later wink

What about dates dizzy?

PinkPussyCat Thu 22-May-08 13:50:20

Hi all, I keep losing this blummin thread, it's so frustrating!

Really looking forward to Cairnie. Two visits sounds like a good idea to me too!

I was wondering if any of you local ladies know of a shop or baker's (in either Perth, Dundee or St Andrews) which sells cake decorating stuff, sugar flowers and suchlike. I have been asked to make a cake for PIL's Ruby Wedding (eek!)

Hope everyone is well and the bumps are behaving themselvessmile

dizzydixies Thu 22-May-08 19:59:03

pinkpussycat the celebration station in Perth is fab and the staff in there are lovely and will help you with anything you need

can point you in direction of a few good websites too if you like or do you want to see it first? smile

minipink am still muddling with my final few shifts but will have a look at dates asap

anyone with any suggestions throw them in the ring smile

building a stupidly large climbing frame for our stupidly small garden today - well when I say building, dh (when he gets home) and friend are building it whilst I sit here and MN grin

PinkPussyCat Fri 23-May-08 13:15:29

Ah Dizzy, I knew I could rely on you to know about the cake industry!grin

That's great, I've got the address from the website and will be heading out there tomorrow, Many thanks!

dizzydixies Sat 24-May-08 17:27:39

rght, been at cairnie farm again today - they had lemon drizzle muffins so if that doesn't encourage some of you to throw some possible dates at me I don't know what will grin

p.s - they have no more left today so don't bother popping down if you're reading this grinwinkblush

OK dizzy - Thursday 5th June or Sat 7th or Sun 8th or thurs 12th June or Fri 13th or Sat 14th or Sun 15th ????????????{wink]

Hi all

Hopw you are well. Glad to see we're making some progress on the Cairnie day out. I can pretty much do any day but Sundays, thats our family day when dh isn't working.

Also the 15th is Fathers day and don't think he'd appreciate being left or maybe he would grin

I've never been to Cairnie before so what is there to do and is it a whole day or couple of hours thing? Also is the parking easy? I tend to stress about the little things like that and i'll back out of comin sad god i sound like a nutter now hmm

Ta ta for now


dingdong05 Mon 26-May-08 11:13:16

Hey Jenny,
Cairnie is a fruit farm that has a mega maize maze (which won't be up to much at this time but it's still a wee walk) and there's trampolines, giant haystacks (not the wrestler I'll leave that to see if anyone is old enough to pick up the ref lol) a huge sand pit, go carts... loads of stuff for kids to do, and there is a rather nice cafe you may have heard some going on about And there's loads of parking. If the car park at the front is full they use the field across the road, so no worries! You could easily spend and afternoon there, or even a whole day and they don't give you gyp if you bring a picnic.

dizzydixies Mon 26-May-08 17:47:43

maize maze isn't ready until july 17th but the strawberries are up and nearly ready for picking

for those who don't know what we're talking about look here

cairnie fruit farm

PinkPussyCat Tue 27-May-08 11:57:48

Dizzy I went to Celebration Station in Perth on sat - got there at 3.30pm to find they close at 3 on Saturdays!! Grrr..... But it looks great, thanks for the recommendation!

However, there's an excuse for more shopping now!

dizzydixies Tue 27-May-08 22:15:23

oh no PPC am sorry I don't know their opening house - sorry for your wasted journey
they are lovely and very helpful though

they made my wedding cake and dd1's birthday cakes the past few years and all have been very nicely done and delicious too grin

Am trying not to go in so much as I keep getting ideas above my station and buying all sorts of exotic cake making things blush

dizzydixies Tue 27-May-08 22:15:47

also remembering that there is a lakeland in perth too which is FAB!!!

Morning all - ARRRGH!!!!!!! Bloody rain again!!!!!!angry

Well it just meanns that I have to finish my bedroom today - put it back together again after DH decorated yesterday !! Ah well must get on xxx

dizzydixies Wed 28-May-08 10:19:26

minipink where on earth do you find the time?!?!?!?

PinkPussyCat Wed 28-May-08 11:47:03

Hey Dizzy you weren't to know! Sorry if that sounded really ungrateful it wasn't meant that way at all! All it means is I have another excuse to go Perth shoppinggrin

Re Lakeland - It's my favourite shop of them all, could spend hours mooching about in there.

How's the bump? Been behaving I hope!wink

dizzydixies Wed 28-May-08 11:52:35

no no, not taken in that way at all its just the minute I read it I seem to remember that being the case and I can't believe I didn't tell you!

all well with us thank you, getting pummled this morning just for good measure grin

sodding rain has ruined my notion of a mooch round the town this morning while girls are at nursery, have spent morning online internet shopping instead blushgrin

PinkPussyCat Wed 28-May-08 13:10:24

There's only one word for this weather and that's pish of the highest order.

I got soaked running from my car to Tesco's this morning (the usual story - P+T spaces full) Mind you, I can't remember when it rained last. As dh says, "Must grumble!"grin

dizzydixies Wed 28-May-08 14:51:25

to tell the truth I had a shower this morning but couldn't be arsed washing my hair as I knew I was going to get soaked with the nursery run and swimming lessons - sod it, I look like a scarecrow but find people are more tolerant when this pregnant grin

PinkPussyCat Wed 28-May-08 15:13:13

Oh, I absolutely loathe getting my hair wet in the rain - it goes all greasy when it dries off. No point in going to any effort in this weather! How is the bump doing anyway?grin

dizzydixies Wed 28-May-08 15:15:45

bump doing fine, thats me 31wks now shock I suppose I should accept the fact that I am actually pregnant and not full of wind and I'd better start doing something about it all grin

PinkPussyCat Wed 28-May-08 15:35:51


And there was me thinking you'd just had one too many strawberry tarts!wink

Aww, it's very exciting though. Are you booked in at Ninewells then?

dizzydixies Wed 28-May-08 15:41:35

it may yet come out as a strawberry tart grin

yes, ninewells again for my sins lol

they've been very good to me both times so am fine with it to be honest and apart from earlier complications am keeping well now smile

PinkPussyCat Wed 28-May-08 16:21:01

If you've had 2 complicated births already then I'm sure you will have a lovely spontaneous, quick labour with only entonox for analgesia followed by a normal delivery, no stitches and a 6hr discharge?

(That's all research-based, obv!wink)

Fingers crossed all roundsmile

dizzydixies Wed 28-May-08 16:22:46

thank you - am sure you'll hear me either way grin

PinkPussyCat Sat 31-May-08 13:44:36

<pops head round door and peers in>

Is it just you and me here now Dizzy?

<brushes tumbleweed off ankles>

I'm heregrin

Just been enjoying the beautiful sunshine today.....I want to go to Cairnie on a day like this - ok? Can we arrange that?wink

Hope everyone is well. xx

PinkPussyCat Sat 31-May-08 18:07:36

Hi minipink!

I can do virtually any date in June btw. Should probably have said that earlier! Dizzy make sure you pre-book some sunshine for us too!

What a gorgeous day it's been!

PinkPussyCat Tue 03-Jun-08 11:51:42

Ok update...

I can do any date in June apart from 14th, 15th, and 28th!

dizzydixies Tue 03-Jun-08 22:35:39

Ladies, sorry not been on, farking work gettin in way of MNing - cheek of it shock

only have Sat, Sun and Mon left at work then its cairnie all the way grin

I went to Cairnie on Monday with dd and ds and sil and her 2 LO's - it was a bit chilly at first but it brightened up! We had a great day.....looking forward to doing again soon!grin

Ok - where is everyone on this thread? Please come back or I'll be going to Cairnie on my own!!sad ....and at this rate I'll probably be bringing new LO with me smile

PinkPussyCat Tue 10-Jun-08 11:26:21

Fear not...

I am STILL HERE too!grin

And my tummy is rumbling!

Klaw Tue 10-Jun-08 11:56:33

I'm here too!

dizzydixies Tue 10-Jun-08 12:19:16

am finished work too girls so all we need is a bit of sun and a date!

Klaw Tue 10-Jun-08 12:50:15

I just did a weather check for friday, but it's not promising.... sad Was going to say let's try Friday and see who can come.....

What about next week? xxxI'll go check weather xx

dizzydixies Tue 10-Jun-08 17:46:08

next week I can only do Tues or Thurs and would manage to be there at about 1.30 after I collect girls from nursery

I've got dancing lesson on Mon, swimming on Wed, consulatant and scan for me on Wed, school open night on Tues and enjoy-a-ball on Friday

rocknroll in the house of dixie you know grinwink

Klaw Tue 10-Jun-08 18:26:17

What about Tuesday then?

I don't get back to fetch dd from Play group till 1.45pm on Thursday as I'm on BF volunteer duty so won't want to turn around and hot foot it over to Cairnie, I'm afraid...

dizzydixies Tue 10-Jun-08 20:01:25

Tuesday actually suits me best as DH on early shift so will have the girls all afternoon till he gets home, Carinie will provide a very welcome location to set them loose grin

Wow - we're getting somewhere!!grin

I can do Tuesday as well but have dd finishing school at 3pm - could let her have pm off as a treat with mummy before baby comessmile

PinkPussyCat Wed 11-Jun-08 12:58:10

Oh Gawd

Tuesday is probably the only day next week I can't do.

Sorry to be awkwardsad

dizzydixies Wed 11-Jun-08 15:31:34

ah nooooooooooooo PPC!!! what about thursday then everyone?

or we could go twice lol wink

2blue Wed 11-Jun-08 16:48:56

Lol dizzy you really are keeping them in business aren't you?grin

I can do Thursday!

PinkPussyCat Wed 11-Jun-08 16:55:08

Hmmmm.... Think I prefer PPC. (was pondering a namechange)

dizzydixies Wed 11-Jun-08 16:58:25

no pinkpussycat - keep it, am just lazy blush

right thursday an option then?!?

2blue - they love me down there, well they did till I bought a season ticket and have practically moved in grin

PinkPussyCat Wed 11-Jun-08 17:45:51

Dizzy what I meant was I was thinking of changing to a shorter name, hence the "2blue" post!

But i'm definitely more pink than blue. That's that settled then!

PinkPussyCat Wed 11-Jun-08 17:47:18

So is it going to be Thursday then? Am I allowed to get excited yet?

Klaw Wed 11-Jun-08 19:12:14

hmm I can't really do Thursday.....

dizzydixies Wed 11-Jun-08 19:30:50

Saturday 21st anyone? smile

dizzydixies Wed 11-Jun-08 19:31:52

or Sunday 22nd

it opens at 10am am sure smile

PinkPussyCat Wed 11-Jun-08 19:40:51

Aye we'll be beating the door down to get in!

21st/22nd fine for mesmile

dizzydixies Wed 11-Jun-08 19:43:10

I can do either too - now where is Klaw and minipink?!

It has to be a day when they can both come as minipink is getting a bit too close for my liking and will only be happy if Klaw and her expertise can be there grin

PinkPussyCat Wed 11-Jun-08 19:46:49

Oh cripes!

Och I'm sure with our collective experience we could get her sorted out nae bother if anything happenswink

Klaw Wed 11-Jun-08 19:47:40

Don't think there are any problems with 21st or 22nd....

<<wracks brains >>

dizzydixies Wed 11-Jun-08 19:48:05

will just have to distract her from the trampolines I suppose grin

remember though, stealth is NOT on my side at moment either blushgrin

PinkPussyCat Wed 11-Jun-08 19:50:02

Hehe we will need some subtle way of recognizing one another... what about a smattering of Greggs paper bags under the buggy? A nonchalantly-placed fruit shoot?

dizzydixies Wed 11-Jun-08 19:51:44

I think minipink and our huge bumps might be a tad obvious!!!!!

shall have the girls eating sausage rolls and swigging on fruit shoots just to make sure there is no mistake grin

PinkPussyCat Wed 11-Jun-08 19:53:45

Ah yes I was just thinking 'step AWAY from the trampoline' when you mentioned it then.

PinkPussyCat Wed 11-Jun-08 19:55:18

Ok must go and eat something I am Hank Marvin

Will check back later on progress!smile

Hi all - have just done huge post on other thread so I will attempt to paste details here....spent last night in hospital!
I just got home from hosp an hour ago after going in at lunch time yesterday.
Long story - short version.....had severe apin in right side and assumed urine infection AGAIN!! Got worse and worse so phoned and went down to FP - by the time I arrived was contracting every 5mins

Spent 4 hours in labour ward and things eased off...spent night in ward...started bleeding during night....errosion of cervix seemingly but 3-4cm dilated???
Klaw - you'll like this bit....saw fab consultant this morning who really listened and agreed that 1. it is big baby and so is making uterus irritable 2. perfectly healthy baby 3. rise in fluid normal for big baby and *BEST BIT* - 4. *I can have home birth if I hold on for 3 weeks and if not I can go to MLU*

Any way no trampolines for me....but please can we do 22nd? Got neices birthday on 21st.......and I'm going to have an extra large strawberry tart because I will be 40 on the 23rdshockgrin

dizzydixies Thu 12-Jun-08 20:02:05

right ladies roll up - who's up for the 22nd then?!?!?!?!? smile

Klaw Thu 12-Jun-08 21:50:23

ME!!!!! What time?

or should we be doing thsi in private for security..... ?

dizzydixies Thu 12-Jun-08 22:04:09

am on dizzydixies@yahoo.co.uk if we want to get the ball rolling

although am not overly worried about the threat of stalkers grinwink

Klaw Thu 12-Jun-08 22:34:23

yeah we could lose them in the maize or beat them to death with stawberries.........


dizzydixies Thu 12-Jun-08 22:39:07

maize maze not open till 17th july, I could just run them down with a go cart lol

PinkPussyCat Thu 12-Jun-08 22:39:10

OMG minipink are you ok?

Have things all settled then? Good to hear consultant was encouraging of your hb plans. I bet you'll have had this baby long before the 22nd though!

Hurrah for the 22nd - I'm in!

dizzydixies Thu 12-Jun-08 22:43:08

brill so we're all in and two of the girls from due Aug thread are going to try too, one from St Andrews - poppysocks and Hazie from Aberdeen lol

wonder if Cairnie knows whats going to hit it grin

if everyone wants to email me so we at least know proper first names

PinkPussyCat Fri 13-Jun-08 08:52:56

Fab Dizzy, will email you later on as gotta get out this house + ds shouting at me...

Great about the other girls coming too!smile

dizzydixies Fri 13-Jun-08 21:43:32

got your email PPC - anyone a tad worried re lack of post from minipink?

PinkPussyCat Fri 13-Jun-08 22:21:44

Yes just noticed she's not posted an update... Hope all's well.

I have got the PILs coming tomorrow<sigh>
Will have to get up sharpish and start tidying the house/hoovering/chuck out the 4-week-long dead flowers yadda yadda...
But do you know what the hardest thing of all will be? NOT SWEARING UNTIL TUESDAY! They are such nice people, but that in itself is hard going.... God I sound like right old bag don't I?

Anyhooo... Good vibes to minipink wherever you are!smile

dizzydixies Fri 13-Jun-08 22:29:06

oh no PPC, I am worse, I make mine stay in the Discovery blush

PinkPussyCat Fri 13-Jun-08 22:39:38

Eh? The travelodge?

PinkPussyCat Fri 13-Jun-08 22:40:06

Or the boat?grin

dizzydixies Fri 13-Jun-08 22:43:35

lol, whichever has a space in it as long as they're not in here with me needing constant cups of tea grin

I take it if they're staying with you they have to travel, mine are from N.I so got to love FlyBe for starting up the direct flights hmm

PinkPussyCat Fri 13-Jun-08 22:50:04

Yes they live just over the border in Northumberland, about 2.5 hours away.

We used to live/work in NI! Really enjoyed it there. Would love to go back.

Once ds goes from his tiny nursery (really our study - which we want back!) into the upstairs bedroom (currently a dumping ground with a double bed in) there will be nowhere for people to stay over - Hurrah! Off to Discovery with them!

Ok am off to bed now...chat soon!

dizzydixies Fri 13-Jun-08 22:57:14

lol, night PPC

Hi all!!


Waters broke at 3.45am Friday morning at home - Niagra falls didn't have alook in. No contractions but made way to FP - leaving pools of water on the way - had to go to triage on ward 2 and still had no contractions till 8.45am. Asked to be taken down to labour suite at 9.15am and our baby girl arrived at 9.35amshockgrin

I was so relieved to be at FP and to all the staff. The baby's heart rate went right down at end and she was whisked way by baby docs - thankfully though she recoved very quickly and we are now home and she is beautiful and feeding well.

So at 35 weeks she was born and weighed 6lb 5oz grin No stitches and no pain reliefgrin

So can I still come on the 22nd dizzy and bring baby too??? Oh we are still debating her name so will let you all know as soon as we dogrin
Hope everyone else is well - I will catch up later smile

dizzydixies Sat 14-Jun-08 20:27:10

shock OMG lady congratulations!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to meet her and cannot believe you are all done and posting grinshock

if you bring her I'll be delighted as will get to sniff cuddle wee one whilst you chase after mine grinwink

I bet the dc are delighted - am glad after your worry you didn't have a hard time and hark at them and their 'big' baby hmm

well done you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi have put one photo of new baby on profile but will post more tomorrow xx

Klaw Sun 15-Jun-08 12:52:14

CONGRATULATIONS Minipink!!! Can't wait to see you and your lo!

Dizzy, this means she CAN go on the trampoline if she wants!

<<not that the mother hen in me would condone it, I'd be making sure she was well rested and putting her feet up at every opportunity, ie protect that pelvic floor at all costs!>>

dizzydixies Sun 15-Jun-08 18:09:37

harumph - only me not allowed on them then sadenvy

Klaw Sun 15-Jun-08 18:15:43

Well...... actually my rubbish pelvic floor means I'm not allowed high impact 'sports' so I'm not 'allowed' either.

At least not without some industrial strength Tena ladies sad

dizzydixies Sun 15-Jun-08 18:57:42

no trampolines it is then smile

Baby has a name now - Abbie Susan and I've posted a couple more pictures grinxx

Klaw Sun 15-Jun-08 23:10:39

Awww bless Minipink!!! Abbie is just beautiful! Perfect! grin

PinkPussyCat Mon 16-Jun-08 09:23:27


Delighted to hear about Abbie's somewhat speedy arrival... She is just scrummy!

Looking forward to the 22nd even more now!

dingdong05 Mon 16-Jun-08 14:13:33

Congratulations MPS! She is a little honey with a great name

BTW I went to cairnie the other week and whilst everything else was there the maze was still under wraps (literally in some bits lol) They had a pre maze price too, which was a bonus. I got some lovely staws and tayberry jam which made up for the fact we didn't have a chance to get to the cafe- although only just...

PinkPussyCat Mon 16-Jun-08 14:39:31

Hi Dingdong! Long time no hear....

You coming on the 22nd?

Klaw Mon 16-Jun-08 18:49:12

Hey Dingdong! So, are you coming to Cairnie on the 22nd?

Has everyone got transport? Anyone need a lift?

dizzydixies Mon 16-Jun-08 19:54:52

Am fine for transport but thank you klaw smile

dingdong05 Mon 16-Jun-08 22:29:28

Hello everyone! I'd love to come to Cairnie on Sunday (it is sunday, isn't it? Counts on fingers...) It would be great to meet you all, and see klaw again, of course. I would be in need of a lift though, if anyone has space for the 2 of us... I did cycle to clatto today (finally started tackling hills, lol) but I think cupar is a bit far for me at the mo
I'm glad I stopped by here just in time to tag along!

Klaw Mon 16-Jun-08 23:01:14

Dingdong, I could pick you up on way through if you wish, email me to arrange meeting place. OK? grin

My car is a complete tip, a piece of junk, makes some funny noises, has no air conditioning, or stereo,

if you don't mind that.....

dizzydixies Tue 17-Jun-08 09:02:19

the other option is my fiesta which has two car seats in the back so room in passanger seat or boot grin

what a choice for dingdong lol

dingdong05 Tue 17-Jun-08 14:42:23

Gosh, so many choices... an impossible choice! Especially since klaw has talked her car up so much lol
Would it be easier to go with the car seats? J is 4 so would he fit? I do have a seat for him (for just such an occasion ) The other thing is, do I have to go in the boot?

dingdong05 Tue 17-Jun-08 14:53:37

Also, have you guys decided on a time?

Hi all - I am also keen to know what time on Sunday. Are we taking picnic lunch for LO's? Of course we will all be having strawberry tarts grin

Anyone heard form *Jennyfrom the block* formally known as HOOHOO? She is also in Auchtermuchty but not too sure where. I could try to track her down as I know she said she wanted to come smile

dizzydixies Tue 17-Jun-08 21:18:57

am pretty sure it opens at 10am and seeing as mine get up at the crack of dawn anyway I can be there for 10am - doesn't matter if thats too early for some though

shall also probably be a lazy slattern and just buy them a baked potato whilst there - am on least effort required mode at the moment!!

dingdong am not sure if he would fit between the seats, I think your best bet is Klaw and me as a back up grin

Klaw Tue 17-Jun-08 23:26:48

I doubt I'll be there for 10!!! 11 might be closer.... Dingdong, please just email me to arrange pick up time, You can sit in the front, or the boot, and your ds can have his car seat in the back with dd.

Obviously, I'll be drivign through Dundee so it's no problem to stop and get you.

Surely Dizzy is on the south side of the water?

I will probably be closer to 11.30ish depending on baby feeds etc. I will bring something for LO's lunch as they ususally just like to pick when they are playing.

I know this is probably a daft question (it'll probably be obvious) but how will we know each other??

I am coming with dd age 5 ds age 10 and ds age 2 and of course new little baby.grin

dizzydixies Wed 18-Jun-08 16:12:50

11am is fine for me too - am never anywhere exactly when I say I'll be blush worse now that am getting slower!

minipink - I think we'll be quite obvious grin we I know I will lol

klaw I found a local lady who does antenatal yoga and relaxation at the uni - was chatting to her on the phone today, she sounds very nice and I mentioned your Dundee birth choices and she was so interested in it all I said I'd pass on her details to you smile

dizzydixies Fri 20-Jun-08 09:01:38


according to the met office and the BBC, sat is meant to be sunny but Sunday heavy rain shocksad

we went down yesterday and there was one shower which we piled inside for but it cleared up again very soon afterwards

I'm still up for giving it a shot? We could always retreat to Bonkers in cupar if it is absolutely chucking it down?!

PinkPussyCat Fri 20-Jun-08 09:07:07

I am still up for it!

Last weekend they said it was to be wet all week... and it was only a bit cloudy with the odd shower! I do think they like to exaggerate a bit on the ol' weather. I think we should bite the bullet!

Need directions, though Dizzy!

dizzydixies Fri 20-Jun-08 09:11:28

PPC here

tis very easy, come over the bridge and keep going straight down A92 towards Glenrothes/Kirkcaldy over 2 roundabouts - you'll see a big strawberry teapot sign grin on the RHS after the turn off for Balmerino I think and you'll turn left there

you want to turn left at Rathillet (don't worry if you miss it there is another turn just after) and keep following that road - Cairnie is after the big hill on the left hand side smile

send me an email if you like and we can swap mobile numbers etc just incase


PinkPussyCat Fri 20-Jun-08 17:47:20

Ooh thanks for that Dizzy... didn't have the brains to check the website [numpty]

I will email you once ds is in bed and I get peace to do it!smile

PinkPussyCat Fri 20-Jun-08 22:45:21

Dizzy have emailed you...

Night night the noo, I can hardly keep my eyes open!smile

dizzydixies Sat 21-Jun-08 17:23:30

ladies spent morning at castle green and afternoon in friends garden and am possibly a little bit pink for it!!!! better be nice tomorrow [meep]