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PinkPussyCat Wed 10-Sep-08 15:45:46

Welcome to the crisp shiny new threadgrin! The old one was getting a wee bit stoorie and dog-eared.

Have done my best to list all those from the previous thread, though some may have namechanged since then... hope I've included everyone - apologies to anyone missed.

LittleWee Pickle
Jennyfromthe Block

clayre Wed 10-Sep-08 15:47:17

singing in

clayre Wed 10-Sep-08 15:47:39

singing, duh signing

PinkPussyCat Wed 10-Sep-08 15:48:57

Hi again clayre!

clayre Wed 10-Sep-08 15:49:57

hiya, i really should keep up with you lot!

PinkPussyCat Wed 10-Sep-08 15:54:23

Yes you'll need to come to the next meet up...

Whenever that might be!

I am frozen today but refusing to put heating on so far. My 'mouse' hand is like lead!

<digs out gloves>

clayre Wed 10-Sep-08 16:04:20

lol my dp isnt letting me put the heating on till mid Dec, what he doesnt know wont hurt him!

where about are you pinkpussycat?

PinkPussyCat Wed 10-Sep-08 16:08:54

I am in Longforgan.
Remind me where you are clayre?

(What is it with men - they never seem to feel the cold like us!)

clayre Wed 10-Sep-08 16:16:26

I am in Dundee, he does feel the cold he's just bloody tight!!

PinkPussyCat Wed 10-Sep-08 16:30:35

Oh dear... Thermals for you then!

I put heating on yesterday...dh says not to worry about it as gas will be ripped out soon anyway....smile

Love the new thread...well done PPCgrin

bobsyouruncle Wed 10-Sep-08 17:11:59

Hello, I've been MNing for about 3 years and have been meaning to say hello to you all for ages blush. I'm in Perthshire and have a dd (5 almost 6) and ds (4).

bobsyouruncle Wed 10-Sep-08 17:12:33

ps. your new thread motivated me to join in grin

clayre Wed 10-Sep-08 18:52:00

hi mini and bob, i an gonna make an effort to keep up with the thread this time, i am pretty usless at this kind of thing!

Thermals are tempting!!

PinkPussyCat Wed 10-Sep-08 21:54:52

Why thank you minipink! <takes bow>

Welcome to bobsyouruncle! Always good to hear from new folks. (It's great what a wee bit of re-branding can dogrin)

dingdong05 Fri 12-Sep-08 10:41:37

Hey everyone!
Wow, I didn't realise there was so many of us on here! (By "us" I am ignoring the fact that I've become a part-timer )

We just got back from visiting my ds's dad and grandparents dan saff. Which went surprisingly well. It was capped off nicely with a visit to some friends before returning home, so all in all it was a grand week.
Has anyone else been to Thomas Land? If you have a Thomas obsessed youngster they would be like a pig in the proverbial. I will warn you about the gift shop though- massive Thomas merchandising overload!

And I add my well done on the new thread PPC [kiss]

PinkPussyCat Fri 12-Sep-08 14:32:45

Hello dingdonggrin Lol at 'dan saff' I had to read it a couple of times before the penny dropped! (duuuuh)

My nephew is Thomas-obsessed! Whereabouts is Thomas Land?

LittleWeePickle Fri 12-Sep-08 22:32:47

Hello all [smile} just thought I'd sign in and say hi to y'all - I'm in Dundee (Lochee if you're interested!) and am becoming terribly concerned at my addiction to MN.... oops shock

dizzydixies Fri 12-Sep-08 23:30:04

evening all, sorry for being absent - everything going to pot and housework and MN suffering the most, funny how only the lack of MN is bothering me grin

dd1 doing well at school
dd2 must be having another growth spurt as can't stand up still without falling over
dd3 coming on great and smiling away like a wee milk filled loon bless her smile

lovely new thread PPC!

Morning all.....YAWN!!!!

Abbie slpet from 9pm till 5.15am and went down again by 5.45am but I had to stay up to take ds2 to catch his bus for rugby. Now doing mn and having breakfast before taking ds1 to swim training....hmm Then...omg what will I do with LO's today it's sooooooooo miserable outsad

smile Glad this thread has wakened up again.
Hello littleweepickle smile

clayre Sat 13-Sep-08 08:50:24


Off to dancing with dd this morning then morrisons for some shopping then my dad was going to light his new gas BBQ but i think that may be cancelled!

Will have to get the paints out this afternoon or something to keep them occupied!!

hi everyone.
i'm near st michaels just south of dundee.

dizzydixies promised we could moan about the weather on here - is that right??

although i'm quite glad it's rubbish today as dh is taking the dc's out while i finish an essay and i hate trying to work when it's sunny.

PinkPussyCat Sat 13-Sep-08 10:55:02

Hello all, welcome Storm and LittleWeePickle good to hear from you bothsmile

Dreech or what. Typical Saturday weather! I ordered dh + ds out of the house this morning so I could have some peace as it will be the last opportunity for a while (dh is off to a party in a Glasgow hotel tonight and is staying over, the lucky dog! And he is working next weekend so this is my only chance to get a shower/breakfast etc in peace)

What has happened to Klaw?

Dizzy - RL is a bugger isnt itwink Glad you are all ok tho.

Clayre - shockSurely your Dad was jesting about the BBQ??

dingdong05 Sat 13-Sep-08 11:10:28

Hey everyone!
And what a lovely day it is too!
I was going to spend some time in my new allotment but that's out of the window. I guess its cbeebies, computer and walle books this morning
Has anyone heard of the story time thing at the rep on sat mornings? Is it any good?

Littleweepickle we all have had the mn addiction. T'is the reason I'm not on here too often, I get obsessed and then let too many things slide!

story time sounds good. i've not heard of it though.

envy of allotment. there are none whatsoever in north-east fife.

PinkPussyCat Sat 13-Sep-08 15:37:00

Haven't heard about Storytime dingdong, that would have been just the ticket for dh + ds this morning. They ended up going to the Antiques place at Abernyte, the natural choice of the 14 month oldhmm

Luckily for dh he fell asleep in the buggy so all was wellgrin

DD - What are you growing on your allotment?

Well today wasn't as bad as I thought. DD1's friend came round this morning with her mum and they took dd1 to Noah's Arksmile. Went for a walk in the rain with ds4 and Abbie and then made crispy cakes with ds4grin - good excuse to eat chocolate because licking the bowl can't be counted as REALLY eating chocolate can it?wink so it can't possibly spoil my dietblushwink
Abbie has been a wee darling as usual - as good as goldsmile
But don't days like this make you lazy? I've only done one load of washing and I should have made the soup I got the stuff for yesterday but that's not done yet...ah well tomorrow is another daysmile

Klaw(shouting loudly) Klaw KLAW,,,,where are you?????

littlepinkpixie Sat 13-Sep-08 16:02:55

Hello people smile

My DH took my oldest 2 (5 and 4) to the thing at the Rep this morning.
He said it was OK. There were about 30 kids there. Apparently it went on a bit long for some of the younger ones.

PPC - your DH is a brave man taking a child to Abernyte. grin I have never dared, the thought of all the damage a toddler could inflict on that place is too much for me!

I have searched mn for Klaw and she last posted on the 8th Sept and it seems she was awaiting on a call from a mummy about to give birth...in her capacity as a doula.

Good luck Klaw if that's what you're up to...check back in and let us know soon xx

PinkPussyCat Sat 13-Sep-08 16:11:20

minipink - That wasn't eating that was actually just tidying up!

Hello LPP! - Ds is a very good boy <preen> and not quite properly walking yet... so still able to do some of these things without having to get him out of his buggy. I don't think it'll be for very much longer though! Good to see you btw!smile

dizzydixies Sat 13-Sep-08 16:15:36

storminanEcup if yu're depserate for an allotment I have a top patch in the garden that needs ripped out so I can grow things wink

sodding horrible rain

tomorrow meant to be better - bloody better be, dh on an early shift so I'll have no car and cabin fever if we're stuck in

dd - have you read/heard about no-dig gardening?

barely any ripping out involved.
this is the time of year to put some compost down and let the worms work their magic.

bobsyouruncle Sat 13-Sep-08 16:24:42

Hi all, well I've had a good day today despite the weather! Dh has been spending time with our dc as he's off to Wales tomorrow to work for a few days, so I have been to the hairdresser - a nice long appointment which involved 2 cups of coffee and 2 magazines! Have just made chilli, as I'm off to my friends this evening for food, wine & a good catch up. May not be so chirpy tomorrow though, home alone with a headache and 2 dc grin - hopefully the weather will improve so they can at least get in the garden... Have a nice weekend everyone.

clayre Sat 13-Sep-08 18:42:26

The BBQ was cancelled, thankfully!

We had quite a lazy day, took dd to her dance class this morning then went and got some shopping then came home and pottered about, dd and ds have played quite well today so they havent needed much amusing which i like

I have caught dp's man flu so i'm going to lie ont he sofa all nite and let him get the kids bathed and in bed!

dizzydixies Sat 13-Sep-08 20:59:44

bobsyouruncle, I know how you feel, dh back on shift tomorrow so I'll have all 3 myself, please don't let it rain if there will be cabin fever and fighting all round - fingers crossed for dry - am not pushing my luck and asking for sunny!!

bobsyouruncle Sun 14-Sep-08 09:32:51

Feeling ok today despite the blue lagoons my friend forced me to drink last night grin no headache anyway, just tired but nothing new there! Dry so far, so hopefully my dc can play outside while I potter in my pj's this morning! May visit my mum and dad later, think I'll get dd to ask if we can stay for tea and pretend to be horrified before accepting grin What's everyone else doing today?

morning xx i am bf while typing so forgive lack of capitals or punctuation....

today i am taking ds1 to swim training and then home to do ironing and to make soup....hope it stays dry so dd1 and ds4 can play out,,,then back to collect ds1 then home to make tea.....

hope everyone else is going to have amore exciting day smile

dizzydixies Sun 14-Sep-08 12:33:29

have only just managed to get dressed shock not laziness I promise just one thing after another including dd2 being determined to kill herself falling down the bottom 2 stairs, sigh. Please tell me this is a growth spurt or am going to have to get her inner ear checked - she can fall over standing still ffs!

at least its dry, time to pap them out the back garden whilst convincing dd3 to sleep

Klaw Sun 14-Sep-08 13:01:10

Angusoids? hmm mind you can't think of a better word...

I'm still awaiting birth of WBA2C lady, we go see her cons tomorrow, maybe he'll offer a sweep. She's only 40+2 today so I would advise against it but I can't give advice as a Doula so will have to tread carefully. She's been having lots of pre labour stuff so I'm confident it will be soon, not sure how she will be feeling. It will be good to actually SEE her tomorrow, as we tend to communicate a lot by text atm.

Dd is enjoying playgroup 5 mornings a week grin

Ooop GP is about to start, am off to see if there are any crashes/good overtaking etc.

PinkPussyCat Sun 14-Sep-08 13:32:16

Erm, yes I did struggle a bit with a term for the Angus folkblush
Nice to hear from you tho!smile

Off outside whilst it's still dry....

clayre Sun 14-Sep-08 13:53:48

dd is doing a paint your own teaset, who thinks up these things hmm ?

helloooooooooooooooo klaw good to hear from you xx

i 2 am a gp fan - it was a great race xxgrin

dingdong05 Mon 15-Sep-08 09:47:06

Hey ppc, Thomas Land is in Drayton Manor park, and def worth the money. We spent the whole day there, and the best part was that J was big enough to get onto all the rides so there was no disappointed faces in our party
In fact he could get onto most of the rides in the regular theme park too- apart from the big scary ones!
The Fat Controller even came out to wave us off on our ride in Thomas, and he had the proper shape and every ting lol.

Hello storm! (what a cool super hero name ;) ) I am very about my allotment, I even got one just up the road from my house... (did I say I was ) Apparently the council have an obligation to provide allotments if there's none there you should picket! I'll fly in and picket with you! Oh, wait, didn't flying pickets become illegal in the 80's? lol

dingdong05 Mon 15-Sep-08 10:02:47

There's a page for this story telling think here
PPC lol at your definition of tidying up the mixing bowl... I concur btw
StormInanEcup no dig gardening?!!! I'm about to have to dig allotment over with some poo (probably- calling it manure muddies the fact that it is actually poo) ready for next year, so I will set my fork aside until I hear more about this wonderous thing...
Hey clayre, how old is your dd? Someone gave my ds a paint your own mug when he was 3- it's still in the cupboard
Klaw and minipink, what's gp? I simply must know, I'm feeling left out lol

clayre Mon 15-Sep-08 11:09:31

she is 5 dingdong, the set was for age 8+, she still has a paint your own breakfast set that she got for her 2nd xmas, i get the pleasure of putting them in the oven this afternoon and the paint stinks out the house.

dizzydixies Mon 15-Sep-08 12:14:34

dingdong - am thinking they're meaning Grand Prix racing but as am not a big fan am not sure!!!!

bobsyouruncle Mon 15-Sep-08 13:03:23

Well I'm at home with a sick ds today, although it could be worse, dd is fine and has happily gone off to school so I'm not stuck in with 2 sick children! I also had the good sense yesterday to do an online shop, so I don't have to go out other than for the short school run. I was meant to be working this morning though and had to cancel, hate doing that!

Hi all

GP is Grand Prix - sorry wasn't meaning to keep anything from you allsmile

Have spent the day cleaning and listing items for sale on ebay....having a good clear outgrin

DH phoned to say he will be going to Fort William when he gets home from workshock WHY???? To pick up a part for his beloved restoration project in the garage.....yes ... a carshock Sometimes I feel that I come second to that carenvyshockwink....although it's great that he goes out there and gives me peace to use the pc in the evenings and of course chat on mn smile

Oh meant to say my new hv is starting a bf support group here and has asked me to play a part in getting it going....very pleased as I am still considering training to be a bf counsellor xxxx

PinkPussyCat Mon 15-Sep-08 16:10:44

That's great minipink, good for you! There's no substitute for experience.

<wonders how on earth are you going to fit that in?>

dizzydixies Mon 15-Sep-08 16:13:11

PPC was just thinking the exact same thing, I am now thinking she uses older dc as child labour grinwink

well done you minipink and if you have one of those watches that Harmionie had in Harry Potter please share on occassion grin

horrible over here now, at least it stayed dry for the there and back school runs

PinkPussyCat Mon 15-Sep-08 16:16:30


Dry here now, but all round keech-ness prevailing....

mps - who are you thinking of training with?

Don't know yet? Klaw gave me some ideas ages ago but I will have to look into it again xx

dizzy and ppc lol at you two grin

no child labour in this house - I wish - not even dh labour hmm just lots of lists and routines and the feeling most days that it's goundhog day shock That's why it will be good to do something for me...blush....to help others....but for me too IYSWIM xx

i'm in my 2nd year of the nct course and it definitely fees like 'me' time studying and going to tutorials.
i really rely on dh being supportive though.

I found the shiny new thread!! Hi everyone not been around as its been a bit hectic around here, plus my laptop broke so have thrown DH off his computer for some mn time.

Jenny your little boys are so lovely and they seem so quiet and well behaved smile wish Mackenzie wasenvy

bobsyouruncle Wed 17-Sep-08 10:36:32

Morning, how is everyone today? My dh is home from his working trip to Wales sometime today, thank goodness! dd is at school and ds at nursery this morning, and my plan is to do some housework today and cook something nice for dinner. The idea is that dh comes home to a clean tidy home, a nice meal and a happy family. He doesn't need to know about the chaos, grumpy shouty mum and pizza, fish fingers, chips etc for tea when he was away wink I can cope on my own honestly...

bobsyouruncle Fri 19-Sep-08 10:57:28

I've killed this thread haven't I?

PinkPussyCat Fri 19-Sep-08 15:16:20

Don't worry bob!

<<sneaks in to save bob from being thread killer>>

Nowt happening here... Feeling a bit scunnered because dh working all weekend and not off again till the following weekend. So the next two days will just be like any other. Pah.

On the upside... It hasn't pished down yet today - wahey!wink

tamarto Fri 19-Sep-08 15:30:53

Hello everyone, i'm in angus and have three children two boys and a girl.

PinkPussyCat Fri 19-Sep-08 16:04:17

Welcome tamarto! Always nice to hear from new folks. Are you new to MN in general or just to this thread?

tamarto Fri 19-Sep-08 16:12:53

Long time lurker, fairly new poster thank you for the welcome smile

bobsyouruncle Fri 19-Sep-08 16:16:07

oh thank god! grin you have my sympathy pinkpussycat as dh works away and weekends alot, it's a depressing thought on a friday I know! My dh is off all weekend for a change, well I hope he is anyway he may tell me different when he gets home... The sun is out here but my sister, who lives not far from me, says it's pouring there so I'm not too hopeful of my getting my washing dry! Hello tamarto smile

tamarto Fri 19-Sep-08 16:20:29

Hi Bobs, my DP just came home and announced that he'll be working all weekend sad still the money is always useful.

bobsyouruncle Fri 19-Sep-08 17:15:23

sounds familiar, I too focus on the money to get me though it wink

morning all and welcome tamatra

lol at bobsyouruncle killing the thread....no chance we're all here!!smile

going out to a friend's tonight for a meal and winegrin and no dc'sgringrin

Hello! Im a fellow Angusoid!

Already know Tamarto though (i think?)

Tamarto Wed 24-Sep-08 12:33:21

You do indeed.

How is everyone?

Klaw Wed 24-Sep-08 23:09:31

Hello All,

Welcome to the new Angusoids! wink Angus is cool eh?

I've been busy lately with my lady going into labour, a bit of postnatal work, Dundee Birth Choices and trying to declutter my house (not getting very far) Also my sis has just bought a new house and moved, so been helping there. Then I've been givign more time to dd, and ds has not been doing his homework so I've got to nag him....

I just don't know where the time goes.....

hope you are all well grin

Hello Missjennipenni - cool mn name grin

Klaw - hello, nice to hear from you again xxsmile

Well my new Aga Rayburn is in and running but still have no kitchensad....I know it will all take time but I had living in a guddlehmm

Abbie is doing great - she is laughing and babbling and she even turned over the other daygrin

Mackenzie is going to get an early nursery place after Oct hols - he is 3 in Oct but intake not till Jan and he really needs something more than toddlers, tumble tots and ME!blush

DS2 (14) was brought home by police after drinking with his friends angry - feel awful as he has never given me any reason to worry - now I am blaming myself sad

Hope everyone else is okay xx

Klaw Thu 25-Sep-08 16:36:19

Oh minipink shock at ds2!!! My ds is 15, I've had the police at the door when another local lad had been playing chickenelli at neighbours doors, only it wasn't ds and he was threatened that if he ever actually did that or condoned his friends behaviour he'd be in big trouble.. he's the eldest of the lads in the village so he has an example to lead....

Am wondering when the drinking and girls will start...... hmm

Hi all hope everyone is well.
minipink quiet and well behaved i wish its just a front lol. No seriously its all the icky bugs that are going about thats floored them.

Well my poor baby has the chickenpox , he`s being soo good too bless.

Also my baby is not really gonna be my baby as i`m 13 weeks pregnant and coming back for round four!!!


Klaw Thu 25-Sep-08 20:13:23

why will my child not catch chicken pox?

I really want her to get it before school so that she won't recall it and hopefully won't suffer too much either.

She didn't have any side effects from immunisations, hardly has any colds, so I've no worries about her ability to deal with these things [sigh]

Maybe she's one of these types who just carries the virus and doesn't go down with it...?

dizzydixies Thu 25-Sep-08 20:55:20

oohh congrats Jenny - hope you're keeping well and that your ds is better soon - nelsons tea tree antiseptic cream is fantastic for chicken pox if he skin is sore/itchy

minipink - am sure its nothing more than natural curiosity and now he's had a rollicking from the polis he'll wind it back in

am terrified about all that as dh is a polis and am pretty sure my lot are going to grow up thinking all of them are as soft as their dad hmm

Klaw Thu 25-Sep-08 22:15:39

OMG, I just saw about the chicken pox and totally missed the BFP, sorry Jenny blush

Wow Jenny that's fantastic ....hope you are well xxxx you must come round for a cuppa and a blether some time....seems daft since we live so close xxsmile

dizzydixies Sat 27-Sep-08 08:14:04

just me or is it getting a bit nippier in the mornings?!?

did I blink and miss summer sad

Morning - I've put a few pics on profile blush

dizzydixies Sat 27-Sep-08 17:38:37

she's just lovely minipink - nice to see you too!

MPS Abbie was a big hit with Kyle he talked about her for ages smile
He`s not used to girl babies tho...lol

Well i think winter is on the way it was so cold today, i couldn`t get a heat at all.

Fingers crossed we`ve had all the bugs our house is gonna get for a while. Its horrible when they are ill.

Hope everyone is well


i think i`ve added photos lol

great photos jenny xx

PinkPussyCat Fri 03-Oct-08 14:48:12

Hi all!

God I never seem to get time on here any more, ds seems hell-bent on acquiring a head injury or other major trauma since learning to walk....

Hope everyone is well. Hi to missjennipenni (love the name!)

Love the photos minipink + Jennyfromtheblock - Jenny Congrats on the BFP too!

Off for a quick sarnie while ds is asleep...

Hi all....where are you?

smilesmile Helloooooooooooooo???????

PinkPussyCat Mon 06-Oct-08 14:53:05

Hismile, I was just thinking I might have killed the thread!!

How are you?

dizzywitches Tue 07-Oct-08 20:11:37

Evening all, apologies for absence I haven't been on all that much and when I came on all my 'threads you're on' bit had cleared shock

am posting this to make sure its back in the list grin

dizzywitches Tue 07-Oct-08 20:15:06

so all is fine here. I got the all clear from the diabetic team so the GD has cleared up AND I've managed to loose 33lbs grin - that includes dd3 but am still pleased about it

DD3 had her 6wk check last thurs, when she was 9wks hmm and is now 14lbs 12oz bless her. Had her first jabs today and was a wee star about that too

DD1 looking forward to the holidays - apparently she can't wait to relax and put her feet up shock maybe Primary 1 is tougher than I remember. DD2 is coming on great too - her speech is hysterical at the moment but what an attitude she's developing - must get that from her father wink

so, now am feeling a bit more human is anyone else up for a meet during the holidays if possible? am thinking somewhere indoors though grin

PinkPussyCat Tue 07-Oct-08 21:29:53

Threads I'm On clears itself?? that's a new one on me!grin

Good to hear from you Dizzy, My time on here has been tragically cut back since ds started walking. Inconsiderate of him or what?wink

Good to hear you are finished with the diabetic malarkey.... How are things going on the sleep front? Glad jabs went ok - ds has mmr/pneumo next week and I am going to make dh take him, I've taken him for all the others and find it so hardsad I always want to slap the HV. Can't bear it!

Lol at your DD "relaxing and putting her feet up!!" Bless. P1 must be tough going eh?smile

Hopefully will get to next meetup... Have got lots on in the near future but will do my best. It's typical though, you don't see anyone for ages and then suddenly everyone decides to get in touch. Also doing a few night shifts soon - worse luck!

Hope everyone else is well!

BlackPussyCat Tue 07-Oct-08 21:48:31


Just airing my new Hallowe'en name....grin

hello all xx would love ameet up in hols xx play place maybe?xx

bobsyouruncle Thu 09-Oct-08 15:53:35

Hi all, haven't "looked in" for ages! Hope everyone well? I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed as dh is working away this week AGAIN so I'm single handed for the school holidays. I actually bought a copy of "How To Talk... etc" today, the book that will change my life according to mumsnet wink Here's hoping! Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to a trip alone to the dentist tomorrow? grin

smile Sadly I know what you mean bobsyouruncle sometimes doing ANYTHING on your own is greatshocksad

bobsyouruncle Thu 09-Oct-08 19:24:13

I will definitely not be rushing to pick them back up from my mums wink dh is back saturday night, and definitely owes me some child free time on sunday smile - although it will be nice to do something as a family too! maybe go out for a meal sunday evening. Anyone else got anything nice planned for the weekend?

BlackPussyCat Thu 09-Oct-08 20:29:22

Lol Bobs - I know exactly where you're coming from - I had to go to the Drs surgery for a blood test recently (left ds with my Dad for an hour) and actually enjoyed a great chat with the nurse who stuck the needle in my arm, and found myself a bit reluctant to leaveblush

Enjoy the Dentist! (Hey - you get a nice lie down as well!!)

bobsyouruncle Thu 09-Oct-08 21:38:23

yes, and if I'm early I can read a magazine in the waiting room! Oh dear god how sad has my life become shock dh just called to say the weather is fab where he is envy - so I've turned the heating up wink

Klaw Fri 10-Oct-08 14:14:24

Hello all, just checking in to bookmark thread

<<and with a flourish of her cape disappears in a puff of smoke>>

dizzywitches Fri 10-Oct-08 17:08:34

lol a dull boring life, I was excited at going to Morrisons for a nosey instead of the usual ASDA the other day - now that has to count as MOST dull person on here grin

Bobs - hope dentist went ok?

whats with the farking rain?!? oh of course, dd1 has just started her 2wk holiday, thats what the pishing rain is all about!!

bobsyouruncle Fri 10-Oct-08 20:27:57

Dentist was fine, a short but welcome break smile Had a good afternoon too, my newly pregnant friend came over and we had a lovely long blether about pregnancy, babies etc while our dc played together/trashed my house. Feeling scarily broody now though envy. Then after a big tidy up, it was too late to cook so I took my dc out for tea smile. Really hope this rain doesn't last all weekend... Have a good weekend everyone!

Okay it is the holidays and typical ds4 is ill, Abbie has the snuffles and so do I...sad

Hope it wont last too lng ...when we going to have a meet up?

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Mon 13-Oct-08 11:23:49

Theres an art and jewellery exhibition at the Botannical Gardens till 2nd Nov. I'm planning to go

thought about it for today when the sun was beating down but now the black clouds loom so maybe not.

Is it sunny in Dundee? anyone?

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Mon 13-Oct-08 11:43:04

I started a cold last Monday night... still got phlegm to deal with sad[fed up]

wanted to go swimming with dd during hols [sigh]

dizzywitches Mon 13-Oct-08 22:31:35

dd1 puked all over science centre yesterday - apologies if you're going and dd3 prescribed on anitbiotics for her chest today

looking like a sterling holiday here too sad

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Mon 13-Oct-08 22:44:24

oh Dizzy [heavy sigh]

you've got your work cut out....eh?

dizzywitches Mon 13-Oct-08 22:46:02

lol, as long as its not bronchilitis - dd2 had that and it was a nightmare

can't believe its only day 1 of the holidays though - feels like we've been off a lot longer grinwink

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Mon 13-Oct-08 22:50:52

we're on week 2 already...........

dizzywitches Mon 13-Oct-08 22:51:35

no we're a week behind you on this side of the water, lordy help me at this rate!!

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Mon 13-Oct-08 22:51:54

would you try essential oils to improve situation?

many are antiviral, and antibacterial, etc

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Mon 13-Oct-08 22:52:54

lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus in burners to clear germs from room, aid breathing etc

dizzywitches Mon 13-Oct-08 22:53:06

am already on the case but thank you!

I think am paranoid about all things 'chesty' though as I missed dd2's bronchilitis blushsad

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Mon 13-Oct-08 23:23:05

I had Bronchiolitis once....

am a bit cautious now as I believe you're likely to be more prone to it once you''ve had it....?

Anyway, as I said, I started LAST Monday and I'm still hackign my guts up sad

dizzywitches Wed 15-Oct-08 15:25:15

thay told me that I had to watch DD2 as she would be more prone to chesty things having had it as a baby but she would grow out of it by the time she was 2-2.5yrs

she woke herself up coughing at 5.30am and of course this is the first time DD3 has slept through a whole night sad

hope you're feeling better scarey Klaw!!

hope dd2 is a bit better dizzy xx ds4 has antibiotics now for chest infection and on increased inhaler amounts xx abbie has snotty nose but chest clear so using saline drops....she is miserable though ...poor babysad

hee!hee!klaw - didn't even twig that was you....great october namesmile

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Wed 15-Oct-08 20:53:57

minipink, that's why the KLAW is in caps! PMSL!

clayrethechildslayre Wed 15-Oct-08 20:58:18

hi all, i keep forgetting about mn local, how is everyone doing?

I am counting the days till the school and nursery starts dd and ds are driving me mad, i thought i would be bored when i had no kids in the morning but i miss it now

dizzywitches Wed 15-Oct-08 21:27:08

this is just our first week of the holidays and am demented already blush

roll on the weekend, we're off to crieff hydro for a couple of nights

BlackPussyCat Wed 15-Oct-08 21:47:07

Hi all

Dizzy you lucky dog!envy How on earth did you swing that? Hope you have a fab time. Not been to CH but I've heard it's fab!

Lol at minipink not recognising Klawgrin... Hope you recognise me though!

BlackPussyCat Wed 15-Oct-08 21:48:11

(Ok I'll ease up on the 'fabs' thenblush)

dizzywitches Wed 15-Oct-08 21:49:09

its a bit of a compromise to be honest, that sounds ungrateful and I don't mean it to be blush

I was supposed to be going home during the holidays but brother and I decided we would go somewhere and stay in the self catering lodge and take the kids, spouses and my dad to try to cheer him up

I have to admit though that the 6hrs free child care swayed me a lot and when divvied up between us all its not a fortune

dizzywitches Wed 15-Oct-08 21:50:05

am hoping for a 'fab' time too grin

have you done your nightshifts yet? how is the wee man doing on his feet?!

BlackPussyCat Wed 15-Oct-08 21:58:58

Ooh yes I did a shift on saturday night it was great - I blethered for 12 hours solid! How sad am I at being so excited to be back at work?blush Was very tired + grumpy on Sunday though after being woken at 12 by the little shit darling across the street kicking a football up against his garage doorangry So I ended up with 3 hours sleep in a 48 hour period...not good!

How is dd3 getting on?

BlackPussyCat Wed 15-Oct-08 22:00:07

Oh meant to say ds is a bit steadier now! But still got to watch him like a hawk

dizzywitches Wed 15-Oct-08 22:01:26

dd3 seems to be improving thank you, amazing the powers of antibiotics although a little sad that she's had to be introduced to them so soon in life

I cannot believe she is 11wks old already - how did that happen?!?

I had a visit from friend from work today and it all sounds just as horrible as when I was there so really not looking forward to going back, its a long way off though and my numbers might come up grin

glad you enjoyed it - let me know next time Beckham is in the street and I'll nip round and puncture his ball wink

BlackPussyCat Wed 15-Oct-08 22:11:26

That's good to hear. Time is certainly flying in! She'll be onto the BLW before you know it

I heard lots of 'horror stories' from work when I was on ML too, but my first shift back was such a hoot that I am actually looking forward to my next one! It's a funny old life....

OK I am off for an early night I am knackered, nothing new there then...smile

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Wed 15-Oct-08 23:38:46


I'm getting very exited about a Study Day in Kirkcaldy on Friday!!!

Then there's training for the MSLC

And now I've been told about a seminar on Post Dates in a couple of weeks in Edinburgh

I'm like a kid in a sweet shop and want to do it all!

Still bothered by catarrh, not relishing having to go to gp for ABs, [prays that I get rid soonish]

babybear77 Thu 16-Oct-08 18:45:02

Thanks for the link dizzywitches....nice to have a local site! Hi all can I join. 32+2 1st baba. Living in BF ex-pat weegie....rubbish pregnancy. Knackered....

clayrethechildslayre Thu 16-Oct-08 20:05:55

welcome babybear77, congratulations on the pregnancy, not so good about the rubbish pregnancy but it'll be over soon enough!

Hi babybear77 glad to hear from you xxxx

My baby is 18weeks now and it only seems like yesterday that I was pg so believe me it will be over before you know it smile Take care xx

babybear77 Fri 17-Oct-08 20:22:07

thanks guys....
c x

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Sat 18-Oct-08 21:46:44

Hi Babybear77, welcome to the local area of MN.

check out the links to Dundee Birth Choices (shameless plug)

Sorry you're not enjoying your pg sad I loved mine and tend to forget about the sheer exhaustion, sore boobs, heartburn and then bad itchy rash at the end (PUPPP) wink

I'm desperate to do it all again!

bobsyouruncle Mon 20-Oct-08 10:52:31

Morning all, I'm enjoying a child free couple of hours as my dc are back at school/nursery this afternoon! Anyone else in same boat? Looking forward to a peaceful afternoon with no sibling squabbles too! I've been to Asda this morning and spent too much money, having time to browse at my leisure is dangerous! Did everyone have a nice weekend? We went to Sensations for the first time yesterday, my dc really enjoyed it.

bobsyouruncle Mon 20-Oct-08 10:53:43

back at nursery this morning I meant! Clearly the excitement is getting to me grin

clayrethechildslayre Mon 20-Oct-08 10:56:29

i'm with you bob my dc are back at school and nursery this morning and i have done nothing all morning but sit and enjoy the peace.

bobsyouruncle Mon 20-Oct-08 11:03:47

My dc were glad to go back too! Off to run round house tidying up before nursery pick up now. Wet and windy out so think ds and I will cuddle up on the sofa with a dvd this afternoon smile Enjoy the peace while it lasts clayre!

clayrethechildslayre Mon 20-Oct-08 11:13:32

thank you, the peace runs out at 11.30 , i think me and ds will watch a dvd too, its not raining but very windy here

dizzywitches Mon 20-Oct-08 22:40:41

bobs - dd1 not back at school till next Mon so another week to go here

had FAB weekend at crieff hydro, would highly recommend it if anyone considering it at all - we were like the clampitts on tour and took a ridiclious amount of stuff for only 2 nights but its that shitey time of year when you never know how many times you're going to get soaked or too cold

kids loved it and still a bit tired tbh but plenty of time to recover this week - esp if still chucking it down tomorrow sad

was worried wasn't going to get back over bridge this afternoon as was blowing a gale coming home from Arbroath (jumping joeys saved the day!!) and we still had the roof box on the car - made it no problems only to get out of car and soaked for about the 3rd time today!

morning all!! Just checking in!!!!

BlackPussyCat Tue 21-Oct-08 16:16:47

Aaaah Dizzy now I was under the impression you had nipped off to the hydro without children/just with dd3... that's why I was so envy

Pmsl at "clampitts on tour"grin

Dh has an annual leave day today which I conveniently coincided with ds's mmr/pneumo jabs. So he has been sent off to do the dirty deed for once - ha! I have taken ds for all his other jabs so it's deffo his turn. Not really looking forward to their return I must say.

Hope everyone is well!smile

dizzywitches Tue 21-Oct-08 20:51:47

no no Blackpussycat - in for a penny in for a pound with our lot grin not only us but the extended dingle clan with my dad, brother, sil and nephew too!

well done on the jab timing - very impressed with your cunning! hope the wee man is ok afterwards

two terrible nights in a row with dd3 so dh let me sleep on this morning whilst he took eldest two to do the tesco shop shock was 11:30 before I got up - god I love my husband grin

trip to singing kettle shop and ceramic experience this afternoon smile

bobsyouruncle Wed 22-Oct-08 10:41:31

Oh I my dc love the singing kettle, have got my tickets for christmas already! Not like me to be so organised, but after 2 years of sitting in the back row I thought I'd better try harder this year!

dizzywitches Wed 22-Oct-08 20:32:56

oh heck bobs, maybe I should've checked we could get tickets before hyping up the kids about it - am silly moo, esp seeing as due to dh's shifts we can only go on one day - we don't have a choice of shows

guess who'll be on the phone tomorrow morning blush

grin at Singing Kettle....when ds 1 and 2 were little I took them to every show and they loved it...ds3 went to a few....angry at me but I have never taken any of the LO's although we did go to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Snowman on recent Christmas's. Must try to take LO to Singing Kettle sometime soon hmm

Hope everyone is well....bloody awful weather for holidays...roll on Mondaysad

bobsyouruncle Thu 23-Oct-08 11:04:46

hope you got the tickets ok dizzy?

minipink I can't believe you're depriving your LO's of the singing kettle experience... grin wink

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Thu 23-Oct-08 20:44:33

In a former life I used to do the artwork for Singing Kettle products..............

Klaw you really are a multi talented lady smile

We have a new HV here and she is excellent - has started up BF support group and I am going to help her run it smile I have made enquiries re BF Diploma with NCT - it looks good - I will let you knowsmile

BlackPussyCat Tue 28-Oct-08 15:05:14

Just checking in... been quiet here lately hasn't it?

Mind you, there are some odd/funny threads on the go just now have been sniggering at some of them!

Hope everyone is wellgrin

bobsyouruncle Tue 28-Oct-08 20:42:36

ikwym blackpussycat, I haven't been posting much, just lurking, maybe it's because it's halloween grin

BlackPussyCat Tue 28-Oct-08 21:20:28


You should change your name to bobsyourLurker!

I do enjoy a spot of lurking myself... a lot of the time it seems everyone has said all there is to say, and you can just sit back and munch popcorn watch it unfoldwink

Morning all xxx smile

BlackPussyCat Wed 29-Oct-08 15:08:53

<<Lurks surreptitiously>>

geordieminx Wed 29-Oct-08 16:46:40

Hey ladies - apologies for the gate crash - was just wondering whether any of you stayed in or near the metropolis that is Arbroath. My SIL stays up there, and we are quite often up visiting - any recommendations for things to do with an 18 month old - apart from Divitos wink

dizzywitches Wed 29-Oct-08 19:19:45

ladies, dd3 has bronchilitis so been hectic, not forgotten about you all though

geordieminx loads of places - jumping joeys in arbroaeh is good, will get back to you with some more when I have a minute

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Thu 30-Oct-08 16:01:11

GeordieMinx, I'm not sure what to suggest as I live elsewhere in Angus there but have been to Jumping Joeys and enjoy a good fish supper at Marco's.

You could check out Angus Ahead listings

geordieminx Thu 30-Oct-08 16:06:29

Thanks guys, its not urgent, I was just wondering if anyone had any local knowledge or stayed in Arbroth. If all else fails I he can always go paddling in the sea grin

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Thu 30-Oct-08 16:10:34

Ah well, you'll need to go to Lunan Bay! smile

We could have a MN day out...... hwink

geordieminx Thu 30-Oct-08 16:15:38

Lunan bay is one of my fav places in the UK. grin

babybear77 Thu 30-Oct-08 17:32:54

hi everyone...somehow managed to lose you for a while! Am v knackered. Did anyone get pains "down below" intermittently when in late pregnancy (am 34+3) kind of shooting down my thigh on occasion....

geordieminx Thu 30-Oct-08 19:00:50

Pains? I remember them! They were affectionately referred to on out ante-natal thread as KNUF (knitting needle up fanny) blush

TexasChainKLAWmassacre Thu 30-Oct-08 19:21:03

That sounds normal I'm afraid, Babybear77.... weight if baby pressing on nerves

hello everyone.............

Afternoon all.....what a beautiful daysmile

I went in the garden with dd1 and ds4 and played chasing and hide and seek for a while but ds4 soon got tired and we came insad

ds4 has been really unwell for about 3 weeks and although the doc can find no infection he is running a slight temp and gets tired very easilly and is sleeping a lothmm...he is also complaining of sore legs and of being coldsad...not normal for a 3 yr old
doc says to take him back this week if no better and she will refer to hosp for blood tests etc I am so worried and keep thinking the worst....hope it's just a long lasting nasty virus........sadsadsad

PinkPussyCat Sun 02-Nov-08 14:22:59

Oh minipinksad Poor ds4, and poor you. It is so worrying when they're just not themselves. I hope he feels better soon.

Let us know how he goes. How are the rest of the crew?

thanks PPC

abbie is great as are other dc's. ds1 is swimming in senior championships this wkend and has made 2 british times so a step closer to 2012grin.....sad couldn't be there due to ds4 being unwell though....

PinkPussyCat Sun 02-Nov-08 15:19:04

Wow that's fantastic! Well done your ds1. How exciting for him to be aiming for the olympics!

Will keep everything crossed for ds4.

Ds is asleep atm, I am on mn and dh is on his laptop. Anti-social but blissful peacegrin

Hi all been ages since i've checked in.

I've been really stressed DS2 has finally been confirmed as having hearing loss really bad in his right ear and not too bad in his left ear. I'm gutted because this has taken nearly 4 years to get a full test done. The poor thing has been through so much. And the nursery want to keep him back another year but he really is so clever he doesn't need to. So thanks to the health visitor she is going to help me get him all the help he needs for going to school. Aargh nothings simple.
Now 19 weeks pregnant its flying in so far go for my scan a week on wednesday, where we'll find out the sex. Kyle wants a boy sister hmm lol I think however we only do boys!! Everythings gone smoothly so far so just need to get the 28 week cardiac views out the way then i can really relax or not!

My god that was long

Hope everyone is well xx

hi jenny glad you are well....not been on for a while and haven't seen you at school for a while....be sure to show me scan picsgrin

where is everyone? xxxx

ObamasPinkPussyCat Fri 07-Nov-08 14:03:48

Hi Jenny, good to hear from you. Sounds like you've got an awful lot on your plate. Lol at Kyle wanting a boy sister!grin

Minipink how is ds4? Hope he's better.

Not much going on here. Waiting for dh to come back around 10pm, he's been away on a course since Tuesday. I am getting fed up of my own company now in the evenings!

bobsyouruncle Mon 10-Nov-08 11:14:09

Morning all, how is everyone? Sounds like you're all having a busy and very stressful time lately!?

I've been up most of the night, ds coughing/wheezing, and tossing & turning in our bed most of the night! So very tired today and planning a quiet afternoon at home, ignoring the housework and christmas shopping I need to do... May even ask dh to bring takeaway for tea as my Tesco delivery isn't coming until tomorrow and the contents of the freezer are not inspiring me! At least I can have an early night tonight as I'm not working thank goodness.

hello all

sorry your ds has been unwell bosyouruncle hope things are better now

ds4 is giving me real concern - he is not ill and doc thinks he had a post viral thing but I am concerned about his behaviour and developmentsad HV has referred to paeds but I think he is hyperactive but does not have attention deficit...however, I feel there is something else going on...somewhere on the spectrumhmm....but aren't we allwink

hope you are all well.............what about a meet up before Christmas....maybe a play place?

hi ladies thought i'd check in and share my scan details with you all.

Its a boy!!! I'm so thrilled 4 boys i'm so outnumbered grin

His heart looks good no cause for concern, but will go back at 28 weeks for detailed views.

I have a low lying placenta so hopefully that will go away so to speak as i reeeeaally don't want a cs.

Consultant was positive too and is hopefully ds to be won't have to go to scbu.

After all the positive they could have told me i was having a monkey i was that happy lol!!

Got an excellent photo of his face straight its amazing.

Ds1 was kinda miffed it was another boy but is happy now we've said we'll put wall-e on the names list grin

Our only problem is what on earth to call the little guy!?!

Hope everyone is well


meant his face straight on blush oops

meant his face straight on blush oops

aw jenny I am sooooooooo pleased for you. 4 boys same as me.....grin boys are fab and they always love their mumssmile

please show me scan pic next week at school xx

nelix2000 Sun 16-Nov-08 17:18:15

hello ladiesgrin I am in angus..just stumbled upon the thread and thought I would say hello!....pregnant (13 weeks) with number 2, ds1 is 20 months old. My partner works in dundee so thought I would drop a line!

ObamasPinkPussyCat Mon 17-Nov-08 15:00:03

Hello + Welcome nelixgrin Nice to see you

Congrats on the pregnancy. All well so far?

My ds is 16 months. I feel I am never off the go and can't imagine having another! I have been on night shift all weekend though, so everything is an effort at the moment!

nelix2000 Mon 17-Nov-08 15:40:27

Hi, yep all is well so far lol!......as for DS1 I think we were blessed with a kid who sleeps through 12-14 hours a night, eats well, rarely tantrums etc...not PFB sydrome can I say lol....he is my reason for having another. I dont think I would have had the energy for a second if he was different. So knowing my luck I will be carrying his polar opposite!!!!!wink but I always wanted 2 so would prob have done it anyway!
Oh lord working nightshift AND a 16 month old DS? no wonder you feel exhausted! I am a SAHM so can nap when he does etc. Mainly i study tho as I am doing a degree via the open uni which is time consuming

ObamasPinkPussyCat Tue 18-Nov-08 14:04:01

Your ds1 sounds like a wee angel nelix!smile
I fancied doing an ou course at one point, but feel as if my brain has melted after having ds... I can just about manage to scrape through the day and do the odd shift, but to suddenly have to come over all 'studious' in the evenings... nae chancegrin

What course are you doing? <nosey emoticon>

nelix2000 Wed 19-Nov-08 09:28:37

lol they really do need a nosey emotion!!!...I am doing a degree in literature completed 1st year no worries. Had exams for half way through second year a month ago so awaiting results and am now completeing second year. Hopefully will be finished it before this baby makes an appearance!grin
DS is an angel...never screams around asdawink...............much

ObamasPinkPussyCat Wed 19-Nov-08 14:34:02

Wow! Literature eh? Dh always fancied himself as a writer and does some stuff for an american magazine now + again.

I am currently in the huff about John Sargeant leaving Strictly. Waiting to watch the live press conference on BBC News channel. I used to have a life.....grin

How is everyone else?

Hi all! Welcome nelix xx very envy of your course....I love writing and would love to do a book one day but my life is so full already that I think I may be 90 before i amnage it wink

I'm with you on the John Sergeant thing OPPC xxx

All well here....well mostly......blush,,,always some sort of drama with 6 bairns but nothing major!!!!!!!

Helloooooooooooooooooooo.........I can hear the tumble weed.....where are you all????sad

Hello im here briefly lol.

Well had Cammy at the King Cross Hospital today and he gets his hearing aids next Friday. My little boy is gonna hear the world!! grin shocked at how quick they are getting everything for him. But he was a little angel and let them take ,moulds and everything.
Innes is nearly walking and is a big bully to little Cammy lol so its a mad house at ours.
I however i'm just absolutely washed out feel really drained and very pregnant!! I'm also sick of the comments oh no girl, you'll be disappointed etc etc I just want to scream angry
ok moan over blush
Hope everyone is well.
MPS How's Mackenzie liking nursery?

bobsyouruncle Mon 01-Dec-08 14:53:10

Not been on here much lately sorry! I think it's a combination of a head full of christmas shopping (it's ok to admit that now it's 1st December isn't it? grin) and the fact the ds has discovered the Fireman Sam website and I can never get on the computer!? Hope everyone is fine and I will make more effort to check in from time to time!

dizzydixies Mon 01-Dec-08 21:50:51

me too! sorry!
mix of dealing with dad in hosp for hip replacement so been up and down the road a lot

all well though, fingers crossed! just have to do the Christmas shopping now

bobsyouruncle Tue 02-Dec-08 10:20:04

my mum had a hip replacement 3 years ago dizzy, big op and long recovery but she's doing great now! Think she may need the other one doing in the next few years though...

hi there...........

thought i was all alone there for a bitsad

Klaw Tue 02-Dec-08 20:52:21

<<Klaw sweeps in>>

Hello All..

Welcome Nelix, I am also in Angus grin

Sorry for short post last night. Abbie started screaming.... poor dolly has sore gumssad...strange thing is that Abbie might get first tooth for Christmas and Taylor has her first wobbly toothgrin

HiDizzy sorry to hear your dad has been in hosp...hope he is up and about soon. My sil had an accident when she was 17 that meant she needed a hip replacement when she was 22 and she had a second one at 30. It's amazing - you wouldn't even know.

Good to hear from you Klaw. What have you been doing? I am doing bf peer support training in the new year with a view to do bf counselling diploma in the future. bf support group in 'muchty is going well.

hello to everyone elsesmile

dizzydixies Wed 03-Dec-08 10:52:38

thanks bobs I think he's doing ok, the wound is infected but he's on antibiotics and home now so feeling better for that

minipink ah the excitement of loosing the teeth, DD1 lost a couple during the summer and thinks she's very grown up now grin sorry to hear about poor Abbie's teeth, have you tried Teetha powders? worked wonders for my girls

lovely to see you yesterday PPC smile your wee one is just a wee cracker, even DH commented and thats not like him at all!!

PinkPussyCat Wed 03-Dec-08 14:39:19

Hi Dizzy! I just popped on to say lovely to see you yesterday, but you beat me to it! That was a very nice chance meeting. And your dd3 is just beautiful, what a fab smilegrin

Aw that was nice of your dh, yes ds does look very angelic but omg he is hard work atm. I think he is starting the terrible 2's earlysad (Ponders whether that means they will finish early also...)<lives in hope>

Hi minipink how is ds4? Hope he's feeling a bit better.

Jenny How's pregnancy treating you these days? Hope ds2 is getting on ok with his hearing aids etc.

Hi Klaw Love the way you 'swept in' theregrin

And <wave> to Bobs and nelix Hope everyone is well!

dizzydixies Wed 03-Dec-08 16:22:43

thank you PPC and was utterly genuine offer for you to bring him over and have a play with DD2 - although not right at moment as she is lying on couch feeling sorry for herself having coughed up her lungs all day sad

maybe after Christmas though grin

Klaw Wed 03-Dec-08 22:32:15

Minipink, I'm a bit busy with MSLC, BF peer support and now three ladies expecting in Jan, Feb and March. spent a month emailing and on the phone to a previous lady whos birth didn't go to plan last year and I'm delighted to say that she has now dealt with her issues and her local KCND mw has been very helpful.

Dundee Birth Choices is struggling with getting bums on seats so we have to rethink what we offer. And we need to get more advertising out there, but with no budget that's not an easy task, plus the NHS are not keen to promote a non NHS service hmm

Supposed to be at Montrose tomorrow for a meeting about Supervisors of Midwives but forecast is NOT good. I expect to wake up to being snowed in and unable to go sad

DS has started his prelims and seems to be happy with his GF. DD is getting excited about Christmas.

I want to sleep and to be warm.

<<Sweeps around a bit for PPC>>wink

Hey Dizzy smile

dizzydixies Wed 03-Dec-08 22:35:57

am battoning down the hatches here too Klaw - should be fun with 3 kids bouncing off the walls hmm

Klaw Wed 03-Dec-08 22:38:42

your lo bounces off walls already? she is an early developer winkgrin

dizzydixies Wed 03-Dec-08 22:39:57

well DD2 was launching a ball at her this evening trying to get her to play catch so lordy only knows what tomorrow has in store [meep!!]


Klaw I am very interested in the Birth Choices group but as you can imagine it is a bit far for me to go when I have the 6 dc's to deal with.....how could I help from afar? Would it be possible to set up a web based support or information service? I'm afraid I wouldn't know where to start though as not that computer literate. We should meet up for a chat Klaw*.

....know what you mean about children bouncing off walls because it might snow....and that's just my big onesgrin

Klaw Wed 03-Dec-08 22:46:11

Can't wait to hear about it! grin

Seriously though I hope you manage to have a lovely day regardless.

dd spent a good while just traipsing round our little back garden while dp deforested his car this morning, and she wants to make a snowgirl, even checked out the cupboard for carrots.

Me? I just don't have the right clothes for cold weather sad

dizzydixies Wed 03-Dec-08 22:59:04

I would love to pap them out the back garden but dh didn't manage to lift the dog poop before the first snow fall angry and thats just not a risk I'm willing to take

DD2 wasn't great today with horrible cough/snot thing going on so we pretty much had a cosied up day infront of peppa pig - she's off her food so she's definately not right bless her

DH to be in work by 6.30am as they're expecting carnage on the roads - am not sure how they expect THEM to get in but hey, as long as they do hmm which means I'll be doing the school run on my own with all of them hopefully not knee deep in snow

Klaw Wed 03-Dec-08 23:09:39

It's started!

The snowflakes are fluttering down....

really don't want to miss out on meeting at Montrose but as I had to give up getting into dundee on tuesday I really don't think montrose will be a good idea...

problem on Tuesday was a bit of snow, a broken down lorry on the Kingsway and I believe there was an accident also but when I heard on Tay FM that tailback was as far back as Petterden I decided it was not worth sitting in it and doubled back

Give dd2 a squidge for me

dizzydixies Wed 03-Dec-08 23:15:22

radio tay are normally really good at up to minute info, its our best way to get it all across

we got caught coming back up road from glasgow on Sun night at Stirling, broken down wide load or something and that was cold enough

shall squidge her in the morning if you don't mind grin

Ok call me paranoid if you wishwink but are you not hearing me???? I know you 2 Dizzy and Klaw wouldn't ignore me...sad...feel like I'm in the same room but not involved in the chat........

dizzydixies Wed 03-Dec-08 23:20:54

I've just replied to you on the other thread sweetie, sorry

Klaw Wed 03-Dec-08 23:24:01

sorry Minipink,. just hadn't seen your post, but scrolled down and seen it now blush

Don't you worry about us, but the best think you can do is let people know about it that might be interested in coming grin

Dizzy I just saw your other threadsmile

I know you weren't really missing me outwink....when we gonna meet up guys?

Klaw Thu 04-Dec-08 00:05:43

yeah, when? grin

dizzydixies Thu 04-Dec-08 11:44:33

don't ask me I'm all over the place at the moment with my day - just pick a date and hopefully I'll be able to manage smile

babybear77 Fri 05-Dec-08 19:56:42

Anyone have any tips for grazed/cracked nips in a new breast feeder? I know i know it's all about the latching on but its too late for that now. Need to heal...quick smart. Am lansinoh-ing and airing at every opportunity. Also having some difficulty initially getting the wee chap on. Seems to want to turn his head in the opposite direction...very frustrating but once he's on he feeds like a dream. ANY advice or tips would be gratefully received. grin Thanks.
Baby bear x

Klaw Fri 05-Dec-08 20:28:09

babybear, you can also express a little of your own BM and smear it round your nipples, it is brilliant at healing and is also useful for conjunctivitis. Lansinoh is only other thing to use.

Apart from that if you find your bra and breast pads are sticking to your nipps and delaying healing then I'd suggest getting Beastshells so that in between feeds your nipples can sit in these and not be rubbing against fabric. The added bonus is that you can collect and store what leaks. As you know, you need to keep your nipps clean and dry between feeds. Maybe even taking arnica just now might help. Obviously you would need to take pillules as you can't put cream on broken skin.

The latch is the all important thing so keep working at making sure it's correct. Take paracetemol if you need to feed through the pain, and perhaps ask family to observe your latch and confirm if you're doing it correct. If it feels uncomfortable for more than the initial few seconds of latching don't grin and bear it, break the seal and relatch your LO, if he gets frustrated try to stay calm, he will learn if you keep refusing to feed on a poor latch.

How old is he? early feeders, ime, do tend to look in every direction before eventually latching, I think they're just learning to coordinate. He's not the only one.

Don't forget that the NCT, La Leche etc all have support lines you can call. Some areas of Dundee have Lactation support workers in their postnatal clinics so ask your HV if there's someone you can see.

Feel free to CAT me if you wish, if you want I could maybe come and do a house visit wink

dizzyjingles Fri 05-Dec-08 21:57:30

babybear77 I had terrible trouble with cracked nipples and swore by the activebirthcentre cream - I hated lansinoh with a passion

shall find you a link smile

this stuff

I cannot tell you how fantastic it is, I used it for all 3 of my DDs and swear its one of the main reasons I kept going

SantaKLAWs Fri 05-Dec-08 21:58:56

Who's free next Thursday afternoon?

dizzyjingles Fri 05-Dec-08 22:03:23

lol, just answered you on other thread

I could potentially be free on thurs afternoon depending on how much I get done during the week/ if DD2's cough has improved and if DH is in the mood to let me have the car

DD1 has her swimming lesson at 4pm though so I'd need to have the car back for that

SantaKLAWs Fri 05-Dec-08 22:06:48

I collect dd from playgroup at 12ish, so I can just go wherever we might like to meet up from there and that means those who have school kids could get away again for 3ish...

sound fair? sound feasible?

What does anyone else think?

dizzyjingles Fri 05-Dec-08 22:07:59

set the balls in motion KLAW!

I can't speak to DH as he is on lateshift but will discuss it with him tomorrow

sounds good girls xxxxgrin where????

babybear77 Sat 06-Dec-08 17:35:11

Thanks santaklaws...?CAT. Do NCT etc do home visity type things too or just 'phone advice. Midwife sugested just expressing form the sore side for 24hrs and even suggested using the milk in a bottle (GASP!). I'm a bit wary due to all the nipple confusion chat from all the breast-feeding w/shops and books....

Babybear x

babybear so sory you are having a bit of a hard time. I had a lot of probs with dd1 and it took perseverence and time to get it right. The latch is vital and a good midwife or bf supporter can help greatly. The NCT can offer advice over the phone and can put you in touch with a bf counsellor or support worker in your area. I am in NCT and am going to be a bf support worker but my training isn't till Jan ...although I have bf 4 babiesshockgrin Where are you? Klaw is trained and I know she will help if yu ask. To CAT means to email from within MN without having to display your email address to everyone.....details on home page. Please CAT me as well if you want a chat.....it does get bettr and is well worth it....I've had cracked and bleeding nipples and deep breast thrush so believe me you are not alone!!

As for nipple confuion... I am totally pro bf but sometimes usimg a bottle or dropper is a chance to allow you to get a bit of rest and allow sore nipples to recover....I had to give Abbie a few feeds from a dropper and then a bottle as she was prem but now she has no bottle at all so it doesn't always mean that bf wont get established just because you have to give a few bottles.

Take care honey and don't beat yourself up....ask for help and get lots of rest xxxxxxxsmile

babybear77 Sat 06-Dec-08 20:44:04

Thanks dizzyjingles ( sorry I forgot you in my last post) and minipink.
I will certainly get in touch....the breast shells are fab...must remember not to bend over though....have drenched myself twice today! MW coming back on monday so will try to get her to check my latching technique if the wee fella is awake. Falls asleeo v quickly when feeding and have tried the whole winding changing etc still manages 4 hrs in between and has gained wt so i guess he's fine. hmm
It's really good to hear all of your experiences. Best to speak to those in the know I always think...
BB x

babybear77 Sat 06-Dec-08 20:46:38

Klaw, he's only 9 days old....
BB x

Aw babybear...8 days oldblush....I've come over all peculiarhmm NO NO NO Minipink can NOT have another baby blushsmile Abbie is fab and almost 6 months now....it goes so quickly babybear...just enjoy xxx

SantaKLAWs Sun 07-Dec-08 13:09:37

Babybear, you could express and cup feed LO if you don't want to use a bottle. Is expressing coming easily to you?

Why not look at Jack Newman's videos as they are great. Although with a newborn I can't imagine you have much time to watch them wink

If you don't have CAT facilities then contact me at klaw at macmail dot com.

I am only a Peer Supporter so haven't the extensive training of a NCT or La Leche counsellor but am more than willing to help you in any way I can. All experience is very valued you see wink

SantaKLAWs Sun 07-Dec-08 13:12:44

as for meeting up, shall we do Junglee Fun, or would it be better to go over the water?

I have a six seater so could take another 4 with me wherever we go....

don't know where that is and don't think i would make it back in time for school?????

SantaKLAWs Mon 08-Dec-08 13:30:45

junglee fun is at City Quay. Is there a place at Cupar we can go to? I don't have to hurry back necessarily so am happy to bring people to Cupar and have my lunch there.....

Bonkers is in Cupar and that would be great for me smile

SantaKLAWs Tue 09-Dec-08 19:16:09

OK, should be able to get there for 1pm ish.


Anyone else?

Santaklaws.....sad I am not going to be able to make Thursday because dd1 has school play in afternoon. I was supposed to be going tomorrow night with dh and MIL and my mum was going on Thursday with my brother. However, school has limited the tickets so dh is taking his mum tomorrow and I am going with mum on Thursday. I really want to meet up and would love to do it on Friday if that was possible but i don't expect other people to change their plans for me.

SantaKLAWs Tue 09-Dec-08 19:46:02

Just checked my diary.... I could do Friday.... wink

yes thanks santaklawa.....just after 1? dizzy? anyone else?

bobsyouruncle Wed 10-Dec-08 11:20:33

too far for me to fit in around nursery and school runs, but have a good time smile

SantaKLAWs Wed 10-Dec-08 17:01:50

Bobs, we'll need to do a Dundee meet up soon to so hang in there.... wink

SantaKLAWs Wed 10-Dec-08 17:04:39

Have texted Dizzy....

SantaKLAWs Wed 10-Dec-08 17:05:32


DingDong? should text her...

PoinsettiaPussyCat Wed 10-Dec-08 22:09:38

I am stll here...! Managed to lose the thread <numpty>

Have been catching up. I think I will need to hold out for a Dundee meet-up, partly cos my parents are visiting on Fri, and partly as ds goes for an afternoon nap about 1pm. He's doing so much running about(knackering himself out) now that sometimes he can nap for 3 hours and still need to go to bed at the usual time! Suits me fine thowink

Dizzy - Meant to say thank you for that invite, you are very kind! One of these days I'll take you up on itsmile

babybear - Hope all is well, absolutely sterling advice from Klaw there. I just wish I'd known about the support that's available on MN when I was struggling to bf. Hang in theresmile

shock at minipink coming over all broody! Bless!

PoinsettiaPussyCat Wed 10-Dec-08 22:10:24

Oh yes what has happened to Dingdong??

SantaKLAWs Wed 10-Dec-08 22:25:16

Right, Dizzy can't do Friday but can do next Thursday. Can anyone else? Will try to decide on the day that MOST people who would like to meet up can do. so we've a choice of this Thursday (me and Minipink can do) or next Thursday (me and Dizzy can do).

Shout out girls, lets get this organised! I think we deserve a Christmas meet up grin

well just to add to confusion hmm i now can't do friday because dh's car has broken and he needs mine till mondaysad

can make next thursday though so let me knowsmile

SantaKLAWs Wed 10-Dec-08 23:24:43

Right then, me, MiniPink and Dizzy can do next Thursday, 1pm at Cupar, I can collect en route and deliver back.

Anyone else?

babybear77 Sat 13-Dec-08 19:50:37

Hi all,
Santaklaws, MW was out today and she is going to contact a breast feeding support worker. Altho apparently they don't usually come out to the ferry....so will see what happens in that regard, will be in touch if there's no joy (if that's okay). Feel that we're almost there but there's something subtle that I'm missing...if only those nips weren't getting grazed. But the wee fella is definitely getting the hang of it and I guess I am too.
Was considering popping into my works night out but mummy paranoia is preventing me. Is it bad that I haven't eft the house in almost 2 weeks? Anyways, back to the x-factor final...blush

having a winter baby it is hard to get out especially with first babies. try to take a walk every day - wrap up cosy with lo in sling or pram - the fresh air will help both of you and really does help to stave off the early effects of pnd xx take care babybear it sounds like you are doing great xxsmile

DeckHallsWithFIMBOughsofHolly Mon 15-Dec-08 10:29:55

<<Jumps in>>

Can I join in? I live in Norwich but I am originally from Dundee, my parents are still there and live behind the Invercarse Hotel, my pil live in Wormit.

Did anyone go to Harris Academy?

PoinsettiaPussyCat Mon 15-Dec-08 13:27:15

Hey Fimbo! <waves>

Welcome to the threadsmile It's ok, you don't have to produce your birth certificate or anythingwink

I am originally from Stirling (lived here 7.5 years tho), so didn't go to "The Harris" but someone on here must have.

Your folks must have a fab view if they live there.... you coming up for Chrimbo Fimbo??

Welcome FIMBO zzz glad you can join us xxx I come from Auchtermuchty in Fife and my friend lives in Wormit and she went to the Harris and another friend lives in Newtyle and she also went there grin xx

I have finished my Christmas shopping gringringrin

SantaKLAWs Mon 15-Dec-08 16:50:30

that Minipink is such a bragger!!!! envy

dizzyjingles Mon 15-Dec-08 18:22:48

Hi Fimbo smile
am originally from outside Glasgow so didn't got to Harris but if thats the one on the Perth Road I lived in halls opposite for a year whilst at uni - bloody school bell didn't help hangovers in the morning!!!!

now living in Tayport with the troops smile

Klaw, we're booked in for a carriage ride at 11.30 and then story telling before meeting the big man in red on Sunday smile.

nearly finished Christmas shopping, went in to town this morning to blitz it but kept meeting people we knew so ended up spending most of our time blethering blush

are we still meeting up on Thurs btw?

got to go, DD2 has apparently just drawn on the floor - I knew it was too quiet <<sigh>>

babybear77 Mon 15-Dec-08 20:00:49

Hello Fimbo,
I'm not a native either...know quite a few folks who went to Harris tho.
Wrt xmas shopping - all I can say is "the internet kicks butt". Moonpig.com is my new best friend! wink
The rest of this week is going to be spent receiving deliveries. Particularly looking forward to receiving our bushbaby cocoon carrier and my brest friend feeding pillow. When did I become such a bore hmm?
Just need to get wrapping...oh...and write the xmas cards grin
Can't wait to take the wee fella to see santa next year. Feel the need to purchase an embarassing outfit for the lo e.g. reindeer, elf etc. Ammo for the future smile
Thanks to everyone for the their advice. Bad night last night lo up and down like a yo-yo and me increasingly sore (and tearful). HV watched me feed today and the little bugger fed in a textbook manner. She doesn't hold out much hope of a BFSW so i may be in touch yet KLAW...she was v good tho and told me to call her if I was stuck. Fingers crossed. wink
Byee BB x

clayre Mon 15-Dec-08 20:13:27

Hi all, i've not posted on this thread for a while, hope everyone is ok?

FIMBO my dad went to Harris, but that was many years ago, he was 5o this year!

SantaKLAWs Tue 16-Dec-08 16:01:10

I'm still up for it Dizzy! Am away to call and book a story telling session for dd.............

I would like to still meet up on Thursday but dh's car is still sick....it was worse than we thoughtsad Also should really be back in muchty by 2.30 to see the man in red arrive at ds4's nursery party...sad.....sorry guys I have been wanting to meet up for ages but something always seems to come up. I do have a wee suggestion but don;t know if you guys would be up for it....hmm

How about you come to my house? You could come along about 12.30 ish if you like and we could spend a couple of hours chatting and there are plenty of toys for LO's......however, I do need to go to nursery at 2.30....I know that;s rude and cheeky...(come along for a while but please go away by 2.30 blush).....don't mean it that way....sad....and I wont be offended if you declineblush CAT me if you like xxxxx

SantaKLAWs Wed 17-Dec-08 23:00:27

I did CAT you Minipink and have texted Dizzy to see what she thinks... but no answers.

The only thing is now I've got the cold that dd had last week so not sure if anyone wants to be exposed...........

Sorry I have emailed you back now ......smile

Operation get US together moves into the New Tear blushgrin xx

{fblush} *NEW YEAR*.......TEAR.....see how sad I am xx

OMG can't type blush

dizzyjingles Thu 18-Dec-08 22:47:46

ah bloody hell, am so sorry girls blush I left my mobile in the car yesterday which dh took on his 6-3am shift and I didn't get back until about midday by which point it was charged but it was all too late

shall reprimand myself sternly sad

SantaKLAWs Thu 18-Dec-08 22:54:36

S'ok, we'll do something in the new year, eh? smile

I shall probably bump into you at Glamis on Sunday, Take your mobile wink

dizzyjingles Thu 18-Dec-08 22:55:52

shall do, if its charged and not in random car grin

we bought one at auction yesterday so was probably the excitement of having 2 cars that confused me

SantaKLAWs Thu 18-Dec-08 23:01:13

oooh <<jumps up and down with excitement, claps hands>>

Tell me more about it!!! Pur---lease!

Yesterday... so that was at Kinross yeah?

dizzyjingles Thu 18-Dec-08 23:07:53

no livingston - fleet & motibility sale

renault grand scenic. ex motibility with 17k miles and really well looked after too - dh was as cool as a cucumber whilst I was pathetic idiot nearly buying about 16 cars with flailing arm movements blush

SantaKLAWs Thu 18-Dec-08 23:25:44

ooooh, never been to Livingston, dp has....

sounds great, but then I know nothing about scenics...

maybe we can compare our auction purchases in the car park wink My Multipla is an R reg, with 55k on the clock and a few blemishes but it's lurvely!!!! I love it to bits! Pity it's not got the good mileage I'm used to though sad

babybear77 Fri 19-Dec-08 17:47:44

Any colic/refux tips? sad...that's all I have to say.

babybear xxxsad sorry to hear baby has colic.....there are many things to try and I know that recently hv prescribed gaviscon for lo at bf group,,,however, I swear by baby massage colic technique.....I will try to find you a link xxx

not good at adding links but try this.......or just put baby massage for collic in search engine xxsmile

[[www.sjowers.f2s.com/sjowers.co.uk ]]

babybear77 Sun 21-Dec-08 19:01:18

HV gave me massage sheet - he went mental! So we abandoned that. Think there is definitely an element of reflux so will prob get some gaviscon tomorrow...

SantaKLAWs Sun 21-Dec-08 19:14:44

cranial osteopathy? chiropractor?

Homoeopathic remedies?

Massage can be very beneficial but baby is not always receptive, try again when he is calm and happy, find a class you can go to for guidance

Found Infacol etc next to useless, imho

babybear77 Mon 22-Dec-08 18:21:26

Have colicynth? and chamommila - not done much thus far. We think he has reflux so have got prescription for infant gaviscon. Anyone any experience of it? Have been advised to express milk (which I have duly done) and mix it with gaviscon, then give before feed. The pack says mix with water. I'm guessing I'm giving it with milk because if it was water his tummy would be pretty much filled with just water and gaviscon.
Confusion re expressing tho... he emptied the side he was feeding from (right) so had to express from the other side (left - 30mls) so what side do i put him on next feed. I was going to stick him on the left and not express next feed as I have enough for 2 doses...or maybe i should and then won't have to express middle of the night (says to self)hmm
Think will awake with a massive boob at soem point during the night...
So much confusion....

SantaKLAWs Mon 22-Dec-08 22:29:59

I would start next feed from the side you expressed from (left) and then offer him the right if he finishes that. BTW Are you always offering him the other breast if he finishes the first?

Have emailed you, check your spam filter box if you don't get it. smile

Merry Christmas everyone smile

Hope everyone had a good day, ours was good boys loved it and were spoiled rotten!!!

Little Innes was unwell and we spent christmas eve in hospital and christmas day waiting by the phone for his blood results to come back incase we had to get him admitted, thankfully they never phoned. So he was miserable most of the day but i was just glad he was home with us. Nothing ever seems easy in our family sad


Jenny so sorry to hear Innes has been unwell....hope things are better soon smile

Taylor has had tonsilitis and spent xmas eve and some of xmas morning being sicksad and Abbie has had chest and ear infection and she has a terrible coughsad Rubbish time of year for them to get ill ....but we had good time anyway xxxxxxxxxxxxx

DH want on computer so will talk later xxxxxxxxxxxxx

dizzydixies Sat 27-Dec-08 22:49:07

oh no sorry to hear about all the sick kids sad

Dylan has a touch of croup but doing ok with it, we started her on solids today at 21wks, I think she's definately needing it and it will hopefully help her sleep through again as I've been up most of the night with her the past few nights

had a lovely Christmas at my aunts and the girls really enjoyed it and were great fun. its out anny today but DH on nights so I just popped on to say hello and then I'm off to bed for an early night to make up for the past few shitey sleeps

hope everyone had a great christmas smile

dizzydixies Tue 30-Dec-08 19:52:25

nobody about ?!?-

dizzydixies Tue 30-Dec-08 19:52:26

nobody about ?!?-

Am really concerned about this cough Abbie hassad

First went to docs 3 weeks ago....told virus...2 weeks ago...virus...1 weeks ago... ear and chest infection and was given antibiotics ....yesterday....told chest clear and given nasal drops.....today poor honey was getting really distressed during coughing fits....sad....not croupy cough, sounds really chestyhmm

ds4 has asthms snd has been really bad last few days and was given steroids for a couple of days...how can you tell asthma in babies?

Christmas was good but very tiring with lo's ill. Hope Innes is better now Jenny and hope Dylan's croup is better dizzy xxx

dizzydixies Tue 30-Dec-08 19:58:25

oh no minipink, they're really finding it hard to shift everything aren't they? lets hope the antibiotics help her shift it in

Dylan's croup didn't come to anything more than just a bark everytime she coughed thank goodness - have started her on some solids this week at 21wks so am hoping this will ease the disturbed nights she'd started having again - she seems to be doing fine inbetween the constant dribbling and bright red cheeks the wee soul!

The antibiotics are finished today so I thought I would have seen an improvementhmm. Abbie is also dribbling all the time and she is biting everything furiously....teeth not far away I thinksmile Abbie has been on solids for a wee while and loves it but after being such a good sleeper to begin with she has started getting up again hmmsad...she must know I'm going back to work soonsad...2nd Feb..........

dizzydixies Tue 30-Dec-08 20:08:33

shock cannot believe you're talking abouit being back at work already - how on earth has that flown in?!?

am off to bath/bed/story battle and might not be back on later so if not I'll wish you a good night sleep now smile

I know dizzy...I have been off since May and believe me would be off permanently ...but needs mustsad....

night night for now I'm away to do the same as you smile

babybear77 Wed 31-Dec-08 22:19:31

happy new year...when it comes!
BB x grin

faeriemoo Thu 01-Jan-09 01:18:25

Hi, I'm Faerie and I live in Arbroath with my two little girls - Daisy will be 4 in April, and Lola who is 7 months.

hello faerie and welcome xxxx my youngest Abbie is almost 7 months what is Lola's dob

happy new year all grin

bobsyouruncle Thu 01-Jan-09 11:28:39

Happy new year everyone! Hello and welcome faeriemoo smile

faeriemoo Thu 01-Jan-09 12:31:56

27th May

Such a lovely age, isn't it?

Tamarto Fri 02-Jan-09 16:35:40

Arrghh the stalker grin hello faeriemoo, welcome to mumsnet

Tamarto Fri 02-Jan-09 16:36:11

Happy new year all

Klaw Fri 02-Jan-09 20:44:32

Happy New Year everyone!

I've been AWOL with this terrible cold, spending a lot of time in bed sad

Stressed as I'm on call so have been terrified I'd be called out before there was enough improvement, but so far I've not, thank goodness!

Should be anytime though and I'm very excited. Think I'll double check my Doula bag again tonight wink

babybear77 Fri 02-Jan-09 22:34:24

Poor you Klaw. Sounds like lots of people have been suffering if not themselves thru their little ones. Have managed to avoid anything thus far...but then not really been in anyone else's company. For exactly that reason. Have cancelled a visit to friends due to the lurgy.
Hello faeriemoo...welcome to the thread. I'm a newcomer too. Everyone has been lovely. Very kindly answering my new mum (see ignorant) queries - no matter how daft! My lo is 5 weeks old - eating for scotland (gaining 1/2 ish lb/week on bm!), and starting to coo and smile...totally in love! He's adorable smile. Can't wait to see how he changes over the next few months...but a bit sad to lose my wee baby....sad.
Anyhooo...almost feeding time. Best be off.

faeriemoo Sat 03-Jan-09 10:28:33

Hi tamarto grin

babybear77 - lovely to hear about your LO. My DD2 was gaining about 10oz a week in the early weeks on BM, everyone told me I'd no way make it to six months without weaning her and would probably have to start solids at 4 months. Well, at 7 months she's still only on an average of one meal every 3 days blush! You make sure you get plenty of rest and eat plenty of cakes and chocolate to keep your energy up for your little man. Six weeks is when they start to be more like babies than newborns - with the smiling and the cooing and being more alert. Ah, brings back such fond memories, but doesn't help my case of twitchy uterus much LOL.
I've also managed to avoid all the winter lurgy this year which is fantastic as I'm usually the first one to come down with everything. I'd like to think breastfeeding has something to do with it.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh very exciting Klaw let us know how things go.

Hi tamarto babybear faeriemoo and everyone else....where r u dizzy? And Jenny how ia Innes?

Abbie is still coughing lots and is very wakeful due to it....(yawn)!! I have sort of lost my voice and my children and dh think it is very funnyhmmsad....very frustrating!!!

I am going to the shops today....help!! I have to get a couple of birthday presents because some friends of mine in their wisdom decided to have a joint bd party for their dcs tomorrowhmm They only decdied this a few days ago or I would have been organised before xmas...I hate the sales....it's only a bargain if you need it you know!!angry
Sorry for rant...hope everyone has a nice daysmile

Hi all Happy New Year.
Innes is much better now as are the other two boys smile <<touch wood>>

I however i'm feeling so low, thats me 27 weeks pregnant really feeling it, no energy at all and since Wednesday i have been completely deak in right ear and last night the hearing went in my left sad Went to the emergency doctors today, his response ears are reddish, but i can't see a cause and can't give you nothing. I can honestly collapse in to a little<<big>> pile and cry and cry.

Hope everyone is much better and having a better start to 2009!


AW Jenny it's so crap to be pg and have an illness.....try and rest, eat chocolate and get your dh to run round after yousmile

My voice loss is getting worse and now it hurts toosad and I've started coughing...OMG roll on the sunny days

Jenny what is your due date? Have you thought of any names for ds4?


due date is officially 1st of April how ironichmm but it will bve March sometime due to my medication.

We have four names we like but nobody can say anything bad about them as we struggled to get these grin
*Gregor <<my favourite>>

Well i still can't hear seems worse today, but i feel better otherwise hmm Just spent the afternoon getting school uniforms and work clothes ironed, and it turns out school's are still off tomorrow!!! Aargh i blame the pregnancy brain, at least i found out today and not tomorrow morning!!
Not looking forward to tomorrow at all DH is back at work after two weeks off how will i cope, i can't even hear the boys getting up to no goodshock

Oh god i'm a right misery blush

Hope you feel better soon MPS I can't wait for the sunshine there is far too many bugs going around just now!!

Sorry you still can't hear Jenny but glad you are feeling a bit better otherwise.

I am going back to work on 2nd Febsad...well that's the plan... been on meds for....well forever really for PND and had to have new ones prescribed by psych team as I was not getting better......I am okay...actually very well so long as I am in my own comfort zone....even in strange situations I appear fine but struggle before and after IYKWIM

Anuway I am ramblinghmm.....I know you have said you are shy Jenny and I have felt a little awkward too at the schoolblush but I really would like for us to meet up for a real chat soon...what do you think? We could arrange it through here if that makes it easier blushwink

Hope everyone else is wellsmile


Got my own doctor today at half three so fingers crossed she can give me somethin to let me hear. Spent most of the morning in tears as i can't hear the boys and they're getting frustrated with me sad Thankfully Mil has them for a few hours.

MPS Sorry to hear your struggling with your meds, do you go to Weston? I was diagnosed with PND after DS1 and 2 having always kinda suffered with depression. After DS3 i was diagnosed again but when he was 3 month old kinda had a breakdown and i'm now Bipolar with anxiety issues blush Took them a while after that to get me on the right drugs but am on mood stabilizers and an anti depressant which was working great...until now. Being pregnant and hormanal and <<crazy>> everything can be so hard. Thats why i'm so shy don't talk much to other mums etc (altho you've prob seen me with my Sil) I would love to chat as i have no-one who really understands. But now you'll be running a mile when you see me now!! It kinda felt good to write it down tho.

I wont run a mile Jenny. I have had depression for years and not just PND and have always found it quite difficult to talk to people about it. I think now though that because I am older I have gotten to know myself better and can spot early warning signs and can act quicker. I also find people quite ignorant about depression and some still even consider that you are mad becauese you have a mental health issue. I tend not put up with this ignorance any more and can be quite vocal about it at times.

How about coffee next week? Which day suits you best?

Nearer the end of the week would be best for me as Cameron is going into hospital Monday/Tuesday sad so any other day is good. In the morning? Do you want to go to the community centre...i've never been just kinda have a thing about inviting anyone to my house after snide comments from my dad sad

how about wednesday Jenny? come to my house....about 10ish?

Yeah that would be perfect where is your house i kinda have a rough idea but don't want to knock on random doors grin
Are you sure you don't mind us coming to yours Innes will prob be into everything blush

of course I don't mind...look forward to itsmile

long brown cottage opposite school...entrance at back xx

Aargh just got another stupid appointment having lots of issues after scan yesterday. Could we maybe do Thursday?
Sorry i was so looking forward to it sad

Thursday is fine Jenny but can we make it around 1.30pm as I have bf support group in the morning. xx is everything okay?

Thats fine i'll definitely be free smile

Yeah everything's ok ish. Scan showed his heart is fine, he's quite big (DS1,2 &3 were tiny! shock) and i have too much fluid so i'm getting a gtt on tuesday, more scans etc and my meds are all to pot!! So everything is fun! hmm

what's a gtt? I had too much fluid with Abbie because she was big for dates and that's why she was premhmm

See you next week xx

a glucose tolerance test for diabetes. Yeah sounds like what i have i'm measuring three weeks ahead hmm Did you have that in your previous pregnancies? I've not the boys were all early but small, so kinda freaked about this.

Klaw Sat 10-Jan-09 20:15:20


Jenny, have you been given good CORRECT info about the fasting required for a gtt?

There's a great site about GD

I was at a fab waterbirth of a 36wk girl at the best maternity unit in the land last night. And still waiting for another.....

Beaming from ear to ear!

dizzydixies Sat 10-Jan-09 20:26:00

jenny sorry to hear you're having such a hard time but if it makes you feel any better at all Gestational Diabetes is very common and they handly it very well. Are you at Ninewells? If so the GD midwives are lovely, the clinic is much nicer than the usual antenatal set up and the team are really really good.

I didn't have it with DD1 and DD2 but did with DD3 and she ended up being my smallest smile let me know if you have any questions and I'll see if I can help

Klaw sounds wonderful with your ladies smile

minipink how are you doing, are you back at school again?

PPC tescos? same time next week? should we try the one on south road this time grinwink

faeriemoo Sat 10-Jan-09 21:57:42

Klaw are you a doula or a midwife or something? (Or do you just go and watch women giving birth for kicks wink)
Which unit was that at? I had a waterbirth in Arbroath with my DD2 and can't gush enough about how fantastic it was!

not back to work till 2nd feb xx hoping for a meet up for yhis thread before then wink

Klaw Sun 11-Jan-09 17:17:02

Faerimoo I am a doula grin and it was at the other Angus unit wink. Was there today with my Jan lady but she went off the boil again. So it should be very soon now smile

I'm pleased to hear you're happy with Arbroath. I'm also a lay member of the Angus Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC), the lay members and mws are very proactive at improving maternity care so have to try very hard not to feel smug about the great units we have. It's not so good in other parts of the UK at all sad

So ladies can we pick a date? what about not this week but next? Thursday or friday best for me, in the afternoon, from 12.30pm. Or else the Saturday anytime? Hope to be at a Study day on the 17th or would have suggested then. What about the 18th, Sunday?

faeriemoo Sun 11-Jan-09 19:39:32

Oh how exciting, that must be a fantastic job! I am very envious!
The midwives in Arbroath always seem to be campaigning for or working on something or other to improve services for women to birth in a natural way. I know they were so excited when funds were raised for the birth pool and are so proud of each and every woman who gives birth there, as each birth is one step closer to keeping the unit open. Is it still at threat of closure? I, for one, would be heartbroken if it closed. I spent the first 24 hours of DD1's labour in the same room I was born in before being transferred to Ninewells, and DD2 was born in the room next to where I was born. That's special, to me.
From what I've read online and heard from others, services and care at both Angus units are second to none.

dizzydixies Sun 11-Jan-09 23:35:28

Fri or sunday provisionally ok at moment for my but I might have to go through and help out with Dad, am still waiting to hear

Sat no use as DD1 has dancing and a party to go to and Thurs I have to be here for school run at 3pm and swimming lesson as DH on late shift

Habbibu Sun 11-Jan-09 23:50:24

Can I stick my beak in and ask you a question, Klaw? Are you involved with the Maternity Services Liaison Cttee for Tayside at all, or do you know anything about it? I emailed, but it bounced, and I wondered if it was still going.

Hi Friday would be good for me next week smile xx

Klaw Mon 12-Jan-09 18:42:38

Habbibu, I'm on the Angus one but they haven't had a Dundee one for a while, iirc. They hope to get something going now that the CMU is open.

As lay rep for Angus MSLC I attend the Labour Ward Forum at 9wells, and I know there is an Antenatal Forum. But until now not a MSLC. I should be able to find out if there's been any progress when at next Labour Ward Forum or I could ask some of my contacts, if you wish? Would you like to volunteer? I'll pass your name on wink

There is a Perth MSLC AFAIK.

Habbibu Mon 12-Jan-09 19:45:06

Would love to volunteer - could you email me at habbibu at gmail dot com and I could give you my details? Thanks so much - am very fond of NW, and would like to "give something back" iyswim?

Klaw Mon 12-Jan-09 20:12:06

I shall email you but my emails disappear a lot so check your trash or spam box wink If all else fails you can find my tel no if you do some detective work via my profile winkwink

Habbibu Mon 12-Jan-09 20:14:45

Thank you!

babybear77 Tue 13-Jan-09 21:08:21

okay peeps....more questions...

HV suggested doing a dream feed. lo (7 weeks on thurs and 9lbs 14oz) kind of in a routine well for a couple of days anyway. has bath about 5.30-6pm feed and goes to "bed" about 6.45-7pm. then wakes at about midight (ish) th4n 4ish 6/7 10 and 1 (all "ish"). but that's only been a couple of days (yesterday was disrupted by a trip out on sunday). would be nice to push that evenig stretch of sleep forward. but i had worse on calls when i was working to be honest.

anyhoo. thinking about giving it a couple of days to see if this "routine" is sticking and then try a dream feed. do you think my bedtime routine is to early???? how do i stick my nip in without waking him i see how you could ram a bottle in....answers on a chat forum please.

which brings me to my next dilemma. introducing the odd bottle...now the dream feed is quite a good opportunity. but have been told to only do it every other night. if i don;t the wee man might refuse a bottle later on and i've had a friend (or 2) this has happened to. however, should i express say 9pm before the feed so i don;t get exploding boobs? At the moment am collecting milk (and have started doing a little expressing on my unused side - am i right to do that) while am feeding and generally get about 1oz+. Most of that is being used to give gaviscon for lo's reflux but have started to make it 1/2 milk 1/2 water. to try to save for my alternate daily bottle - she says i'll need about 6oz?????!!!That's another one we have to stop....this parenting lark is terribly confusing!

so basically....any dream feed advice/expressing advice?
might try lo with his gaviscon from a bottle tomorrow - but it's only 1oz?
that was rather long and rambling...any advice greatly appreciated as always!
bbx blush

Hi babybear sounds like you are doing greatsmile You've done a lot of the hard bits by getting to 7 weeks and still bf despite the difficulties you had....well done!!grin

Your routine sounds great and tbh only you can decide if you think it's too early or not. With my first dc I bathed and fed a bit later and then had more of a sleep during the night but that was fine with only one baby to give attention to.hmm
With Abbie she is fed and bathed around 6ish and is generally in bed well before 7pm....this is great for me as I need to spend time with other dc's doing homework etc
However, she does get up in the nigh but like you it doesn't really bother me - I enjoy the quite times and the cuddles with noone else aroundblush
As for the dream feed... I know some people who swear by it as it ensures lo sleeps through but IMO I think you are setting up a remembered pattern that will be hard to drophmm
Babies are babies for such a short time and they will eventually settle down to sleeping all night especially if like you they have sensible and loving mummies who give them routine and securitysmile
My only tip for night feeding is no stimulation like bright lights or music....

Take care xxxxxxgrin

When I was pg with my first ds almost 17 years ago my mum gave me a cutting from the paper.....there was a bit of a story to it but the best quote that I never forgotten was this.............

*The time will come too quickly
when those little arms that tug,
Wont ask for you to hold them
or so freely give a hug.
The day will sneak up subtly,
Just as it did with me,
When you wont recall the last time
your child sat on your knee.
Like those sacred pre-dawn feedings,
when we cherished time alone,
Our babies grow and leave behind
those precious times we've known.*

{blush] smile

hi MPS sorry i'm not gonna be able to make it tomorrow. I'm having a really bad time just now and everything seems to be getting on top of me. I'm really not a good person to be around. I'm really sorry and hope you get this sad

dizzydixies Wed 14-Jan-09 20:40:22

jenny are you ok? is there anything we can do to help? am not adverse to some cleaning/cooking/painting etc (even though my house is a bomb) or just a cup of tea and a chat?

you don't need to be down on your own when we can be down with you smile

Oh Jenny I'm so sorry you are having a bad time...did the hosp appointment not go well?

I am sorry you can't make it for coffee but if you change your mind just knock on the doorsmile I am a good listener and I know what it's like to feel low and want to hide away.....try and get out honey....and if I can help I willwink

Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Klaw Thu 15-Jan-09 00:45:10

Babybear, if he is feeding at 6pm, 12pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm then 1 am, all at only 7wks I would say things are great!!! A lot of women have cluster feeding from 6pm till 10pm or more and are desperate about that!

BF is quite intensive but only for a short period of your life so don't rush to get him sleeping through the night.

I'm not convinced on the dream feed idea either, I don't think it worked for me. However, the ONLY thing I ever took from GF routine was the common sense thing of darkened rooms and not talkign to baby at night, as MPS says, no stimulation at night time.

If you get him up to feed at 9 or 10 then do so in the room his cot is in, keep the lights dimmed, don't make eye contact and don't talk to him. Then perhaps you can get to bed straight after and get a few hours till the next feed. And that would be my interpretation of 'dream feed'. I also never got around to expressing enough for anyone to give my lo a bottle, neither did I want anyone else to do it actualy. This was MY job and one I was was fiercely proud of! grin

But be reassured that at 7wks bf through the night is still normal. Please feel free to contact me. I am no longer on call as my Jan and Feb ladies have both given birth so I have more free time now wink


Klaw Thu 15-Jan-09 00:50:49

Jenny, I too have been through PND, and ordinary depression, so understand why you are withdrawing from us. Please do NOT feel that we wouldn't want to be with you whilst you are feeling miserable and that you would not be good company. This is EXACTLY the time when those who have an understanding of depression can be of best support to you, because we know WHY you feel you are not good company.

We are here for you. Sending you hugs and chocolate!smile

babybear77 Thu 15-Jan-09 19:13:43

Thanks Klaw. Glad to hear your ladies have given birth. V exciting. Been reading your threads Jenny and can sympathise. Been there too - although perhaps not to the same extent. Thinking of you.
BB x

babybear77 Sat 17-Jan-09 19:43:52

if he sleeps longer than the 4 hrs (ish) and would be coming up to one of his usual feed times would you wake him????
regularity is great but now feel like i'm clock watching and fretting if he goes past a time he'd usually be awake....i sneakily "helped" to wake him up at 6pm tonight because he'd usually be in the bath by then...feel v naughty. am i a bad mother sad?
STRESS blush
p.s. thank you for your help (yet again).

Klaw Sat 17-Jan-09 19:53:54

That might be down to trial and error.... ime if I tried to wake dd she'd be grumpy as hell and so wouldn't eat but then I'm thinking of her when she was a bit older than 7 weeks!

It's probably OK to wake a sleeping baby at his age if he's still sleeping past 4 hours... It's a difficult decision as often times I'd say that if he's sleeping it's cos he needs it and he'll waken when good and ready....

Sorry, I've been no help but I do think it's your decision as you know him best. But when waking a sleeping child I'd do it very gently so that they're not shocked awake iyswim?

And no, you're not a bad mum for waking him for a feed. Babies love to be fed and cuddled so I'm sure he did not mind in the slightest!! grin

Where is everyone? sad

Thought we were going to try and meet up this week? hmm

Klaw Wed 21-Jan-09 22:31:33

I thought so too but there was no sign of anyone every time I checked.... sad

babybear77 Mon 26-Jan-09 21:09:15

Its gone very quiet around here hmm
bb x

I'm lurking babybear wink

Going back to work on Monday and am P**d off just now as my car broke down yesterday and I had great plans for my last week offangry

Mechanic was supposed to come first thing this morning and he's not here yethmmangry

Anyway how are you and the LO getting on?smile

bobsyouruncle Tue 27-Jan-09 15:25:14

I'm still around too smile

Had a lot going on in RL (haven't we all wink), my mum has been ill, my grandad is in hospital, my OU course has started, dc haven't been well, trying to sort my house out (it's bursting at the seams with the influx of christmas toys!), and back at work after a month off...

Hope everyone is fine?

RL can be so annoying at timeshmm....it justs disrupts mn timegrin

xxxxxxxxxxxxnice to hear from you bob sorry you've had so much on your plate xxx tale care xx

babybear77 Wed 28-Jan-09 12:06:53


seems everyone has been busy. we are fine. lo had has 8 week check and imms on monday sad. all went surprisingly well and slept from 7pm to 2am on tues morning! has found hid voice and was smiling and chating for scotland yesterday, so apparently neither up nor down.

feeding going well, but am now stressing over a routine. the bedtime one seems to be going quite well and from 7pm he seems to know that it's night time. however, seem to be finding it quite difficult to tell when he's hungry now so unless he's asleep letting him go about 4hrs. had a panic the night he slept to 2am because he ended up a feed down for the day but he just reverted back to his usual midnight feed last night. unfortunately also ate at 3 and 7am. in between times seemed to be constantly thrashing around his moses basket and noisely sucking on his hand! think i may be jumping in too soon to feed him...i suspect he may have been awake at midnight the other night but i just slept thru til he really was hungry at 2am.

bought a baby hammock to try to address the transition between moses basket thought it would be good as it would also double as a travel cot - wrong! couldn't really get him to settle in it. tried during the day and wasn;t really prepared to give it a go overnight and disrupt our peaceful evenings. so am now considering a crib...think he's too young to put in his own room (9 weeks on thrus) to see him thru til he moves. however think my sleep wold be considerably better if he was in his own room. but he's still so little! he slept in his big cot this morning...so might put him in there during the day.

not sure about day time naps - he seems to sleep A LOT.]]

can you tell i'm thinking out loud? blush if anyone's interested in a baby hammock...

anyway need a nap...
BB x

babybear good to hear from yousmile
please don't stress over a routine.....it sounds like you are doing just finr.

The LO will change his feeding pattern as a natural part of growth. He will start to take more and will sleep longer. At 8 weeks if he is growoing well don;t worry about how many feeds he has in a day. It can very greatly from week to week. Feed on demand and you know your baby best and will be abke to tell what he needs. Breast fed babies will also feed for comfort, for thirst and for security as well as hunger so it's not uncommon for them to feed often. Equally as they grow and discover the world they may feed less frequently at certain times.....

sorry this sounds like a lectureblush...don't mean to sound like that.....

I think you are doing really well so just relax and enjoy....wink

I go back to work on Monday and today I am feeling particularly downsad.....got lots to do in house and cooking to do to stock up freezer but simply can't get motivatedhmm

Klaw was supposed to come for a visit tomorrow but think her dd has chicken pox..poor wee thingsad

Sorry for HUGE postblush

OMG I really should preview my posts....check out all the errorsblush

babybear77 Wed 28-Jan-09 19:58:36

boo hiss re going back to work. i'm blocking that out...still 7 months to go...possibly more if i can afford it! howz the car? why is it all of these things seem to happen at once?
shame about klaws little one.
sorry you've been having a rough time bob. hope things are settling down for you.
your post was nothing in comparison to my dissertation blush.
bb x

Well I was back at work yesterday...sad

Only doing Monday and Wednesday this week so I really shouldn't be complaining but I am feeling very lowblushsad

Had Mackenzie at specialist yesterday re behaviour/hyperactivity/not sleeping......it's a long story but having had one child with ADHD and having experienced it as a teacher I know the difference between a naughty child and a child with difficulties.....I also know how slowly the wheels turn in order to get help and support in schoolhmm So although we are just at the beginning of the diagnostic process the doctor was able to see that his activity level was much greater to that of a typical 3 yr old. So we have been referred to clinical psycology...could be 9 monthsangry and he has been prescribed something to help him sleep. I don't agree with meds for ADHD and would not go down that road but Mackenzie was born in October 2005 and has only slept a whole night on a handful of occassions. We have a very good bedtime routine and all of the other 5 have been great sleepers but not Mackenzie. So if we can get the sleep sorted out then maybe we will all cope a little better.hmm

Sorry for rantsad

Going to clean and clean and clean today....it's what I do when I'm stressed!!!

Is anyone there??? Don't blame you for not wanting to listen to me moaningwink

I will try to be in a more positive frame of mind when I come back onsmile

bobsyouruncle Tue 03-Feb-09 10:37:51

Sorry you're feeling so low minipink, sounds like you have a HUGE amount on your plate just now though sad. Are you sure cleaning is what you need today hmm!? Whatever works for you though smile Keep offloading on here if it helps.

I've been up all night and feel lousy, my dc have passed on their bug I think, so I'm doing as little as possible today!

Hi all, not checked in for a while. Oh minipink thats not good at all no wonder you feel low. Everything moves so slowly with specialists and with the schools.
Its my D day meeting about cameron for school on Thursday i'm dreading it but they have offered a full time nursery place so think i'm gonna take that, and let him get used to his hearing aids and develop his language more. Its horrible i feel that no matter what choice i make it will be the wrong one.
Go to see the consultant tomorrow, this pg is turned into a nightmare...i'm in agony with braxton hicks hmm i'm not a wimp with pain either. My mood keeps dropping and i just want it all to go away now sad
God i'm miserable too think i'd best checking out again.

babybear77 Wed 04-Feb-09 10:52:16

sorry you're having such a rough time minpink and Jenny. think i know what the response to this is going to be....but the lo slept thru to 3am from 1900. Is this normal???? I was up at 2 staring at him for an hour and pounced the minute his eyes were open. Isn't he too little to be sleeping that long? Considering 5hrs is supposedly a night sleep. I'm still trying to fit in 6 feeds in 24hrs which is getting increasingly difficult the longer he sleeps - only if he's looking for it mind you. I'm not force feeding him. Maybe it won;t last and i should make the most of it? hmm

BB x

smile Bless!!!! Make the most of it....grin

If he is healthy and growing then I believe let sleeping babies lie.....my granny used to say "the ones who sleep the most grow the most"hmm....that's why my 14 yr old is nearly 6 foot...lazy lumpsmile

ENJOY!! I am so envy

kavosbabe Thu 05-Feb-09 15:01:21

hi totaly new to this !! joined years ago when preg with my first wee boy ( he now 5!) got a nine week old baby now and just thought i would pop on and try and speak to some adults !! nine week old great sleeps 12 hours a night 5 year old torture ! still only sleeps a few hours here and there !! would love to hear from new people dont have many mummy mates lol x

Tamarto Thu 05-Feb-09 15:35:17

Hi, congratulations. You meet lots of nice people on here smile

Hi to everyone else. I'm loving the lack of snow, hope it's not affecting anyone too badly, i'm not sure how bad it is in other bits of Angus?

Anyone else DCs had the sickness bug that seems to be doing the rounds?

rockinghertosleep Sun 08-Feb-09 17:17:07

Hi there! DH is working up in Dundee for most of Feb, so DD and I will likely be trekking up to Crail to stay with his mum Tuesday and Wednesday nights this month. I was hoping someone might be able to recommend some soft plays/mum and tots groups, etc around Crail/St. Andrews/Dundee to keep us busy on Wednesdays? DD is 13 months now - wowgrin !

We'd also be happy to make some new friends over a cuppa in a baby-friendly cafe, etc.!

Hi there

Cupar has a nice play place if you can get there. I would love to meet up but can't do Weds as I am back at work now and work Mon - Weds.

How is everyone else? How about a big meet up soon?

Congratulations on new baby kavosbabe glad you could join us. Nice to hear from you again Tamarto.....no sick bugs here yet.....hope you are ok xxx

dizzyTHETARTANARMYdixies Wed 11-Feb-09 21:35:47

hi all, keep forgetting about this thread sorry blush

mini - I was in Bonkers today and it was heaving shock stupid in-service days grin

not much to report DD3 been poorly for a wee while but seems to be on the mend thank goodness. been popping up and down to help dad sort through some of mum's stuff and generally just chasing my tail as usual!!

did you know Cairnie isn't open until May 1st which is well after the Easter school holidays angry

am considering writing a harsh letter of complaint, especially as last year April WAS our summer!!!

i agree re in service days as i had to work yesterdaysaddizzy

can't believe that cairnie isn't open till mayshock what's that all about?

i was thinking of going to bonkers today but looks like kids will just be going bonkers in the snow smile

where is everyone else?

dizzyTHETARTANARMYdixies Thu 12-Feb-09 10:54:40

am hiding in the house with the heating on blush

DD2 and DD3 still have barking coughs so not venturing out this morning, may change my mind when they're all bouncing off the walls later!!!

poor dog meant to be getting her hair cut this afternoon but I think I'll cancel as thats a bit harsh!!!

babybear77 Thu 12-Feb-09 13:16:27

still here!
was meant to venture out today...but several inches of snow has meant we had to cancel our ante-natal group coffee.
i went out yesterday!!!! on my own (with fergus)! again! grin
AND I went out on my own (like, properly on my own) on Monday! grin grin
don't know which is more stressful. going out with or without him?
really want to go out in the snow... but have no wellies. perhaps will peruse some on the internet. excellent. spend MORE money blush.
BB x

Tamarto Thu 12-Feb-09 13:23:10

Finally we have some snow!!!!!

Minip - I managed to escape it, but the other 4 went down one after the other hmm All well now though.

It couldn't have come at a better time, we have a 5 day weekend, starting tomorrow grin

kids all rosy now after spending a few hours in the snowgrin now everyone is sleepy and playing quietly(ssh i better not speak too soon)hmm
dd3 must be really bored as he is actually cleaning his room willingly....shock

our schools are off until monday now[help face]

Hi i'm still here just lurking to see how everyone is doing xx

Hi Jenny how are you? Not long now - how are you feeling? What did the boys think of all the snow today?

I'm feeling really tired, the excess fluid is really putting a strain on my bump. Back to the hospital on wednesday for a scan to check baby and fluid. Also there worried cos i have no appetite and i'm really struggling to eat, have only put on 4lbs since i was weighed at the start of pregnancy shock so hoping to get given a date. However names is a big issue kyle and cameron want Yellow Walle!!!hmm So if you know any nice gaelic/irish/scottish names please help!?! Middle name is Taylor Last name starts Str!

Boys loved the snow, my mum and dad took them to beveridge park and they had a snowball fight and then a picnic in the car.
How is everyone else? How you settling in being back at work?

Cammy has been offered a full time nursery place due to his additional needs hmm so gonna defer his entry to school just now.

Hi Jenny sorry you are not feeling so good - hang on in there - wont be long now!!!wink

I had a strange but good day todayhmm I was up at 5am with Mackenzie and by 8am I had done loads of washing and a pile of ironing. By midday I had finished the cleaning!!

After lunch I went to Cupar and met Klaw and her beautiful dd at Bonkers. It was really good to meet them. We had a good chat and I hope we can meet again soon.

Klaw can't get on mn at the moment.

Where are you all?????

babybear77 Sat 21-Feb-09 17:15:15

i'm here!
bb x

Hi bb how are you?

I am doing better back at work than I thought I would so that's good.hmm

Took Abbie to Clarks for crawling shoes and bless her she was too little even for their smallest shoes shock She is a petite little thing but she eats like a child twice her sizewink....wish I could do that and be petiteblush...ah well will start diet tomorrow after I've had the curry dh has gone to collect wink

Take care all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

babybear77 Sun 22-Feb-09 11:17:33

fine thanx...he slept til 0530 this am!!!! freak event methinks.shock
how v cute re the shoes. we were in yesterday and were admiring crawling shoes from afar...so many little children having their feet measured you could hardly move.
curry is definitely the way forward. we had the same...yum!
lo has his 2nd imms tomorrow sad. hope they go as smoothly as the first hmm. altho he has the snuffles a bit just now.
have been out and about lots. so am looking forward to a relatively quiet day tomorrow.
where is KLAW these days?
bb x

Klaw Wed 25-Feb-09 11:01:43

Drum roll.....................

I'm back!!!!

Been without MN for simply ages as my son's pc got all corrupted and wouldn't let us on the Interweb and my old mac did not agree with MN after MN changed everything.

one of my internet friends helped me to finally get Ds PC working again!! got to think of a way to thank him now.....

What's been happening?

Me and Minipink met up in that time smile She is LOVELY

Hi Klaw welcome back xxxx
you've made meblush but thanks for that xxxxx

babybear77 Wed 25-Feb-09 17:04:21

hi klaw!
welcome back...glad you're well.

bobsyouruncle Thu 26-Feb-09 10:45:03

Hi all, not been on here for aaages blush. The usual excuse of a busy time in rl is all I can come up with! Dh has been working away, but got back last night thank goodness. I've been unwell too, but finally got a diagnosis and medication that seems to be working so am feeling much better at last.

Hope everyone else is doing fine?

I'm off to tackle some course work before I pick up ds from nursery. Planning a quiet afternoon (if ds agreeable!) followed by school run, gymnastics (dd not me!) and working this evening.

What's everyone else been up to lately?

HI bob gald to hear from you...bet you really do go to gymnastics...come on don't be shywink

I am back at work and acually quite enjoying itshock...miss Abbie so much thoughsad and boobs not adapting very well...had a few leaky moments last weekgrin..however, Abbie seems to be doing fine and always greets me with a smile xx

I met Jennyfromtheblock's mum today and I think she is being induced next week....4 or 5 weeks early but everything is fine....it's a precaution due to meds she takes I think.

Jenny if you are looking in I am thinking of you and please feel free to get in touch for a chat xxxxx I am actually envy of what you are about to go through...there is nothing like holding a newborn baby....enjoy!!!!

Hi all Klaw is without MN again so she asked me to post the following xx

Birth Choices group -

The next meeting will be held on:Wednesday 4th March 2009 from 7pm-9pm and we'll be discussingChoosing your place of birth:Home, hospital or midwifery-led birth unit? (refreshments will be provided) Venue: 31 Hawkhill, Dundee (above Sally's) Look forward to seeing you there! If you intend to come please contact usvia our email addresses on the website, so we can plan ahead when it comesto baking ;)

Just a quick post will post longer later in week.

Baby Harris born Sunday 8th March 2009 at 8.11am with a labour of less than 2 hours shock

love Jennyxx

Oh Jenny that's fantastic xxxx congratulations xxxxx I was passing your house earlier this evening and I was wondering if baby was here yet. I spoke to your mum last week so I knew it was soon xxxx Harris is a fab name grin I LOVE it!!! How heavy was he? Are you both well? Are you home? I know a thousand questions......blush sorry!!!

Take good care and hope to see you and new baby Harris soon xxxxxsmile

dizzydixies Mon 09-Mar-09 22:33:40

lovely news Jenni well done

getting you all back on my radar blush

bobsyouruncle Tue 10-Mar-09 11:25:00

Thats lovely news Jenny, congratulations! Very fast work shock Hope everything going really well, look forward to an update smile

PinkPussyCat Tue 10-Mar-09 14:57:39

Jenny - Congratulations! Lovely newssmile

Hi to everyone else, only managing to get on computer sporadically so apologies for such terrible absenceblush

Hope everyone is well x

PS Dizzy - not seen you in Tesco's for a while!

dizzydixies Tue 10-Mar-09 16:24:56

PPC have you tried the new south road one where you get to park underneath grin

PinkPussyCat Tue 10-Mar-09 18:37:46

Sure have Dizzy! Fab when it's raining and you're trying to stap down a flailing-limbed toddler - no more rain down the back of my collar. And ds loves the travelator thingygrin

<shuffles off in search of A Life>

dizzydixies Tue 10-Mar-09 21:35:15

<<let me know which Tesco you find one in so I can go and get one too grin>>

Klaw Tue 10-Mar-09 21:37:29

Ta dah!!!!

I'm here again....

Went to Tesco South Road today after my stint at 9Wells. Went to get ds a funky pair of swim shorts so he can go swimming with the GF

dizzydixies Tue 10-Mar-09 21:39:06

grin Hi Klaw, are you well?

Klaw Tue 10-Mar-09 21:40:34

I'm ok. still muddling along. And you?

Met MiniPink a few weeks back, at last grin

dizzydixies Tue 10-Mar-09 21:43:43

I saw that smile

muddling seems to be about the jist of it here too - DD3 is 32wks now shock which I cannot quite believe, I think I live my life in perpetual chaos grin

Klaw Tue 10-Mar-09 21:50:57

Where does the time go? [shakes head]

dizzydixies Tue 10-Mar-09 22:30:08

I know, its unbelievable shock we're still doing well with the bfing, not so well with the weaning or sleeping through though and its taking its toll sad

gringringrin Yipee the gang are back together!!!!!

Jenni give us an update soon and some picssmile

Dizzy I know what you mean about time flying by...Abbie is 9 months on Fridayshock

Hi PPC and Klaw!!!!!grin

babybear77 Thu 12-Mar-09 18:11:56

congrats jenni!
hello everyone!
c x

Klaw Sat 14-Mar-09 18:27:04

Congrats Jenny!

I have a post natal client who laboured in around 2 hours on the 10th. What is it with fast labours just now? There are quite a few on the Doula Uk forum too....

Looking forward to more details when you've got the time wink

I've finally made it back to the computer so i'll post the details.
Went up to ninewells on the Monday night after having regular 5 mins contractions. Was 3cm short story failed to progress any further. Plan was to stay on ward til i got induced at 37 wks (11th) due to my medication. Due to pretty much been ignored the whole time, and this bitch of a midwife basically throwing me out the ward at half 7 on the thursday night to go for a walk(i actually walked out of hospital refusing to go back in much to my Dh and Dm worry) Anyhoo i begged consultant on the friday to be induced my mental state was at an all time low. He phoned labour ward and as soon as a space was available i could go down. Saturday night contractions started comin every 5 min got taken to labour ward 5.30am still 3 cm!!!! Had my waters broken at 6.30 after a scare he was breech! At 5 to 8 i screamed he was comin they didn't believe me! Harris was born at 8.11am!! I done it only gas and air. I got him straight up to me and held him for ages which meant so much to me as innes was whisked away to scbu.
The change i felt was almost instant. Asked to be discharged on Monday, original plan was to stay in whilst the tweaked with my medication but after the previous week i just wanted home. Got home tea time Monday and it has been great, i've been weepy but so so happy. Dh has been my rock through this.

Omg that was long, but was nice to write it down. Altho it probably makes no sense grin

Will now attempt to add photos.

Klaw Sat 14-Mar-09 18:37:08

och, if you'd only stayed til Tuesday I might have seen you on the wards..... sad

Well done though!! smile

Jenni you are a star grin your story made me cry....in a good wayhmmblush
Abbie was born after about an hours labour and it was fab!!!

Oh I am sooooooooooooooo broodyshock and I just can't have any moresadsad

Can't wait to see Harris.... and I still LOVE the name xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Photos now on!

Klaw Sat 14-Mar-09 19:11:48

Awww bless the little squished up newborn face!!!! grin

awwww lovely Jenni what weight was he? he looks a good size for being earlysmile

PinkPussyCat Sun 15-Mar-09 11:22:16

Jenny - Just seen pics - sooo cute! Hope you are managing to get some hard-earned rest amongst it all x

bobsyouruncle Sun 15-Mar-09 12:08:31

Lovely pics, am so envy Hope you're all doing well

He was 7lb 12oz!! Dropped to 7lb 5oz now tho.

That's brill Jenny what a big boygrin Are you bf if so you might have to top up in between as prems get very tired trying to feed so often and this can lead to weight loss.......only saying as this happened with Abbie but it was no big deal and things went well very quicklysmile....oh I am still so envy

No i'm not allowed to bf due to medication. Having a lot of issues with the community midwives i'm sure there trying to crack me up, DH had to tell one not to come back and we wanted someone else sad i'll be glad when HV takes over.

oh jenny sorry you are not gettinf on with midwivessad what's the problem? have you met Andrea the new hv? she is lovely and very supportivesmile

Yeah have met Andrea she is lovely she's been helping me get things sorted at school for Cameron's hearing loss. Discharged from the midwife today so she'll be taking over now. There was just loads of little things with the midwife and she just wasn't very nice at all. Dh wants me to make a complaint but i just want to forget it now.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgrin

mossmoon Sun 22-Mar-09 19:27:41

Hi, I'm new here so if I don't reply it is because I don't know how it works! blush I am in Dundee and I don't follow it to a tee but I consider myself more AP than not. Anyone else like me out there?

PinkPussyCat Tue 24-Mar-09 19:50:08

Hi Mossmoon! Good to hear from you... but you'll have to tell me what 'AP' is, I am having a 'numpty' day todayblush

PinkPussyCat Tue 24-Mar-09 19:51:46

Ooh and hi to everyone else tooblush

(Y'see what I mean...!)

Hi and welcome mossmoon I also need to know what AP is? blush

HI PPC how you doing?

I am at home today as I have a yuchy tummysad but it is nice to be home on my own for a wee whilesmile

Hope everyone else is ok xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PinkPussyCat Wed 25-Mar-09 14:18:32

Sympathies, minipink, DH gave me undercooked sausages on mother's day and I've not been quite 'right' since....


Got a very cute mothers day card from ds (well, from ds's nursery staffgrin) so it has pride of place on the fridge. It's the first painting he's done.blush

Hope Jenny and her new lo are doing ok...smile

ivoryfrog Wed 25-Mar-09 20:13:19

hi, hope no one minds me popping in.
been a member of mumsnet for a while now but just as a lurker. Thought it was time to say Hi to you all.

Anyways, I live in Arbroath and have 2 daughters. DD1 is 6 in August and DD2 is 4 in July.

I am pretty sure I already know a couple of you - tamarto and faeriemoo I am not stalking you honest!

Hi and welcome ivoryfrog glad you could join us xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Feeling better tonight but tiredhmm

I still haven't seen jenny and losad hope to soon thoughsmile

I am going to put more photos on profile if anyone wants a wee lookgrin

PinkPussyCat Thu 26-Mar-09 13:59:39

Hi ivoryfrog nice to see you! One of my colleagues is from/lives in Arbroath and she swears she knows just about everyone there, I bet she knows you too! Great name too btwgrin

Hi all sorry not been checking in. Harris and me spent the night in ninewells on Monday sad he isn't putting on weight still 7lb 5oz(been like that for over a weeksad) and isn't feeding great. Get to ninewells and they discover he has a very prominent heart murmur and its making him tired hence crappy feeding. Also something in his bloods came back high (not sure what was kinda dazed) So repeat bloods on Tuesday and we've to see a cardiologist. Trying to stay upbeat which is hard cos my mum isn't really talking to me and i have no idea why. Dh went back to work on Monday too so feel all alone.
God my posts are always so miserable, i'm going to have to start making up an imaginary life for myself smile

Hope everyone else is well and hello to all the new names.

MPS if you let me know what days you pick your DS up from nursery i'll walk up to the school with all the boys. I'll more and likely be at the school tomorro woth all the boys. I tend to stand in the playground near the gate.


dizzydixies Thu 26-Mar-09 20:37:37

oh jenny how worrying for you, don't be worrying about miserable posts - where better than to get it all off your chest. Have they given you some advice on how to help him with his feeding etc?

hi ivoryfrog glad you've finally posted smile we won't bite!

For his weight he needs to be taking 63mls every 3 hours so just perserverence. Before that i was told he was to be on 100mls at least per feed and it was struggle, he seems to be coping with the smaller amounts more regularly. He doesn't seem to wake up for feeds though, its like he's not bothered. If i don't try and wake him up he would go much longer between feeds. without being a hypochondriac i just feel somethings not right. I'm paranoid anyway because of the medication i took when i was pregnant, i just feel so guilty.

dizzydixies Thu 26-Mar-09 20:44:58

oh jenny don't please don't beat yourself up about this - just keep asking and asking and asking, if you think there is something not right make sure you get an answer

Oh Jenny I am so sorry you are having a hard time...it is such a strain when the LO is not doing so well[sad[ dizzy is right just keep asking until you get it sorted

I will be at school tomorrow and I will look out for you .....feel free to moan all you like to me and on here...don't keep things to yourself...and talk to your mum...I'm sure she's just worried about all of you xxx

Feeling really low todaysad DH took some photos of Abbie last night and we noticed that in every one her left eye was white....dh had read of a case where a woman had diagnosed a tumour by looking at aphot of a baby with a white spot in their eye.

As you can imagine i spent all night worrying and couldn't wait to take her to the docs this morning. I thought the doc would say everything is fine...don't be so sillyhmm But she couldn't get a red relex in her left eye and although she said it was probably nothing she thought it best to refer her to a specialistsad

I asked doc if an optician would be able to tell me more and she said it would be a good idea to go to opticians for a check and she feels that the opticians will probably get the red reflex and be able to put my mind at rest.....I do hope so[sad I've got an appointment to take Abbie this afternoon.....

my imagination is running riot....must go and clean...therapysad sorry for moan

mhairi13 Sat 28-Mar-09 09:54:51

Hi everyone. I live in Auchtermuchty with my ds who's 2 and my df of 5 years. Thought I'd see what goes on here

Hi minipinkscottish, I hope everything goes ok at the opticians. xx

Hi mhairi13 and welcome xxxxx

I am in muchty too and so is Jenny

Looks like everything is ok with Abbiegrin optician was great and really reasurred me. he couldn't see any sign of anything being wrong and he was able to get the red reflex. so we will go to specialist to be on safe side but hopefully the panic is oversmile

mhairi13 Sat 28-Mar-09 14:35:37

I'm glad everything went ok. At least seeing a specialist should reassure you. Theres nothing worse than thinking there's something wrong with your lo.

I don't know many people in muchty. I only just started Innes at the monkeys this week and to the mother and toddler group.

Hi all Harris seems to have turned a corner and is feeding a bit better, seems to be hungry smile Still not seen my mum but have been managing, so i'm quite pleased with myself. welcome Mhairi, my little Innes is 2 in July.Have you lived in muchty long? You brave going to the monkeys and the m and t. I'm so glad Abbie is fine MPS, i seen your dh pick up Mackenzie. The internet doesn't half scare you when you read some of the health things sad


mhairi13 Mon 30-Mar-09 11:13:49

Hi everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the weekend I've lived in muchty for 2 years now. Still dont know anybody. I've lacked in confidence for so long, then I realised i should take him to the monkeys as we weren't doing anything. The m&t scared me though!!!!

Good on you for going tho. Whereabouts do you stay? I stay on the high road.
Well tomorrow Harris has his blood tests i'm dreading it. It's gonna be a nightmare as i'm taking Innes too, hope i don't have to wait for the results.
Also my mum phoned last night so everythings fine on the front.
And today for the first time i realised i feel good grin fingers crossed this is the start of things to come grin
Hope everyone else is well.


KirstyJane78 Mon 30-Mar-09 19:22:55


My name is Kirsty and I live in Dundee with my DD who will be 5 months old next week

K x

PinkPussyCat Tue 31-Mar-09 14:00:49

Hi Kirsty + Mhairi Welcomesmile

Just a quickie to say hope everyone is well, glad to hear Harris is picking up - how did the blood tests go? I am a real wimp when it comes to taking ds to the doc's, I just want to cry in the corner.

minipink Any news on Abbie? Fingers crossed for you.

Dizzy Where are you these days?

<waves> to everyone else who might be around!

Hi Kirsty and welcome xx

PPC - still waiting on specialist appointment but I'm sure now everything is fine so I'm not worrying too muchhmm

Mhairi - I know what you mean about M+ T being scarey....I used to think that with dd1 and ds4 and I haven't been at all with Abbie. Maybe you, me and Jenny should start our ownwink

Jenny - so glad you are feeling good and glad you and your mum are back on track smile....hope all goes well tomorrow with blood tests.

Dizzy?????? Klaw ??????

I saw Jenny's lo Harris yesterday.....aw....smile Gorgeous and growing like a wee mushroom xxxxxxxxxxxx{bgrin]

was trying to get a bunny smiley.....try again....grin

Ok where is everyone? sad


Happy Easter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgrin

dizzydixies Thu 16-Apr-09 21:53:55

sorry, sorry was dealing with snuffly kids then went away for 10days over Easter and now getting work done in the house blush

hope everyone well and Jenny, finger's crossed for Harris' tests

dizzydixies Sun 19-Apr-09 08:04:15

heating on for a touch here this morning as bit too chilly to be up this early shock

Hi dizzy hope your Easter break went well.

Back to work and school tomorrow (minipink jumps for joy and runs to put the flags outgrin)

It's been a tough couple of weeks here. dd1 had sick bug for first 3 days of hols then the weather was crap...ds4 has been very TRYING....sleeping better with meds but all over the place in the day...he doesn't do to be out of usual routinehmm ds1 has been in Spain with friends and is back today...oh joy washing!!!!
However, my lovely mum did all the school ironing last week and the sun is shining today so maybe it will be a good end to holssmile
Abbie has been great.....such a happy wee girlgrin....not sleeping too good just now though due to teeth - still only 1....poor wee lamb.

Jenny hope all is wellsmile and Klaw where are you?

dizzydixies Sun 19-Apr-09 12:01:22

sun shining here too minipink smile wishing you all the very best for your first day at school grin

mhairi13 Mon 20-Apr-09 14:24:12

Hi Everyone, I've been in peterborough, so not had a chance to get on. Hope everyone is ok and enjoyed the hols.grin

Jenny, I live up at westbank. We've a lovely view of the lomonds up here.

Minipink, I agree, we ought to start our own m+t's!!!

We're back to the monkeys this week. Will be glad to be back into a routine. I'm being brave this week though as I'm starting slimming world in muchty. I've got a lot of weight to shift so wish me luck!!hmm

dizzydixies Tue 21-Apr-09 19:25:50

good luck Mhairi13 - you're a better lady than me, I now know people who've given birth since me, DD3 is now just short of 9 months shock and I still look a good 7 months pregnant blush maybe time to be inspired by your lead

klaw saw your Birth choices poster in borders today smile

mhairi13 Thu 23-Apr-09 17:56:43

I actually joined slimming world yesterday, and its a good job too. I'm so heavy blush but at least I'm 3lb lighter than I was before I went to Peterborough

dizzydixies you should come along too! You wont have as much weight as me to lose, trust me!

What has everyone else been up to?

grin trying to diet here too ladieshmm I joined the gym but it's a bit erratic when I get to go sad Want to loose 2 stones before xmashmm

Have posted a cute photo of Abbie on profile if anyone wants a peekwink

dizzydixies Fri 24-Apr-09 11:20:00

minipink she is just perfect smile

I'm considering cutting DD3's feeds as she's only really interested first thing and at bedtime so hopefully that will get me in the mood to diet hmm

mhairi13 Fri 24-Apr-09 14:22:59

minipink, she is absolutely gorgeous grin

I've actually managed to motivate myself to do my exercise dvd. It was easier than I thought it would be. Don't think Innes was very impressed though!

Not much doing over here. Hoping to get some gardening done tomorrow hmm and then visit family as usual(we always have to go to them). None of them seem to understand that Dean and I would like some time as a family, rather than running to them on Deans days off. Never mind, these things have to be done!

Hope you all have a good weekend xx

have a great weekend everyonegrin

mhairi13 Fri 01-May-09 13:07:54

Where is everyone ?

dizzydixies Sat 02-May-09 09:40:26

I lost this bloody thread again, its like the black hole of calcutta!

Cairnie Farm opened yesterday everyone grin am more excited about it than the kids!!!

I knoe dizzy grin I was wanting to go today but had a look outside and it doesn't look promisingsad

dizzydixies Mon 04-May-09 10:52:09

nope, we'd said yesterday if it was good we'd go today but drizzling here today - it wouldn't bother the older two but not really fair on DD3 in her pram being cold, wet and bored!

helloooooooooooooooooo ???????

mhairi13 Sun 10-May-09 21:27:59

Anyone been up to anything over the weekend?

Mine has been ok. Been really sore though as was at the hospital on Thursday to see my consultant and got my coil out. It hurts!!!!!!!! Will just be glad to get pregnant then have my 2 ops! Have had enough.

Hope that the weather will be better tomorrow so that I can get out with Innes. He's been so bored bless him!

Hope everyone is ok.

oh so envy at you ttc mhairi xx

what ops do you need? [sorry being nosey] xx

mhairi13 Tue 12-May-09 11:10:17

minipinkscottish Yeah we're ttc as soon as possible! I've been feeling broody for ages. Do you plan on having more?
I have horrendous periods and in pain up to 3 weeks at a time. I saw my consultant last week and he's happy for me to get pregnant (surprising considering my weight!) then 3 months after having a baby he will laser my womb (under general anaesthetic) then I will have another op to get sterilised (local anaesthetic). Hopefully that will be the end of all these years of hell and I can think about retraining and going out to work. I cant wait!!!!! My life is going to change for the better. Its funny though as I cant remember what it feels like to be 'normal'.

Looks like its going to be another nice day, so will get out and strim the grass then Innes can run about and blow off some steam.

Oh mhariri13 I hope you conceive quickly...how is pregnancy or you? did you conceive quickly before? I do not plan on any more sad...6 is quite enough but I am broody all the time and day dream about having anotherhmm... especially as Abbie will be a year next monthshock

I will keep my fingers crossed for you xxx good luck xxx

mhairi13 Tue 12-May-09 21:47:17

Thankyou. I was only ttc for 1 month with Innes. I really hoping it happens quickly again!

6 of them must be a handful, but lots of fun too i must imagine! It must be great to have a big family. I always wanted 2 chidren, so i know i wont regret the operations later on in life. Just hope they work!

I need all the luck i can get!

mhairi13 Sat 16-May-09 11:55:46

What another rubbish day! Looks like the sun is trying to come out, ut forecast for showers later
Not sure what to do with Innes today now. Might have to get the jigsaws out.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Rubbish weather here toosad

Spent yesterday getting some stuff on ebay so if you know anyone looking for good quality baby things take a look...user name susanpetrie1968.

I've added a new photo of Abbie to profile xx

dizzydixies Wed 20-May-09 22:45:24

ah bless her minipink, she's coming on great

better weather today so I managed a pootle in the garden but it needs a lot of work blush

Great weather today again!! Soon be time to get together ladies...what do you think? xxxxxxxxxxxxx

mhairi13 Thu 21-May-09 14:36:23

dizzydixies you should see my garden! The weeds are enormous blush

There is a horribe dark cloud coming over, hope it misses us as Innes is having fun in his sandpit.

minipink, you're right about getting together smile

I'm just back from Cupar and knackered!I've walked so far today, can only be a good thing. We were at the home start group and we were making paper from elephant poo. Needless to say Innes didn't want to get his hands in!

Forgot to say, I've lost 1/2 stone so far woo-hoo!!!! Just hope it doesn't take another 4 weeks to lose another half hmm

Well done mhairi13 I was at gym again last night and feeling it this morningsad I need to try and get there more than once a week then maybe I would see a difference on the scaleshmm

Hope all of you are wellsmile I am looking forward to a HOT weekendgrin

mhairi13 Thu 28-May-09 09:36:56

Hi Everyone smile looks like its going to be a scorcher this weekend!
I was at slimming world last night, and I've lost 8 1/2 lb in total. Really pleased. I've been trying to do at least 1/2 hr excercise 5 times a week, and its making me feel so much better. I even got an award for it at slimming world. Another 3 weeks and I get my gold award.

I'm getting some time on my own tomorrow as Innes is going to the zoo with his grandparents. Don't know what I'll do as Dean has to work. Will probably do housework!

Morning all grin isn't it gorgeous!!!!smile

Off to Cairnie this afternoon...first trip this year and what a great day to gogrin

babybear77 Sun 31-May-09 20:19:39

hey all.
dunno where the time is gone....i'm in weaning hell...
bb x

what's up baby? weaning hell? can we help? xxxxxxxxxx

mhairi13 Wed 03-Jun-09 15:15:49

did you have a fab time at cairnie minipink? I've never been, but heard great things about the place. Is it expensive?

hey babybear. anything we can do to help?

I've got my weigh in tonight. Looking forward to it as I've been so good this week. Hope my weight reflects it! Its not as hot today, but its perfect for me playing in the garden with Innes. He's not as grumpy today either!

Hope everyone is ok xxx

dizzydixies Wed 03-Jun-09 19:27:13

sorry for disappearing again ladies, I've been SO busy recently I cannot believe that we're in June already shock

minipink did you have a fab time? they've got some great new things this year

we're just back from spending a brilliant long weekend at my cousin's farm - back with a bump for the girls as they LOVE it there!

hope all well smile

babybear77 Wed 03-Jun-09 20:35:57

so had a meltdown at bf group today...

all been going swimmingly. lo model baby. then we ended up in 9wells with gastroenteritis 2 weeks ago. since then his sleep has gone to pot. varying from hourly wakings in the evenings to frequent during the night wakings. last night marginally better with 2230-0000 hellish but then slept til 3 as he normally would (really should be ditching that feed now) and then 6 as usual. so we strtaed weaning (he's 6 mo) as thought that might be it. but not that hungry as he did his usual 1830-0300 between feeds.

he hardly takes anything and doesn;t seem interested. tried baby rice, pear,carrot and apple so far. spoke to hv and she said crack on and get him on 3 meals by monday!!?

other problem is we (I) got into bad habit of letting him fall asleep on the breast as he wasn't doing daytime naps. or settling him by letting him suck my finger and now he seems to have lost the ability to settle himself (shock!). was probably compounded with all the comfort feeds in hospital as they didn't want me to give proper feeds.

feel like brand new mum again and feel i don;t know what the hell i'm doing. {sad}

am sure there is more to this rant but just can't be bothered...


baby try not to stress too much...knoq it's easier said than donehmm but really it's just another phase that will pass and in months and years to come you wont even remember how "hard" it is nowwink

Abbie is becoming a nightmare sleeper again and is sometimes getting up 2 or 3 timessad....it's not easy but it does get better.

Re feeding...maybe leave the weaning another couple of weeks...the lo has had a bad bug and his little tummy probably just needs a little often....just go with this and he will get back to normal soon...as for him falling asleep on the breast.....I say so what? I know I'll get shot down in flames by some mn members but a baby is so precious and only a baby for such a short time...their mummy is their world and of course they want to be as close to us as often as they can.....believe me one morning you will wake up and they will be talking about driving lessons {ds1 is 17 soonshock)

In other cultures children sleep with their mmums for a good few years and are carried around close to the breast for months and months - maybe we shouldn't bwe so quick to put ours in cots and buggies and expecting them to settle themselves.

Sorry for long post and the rant......I didn't always think this way....I have learned to slow down and relax and be more phylosophical (sp?) as I've gotten oder and had more children.

Take care baby you are a great mummy and it will all come good again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

omg I should really proof read my postsblush

mhairi13 Thu 04-Jun-09 14:08:50

Hey babybear, sorry your finding things stressful at the moment. With regards to the feeding, I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself. I remember when Innes was in hospital befor ehis 1st birthday. Before he went in, his feeding was fantastic, and he was coming off the bottle nicely and taking his special supplement. When he came out of the hospital all he would take is his bottle. The dietician went mad at us saying to get him off the bottle. The problem was that after what he went through, he found the bottle comforting. You don't want to push things because of the HV. Just do what you see is right.
Don't worry about him falling asleep at the breast. It will be a comforting thing for him, and like minipink says, enjoy it while it lasts. Innes would never settle on his own and would only nap with a cuddle and some rocking. I felt like a terrible mum, but its what he needed. He slept at night no problem, just during the day we had to do this.
Just enjoy your baby, and take each day as it comes. Things will get easier xx

babybear77 Fri 05-Jun-09 11:31:46

last night he woke a couple of times early evening and needed minimal intervention then slept til 6am!?!?!?!?! plus he ate all his pear this morning!?!?!?!
he's now sleeping in his cot?!?!?!
someone stole our child and replaced him with another one wink
altho i did cave and let him suck my finger before his nap.
have along trip down to derbyshire in the car this weekend so hoping we've turned a corner.
i hear noise from the little man....better go and investigate.
expect muchos more weaning questions!

Where have you all gone?sad

Well just popping in while I grab a quick cuppa....cleaning and cooking today getting ready for Abbie's 1st birthday party tomorrow...yes 1 year old tomorrow...shock can you believeit? And she is almost walking ..took a couple of steps from table to sofa yesterdayshock....my baby!!sadwink

Happy Birthday Abbie!!! xxxx

Hope the party went smoothly and stress free!


dizzydixies Sat 13-Jun-09 23:14:52

shock minipink how on earth has that happened? sorry for continuing absence but I'm trying to get a cafe up and running and its taking up a lot of my time

hope all well

Opening a cafe dizzy - where about? good for you wink

Party was fabulous......everyone had a great time and Abbie was a little star[proud mummy smiley]grin

And we were so lucky with the weather.....only a few clouds but mostly sunny...amamzing considering it rained in Kirkcaldy, Cupar, Balmullo and even Gatesidewink

Relaxing today and munching leftoverswink

dizzydixies Sun 14-Jun-09 14:13:22

oh glad the party went well, we had lovely weather until just after 3pm when the heavens opened and jus kept going. Was expecting the same again today but so far so good

there used to be a cafe in Tayport which was closed down about 6yrs ago and the Community Trust I'm a member of is trying to get it reopened so I'm helping smile lot of work but will be worth it I hope

dizzydixies Sun 14-Jun-09 14:13:51

babybear hope you're doing ok

where are Klaw and PinkPussyCat these days?

PinkPussyCat Sun 14-Jun-09 21:55:31

I am here, but only just <waves feebly>

Ds has had some weird viral thing with rash/fever/D+V which on day 1 looked like chicken pox (which we were expecting as it has been doing the rounds at nursery), on day 2 it looked like measles OR scarlet fever, day 3 we thought it was slapped cheek. So dh has finally decided after much research and discussion with his colleagues that it is 'just one of these benign rashy viral things'hmmHey ho. Poor ds is climbing the walls, bless himsad

So between that and crappy shifts I never manage to fit in any MN time <frustrated>

Dizzy give us a shout when your cafe's open! That sounds like a worthy cause indeed (where there's cake it's well worth the effortgrin)

Hello to everyone else! I hope you're all well - I am shuffling off to bed now, nitey nite!

dizzydixies Sun 14-Jun-09 21:59:03

oh no PPC how awful for the wee man and for you - are you managing ANY sleep at all?

my friend said you were with her on one shift at your work and she thought you were just wonderful smile keep up the good work, you lot have kept her going

sleep well

PinkPussyCat Wed 17-Jun-09 14:13:24

Hi Dizzy!

Well after the weekend from hell we are all back to normal, mercifully the rash vanished on Monday and ds got his usual humungous appetite back. Hurrah! So glad it's over, I felt so bad for him.

Yes I did look after your friend's dd on one shift, obv didn't mention you (confidentiality and all that!). Bless her for saying nice things about me - I actually felt quite bad for her on that shift as I had 2 babes to look after, and the other one was very unstable and causing me great stress! So I felt that I was neglecting her a bit as she was so well, and that's crap isn't it? Your friend was a lovely lady, I am working this Sunday so will definitely look in on them. If you see her before then say hi from mesmile

Got IL's coming this weekend <sigh>. Which means we will need to sort out the spare room PDQ! It's become known as the 'Room of Doom' and is full of crap. On the plus side I am working for 12 hours on sundaygrin

Right better get on... btw - how crap is this weather?? It's late June FFS <grumpy emoticon>

dizzydixies Fri 19-Jun-09 20:42:33

am so glad he's back to himself PPC - nothing worse is there? I've got my friend who is a whizz with the knitting needles to knock up some stuff for my friend so I'll be back up when I get that through the post.

good luck with the inlaws, mine are back over in a couple of weeks and am dreading it already - you have my upmost sympathy

agree completely re the fecking weather - better perk up by July for the christening and DD1's birthday or we'll all get soaked for the 3rd year running!

Hi all smile PPC sorry to hear you've had a bit of a time of it...glad things improving now xx

Well Abbie has decided that now she is one she need to walk shock....not quite there yet but trying and trying and trying.....and of course getting grumpy and frustrated sad...who stole my little baby sad wink

dizzydixies Fri 19-Jun-09 22:49:48

wee baby all gone here too, DD3 pulls herself up on everything and think she's as able as the two older ones shock I think its all going to end in tears somewhat

Hi all!! OMG where is the sun? But it is so HOT!!!!shock

Got my new post sorted out at lasthmm It was worth the wait though as I think it will be a good job.smile

Going on trip tomorrow...whole school to the Darwin experience at St Andrews Botanic gardens..........hmm ...stesswink...then rest of week I need to pack up all my stuff from school to transport to new school....too much stuffsad

So ladies summer hols....when we going to meet up? Any ideas..........wink

It's the holidays...it's hot....and Andy Murray is the semi final at wimbledon...how perfect is that????grin

dizzydixies Fri 03-Jul-09 17:48:36

new post sounds great MPS

raining here just now

dizzydixies Wed 08-Jul-09 19:02:19

evening all, christening was fab, DD1's 6th birthday went well and we're all pooped now! hope nobody floating down the Tay with the flooding shock

Hi dizzy glad everything went well. Wasn't all that rain mad shock but I LOVE thunder (strange I know)blush

Abbie had her first visit to the dentist today and she didn't think much of it...hmm It must be a scarey environment for a wee onesad

shockshock Bought T in the Park tickets for my ds2 for xmas....from *official site* and got confirmation emailhmm - sat and sun ticket....then bought a friday ticket in May for his birthday from *official sit* and got confirmation email. Tickets not released till between 3 and 7 days before event. So last week Friday ticket arrivedgrin...yesterday still no weekend ticketssad.....cut a long story short...bogus and cloned website and no tickets!!!angryangrysad
Now have to get crime number from police and try to get my money back from credit card ....in meantime managed to get replacement tickets for ds2......so now skint too!!! ds2 was great and said he didn't blame me and said not to pay out more money...but he's still my baby and it was his xmas....blush

But if I could get my hands on these people........angry

Trying to chill now with glass of winewink

dizzydixies Thu 09-Jul-09 21:43:04

oh no what a shame, we're very lucky as our dentist is very good with the kids and Dylan has been twice now and seems fine, DD2 is a completely different matter though grin

thats pants about the TITP tickets angry hope he manages to enjoy it and you get your money back

babybear77 Tue 14-Jul-09 20:30:31

ok more breastfeeding q's. am weaning the wee man he's nearly 8 months. sometimes has early am feed (about 5) other times sleeps thru til b/fast at 8. hv has told me stop lunch bf he has a bf at 3pm a cup of water at dinner (5pm) and a bedtime bf (1845). can't bring myself to stop lunc and am really worried that if i go down to feeds a day and ultimately just b/fast and bedtime my supply will just disappear.
can't believe how upsetting i'm finding this! what should i do? any advice. i'm not in any rush as i won;t be going back to work until the new year so don't even have the incentive of that. want to feed for at least the year, but then maybe i'll be in the same predicament then? aaaaarrrrggghhh!
i don;t want to stop and you can;t make me shock.
bb x

Good for you babybear77grin Some hv should be strung up for all the nonsense they spout sometimeshmm

Abbie is over a year and has been on solids for a long time now but I still bf on demand as well....sometimes that means 3 feeds in the day or sometimes 12 or more. She is happy, healthy and so am Iwink

The WHO reccomends bf till at least 2 years so you go for it bb - you and your baby knows best..... and well done you!!!! grin

Oh and don't worry about work....I am back at work 3 days a week term time and Abbie quite happily has a bottle while I am away and on days off and in hols I feed all the time - no probs!!

babybear77 Wed 15-Jul-09 14:04:22

cool. was speaking to breast feeding support worker today and she said similar. i thought who suggested a yr but 2 -wow. not sure i'll last that long! was just worired i'd dry up if i cut back and only ended up doing 2 or 3 feeds a day (or just a night timr one). will see what hv says on monday....she's really good actually but i think i'm just taking it badly! he takes a bottle or cup no probs so i dont think it's really an issue if i'm not always around to give im some milk. but it just makes me soooo happy to do it and am dreading the prospect of giving it up.

Klaw Sat 18-Jul-09 20:22:26

Hello!!! I have a new mac and am back on MN and FB and other webpages my old mac couldn't cope with..... grin

Hey there Klaw glad to see you back....what have you been up to?grin

babybear77 Thu 17-Sep-09 20:48:17

where is everyone?

I am here babybear....I keep watching this thread but nobody has been aroundsad

how are you? wink

helloooooooooooooooooooooooo where are you all? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

babybear77 Mon 05-Oct-09 20:32:09

hiya mps! what on earth has happened to everyone? we're good. altho we;re having a few night waking issues...hopefully will sort itself out...might be teething related. howz u?
bb x

I'm good bb77. Loving my new jobgrin ds4's 4th birthday today.....he got a bike and he had said he wanted one without stabilisers so dh didn't put them on to see what he would do and can you believe it he got on it first time and off he went...grin my little starwink

Maybe if we keep talking the others will reappear...hmm

babybear77 Wed 14-Oct-09 19:22:11

could try...any advice on what to do with a ten month old who won't eat dinner but still eats crunchy carrot sticks and bread sticks?hmm

dizzydixies Wed 14-Oct-09 19:29:45

babybear77 just let him keep eating them grin mine were practically raised on carrot & bread sticks and petit filou!!!

hope all well - back to work so haven't time to do much anymore sad

Klaw Fri 06-Nov-09 17:34:19

and I'm back again.... wink

life is pretty shit in klawland but I've taken up knitting and crochet again so been enjoying creating. I am about to get the bus to Kirriemuir to check out a knitting group this evening. Taking dd with me and her own little needles wink

Have started a Higher in Human Biology and am asking for a referee and trying to write my Personal Statement to apply to Midwifery School.

Other than that I don't really feel I have any news sad

Oh dear not been here for ages. Where is everyone?

Well things are much better for me aside from my hubby and me just getting over the dreaded swine flu.

My four boys are all growing up so fast.

Kyle(6) is in primary two and is such a confident happy little boy far different from when he started school. grin

Cameron(4) is at nursery full time due to his hearing loss. He has taken to his hearing aids so well (he has some funky red ear moulds) and is speaking so much and has so many friends we actually do playdates!!! His best friend is a girl and its lovely she just mothers him. He has a teacher for the deaf four days a week and a speech therapist one day they are lovely. The difference it has made is astounding i'm forever in their debt. grin

Innes(2) is our little monkey but turning into an independent little boy and is a brilliant big brother.

Harris (9 months) is growing so fast and is really good baby and just fits inour family so well.

And me well Bipolar under control for moment after a few hiccups along the way. But for now life is good.

Would be lovely to know how everyone else is getting on?

Hopefully we can revive this thread!?!?!?


Klaw Thu 26-Nov-09 21:23:24

Hey Jenny [waves]

Hey Jenny and Klaw....not been on mn for sooooooooooo long cause thought everyone else had gone but you're heregrin xxxxx

Jenny - your boys are lovely and Innes is a wee star...he did so well at the dancing the other daysmile Mackenzie is at nursery full day for 2 days a week due to his possible adhd and he is loving it. I think he just needs something to do every minute of every day......very tiring...not a bum to sit onwink

Klaw - great to hear your thinking of doing midwifery. I thought you might have been telling us that you were pg....don't know why...just had a feelingblush xxxx

Please come back to this thread everyone and blether xxxxxxxxx

babybear77 Sat 05-Dec-09 21:27:29

Well my wee man turned 1 last week sad. Back to work in January (boo hiss). Only for 15 weeks at 3 days a week (but taking 1/2 day annual leave a week) so should be bearable. Then dunno....mum is coming up form glasgow to look after him. So that's also a relief.
Last couple of nights have been interesting to say the least. Won;t settle down to sleep screams each time i leave the room. Was nearly 2 hrs to get him down tonight. Urgh! He's usually sooo good. No probs at all.
Still b/feeding. Although going to have to drop at least 1 feed before i go back to work.
That's aboot it. wink

Klaw Fri 19-Feb-10 23:37:14

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coooeeeeee ;)

Well I'm here....where is everyone? Really came on to get something off my chest and I can't say it on FB as to many people from RL on there.

I had a miscarriage last weeksad I didn't even know I was pg as we weren't trying and I am on the pill and still bf Abbie. Just after New Year I felt a bit "funny" and did a pg test...don't know why but I had a feeling....anyway it was neg and I thought no more about it. Then I got a bad case of thrush that didn't clear up with over the counter and so went to GP. She gave me a tab, pessary and more cream. The day after using the pessary I started to bleed and it got heavier and heavier. I am on a continuous pill and so have no period. When it didn't settle after 10 days I went to doc and she gave me hormones to stop bleeding....it didn't and the following week doc did blood teast and this came back with hcg level raised but low indicating mc. I went for scan....empty.

Now I feel so sad and guilty.....we had decided not to have any more babies but I would have been delighted to find myself pg...we would cope. Did I cause the mc with the thrush med?? Think sosadsad.....

Why do I feel so crap????

Anyone there...Klaw?

Klaw Sun 28-Feb-10 14:26:54

of course you feel crap! sadsad

You did not expect to be pregnant so cannot beat yourself up for any thing you did or didn't do before finding out.

Also, you now need to grieve for the baby that could have been. Even though you didn't plan to have another, I know you would have been delighted to have this little baby but it was not to be. There may have been other reasons to so briefly have carried this baby, we just don't know that these reasons are all the time.

Stay strong, look after yourself and allow yourself to feel whatever you feel.


WitchyWooWoo Wed 24-Mar-10 11:21:15

hi, im emma and live in dundee with my dh and ds who is 19 months also ttc. would love to chat to other mums near me

shelley1977 Mon 05-Jul-10 19:12:14

Hi,im shelley and live in anstruther,fife.Im mum to 5 children and going it alone.

babybear77 Thu 15-Jul-10 20:31:05

hey all. long time no see...

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