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how easy is commuting from north berwick to edinburgh?

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MovingEast Fri 26-Oct-12 22:54:24

We are considering commuting from north berwick to edinburgh but are a little worried that the train is only once an hour. If anyone does this commute it woud be great to hear how it works out. Also how is North Berwick life for teenagers? It looks so appealing but are we being unrealistic?

NBdweller Fri 02-Nov-12 11:56:58

Trains are every half hour at commuting times ie before 9am and between 5 and 7. Also every half hour all day on Saturday. There are HUNDREDS of commuters going into Edinburgh from North Berwick by train and more driving.
What sort of life for teenagers do you mean? There is rugby, tennis sailing, golf, theSPACE (fantastic indoor skatepark, music rehearsal rooms), air cadets, guides, dry bar (youth cafe), duke of edinburgh, swimming pool, gym... Also lots of clubs at the High School assuming they're not being sent into Edinburgh for schooling. Local schools are fantastic by the way. No nightclubs or cinema obviously, but they can also use the train

MovingEast Mon 05-Nov-12 18:38:01

Oh thanks so much - I'm new to mumsnet and only just spotted that you had replied. We went to see the School on Friday and just loved it. The teenage life you describe is just the type of thing we are looking for for ours - they sail, kayak , swim etc. Your message is just the confirmation that we were looking for. Can't wait to move!!!

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