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Devon in the sticks - mid to north. Anybody out there?

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SuePurblybiltByElves Wed 17-Nov-10 22:30:54

See I know there must be Mnetters around but it seems to be a NM Mafia controlled area grin. I'm about 30 mins north of Okehampton, equal distances from Exeter and Barnstaple. Middle of nowhere but surrounded by villages full of mummies. Some of you must be Mnetters surely?

I do this thread once a year or so and forget it when it drops out of active so do PM me if you're local and willing to out yourself grin

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Wed 17-Nov-10 22:49:40

Hello again grin There must be more of us around here, surely? Lots of the mums in town seem like MNers but I don't want to ask!

SuePurblybiltByElves Thu 18-Nov-10 07:52:35

We will stalk them Twentieth. It would be nice to have a mini meet-up as we're too far from Exeter.

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Thu 18-Nov-10 19:44:27

Bumping for tonight's crowd I'd love to have a mini meet-up out this way, shame that neither of us drive! Maybe I should start talking about Pombears etc at toddler groups and see if anyone bites.

SuePurblybiltByElves Thu 25-Nov-10 19:47:54

There must be someone. I know of one, near Bideford. Are there lots of lurkers from Devon do we think?

If we could get a few together it would be easier to figure out a meet-up wouldn't it?

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Fri 26-Nov-10 10:21:23

Surely people are lurking? We can't be the only ones in this whole area!

Crystylline Mon 13-Dec-10 21:09:54

i'm a north devon lurker!

TwentiethCenturyChristmasCarol Wed 15-Dec-10 08:49:12

Hello Crystylline! Wow, there's 3 of us now then I'm in Okehampton (so not quite north I guess).

Crystylline Thu 16-Dec-10 21:43:40

north enough, compared to exeter or plymouth!

nice to meet you both!

SuePurblybiltbyElves Thu 16-Dec-10 21:48:11

Hello Crystylline. Roughly where are you?

It would be so nice to have Mnetters for a meet - Exeter and Bristol are obviously too far. We may not have the posh caffs but we have wellies.

TwentiethCenturyChristmasCarol Fri 17-Dec-10 08:58:23

It'd be great to be able to have a meet sometime, I wonder if some people have the 'local' section hidden?

Do you both have snow as well? There's a nice covering in Oke and apparently it's snowing all day (although blue sky atm so I'm not convinced).

SuePurblybiltbyElves Fri 17-Dec-10 09:00:18

Yes to snow (I haunt the weather topic like a thing obsessed). Oke is down for another good bit this morning and light showers this avo. But if you look at the more detailed maps, a lot of the clouds miss me today sad
Still hoping!

TwentiethCenturyChristmasCarol Fri 17-Dec-10 09:04:34

Me too I'm obsessed with getting more snow, I'd love a good white Christmas (grew up near Exeter so never had one). DD is very into snowmen so I'm hoping for enough to build her one. Hope the clouds don't miss you and you get plenty.

SuePurblybiltbyElves Fri 17-Dec-10 09:09:21

Why thank you smile. Hope so too, we generally do get plenty - drove to Torrington last time and there wasn't a flake there, we looked very odd turning up with a white-covered car and snow boots!

Hello, Barnstaple Mumsnetter signing in - I never spotted this thread until Sue pointed the way!

SuePurblybiltbyElves Sat 18-Dec-10 00:09:14

Huzzah! More normal people. That makes four.

Crystylline Sat 18-Dec-10 08:28:42

hi all,

we're multiplying!

I'm between Oke and Torrington - middle of nowhere land.

It's so snowy this morning. over a foot out there and mist everywhere. completely beautiful.

just hoping that bump doesn't decide to make an early appearance and hangs in there until January (as he's supposed to!).

SuePurblybiltbyElves Sat 18-Dec-10 08:59:13

You must be very close to me Crystylline. Mega snow here too, off to sledge to the shop!

TwentiethCenturyChristmasCarol Sat 18-Dec-10 12:25:43

Yay, more of us If we keep the thread bumped a couple more might appear.

Loads of snow here, it's gorgeous. Very sunny as well, hoping it doesn't all melt. Apparently lots more tomorrow night.

My DSis lives between Oke and Torrington as well (Ashreigney) and my parents are in Winkleigh.

kennythekangaroo Sat 18-Dec-10 12:32:30

Mid Devon lurker here - off sledging this afternoon hurrah!

theagedparent Sat 18-Dec-10 12:37:50

I'm here in Mid Devon too x

SuePurblybiltbyElves Sat 18-Dec-10 13:44:30

Wow, lots of us. A late surge grin

TwentiethCenturyChristmasCarol Sat 18-Dec-10 14:38:59

Six of us now, brilliant grin

Crystylline Sat 18-Dec-10 15:16:44

just had a lovely walk into the village for a drink and food in the pub.

now for a sofa nap...

it's so pretty out there, but would not want to be driving at all.

TwentiethCenturyChristmasCarol Sun 19-Dec-10 18:51:31

Apparently more snow this evening, so fingers crossed! It's still so beautiful out there, we went on the Dartmoor Railway this afternoon and the views were stunning.

SuePurblybiltbyElves Sun 19-Dec-10 20:05:37

It is gorgeous. But my village is still tractors and 4x4s only for the most part and I worry for MrTesco who is bringing Christmas on Wednesday! Also not convinced my planned bus trips on Tuesday and Friday are the best plan. Be careful what you wish for huh grin
Excellent sledging to the shop today though. Very funny.

TwentiethCenturyChristmasCarol Sun 19-Dec-10 22:16:00

Oke's quite accessible still, but they grit around here pretty quickly. Hope MrTesco manages to make it through!

We've sledged to the shops for emergency supplies before now, excellent fun. I'm always comforted by the thought that Waitrose would only close for the apocalypse (and would prob. still give vouchers for the inconvenience) so as long as can make it there we're OK.

In-laws (live here too) are going to Ireland on Tuesday so hoping they'll be able to make it (and won't have to stay here wink)

SuePurblybiltbyElves Mon 20-Dec-10 11:51:44

Jakers, more snow! Tho the gritter almost got as far as my house this morning and it's stopped now.
Am not convinced Mr Tesco will manage it.

Crystylline Mon 20-Dec-10 12:46:14

ha ha!

same here. banks of drifting snow everywhere - well over a foot deep. haven't trudged up to the end of the lane to see what the main road looks like yet, but not hopeful it will be much clearer. it's certainly not been plouged or gritted.

haven't even thought about doing a food order yet - did a run out to oke on friday in prep for a few days being snowed in.

starting to think i may well be stuck here over xmas as well.

humbug... will have to have family xmas when it all clears.

TwentiethCenturyChristmasCarol Tue 21-Dec-10 17:05:13

We have a really thick fog here tonight, can't even see across the street shock Has been like that all afternoon, looks quite eerie with all the snow.

Forecasts seem to say that's it for snow - is there any chance of any more do you reckon?

Hope Christmas arrives for you tomorrow Sue grin How bad is it where you are?

SuePurblybiltbyElves Tue 21-Dec-10 17:08:21

Maaaaaaaad fog. Roads are clear for most of the village but I wouldn't fancy going out the back way to Oke! Steep and not a whisper of grit.
Tesco Man has been spied today so I live in hope for tomorrow. It doesn't look like we're due for much more. Maybe I'll finally bother clearing my paths grin

Crystylline Tue 21-Dec-10 17:13:23

roads seem to be clearer, but still got masses of snow on the fields, garden etc.

fog everywhere - and yes, it is spooky.

really hoping no more snow as getting stir crazy.

No fog in Barny yet. Roads are clear, but our lane is a sheet of ice with yesterday's snow on top of Saturday's.

UniS Tue 21-Dec-10 17:18:43

a bit west of Oke myself.
25cm of snow yesterday. fantastic sledging today. can't get a 2 wheel drive car out the village tho.

bluebump Wed 29-Dec-10 10:54:05

I've discovered this thread a bit late but it'll keep it bumped if I post!

A mid Devon poster reporting in! All the snow here gone now after that day of rain, I can now see the garden grin

Crystylline Sat 01-Jan-11 09:58:51

now the snow repoarting has ended...

just wanted to ask what age everyone's DS/DDs are?

I'm pregnant (36 weeks) with my first.

SuePurblybiltbyElves Sat 01-Jan-11 10:09:11

My dd is 4.5

Cannondale Sun 02-Jan-11 16:59:53

Hello All, I live in Moorhaven near Ivybridge. I work full time but have taken a year off to spend some time with my 2.5 year old twin girls. This is going to be a disaster unless I can find stuff to get us all out of the house. Swimming lessons on Mondays. Does anyone else have any ideas of things happening on a reasonable regular basis in this part of Devon? I lived in Tavistock when I was on maternity leave so have no leads in my local area.

TwentiethCenturyChristmasCarol Tue 04-Jan-11 08:12:04

My DD is 2y6m and DS is 7m. Great to see so many more people on this thread now!

Happy New Year everyone

Cannondale - don't know much about things around Ivybridge tbh. Are there any toddler groups near you? A good one can be brilliant.

Crystylline Wed 05-Jan-11 18:49:26

'fraid I don't know ivybridge either, but you could try your local GPs and see what sure start groups they might have locally?

On that note... Does anyone know if there are any mum to be or mother and baby groups in the okehampton or torrington areas?

TwentiethCenturyChristmasCarol Wed 05-Jan-11 20:19:57

Crystylline - there's the Okehampton Children's Centre who do lots of things. There's a BFing group which is pretty good and has peer supporters. I think some people go along to that before baby arrives as well to get tips (I think it's on Tuesday afternoons, 1 - 2.30 or something in the Ockment Centre). Also a 'Learning Together 0-1' group on Wednesday mornings (10.30 - 12 in the Parish Church Hall next to Somerfield). That's also pretty good and quite relaxing - I've been a few times to both things although I find it a bit harder with toddler DD in tow so I tend to just go to toddler stuff these days! The Children's Centre staff are very welcoming.

UniS Sat 08-Jan-11 22:14:21

Oke children's centre are well worth contacting. ditto Hatherleigh if that's vaguely your area, does Torrington have one, probably.
There are parent and baby/ toddler groups in a lot of villages, Childrens centre seem to hold info and contact details for most.

Petalouda Sat 15-Jan-11 15:19:49


Are you all still around? I've just found this thread by searching 'Okehampton' on mn. Looking for some local company.

We moved from Ivybridge in October so I don't really know anyone in the area. I work in Exeter, but we only have the 1 car (hope we don't have to get another one) and so I'm expecting to spend the vast majority of my mat leave in Oke.

Cannondale (as in the bike?) there is a childrens centre in Ivybridge, somewhere around the library. The midwife (locum I saw only once) said I would've had my antenatal appointments there, if I hadn't moved.

So if anyone's still around, and has experience of giving birth in Oke, I'd love to hear your stories!

UniS Sat 15-Jan-11 19:45:19

I've heard VERY good things about Oke maternity unit. They are loved and highly thought of by mums who have given birth there. Allegedly they will not try and boot you out swiftly, but will encourage you to stay till you are confident and baby feeding well.

Oke is not a bad place to be stuck, there is a bit going on, largely in church or village halls. Sticklepath is only a short bus ride away and there is parents and tots/baby group there 2 mornings a week. Country lanes garden centre has a cafe and there are umpteen cafes in town. Simmons park is good for a brisk pram push and a swimming pool with a few sessions a week marked out as parent and baby, but most school day public sessions are soooo quiet you might have shallow end to your self any way.

Good luck with birth of bub.

I'm not quite in Oke, but its my nearest town. Like you I do not have car during the week, but its been fine, the bus services are OK and quite cheap.

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Sun 16-Jan-11 19:58:04

Petalouda - hello Okehampton Maternity Unit is fantastic. I've not been able to give birth there (too complicated) but have had all my antenatal care there and they're great. I've stayed there postnatally as well and it was very good. The MWs are all lovely (all the ones I've met anyway). There is loads of BFing support as well, at the maternity unit and at a BFing group with lots of peer supporters. I live very very close to the hospital so know it well grin How far along are you?

Okehampton's a pretty good place to be stuck, lots going on. The Children's Centre is generally pretty well. Simmons Park is fab, really good for LOs. Lots of very friendly mums around and a great little community. DH works in Exeter and I used to, but am a SAHM atm. I don't drive though so am quite stuck here.

Good to see there's so many of us now

Petalouda Mon 17-Jan-11 18:59:25


Thanks for your lovely stories!

UniS that's great to know about buses & activities, thanks so much!

Twentieth I'm 30+3, moved here at about 17 weeks. The midwives have been wonderful there, and I'm really hoping everything goes smoothly so I can have the baby there. It just feels so homely and normal, as opposed to sterile & institutional!

We're only up the hill from the hopsital too, I expect you can guess where!

Can anyone recommend a nursery/childminder? We need to get something booked for september!

Would anyone be interested in a meet-up? (ooh, I've never written that on the internet before, sounds scary and dodgy!)

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Mon 17-Jan-11 20:38:51

Petalouda - think I can guess where you are! We're just opposite the hospital. I hope you do get to have the baby there, I would have loved the chance (although FWIW I had a pretty good experience in the RD&E with DC2 so not all bad there). The post-natal experience in Oke was fab, lovely rooms and great care.

Not sure about nurseries, I've heard very good things about Stepping Stones. Rainbow is also meant to be great but not sure if it's actually a nursery or just a preschool. I've met a couple of local CMs at groups and they seem lovely but no personal experience.

Would definitely be interested in a meet-up!

jeffily Wed 19-Jan-11 13:03:07

Hello ladies, can I join you? Not strictly speaking a North Devon resident yet, currently in Brighton, but DH has just got a job in Barnstaple starting mid Feb so we are moving. Yay!
We have 1 DD, 21 months and are expecting our 2nd March 3rd. Yep, great timing with the job start date! Think we have decided to have the newbie here (I have lots of local family in the city) and then move down beginning of April. We always wanted to live down there, but now that it is actually happening I am a bit nervous about moving house with a toddler and a newbie, suffering from newborn misery (god I hate that first bit!) and not knowing anyone at all. Not sure where we will end up living yet, but will be somewhere within a 40 min commute of Barnstaple. Would love to feel I had some contact down there ready for the move!
So currently 34 wks preg and residing on the sofa with chocs, MN and radio, though should be hoovering/cleaning/generally not being a lazy cow!

UniS Fri 21-Jan-11 19:27:38

HI jefilly. not a very busy thread but feel free to watch and see. Welcome to devon.

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Fri 21-Jan-11 20:29:34

Hi Jeffily, welcome to the thread I'm quite south of Barnstaple so don't know it very well but it seems like a lovely town.

At 34 weeks you should definitely be being lazy!

Crystylline Sun 23-Jan-11 08:42:39

hello all,

Petalouda - I'm close to Oke too and would be interested in meeting up for coffee. I'm 39+5.

hi Jeffily good luck with the move. i moved here 5/6 years ago from mthe SE, and absolutely love it. So excited to be having a child here, as it's so beautiful and there are great schools/nurseries and people.

keep in touch.

Petalouda Sun 23-Jan-11 10:06:23

Morning Devonies!

Jeffily, I used to live near Barnstaple about 6 years ago. I seem to remember the traffic being a complete nightmare! But then we were always trying to get through to Braunton/Croyde etc, and they've built the bridge now, so it might be better. We lived out near Torrington at the time, it was beautiful!

Twentieth, yep, giving our address to anyone local is very embarrassing at the moment! Although everyone knows where it is! I know no-one wants another new development, but it seems that most of the residents are Oke locals anyway. Especially in the row of social housing opposite my house! (no further comment).

Crystylline you're 39+5! I'd be nervous to go out at that point! We should meet up though. I visited the lovely Dovecote tea rooms yesterday for the first time. Think I need to keep surveying nice cafe's though hmm!

Just found out an old friend has moved to N Tawton - saw her and her DD yesterday, it was fantastic!

Crystylline Sun 23-Jan-11 10:47:25


if i didn't go out, i'd go mad! there's only so many times i can clean the house in a day smile

i usually head in to oke for shopping in the week, so let me know when is good, and we could go for a coffee.

jeffily traffic isn't so bad round barnstaple now, but yes, petalouda is right the croyde/braunton side can be a bit blocked up especially in the summmer. there are some wonderful villages near barnstaple though - swimbridge being a favourite. very active community there, as well as being only ten mins into town and just off the link road.

if you want any local tips for places to consider, please let me know as i work in all the villages around the region doing community development.

UniS Sun 23-Jan-11 19:29:46

re cafes in Oke
Don't bother trying teh Victorian pantry next to museum, rather odd , not particularly good value. Church court cafe is a nice basic modestly priced cafe, good with kids.

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Sat 29-Jan-11 10:31:03

I quite like the cafe in the park with little ones since you can sit outside while they play. Better in the warmer months though! I haven't really gone to a cafe solo since having DC2, bit scared of wrangling them both. Would definitely love a meet up though, am happy to host things at my house but it might be easier to meet in town for the first time at least?

Petalouda - ah, you're not where I thought you might be then. Don't worry about the new estates, I don't think many people really mind. Tbh, I'd have thought Okehampton was a fairly good place for expansion but then we live on one of the new estates as well so a bit biased!

Devon is a lovely place to grow up - I grew up in Broadclyst on the other side of Exeter and loved it.

Petalouda Sun 30-Jan-11 15:08:46

Devon is great! grin I was born in sidmouth, but brought up on salisbury plain from age 3. Moved back to devon at 23 and have lived in most of the regions since then!

We wanted somewhere where we could get to the moor & the beaches, as well as work! And we're lucky enough to have bought a house near countryside (albeit farmers fields) where LOs can play. Although I wonder if I'll let him/them go that far?!

Friend and I went to Dovecote cafe and "tea rooms" last weekend. Don't think we'll be going back. My idea of a Tea Rooms is Tea On The Green in Westward Ho! which is amazing. So Dovecote didn't quite match up.

6 weeks till I start mat leave! 8 till due date. Can't wait to get this baby out of me and into a pram - much more manageable up the hills!

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Tue 15-Feb-11 07:33:28

Hi all, I guess Crystylline must have had her baby by now, hope all's OK If you need anything then give us a shout.

Petalouda- I used to live near farmer's fields growing up and spent hours in them. Hope you're feeling well. I love having a pram, so handy for all the shopping. Don't know what I'll do when mine outgrow it.

Crystyclear Wed 16-Feb-11 13:22:18


I had my wonderful baby boy last week on the 8th weighing 6lb 11oz.

he's scrummy and gorgeous and i'm besotted!

feeling almost ready to be out and about in the world, but very much enjoying all the cuddles at home and pyjama days at the moment!

Petalouda Wed 16-Feb-11 18:45:45

Congratulations Crystyclear! Where are you? If you're near Oke, I'll look forward to seeing you at some of the baby groups (as advertised in the latest issue of "Good Neighbours"!) over the next few months.

I'm now down to 3 weeks 2 days till maternity leave! I so can't wait. Fortunately it's half term next week.

Got our first antenatal class tomorrow night - hope to meet lots of similar people!

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Thu 17-Feb-11 07:36:27

Congratulations Crysty Glad you're enjoying it all, it's such a wonderful time.

Petalouda - hope antenatal class went well

It's good to know there will be some MN mummies around in town now, not sure if anyone else uses MN, think a lot of people use Netmums instead.

Petalouda Thu 17-Feb-11 21:41:15

Antenatal was good actually! Glad to see my midwife is as hippy as I'd like to be!

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Fri 18-Feb-11 10:09:51

Glad you enjoyed it Who's your midwife? I met almost all of them over the course of my pregnancies (had to go up weekly throughout for BP monitoring!).

Petalouda Fri 18-Feb-11 21:32:47


My midwife is Marion, although I've seen Vivien and Gwynneth too. They all seem lovely, although Gwynneth scares me a little bit! shock

becksworth Sat 19-Feb-11 16:58:02

Hi ladies - I live in Barnstaple and would be keen to meet some more locals and find some good toddler groups etc in the area.

I have a 14 month DS. Currently contending with 5am starts, so having very long days of toddler entertaining - help!

AlmaMartyr Sun 20-Feb-11 20:47:19

Hi Becksworth

This is TwentiethCenturyHeffa, I namechanged.

Don't know much about what's on in Barnstaple I'm afraid, have you checked out your Children's Centre? Sorry about the 5am starts, that's awful. My DD used to get up around 4-4.30am shock It's horrible, so much sympathy!

Petalouda - ah, I only met Marion a couple of times but she seemed nice. Vivien is absolutely lovely. Don't remember Gwynneth. A couple of them are a bit scary but really fab.

OnEdge Sun 20-Feb-11 20:49:22

hello, im in mid Devon, near Exeter, got 3 under 4

AlmaMartyr Wed 23-Feb-11 07:37:51

Hi OnEdge Good to have another!

toiletrollcover Wed 23-Feb-11 07:54:04

Hello!! I'm from Bideford with two boys 6 and 3.

Can I join? grin

toiletrollcover Thu 24-Feb-11 09:01:32

I've killed it! shock

AlmaMartyr Thu 24-Feb-11 09:13:09

Hi Toiletrollcover I love Bideford. We go up to Northam Burrows sometimes, you have a lovely park as well!

Petalouda Thu 24-Feb-11 17:42:50


You've not killed it, toiletroll, there's just not a lot going on - which is, I believe, how we like it in devon, is it not?!

I've got antenatal tonight in okehampton, I wonder if last week's labouring woman had her baby, or if she'll be with us again tonight?!

AlmaMartyr Wed 02-Mar-11 07:51:29

Hello all, how is everyone?

Hope your antenatal was good Petalouda - had the woman had her baby? I missed my final antenatal class because I was having DD. I was getting really upset in labour because I hadn't called them to say I wouldn't be there and the midwife was pointing out that they would probably understand grin

How are you getting on Crysty?

Petalouda Wed 02-Mar-11 15:09:17

Hello Alma,

Well, the labouring lady wasn't back in the subsequent classes - so it looks like she might've had her baby!

Had the breastfeeding session today, down at the childrens centre. Very helpful & lovely to see where I can meet people when this baby arrives!

JaneW99 Fri 04-Mar-11 15:40:36


A newbie in Holsworthy - so a longway from anywhere!

I'm and older mummy who's expecting number two in May, and look forward to getting to know you all.


AlmaMartyr Sat 05-Mar-11 19:24:28

Hi Jane, welcome to the thread

Petalouda - the breastfeeding group is great. I don't tend to go much because DD runs riot but they're very useful. I know a lot of the peer supporters who are all fab.

Crystyclear Tue 08-Mar-11 17:02:05

hi all.

going well here. have made a few trips out with my LO now... he's 4 weeks old! [eek] smile

going to try and get to the BF group tomorrow - just to meet a few people hopefully.

also i've just begun trying to find a childminder... but the thought of going back to work is quite soul destroying sad

welcome jane

AlmaMartyr Fri 25-Mar-11 17:27:52

Hi Crysty, glad you've been getting out, shock at how fast time flies. Good luck finding a childminder, I've seen a few at toddler groups and they all seem lovely.

How is everyone?

I've made another post about this but will add it here as well - a friend of a friend has lost a pair of golden retrievers so if anyone knows anything let me know and I'll pass it on. She's lovely and her family are distraught

Petalouda Fri 25-Mar-11 18:03:47

Lost two retrievers shock that's horrible! Where abouts were they lost? I'll certainly keep an eye out.

Well, I'm 40 weeks today, but there seems to be nothing going on. Hope it happens soon, or we'll have to go to Exeter to be induced confused

AlmaMartyr Fri 25-Mar-11 22:44:51

Lost in Sampford Courtenay but can apparently travel about 20 miles a day I think it's one of the Okey midwives/bf supporters actually, she's lovely so hope she gets them both back.

Hope something happens for you soon, very exciting!

AlmaMartyr Sat 26-Mar-11 10:35:27

Dogs found

Crystyclear Tue 29-Mar-11 09:36:14

i saw the signs for the dogs - glad they're found.

petalouda - hope all is well. i was induced - not ideal, but the care team were amazing. good luck.

jane - are you on mat leave yet? if so, hope you've been enjoying the gorgeous weather - tho where did today's rain come from? sad

right - housework moluntain to tackle!

Petalouda Fri 01-Apr-11 23:49:19

Crysty - all good thanks - little Felix arrived at 3:56am on Monday. Unfortunately we had to go to Exeter as had meconium in the waters, but he was absolutely fine! He did, however, arrive rather forcibly, so it was good that we were in the right place to have my bits & pieces repaired!

Can't wait to be able to get out and about with him! Still feels like my insides will drop through my pelvic floor at the moment though!

AlmaMartyr Sat 02-Apr-11 10:46:45

Congratulations Petal Glad Felix is fine and that you were OK in Exeter. My DD had mec in the waters as well (and also arrived rather forcibly so can understand where you're coming from!).

Let me know if there's anything I can help with since I'm just down the road really

Crystyclear Sun 03-Apr-11 15:03:31


wonderful name! hope all is well. i've got some bits and pieces that my DS has grown out of if you want anything.... nappies, clothes etc. they all need a good home!

AlmaMartyr Thu 28-Apr-11 13:44:20

This thread dropped off my 'I'm On' so just making sure it's back on there.

How is everyone? Hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous weather!!

AlmaMartyr Mon 11-Jul-11 22:26:49

Just bumping this thread a bit, see how everyone is!

Petalouda Thu 14-Jul-11 22:12:58

hello! I'm still here!

First night of sleep training though, so apologies, west devon, for the screaming!

oo, I'd forgotten this thread grin

Congrats on the new baby.

strictlycomedancingdiva Sun 25-Sep-11 00:48:45

Oh, found this thread very late, another North Devonian here, my DC are all a bit older though!

picalilli Tue 04-Oct-11 20:03:34

I'm in the sticks of north Devon too and would love to chat to some local mums. Finding it real hard to find some other mums out there! Anyone still on on this thread?

I keep an eye on it picalilli grin. Every 6 months or so.

MNHQ mentioned that they might be dividing Devon, I pointed out that having our 'local' as Exeter was pointless for those of us in North Devon. If they do, we'll have to sort meet-ups and a good local board.

Whereabouts are you (roughly)?

picalilli Wed 05-Oct-11 20:52:27

I'm sort of between bideford and Holsworthy - surrounded by sheep and mist! Playgroups are very few and far between and not exactly well supported. Do the mn's ever meet in real life or is it just online

I keep an eye on this thread! Okehampton, here. Mist and cows this end.

Oh, and to refer back to my earlier post: that was the last day of sleep training too. He learned to self settle by himself, started sleeping better, and now has apparently forgotten both. Oh well, who needs sleep anyway...


Purplebuns Wed 12-Oct-11 17:45:13

Mid Devoner here, Bluebump used to live in the same town as me, possibly still does.

bluebump Fri 14-Oct-11 19:43:46

I am indeed still here in the same town Purplebuns grin

Purplebuns Fri 14-Oct-11 20:07:06

Shame... The town everyone loves to hate. wink

KirstyJC Fri 14-Oct-11 20:15:26

Oooh, hello! <waves>

I live in Mid Devon, never posted on this thread before though I don't think. So what happens here then?grin Does everyone just natter a bit, or do you meet up, or what? (nosey, aren't I!) I live in a village near J27 and I don't think I know any MNetters in real life....I tried to get a friend to join but she misheard me and is now on Netmums.....shock

Sorry, forgot to check back.

We have not met up, no, but if MNHQ do give us a more local board, it would be on the cards praps.

Where is J27? And where on earth is this hated town? grin

KirstyJC Fri 14-Oct-11 20:21:23

Junction 27 of the M5 I mean!

Not sure where they mean about the hated town - sounds intriguing doesn't it?

bluebump Fri 14-Oct-11 20:22:42

Well Kirsty, Purplebuns and I would use Junction 27 too (on the M5 Sue)...smile Indeed the town everyone loves to hate (or at least pretend to hate whilst not bothering to move anywhere else!) grin

Purplebuns Fri 14-Oct-11 20:22:50

Ooh Kirsty, me and DH are trying to guess where you might live. I have never met up with any Mners, oh wait I almost did, that was a case of we were going to the same conference.

Netmums! And she stayed there. Pfft. I can't seem to persuade anyone that Mn is great, lunatics.
The one friend I did get on soon left as she was badly flamed for something, I think it was for using txt spk, our friendship has since dissolved. I should have taken this as a warning of incompatibility wink

bluebump Fri 14-Oct-11 20:23:29

Ps I dont' mind revealing where I live, but won't out it incase Purplebuns does!

Does it begin with a T?

Purplebuns Fri 14-Oct-11 20:27:02

Nah I don't mind, but might be nice to keep them guessing? I bet in the big reveal some of them will be like 'oh yeah..!'

Anyway, we have a canal basin, a cinema, a skate park, a crap comprehensive and a new leisure centre built a few years ago but the 'new road' is now ten years old.

Ooh clincher.. We are a market town wink

KirstyJC Fri 14-Oct-11 20:29:56

Ooohh oooh I know I know!! I was guessing that as soon as you said 'hated town!' My Dad and brother live there and I was there for about 10 months 13 years ago........I always think that sign about a market town is a little misleading......grin

Nice big Morrisons though, and I go to that town to buy fabric too!

My village has the best secondary school in the area wink

bluebump Fri 14-Oct-11 20:30:27

Indeed it does Sue!

KirstyJC Fri 14-Oct-11 20:31:11

Do like the swimming pool though, lovely on a sunny day, what with that view of the park.smile

I think I know then. Not so bad grin

bluebump Fri 14-Oct-11 20:32:28

I now know where you are too Kirsty!

Purplebuns Fri 14-Oct-11 20:34:17

Busted Kirsty, I lived there for a bit, was quite nice... And it is an Academy now is it not?

Can we have some more confessions now? Ay Sue?

bluebump Fri 14-Oct-11 20:34:22

Yes it isn't actually that bad here, and we are close enough to the Link Road and M5 to escape when needs be. I just spent a lovely afternoon at Knightshayes with that great view over the town, I almost like it here sometimes!

Purplebuns Fri 14-Oct-11 20:35:04

<Whispers> I quite like it here. Cough.

bluebump Fri 14-Oct-11 20:38:01

I do like to point out that I wasn't born here though, and was secretly quite pleased that my DS was born in Exeter blush

michelle3000 Fri 14-Oct-11 21:09:07

I live in the 'hated town' too!

Purplebuns Fri 14-Oct-11 21:11:14

I wasn't born here, Dd was born in RD&E, this one is hopefully going to be though. However, the parentage is not of Devon descent, which should hopefully compensate. No extra toes or anything.

bluebump Fri 14-Oct-11 22:50:05

Hello Michelle! Congrats on the pregnancy Purplebuns.

The kids at school (Exeter) genuinely believe that people from T are subhuman. And as a result won't consider going to college there and so miss out when Exeter College is oversubscribed.

I, however, got married there grin

Hello everyone!

kennythekangaroo Fri 14-Oct-11 23:11:10

I live there too (we're all coming out of the woodwork now).

bluebump Sat 15-Oct-11 11:04:21

Hello kenny!

Hmm Buckminster, I work at the college there and assist in the recruitment - I don't think I will mention that people think people from here are subhuman if our recruitment is low in the future grin

Not people, teenagers.

Furthermore, teenagers who have never set foot out of Exeter.

And actually, those individuals are generally not the ones planning on doing A levels.

I do spend a huge amount of time trying to pry open their minds and broaden their horizons. It's exhausting!

Purplebuns Sat 15-Oct-11 11:53:36

Bluebump, Thank you smile I must have seen you in rl if you work at the college unless you started after 2007?! I went there as did DH.

Hello Kenny!

'Not people teenagers' lol
Unfortunately, sometimes they never do open their mind sad

michelle3000 Sat 15-Oct-11 17:04:22

We have lived here about 5 years now... DD born in the Tivvy Mid Wife Led unit and I can't say enough good things about it smile

I have no connections to the place grin.
Agree with the mind-opening though. It scares me sometimes.

Purplebuns Sat 15-Oct-11 17:30:01

I was hoping for the MLU with DD, I didn't get a chance but did go back and stayed for three fabulous days. Hopefully this one will be at unit <crosses fingers>

The big local families do all seem to be all related, I think this is where its rep comes from!

bluebump Sat 15-Oct-11 17:31:48

I have worked at the college for about 10 years now so I must have seen you and your DH too.

It's a shame about the reputation of the place, in the 20 years i've been here it has come on loads and even my parents who moved away (still in Devon) actually like visiting, having a mooch around town and seeing what's on.

Purplebuns Sat 15-Oct-11 17:36:29

Well BB that is Tiv for you bound to seen one of the posters on here at some point it being the smallest place ever, even with a pop of 20,000 if I remember correctly. And I can't remember who you might be either, so your not outed smile

I think it has improved so much, places like Jo amor, Flying Pickle have made it a bit more 'upmarket' I think.

UniS Wed 26-Oct-11 21:02:35

I went to college in Tiv breifly- was a right drag to get to from Exeter, the bus took forever and all I ever saw of Tiv was closed shops as I was doing night classes after work. unfortunate that year Exeter were not offering the course I needed to do.

Today I realised How DEV'N boy is - he had a strop at the idea of eating apple cake WITHOUT clotted cream. and then refused to eat the cake at all. He doesn't understand that in Surrey ( where we were visiting ) Clotted cream is luxury rather than a staple.

He also refers to London as a village :-)

So Exeter local board, slowest one ever yes? grin


bluebump Sat 14-Jan-12 20:04:02

Just a bit grin

Ooh look your like buses! I was thinking hmm I will check back again in two months. wink

bluebump Sat 14-Jan-12 23:02:25

To be honest I was surprised to see this thread in my active conversations, I did a double take, hah!

It is a bit like awakening the dead! Anything exciting happen?

AlmaMartyr Mon 16-Jan-12 16:24:51

Wow, impressed to see this in Active Conversations! I'd forgotten about it, can't believe I last posted in July, I thought it was a couple of weeks ago.

I used to visit Tiv a lot, I live in Okey now but grew up in East Devon.

Visit Tiv a lot, nothing better to do? wink
Speaking of which did anyone see that article Liz Jones wrote about Tiv?

AlmaMartyr Mon 16-Jan-12 16:41:31

My mum liked the place there with all the fabric, can't remember its name now but she used to spend hours there.

That post might go puff as I put the full name in oops! The factory shop must be what your talking about? With the stream?

AlmaMartyr Mon 16-Jan-12 16:44:56

Yep, that's the one I think.

Still going strong it is! Some lovely things in there, sadly, I am no good at sewing or things like that.

AlmaMartyr Mon 16-Jan-12 17:24:07

I can make basic things as long as my mum gives me very clear instructions. Can't do anything like clothes though. I've remembered the name now, glad it's doing well.

I would have pm'ed you or can to confirm if you are bothered? I can repair things, by hand, but can't sew a straight line on a machine! Shame as I would love to be able to do things like that. smile

NorthDevonMum Tue 17-Jan-12 12:42:54

Regular here, Nc-ing as a RL cross/over. I'm going to post another thread but I'll ask here too as this local board is soooooo slow.
Does anyone know of any childminder who would drop at Dolton CofE primary? Maybe someone near Dolton or in Beaford? This is roughly EX19 area.
Do please PM me if so. TIA thanks

Have you tried this childcare website I usually find it good. Also looking your local children's centre as often they have info on local childminders. I think you would have to ring a few up and see what they say. Good luck decent childcare is hard work!

Kendodd Tue 17-Jan-12 13:43:34

Am I too late to join the party?

I live in a village near J28 I have only skimmed the thread but where is this hated town? Does it begin with a C?

*Hard to find even

Begins with a T is near junction 27, I think that is the right one. There are lots of clues on this thread. smile

Kendodd Tue 17-Jan-12 13:48:45

Yes, just gone back through the thread and seen. I think 'hated town' is quite nice compared to my local town. You lot are lucky grin

oohlalabonbons Tue 17-Jan-12 13:54:12

Just seen this in 'last 15 minutes' - v surprised, but want to join in! Just skimmed it but wanted to mark my place, don't want to miss out on any local action!

PS - I'm halfway between said hated town and Barnstaple.

Ken if I am right in thinking where you are then I would agree! I do quite like it here, just fashionable to dislike it.

Bonbons My inlaws live out that way, nice spot.
Local action is optimistic, it will be going for a bit, then we will all forget, for some fool to come revive it, then everyone is surprised. Repeat. lol wink

bluebump Tue 17-Jan-12 18:09:39

I think this is a record number of posts in such a short space of time grin

AlmaMartyr Tue 17-Jan-12 20:26:36

This is a busy thread. There are worse towns than the hated one!

Purple - it's OK, I do remember what it was now just annoyed that I forgot!

live in the middle of dartmoor... does that count as mid? definately cant get away with north devon lol but i fear if i start a mid and south devon thread i will be the only one on it!

I think we embrace all comers here grin. Middle of Dartmoor = lovely.

Kendodd Wed 18-Jan-12 09:59:27

Would it be a bit sad of me to suggest a meet up already? We could go to hated town and all wear a red rose or something to recognize each other?

As you can see, I have no life grin

Yep, join in, we need as many people as possible, see if we can keep this going!
We did have a flurry when everyone was guessing where everyone else lives.

There are definitely towns I dislike a lot more that T! And there is a lot to do once your not a teenager... Especially, with young children.

AlmaMartyr Wed 18-Jan-12 11:05:03

Middle of Dartmoor definitely counts I think!

surely most towns are much the same, with their good & not-so-good bits.

I'm too late to join the flurry-ing, aren't I.

Well... HELLO-O-o-o <echoes>

Hellooo! Yes you are right with the good and bad, tis the fashion to dislike T you know. Anyway with this thread, your one post alone is a flurry!

UniS Thu 19-Jan-12 15:20:26

UniS flurrys past hastily. bumping and marking.

Edge of Dartmoor here.

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Fri 03-Feb-12 20:31:47

Hey Devon - what's our temp records? DH says it's -2.5 in both Exeter & Oke tonight.

And can we have snow-watch on this weekend too please?!

UniS Sat 04-Feb-12 21:58:11

snow on north dartmoor hill tops this week. at village level this morning but mostly gone tonight.

Snow in mid devon this morning until 1pm ish all melted now, can see the snow on the hills though. No idea what the temp is! I almost keeled over seeing this in Active threads!

AlmaMartyr Sun 05-Feb-12 10:14:33

No snow in Okehampton yet (although a very light dusting on Saturday morning that lasted for about 20 minutes). Snow up on Dartmoor though, beautiful!

Apparently it was -8 in Okehampton at some point which was the coldest point in the westcountry but someone else told me that, haven't had it confirmed.

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Sun 05-Feb-12 12:38:40

the car said -8 on Friday morning Alma.

Just the usual cold & damp now. The rest of the country must be making it up!

All thawed here (between Oke and Torrington). And I was hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

AlmaMartyr Sun 05-Feb-12 20:20:29

I'm still hoping for some decent snowfall. Don't think it's happening this year though sad

UnderwaterBasketWeaving - good to know what I heard was right! I was telling my Dad that it was hideously cold and he was saying 'ooooh no, you're just used to the mild winter, it's not that bad', I feel vindicated now I know just how cold it was. He's only in Winkleigh, obviously it was balmy up there!


Another Junction 27 resident here. Good to see that there is life in Mid Devon after all!

I think that my DCs are older than all of yours though making me ancient compared with you. DCs 1 and 2 go to school in Kirsty's village.

Whenever I've casually dropped MN into RL conversations (nothing revealing, just a recipe or somesuch) I'm met with such a complete blank that I thought I was the only one around.

Off to chuck another log on the fire...

Hello Cake this is probably the quietest section on MN, second only to Dadsnet. [Wink] We are clocking up members in this area now! How exciting!

So a clump in Junction 27 and Okehampton, I wonder what it means? The Cath Kidston quotient is higher? Hehe

AlmaMartyr Thu 09-Feb-12 18:00:48

Hi Cake smile

No-one twitches or offers me pombears when I mention MN around Okehampton so not sure if anyone else uses it much. Sure some people must though.

UniS Tue 14-Feb-12 12:26:48

now you see, I use MN but I don't use okehampton much.... live about 4 miles away and go there once a week to get shopping/ take DS to swim class. now he's at school I use the mobile library more than Oke.
Which is why I've never twitched when yo've offered me pom bear.

AlmaMartyr Tue 14-Feb-12 14:02:28

If yours is at school then he must be a bit older than mine so possibly never met you, I took quite a while to start going to toddler/baby groups when my first was born so I don't really know many people with older children!

DS1 is 16, DS2 nearly 14 and DD nearly 10. See, I told you I was ancient!

Toddler groups are firmly in the dim & distant now...smilesmile

UniS Wed 15-Feb-12 20:24:39

anything interesting ( quiz, barn dance, decent band playing?) going on in village halls nearish oke on saturday evening. We have baby sitter booked but now find the Belstone pudding club is fully booked.

I should have bought my tickets and THEN found baby sitter I guess, but I was being a bit rubbish at planning.

bluebump Wed 15-Feb-12 20:57:51

Oh I missed all of this talk of snow in this thread. I went to London the weekend before last and it was proper snow, heard it snowed here in Devon but it apparently arrived after we departed for London and by the time we got as far as Reading services there was no snow at all in Devon. I'm starting to think it was made up grin There was me hoping for a few snow days off of work!

Hope you manage to find something to do on Saturday night UniS!

Hellooooo! Someone should dust in here, cobwebs everywhere. wink

bluebump Sat 07-Apr-12 22:18:38

Well hello! How is everyone?

Good thanks, I spewed forth with fresh new life, Ds is 4 weeks tomorrow. smile I have been feeling smug at our lack of snow and mild weather too. How are you?

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Sun 08-Apr-12 07:38:50

Ooh, congratulations Purple!

I'm off to see meet a friend's 4-week-old today! Although I'm pretty sure 1yo ds will destroy their entire house and baby.

It will be a brief visit!

AlmaMartyr Sun 08-Apr-12 08:24:04

Congratulations Purple!

Thank you smile How was your DS Underwater?

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Sun 08-Apr-12 22:36:03

He was very good! grin

He took his first solo steps! He must've been feeling upstaged by the baby!

The visit reminded me how tough it is with a tiny baby, like groundhog day. My mate is finding it tough, but she's doing well.

How are you doing, Purple?

How lovely first steps! So exciting when they reach their milestones. smile

Second baby is much, much easier! Right down to the sleep deprivation. Obviously used to it now. <yawn>

Nearly 3 year old DD regressing with the potty training... Not so good! Oh and the house is a blinking tip, and it actually takes me 2hrs to get us up and out if we have to be somewhere in the morning, which is a learning curve!

Still very happy with my lot. smile Thanks for asking.

I think sometimes you need to be told your doing well and it is normal for it to be hard, so nice you can be there for your friend.

bluebump Thu 12-Apr-12 18:47:05

Ooh congratulations! All ok here thanks, half term has gone far too quickly but looking forward to next week when we find out what school DS has got into!

Ah reminds me been meaning to look round preschool for DD all year... Hope you get the school your after. Any clues which one? wink
Spent your break well?

bluebump Thu 12-Apr-12 19:58:52

I'm hoping for Bolham, we are (just) in the catchment but they only take 16 so easy to be bumped off if there are plenty of siblings of current students etc. Second choice is Heathcoats.

Any idea which preschool you'll send your DD to?

Break has been ok thanks, we braved Crealy for the first time - of course DS LOVED it!

BornSicky Thu 12-Apr-12 20:04:20

hello devonians!

I'm as far West as you can be without stretching into Kernow... another market town!

nice to see some chat on here. looks like the tumbleweeds are blowing away.

Born we have the odd flare of activity on here. I am going to have to google Kernow! Usuall every two months recently, which is better than it was.

We went to Crealy last September, DD loved it and loved Blossom bear or whatever it was called.
Will be looking at Tidcombe school for nursery although not sure, with the potty training regressing whether it is doable or not. hmm The one person I know who went to Bolham School liked it so fingers crossed for you. Heathcoats is nice from the bit I have seen of it, nice location.

bluebump Thu 12-Apr-12 21:16:49

Hello Born, glad to see another Devon person checking in!

My DS loved the soft play bit to do with the bear and the animals. He is still proudly wearing his "I groomed a pony at Crealy" sticker on his coat a week later! grin

Does your DD need to be potty trained for preschool then? My DS was the last one at his preschool to be potty trained but they didn't mind.

I would be happy with Bolham or Heathcoats I think, Heathcoats would be better for when he's older but Bolham better to start with as he's only going to be 4 in August so will be one of the youngest there so a nice small school may benefit him. Despite the reputation of the West Exe area i'd happily move back down that way hence I chose Heathcoats rather than Two Moors which is closer than even Bolham to me. Oh well, not too long to wait! <drums fingers impatiently>

Hi, i have only been lurking around MN for a few weeks now and loving it. I am in Willand and its great to find some local MNetters. <waves to everyone>

bluebump Sat 14-Apr-12 14:15:40

Waves back!

whatsinthebagangelos Sat 18-Aug-12 18:27:08

Hello everyone!

Just wanting to say hi. Am expecting our first child in feb and am beginning to think ahead to when he or she is born. planner
Would love to get to know some local mums to have coffee with occasionally. I'm between Tiverton and cullompton. Currently work in Exeter and am among the first of my group of friends to have a baby so don't want to feel out on a limb or have to go trekking to Exeter with a newborn just to get out of the house!

FudgeyCookie Tue 28-Aug-12 08:45:30

Hello!! Feels good to finally stumble across a thread of localish mummy's!! I'm due a week today with my first, and live in Cullompton but don't know anyone!! Hope your all well!

EnchantedBunny Sat 01-Sep-12 23:38:59

Hi all, another Mid Devon Mnetter here. DS is 3 months, be great to get to know a couple more local mums, maybe organise a meet-up?

Snowgirl83 Wed 05-Sep-12 12:21:16

OOoooh! Happened upon this thread whilst lurking around and although I'm slightly - well actually not at all in - off the geographical area, am going to plough on anyway (being 34 weeks pregnant has enabled me to do this only recently- usually into people who tell me I should cut back on the carbs- so I am taking advantage smile

34 weeks with first, moved to Plymouth in May; been renovating house & falling out with builders pretty much since then (when I haven't been asleep/ being sick/ moaning about pregnancy) so haven't met a soul and am starting to miss conversation and people. Especially since I suspect I won't be getting too much of that in the near future..

whatsinthebagangelos Sun 09-Sep-12 10:03:10

Hello everyone. I posted then forgot about it! Nice to see some people who are very close to me, fudge and enchanted. What sort of things do you do with your little ones? Do you both drive? smile

EnchantedBunny Sat 15-Sep-12 17:55:30

Hi Angelos, at the moment I do very little outside the house with my ds as we spend a lot of time with my parents, but I am hoping to start going to some groups, breastfeeding cafes etc in cullompton and exeter. I drive which is a godsend for visiting friends etc as none of then live directly on the 1a/b/c bus route!
One thing I wish I'd done when pregnant was go to some bumps and babes groups so I had a bit of a baby related social circle in place for when ds arrived. But I'm going to make a visit to the NCT one in Exeter hopefully this week.
How are you getting on with your pregnancy? I guess Fudge is busy with her newborn by now!

EnchantedBunny Sat 15-Sep-12 17:58:23

Hi snowgirl, how is your pregnancy going? Whereabouts did you move to Plymouth from?

whatsinthebagangelos Sat 22-Sep-12 17:25:13

Hi enchanted, pregnancy is going fine thanks, had hideous sickness until 20 weeks but now feeling more like my normal self!
Am thinking I may go to groups in cullompton, when baby arrives. An hoping to breast feed so a breast feeding cafe would be good. Thanks for your advice re a bumps and babies group, do you know of any locally? I also drive , couldn't imagine not living where I live! Much easier with a little one too. Would be great to have a local meet up if people are up for it. smile

UniS Sun 23-Sep-12 22:46:05

Hello again devon mob. thought I'd flit by and catch up. What a lot of babies! and kids moving on to pre-school and school.

For any on in the Oke area may I invite you join a mums n kids bike ride next Saturday - Sept 29th. Exploring the western end of the Granite way. Its flat, traffic free and free to join in. All you need is a working bike. More details at http://www.goskyride.com/Search/Details?eventid=9014

Breeze is a womens cycling network, I've trained as ride leader with them and am starting to promote breeze bike rides locally.

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Wed 26-Sep-12 19:18:04

Ooh, sounds lush UniS! We rode that the other week with DS.

Sadly I'm away this weekend. Hope you enjoy it.

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