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Any other pregnant ladies out there ?...

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mibbes Fri 01-Aug-08 19:51:41

Are there any pregnant ladies from the Falkirk area out there ? I am due DC1 in Dec 08, I live in Larbert and would love to chat to other mums/mums-to-be in the area.
Am looking for classes for pregnancy exercise that don't run during the day when I'm at work - aquanatal, yoga, anything really ! Anyone know of any ?
Also keen to hear about NCT classes locally - are they worth it ?
Anybody out there...?

Joj26 Fri 01-Aug-08 20:19:41

Hi, I am due 29th Nov, live in Stenhousemuir. Also having issues trying to find exercise classes outwith working hours - all aquanatal is during the day and not really found anything else.

I have signed up for NCT classes, they are being held in Linlithgow but I know we got a cancellation so if you are interested then probably best contact them asap. Haven't started them yet so can't say yet if they are worth it but I can't attend the ante-natal classes at the hospital as they are during the day.

mibbes Fri 01-Aug-08 22:47:16

Hi Joj26 ! ooh you are really close and due a week before me smile ! Glad it is not just me struggling to find exercise classes aimed at PG women - I thought there would be something ! Why on earth do they make the aquanatal classes in the afternoon when many mums-to-be work ?

I'll look into the NCT classes - I thought there were NHS ones in the evening - I'd better check with MW next week, don't want to miss out altogehter.

Is this your first too ? How has your PG been so far ? I've been doing Erin O'Brien antenatal DVD in an attempt to keep fit but not much fun in your own living room ! I also have a yoga dvd (Tara Lee) and the Davina one if you want to borrow/copy them ?

Thanks for responding lovely to hear from a local lady in the same position smile

linziloo Sun 03-Aug-08 20:17:09

I'm from Carronshore and due on the 4th of January. I've managed to wangle a Wednesday off work and intend to start the aquanatal at the mariner centre. I dont know of anything else around the Falkirk area for PG women who work.

Joj26 Sun 03-Aug-08 20:33:46

Hiya, yeah tis a bit rubbish that working mums-to-be aren't catered for. Linziloo, sounds like your work are a bit more understanding, no way I would be able to wangle that. Alloa does have a class at 6.30 on a Thurs apparently (http://aquanatal.co.uk/Scotland.htm) but still might be a pain for me to get back from Glasgow in time, need to look into it a bit more.
This is my first and seem to have been quite lucky so far, no issues and feeling fine.
Mibbes, am impressed by your fitness DVDs, I have got several books out the library which I am following the exercises on but not as regularly as I should. I count walking to and from train station to work as my main exercise.

mibbes Mon 04-Aug-08 15:17:26

Hi linziloo - have you had 20 week scan yet ? Is this your first too ? Nice one getting time off work smile there is no way I'd be able to wangle that !

Ha, Joj26 don't be too impressed, am not always good at motivating myself to actually do the DVDs after a day at work - lounging in front of TV is generally more appealing wink. Walking from Stenhousemuir to (I assume) Larbert train station and back is pretty impressive daily exercise for a pregnant lady ! I live 5 mins from the station so my daily walk is less impressive !
Have also had a pretty smooth ride so far and count myself very lucky as have heard loads stories of others with various problems.

I assume you are both having your babies in Stirling too ? Have either of you gone to the physiotherapy ante-natal-type class recommended for 14-26 weeks ? I noticed a wee leaflet about it at the back of my maternity notes. I am hoping to get booked on one soon - should be able to get time off work for that.

Joj26 Mon 04-Aug-08 21:07:25

Hi, I went to the physio class a few weeks back. Some of it was quite useful (hard to tell as the woman who took it loved going off on tangents and boy could she talk ) Other stuff was fairly straight forward but always worth hearing it from an expert. Gave me the chance to ask questions about exercises and stuff - not that i have done many since blush.

Meant to say Mibbes, let me know what the MW says re the classes as was still planning to go to NHS ones as well if poss. I had to phone the hospital in Stirling to ask as forgot to ask MW but she said worth double-checking on my next visit which isn't until Sept.

mibbes Mon 04-Aug-08 22:47:09

Cool I'll get myself booked in for the physio class. Would maybe be interested in trying the Alloa aqua class - like you it depends if I can get home from work in time for it.
I'll let you know what MW says about AN classes - I think you can go to either Falkirk or Stirling, will find out times and days. Anything else you specifically want to know ?
My baby seems to find it fun to start kicking at bedtime shock doesn't make for a restful night !

Joj26 Tue 05-Aug-08 21:57:34

I might try and see next week if I can manage getting back in time for the Alloa class as a trial run. Meant to phone the Mariner today to see if the Aqua-aerobics class they run in evenings is also suitable for PG people but forgot.
Can't think of anything else for MW but thanks Mibbes.
Yeah, my baby also waits until I am lying down and getting settled and then starts its karate practice shock It tries the same technique to make sure I am awake in the morning too!!

mibbes Wed 06-Aug-08 13:30:22

Let me know how you get on with aquanatal classes, may see you in Alloa then smile

I notice on the other thread that you also did a degree in French - what a coincidence ! I did mine at Glasgow Uni - where was yours ? I don't use my French in my job now though, am very rusty !

Have just spent my lunch hour surfing for pregnancy yoga/pilates/any exercise class in Central Scotland but to no avail. There are quite a few classes in Glasgow, don't know if they'd be any good to you after work ?

Joj26 Fri 08-Aug-08 17:00:39

Hi, will let you know then if I am def going.

Mine was at Strathclyde and don't use the language at all apart from holidays so also very rusty.

TO be honest I hadn't even considered looking in Glasgow as an option but if after work then should probably consider. Whereabouts do you work? I am in Waterloo Street.

mibbes Fri 08-Aug-08 23:47:51

I work in Stirling so no long commute for me. Lived in the West End of Glasgow until 2 years ago when we deicded to move to the 'sticks' wink

I have just realised that I completely forgot to ask MW about AN classes today. I also forgot to ask about MAT B1 form - knew I should've written my questions down - my memory is like that of a fish at the moment blush. She asked me if I had any questions and I racked my brains and just said no and walked out - what a tube ! I had a lovely MW today - think she was called Vicky. The trainee MW found HB straight away which was a relief - it took ages last time.

I contacted NCT and am on a waiitng list for a class for Dec babies - the lady said that if there are more enquiries maybe she'll set up another class. She is also passing my details onto the Stirling NCT people in case they have space - glad I called now ! There is a NCT sale in Stirling in Sept in case you're interested.

Yes let me know if you plan going - I'll be pushed for time but may just make it to Alloa for 6.30.

Joj26 Sun 10-Aug-08 15:21:49

Had a look at Glasgow classes and all the ones i could find are in the suburbs which would just be too much hassle. So you are newish to the area then as well? We moved into the area when we got married 3 years ago as I work in Glasgow, DH in Edinburgh.

I'm glad it is not just me, given that I also forgot to ask MW about classes and MAT B1

Let's hope you can get in then. I saw the details for the Stirling sale, I think I should be about that day so may pop along for a nosey.

Will let you know b4 Weds night as depends on how work goes this week. hmm

Joj26 Sun 10-Aug-08 15:30:03

Change of plan - thought I better check and just as well as Alloa no longer run the aquanatal class
The woman on reception said that you could join in their 'normal' aquaerobics providing you are used to exercise and don't strain yourself although maybe best to talk to the instructor. Classes there are 8-9 on Tues and 7.30 - 8.30 on Thurs. Going to give them a call on Tues when instructor should be about.
Checked others in the area and Falkirk are not running any aquaerobics during school holidays and not sure when back on as looking for new instructor. Can't get through to Grangemouth at all.

mibbes Mon 11-Aug-08 09:46:58

Oh that is a pity - I actually emailed the Alloa pool as I figured best to check it still existed, but they haven't responded yet. The Thu one is quite a good time so if instructor says it is ok maybe worth a try. It'd definitely be better if it were a class aimed at pregnant ladies though hmm. I am genuinely shocked at the total lack of provision in the area for pregnant ladies who want to be active ! There seems to be loads of choice in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Where did you move from ? We also moved here for the convenience as DP is a contractor so ideal to be positoned in the middle where trains go to both Edinbugh and Glasgow smile. And also after 8 years of travelling the A80 I was desperate to be closer to work wink

Joj26 Wed 13-Aug-08 13:17:59

Didn't get hold of instructor last night unfortunately Can't believe how difficult this is, think I am going to just have to force myself to go swimming one night a week instead.

I was living by Glasgow Green before we moved through to Falkirk then made the move to the wonder of Stenhousemuir 2 years ago.

mibbes Wed 13-Aug-08 13:49:35

hmm that is a pity - why is it so bl00dy difficult, all we want is a simple aquanatal class once a week ! I'll maybe give a few places a call this afternoon.

mibbes Wed 13-Aug-08 17:01:21

I tried Bo'Ness and Grangemouth and they don't do aquanatal classes. Mariner only afternoons after school holidays and I can't think of anywhere else there may be a pool nearby sad.
Looks like I'll be continuing with the DVDs then wink zzzz...
Let me know if you find a pool where it is not too busy and not full of children jumping in ! Swimming is not a favourite sport of mine but I guess it is good support for those pregnant joints smile

Joj26 Thu 14-Aug-08 14:47:39

This is indeed rubbish, by the time I get myself sorted I'll be into my 3rd trimester where apparently you have to start calming down the exercise you do Granted part of it is my fault given that I bought a tankini back in June and have done nothing since but that is not the point Swimming is apparently still good for you till late on anyway.

I know there are ladies only nights where it should be safer but won't be going till week after next as I'm away with work next week

lingobaby Sat 23-Aug-08 22:33:55


Sorry to butt in on your thread but I thought I might catch both of you on here. I noticed on the other thread that you are both quite interested in the lingobaby sessions at Larbert library. They will be running through to next summer and then from next August - following the academic year really - so there will be sessions for your wee ones. You can drop me an email at lingobaby@googlemail.com for more info.

On a more personal note, I have an 8 month old son and have lived in Stenhousemuir this past year. Ruairi was due 22nd Nov and born Dec 3rd so I guess I'm almost exactly a year ahead of you both! I did go to a couple of the aqua natal classes at the Mariner Centre and they were great. However I could only go once I started my maternity leave so I can totally understand your frustration at not finding anything to attend whilst you are still working. Hope you find something!


Joj26 Sun 24-Aug-08 10:17:30

Great, thanks for the update

mibbes Tue 26-Aug-08 19:20:33

Thanks lingobaby - will definitely be getting signed up for the French classes next year smile. I also have a few friends who are quite local and have recently had babies so will pass on the details of the course wink

lingobaby Sat 30-Aug-08 22:02:24


Thank you both, hope you and your bumps are keeping well.

Look forward to meeting you all next year :-)


Joj26 Sun 31-Aug-08 16:42:24

Oh dear, another week gone and still no exercise. Think bump is making up for it though but kicking the cr@p out of me . Seems to have taken up residence near my ribcage and is quite uncomfortable.

Having been to 2 NCT classes now and hearing how much more organised everyone else is I'm starting to think we need to start planning a bit better. Saving grace is that my due date is one of the latest in the class wink but still am now concerned where I wasn't before. Think I will definitely be paying a visit to that NCT sale

mibbes Mon 01-Sep-08 19:30:47

Oh dear Jojo - what are all of the other ladies doing that is so organised ? I bet I'm not doing it either so don't worry ! We were away for a few days last week so I managed to go swimming a couple of times - it made me resolve to find a local pool where I can go, so I'd better get on with it ! When is the NCT sale ? I need to get along there too and get some bargains smile. Have been offered a place on a NCT course but it is an intensive one at weekends and in Livingstone - haven't decided yet whether to take it yet as not as local as I'd hoped and I'd rather do the weekly evenings one, how have your classes been so far ?
My bump seems to have popped right out in the past few weeks - feel like a 'proper' pregnant burd now !

Joj26 Tue 02-Sep-08 15:00:45

People actually have their nurseries painted and fully furnished, hospital bags at the ready, prams on order etc. Quite scary shock

I quite like the classes so far, although DH does call them the 'babies for dummies' classes. Most people aren't that local either - Bo'ness, Broxburn, Polmont is the nearest. I have not really learned anything startlingly new but it is a reassurance. There is a breastfeeding one and a helpful labour positions one coming up which I think might be more useful. On a useful note I have just read Becoming a Mother by Kate Mosse which has really reassured me that I am not going to be a bad mother and it is ok to have a lot of the thoughts I am having - highly recommend it

NCT sale in Stirling is a week on Sat but just realised that is day after Dad's 60th in Glasgow so might not make it. There is another in Oct in Linlithgow.

I have taken the executive decision to go to Grangemouth on Thurs night as there is ladies only swimming but also an aquafit class. This way I can ask if I can do the class and if not then just do a few lengths. More than happy to meet up if you are interested?

I'm the same, def not just looking like I've put on a bit of beef, def preggers. shock

mibbes Tue 02-Sep-08 17:01:50

aah cunning plan going when there is a class on wink, I'd love to meet up but can't make this Thu as DP has the car. Let me know how you get on and I'll meet you the following week.

Thanks for the book top tip - I have read several books (Jools Oliver, Myleene Klass which are good as a diary-type book and Alison Craig and Mel Gederoiyc which are really funny) - also just finished a 'Yummy Mummy' one but cannot remember the author and have 2 more to read ! Can you tell I like to read up on stuff !? I'll dig any of these out if you are interested and bring them to swimming for you.

I need to decide tonight about NCT class - DP is so not keen (he isn't very keen on An classes full stop !), they are only holding the place until Thu.

I have ordered a pram (from Baby Central in Stirling which I recommend) and ordered nursery furniture but haven't got any further than that - I can't believe people have hospital bags ready !!!! I haven't even thought about that yet shock

Joj26 Wed 03-Sep-08 13:20:20

Will let you know if we can attend the class or just swim. There is ladies only swimming on a Mon evening at the Mariner although I can't make this Mon.

Wow, putting me to shame with the reading. I was deliberately not reading too much in case I scared myself but do like these ones written by real people that give honest opinion of what it is like.

Mmm, not sure what to recommend re NCT, DH isn't that keen (too new man for him!) and as I said there hasn't been anything groundbreaking at it yet. I am glad I am going through, like the reassurance of it and the odd little tip they give that I didn't know. I am hoping we cover off more useful stuff as the course goes on though.

We are hoping to get a pram from our friends and not sure what to do about nursery furniture as we are looking at extending the house and don't see the point in buying a whole load of stuff for the room if it is going to change. Think we will get basics and see how we go from there hmm

mibbes Wed 03-Sep-08 22:28:17

I decided to go with the NCT classes, doing an intensive course so have to go 2 Sundays and 2 week days, at least it gets it over with for DP as he is really not keen and if it is atall 'new man' he'll hate it so I'll have a hard job dragging him there ! My only concern is that with NCT you won't get a visit to the labour suite - I'm going to ask MW on Fri if I can go to the NHS AN class that gives you a tour - that is assuming I remember to ask blush !

I'll look out some of those books for you as they are really funny, honest accounts and very easy to read. Let me know how tomorrow night goes at Grangemouth.

Joj26 Fri 05-Sep-08 12:52:17

The NCT class we had on Weds was probably the most helpful we've had yet - typically DH couldn't attend that one! hmm It is good to meet other people and even thought not all really local, still within half hour anyway.

Some of them had just phoned and asked for a labour ward tour separately although got mixed reports. One couple got a tour of Stirling, another got given a DVD to watch of it instead.

Went to Grangemouth( feeling very smug and self-righteous today )and swam a few lengths, noticed a big difference in my fitness level though! I spoke to the Aquafit instructor and she advised that it is ok to do the class, her sister did it right up to due date but just take at your own pace i.e. half speed or just toning down the level of exercise. Unfortunately I have just worked out I can't attend the next 2 Thurs but will go after that. Will need to make do with swimming at the Mariner a week on Mon as don't have any other nights free next week - got extra NCT classes on, but now I have started the exercise I plan to keep it up.

mibbes Sun 07-Sep-08 12:15:22

LOL, you'll end up getting into a fitness routine just in time for the birth wink

Glad NCT classes are good, I think DP is dreading them ! Good idea calling about a tour, I'll try that in a few weeks.

Well my MW appt was a disaster, I was 2 mins late and left to wait for 45 mins, when I eventually asked the receptionist what the delay was she told me the MW had left - she hadn't bothered checking that I'd turned up after her last patient !!! I was furious as had taken time off work for nothing, plus I had to have blood taken for anti-D which am supposed to have next week ! Was told to call Falkirk hospital and they told me to call Stirling - eventually got through to a sensible MW who told me a community MW would call over the weekend but surprise surprise no call so far ! They have also still not done my MATB1 form depsite me asking several times - arrghh ! I hope they are better at delivering babies than they are at everything else !

Talking of delivery I watched one of these Baby Story/Birth programmes this morning - yikes ! DP walked in and said "what is that woman doing ?.. OMG !!!!" and legged it grin

I'll maybe try to go swimming in the next week, what time is the Grangemouth aqua exercise class ?

Joj26 Tue 09-Sep-08 12:27:19

I know! SHould probably just start looking for Mum and Baby exercise classes now

Oh dear, doesn't sound good. Am heading to midwife today and have my list ready for everything I keep forgetting to ask. They were half an hour late taking me in last time which meant I had forgotten everything by then.

Yeah, we watched a programme all about development of baby in the womb which was fine until it got to the labour part - stunned silence followed quickly by DH getting a large glass of wine shock

It is on Thurs at 7.15pm, called Aquafit.

mibbes Tue 09-Sep-08 13:27:21

LOL I watched that documentary about the development inthe womb - I was so not expecting to see a lady give birth at the end like that (not sure what the h3ll I expected though!) - I was quite tearful that night as it really started to sink in what is coming.... DP's helpful quote 'ha ha that'll be you soon !' hmm

Am looking forward to the NCT sale on Sat - wil let you know whether it is any good in case you don;t make it - apparently they are generally pretty good though.

Got my antenatal check last night at Stirling RI - all is well and am booked in for anti-D next week smile. There was a woman there who thought she was in labour and she was only 29 weeks shock. I really need to get some baby clothes bought soon just in case...

Good luck with the MW - I had a note of my questions too this time and finally got my MATB1 form !

Joj26 Wed 10-Sep-08 09:13:50

We are going to try and make the sale but probably not till later on - depends on DH's hangover hmm There is one the following week in Dunfermline if we miss it though.

29 weeks - that is pretty scary, one of my friends had her wee one at 33 weeks which I thought was scary enough shock

Got my anti-D and MAT B1 forms yesterday and even remembered all my questions . Everything is ok with Jnr. She said they don't do hospital tours with the classes anymore anyway but if you want to visit just chance your luck phoning up and they will either tell you ok to come in or no can do they are busy. She also said that it may be worth coming along to one of the NHS ante-natal classes that covers Pain Relief as NCT don't go into that in much detail. I'm going to phone and check as Stirling run some evening classes which we could just turn up to.

mibbes Thu 11-Sep-08 22:22:35

There will be nothing left at the sale after I've been and bought all the best stuff - don't waste your time grin

well I didn't make the aqua fit class as had a bit of a dramatic day - had a small bleed this morning so had to go into hospital and get fully checked out. They eventually just gave me the anti-D anyway as was due to get it next week anyway. Was on a fetal heart monitor for ages and baby kept kicking it off ! Had an internal too which wasn't any worse than a smear - phew ! Bit embarrasing though as Consultant thought I had an 'interesting' cervix and proceeded to ask a whole load of peope to come and have a look blush shock Also there were a couple of 'labouring' ladies in triage which was a bit scary !

Got confirmation of NCT classes which am pleased about - have you had one this week ? Was it any good ?

DP says someone at his work's sister is going to a PG yoga class somewhere near Alloa so he is going to find out more info for me, I'll let you know if it sounds interesting.

Joj26 Sun 14-Sep-08 17:43:43

How did you get on at the sale then? DH hangover didn't permit us making it - I might go to the one in Dunfermline this weekend coming.

Glad to hear all is well with baby now, must have been a bit scary at the time though shock

NCT covered how to spot baby blues V post natal depression and then positions to help during last stage of labour. Given DH's response to this I reckon he will be getting punched on the big day.

Cool, keep me posted re yoga.

I'm away abroad with work this week and am a bit worried about swelling as am having difficulty fitting into shoes as it is and not sure how I'll cope with flight and heat. hmm This will def be the last though.

mibbes Mon 15-Sep-08 13:43:28

wow I'm surprised you are still able to fly ! drink loads of water as last time I flew at about 16 weeks I had loads of braxton hicks afterwards which I reckon was due to dehydration.

I was reading in one of my (many blush) books last night that swelling of ankles and feet is due to the extra blood pooling and is totally fine, however to be more aware of swelling fingers - which I have a wee bit as could be one of the signs of preclampsia (sp?).

The sale was good - very busy though. Loads of women with prams or bumps in a very hot room ! Managed to buy a few wee things (incl yet another book !) but most of it was gender-specific (clothes and toys etc..).

Still don't have any more news on the yoga class - DP going to chase up the guy again.

Did you see 'Dawn gets a baby' on BBC3 on Fri night ? It is a documentary about a girl trying to find out the 'truth' about childbirth - it is really funny and moving too, I really enjoyed it - you can probably catch it on Virgin replay on demand or BBC iPlayer.

conkertree Tue 16-Sep-08 21:30:43

sorry to butt in on your thread but i was looking for ante natal exercise classes of some sort in the are too and came across your thread.

i live near kilsyth so not quite in the same area, but not far away.

there is an aqua natal class starting in cumbernauld on 7th october from 6 or 6.30 i think. dh works on a tuesday but am going to see if i can get someone to babysit ds (13 months) as i'd love to go to something.

am due in april by the way.

had ds in stirling last time round and doing the same (unless we move house) this time.

mibbes Wed 17-Sep-08 13:57:21

Hi conkertree, you are more than welcome to join the chat smile

That is great about an aquanatal class in Cumbernauld, only a 10 min drive from Larbert so ideal ! I'll definitely try to make it along. Where is the pool in Cumbernauld and do I have book in advance or just turn up ?

Did you have a good experience at Stirling ? Loads of ladies I know have had c-sections there.

oh and congrats on PG - how many weeks are you ?

conkertree Wed 17-Sep-08 17:10:27

hi mibbles - i have never been to cumbernauld pool, but the midwife gave me a leaflet about it when i had my first appointment on tuesday so i will check what it says and let you know.

you dont have to book - i know that.

i am 8+5 so still early days, but would like to get some sort of class sorted soon as last time round i put on a bit more weight than I'd have liked to.

will post about stirling next time i am on as just realised its past 5 so can go home - yippee.

conkertree Thu 18-Sep-08 11:56:19

hi again - so Stirling - its good I think overall in the general scheme of things - you do hear some horrible stories on here about other places, but I did have problems with it too.

The actual labour bit I couldnt really fault - lovely midwives and I felt in control most of the time etc. Once I got to the ward - I found it a bit tougher.

I think it totally depends on whether you plan to breastfeed or not. I was absolutely sure I wanted to, but things didnt start off just as easily as I would have thought. I know they have a certificate to say they are breast feeding friendly, but really, if I hadnt been determined, I would almost certianly have given up.

Every midwife had a different answer to the problem - and they do tend to be very hands on - shoving the breast into the babies mouth. Ds was just not interested for the first two days. I got told my nipples were too small, ds had a short tongue, then a misaligned jaw, then I was anaemic etc etc - its just seemed to be one problem after another and when you are already emotional after the birth, it can be a bit hard to take that you are failing in the one thing that I assumed, maybe naively, would come naturally.

At one point I was ready to get my rope and make my escape out the window. They pressured me into giving him formula, and after speaking to my dad (GP) decided that at least if he put on weight with it, he would be allowed to go home, and we could then get on with it in peace.

So the long and short of it was - gave birth on the tuesday night - didnt get home till the Saturday and I had to fight for that, but overall I do have good memories of the whole thing, and the chat in the ward was nice. I felt like an old hand by the Saturday as the others were constantly changing.

I apoplogise for this turning into an extremely long post - you can evict me from the thread for being too long winded if you want, but that was quite cathartic. And dont want to put you off Stirling by any means - as I say I think overall its a really good place to go - just remember though if you do want to bf - be determined and dont worry if your baby doesnt take to it in the first few days - they will catch on eventually.

mibbes Thu 18-Sep-08 15:14:24

conkertree you are most definitely not evicted - I love to hear info like this as I feel it makes me better prepared for what is to come and if I have a hard time I'll know I'm not the only one. Really appreciate you taking the time to post your experience.

On the exercise front, I may have found a pregnancy yoga class - well 2 ! there is a class in Alloa it's in the community centre Erskine st (just behind greenfield house apparently) - it runs tues 7-8.30 which means it clashes with the Cumbernauld aquanatal class. I am not sure if it is exclusively an antenatal yoga class or just one where they accept PG ladies (I found out from DP's colleague whose sister is Pg and goes to it).
Anyway, I have also found one in Linlithgow which runs in blocks and is for right up to birth (from 14 weeks), so I have emailed the lady and will let you know when she responds - apparently very popular so need to book in advance.
conkertree not sure if either of these are of interest to you as may be a bit too far ?..
Joj probably not too far for us - am really keen to give the yoga a go. Maybe we could try it out and let conkertree know if it is worth the effort travelling to as you can only start the yoga at 14 weeks for some reason.

Looks like Joj and I are about to find PG exercise classes just in time for when we get too big and uncomfortable to be able to move !

conkertree Thu 18-Sep-08 15:24:31

thanks mibbles- would be good to hear how it goes.

the alloa one would be better for me as my sil (and brother) live there but as you say tuesday night clashes. tuesdays aren't great for me anyway as dh works, but am going to really try and find someone to babysit ds cause i really fancy going to the aquanatal.

sil in alloa is also pg - due in january, so maybe my brother could look after my ds while we both go grin - dont see that happening knowing my brother.

conkertree Thu 18-Sep-08 15:25:45

if anyone fancied starting their own business though - looks like pg exercise classes of any sort in the central scotland area are a bit short on the ground.

Joj26 Fri 19-Sep-08 19:32:38

Wow, only away 4 days and come back to progress! I am free Tues night so would be game to give the yoga class a go this week. Will check with DH that I can get the car. Any word on the Lithgow one as well?

Also good to hear your experiences conkertree, I've heard similar experiences at other hospitals from friends. Had breastfeeding session at ante-natal classes last week which was quite good and reassuring as well.

mibbes Sat 20-Sep-08 00:04:26

Excellent Joj let's give the Alloa yoga a go then - still not heard from the Linlithgow lady, but I reckon best to get started ASAP as we don't have a lot of time left ! I can't believe how quickly time is passing shock. We have started decorating the nursery so it is all starting to feel quite real now ! Oh and my bump seems to have exploded in the last few days - I feel HUGE !! We start AN classes a week tomorrow, DP is not looking forward to them atall !

mibbes Sat 20-Sep-08 00:06:41

Oh and I'll be able to get the car on Tue so am happy to drive us there (not that I have any idea where we are going). My SIL lives in Alloa so will ask her for directions when I see her tomorrow.

MinaLoy Sat 20-Sep-08 15:21:39

Hi Mibbes, I was in the same boat re. NCT calsses, I live in Falkirk and all they could offer me was the weekend intensive one in Livingstone. Decided to do it anyway, and I'm glad I did. We were a lovely group, and tho' I wish we were all closer geographically, we do still meet up (eighteen months later) - the good old M9 will keep you connected!

MinaLoy Sat 20-Sep-08 15:30:37

Hi Mibbes, I was in the same boat re. NCT calsses, I live in Falkirk and all they could offer me was the weekend intensive one in Livingstone. Decided to do it anyway, and I'm glad I did. We were a lovely group, and tho' I wish we were all closer geographically, we do still meet up (eighteen months later) - the good old M9 will keep you connected!

mibbes Sun 21-Sep-08 21:19:14

MinaLoy thank you so much for taking the time to post your experience of the NCT classes. We start next Sat, am quite looking forward to it now !

joj I'm going to try and call the Alloa yoga place tomorrow as would feel awful if we turn up and they turn us away ! If it sounds ok, I can pick you up on the way (prob about 6.20 to give us a chance to get lost a few times!) - just let me know where is convenient for you. Conkertree we'll be sure to report back how it goes wink

Joj26 Sun 21-Sep-08 23:24:14

Cheers for the offer of a lift, I have the car in the afternoon now but as I may be coming straight from a meeting then probably best if we meet there- providing I don't get lost blush. I guess it should be easy enough for us to work out who each other is given the big, fat preggie bellies! Assuming there is a foyer entrance I will wait there for you. Will check on here tomorrow to make sure it is still on if you get hold of them.

Joj26 Sun 21-Sep-08 23:27:13

Just had a look online and can find Erskine St on the map but no reference to a community centre. Do you know exactly what it is called? Cheers

mibbes Mon 22-Sep-08 22:20:53

I have had my SIL on the case and she has found out that the place is Alloa Old Peoples Welfare Club Hall, Erskine Street. Apparently we have to call Lime tree House to book classes, so I'll to do that in the morning and let you know how I get on.
Here is a map: map
I'll be leaving with plenty of time to spare as I expect to get lost as I don't know Alloa very well !

Joj26 Mon 22-Sep-08 23:15:08

excellent, I'm moving about as fast as an old person at the minute so that should suit fine!
Ok, will check on here tomorrow for update.

mibbes Tue 23-Sep-08 13:28:53

Right, well I have spent ages on the phone this morning and Lime Tree House and Greenfield house know nothing about these classess so they are clearly not council run. I can't get hold of a number for the Old people welfare hall (and suspect they may not know that much about it anyway as it will be some independent yoga person who just hires the hall). I am going to go along and give it a go anyway as I have my stuff with me so am going straight from work. I'll feel really responsible if you make the effort to go and we are turned away because we needed to book or because we are not experienced (I am certainly not anyway !), so if you'd rather I can go and try it out tonight and let you know how it goes for next week ? However, if you are still keen the exact directions are as follows:

you'll come in from the A907
go over r/bout and up Ring road
at Clackmannanshire r/bout, go right (Mar Place)
at next road (just at the leisure bowl) go up B908 Sunnyside road
at Hill St, go left
at Erskine St go left
the hall is down there

Who would've thought it could be so difficult to do some exercise when pregnant !

Joj26 Tue 23-Sep-08 13:49:20

Poor you, sounds like a nightmare hmm

I'll see how I feel at the end of the day, I have the car and stuff so may just come along to chance it anyway but have also been feeling quite rough the last couple of days (just a cold but seems to take it out on me a bit more just now ) so will see if am still tired after work.

Good luck if I don't see you there

mibbes Tue 23-Sep-08 14:08:50

Ok doke, hope you are feeling better soon. If you do go I'll have on dark grey bottoms and a light grey t-shirt/coral coloured jumper. There will be at least one other PG there besides me so wouldn't want you to start yapping to the wrong one !

mibbes Wed 24-Sep-08 09:29:55

Joj I really hope you didn't try to go last night and get lost ! I met my own expectations and got completely lost blush, eventually parked at Greenfield house and by complete coincidence bumped into my SIL's MIL who works there so she showed me where the hall is ! I was about to give up and go home ! It is tucked away in a resdential estate so not easy to find.

The class was good - very relaxing and not too challenging. there was one other pregnant girl there so she put us together and gave us alternative moves when the sequences were unsafe for us. We were able to do the vast majority of what the others did though so it was great. There are 2 weeks left in the current block (then a 2 week break) and you can pay per class (£6)
I'm definitely going back as I slept really well last night thanks to being so relaxed smile
I'll probably be going from Larbert next week as won't have the car at work so I can give you a lift if you want to come along.
I was thinking that during the 2 week break from the yoga I'll try out the aquanatal class in Cumbernauld - pity these things weren't on the go months ago !

Joj26 Wed 24-Sep-08 12:49:03

Sounds good, I can attend next week so will give it a go. Typical that there is a 2 week break though, aquanatal in interim sounds like a plan. By the time I got home last night I just wanted a hot bath, got into my jammies and slobbed on the sofa, feeling slightly better for it this morning but still not right, obviously can't take anything to help and now DH is in a mood as think I have passed it on to him, about time he suffered something though wink.

Been to hospital today for 3rd scan due to low lying placenta. Ended up having to have an internal scan which shows it has moved but not as much as they would like, so have to go back for another scan at 34 weeks. I'm not bleeding though which is a good sign. Really freaky seeing the baby though as was so clear, could see it lapping at the fluid and playing with its fingers.

There is a labour pain relief talk in the conference room 3 of the SRI tomorrow night at 7.30, which the midwife reckons is run by the anaesthetists and is probably worth a visit. I plan to go along if you fancy joining me?

mibbes Wed 24-Sep-08 15:47:03

Your scan sounds amazing - my 20 week scan was really clear so can't imagine how mega clear a 30 week scan is ! I take it you may end up with a section then if the placenta is going to be in the way ? Or is there enough room for baby to squeeze past it ?! I am still convinced will end up with a section due to baby lying transverse, apprently I need to get onto all fours and bounce on a gym ball to encourage him/her to shift into the head down position.

The pain relief seminar sounds really good, if you don't mind I will come along actually. Are you bringing your DH ? Am happy to leave DP behind as I think the thought of NCT AN classes is enough for him at the moment ! I am happy to drive us there, or you could pick me up at the train station as I live a few mins from there, whatever suits you best.

conkertree Wed 24-Sep-08 16:13:36

since i am hanging around reading your thread, i will pop on and add in my tuppence worth.

the alloa class sounds good - shame i cant go to the swimming till 16 weeks cause you lot will probably be back at the yoga by then - but you can let me know if you think the aquanatal is worth going to.

Joj26 Wed 24-Sep-08 16:43:43

It was pretty amazing Worst case scenario is c-section but if it moves even a little bit more then it should be able to squeeze past shock Apparently there are 4 grades of praevia and I am moving up the chart away from the worst so it is progress, fingers crossed it will keep improving over the next 9 1/2 weeks!

I tend to sit on a gym ball, leaning forward onto the back of the sofa as have found that the only real comfy way to encourage baby forward (even if it does mean DH rearranging living room furniture wink)

DH would need pain relief to sit through a pain relief seminar so going it alone. I can pick you up at the station if you like - what side? Suggest about 6.45 to allow for time to find parking space and conference room or am I being too cautious?

Conkertree, will def let you know how we get on.

mibbes Wed 24-Sep-08 22:17:54

Joj good news that placenta is on the move and you should be able to give labour a go ! I'll find out next week if my wee one has shifted, but judging by the kicks s/he is still transverse.

If you pick me up from outside the Estate Cafe opposite the train station (where the Clydesdale bank machine is) that'd be great. 6.45 is fine, gives us plenty of time and we will just look like keen beans if we are early wink

Conkertree, do you have a date for your first scan yet ? Do you fancy coming to the yoga ? I could ask if she'd be happy for you to come given you are still early on if you like ? I know a lot of exercise classes are supposed to be safer when you are past 12 weeks.

Joj26 Thu 25-Sep-08 09:36:21

No worries, will see you later - will be the fat bellied one driving a silver Civic. wink

conkertree Thu 25-Sep-08 14:10:55

thanks very much mibbes but dh works on a tuesday, and while i may be able to squeeze in the aquanatal class before he goes out, i wouldnt get to alloa and back in time.

first scan is 9th October - cant wait.

I had a low lying placenta too, but it had moved enough out of the way by the 30 week scan - your scan sounds much better than mine though - i couldnt really see much cause the baby was too much in the way iyswim. maybe it was lying in a bad position for viewing it - she printed off a picture but i still dont know which bit of the baby its of.

mibbes Mon 29-Sep-08 14:53:55

Oooh conkertree not long until scan - let us know how you get on and post pics wink

I had another bleed today so was up at SRI getting checked - all well but have to go back for more anti-D again later. Got a scan which was reassuring but not as obvious which bit is which at this stage - baby is measuring fine but still has a slightly big head compared to dates - yikes !

Joj did you leave your coat at the pain relief talk the other night ? I was talking to the guy that took the class when I was in triage (his wife was the triage MW today so he popped in and recognised me), he said the lady to the left of me left her coat...?

Joj26 Tue 30-Sep-08 16:34:39

Big head - oh dear. Glad all is well though, when do you go back?

I did, went up to get it on Sat though - mumnesia strikes again! Liking that he recognised I was a lady though!

cazzyg Fri 03-Oct-08 19:39:46


I'm also in the Falkirk area and due in Dec. I was also at the pain relief talk last week. Haven't made it to any classes as by the time I'm home from work every night, it takes enough energy to cook dinner.

Is anyone going to the breastfeeding workshop in Stenhousemuir on the 13th?

mibbes Mon 06-Oct-08 14:00:23

Hi cazzyg, which lady were you at the pain relief talk ? There was a lady with a man to mine and Joj's right then another girl came in with her man and sat at the back.

When in Dec are you due ? where are you in the Falkirk area ? Is this your first ? Joj and I are going to try the aquanatal class in Cumbernauld next Tue if you fancy it ?

The BF workshop sounds good - I assume it is for pregnant ladies ? Is it during the day or in the evening ? I have a BF workshop on Thu with my NCT class but no harm in reinforcing any lessons learned as haven't a clue blush

Joj26 Tue 07-Oct-08 14:25:18

Hiya, not heard of the workshop - when, where and who is it run by? Should be about to give it a go as long as it is not the same person who did the BF workshop at my NCT class.

mibbes Tue 07-Oct-08 16:59:20

enjoy your quiz tonight Joj, I'll do a downward facing dog for you wink

cazzyg Wed 08-Oct-08 13:44:39

It's an NHS thing at the Health Centre in Stenhousemuir @ 11.30 - the midwife told me about it at my last check-up. I presume it's run by the midwives since they're giving out the information.

I came in lat and was a the back - I'm always late and hoping this baby won't take after me smile. I'm due on the 6th Dec, live in new carron and yes, this is my first.

Joj26 Wed 08-Oct-08 13:59:49

Well we came 2nd (beaten by 5 points, gutted ) Not that I could enjoy the prize of half bottle of vodka but it is the principal of it all!

Not sure I could make it Monday, having already had yesterday at home and now having to take Friday off too to wait delivery of cot - reality check shock.

Got referred to physio yesterday as my carpal tunnel syndrome seems to be getting worse. My wrist is quite painful most of the day and I have real issues in the morning trying to grip things - makes for interesting moments getting dressed

How did the yoga go Mibbes?

mibbes Wed 08-Oct-08 23:25:30

Joj yoga was good thanks, starts back 28th Oct. That is rubbish about carpal tunnel, are you wearing splints in bed yet ? I have a few friends who had it and it sounds flipping awful sad

cazzy pity the BF class is during the day as can't justify any more time off work. I am due 6th Dec too grin and just live up the road in Larbert.
If you fancy trying out aquanatal classes Joj and I are going to the new one in Cumbernauld on Tue night.

Joj26 Fri 10-Oct-08 11:29:14

The midwife did mention splints - said they were a bit of a passion killer - like that makes any difference just now though . Will just need to wait and see what physio says, hope they hurry up and get me an appt though as is def getting worse. DH is going to have to get me dressed in the mornings at this rate!

mibbes Fri 10-Oct-08 15:46:29

conkertree how was your scan ?

Had 32 wk appt today and all well - bump measures 30 weeks and baby has now moved from transverse to breech !

Joj yikes, sounds really bad - will you be ok for aquanatal class ?

Joj26 Sun 12-Oct-08 11:51:36

Still no word on physio, going to chase tomorrow. Will be ok for aquanatal though, will give you a call tomorrow to arrange.

Joj26 Sun 12-Oct-08 11:53:47

oops, didn't mean to post last message yet. Mibbes, does that mean you are going to be c-section then or is there still time to wait and see if it moves again?

mibbes Sun 12-Oct-08 13:15:12

Hi Joj, MW said that if baby still breech at 36 weeks they will discuss options with me at that stage, so I'll have to get bouncing on my ball and down on all fours to move the wee blighter ! talk tomorrow.

conkertree Tue 14-Oct-08 21:58:31

its getting exciting for you two now then.

how did the swimming go? worth trying to go to?

scan was great thanks - seemed very small but i suppose they all are at that stage. next one is start of december and got it on my day off, so dont have to be rushed which will be nice.

mibbes Tue 14-Oct-08 22:11:11

Yeay conkertree so glad the scan went well, your wee bean will be a big bean before you know it !
aquanatal was good - the exercises were a bit random and it all seemed very tame but have been exhausted ever since so maybe it did me more good than I realised. It was really busy and definitely worth a go as better than sitting on the sofa wink
I know I can't believe we are due so soon - very scary shock

Joj26 Thu 23-Oct-08 08:57:34

Good news from scan yesterday, consultant is not going to refer me for elective caesarean. grin Still being monitored as still classed as 'low lying placenta' but she sees no reason why I can't try and deliver 'normally'. Have another scan at 37 weeks to check again.

conkertree Thu 23-Oct-08 13:55:09

thats great news joj - and it can still move more now too - i seem to remember from having ds (had low lying placenta at 20 week scan but had moved enough by 30 weeks) that it can keep moving away right up till the birth.

better get practising those breathing techniques then (which you'll never use) grin.

mibbes Fri 24-Oct-08 23:17:34

Great news Joj grin

I had MW today for 34 week appt and baby is now head down - hurray ! Thank goodness, just hope s/he stays there wink. Looks like I'll be practising my breathing exercises too !

Today's MW was lovely and gave me the date of the next BF workshop in Stenhousemuir so I think I'll go along to reinforce what I learned at NCT. It is 5th (?) Nov at 11.30 if you fancy it Joj ? I'll check the date. She also said there is a group tour of the labour unit at SRI on 11th Nov at 6.30pm - so if you don't get in on Sunday you could go to that one. I'm definitely going, want to see where the 'action' happens - mind you I'll be terrified if I hear any screaming...hmm

cazzyg Mon 27-Oct-08 15:12:28

I turned up for the workshop on the 13th, only to find the health centre all locked up as it was a local holiday. There were a few disgruntled mums to be!!! It's a pity the next one is the 5th - I have a scan then. Typical.

I spent a few days in SRI last week and the staff were all lovely, which has made me feel much more positive about giving birth there. One thing to be aware of though, the delivery rooms are apparently pretty warm so it's an idea to take along some ice packs/cooling spray stuff.

mibbes Mon 27-Oct-08 16:45:51

cazzyg hope all is ok with you missus and you weren't in SRI for too long - thanks for the top tip about the heat in the delivery rooms - I'll HATE that, I get really stressed out if too hot and I imagine labour is a 'warm' business !

I'll double check the date when I get home as prob wrong - it may be the Monday actually... oh dear baby brain !

Oh and I also found all the staff at SRI lovely when I was in triage and, like you, it made me feel more 'relaxed' about the birth bit smile

Joj26 Tue 28-Oct-08 20:44:05

Yeah on baby being head down Mibbes - what an obedient child you are going to have grin

Didn't get in on Sunday to see the ward - too busy. Will def be up for the tour on the 11th though.

Have you booked your late pregnancy physio yet as there are only a few dates before D-day and depending on location there are limited places left. I'm now booked into Grangemouth on the 12th Nov.

As you can tell I'm not at yoga just now - plumber left too late so wasn't going to make it. What an awful day though, no running water equals no toilet - not good for a preggie woman. ASDA became my new best friend today grin

mibbes Wed 29-Oct-08 13:11:32

Oh dear baby brain.... I checked my notes that the MW wrote and the hospital tour is at 6pm and the BF workshop is on 4th Nov at 11.30 blush cazzyg do you think you'll make 4th ? Am going to call both and double check though so watch this space wink

Joj right I'll get my name onto the 12th list at Grangemouth too then, keep meaning to do that but mushy brain is making simple tasks almost impossible !

LOL at you peeing at ASDA ! If I see you lurking in the aisles I'll know why !

Am defo up for yoga next week if you are - may be the last one we make as we'll be at hosptial the following Tue (assuming I've not made a t!t of reading the dates !!) and after that we may be too fat to fit through the door ! If people don't stop wafting cakes under my nose at work I'll be too big to leave the bl00dy building soon shock

mibbes Wed 29-Oct-08 13:59:35

OMG check me out all efficient, have been making calls and can now confirm that:

BF workshop is on Tue 4th Nov at 11.30 at Stenhousemiur Health centre.

Labour ward tour is Tue 11th Nov at 6pm. You are to wait at the front door where there is a waiting area.

I am booked onto the late PG physio class in Grangemouth at 2.30-4.30 on 12th Nov.

The above is the most productive I have been all week grin

Joj26 Thu 30-Oct-08 12:14:10

Wow I am impressed shock. Will def be up for tour of labour ward - do you know if we have to book or do we just turn up? Won't make BF workshop as have midwife appt.

Looks like yoga and I are not meant to be, just realised charity quiz is this Tues again and as DH is quizmaster I need to go and be the supportive, dutiful wife hmm

I know what you mean about eating - can't seem to stop

mibbes Thu 30-Oct-08 12:38:18

No need to book for labour ward tour, just turn up.

I'm defo going to yoga next week as I really need to feel like I am doing something, feeling like a beached whale at the moment and am about to scoff another cake.... it'd be rude not to !

Give me a shout when you fancy doing stuff on mat leave - only 6 days to go - woohoooo ! I'll find out when the aquanatal classes are on and we can make a plan of action for last minute fitness !

cazzyg do you think you'll make the BF class on the 4th ?

Joj26 Thu 30-Oct-08 16:42:28

I know what you mean, am feeling huge just now. Can't believe there are only 6 working days and I intend to spend the morning tomorrow trying to get Take That tickets so technically only 5 1/2 days grin

Aquatnatal at Lithgow is on Tues, Falkirk on Weds (won't be able to go next week due to physio though). Am going to double check these with the centre though as have learned not to rely on website.

We can speak next week some point to see when and where we can go. Also need to book in hair appointment in the next couple of weeks.

cazzyg Fri 31-Oct-08 13:22:48

Midwife told me about the breastfeeding thing yesterday and yes I'm planning to go along. I think that'll be my last chance before the baby arrives......35 weeks tomorrow...eeek shock

mibbes Sat 01-Nov-08 09:56:16

Joj did you get TT tickets ? My SIL got 6 so that is my xmas sorted grin. Ues talk next week about mat leave plans - 5 days to go !!!!

cazzyg excellent, see you Tue then - I'll be the one rushing in late, I always seem to be late for appts at the moment no matter how much time I think I've left myself, I think I just do things in slow motion now blush. When do you start mat leave ? 35 weeks for me today too - waaahhhhh, yikes !

Joj26 Mon 03-Nov-08 12:50:59

Did I ever - lucked out too. Mum's 60th is the Sat and she was not happy that we were planning to go to see TT that day. I bought 6 anyway (saying would give her one of them as present) but then when they announced the extra date I managed to get 6 more for the Fri. Now it is up to her to choose and my friend is going to take the other date's tickets. grin

Will give you a call later in the week to make plans.

Still having a mare with our bathroom. Ended up staying at a friend's house on Sat night so that my uncle didn't have to plumb the toilet back in. Had all day Sat and Sun without a loo - ran between ASDA and my in-laws house and tried not to drink too much. Sure it is not good for baby. Toilet all ok now, just waiting for shower hmm

mibbes Mon 03-Nov-08 21:34:02

Joj great news about TT tickets grin

Not so good about loo sad. We haved a leak in upstairs bathroom which is dripping into downstairs shower room angry, how bad timing is that ? I so can't be bothered with the upheaval that fixing it will no doubt bring.

Mind you only 4 days to work - wooohoooo !

Going to make a big effort to drag my heavy non-flexible body to yoga tomorrow. And looking forward to the BF class - apparently they have knitted boobs !

conkertree Thu 06-Nov-08 16:04:39

lurking again - yes the knitted boobs are definitely worth going for - all shapes sizes and colours grin.

we also got tt tickets - annoyed we didnt wait for the friday though as that will be our 5th anniversary, but was happy just to have got at all.

the SRI may have warm delivery rooms but I normally hate the heat, and its certainly not something I remember from labour. Do you get to see the water birth facility? Heard its been put in since i had ds - am hoping to use it in April.

mibbes Tue 11-Nov-08 09:37:47

joj when are you going to post your news...? We need all the details missus wink. Hope all is going well.

Well day 1 of maternity leave was spent at Airth Castle spa with my mum - good start ! I hope this maternity leave isn't too boring pre-baby... cazzyg how are you getting on ? Are you keeping ok ?

Off to the labour ward tonight - I so hope we don't hear anything too scary...

mibbes Mon 17-Nov-08 19:49:38

right am bored of waiting for Joj to post her news.... she had a wee girl almost 2 weeks ago ! She was 3.5 weeks early and ruined all of our maternity leave plans to go to aquanatal together wink. I look forward to hearing the full story missus smile

Oh and I have found some yoga classes for pre and post natal ladies - there is a bloke called Sandy who does them in Grangemouth, Brightons and the Mariner centre.
Grangemouth Sports Complex - Tues 8-9.30pm
Mariner centre - Thu 7-8pm
Brightons - Sun 9-10.15am

Oh and btw the mariner aquanatal classes are due to finish for good next week sad

horseymum Wed 19-Nov-08 14:37:36

i am in larbert with 2 kids, there is quite a lot to do once you have had them. Did you know the Larbert High School pool is open every evening from 5.30-9pm for public swimming alongside the clubs etc. If you go later on there are unlikely to be many kids nd every time i have gone i have had it to myself -ie 3 lanes- the club in the other 3 lanes.

horseymum Wed 19-Nov-08 14:39:44

also you can apply for a booklet of vouchers for free swimming etc from council.

mibbes Wed 19-Nov-08 22:21:41

horseymum thanks so much for the advice, top tip about Larbert High school pool smile. I spotted those vouchers last week - I will definitely be applying for them when baby arrives.

cazzyg Fri 21-Nov-08 15:43:56


Charlotte Catherine was a little early. She was born on the 13th weighing 6lbs 9oz. I ended up having an emergency c section because of pre ecalmpsia. Charlotte also spent a few days in neonatal intensive care because she was a little early and had some lung problems.

We're both home now and doing fine. Breastfeeding is going great. The midwife who ran the workshop the other week was involved with my care in SRI and was great. In fact all the staff were. Despite the two of having a bit of a tough time, I can't speak highly enough of the level of care we got from everyone - in Maternity and Neonatal.


mibbes Fri 21-Nov-08 19:51:50

OMG cazzyg another early arrival - congratulations grin ! Am so envy of you two with your wee babies - I bet I'm still here in 4 weeks going slowly mad and ready to explode ! Mind you I should be grateful all looks healthy - had MW today and all is well and head 1/5 engaged so at least it is heading in the right direction grin. Am so glad that BF is working out well for you, keep us posted with how you both are smile.

Joj26 Wed 26-Nov-08 15:35:08

Ok, taken me a while to get back on here. Had Freya Helen Catherine on the 5th, weighing in at a hefty 5lb 1oz! 3 and a half weeks early so she is 3 weeks old today. Ended up with emergency c section after labour being augmented due to pre-eclampsia also. As a result we had to stay in hospital for a week after while they monitored my blood pressure and Freya's jaundice. Both doing well now though.

Contrary to other info I have read or heard I also cannot fault the care provided in the SRI, particularly with help towards breast-feeding. The staff were brilliant and really helpful, so patient and willing to help.

We have now been home 2 weeks with DH on paternity leave but this is our first week on my own - getting cabin fever though as cannot drive for another 3 weeks. BF going ok so far, going to go to the BF clinic on Tues next week - did turn up on Mon to be told the day had changed.

mibbes Sun 07-Dec-08 22:54:05

My baby is here too ! I had my wee boy Evan last Wednesday 3rd Dec (3 days early). I also ended up with an emergency c-section after being induced as some of my waters had broken on the Sunday. During labour baby got distressed and heartbeat plummeted so they whipped him out via section. I also agree with the level of care at SRI, they were fantastic, so friendly and helpful. They really put a lot of effort in with us to establish BF, however we did not master the latch so I eventually had to put him onto the bottle as was worried he was not getting enough to eat (they had already started topping him up with formula via syringe). I managed to hand express some colostrum so he at least got a wee bit and am now expressing enough for 2-3 feeds a day. Other than BF, all is going very well, am loving my new life as a mummy grin

cazzyg Mon 08-Dec-08 10:37:01

Congratulations Mibbles, glad all is well now. How are you recovering from the section? I'm starting to have cabin fever - didn't realise how much I depend on the car until now. Evan is a fab name.

We're doing fine - managing to get some sleep, but I have to tackle Charlotte's nails at some time today and I'm dreading it. Has to be done though - can't find scratch mitts to fit her tiny hands and she's managing to scratch her face quite badly.

mibbes Mon 08-Dec-08 23:32:43

cazzyg why don't we meet somewhere we can walk to and get you out of the house !?...

How far are you from Larbert/Stenhousemuir ? I walked with DP to the new asda today and had a wee pit stop ay subway for coffee and cookies ;-) Great to get out of the house.

Good luck with the nails ! We gave Evan his first bath at home tonight and he loved it - phewey ! he hated it in hospital.

Joj26 Thu 11-Dec-08 19:13:39

Glad to hear you and Evan are getting on well and you are so lucky he loves his bath. Freya still screams her head off anytime I remove clothing. When staying at my Mum's this week she came running through in the middle of hte night thinking I was killing her only to find she was just getting her nappy changed.

Cazzyg, I braved doing Freya's nails eventually and would recommend making sure she is completely out of it and lots of daylight. First attempt worked well, second one I got cocky and the light wasn't great, I nipped the top of her finger and she woke up screaming, had to feed her to settle her blush

I know what you mean about cabin fever, I have now started driving as I checked with the insurers and they said I didn't have to wait until 6 weeks, as long as the doctors said it was ok. It has made such a difference and I feel ok doing it. I still get a bit tired if I am out too long but think that is mainly the walking about bit.

Freya has been a bit cranky this week, think she has a cold - lots of puke and not settling after feeds and the most difficult bit is that she doesn't like being put down so am having to carry her everywhere. Slight improvement today so hopefully that is the turning point. hmm

I went to the Breastfeeding support group this week but as all the other mum's had older kids - majority over 6 months - it just gave me an awakening of all the problems I have to come. It is on next week but then not again till Jan 13th.

mibbes Thu 11-Dec-08 20:22:34

Hey Joj, good ot hear your update smile.

I have the HV on Tue next week so can't go to BF class. She asked if I wanted to go even though am feeding expressed BM (I assumed I'd be barred for daring to use a bottle!) and that I could get help with establishing BF, pity I can't go until mid Jan though. The wee man managed not to scream at my breats last night and tried to latch on - I nearly hit the roof it was so sore - nipples are shot to pieces from expressing shock, not sure I'll try again for a while.

Recovering well, have been out and about all day today so a bit tired now but generally feeling pretty good - can't wait to get back to driving - aaages to go for me ! Joj I'll gove you a shout next week and we can arrange a day for Evan and Freya to meet wink, look forward to catching up.

cazzyg Fri 12-Dec-08 17:10:33

What time is the breastfeeding group? I was thinking about going along next week.

I'm in New Carron - 5 minutes from the Co-op. The highlight of my day at the moment is a walk along there and back again!!! I'm not sure if there is somewhere mid way which would be suitable to meet up. I have a lift organised for Tuesday to get to Stenhousemuir, but that's not going to work if you have the HV.

Being able to drive would make such a difference - I'll give the insurance company a call and see what they say.

I was the same the first few times I fed Charlotte. I'd been expressing madly while she was in intensive care so my nipples were pretty sore. It got much easier once we got feeding established - the sucking action isn't quite as aggressive as the pump wink

She's also the same as Freya - doesn't seem to like being put down and will only go to sleep if she's being held. Last night was interesting.

mibbes Mon 15-Dec-08 09:22:31

Oh dear cazzyg sorry to hear you are having unsettled nights. We have been very lucky in that Evan sleeps through the night and ojnly wakes for 1 feed smile. he has now mastered the latch so am BFing - hurray ! Makes life harder as don't know how much he is getting and the feeds take longer and can be more frequent but am so glad it is working out at last smile

What time will you be in Stenhousemuir on Tue ? I think HV is 3.30pm. Do you know when you can drive again ? It must be a nightmare being stuck in the house, which I am about to find out as DP back to work today.

cazzyg Mon 15-Dec-08 14:38:54

That's great news smile. So is this your first day home alone?

We seem to get one good night and then one bad night where she doesn't seem to want to be put down. We had a great night on Saturday so last night wasn't great.

I'm going to the breastfeeding gp which is at 1.30, I think but could be there earlier if you fancy getting out of the house and meeting up for a coffee?

mibbes Mon 15-Dec-08 20:41:50

cazzyg ok how about meeting at 12.30 for coffee somewhere ? The only place I can think of is subway - is there anywhere else ? There is a coffee shop at the end of my street (opposite Larbert train station) but it is a bit of a walk from Stenhousemuir clinic which is where I assume you are headed ? Let me know what suits you and we'll try to get organised and out to meet you.

Joj if you're free do you fancy meeting too ? If not I'll see you Wed anyway wink

mibbes Mon 15-Dec-08 20:44:46

Oh and yes it was my first day home alone today. typically he was quite unsettled and am concerned he has a sore tummy as he has had some well dodgy noises coming form the nappy dept and some 'explosive' episodes. He is quite white too hmm. I reckon I may have eaten someting that has affected his tummy. Obviously if he is not better by tomorrow I can't meet up but am hoping it is nothing and he'll be fine.

cazzyg Tue 16-Dec-08 10:44:51

Subway is fine - I don't know Stenhousemuir apart from the health centre and Asda.

WE have plenty of explosive episodes too!

mibbes Tue 16-Dec-08 11:06:21

OK he seems fine today so see you at subway at 12.30 then. I'll have to work out how to use the waterproof cover for the pram !

cazzyg Tue 16-Dec-08 11:18:05

see you then

lingobaby Tue 30-Dec-08 00:28:29


Sorry to interrupt your thread - just wanted to congratulate you all on your brand new bundles! I'm Fiona, I run lingobaby in Larbert library and I posted on here a few months ago after a couple of you were looking for info. Anyway, just wanted to say that my wee boy, Ruairi was born 3rd Dec last year mibbes, so it's a clearly a good day to have a birthday!

Thinking back to last year to give you some ideas of things you could do, soft play areas are free for babies and you can take very little ones - in Cadwinkles just off Grahams Road for example, there is a nice area for babies with squashy mats, toys and mirrors. Also lovely cakes and coffees for you!

I found when Ruairi was very tiny he sometimes found it difficult to settle if a room was too quiet (sounds mad but I guess he'd just spent 9 months in a noisyish place) so I found turning a hairdryer on often worked wonders...

Enjoy your new bundles of fun!


mibbes Thu 08-Jan-09 18:37:00

lingobaby thanks so much for popping in and sharing your toptips grin.

I was at the library this week and saw no mention of your baby French classes - are they not advertised ? I'd be looking to start the wee man in summer.

lingobaby Thu 08-Jan-09 21:23:55

You are welcome, hope you are enjoying motherhood!

I'm not able to advertise within the library (charity events only) but the classes are going really well and I have a journalist from the Glasgow Herald coming next week... eek!

My email is lingobaby@googlemail.com if you'd like more info (in fact did you email me before? Brain not in gear at the moment!)

A plus,

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