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Hello all fellow Gloucestershire Mumsnetters!

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DumbledoresGirl Sat 09-Jun-07 09:52:12

I can't resist the opportunity to be the first Mumsnetter to post in the Gloucester section! So come on, fellow Gloucestershire Mumsnetters, let's be having you!

3mumof Fri 07-Sep-07 20:59:59

I just registered today! Hello to all Glos Mumsnetters.

swissmiss Fri 28-Sep-07 12:15:58

Hi 3 & DG. There don't seem to be too many of us but I'm one.

Haylstones Fri 28-Sep-07 12:54:19

grin I;m one too

mellymooks Sat 29-Sep-07 19:45:56

Me too!

FairySparkle Mon 01-Oct-07 20:55:43

I am newish here too!

Ooh, new and shiney. Hello all.

FairySparkle Mon 01-Oct-07 21:26:48

Where does everyone live? I live in Longlevens xxx


mellymooks Tue 09-Oct-07 10:52:10

I'm in Stroud

swissmiss Sat 13-Oct-07 16:11:48

Quedgeley, but trying to move house!

Hi, we've just moved into Quedgeley!

beckyx23 Mon 15-Oct-07 21:41:52

hi i live in quedgeley

HI Becky nice to meet you In fact good to meet all you Gloucester mumsnetters Can I ask you for the low down on where around Gloucester we should be spending Christmas day ( I am definitely not cooking this year...) any nice pubs / child friendly places you know about...?

ANA80 Tue 16-Oct-07 10:43:23

Hi I have just joined up and was wondering if there were any meet ups planned. I live in Abbeydale am 27 and have two children aged 5 and 2. I really need some mum friends as all of mine do not have children so I only tend to meet them to go clubbing or for meals out which leaves me bored when I am off work during the week or at the weekends when my Husband is working. So if anyone fancys meeting up let me know. :O

beckyx23 Tue 16-Oct-07 20:53:33

hi again.can i ask the mums in quedg/tuffley if they no of any good parent and toddler groups or playgroups cuz im on mat leave at the mo and my 2 yr old daughter isnt in nursery and i want to take her somewhere to socialise with other children.also does any one no wat laughter land is like an r the adults aloud in the play part with the children, thanks

ANA80 Thu 18-Oct-07 12:27:54

We went to the Kings Head (by upton st leonards) one year for Xmas day (I think it was £35 for adults and £15 for children) when my children were prob 3 and 1 and it was all fine, we just took a load of Xmas toys with us for them to play with. There werent really any other really young children in there but luckily mine behaived with their toys on the table and everyone in the pub was in such a good mood anyway.

pandagirl03 Mon 22-Oct-07 20:18:18

hiya everyone, i'm in quedgeley too, i have a 2 year old dd. smile

Hi all
thanks for the tip for Christmas Ana 80. I have a dd (5) and ds (1.5) and am new to Quedgeley ( so sadly no use on the local knowledge front ) but would be up for a meet up -my boy is very lively and loves to do plenty of socialising...

ANA80 Tue 30-Oct-07 09:30:34

Hi Sloppysoupdragon, that sounds good let me know whens best, afternoons or weekends are best for me. I can't do this week though.

cheeset Sat 03-Nov-07 10:55:14

Hi to all! I didn't know this thread existed but glad I found it. I live in Charlton Kings in Cheltenham not too far from DontCallmeBaby-hello neighboursmile

We definately should meet up. What about Montpellier Park in Chelt near the Rotunda, anyone know it?

Hello cheeset-neighbour, we are just off to your neck of the woods, DD has her first ballet class in Sacred Heart church hall. *must not become loopy ballet-mum*

Know Montpellier Park (and, sigh, the whole of Montpellier from drink-fuelled pre-child days), would be a good place for a meet-up from my point of view!


I have missed chatting to you all as have been off the web for a while ( don't ask) l. Would be definitely up for a meet if I am not too late- is Montpellier that lovely chic quarter of Cheltenham I have been to once - a long time ago ( also sigh - pre sprogs ) what kind of meet did you have in mind ( e.g with or without kids? / day / evening etc)

Stacy27 Fri 16-Nov-07 15:42:08


I was advised to join this site - so here I am!!!
I am a first time mum to be and baby is 6 days late!!!
Would love to meet up with other mums in the Gloucester area. I am in Quedgeley / Kingsway.

Hi Stacy, welcome. Didn't want you to go unanswered as this thread is rather slow moving, it will take us about a year to arrange to meet up at this rate! Should give you plenty of time to get back on your feet once the baby decides to arrive anyway!

swissmiss Thu 22-Nov-07 22:51:12

Hi everyone.
Another one up for a meet up. Any plans as yet?

swissmiss Thu 22-Nov-07 22:56:57

Beckyx23 - There are a couple of groups in Quedgeley - we (DD 20mths, DS 2.75yrs) try and go to Ducklings in the Community Centre Mon 9.30-11am. Quite a large group but lots to do. Fills up very quickly so if you're late don't bother leaving home!! There is another one on Thurs 9.45-11.16 am called Playdays at the Scout Hut which freinds of ours go to fairly often (we're already booked up on a Thurs am, otherwise I'd try that one too.) Hope that helps.

cheeset Wed 28-Nov-07 16:08:46

Hi everyone. Not been on mn for ages due to 40th birthday party organisation and life in gen.

What about a meet up at montpellier park say one sat morning? Prob be beta after crimbo really what do you all think?

Sounds good to me, Saturday is normally my lie-in but I'm happy to swap the weekend round for mumsnetters.

tegan Sat 01-Nov-08 07:48:01

Can i please join up girls.
I live in the forest of dean and am due in 22 days with dc no 3

katch Sat 01-Nov-08 08:05:53

Hi tegan - I'd like to join up too. (I live near Stroud.)

trine Fri 21-Nov-08 20:36:27

Hi anyone out there with an aupair.

Mine could really do with finding some one to go exploring with, drinking coffe etc.

We live near Monmouth smile

Niki86 Sun 04-Jan-09 20:43:05

Hi! looks as though no-one has been on this thread for a while! I have just been recommended to this site so thought i would give it a go! I have recently moved to stroud and dont really know anyone in the area, i have 3 boys aged 4,3and 2 and am 17 weeks pregnant with twins! Would be nice to get to know people in the area xx

Hi Niki, welcome to mumsnet smile
I live in gloucester and have three children ds1 who's 10 and the girls 8 and 5 am also pregnant with twins 14 weeks. grin

MrsJenM Fri 20-Mar-09 20:29:40

Hello, I've just found this bit. Been on mumsnet for a week or so. Got a girl aged 3 and a 4 week old boy. Live in Gloucester.

Is anything going on in Glos or the area?

PatTheHammer Thu 26-Mar-09 10:52:46

I come on mumsnet every now and then but have just found the local bit. I have a daughter who is 3 in June and a son of 11 weeks and I live in the Stroud area. Always lots going on the area for kiddies I find and have tried out quite a few toddler activities so happy to recommend a few groups etc to anyone stuck for something to do.
Niki86 Did you say pregnant with twins AND you already have 3 boys shock. Fairplay to you for still finding the time to post anything! Stroud is a lovely place hope you are settling in well smile

DollyTwat Mon 11-Oct-10 20:47:15

There's an evening meetup on nov 13th chelt Montpellier wine bar 7.30 please come along would be great to meet you all. If you dm me I'll add your name to the list

I'll put the list up nearer the time so we can all see who's coming. Hopefully lots!

MadKatz Wed 13-Oct-10 07:27:42

Hi everyone,

Can I Join please? I live in the docks in Gloucester. TTC#1 lots of symptoms, waiting to test.
Although I moved to Gloucester about 4 years ago I always commuted to work until recently so I dont know anyone here, so would be good to make some MN friends, especially if I get a BFP smile

DollyTwat Wed 13-Oct-10 09:35:10

Will be great to see you MadKats. Think we've got quite a few coming now yay!

DollyTwat Sat 30-Oct-10 22:56:28

I've created an update thread with a list of everyone I think is coming on the 13th Nov here

Notfromroundere Wed 21-Nov-12 14:38:36

Hopeful bump/resurrection

GloucesterDaisy Thu 22-Nov-12 14:54:09

Hello notfromroundere!

bonita33 Sat 19-Jan-13 19:50:23

Hi I'm new on this. Not sure how it all works yet but I wanted to say "hi'' and I hope to get to know you all! :-)

TheCommonWoMan Sun 20-Jan-13 15:28:08


Gloucestershire doesn't seem the most active of counties, but there are still loads of MNers around here.

I've never been to any meet-ups, but they do occasionally happen. Would be nice to get a bit more of a on-line social thing going though. Anyone else out there ?

GloucesterDaisy Tue 22-Jan-13 21:56:09

I'm still here! I live in Gloucester with my soon to be 9 month old son, husband, cats and chickens.

hello guys, i am in cheltenham. single mum of 2 boys and 2 girls. would love to meet local mn'ers.

Cheltnanny Tue 12-Feb-13 14:44:04

Im also looking to meet others in cheltenham :-)

MeeMeeMum Fri 05-Apr-13 21:19:04

Okay - bumpsadaisy...

Cheltnanny, CherryMonster, GloucesterDaisy, TheCommonWoMan, bonita and notfromroundhere - Hello, by the looks of things you might be still around.

With any luck, it might be getting busier around here pretty soon - hopefully people are going to be able to find us!

Have there been any meet-ups recently or is there anything on the horizon? Have you been anywhere or done anything that deserves a 5-star listing on the site?

oo and if you're that way inclined, follow @MNCheltGlos on twitter...

poppy1973 Mon 08-Apr-13 18:18:20

Hi, I just posted another message on another local board for Gloucester - and low and behold another Gloucester thread is ongoing.

I am reasonably new to the area. It would be great if there is any meet ups etc. coffee in the Gloucester area ???

I have a 3 year old little girl and an older child in school.

Anyone else in the Gloucester and outskirts ??

MeeMeeMum Sat 20-Apr-13 20:20:03

Hi again Poppy, how's it going?

I KNOW there are other Mumsnetters in Gloucester, we're getting links through from MNHQ, so I have high hopes...

Where do you find good to meet with children in Gloucester? I'm trying to sort out a good set of listings (so we can all trot along and award stars).

Have you been to the climbing centre?

MrsMLB Thu 06-Jun-13 23:11:06

Hi all....still here folks?! I'm in Cheltenham :-)

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