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Anybody from Stroud?

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emwhight Wed 21-Apr-10 13:58:20

We moved to Stroud (Chalford) early December and still not managed to form a social network around the area. I have a 2 year old daughter who loves the company of other children, and now the summer has come we'd love to get out and about. Meet-ups in parks? Play areas? We're not fussy and happy to try anything new.
Please get in touch if you're in a similar situation, or fancy taking us on as a charity case!

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 21-Apr-10 14:07:38


I am from Gloucester, however my dd is 14 so will be no good for your little one to meet!

However there is a very active meet up thread for Gloucester mums with some lovely MNers on it - they meet up pretty frequently (usually in Gloucester but I am sure that there are some Stroud mums on there).

Worth a look anyway - good luck.


emwhight Thu 22-Apr-10 13:57:03

Brilliant! Thankyou very much. I needed somebody to point me in the right direction - will try there. In the meantime, any other offers of a meet-up would gratefully received.

PatTheHammer Sat 24-Apr-10 13:42:00

Hi emwhight, I have replied to you on the Glos thread, but thought I would write on here too!
I have a 3yo (nearly 4) DD and a 15mo DS if you fancied a meet sometime. I live in Stonehouse but work in Chalford and the kids go to nursery in Stroud. Thurs afternoons and school hols usually good for us.

HeathB Thu 03-Jun-10 19:59:40

Hi there, just trawling through older posts to find out about Stroud and the surrounding areas. We currently live in Bristol, have two children aged 2 and half and 3 months, but are seriously thinking of relocating to Stroud. I was interested in your post Em (Emma?) because Chalford is one of the places we are looking at - has it been difficult to settle in? or 6 weeks on from the last post have you found your feet?

I really yearn to be back in the countryside, but am worried that we might be leaving our good set up here, with lots of friends, for a lonely isolated life? How are you doing? What is Chalford like as a place to live, or have you discovered any other parts of Stroud where it is all happening.

BTW, if we do move I have a very sociable 2 and a half year old who'd love to play!

Hi I am in Gloucester and have a social network but not one as a mum to a toddler iykwim. My DD is 22 months -

PatTheHammer Fri 04-Jun-10 21:09:57

Hi guys, just to let you know that we have had a successful Stroud meet-up the other week and a few of us met up and plan to do so again, probably at Stratford or Bussage park, so keep an eye out.

HeathB- Chalford is gorgeous and has a very active mum and toddler scene. I don't live there but work nearby. Stroud in general is great for children and families, the people are very friendly (I too was an immigrant from the south-east though 8 years ago!) I think and has very good primary schools. I don't want to speak for Emwhight but she did say there were some very friendly toddler groups local to Chalford so thats always encouraging

Hi to Florence too!

HeathB Sun 06-Jun-10 00:48:59

Thanks for your replies - we have been to Stroud today to have a good look round and are really taken with it, - would love any advice on nice areas - we plan to rent to start with to suss out what's what - but some...any advice would be gratefully received.
Wonder if we are searching for a rural idyll but would like to live somewhere that has lovely walks and a country feel as part of a community? Any tips? We love walking, playing outside with our little lads, and being pretty relaxed!

Thanks in advance (and if anyone knows of any 3+ bedroomed places to rent....it seems that the market for rental properties is V competitive!)


PatTheHammer Sun 06-Jun-10 18:00:58

Hi Heather, Hope you enjoyed Stroud today, even though it was raining!!

There are many areas like that you describe, Nailsworth, Chalford, Minchinhampton, Amberley, Rodborough, Slad, The Stanleys, Eastington, Frocester, Pitchcombe, Randwick. Stroud itself is a bit cheaper than those areas listed above. There are still some nice bits but I would avoid anywhere in the cashes green or Parliament school catchment areas as these are the primary schols everyone seems to be trying to NOT send their kids toowink

We live in Stonehouse, which is cheap for buying and rental and very much has a commuity feel. The town centre is not great but lots of facilities (library, parks, toddler groups etc) and close to motorway to get to some decent shops (lets face it, the shops in Stroud are pretty dirge but Cheltenham, Gloucester, Cirencester adn Bristol are all very short drives away).

Rental wise I would advise against using Brian Smith or Sawyers as agents as friends of mine have had real difficulty with them. We rented from Peter Joy and prvious to that, Andrews and always found them great.

HeathB Wed 09-Jun-10 20:41:39

Thanks Pat - Have found a 3 bed house to rent, but it is in the Parliament school catchment - so your advice is very helpful and timely!

katylm Thu 10-Jun-10 11:53:30

Hi. We moved to Stroud recently from Leicestershire - OH has been here 10 weeks, me and 19 month old son for two. We are renting a house and hope to buy soon, once our old house has sold. Thinking about it, our rented house is probably in Parliament School catchment area, so perhaps that why it was available. I am pregnant too - due in 9 weeks time! It is really interesting to get advice on which bits of Stroud to avoid etc for schools in the future. I would be very interested to meet up if there is another one arranged.

HeathB Fri 11-Jun-10 22:45:28

Hi Katy, How are you finding Stroud or is it too early to tell? We have a couple of viewings next week and I am bringing the boys up ( they are 2 & a half and 3 months) with me to have a yomp round during the day and get another feel for the place. Would also be really interested in any other meet ups - even before we take the plunge and move.

I've been living in Stroud a number of years now - I moved from London and really missed that life for quite a while but I love it here in Stroud and there are so many things going on!
I have 3 DS's, aged 10, 7 and 18 months, so am still doing the mother and toddler "scene", or rather getting back into it!

Am really happy to meet up HeathB,emwhight or katylm or anyone in fact as I remember so well the days of trying to get to grips with this place (there are so many things that are on that are never advertised, you have to be "in the know" as it were) so I'm more than happy to point anyone in the direction of schools, areas etc

katylm Sat 12-Jun-10 18:53:23

Hi. What day are you planning on coming up to Stroud HeathB? Perhaps we could meet up then? Any advice on toddler groups for a very active 19 month old Fingeroffudge? He will be in nursery on Mondays so I am looking for activities on other days.

We have just been in Devon for a week's holiday so now we are back I really need to start our new life here in earnest.

PatTheHammer Sun 13-Jun-10 19:51:25

Oh hi folks, busy on here since I last looked!

Hi Katy and fingeroffudge.

Fingeroffudge- your youngest DS is the same age as minesmile. I love how busy Stroud is for activities and we love a wander round the farmers market on a sat morning, great innit!

Katy; Amberley toddlers is excellent, I think its on a tues adn thurs mornings. Painswick toddlers is meant to be really good, as is bussage toddlers. 'Go bananas' soft-play does a toddler morning too There are some swim-tots things at stratford park (fridays?) There is also a music group at the sub rooms one morning. Toddler groups and family time run at the childrens centre in Stonehouse on various days and they are very friendly used to take DD and DS there.

I will get on to Emwhight and Yogini abou another meet-up soon. When is good for everyone?

Would thursday 24th be good for anyone? We can do morning or afternoon now as my DD no longer at pre-school on a thursday.

katylm Tue 15-Jun-10 09:12:17

Thanks for the info pat. I could probably do next Thursday pm for a meet up.

PatTheHammer Wed 16-Jun-10 19:39:51

Ok, how does 1pm next thursday sound? I would say a good place to meet is Stratford Park, could meet by the benches outside the Lido?

Yogini, who came to the last meeting has said she is coming and I just need to hear back from Emma.

Anyone else around, Heath? Finger? (sorry couldn't resist the shortened versionwink)

emwhight Wed 16-Jun-10 19:41:24

Hi folks. Feeling a bit emarrassed that I started this thread and not checked it in a while! From the top:

HeathB - Stroud is great! There is a lot going on for the under 5s. Chalford is beautiful, but also has its down-sides. If you live at the bottom of the valley it is very dark in the winter as the sunlight never hits you properly (I found it quite depressing), but there seems to be a great community spirit if you can cope with a bit of bleakness in the winter months. It's quite a sprawling village, or sections of village, and living somewhere with great neighbours and a happening vibe would be great. Unfortunately we chose badly, as far as an immediate local scene goes, but only renting so it's good that we discovered this now rather than later. There are loads of good toddler groups about - I'm a big fan on Chalford Valley and Bussage (both very friendly) and Amberley (great facilities and music-time).

Florence - I'm in the Cheltenham/Gloucester area on Monday afternoons if you ever fancy meeting up.

HeathB - Can't really help with info on other areas of Stroud, but I'd very much trust and go with Pat's advice on this one. Re letting agents - we rent through Parkers and they've been pretty good so far.

Katylm, fudge and all above, hope to catch up with you Thursday 24th!

katylm Wed 23-Jun-10 15:47:48

I'm afraid I won't be able to make the meet up tomorrow - just relaised I have double booked us. Hope to catch up with you all at some point soon. katylm

EllaHoskin Mon 12-Jul-10 19:20:15

Hi, I've just moved to Stroud from London, I have family here but don't know many people with babies. I have a 15 month old son called Walter and would love to meet up with other mums. If there are plans for any meet ups please let me know. xxx

Lowrilou Mon 12-Jul-10 21:31:38

Hi - I've just (a week ago) moved to Stroud (Bussage) from London and would love to meet other mums and children. I have a 3 year old (almost 4) boy and a 2 year old girl. I am planning to go to the Bussage toddler group this Wednesday, but please let me know if you are planning any meet ups. Louise.

PatTheHammer Wed 14-Jul-10 22:31:27

Hi and welcome to Ella and Louise.

Katy- how's it going? Settling in well? Don't worry about last meet, it was just Emwhight and I in the end and we had a lovely afternoon at Stratford Park tiring out the DCsgrin

Meet up coming soon I expect. I finish for summer hols week after next and we are a lot more flexible then.

In fact we can do the first wednesday of the hols (28th?) If anyone else can? Emwhight and I were thinking of Bussage Park or somewhere similar.

Lowrilou Thu 15-Jul-10 22:02:12

Hi all

Wed 28th would be good for me. I have started going to the Bussage toddler group on a Wednesday morning in the village hall by the park, so any time from 11.30 would be great for us. We live near the park, so any time later on is fine too. Listening to the lashing rain makes me wonder if we need a bad weather alternative....or maybe just to exchange mobile numbers in case of late change of plan. Mine is 07930414003 (Louise)

Lowrilou Sat 17-Jul-10 22:12:51

Hi all - I put my phone number in my last post without thinking about it, hence message withdrawn just to be on the safe side. Anyway, as I had said, Wednesday 28th would be good for us. I will be going to the Bussage toddler group in the village hall next to the park in the morning, so any time from 11.30 would be great. Later is also fine as we live near the park. Look forward to meeting some of you. Louise.

emwhight Wed 21-Jul-10 22:33:39

Hi folks.
Louise - Sorry I missed you at Bussage toddlers. I usually go there, but having a run of busy Wednesdays at the mo. Not able to make it again until 11th August, but if you want to meet sooner then CAT me (if you can) and I'd be glad to meet up on another day. Or we could meet in Bussage park one afternoon smile?
Pat and Ella - Sorry I can't make the 28th, suddenly all goes crazy-hectic for the school hols (think we've tried to pack too much into 6 weeks confused), but have a couple of windows (7th-12th August and the full week of the bank hoilday) if you fancy meeting up then.

Lowrilou Thu 22-Jul-10 21:25:42

Hi Emma - I've sent you a message - would be good to meet.

Pat/Ella - 28th still good for me if you are still planning on that date - most other dates fine for me too as we are not going away at all.

pop1973 Thu 22-Jul-10 21:36:16

Hi Lowrilou,

I am about 10 mins away from Glos city centre.

We rented in Stroud originally when we moved to the area, wanted to buy but couldn't afford prices - so ended up buying on the Forest/Gloucester side ?

Are you only thinking of meeting up in the Stroud area, or is it possible for me to tag along to meet up if not ?

Lowrilou Fri 23-Jul-10 20:09:00

Hi pop1973 - I haven't yet been to any meet ups, so not sure what would suit everyone. I think we are meeting around the Stroud area initially. Do you drive? Of course you are welcome to come to any meet ups you can get to. Watch this space...

PatTheHammer Sun 25-Jul-10 20:57:29

Hi sorry, yes I can still do the 28th as I need to visit a friend who lives up in Bussage so I could combine with a meet in the park first.

So anyone else in, did you say 11am Lowri?

Em, We are also around on the 9th-12th so would be really nice to meet up with you guys at some point then, enjoy the hols and having DH aroundgrin

Lowrilou Sun 25-Jul-10 21:11:20

Hi - toddlers group finishes at 11.30 - so that would be good if it suits you.

PatTheHammer Sun 25-Jul-10 21:13:51

11.30 is cool with me, now I do not know the park at all, I roughly know where it is but is there anywhere in particular to meet?

I have a 4yo DD and and 18mo DS btwsmile

Lowrilou Mon 26-Jul-10 17:19:45

Hi - just in the play area really. I will have a red double buggy with me and I have a 3 (almost 4) yr old boy and 2 yr old girl.

PatTheHammer Tue 27-Jul-10 18:00:23

Hi Louise, Just wandering if you can still do tomorrow?

I have CAT if you want to swap numbers?

Lowrilou Tue 27-Jul-10 21:24:21

yes still up for tomorrow. I will send you my number.

momof2boyz Mon 13-Sep-10 22:54:16

Hello, new to Mumsnet and to Stroud(Ebley) and was excited to find this thread. Anyone still following it?

We moved from London end of July, have 2 DS's, 3 1/2 and 2yo. Eldest just started at playgroup At Foxmoor Primary and I'm starting to feel desperate to meet up with other mums!
Biggest limitation is not being able to drive so reliant on buses and walking. Any meetups in my area or Stonehouse/Stroud centre that I could tag along to?
Any advice/comments very welcome. Thanks

MyCatIsABiggerBastardThanYours Mon 13-Sep-10 22:59:48

Hello there, I'm in Gloucester but haven't been to any meetups for a while (just started working full time again so no time unfortunately).

If you click on the link further up the thread it should take you to the Gloucester meetups thread, which I think is still pretty active. They are lovely ladies and very welcoming.

Hope you like MN and welcome.

Greenshadow Tue 14-Sep-10 16:54:48

Hi Mom and welcome to Stroud.

I live up on the Common to the south having moved here about 5 years ago.

Unfortunately my children are a fair bit older than yours and all at school, so not really in to the local meet ups or aware of what is going on locally for pre-schoolers, but hopefully this will help keep the topic active.

Good luck and enjoy this lovely town.

WhatsWrongWithYou Wed 15-Sep-10 23:23:13

Hi mom and others.

I live fairly local to you, but again my DCs are much older. If you can get there, I'm pretty sure there's a toddlers' group at Whiteshill village hall on Thursday mornings.

It's not far to drive, but I don't know the bus route you're on, so it might mean trekking into town first.

Presumably you've discovered the hell that is wonderful GoBananas?!

Anyway, welcome, and hopefully someone closer to your stage of parenting will pop up soon.

momof2boyz Thu 16-Sep-10 07:39:05

Thanks for your messages everyone. Think I've found a couple of local-ish groups at some children centres so will give those a go. Went to 1 on Parliament Hill this summer, but found the hill itself a bit steep for a knackered buggy with a wonky wheel and 2 toddlers! Was an adventure. Think I've been reluctant to explore too far since then, but ready to try again now Especially as I've sorted the wonky wheel. Now for the Drivers license.....

PatTheHammer Sat 18-Sep-10 22:23:54

Hi all, sorry been away a while!

Mom- there are 3 of us meeting up fairly regularly (well, in the holidays but now term-time I am a little busy but lowri and emwhight still meeting). We are looking to organise one soon, when are you free??? We could make it somewhere you could walk to if that would help?

Hi to everyone else, esp Mycat.....nice to see you, hope you are wellsmile

emmah2010 Mon 20-Sep-10 13:52:11

Hi everyone,
I live in Bussage and have a 2 month old. I would love to meet up with other mums in the area. I'm going to try and go to the Bussage group this week or next. I'm so happy I found this thread, I was beginning to feel quite isolated! Look forward to meeting some of you.

Lowrilou Tue 21-Sep-10 21:41:16

Hi everyone. Emma2010 - hope to see you at Bussage toddlers. If not - email me or the other Emma to arrange to meet when you can.

Momof2boyz - I go into Stroud quite often if you want to meet up. CAT me if you can, or leave a message here. I haven't been checking this thread for a while, but will do. I have a boy of 4 (just) and a girl of 2.

momof2boyz Sun 26-Sep-10 22:39:07

Wow, didn't check this for a while then came back to great messages -thanks!! Yes would love chance to meet up.

PatTheHAmmer I can get anywhere within the town fairly easily, and Stratford Park and Victory Park easy to get to. Now the eldest started playgrp schedule very restricted, but also DH around more now to help with pickups so I can be more flexible. Have you organised another meetup yet?

Lowrilou, not sure how to CAT yet need to look it up, but would love to arrange time to meet up in Stroud. I can't do this week as have visitors, but after that? Will try and do the CAT thing....

Emmah, hope you made it to the group and met some nice people
Thanks everyone

Maki79 Fri 01-Oct-10 23:23:41

Hello Everyone,

I'm surprised I haven't come accross this thread earlier. I have also recently moved from London to the Stroud area (Woodchester) but have just put in an offer on a house in Dursley. Am really keen to meet some people locally, as I'm finding it much harder than in London strangely!

I have a 20 month old daughter and I work 4 days a week in Swindon. We are free on Fridays and have been going to Sticky fingers playgroup in Randwick on Friday mornings which I would recommend.

I'm interested in lots of things, very laid back and hoping to meet other mums to talk about baby and non baby related things!!


Greenshadow Sun 03-Oct-10 12:38:08

Hi Becky and welcome to Stroud.

We also rented in Woodchester when we moved here 5 years ago before buying up near Amberley and DS went to Woodchester school.

Lowrilou Tue 05-Oct-10 08:50:29

Becky, Momof2 and all - we need to arrange to meet up one day - maybe in Stroud. If you can email me through CAT then that will make things easier. There are quite a few of us on here now and group emails/texts would be better. I can't do next Friday but could do the following Friday - 22nd. I usually take the kids swimming in Stroud (Stratford Park) 2-3pm on a Friday, so could meet up before that. Let me know if that's any good. I can do other days too.

mummymilky Wed 20-Oct-10 14:05:15

I've only just discovered this local part of mumsnet! How exciting! We live in Chalford.

Sarah159 Fri 05-Nov-10 16:01:35

Hello Stroud mummies, we moved from Worcester to Stonehouse in late August, had a baby 4 days after moving and then OH started a new job so I'd love to meet up with other mums locally and get the goss on what's hot & not as I'm not really in the loop at all yet. I haven't a clue whats available locally as have been so busy with new house etc and am feeling quite lonely as we don't know anyone in this area and there are only so many conversations I can have with our 2 year old about Zingzillas or the Gruffalo before I need adult company!

Are any meets happening soon? Or is anyone around over the coming weeks? I can do Tuesdays Thursdays & Friday and happy to travel.


PatTheHammerHouseofHorror Fri 05-Nov-10 19:43:10

Hi new people!

Sarah, I am in Stonehouse too, message me where you are if you like, you may be right around the corner!....
My DS is almost 2 and loves the Zingzillas also!

I will suggest to Lowri and Emwhight maybe a thursday meet-up soon, we popped to Blooms the other week and the kids enjoyed the soft-play there for free whilst you can have coffee and cakes.

Anyone else up for it?

shakingleaf Thu 11-Nov-10 20:36:24

Pat, with bit of notice I can probably do Blooms on a Thursday. DD2 has just turned 2 so is similar age to your DS and Sarah's older DC. Let me know. It's been a v. v. long time since I met up with you and several others at the Dick Whittington.

goingloco Tue 30-Nov-10 21:31:12

Hi - I've just moved to Stroud as a single mum so would love to meet up with other mums for tea and play for the kids, but also for a couple of beers of an evening. I have a 7yr old boy, 4 yr old girl and 19 month old girl. Older two are at school so it's just me and baby at the mo. If anyone would like to get in touch I would appreciate it!

PatTheHammer Tue 30-Nov-10 22:14:08

Oh, you found it!

Just wrote on your other thread goingloco!

I will PM you, and shakingleaf (are you swissmiss in disguise?) I would love a meet at Blooms soon, I can do next thursday (9th) if you can?

romans Tue 01-Feb-11 16:46:01

Hi My name is Anna and I have two lovely children who are aged from 5 years old and a 1 year old.
Both boys.
It would be great to make new friends in the Stroud and Stonehouse area.
It would be nice to meet up for coffee and chats and go to the park etc.
If anyone would like to get in touch then it would be great to hear from you.
I am a stay at home mum, and live here in Stonehouse with my husband and my two children.
It would be nice for me and my children to have have friends.
Anna Butcher

Maki79 Tue 15-Feb-11 12:03:06


With moving house it completley slipped my mind to check this thread until now.

So I hope you are all meeting up regularly and getting lots of time to natter, eat, drink, and play!

If you do ever meet up on a Friday please let me know as it would be lovely to get to know some local ladies and also meet some toddlers for my very sociable 2 year old Ayla.
Also in 6 months or so I will hopefully be on maternity leave so I will be able to meet up lots more

Might be better to contact by e-mail - mine is:


Hope you're all well,

Becky xx

romans Sun 20-Feb-11 23:27:58

Hi Maki 79
How are you?
It would be nice to chat and get to know you, where abouts are you living?
I live in Stonehouse in Gloucestershire.
My youngest son attends Nursery School on Friday mornings, and I have to collect my oldest from School at 3:15pm.
My youngest son James will be 2 years old in April this year.
I have an Autistic child called Reece who is 5 years old and in amin stream School in year 1 and doing very well.
If you would like to keep in touch then I look forward to hearing from you.
Anna romans

LauT Sun 27-Feb-11 21:40:37


My family and I are looking at moving to Nailsworth from Manchester and i wondered if anyone knows if the primary schools in and around that area offer nursery places for children of 3+ age? Where we live at the moment our DD was due to go to School half days as of September when he is 3.5 to then move in to reception at the same school the following year. Is it the same around here?

Also if anyone knows of any good football or rugby groups around here - other than those mentioned above of course! - for a 3 year old that would be great. FINALLY! If anyone happens to want to rent their 3 or 4 bed house to us around Nailsworth we would be very happy to hear from you!!

Feeling very nervous about leaving Manchester so any advice welcomed!


Greenshadow Mon 28-Feb-11 17:28:06

Hello LauT

My DS attended Nailsworth primary for a year (we moved at start of yr6). There is a playgroup attached to it - Phoenix Playmates but have never used it myself.

A lot of the children in Nailsworth travel out to schools outside the town, so do look around at some of the neighbouring village schools too.

I can recommend Minchinhampton Junior Rugby Club which takes children from quite a young age but probably not quite as young as 3. Lots of football clubs, but not tried any of them.

If you want any advice on the local area, do feel free to ask.

You can also get a bit of a feel of the town on the local forum but be prepared for a lot of sillyness as well as you don't have to register.

LauT Mon 28-Feb-11 17:35:00

Thanks very much for that! Its good to hear about anything that is set up for children in the area - it makes me feel like we are making the right decision!

Greenshadow Mon 28-Feb-11 17:36:47

Nailsworth is certainly a lovely little town - much nicer than Stroud itself. Sure you will have made the right decision.

Chickpoo Tue 12-Apr-11 21:24:01


I am new mumsnet and to Rodborough Common!

I have a son who is 2yr 9 months and a daughter who is 6 weeks tomorrow!

My son attends nursery Monday to Wednesday. I would like to meet other mum's in the area or attend any groups that are taking place.


Greenshadow Fri 15-Apr-11 13:23:55

Hi Chickpoo.

I also live up on the Common - been here 5 years, but still feel quite new.

Unfortunately, my DC are all school age now, so am out of touch with what is going on for pre-schoolers, but didn't want your post to go unanswered. I do know that a new toddlers music group is starting up at Rodborough Community Hall after Easter if that is the kind of thing your DS enjoys.

redhappy Wed 20-Apr-11 21:04:52

Hi I'm at the bottom of Rodborough. I'm a local, but just moved back into the area.

There is a toddler group at Rodborough endowed school on Thursday mornI'm planning to go to.

Also, I would say definitely go to Tiddlewinks if you don't already. I have met so many people there. It's at St. Laurence's church at the end of the Shambles in the town centre (off the high street)

PaulMc Wed 01-Jun-11 17:04:52

Hello my wife and I have moved from London and although we are both enjoying the new life in the country, my wife and my little boy are a bit at a loss as to how to meet people / make friends.

if anyone has any details of a mother and child meeting group it would be appreciated if you could add it to this thread ( although activity on this thread appears to stopped

Sarah159 Fri 10-Jun-11 17:48:05

Hi PaulMc
Whereabouts are you? If you let us know roughly what area I'm sure someone here will be able to give some pointers :-)

tinybluebubbles Thu 18-Aug-11 18:36:04

Hi All

I'm looking to relocate to Stroud area soon, just me and my 3 kids! Fell in love with the area a while ago and really need a fresh start.

Does it take long to settle there? And do you get used to the narrow, windy roads easily?! lol I'm hoping its a great place to raise my kids. Really need to get them out and about more.

Would love to hear from anyone who has moved to the area, or even those who have lived there for ages for some advice and guidance!


Amanda x

Jofig Mon 19-Sep-11 21:06:05

Hi Heather,
Just come across your message and wonder if you have actually moved to Stroud?
I have recently moved to Chalford also from Bristol and i have 2 boys, one about to turn 3 and the other just turned 1. Same age as yours? Its lovely to be out of the city in such a lovely green and pleasant place. Enjoying taking life slowly at the moment and looking forward to finding out what our new life will be like.

Get in touch if your here and interested in meeting up.

Hi all - just discovered this thread. We are brand new to Stroud ( Rodborough actually ) and would love to get to know some friendly faces and settle our 9 year old daughter and 5 year old son in. Amanda - what ages are your children ( boys / girls ? ) Paul McC - I can sympathise - someone once said that Gloucestershire is either really easy to settle into or really actually quite hard. Sophie although my son is now at school he is actually really good with the little tots, and so is my daughter. Location wise we aren't too far from the common and have discovered Winstones Ice cream (MMMMMMM) but are sure there is much much more out there to be discovered.... it would be great to join with like minded families and find out more about Stroud together.

Greenshadow Thu 22-Sep-11 21:07:50

Welcome to Stroud Sloppy.
Rodborough seems to be quite the place to be ! Certainly quite a good place to bring up children and the primary schools seem friendly although my children are older (secondary School age) so miss some of the interaction you get at the school gate.
We moved here 6 years ago and in some ways still feel quite new, but don't think that is a reflection on the area. Like you we moved when the children were already in school, so missed out on making friendships through baby and M&T groups.

Hi Greenshadow, (and everyone else from Stroud and thereabouts!) our neighbours have children about 13 and 15 years old and DD has just been to Stroud high for a visit ( all she needs to do now is get in.... ) and we have just started DS at football at Stratford Park which he is loving so thats good. yes I was wondering about my daughter starting tag rugby at Minchinhampton - are they friendly to girls or is it a bit of a boys thing now ( she's nine but still a damn good tagger) also we are very interested in food - is there a food club around here where people get together to prepare food for the rest of the week and freeze it ( there used to be one in Oxford a few years ago and it worked really well ) Just a thought! Rodborough seems a great place for children and the park is fab. Also the Prince Albert pub is a bit of a mecca to for all things Stroudie and the beers 'deelish'...

Greenshadow Sat 24-Sep-11 22:36:00

hi Sloppy.
My DS3 used to go to Minch rugby and I'll be honest, but there were very, very few girls - certainly none in his age group and maybe only one or two in other ages groups. No reason why she shouldn't do it though if she's happy with that, and of course it may have changed now (this was 2 or 3 seasons ago).

Not aware of any food clubs like you mentioned, but there is a food club which people can buy local produce through here. There's also a new Supper club in Rodborough which I rather fancy trying.

Which park is fab ? The little one on Walkley Hill?

Hi Greenshadow,

Thanks for the tip about Rugby club. I think DD would probably not like being the only girl, so thats good to know in advance. Just seen the supper club site and I'm drooling already ( Im a bit late for the 24 September tho. Will put my name down for the next one I think. Thanks for the tip, it sounds great fun. The little park at the top of Walkeley Hill is the one I meant - yes what fab large trees - a very good calming space I think. Rodborough is so nice. I'm wild about the common - we saw millions of cowslips carpeting the place over the summer - never seen that before. You are lucky living on the common. we are desperate to explore it more. I just need a bigger bike for DS and off we go. ( am looking on freecycle but there are plenty of other wanted ads for bikes so may have to actually buy him one bless him ... )

Greenshadow Wed 28-Sep-11 20:07:22

Ahhh, funny you should mention the large trees - I help manage the playground (and others in Rodborough) and unfortunately one of the large horse chestnuts is having to come down in a week or two - got that horse chestnut disease that is going around.
We're expecting some adverse comments from the public about removing it, but has to be done.
To be honest, the big trees are a bit of a pain as they mean the sun doesn't get in much and the play surface gets really slippery.
But, yes, it's a lovely play area. Glad to hear it's appreciated.

Does that mean that we can't use the conkers then if the trees got that disease? Just thought my brothers an arborculturist *( think thats the right spelling ) so I;d better ask coz it may be OK but if the children start using the conkers from the felled tree and its not OK then that wouldnt be helpful. Are there other cunningly hidden play areas around here? we just discovered it by accident one day!

Greenshadow Sat 01-Oct-11 22:47:59

Not aware of any issues with conkers from diseased trees. Can't see there'd be a problem.

Have you discovered the play area by the Community Hall on Butterow West? Also has a big pitch to run around on and basketball court. Plus it's good for toboggans when it snows.

Yes just! thanks for that. Come the snow well be there! \

terri71 Wed 07-Dec-11 19:00:42

Hi I have just moved near Stroud I have a 17 month daughter and am struggling meeting other mums any help would be great

Chickpoo Sat 14-Apr-12 21:03:20

Hello! Posted something this time last year...teething and viruses are very time consuming !! Only now do I get to look on it again and try and sort something out, to meet some other parents and children. So, my son is 3 yrs and 9 months and my daughter is 13 months. My son attends nursery Monday - Wednesday and my daughter attends Monday and Tuesday. So does anyone fancy meeting up for some play dates? We live in Rodborough Common. Look forward to hearing from you.

freyab Wed 18-Apr-12 22:15:37

I moved to the Stroud area a few months ago and would like to meet some local mums and toddlers. My daughter is 3 years and 5 months and is very sociable and would love to make some friends to play with. She is at nursery Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

mellymooks Wed 25-Apr-12 08:13:46

Hi, I am hoping someone can tell me positive things about Cashes Green Primary School, we have just found out we've missed out on our top two choices and have been offered CG. I know CG is considered to be a more 'deprived' area of Stroud but the school itself seems to be thriving with a fantastic Ofsted report and score and aggragate scores only slightly behind Rodborough and Gastrells. I really liked the school when we looked around, but my partner is more concerned about the location, but I am not convinced this is really going to be an issue - any knowledge/experiences please?!

emmag26 Mon 20-Aug-12 10:01:20

Hi, my name is Emma, I mooved to Stroud from France last year, and I haven't had much chances to meet other mums. I live in Stroud too, and my son is 2 years old. He loves playing with other kids but he doesn't get the opportunities that often. I am looking to meet some mums in Stroud to have some play time for my son, and some friendly chats for me!! If anyone is looking for that too, let me know!!

mariet28 Tue 21-Aug-12 10:20:46

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

mariet28 Tue 21-Aug-12 10:43:26

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

jemetc Tue 04-Sep-12 23:05:04

Hi there, I also am moving near Stroud and read the great tips about schools and locations (but still working out on where to live!). Emma, our family (2 sons of 5 and 7) will leave France for a new start in green Gloucestershire and would be glad to know about your experience. Maybe once there we could meet...

pookamoo Wed 19-Sep-12 18:06:11

Hi Mariet28 I'm pretty sure your thread was deleted because it looks like you might have been advertising? Even if that wasn't your intention.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 19-Sep-12 19:21:28

mariet28 - please check your email; you should have received an email from us explaining your previous deletions.


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