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Halstow primary school activities, 11+

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se3me Wed 02-Jan-13 15:55:59

Any info from Halstow parents greatly appreciated.

What do you think of the school in terms of extra curricular activities?

Also, do you think the school prepares children to face the 11+?

Any other observations, info on the school hugely appreciated. Obviously, I hear it is a great school, but is there anything you have been unhappy with?

Has anyone considered Halstow vs. Blackheath prep or Heath House, and what did you conclude?

Sorry for the broad and slightly vague question, but going through the private vs. state decision making fog now, and very confused.

gusto Wed 09-Jan-13 23:08:02

se3me - I am going through the same dilemma - Halstow vs private (and which private for that matter!).

Tbh I don't know why Halstow is considered so good - I felt the school lacked outside space, sports facilities and diversity. But then, every local parent on MN seems to rave about it, so there is probably something to it - would like to know what though!

I am considering Blackheath prep as well. I felt Heath House was too academic, not what I am looking for. I liked Pointers and thought it had the right mix of academic vs extra curriculars.

I would ideally like to send DC to a state school - halstow, meridian, or john ball.. anyone with experience, please enlighten us!

Newbiegal Mon 18-Mar-13 23:36:49

Hi there
I can speak from experience as the mother of two children who are at Meridian Primary school (currently Y2 ad Y4). Funnily enough, I'd always thought we'd educate them privately, and went to have a look round the local preps (Blackheath was definitely top of my list) but then a friend who's a teacher insisted I went and had a look at Meridian before I made a decision. I'm so glad I did! It's not for everyone - it doesn't have a uniform, the children call the teachers by their first names, but these and lots of other qualities are characteristics I've come to love about the school. It very much celebrates the individual - whether you're a geeky chess-loving reader or a football-mad sporty type. There's a lot of music in the school, thanks to its position next door to Trinity College of Music (some of the parents are academics there) and in all honesty, I would say it advocates the best of the Steiner approach to education, whilst also making sure they learn something along the way! (Forgive me, my brother went to a Steiner school, and didn't get a great education, so I'm a bit sceptical about the Steiner approach). The new head's ringing the changes as well and is keen to move its academic record forward. Go and have a look round: you'll be hard pressed to find a lovelier school. And do by all means message me if you want any other info.

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