Good doctor in Eltham?

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PollyPops1 Tue 09-Aug-16 14:20:22

Hi all,
I've just moved from Brixton to Eltham only one week ago and it's time i registered with a medical clinic (21 month old + another on the way means doctor appointments are a regular part of our lives right now). I don''t want to rely too much on reviews however it has to be said that the online comments for all the clinics i looked up are pretty woeful.

I just wondered if anyone could share a positive experience they have had with one of the clinics, or like one enough that they would recommend it?

It's daunting enough getting to know a new area and settle in but the thought of not having a decent doctor's is a little too much. As i said, i know i shouldn't pay too much heed to reviews, but words like 'dismal' and 'stay away!' are kind of hard to ignore.

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