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pregnant and due in July/Aug 2012 Greenwich/Blackheath area?

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margot123 Wed 18-Jan-12 09:29:54

Hi all,

I'm living in Blackheath since March 2011 and recently found out that I'm pregnantsmile. I'm in my 11th week and my due date is in August. I'm Dutch, 32 years old and looking for other mums to be in the area!! I miss my friends in The Netherlands and my friends in London live quite far away and aren't pregnant;).

Also wondering if there is any pregnancy swimming in the area? Would love to join a class. I look forward to hearing from you!!

Mette82 Mon 20-Feb-12 17:33:03

Hello! I moved to Blackheath in February 2011, and my duedate is in August too! I am 29 years and from Norway.

I am new to Mumsnet today, so not quite sure how things work, but I would love to meet up sometime - maybe you want to join me for pregnancy yoga?

monkeysmama Thu 23-Feb-12 12:08:46

What pregnancy yoga are you doing Mette? I live in Greenwich (have done for years) and am due in July. I have a 3.5yo dd too. smile

Mette82 Thu 23-Feb-12 15:43:12

Hello! I am attending a class (just started) at Brandram Road Community Centre on Saturdays. Seems really nice - so hoping to meet people as I am still quite new to the area. Were you thinking of joining? smile

monkeysmama Thu 23-Feb-12 16:34:53

Saturday's aren't good for me. I'm looking for one in Greenwich I can walk to ideally. Might be nice to meet in the park when the warmer weather is here to stay.

May2012 Thu 23-Feb-12 16:42:06

Hi to you all,
I live in Blackheath too, pregnant with my first! Would be nice to meet other mums to be and get to know some people with babies who will be in the same age and area. I'm from Sweden and my partner is English.


Mette82 Fri 24-Feb-12 08:14:41

I think there is other classes in Greenwich. I found mine just by googling.

Would any of you like to meet up some time? I am away from Sunday until Wednesday. But maybe next weekend?

Mette smile

May2012 Fri 24-Feb-12 09:01:38

Sounds nice to meet up, I'll be up for it! Next weekend my mum will be over to visit us for a week, so after the 7th March would be great. I'm available most of the time, some days daytime during the week, evenings after work or a weekend should be fine!

Mette82 Fri 24-Feb-12 09:29:58

What about Friday after work the 9th or on Saturday afternoon? Would that be ok? Place?

May2012 Fri 24-Feb-12 11:46:43

Friday could be fine, I'm not working that day so I'm available at any time.. Somewhere in Blackheath would be good, a soft drink in one of the pubs maybe if it's an evening?!

I'm also up for a walk in the park some time, I like walking and it would be nice to chat about babies.. and other stuff!! If anyone fancy?

Mette82 Fri 24-Feb-12 14:08:33

Great. What about 6-7ish? Princess of Wales? I am ok with anywhere. I will inbox you my phone number.

Mette82 Fri 24-Feb-12 14:09:43

Not actually sure how to inbox, so just let me know where and when and I will be there smile

May2012 Fri 24-Feb-12 16:09:33

That sounds fine, but pls let me know if there will be any changes. I'm not sure either how to send a pm, but I can try.. smile

Vingar Sun 26-Feb-12 11:27:40

Hi - I live in Greenwich too and am expecting my second one in Aug '12. I never managed to socialise/meetup mums before or after my first one (DS is 3 yrs old) but would love to try and do that now. If it's ok I would like to join you all when you meet up next if you can keep me posted.


norwegianwoods Sun 26-Feb-12 21:53:27

Hello all

My first baby is due in September and I'm looking to meet other mums to be. I live relatively close to Greenwich/Blackheath and would love to meet up as well if that is ok! Please keep me posted smile



May2012 Mon 27-Feb-12 09:37:38

Nice to see more mums to be in the area! We're planning to meet up in the evening of the 9th March, in a pub in Blackheath around 6-7pm. Come along if you're free! Princess of Wales, Blackheath.

norwegianwoods Tue 28-Feb-12 15:44:20

Perfect, will do! Will be great to meet all ladies smile

Will keep an eye for any updates until then!

Mette82 Thu 01-Mar-12 14:49:38

Looking forward to meet you all smile

Mette82 Wed 07-Mar-12 13:06:09


Still up for meeting on Friday? 6.30 at Princess of Wales?

norwegianwoods Thu 08-Mar-12 10:48:52


I'm still up for it, assume it's this one:


How will we recognise each other? smile

Mette82 Thu 08-Mar-12 15:53:38


Yes, that is the one. We will be the ones with the bumps? ;)

I got longish, blonde, curly hair.

I will inbox you my mobile number smile

May2012 Thu 08-Mar-12 20:27:20

Hi, I'll be there too..
See you tomorrow!!

May2012 Tue 13-Mar-12 16:32:52

Thanks for a nice evening!

margot123 Fri 16-Mar-12 21:15:56

Hey all. wow lots of replies. How nice!!! Gutted that I missed the Meetup. Any change of meeting another eve as well? I live 5 minutes away from the Princess of Wales and was just watching telly last Friday, could have been a much beeter evesmile. How was the meetup? I would love to meet you all!! I don't know anyone around here who is pregnant as well and would like to share al the wonderful and not so wonderful things;)

Mette82 Sun 18-Mar-12 14:11:19

Hello all,

Maybe we should organise another meet-up soon? Any suggestions for time/place?


margot123 Thu 22-Mar-12 10:00:59

Hi Mette,

Was nice to meet you and Caroline on Tuesdaysmile. If anyone is up for it, I could do next Wednesday or Thursday?

Mette82 Fri 23-Mar-12 07:37:59

Hi! I can do Thursday smile

May2012 Sun 01-Apr-12 20:02:45

Hi to you all, hope you're well. Anyone fancy a meet up soon, would be nice?!

Mette82 Tue 03-Apr-12 15:31:07


What about Tuesday 10th next week?

May2012 Tue 03-Apr-12 19:56:52

Hi, Tuesday next week sounds good to me. I'm around all day so any time is good! Julia

Mette82 Wed 04-Apr-12 15:31:50

See you on Tuesday. I hope others will join as well smile

May2012 Sat 07-Apr-12 16:19:46

Happy Easter!
Princess of Wales, or any other suggestions of place? 6.30ish..

Mette82 Mon 09-Apr-12 15:25:59

Hello! Yes, that is fine. I will ask if anyone else would like to join as well. smile

freelancegirl Wed 25-Apr-12 14:57:33

Hello! Am a newbie, at 27 weeks pregnant and EDD on July 24th. Based in Greenwich. Don't know anyone in the area really so looking to make some 'baby friends'.Are you all still meeting up? I have started Pilates at the Greenwich Pilates centre near the station and intend to sign up for NCT this week.

Mette82 Mon 30-Apr-12 11:16:59


We are meeting every Thursday at the Princess of Wales pub in Blackheath at 7 o'clock. Join if you can this Thursday? Looking forward to meet you smile


freelancegirl Wed 02-May-12 20:48:18

Ooh, am not far from there at all. How many of there are you now? Just wondering who to look out for if I manage to make it on Thursday!

Hi ladies,

Is there room for a small one? Im 35 weeks and don't know anyone else having a baby.

Mette82 Thu 03-May-12 17:08:00

Hello! Yes, please come. It is 5-6 of us. The more the merriersmile

I will waddle over next Thursday if you are going to be there. I live just round the corner so it's and ideal meeting place.

freelancegirl Fri 04-May-12 11:08:14

Hi Charlotte, Mette and everyone else.

I will try waddle over next Thursday too! I have a rotten cold this week and didn't want to share it. Plus - is anyone else finding this? - I am finding it harder and harder to motivate myself to move around much! Breathing can get quite laboured. Am only 28 and a half weeks! And to think that in pre-pregnancy life I was a total gym bunny...

Mette82 Fri 04-May-12 11:21:40


Yes, will be there next Thursday so waddle over smile

I know how you feel- I am only 26 weeks, and heavy breathing too. Baby is high up so pushing on my diafram.

See you next Thursday smile

I'm going to upset you all and tell you that the moving thing does not get any easier. 35 weeks now and genuinely find crawling on all fours easier than walking except that I then can't get up again after :D

freelancegirl Fri 04-May-12 12:06:29

LOL! I will be crawling on all fours in no time, I am sure charlotte. Unfortunately in way 'particularly good night at the pub' way smile

So glad it is not just me though! I was worried I was a particularly weedy pregnant women.

Pressing on the diaphragm definitely sounds like I am feeling too Mette.

Oh, I really really want to try to come and meet you all! I am having such a hectic time though - moving out of one flat this weekend (plus two days in Oxford in between for a friend's 'do' we really can't get out of) then got a friend over from LA who I have to show round London all next Thursday, then on Friday we are off on a city break (the final break together...) for DH's bday.. and so it carries on. I will do my best to make it next Thursday but if not, DEF the one after that.

Blimey your packing a lot in! I find the sod off I'm pregnant excuse works remarkably well in all situations!

I will deffo be out on Thursday (oh how I wish it was for Gin). Slightly concerned I'm going to be a reclusive mother and start talking to the goldfish.

Will people be meeting up on Thursday?

Mette82 Wed 09-May-12 20:51:21

Hi Charlotte - I will PM my email smile

saschamiles Fri 18-May-12 14:18:19

Hi there! I'm also due in august with first baby - although My basset hound might argue she's technically the first child!

I live in west Greenwich and would live to meet up with other mums to be- Im a surgeon in Essex and don't know anyone else in the same boat locally - is it too late to join in the fun?


Mette82 Sat 19-May-12 22:16:38

Hello! Of course not! If you are you free next Thursday, then come alongsmile

Ekpoma76 Sun 20-May-12 13:19:52

Hi All,

I would like to come along also on Thursday but was wondering what people were doing to keep busy waiting for the lovely baby. It is my first and I was hoping to work to mid-June before starting my maternity leave.....but the days seems longer than normal and the weekend feels like 4 days as am very heavy and have carputal tunnel on both wrist so can't do much house work or walking.

Mette82 Tue 22-May-12 13:41:17

Looking foward to meet you both smile

saschamiles Tue 22-May-12 22:01:34

Thanks Mette- where and when? Can't wait to see you all.


Ekpoma76 Wed 30-May-12 20:51:41

Hi Mette82 and everyone,

I was there last thursday from 7-7.30 and didn't see anyone at the Princess of Wales pub in blackheath. Please can i have a contact number if the meeting is still taking place to enable me contact someone that is going to be there this week.

Mette82 Sat 02-Jun-12 11:37:08

Hello - I sent you a private message smile

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