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Rushmore Nursery?

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e5jax Wed 12-Dec-12 09:25:56

Hi all, I'm relatively new to the area and our little boy has been in nursery in another part of hackney. I noticed that the free spaces at Rushmore Primary were being advertised last month and wondered if anyone had any feedback or experience of sending toddlers there?

Decaffflatwhite Mon 21-Jan-13 07:17:26

Sorry no I don't. We've got one day week at Little buds on Powell road though which is going well, little T loves it now enjoys mixing with kids of diff age up to 4 and sometimes getting a quick kids mania session in the way home.

Tried Rosemary Works too soo lovely but two bus stops away so decided too far. Heard good things about Rioftop nurseries too.

Funny though, not heard anything about Rushmore.. What is Ofsted like?

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