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Can anyone give views on Beaumont school good or bad

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Skylar123 Fri 10-Jan-14 17:25:48

We will be moving close to this school and I know they have a current year 10 place available so I am considering applying for Dd2. I can see it is a good school academic wise just wondered if anyone has/had any first hand experience with it. I would also be interested with regards to pastoral care and inclusion. If anyone has any experience of the school I would be gratefu

Skylar123 Sun 12-Jan-14 14:25:54


newgirl Thu 23-Jan-14 21:19:06

Pos a bit late for you - my dd loves it. We find the pastoral care excellent. All the children I know who go there love it and the parents rate it as something like 99% when asked would you recommend it. It is massively oversubscribed 100 applications for 180 places. Academic, sporty, musical and the theatre productions are excellent.

Wickedgirl Sat 01-Feb-14 17:07:40

I have only ever heard good things about it.

SaintAlban Sun 02-Feb-14 17:15:09

People are prepared -- to kill-- to do almost anything to move into Beaumont catchment. Excellent school.

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