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Come and say hello if you are in the Highlands

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Flier Fri 07-Nov-08 11:50:12

Hello! I am originally from the Central Belt but have lived just north of Inverness since 2001, I often wonder how many mumsnetters are in this neck of the woods, cos these local boards are soooo quiet.

come on, say hello and lets see how many of us there are.

Flier Fri 07-Nov-08 13:12:12

and bump

Flier Fri 07-Nov-08 13:49:33

bumpity bump

Flier Fri 07-Nov-08 15:56:38

bump bumpity bump

Flier Fri 07-Nov-08 20:04:11


Flier Sat 08-Nov-08 15:43:38


I'll join you for a bump grin

How are you and yours anyway?

beautifulday Sun 09-Nov-08 16:25:15

I'm in Inverness!

Hmmm, yes, I think I need to work a bit harder on the viral marketing ... grin

Hiya beautifulday - is it beautiful? We've had snow today, it's bloody freezing!

Flier Sun 09-Nov-08 20:13:52

so there are three of us? NOw I know there are more - where are all you highlanders? I'm gonna keep bumping this until you all come out from under those duvets!

Hullo IAtemakkapakka - we're all doing fine although my little madam is turning in to a right little madam!!!

BeautifulDay - hello! nice to meet you <<shakes hand>> have you been a mumsnetter for long?

Wallace Sun 09-Nov-08 20:20:40

<<<Wallace creeps out from under duvet>>> brrrrrrrr hello

I'm South of Inverness. D

Did the meet up at bumbles go ahead? I was disappointed to miss it.

Flier Sun 09-Nov-08 20:22:31

yes it did go ahead - there were 3 of us, but it was really nice. We must arrange another one soon actually. Runaround in Dingwall is now open on Fridays, so that is an option.

Wallace Sun 09-Nov-08 20:28:29

So no Hairy-handed Truckers then? grin

Dingwall would be okay for me too. REmind me how old are your kids?

Another one, blimey, hidden legions or what?

Bumbles was great, miniMakka had a blast. We were sorry you couldn't come too Wallace

Runaround would be good to investigate sometime. I'm free this Friday but judging by the mammoth task that was coordinating the last (3 person!) meet, I suspect that won't suit the rest of you ... grin

I might spend the day wearing a Mumsnet sandwich board and wandering up and down the Eastgate instead

Flier Sun 09-Nov-08 20:31:42

grin I could do Runaround this Friday....

Flier Sun 09-Nov-08 20:34:39

Walace - my 2 are 2.5 and 5. How old are yours?

Well I'm up for a meet if you fancy it. What time does it kick off there?

DS is 15 months Wallace - IIRC yours is 2?

Wallace Sun 09-Nov-08 20:37:18

Oops just realsied you said fridays - older kids finish school at 12.45 on Fridays so not so good for me blush I do have a friend who could pick them up but only eery other week.

This friday would be out anyway as it has just occured to me that from Tueday I no longer hae a car shock mine is kaput so hae been using PIL's and they want it back (hoe dare they! angry)

Flier Sun 09-Nov-08 20:37:50

Fridays are 10am - 1.30pm


Wallace Sun 09-Nov-08 20:38:08

yup ds2 is 2, ds1 is 9, dd is 7

Flier Sun 09-Nov-08 20:38:47

sad wallace not again smile

Wallace, I hope I'm right in thinking you're pretty local to me - if your friend could collect your older kids this Friday I could take you up

Flier Sun 09-Nov-08 21:24:13

go on wallace - we won't bite!

jenaegi Sun 09-Nov-08 21:26:48

Hello, another one to add to your Highland Mn's! grin

Flier Sun 09-Nov-08 22:15:34

hello, jenaegi, nice to meet you! Fancy coming along to our mini-meet-up?

jenaegi Sun 09-Nov-08 22:19:26

Where and when?

Flier Sun 09-Nov-08 22:31:29

Runaround in Dingwall, 10am this Friday.


Twinklemegan Sun 09-Nov-08 22:32:47

Hello again - I'm south of Inverness, but not as south as Wallace. Sorry I couldn't make Bumbles. I won't be able to make this one either if it's so soon. It sucks having to go to work sad.

I'm going to be on leave first week of December if anyone fancies a third meetup...

jenaegi Sun 09-Nov-08 22:34:26

Thanks, DH due home on friday, but will definately bear in mind in future! smile

Flier Sun 09-Nov-08 22:35:43

Hello Twinkle - Would you like to organise a meetup for December? grin

Flier Mon 10-Nov-08 13:10:04

anymore for any more?

Hi everyone, I'm here & local. And what's more, don't see why I couldn't manage a meet-up on Friday morning!! Usually do my Tesco shopping then, but 10am is early enough, so could squeeze in shopping afterwards & before lunch, I'm sure. I've been in contact with you Flier before (think you bought a wee hat off me), so you'll know where I'm at.

Anyway, got a dd who is 3 tomorrow and ds who is 20mo today.

I'm sure there must be more hiding highlanders (or at least ppl living in the area!).

Now they're coming out of the woodwork!

The wee one and I are both full of the snots just now but I'm sure we'll have recovered (and won't be infectious) by Friday.

Meet at Runaround at ten-ish or is that a bit early for you guys?

Yeah, 10am will be fine for me!

I'm excited about a meet up that isn't very far away! Wanted to go to the Bumbles one, but rather far for me since I don't have a driving license (well a US one, but not UK - so can only drive when husband is in the car!).

Flier Mon 10-Nov-08 21:45:29

hello again, rachelinscotland, glad to see that you can make it smile.

Wallace has gone quiet on you, makkapakka grin

Wallace Tue 11-Nov-08 06:17:51

Sorry I'm back, makkapakka. I think I'll give this friday a miss, sorry.

Ds2 has had a D&V bug and now I've got it (fairly mildy thank goodness) Now the other kids will probably come down with it I'd rather say no now, than say yes and let people down at the last minute.

Flier Tue 11-Nov-08 14:40:02

bump in case there are any highlanders online at this time of day smile

MommyUpNorth Tue 11-Nov-08 15:41:44

Hello! I'm in the highlands, but much further north than most of you it seems! Don't think I could make a meet up unless I got up and on the road fairly early!! I'm just south of Dunnet, and dc are 8, 6, 4 & very nearly 2.

Flier Tue 11-Nov-08 17:38:55

Hello mummyupnorth, sad have you discovered any other mumsnetters up as far north as you?

Flier Tue 11-Nov-08 17:39:37


rachelinscotland, did you ever put a stairgate on freecycle? wink

Flier Tue 11-Nov-08 21:59:00

highland fling bump

LOL MakkaPakka! Was it a stairgate that needed the fittings for it, or something like that? Seems I did give one of those to someone on Freecycle - for their dog, if I remember correctly tho! Surely someone hasn't spotted me! LOL

We've met then grin

And thanks

LOL How did you work out it was me??!

MommyUpNorth Wed 12-Nov-08 07:01:44

Nope, I don't think anyone is this far north. I've tried contacting the NCT as well, but still just as far as Inverness (and maybe a tiny bit further north).

I'll keep an eye on this topic though as we are in Inverness every now and again for various things!

I was sure I recognised you from your profile and the locality matched up [stalker] grin

MommyupNorth - there was a MNer from way way up there called Miaou but she's not on here now

I seeee....yeah pic would give me away! LOL

beautifulday Wed 12-Nov-08 14:31:00

hi guys,

hope your mini meet goes well - runaround is good! im stuck on meets unless its in inverness and on a thur/fri as i dont have a car (dh has it at work) so bus it is for me.
im in culloden.

I have a ds who is 13mths and am shocked to be expecting No2 in July......ekkkk

Flier Wed 12-Nov-08 16:24:42

hi beautifulday, sorry you can't meet up with us. Do you ever go to Little Fishes?

Flier Wed 12-Nov-08 16:25:40

oh and congratulations! smile

Wallace Wed 12-Nov-08 18:52:57

LOL I'm so glad I said I couldn't come. My mum just reminded me that she is coming round on Friday morning so would hae ahd to cancel anyway [dizzy blonde emoticon]grin

Any takers still on for Friday? Say 10/10.30ish?

hmm, seems no one else wants to meet up with us! lol

beautifulday Wed 12-Nov-08 21:32:48

i went to baby fishes a couple of times when my son was younger but not been since, i found it a bit difficult to actually get chatting to others at it as it was so busy but its good to meet others there or in a group. fab coffee house.

Flier Wed 12-Nov-08 21:47:32

so, its just


for our mini-meet up at Runaround www.runaround.biz, 10am this coming Friday.

Probably too late to catch either of you before morning, but just wondering how I'll recognise you? LOL Obviously, there's a photo of me on my profile, so guess if you find me that might work. But I'll be clueless as to who you are!

I'll probably only be able to stay for an hour, as bit of busy day tomorrow - so is 10am best to come, or should I make it more like 10:30? Thought if I get there too early and only stay an hour, might end up leaving rather soon after you arrive.

Anyway, rather silly with questions so late - sorry!

Flier Fri 14-Nov-08 07:42:56

RACHEL, I'll be there from 10 and I think MakkaPakka is planning that time too. Hadn't you met MakkaPakka before? I actually assumed you had an accent so I'd know you wink I'll see if I can find you email addy and email you some more personal info.

LOL, don't think I have that much of an accent. Besides, most ppl initally haven't a clue where I'm from! haha

Yes, evidentally I have met MakkaPakka before, but was a couple of years ago and in the context of Freecycle, so not sure I'd remember who she was, though I often see people and know I've meet them before somewhere - just can't always place where!

Nice to see you guys today - the wee one had a blast, it was a very peaceful trip home grin

We'll have to have another get together before long, hopefully sometime the others will be able to make it

Really enjoyed this morning - lovely to meet you both! We'll have to get together again sometime...and just maybe we can eventually persuade the other highland MNers that we really aren't that scary afterall! LOL

BTW, would the Meetup section of MN be any better for letting people know about meet ups (since not everyone might be "subscribed" to the local bit of MN)? Or maybe you all did the last one there anyway.

Wallace Sat 15-Nov-08 07:29:57

Glad you lot had a nice time

Flier Sun 16-Nov-08 10:09:56

yes rachel, this wasn't actually started as a meet-up, it just turned out that way, lol.
Normally, meet-ups would be in the "meet-up section". I was going to add last weeks there, but didn't get round to it! smile

lovely to meet you all.

twinklemegan- are you going to arrange one for the week you are off work? that would be nice. xx

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