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Which private preps are excellent and commutable from N1 (Canonbury)? Keen to hear about St Andrew's Montessori / St Christopher's (Hamstead) or anybody that has left N1 for better schools?

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Canonburylass Mon 29-Apr-13 21:53:21

DD1 18 months. Not overwhelmed by the local state options in Islington and figure private prep is worth the money to prepare DD1 for 7+ or 11+ (depending on the prep).

Have ruled out Gower and the Children's House based on local knowledge / very unhappy parents pulling their children out.

Do any N1 / N5 Mums do the rat-race to Hampstead Preps? Or Highgate PrePrep (so oversubscribed that keen to hear from anybody that has got in!). I have heard good things about St Andrew's Montessori (an option for pre-prep) and St Christopher in Hampstead. Or is it time to consider elsewhere - St Albans / Herts for the best of State and Private?

We are looking to move to a bigger place and are coming round to the fact we may have to kiss goodbye to our beloved Upper Street!!


Canonburylass Mon 29-Apr-13 22:06:54

I meant Hampstead!

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