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**********National Playday - Wednesday 5th August 2009 - Ardrossan South Beach**********

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Macdog Fri 31-Jul-09 09:26:14

I'm going, who else fancies it???

Runs from 11am - 4pm

Loads for the whole family to do, and it doesn't cost a penny!!

Bouncy castles, face painting, sports, messy activities, portable play areas, Bookstart and loads more!

irvinemum Fri 31-Jul-09 18:53:03

i was going anyway we can alway met up 4 it i,m sure more people will want to meet up as well

Macdog Fri 31-Jul-09 20:00:39

yay! At least I'm giving it a bit of publicity grin

DollyPS Fri 31-Jul-09 21:53:38

tell me more girls as I'm not to far from there either.

Dont drive so what buses do I need to catch from Killie bus station. Littleys would love this.

irvinemum Sat 01-Aug-09 00:32:16

hi dollyps i,m a bus girl lol thanks 2 the number 11 bus route yay it looklike we,re not the only 1 on here maddag yay

DollyPS Sat 01-Aug-09 00:42:40

Number 11 eh sounds a plan then folk have 3 littleys well not that little they are all 12. One has ADHD and Tourettes and the other GDD and the other is a prima donna in the making LOL!!!!!

So how will we know each other flower holes with roses in LOL!!!!!!

Macdog Sat 01-Aug-09 09:26:55

Bus stop for no 11 is right beside where the fun day is - and across the road to get home again.

There are a few points that we could meet at - I'll have a think and get back smile

Macdog Sat 01-Aug-09 09:28:32

From 12 noon

(sorry got wrong time)

Macdog Sat 01-Aug-09 09:28:53
DollyPS Sat 01-Aug-09 16:58:15

Sounds a plan there hen so how will we know each other cant go about like a weirdo and say you from mumsmet now can I LOL!!!!!

Macdog Sat 01-Aug-09 18:05:42

Ok, there is a bus stop opposite Johnny Ho's chinese restaurant here (it's the one you'll get off at)

What about meeting there at 1pm??

That'll be about an hour after it starts, so the kids might have calmed down a bit by then??

(time up for debate BTW smile)

DollyPS Sat 01-Aug-09 22:08:13

great see you there then

Macdog Sun 02-Aug-09 11:15:52

I'll CAT you both my mobile no too, so check your email

Macdog Sun 02-Aug-09 11:18:35

DollyPS, can you change your settings so I can send you a message??
It's on your email settings page

Irvinemum, have sent you message already

irvinemum Sun 02-Aug-09 13:28:03

just gone it now i,m looking foward to wednesday and my friend coming along as well so it should be good turn out yay

DollyPS Sun 02-Aug-09 13:47:29

Huh what does that mean hen as I havent a clue as I thought I could get messages already. Of for a look see and sort it out.

thanks for the heads up though.

DollyPS Sun 02-Aug-09 13:57:19

right took it off but how do I get the message folks god I such a noob nugget at times eh. Dont answer that LOL!!!!!

DollyPS Sun 02-Aug-09 14:14:36

Well didnt know you had to pay for the service. I paid up for it as £5 is nowt for a year is it. So where the message or will I have to wait till the mora for it as mumsnet picks them up and sorts them I take.

I am really new to this side of it and doesnt it show.

Macdog Sun 02-Aug-09 14:26:56

I've messaged you now, so it should get to your email soon smile

DollyPS Sun 02-Aug-09 15:04:04

thanks hen

DollyPS Tue 04-Aug-09 21:25:22

well are we all set for the mora then ladies. I am as I need out of the house as I have been busy cleaning for the ruddy selling folks as the landlord wants to sell the git. I love it here as well oh well another house soon.

irvinemum Wed 05-Aug-09 00:14:35

hi all i meet u there i just look out 4 mad dog im sure hunt u down lol

DollyPS Wed 05-Aug-09 00:35:45

thought for a mo this had been deleted then realized you have to logged in DOH!!!!!

Will need to phone macdog in the morning as we are getting a lift as the hubby is dropping us off.

Happy trails

macdog Wed 05-Aug-09 08:08:46

Gorgeous day!!!!

Will see you all there grin

mickybee Wed 05-Aug-09 09:06:13

hi ppl caan ny1 tell me if this fun day 2day will b suitable for all ages i have 5 ranging from 4-15grin

irvinemum Wed 05-Aug-09 09:11:11

the funday 2day age is from baby to teenage there lots 2 do and fun 4 all c u all there later

macdog Wed 05-Aug-09 09:34:13

Yep, loads for all ages.

So looking forward to it!

irvinemum Wed 05-Aug-09 10:05:45

it 4 all age there lot great things to do right i,m about to leave or i never leave the house c u all later

macdog Wed 05-Aug-09 10:40:24

Mickeybee if you go, we're going to try meeting at the bus stop opposite Johnny Ho's chinese restaurant at 1pm

Come join us!!


DollyPS Wed 05-Aug-09 12:45:37

I just sent a text and I am such a numpty as well I see where we have to meet up DOH!!!!!

See ya all there girls.

macdog Wed 05-Aug-09 17:40:59

God my feet hurt!

Thanks heavens for ASDA cheap kids clothes - home safe and sound.

major mix-up in communications - met irvinemum in ASDA.

Irvinemum I'll post the pre-5 dates when I summon the energy to move to my diary grin

DollyPS - your DC's are fantastic! Please thank them from me for being so kind to dd smile

DollyPS Wed 05-Aug-09 22:12:39

Your welcome hen. Kids loved doing it more so Al.

It was a fab day and I am all burnt even my legs that never get burnt LOL!!!!!!

The kids are knackered as we walked into Saltcoats for tea and they went to the caravan park there as well as we have friends there the now on holiday so I have not long in.

Kids want to know when the next one is.

Al loves looking after the babies and is very protective as the others are and they love going out as you seen.

Me I love meeting new folks.

macdog your lovely hen as is your lass. A credit to you and very entertaining bless her wee cotton socks. Need to meet for a cuppa sometime just for a natter.

DollyPS Wed 05-Aug-09 22:14:50

Irvinemum you were missed hen would of loved to have met you today maybe another day eh.

irvinemum Wed 05-Aug-09 23:57:19

i know i,m a dick lol

macdog Thu 06-Aug-09 07:57:32

Just found that there are more activities in Ardrossan this week INFO HERE

Might suit your lot, Dolly

DollyPS Thu 06-Aug-09 13:59:07

oooh ok of for a wee look see hen ta for the heads up hen.

DollyPS Thu 06-Aug-09 14:59:35

Sounds fab hen will see if they want to go the mora for a bit and I need to stock up on suntan lotion at factor 99 LOL!!!!!

macdog Thu 06-Aug-09 18:05:24

Have a good one!

I'll see you in Volunteer rooms tomorrow Irvinemum 1.30-3.30


irvinemum Thu 06-Aug-09 23:18:10

i see u there i,ve still not top up fone yet i ring u in the morning

DollyPS Fri 07-Aug-09 14:04:31

Sorry for the no show but kids didnt want to go today as they had other plans with friends that I had forgotten about oops and I wont take someone elses child away with asking parents first and one is a bit funny about that kind of thing.

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