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Beverley and East Riding Slingmeet

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http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=546467902#! /pages/Beverley-East-Riding-of-Yorkshire-Slingmeet /163417390359495

Do any of the following describe you?

You want to carry your baby while you carry on other activities
You want to buy a carrier but you’re not quite sure which one
You have a carrier but have not had much luck getting a comfortable fit
You’ve never used a baby carrier but wouldn’t mind trying
You are an experienced “baby wearer” and you would like to share your experience

(taken from http://www.slingmeet.co.uk/ )

Then come along to The Beverley Slingmeet on Monday afternoons at The Beverley Arms hotel

threeowls Thu 03-Jul-14 19:20:16

Hi, is this still going?

threeowls Thu 03-Jul-14 19:20:33

Hi, is this still going?

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