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Schools around Brixton (Leander Road)

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leanderche Sat 11-May-13 16:21:37

Hi there,

We've recently moved to Leander Road in Brixton. We have a 1-year-old and as many parents do I'm sure, we have started to think about schools in the area. I am a teacher myself and work at a school in the borough. It's a great school, but we live too far from it to send our son there - both in terms of the distance to travel for my son, but also in terms of being out of the catchment area I am sure.

I am thinking about schools in the area and am getting worried. Sudbourne, Rosendale and Corpus Christi seem to hold fantastic reputations, but we live too far from all of them to get in (inexplicably as in reality we are so close to two of them). It seems Jubilee is the closest, but I'm dubious about it after looking at their previous levels of children reaching ARE at the end of year 6.

Does anyone have any advice about schools in this local area? I know I have two years before my son even starts nursery, but it is very much on my mind at the moment.

Thank you for your help!

tinastreasuretots Sun 12-May-13 09:15:43

Hi Durand academy is fab all my kids go their an they take from a wide area smile

CarveHerNameWithPride Mon 13-May-13 15:12:22

Have you looked at St Jude's? A mate on the other side of Brockwell Park is v happy there, but I don't know what the catchment/religious requirements are.

thomsc Mon 20-May-13 17:19:10

I live at the top of Leander, behind Elm Park. My two DSs are at corpus, one in Y1 other in nursery. It's a great school and we are very happy there. Both corpus and Sudbourne do get massively over applied for, as do most of the schools in the area. Obviously, as a catholic school, Corpus takes mainly from the congregations of the two churches it is associated with. Sudbourne is not religiously affiliated but is very heavily over subscribed. You may be close enough, depending on which end of leander you are, but probably not.

Jubilee has had some good reports recently and I have heard good things from friends with kids there.

You are most likely too far from St Jude's (a CofE school).

Holy Trinity is at the top of the hill, on Upper Tulse Hill. Also CofE. As is Christchurch on the South Circular.

Fancy a coffee? I have a DD who is not quite 2. Great coffee shop at the top of the hill.

thomsc Mon 20-May-13 17:31:41

You should ask at your school, I know a couple of teachers who have persuaded their employers to find a place for their children. Easier drop-off!

BrixtonMortar Tue 21-May-13 12:20:27

Teachers at state schools? shock
That's not legal, unless they comply with the admissions criteria. Or even possible under the PAN LOndon application system. hmm
Unless schools are fiddling the waitng lists for in-year admissions. shock
I can't see how a school would risk that in this highly regulated ofstedded environment and when other parents are watching to see where they are on the waiting list and who gets in.
Some state schools have teachers children as a criteria, I think Graveney does. And some private schools prioritise teachers' children and give a discount.

thomsc Tue 21-May-13 16:48:07

Erm... <shuts up>

Love the nick BrixtonMortar. There used to be an estate agents in Brixton with the same name. Always made me chuckle.

Brixtony Fri 13-Dec-13 14:11:22

All the people I know in Leander Road with school age children either
- rent a flat near Sudbourne or Rosendale and move back once their child has started there (it is highly unlikely to get into Sudbourne living in Leander Road - I know nobody and have lived in the road for 10 years)
- go private (several families send their children to Oakfield/Rosemead)
- are (or become) catholic (and try to get into Corpus Christi)
- try and go for Holy Trinity (near Holmewood Gardens) - seems to be a good school, but not the middle class school of choice
- try for St Judes - but then again, I do not know anybody in the street who managed to get into St Judes.

Unfortunately I have not heard great things about Jubilee.

best of luck

BrixtonMortar Fri 20-Dec-13 17:24:04

I wonder if the new Judith Kerr school in Herne Hill and the new Dunraven Primary will extend any of the 'catchments'? I don't know what the admissions policy is for Judith Kerr.

You can look on Lambeth's website at the admissions booklet and see how far the last admitted distance was for each school.

St Judes and Corpus Christi maintain strong faith criteria.

Coco48 Tue 07-Jan-14 16:40:52

I'd appreciate any current &/or first hand advice about Jubilee Primary. We live on Helix Road & DD due to start primary in September.
I want to like Jubilee: it's the closest, it is a nice space. I don't have to pretend to be a Catholic or pretend to live somewhere I don't in order to get a place.
But, the results seem to be awful year after year which scares most parents "like me" off. I am not concerned about getting into an Outstanding school, Good or trending Good is good enough for me. My key worry are the many accounts I've been given of bullying & taunting amongst different groups of kids, set-tos between parents in the playground & frequent turnover in staff. I also know several parents who have pulled their kids out of the school due to frustrations over poor teaching, who feel their faith & support for the school has not been rewarded.
I believe the school has (yet another) new head. Anyone out there with recent experience of the place?
Thanks all

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