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New Year, New Friends...the Leicester meet up

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LocalEdLeicester Mon 11-Nov-13 19:36:16

As promised, myself and co-editor of the Leicester site are looking to arrange a meet up early in the new year.

Sign up here if you'd be interested in meeting up, and let us know if you'd prefer with or without children, any areas that you find easy (or difficult!) to get too and any preferences on activities.

We'll try to work out if there's a consensus...and erm, do something else if there isn't grin...and get something arranged for us all to look forward to in the post-christmas gloom.


I'd be in interested in meeting MNetters.
I wouldn't be able to do an evening meet up so I think meeting with children is preferable.
I live in the centre so I can get a bus to most places.

Hopefully some there will be some others along soon smile

DrBrownssavedmysanity Sun 09-Feb-14 22:30:00

Hello! Am I too late? I'm in New Parks, so have easy access to town. I'd prefer to meet in the daytime during school hours please (DS6) with DD1. I'm in need of a bit of a giggle and defo some coffee shop company grin

julieSMITH1976 Mon 03-Mar-14 19:58:59

Hi im also free in the day time if u wana meet up sometime

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