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MOVING TO LUTON: To do or not to do????

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YumMum2013 Wed 09-Oct-13 04:09:16

I am in need of some assistance please, as I’m relocating from SWLondon to Hertfordshire for work but don’t want to live in the same borough I work in. I’m aiming to be 30-40min car drive from South Hertfordshire area to a large, diverse family friendly city/town and Luton seems to fit the bill.

Key requirements: ETHNICALLY diverse population, OUTSTANDING SCHOOLS secondary schools AND nursery’s, good local amenities ie. fitness centre, dance classes, shopping etc., easy links to London (via train and car), affordable housing (will begin by renting hope to buy within few years’ time).

I know I’m probably asking for a lot but I LOVE a lot of things about London and am a city girl at heart but also really appreciate lots of green open space for hikes, bike rides etc. I like new build modern houses and amenities and convenience of one stop shopping but also love a good market place.

Areas I’m considering are Luton and have visited a few times, it seems to fit the bill but I keep hearing negative things about the town so am totally confused now. Found Lutonians very friendly in general but would really appreciate some honest pros&cons.

Thanks in advance any assistance greatly appreciated, this is keeping me up at night as move needs to occur within the next month or so.

Noahsdaughter1974 Tue 26-Nov-13 11:05:00

Hi, I moved my family from Hertfordshire to Luton 3 years ago, we needed a bigger house and couldnt meet hertfordshire prices. A lot of my friends were not keen, as you say, Luton has a bad name and I would recommend you look at the areas carefully. We moved to Sundon Park and love it, we are near the country side but only 40 minutes train ride from London, there are 3 stations in luton. There are some great schools in Luton but also some not so great, you would need to look carefully as school places are fought for depending on the catchment area. Lutonians are friendly and we have a good sense of local community here in Sundon Park. I have children in nursery, infants, junior and secondary school! ( thus the bigger house!), they are all getting on great. I havent come accross anything that I thought, Oh No we dont have one of those nearby, cinema, gym, bowling, swimming pool, library etc all in easy reach. If you like new builds look at Bramingham and Barton Hills. Hope some of this helps, good luck with your move !

Noahsdaughter1974 Tue 26-Nov-13 11:23:17

Hi, I moved my family from hertfordshire to Luton 3 years ago, we needed a bigger house and couldnt meet herts prices. Our friends were sceptical! as you say, Luton has a bad name. Choose the area carefully, we live in sundon park and love it, we can walk straight out of our back garden to green fields, on the other hand, London is a 40 minute train journey away, look at bramimngham and Barton Hills, there are newer houses here, avoid Marsh farm and hockwell ring. I have never thought, oh no, theres not one of those near us, all amenities are in easy reach. I have never regretted moving to Luton, Good luck with your move!

YumMum2013 Thu 28-Nov-13 23:15:08

Thanks so much for your assistance and feedback. If you don't mind me asking where your children go to school and nursery I have nursery age and secondary school age, have been checking out the outstanding and good rated ofstead schools and want to make my choice best informed as possible! I'm not sure how to private message but if you can send me the details that way I'd be most greatful.

Many thanks

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