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Moving with Beeb relocation to Salford quays... Anyone else?

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topsmart Sun 05-Dec-10 08:41:50

Okay, here goes, I am initiating my first proper thread.

DP's job is moving from london to salford quays next year. We finally have a move date of march 2011 (after signing up in sept 2010...) So it's all suddenly real and I have to shift our lives and get a nursery then school for DD who turns 5 next academic yr.

MN has proved invaluable for my manc research on areas to look at, so I wanted to thank anyone who's given anyone else advice on here as I have poached it all!

Now I'm wondering who else might be moving up as I'm sure some of you must be - or already have done. And I need heartwarming tales of how easy it has been to settle in. Or how much you need a new friend to go for a large glass of wine with! <blushes at own forwardness>

SmallerClanger Sun 05-Dec-10 21:46:23

Hi again! I found you. Looks like it's just us then?! I still can't accept it WILL happen and think I'm putting it all off until after Christmas. Hopefully not going until after school breaks up in July. We have 2 DDs currently in years 1 and 4, so want them to finish their final term and say goodbye to their classmates properly.
Not decided on a location yet, so looking for all the help & support we can get. When can we have the wine?

thesecondcoming Mon 06-Dec-10 00:40:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SmallerClanger Mon 06-Dec-10 09:31:29

Hi secondcoming, we know its good up North, that's why we're coming! But the reality of leaving friends, schools and family is all a bit traumatic. Good luck to yor DP, I'm hoping for a bbc job as well. Hopefully see you in the Quays!

CharlotteBronteSaurus Mon 06-Dec-10 09:40:41

I'm not relocating with the BBC, but relocated from SE London 2 years ago. I love it here, although I did have a handful of friends living locally from when I was at university here 10 years ago.

the native Mancunians will probably batter be for saying so, but Manchester's a lot like London, but with less scary schools. Lots of people move here to work and study, and so there's good diversity, and plenty of "incomers" to share experiences with. This is especially true if you live in the southern suburbs like Chorlton and Didsbury, but also the case in my unfashionable but lovely part of North Manchester.

thesecondcoming Mon 06-Dec-10 12:48:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ohforfoxsake Mon 06-Dec-10 13:11:32

Bloody hell - I can't remember how to link my own thread. We've made the move - Topsmart, would you link it please as I seem unable to rummage around in my memory to fathom it out?

I know of one other MNer who has started the process.

My email is on that thread if anyone wants to contact me off MN, and I'll be happy to help.

There's a couple of us here, with useful phone numbers and wine. Come! Join us!

<starting to scare myself>

ohforfoxsake Mon 06-Dec-10 13:12:32

what department Thesecondcoming?

SmallerClanger Mon 06-Dec-10 13:17:35

Hi Fox, I lurked about on your original thread and did contact you, as we had not made the final choice at that point. My biggest worry is how to tell the children, how did yours cope with the news?

ohforfoxsake Mon 06-Dec-10 13:19:32

Did you? Have you named changed? Feel free to PM me on here. I forgot we now have an Inbox.

I'm a bit blush as I don't recognise you. Sorry. blush

SmallerClanger Mon 06-Dec-10 13:23:31

no worries, Fox, it was a very brief message over a year ago, I was so undecided at that point I didn't take it any further! Will try and work out Pm and all that.

ohforfoxsake Mon 06-Dec-10 13:28:54

So sorry Smallerclanger - I can't find you. I do hope I replied - I've been through my inbox for that address but can't find you blush.

My children are in nursery, up to Year 4, and all have settled in really, really well. Once they are settled YOU feel settled.

We talked a lot about Manchester, and brought them up for the visits, house viewings, days out. That really helped - I definately recommend involving them in that. We didn't say 'right kids, we're moving', I think it was more of a process - children pick up on things. We came up for a visit and it was more of 'what do you think about this?' approach. But they knew it was coming.

I won't lie, the actual move and the day we left was awful. But we're talking just that day. We left mid-term because we wanted to be here before the Summer break, had a big party, a farewell picnic. They cried, we cried, but once on that motorway it was fine.

If I'm comparing Manchester to London, where I lived for the best part of 20 years, I prefer Manchester. I miss my friends, the ease of a quick brew before school pick up, walking down the street and seeing a neighbour I know well, but all that will come with time, and it has started already.

SmallerClanger Mon 06-Dec-10 13:41:06

Hi, thanks for that reassurance, we plan to tell them in the New Year, and then we can start involving them in the search. I'm already planning the end of term party, also a picnic! So at least one thing is sorted. But considering the scene I caused just asking DD1 to switch the TV off and come and eat lunch yesterday, I hardly dare imagine how she'll cope with the idea of moving!! I drop hints, talk about their school friends who have moved into/out of the area, the possibility of their own room one day...but all they say is they like sharing but "I might want to move when I am 16" (8 years away!)

ohforfoxsake Mon 06-Dec-10 13:54:22

We've had a few visit us, and its been quite exciting for them, but it is hard as they do miss them (as I do).

We've found football teams and dance classes. They've made some good friends. There's a lot of people who are born and bred where we are, and a lot who have left and come back. I've not met many who have moved here who don't have some sort of connection with the place, and I find that very reassuring.

Sale seems to be very family orientated. The schools are great, parks are lovely (and a lot of them). Very good for access (and exits!!).

thesecondcoming Mon 06-Dec-10 18:56:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

topsmart Mon 06-Dec-10 20:23:06

Hello everyone! Am completely thrilled that you've all bothered to respond. grin

(Hope this link reaches OhForFoxSake's original and wondrous thread of manchester info?)

So nice to hear brilliant stuff about moving - CharlotteBronteSaurus you're saying all the things I want to hear. V glad to hear you and the dcs are settling, OFFS.
And excellent to get an ian brown ref into the thread. The dp and I have found it a necessity to dig out early 90's madchester indie cds from the box under our bed to get us in the mood on our many journeys oop north.
Am so excited about finally getting there - am looking forward to getting to know the place and have folders of cool stuff i want to do when we shift. Am loving the idea that where we want to move to is a £6 cab journey from the centre. £6!!! In london that'd get you 5 yards from soho.
But am also scared of leaving friends and familiarity behind. And of being much further away from my parents (an hr away at the moment; 4.5 when we move).

offs, we've tackled the move in a similar fashion with our 3 (soon to be 4) year old dd. We've talked about all the lovely things about moving ("when we have a big house..." compared to our titchy east london flat; "you can help us decorate..." as she is obsessed with having a pink room, which hers is currently not, etc etc etc). And she's been amazingly patient with house-viewings, including 8 in one day <gulp>
Glad the tactic paid off with your dc. Luckily some of her nursery pals were in the academic year above her, so have moved on to Big School - and others have moved house - so she's had experience of people moving on and staying happy, as we bump into them sometimes.

We know no-one in manchester other than colleagues of the dp (cbeebies). And i don't even know them really; since the dd came along we don't get to socialise with each other's colleagues any more! One of my brothers was living and teaching there until spring, when he decided to move to Asia to --get out of babysitting duties-- be with his lovely girlfriend.
But we used to live in York, so we have northern friends - and northern family, inclding my lovely MIL. Am v much looking forward to being within day-trippable distance of them. That sounds sarcastic but it's not meant to be!

Cor, ramble ramble, I'll stop now.

SmallerClanger Mon 06-Dec-10 21:31:24

well, I feel calmer about it all already! Wonder if there are any more BBC types lurking about? We'll be further away from my family, bit closer to DPs. We do have freinds in Manchester, so have been using their inside information and advice unmercifully.

ohforfoxsake Fri 10-Dec-10 07:31:18

I think I chould set up a FB group for this - I've been meaning to do it for a while (just not sure how!) and have spoken to HR about it. I've been on about WAPS (wives and partners) having a point of contact for a while. Probably should do something about it ...

There's the MN anonymity issue as well.

what do you think?

WizzleTheDiva Fri 10-Dec-10 17:15:50

Hi everyone - I've never been brave enough to actually post on Mumsnet before but this thread is bringing me out of hiding! We are potentially moving to Manchester in connection with the BBC move - we still don't know for certain, although it's been on the cards for years now.

Very long, boring story but essentially DH works for post production which is being sold off - very slowly and frustratingly - so we have to wait until the end of Feb at least to find out whether the new company wants to take him up there. And then it could happen quite quickly afterwards...so once all the madness of Christmas and New Year is over with, I will have to start going through your very informative Manchester threads so that I have some information up my sleeve just in case.

It is difficult not being able to prepare the children properly - DD1 is 6 and we have mentioned the possibility to her, but haven't pushed it too much in case it doesn't happen (and she gets upset at the thought of leaving her friends). DD2 is 3 and should find the transition easier.

They are taking us up there in January to have a look around for a couple of days, but at that stage we still won't be sure whether we're making the move. Once I know exactly what is happening, I would love to join your group - Facebook or otherwise - and would definitely be up for wine if we do get there! In the meantime, thanks for all the useful information.

ohforfoxsake Sat 11-Dec-10 08:21:08

Hello Wizzle, and welcome. smile
how incredibly frustrating for you, it must be really worrying. This move was on the cards for years for us too, and took 6 months start to finish. The familiarisation visit isn't bad, but you don't see much of Manchester - it's a sales pitch (and a night away in a hotel without the kids, paid for!)
my DD is the same age as yours and it isn't easy, but they have settled in so, so quickly. Ds2 would also get upset at the thought of leaving his friends. It's really hard.
But, I do love Manchester now. It's a great city, so, so easy to get around.

snappyhappy Sat 11-Dec-10 17:47:15

We are moving as well.

I cannot wait. April seems sooooo long way!

Kids are nine and six and the youngest can't wait to move as he wants to go to a school with a red uniform (oh to be six again!) The eldest is OK about it, but just wants to do it rather than something wishy washy in the future.

ohforfoxsake Sun 12-Dec-10 08:05:46

It's REALLY good to hear you are so positive about the move, Snappy. So many people I speak to are unhappy about it, and it is tough, but there are worse places to move to. I think it's the fact that there is no choice in it.
So, Snappy, where are you moving to?!

topsmart Sun 12-Dec-10 20:08:44

Ooh more peeps, hurrah!
Welcome snappy and wizzle, nice to have you here. Fox, happy for you to set up a group though actually I have no idea what that means. Not concerned about anonymity.

I second what fox said about the relocation visit/tour. We had no childcare so DH did the official bit and DD and I whizzed around on the trams on our unofficial tour looking at different areas (though mostly played at the Lowry). Kept meeting up with DH to compare notes, was good fun!

I can recommend an aparthotel we've used for anyone visiting with kids - Saco Manchester. If u say you're with BBC move they look kindly on you - got single room apartment ( with living room/kitchen) for £80 a night at late notice, Inc weekend nights. Is over the rd from Manchester Piccadilly. Promise I don't work there!

Our flat is on Market now, had 4 viewings. And we've had an offer accepted on a house in old Trafford. Eeek! Need to sell.

WizzleTheDiva Tue 14-Dec-10 12:04:31

Hello again! Thanks Fox and Topsmart for the advice re the familiarisation visit....we have been warned to take it with a pinch of salt. Apparently we will be taken on a coach tour of the areas where the BBC would like us to live, wherever they might be!

We are very much hoping that we do get to move to Manchester - DH went up to Salford Quays for work a month or so ago, and said it felt very buzzy and new, unlike London where it's a bit doom and gloom with all the redundancies and uncertainty. Plus we might actually be able to buy our own home, after years and years of renting - I think promises of pink bedrooms are going to be made to our girls as well.

Thanks also for the aparthotel recommendation Topsmart - will definitely try there if we do get to take it further. Good luck with selling your flat.

SmallerClanger Wed 15-Dec-10 00:42:45

Hello again, great to see new faces, I've not checked in for a while, hello Wizzle & Snappy. Looks like we all have DC in early-mid priamry level. Heartened by your DCs positive repsponses to the move, but am still sure our DDs will not be so happy. Must bite the bullet in new year and see how much they hate us....

I've managed to get to a couple of events at BBC, but not always time to talk properly to other partners, and not many there with chidren. FB would be useful, would like to maintain/create(!) a partners' network.

I am taking vountary redundancy, so by March, I will be able to concentrate more fully on the move and be able to go up and look around schools.

We are planning to go back over 1/2 term with DDs and really narrow down a location, so will also be checking out your recommended hotel TopSmart, thanks!

Right, time for bed, school concert in morning....

Hello all << waves manically at ForFoxSake grin>>, I'm another Salford/BBC spouse eager to make your acquaintance.

If you haven't already, do check out ForFoxSakes earlier thread, here www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/695442-Moving-to-Man chester-and-I-have-no-idea-where-to. It's great, contains so much useful information, and has been a life-saver to me.

We did the familiarisation tour a while ago,and it was fun, but busy and we didn't see any of the areas I really wanted to see. Lots of emphasis on Disbury & Chorlton with a couple of gated communities thrown in. Eeek.

Anyway, we've decided on Trafford, for the schools, reasonable house prices and the parks etc. Now we've just got to narrow it down. hmm.

We're due to move up next summer, but the LEA have advised we need to be in our new place by 7 July at least to get any chance of the schools we'd like. So we're planning on a half-term/Whitsun move, if possible.

A group (or meet up) is a great idea. Might save me from chewing all my nails to the quick/going even greyer/going insane or all three.

For what it's worth, my kids can't wait to move. Mainly becasue DH promised them we'd get a dog when we move shock

Ooops, sorry Topsmart - just seen your earlier link ....I think I'm just getting over-excited at the thought of more wine drinkers potential friends in Manchester...

SmallerClanger, also try Roomzzz in Manchester, another aparthotel. Fab, snazzy & reasonable.

ohforfoxsake Mon 20-Dec-10 19:48:07

LOL MUmmyisamonster! I'm frequently heard saying how much I love living here. We moved in the half-term - it was a two week break which helped.
If anyone wants to PM me if you've any questions on the process and how it went, I'll be happy to help. I did a reccy the other day for a friend who I know from that other thread. Well, we havent actually met yet - in that MN way friendships form! I cant remember her MN name now.
Everyone they recommended - financial advisors, solicitors, moving firm - we're all brilliant. Are you all partners, or employees?
I will get that FB page done after Christmas.

LOL FFS, it's me!!See you on FB xxx

SmallerClanger Tue 21-Dec-10 20:30:05

I'm a partner, so will also be job-hunting when we're settled in. Unless there's any way we can afford for me to SAH for a while. I know we ought to bite the bullet and go, DP has actually been given a date of 6 June for move, but I just can't think that way. DD1 has her birthday in mid July, so have it set in my mind that she should have a last party with her school friends and finish school before going.

ohforfoxsake Tue 21-Dec-10 20:34:36

I did wonder MIAM, but then your name doesn't fit the person (I think) you are! Have you name changed since the other thread then?!

All I can say, Smallerclanger, is that it will work however you do it. There is a lot of support there. And here. All in it together, and all that. wink

SmallClanger, I will be job hunting too. Laughingly the beeb claim they will help partners do this. When I asked how exactly, they referred me to various web sites!

Up until very recently (ie: days) I was really just NOT thinking about the move at all. When I did, I cried. How sad is that?? But now I'm actually looking forward to it; a bigger house, nicer schools, fresh air, new friends..a dog (!). Of course I'll miss London and all our friends but it's a positive move for us.

As ohforfoxsake says, all in it together.

Thank you FFS for your comment, I haven't name changed grin. We're up in Feb I think, and I'm sure I owe you a pint (or several) for all of your help!

SmallerClanger Tue 21-Dec-10 22:02:40

hi, we are also planning a trip in feb 1/2 term with the girls, once we've told them so they can start getting involved.

SmallerClanger, depends on how old your children are but we found showing them on a map where Manchester is handy. I've also been showing them (occassionally) details of houses we get from estate agents so they can get an idea of what our new house might be like and more importantly how big the garden might be! Seems to be working well

ohforfoxsake Fri 31-Dec-10 13:57:50

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year, as big changes are on the horizon for 2011.

This time last year I was looking ahead at the immense, almost overwhelming, year ahead (we got married in April and moved in May). Looking back, with the support from the beeb, it was as good as it possibly could be and the upset was minimal.

I only have positive things to say about Manchester, so I wish you all the very best of luck with your relocations, and if I can do anything to help, I will.


Can I join? I was turned down to go on the BBC register but will graduate this year and am hoping to work and live in Manchester. Where exactly should I be looking for jobs? Could you lovely people recommend some places, other than Broadcast because I can't afford the subscription for that!

ohforfoxsake Fri 31-Dec-10 18:26:46

Have you tried North website

What are you hoping to do?

ohforfoxsake Fri 31-Dec-10 18:27:20

hmm, that didn't work

Its here http://www.bbc.co.uk/jobs/north/

Fox, yeah I tried them, did the assessment and was turned down. I'm hoping to go into post production. Just totally lost and feeling a bit scared worried about going off into the world after uni (I'm still at home at the moment).

We've got to apply for so many jobs a week this semester at uni so I'm hoping they'll have some ideas on where to look.

ohforfoxsake Sat 01-Jan-11 19:04:30

Have you tried the independents? So much of the BBC stuff is out-sourced, it might be worth contacting the departments you want to be involved in and trying them. I'm not sure what the situation is with regards to staff jobs, but I think (and I'm not beeb so I don't know) contract/freelancers are used widely, and staff jobs are few and far between.

Sorry Lollipop for not being more help. I, like others on this thread, are being relocated but not actually employed by the beeb.

It's fine, I'm grateful for ANY info at the moment. I'm definitely going to look at independent companies. I expected to have to go freelance, although don't know what the situation is with being a runner (which is where I'm assuming I'll start ), whether that's a freelance thing or what, but I'll certainly be looking around.

FWIW, I stayed in a hotel in the new MediaCityUK development and must say, when everything's all done, it'll look pretty sweet

LollipopViolet, for what it's worth, I know that the beeb do use lots of freelancers, as ohfor foxsake mentioned. Unfortunately I don't work for the bbc myself but DH does and he's mentioned that lots of BBC people aren't moving to Manchester so that suggests that there might be jobs coming up...

Good luck smile

Thanks OFFS for your new year wishes, currently I'm panicking about schools/houese/jobs but am hiding my head in the sand and trying to book a holiday hmm. BTW, we have finally papered our hallway, only took 8 months..... grin

topsmart Mon 03-Jan-11 19:29:00

Happy new year to you too Fox!
Cripes, we're supposed to be in manchester within 8 weeks. EIGHT WEEKS.

Am hoping this week everything will magically fall into place: that we will get an offer on our flat from lady who came for second viewing just before christmas; that we can then get a survey on the house we have an offer on in old trafford and get the ball rolling on the house purchase...

I have less than 2 weeks to apply for schools. And I haven't yet found a nursery.
Mummyisamonster, I finally washed our windows - took me 3 years to get round to it. This does not bode well.

topsmart, it'll be fine. I find fear is a great motivator grin.

I've recently re-found a notepad that I wrote notes in when attending a talk at the BBC last year with all the Manchester LEAs. I've got the name of Marilyn Golding at Trafford LEA written on it, I think she came to talk to us. I do remember that the Trafford LEA bods were all really helful and nice, and I've seen scrawled down on my notepad "Trafford like local schools for local kids".

But Fox would know more about the schools thang.

Whereabouts in Trafford are you going to be?

BTW, now the hall's re-papered, I'm noticing how grotty lived-in the rest of the house is. <<sigh>>

Ohforfoxsake Mon 03-Jan-11 22:19:16

Trafford were really good with us - I was quite annoyed with the woman who went to the press complaining she couldn't get her child into Park Road - only the most oversubscribed school in the area! It doesn't help the rest of us. I would definitely recommend building a rapport with them - I spoke/emailed Rosemary who was with Marilyn at that meeting. Also speak to the schools, they'll have a better idea of any places which may come up, and catchment areas.
Our kids won't be able to queue jump local kids - and that is right - unless the specific criteria is met (distance, social/medical needs). But it is hard when you dont actually live in the area. Its worth applying, and questioning whether, upon exchange of contracts, you can apply then.

Topsmart, have you been up and seen any schools yet? I came up for the day and, quite literally, ran from one school to the next.

We were just really, really lucky.

puffling Mon 03-Jan-11 22:24:10

Hi. I'm not part of the BBC move, but live up here. Aswell as looking at Chorlton/Didsbury, if you're thinking about moving up here, look at Monton and Worsley - very pleasant parts of Salford and a much easier commute into work.

Ohforfoxsake Mon 03-Jan-11 22:27:57

I meant to ask Topsmart, is 8 weeks (yikes!) your migration date? How have you found the whole relocation company thing? Helpful?
Lollipop - I had another thought. How are your PC/PA skills? A lot of people start off on a more clerical level - it's all about a foot in the door. You could also ring each department and find out what temping agencies they use. In my day (showing my age now!) Mondays Guardian was thick with jobs, now it barely has anything. :-(

montysorry Mon 03-Jan-11 22:53:24

Hi, not part of the move but we used to live up there. Great place to live btw.

If the commute is to Salford quays the Trafford really is your best bet and in terms of good schools you should look at hale/altrincham/sale/timperley.

Stockport also has excellent schools in places like the Heatons/Cheadle Hulme/Bramhall but a bit further round so more of a commute.

The only other place to consider could be Worsley. It is nice and St Marks is a good school but it is rather surrounded by grottiness I'm afraid.

Good luck

PC skills are fine, not sure about my PA skills as I don't really know what they are! I'll keep plugging away, I'm on the books for one company, for either a placement or short term work, whichever crops up, so might get a foot in that way. Otherwise it'll be a lot of phoning, writing and emailing. Problem is I want to move up with a friend, and it's all hinging on me working as well as her (she's got qualifications in healthcare - lots of jobs there!)

Lollipop, I mentioned your situation very briefly to DH and his suggestion was to persevere with job applications to the bbc. HTH, I know you mentioned the register but wasn't sure what that referred to!

JorjiB Tue 04-Jan-11 23:23:52

Hello everyone. It's great to hear you all lovin' Manchester - like wizzle we are still in miserable indecision on whether to do the big migration north with the BBC. I've just spent the last two hours online looking at houses in Hale and Sale and I'm none the wiser. Schools look great though! It makes a big difference hearing all your positive stories .. Foxy I read your original thread last year (yes all of it) - great info which I will no doubt be making use of IF we take the plunge ... ahhhh

WizzleTheDiva Wed 05-Jan-11 10:49:41

Hello again everyone, and happy new year to all! I don't get on here much but have just caught up with all your comments.

JorjiB glad to hear there's someone else out there who's undecided, although in our case the decision is somewhat out of our hands. We have to wait until at least the end of Feb to see which company gets the post production contract, and then for them to decide whether they want to take my DH and some of his colleagues up to Manchester or to make them redundant. We are quite keen to go to Manchester if we get the opportunity; we have our familiarisation trip later this month so will hopefully get a better idea then.

Lollipop my DH works in post production, mainly for sport, in London (he's an editor) and it's being shut down - his colleagues have either been told that they're being made redundant, or that they're 'in scope' to transfer to the new company who takes on the post production contract in Manchester, should that company want them (which is DH's position). As I said above, that contract won't be announced until at least the end of Feb. So there's loads of uncertainty about who exactly will be doing the work at the moment. Might be best to wait until things have been clarified in a couple of months and then see if they're recruiting - they aren't at the moment. Hope that helps, and good luck.

Ohforfoxsake Wed 05-Jan-11 15:00:43

There is a lot of negativity around the move but I think that relates to the politics of it rather than the relocation as such. It is shocking that The Head of North isn't relocating. (and if any one of you is Sarah Lancashire, I apologise wink)

IME the move has been a good one, and has been done well with very good support.

iskra Tue 11-Jan-11 15:24:24

We aren't with the BBC either, but we will be relocating to Manchester in August for DP's job (waiting to hear where he will be, but chances are it will be Salford). He is desperately keen to have a cycle commute, so we're trying to work out which areas that would be...

iskra, my DH is hopig to cycle to Salford for work too. With that in mind we're looking in Trafford, from what we've been told it's a 20 min cycle ride to Salford Quays.

Ohforfoxsake Fri 14-Jan-11 19:49:57

Is anyone coming up on a familiarisation visit soon?

reikizen Fri 14-Jan-11 19:56:59

Hi, just wanted to welcome you to Manchester! Although a native Mancunian I lived in London for nearly 10 years and now we're back in Manc. South Manchester is the most like good London and Salford a lot like scary London! Mediacity is not quite in Salford proper iyswim. Dead easy commute from Chorlton & Didsbury which are in South Manchester. Mummyisamonster, very easy cycle commute from Old Trafford, or did you mean Trafford which is a borough not an area?

Hello reikizen, ta for your welcome! We're getting very excited about our move - coming up in feb to have a look around again, introduce the kids to manchester etc.

Cycle commute-wise we're looking for DH to cycle from Urmston or Sale to media city, is that do-able? Those are the areas we're looking at, but we're trying to narrow it down!

Ohforfoxsake Sat 15-Jan-11 08:33:27

I wonder how Topsmart is doing?

Topsmart how are things?

Yes, Topsmart, how's things? Really hope it's going smoothly and the stress levels are ok, come & share, we are here if you need us!smile

topsmart Sat 15-Jan-11 16:33:53

Thanks guys! This is where we are:
- we move 7 march regardless of whether we've bought a house
- we had an offer accepted on a house in old Trafford but they won't take it off the Market as we don't have an offer on our flat, fair enough
- we've had loads of viewings of our flat but no decent offers, grrrr
- so we're now accepting that we'll have to rent when we first move up. Estate agents are looking for us.
- we've had to apply to schools in the area we think we'll be moving to
- I'm up for the day on Wednesday to decide which nursery dd should attend, luckily 2 nice ones have space available.
- I've had flu twice in the last month. And there's been christmas and dd's 4th birthday in-between. As well as, you know, the rest of life!

Cartus are being v helpful; answer queries v promptly. Usually thyme given the info to dp already and he's mislaid it...

So, I feel like things are progressing and mostly I'm excited. Except I always wake up a bit anxious! Head is so full of lists.

How're the rest of you feeling? And fox how was your first Christmas up north?

Think that's it! I'll feel a lot better once we know where we'll be living

topsmart Sat 15-Jan-11 16:35:32

They've, not thyme. Blardy iPhone.

Ooh topsmart, it's all go! grin Sounds very exciting. Though poor you with flu and stuff, bloody typical. Hope you are fully recovered and cracking on with those lists hmm

I phoned Trafford LEA the other day who were just lovely and very reassurring (I was having a hormonal, potentially weepy day but they were so nice I managed to hold it together). We haven't decide whether we'll sell our house ourselves or let the BBC do their GPS. We're having a local estate agent round to tell us how much she thinks we might sell it for..and how quickly too.

Just planninhg a quick trip to Manc over half term to look round a it more, try and decide on an area to live (though we've whittled it down a lot)and show the kids Manchester. They are really excited, and very positive, which is lovely, especially when I'm having a bit of a panic about the logistics of it.

Good to know Cartus are being helpful - to be honest I have only heard good things about them.

Lot to be said for renting you know. At least you can 'try' an area and if it doesn't suit, move elsewhere (though of course I doubt very much you'll be wanting to move around willy-nilly but you know what I mean.)

Good luck, keep us posted.smile

How's everyone else getting on?

topsmart Sun 16-Jan-11 20:11:12

Cheers mummyisamonster, am tons better. Just left with one of those annoying coughs which flare up as soon as i'm on the phone. Keep startling cold callers. Which is no bad thing!

Glad Trafford LEA are helping you - they've been v annoying for us. Manchester LEA were dead friendly, all "oh yeah, as you're 'relocating' not just moving then we'll bump you up the waiting list when you move into your manchester home". So we assumed, wrongly, that this is the case for all LEAs... Turns out Trafford will not move us up the list. We stay with our London address throughout the admissions process! shock
Am hoping this is bonkers and they'll change their mind once we shift. Am aware how unlikely this is as I used to work at an LEA... So we may well not end up with a decent school despite opting to move early in order to get a decent school! (DP will have to commute and stay in london for 3-4 days each week till June, great stuff).

Right, off to google how to hem trousers on my new christmas-present sewing machine so that they don't trail in the rainy puddles when i traipse round manchester on wednesday! I need to look presentable for these nurseries...

Ohforfoxsake Sun 16-Jan-11 21:47:22

Yes, renting may well work in your favour. How old is you child? Have you got your eye on any school in particular? I think you are right, the process won't change to make it easier for relocators - there are too many people already in the system waiting for places at oversubscribed schools.
My DH has been reverse-commuting. It isn't easy - and it's harder for them - which we hadn't really anticipated. The only real advantage of moving early is so you aren't competing for school places against other relocators.
Estate agents are taking out full page ads in the local press saying "2011 The BBC are moving up here! Let us sell your house." it's a bit odd.

Fotherespie Mon 17-Jan-11 11:41:02

Hi everyone, I lived in london for 10 years and worked in PR and media. I have wound up in salford quays after retraining and absolutaly love it here and in manchester. I'm just about to have my first baby (due any day now eek!) and I'm finding the idea of being at home and not working a wee bit scarey as I dont know that many people here. If anyone would like to meet up for wine, a chat and to compare notes, I would be up for it! Paula

topsmart Mon 17-Jan-11 19:40:37

Excellent! Join the gang Fotherespie! Very lovely to hear nice things about moving to manchester. And jolly good luck with impending birth. Are you in that stage of "let's get on with it, I want to meet my baby / nooooo, why the feck did I ever decide to do this?". It's all worth it, promise! smile

topsmart Mon 17-Jan-11 19:45:04

And fox, you're right, renting could be good really. If only we hadn't jumped the gun and found a perfect house before actually being in a position to buy it! Drat.
DD has just turned 4. We have our beady eyes on Seymour Park (and Kings Rd) but I can see from the manchester evening news' FOI request that both are hideously oversubscribed. Ho hum. Waiting list for us!

I think that although this is a big bad of hassle, at this stage i'd rather just crack on and move, regardless of where we end up. We've been talking about moving for soooooo flipping long. It stops you from being able to plan anything - e.g. we've been in our flat for too long, should have moved out to a bigger place 2 years ago, but because we knew we were moving we hung fire.

topsmart Mon 17-Jan-11 19:45:55

bag of hassle, not bad of hassle. Can't blame that one on the iphone this time!

SmallerClanger Mon 17-Jan-11 20:21:32

Hi Again, have been avoiding the move thing for a while, but DH has been googling houses and I think we've finally narrowed down our options and decided on suitable areas. Planning to come back in 1/2 term to actually start contacting estate agents and arrange some viewings. Have chickened out of telling the girls about the move again, DD1 (8) threw a huge wobbly at the weekend when we talked about painting over her orange bedroom door (painted by previous owners!) so am double-panicked at how she'll cope with the level of change we are planning.
I am already deep into de-cluttering and getting ready for the magnolia re-paint of every room. Deep joy.

Ohforfoxsake Tue 18-Jan-11 11:02:54

Any thoughts on areas Smallerclanger?

SmallerClanger Tue 18-Jan-11 20:47:40

Hi Fox, narrowing it down to the areas around & north of the Wilbraham road, up towards (but probably not in!) old Trafford area, seems to be the best for our price bracket. DP got a pay rise today, so we can push the mortgage a bit further, things looking better.

Ohforfoxsake Tue 18-Jan-11 21:17:24

If you get the reloc package the Financial advisors were very good - as were all the services provided. Well worth speaking to IMHO.

SmallerClanger Tue 18-Jan-11 21:19:30

Thanks, relying on DP to organise all that, need to remind him of his options, happy to take all the help we can. Starting to get a bit more excited now, able to look at bigger & nicer houses that we have currently, so that's a bonus.

iskra Wed 19-Jan-11 12:56:18

Does anyone know anything about nursery places? We are moving up in August (not as part of the BBC, btw) & DD is due to start nursery in September. I'm really keen to get her started since I'm due with second in Sept too! I'm guessing we will just have to go on a waiting list unless we go private? I don't even know how nurseries work here in London...

What areas are people focusing on, if they don't mind sharing? I actually grew up in Manchester, but all I really know is Didsbury & the Wilmslow Rd corridor! We don't want to live in Didsbury, nor can we afford it... thinking of Stretford but not sure our budget will stretch nor which roads we should focus our search on. Going up for a look around in a few weeks though.

Ohforfoxsake Wed 19-Jan-11 14:37:50

Most state school nursery places are dealt with by the school, so once you've decided on where you want to live, ring around the local schools and find out if they have any places, or what their waiting list is like.

There are a lot of private ones, but I think its a case of finding one you like when you get here.

Nothing really beats looking around for yourself. Have a look at the thread I started (its linked at the beginning of this one). There is lots of good advice from MNers.

topsmart Thu 20-Jan-11 12:52:34

Iskra, I use the Ofsted website to find nuseries, as all have to be registered with them. You can then also read their latest inspection report. Have a look here: http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/Ofsted-home/Inspection-re ports/Early-years-and-childcare
Note this covers all early years providers, so the results will include state-run playgroups and the like. You can search by postcode.

Most school nurseries take children from 3 - how old is your DD iskra? If younger then you'll need a non-school nursery.

The method above is how I found DD's current nursery, so I've done the same for our manchester move - put together a list (love my spreadsheets) using the Ofsted site, narrowed down by reading the reports (and checking them out on googlemaps streetview!), then visited the shortlisted ones.

Which is what I did yesterday. And I have to say the first one was so bad that I nearly cried. The manager wasn't there, even though I'd booked an appointment and they knew I was coming up from London. The lady drafted in to show me round had really bad english, so I had to ask her to repeat everything and it got reaaaaaally awkward. And they had the 4 year olds in a basement with the blinds drawn!!
Luckily I then visited a second nursery - on Wilbraham Rd, funnily enough smallerclanger - which is lovely, and has space for DD when we need it. Thank gawd!

Apparently i'm looking too early for rentals, so I need to start doing that properly in early Feb.

So, smallerclanger you'll be in the same area as us! Wandered around the streets near beech road and chorlton green for ages yesterday, sighing to myself and wondering if we're making right decision in going for space (towards old trafford) over general loveliness (chorlton green).

Had a bit of a wobbly yesterday tbh. All felt very suddenly real. Was perusing art gallery leaflets and it dawned on me that they covered the time we'll be moving so i'll actually be able to visit the exhibitions. Wham! We're moving to Manchester! aaaggghhh

topsmart Thu 20-Jan-11 12:53:12
Ohforfoxsake Thu 20-Jan-11 19:57:54

Topsmart - you are a woman after my own heart with your spreadsheets grin

Each LEA will have a list of nurseries, Ofstead, and for school age children the BBC website has all the league tables. There's also The Good Schools Guide and The Times do atop 2000 schools list. Do bear in mind OFStead is a snapshot of a day (often well prepared for) although they do ad hoc inspections. Do as Topsmart did - compile a shortlist and visit.

So sorry to hear you wobbled yesterday, but you are so positive about this move and I really think that is a major battle won. It's a huge move but it does all come together. Come and wobble on here and we will support you all the way!

Ohforfoxsake Thu 20-Jan-11 20:24:21

Relocation, Relocation tonight is in Manc. Not sure how helpful it will be to anyone though!

SmallerClanger Thu 20-Jan-11 21:43:19

Watching it now! I wish we'd thought of contacting CH4. My girls love Kirstie & if she had found her house they wouldn't wait to move!!
Hmm, in Salford now, will see what they say.

SmallerClanger Thu 20-Jan-11 21:51:11

Oh, and Topsmart, I wobble all the time! Currently realising that I've been pretending it might not happen, and ignoring this house. Now we have so little time to sort it out for sale. All my spare time this month is going to be spent clearing rubbish & painting & .....we are so behind. And I don't even have a spread-sheet yet!

topsmart Fri 21-Jan-11 10:25:30

Thanks guys! Cheered me right up
Will get on 4OD tonight - missed kirstie'n'phil as was catching up on Zen from last weekend. Was it good?

I'm wobbling all over the place. Must keep the faith that we'll all get there in the end! Am imagining coffee and cake in one of the nice cafes on Beech Rd in chorlton...

SmallerClanger Fri 21-Jan-11 11:21:39

Wait till you see the Salford property, might take a peak at one like it ourselves, just for fun. Right, back to filling those black bin bags.

Ohforfoxsake Fri 21-Jan-11 20:35:11

Which was the Salford property? Timperley one was nice.

I can be your Kirsty! I miss property porn, to the point I was looking in the local paper for houses for you MUmmyisamonster. Not that MIAM knows that!

I filled in the forms to do Location, but decided we probably would be suitable given its the opposition!

Do PM me if I can help at all.

OOh, I can sympathise with the wobbles. Just had an estate agent value our house, next it's the financial advisor, then it's major de-cluttering. MAJOR. <<shudders with fear>>

I'm watching last night's Relocation Relocation and wobbling a LOT. Mainly because Phil keeps on going on about what a major change it is, up-rooting and moving..blah, blah, blah. I KNOW it's a major change, stop going on about it!

I'm booking a skip tomorrow.

I'm off to have a lie down (and some gin).grin

verityjones Fri 21-Jan-11 20:40:46

Hi, if you're moving up but don't need to get to SQ with the BBC then as well as Trafford, I'd recommend the nicer areas of Stockport for schools. We used to live in Cheadle Hulme and both Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall have excellent primary schools. Heatons good too!

ooh, Fox, just seen your message! Where have you seen? I've been looking at Sale, Timperly and Urmston and there seems to be LOADs about. I must keep calm. If I bit it off in bite size chunks I think I'll feel better.

TheSecondComing Fri 21-Jan-11 20:50:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thesecondcoming - good to know, thank you! Where are the good bits? Ta smile

TheSecondComing Fri 21-Jan-11 20:56:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ohforfoxsake Fri 21-Jan-11 21:21:28

I got lost in Stretford t'other day. It has some nice bits ... And some not sooooo nice bits! But, pah, same in any area of any city.

We looked at the Heatons and Bramhall. Some lovely houses. Bramhall a bit too coiffed for me though!

fenner Sun 23-Jan-11 19:47:22

I'm a Canadian who moved to Manchester 5 years ago. I've lived in different parts: Withington in South Manchester as a postgrad; Salford briefly because that's where my partner was living at the time; and now as a Mum of a 3 year old in Sale for the past few years.

I've searched high and low for the perfect area (nice but not too posh, good schools and parks, good transport links, etc). I wouldn't say Sale is necessarily it, though it does have a number of plus points, like the tram and the schools. It could definitely do with more in the way of nice, independent coffee shops, like Chorlton and West Didsbury, but then again there are negative points to Chorlton and West Didsbury.

Anyway, I'm happy to tell you what I've learned over the past 5 years if anyone has any specific questions about Sale in particular or Trafford or South Manchester in general. There are some great deals on property on the moment - much better than when we were looking in 2007!!

Ohforfoxsake Mon 24-Jan-11 13:57:01

Hi Fenner - thank you for joining. Moving is always a matter of compromise, and ticking as many boxes as you can. I don't think Sale will ever be trendy, but one or two independent shops have sprung up lately. You are right, the tram and the schools - two of the big, big boxes ticked. At least I can get down the high street to get the vital bits without being distracted! It has a Cafe Nero and a M&S if I'm feeling decadent grin.

God, I'm easily pleased me!

fenner Mon 24-Jan-11 17:06:32

And Worthington and Ashton Parks are lovely. Have you seen the new pot painting/cupcake decorating emporium on Northenden road? I've been waiting for Sale to get places like this, and seems to finally be happening.

CharlotteBronteSaurus Mon 24-Jan-11 17:16:56

if stretford is busting your budget, have you thought about Prestwich? good schools, cheap property and a good commute into Salford. We moved here from South London 2.5 years ago and love it.

Ohforfoxsake Mon 24-Jan-11 19:42:53

Fenner - that is dotcomgiftshop come to life. It always makes me happy smile

iskra Tue 25-Jan-11 12:58:11

CharlotteBronteSaurus - thanks for that, I had a look at Prestwich on rightmove & we can definitely get more for our money. I'm drawn to south Manchester because that's where my mum is, & part of the move is for her to do babysitting! Without a car north Manc is a bit of a mission (she's in Didsbury).

Thanks in general for the pointers on nurseries everyone.

Very much enjoyed watching Phil & Kirsty - I thought that Chimney Pot Park development in Salford was v cleverly done.

Ok, so I've seen a house for sale in Brooklands. What's the area like? Please be honest! grin

Ohforfoxsake Thu 27-Jan-11 18:36:57

Nice! Good school, on tram line. Good pub. You'd better link me! Some lovely properties.

Fox, I'm liking the pub bit grin..

Have sent you a link

thentherewerethree Fri 28-Jan-11 00:41:08

Hi everyone, I have been lurking on these moving-to-Manchester threads for a while now - it's well past time I joined in! We (myself, DH and 3 year old DD) are moving up at the end of March. I will be a SAHM for the forseeable future whilst DH works in Salford Quays.

Can anyone advise on Timperley - is it a bit cheaper than Altrincham, and if so, for what reason? Any advice on what the commute from Knutsford to Salford Quays would be like? Have heard good things about Knutsford but also that it is very expensive. We have yet to visit these areas on a recce...our strategy so far has been to bury thy heads and pray for it all to go away grin We are slightly familiar with central Manchester having lived in Lancashire for a short time a couple of years ago. I really quite liked a lot about Manchester...it's just the climate I have big problems with!

I have found the support given to others on this thread wonderfully reassuring. Am very relieved my DD is only 3 so do not have to worry about schools - I feel for those of you moving older children.

Hi thentherewerethree, welcome!

My strategy, up until about 2 months ago, was exactly the same as yours so don't panic.You're in the right place.

I don't know Knutsford but we're looking in Sale,Urmston & Timperley as Altrincham is too posh pricey for us. We haven't definitely decided but so far Timperley has the edge at the moment, just in terms of ticking as many of our boxes as possible. We looked round Timperley briefly in the summer and liked it; nice houses, good schools, trams. I also don't want too live too far in the sticks as I've (finally) realised I'm a city girl and that I'll start to get cold sweats if I'm more than 10 minutes from a corner shopgrin.

I completely share your thought about the climate. I spent 5 years in Preston as a student and all I recall is the bl**dy rain!

My only advice re; your daughter is to find somewhere with good schools to avoid having to move again in a year or so! The LEA in Trafford are very helpful.

Ohforfoxsake Fri 28-Jan-11 08:48:26

Timperley holds the housing overspill from Altrincham. A lot of houses sprung up in the 1930's so there are a lot of houses, all the same, in streets which all look the same. As far as I can tell this is why it isn't as popular (not the worst reason in the world!) it has the tram and good schools. There is village.

Knutsford is nice, has a train station so is more accessible that it's more expensive neighbour Lymm. Lymm has an excellent high school, so it's worth checking it's catchment area for the future.

Are you renting or buying Thentherewerethree? March isn't far off is it? When will you be up for a reccy?

reikizen Fri 28-Jan-11 08:54:29

knutsford and Lymm are in Cheshire, not Manchester (sorry to be pedantic!)

Ohforfoxsake Fri 28-Jan-11 10:28:16

Does anyone on here receive, or even know about, the weekly newsletter for Partner Support which is emailed?

Ohforfoxsake Fri 28-Jan-11 10:36:03

And the Partner Support document which you can link to via the Relocation Company website? Has anyone seen that?

SmallerClanger Fri 28-Jan-11 10:45:01

umm, I'm sure I left my email at one of the relocation meetings, but certainly not been receiving regualr emails, never mind weekly. Most of it comes via DP. Have asked him to check on the weekly emails.

Ohforfoxsake Fri 28-Jan-11 10:58:46

They told me they'd asked DH for my email, but he hadn't been forthcoming.

I have now created a FB group for this. Anyone who wishes to join please PM me (don't forget to tell me your MN name!)

It is a closed group, so I think it will remain private at this stage. I think we will be able to see each other, but not our FB pages as though we were friends. I think.

For now I'll keep it as private as possible so that everyone is comfortable.

Ohforfoxsake Fri 28-Jan-11 11:22:17

I should also add the beeb are supporting the FB page, and it will be linked via websites and intranets, so its not just us. smile

WizzleTheDiva Fri 28-Jan-11 12:45:02

Hello again folks. Just back from our familiarisation visit to Manchester - sooo much to take in, my head hurts! Doesn't help that we can't really throw ourselves into it properly as we won't know what's happening to DH's job for at least a month. And if we do go we might not get the assistance of the relocation company, but will have a very short timescale in which to move. It's so so frustrating and stressful, but there were others on the trip in the same position so we're not alone!

Ohforfoxsake the Facebook group is a great idea; I had better hold off from joining until we know the job situation though....if we do get the nod to go, I will PM you then, thanks.

thentherewerethree we went through Timperley on our tour of the 'burbs' ... the thing I can remember our guide saying about it was that Frank Sidebottom came from there and the locals want to erect a statue of him which could be fun! We also spoke to a 'Manchester expert' and I think he said Knutsford does have some aircraft noise, so it might be worth checking that out, although he said it wasn't too bad.

I have a 3 year old DD as well as a 6 year old, and I believe we have to apply for the 3 year old's 2012 intake reception place in Dec 2011/Jan 2012, so it is worth taking schools into consideration when you move.

Good luck everyone with your moves....I will be back when I know what's going on with us!

Ohforfoxsake Fri 28-Jan-11 12:58:21

Do join Wizzle. I met some people in your situation when I was involved in a fam visit a couple of weeks ago. It's not easy is it?

weekly newsletters????

I think I saw the Partner Support Document but thought it was pretty useless. I objected to the way it directed 'BBC types' to Chorlton, Worsley and Didsbury. But I think I was just being arsey hmm

Ohforfoxsake Fri 28-Jan-11 13:11:59

Might be monthly .. But there is something.

WizzleTheDiva Fri 28-Jan-11 13:31:59

Thanks ohforfoxsake - I will join the group then, as long as you don't all think I'm an interloper wink

Mummyisamonster there was loads of emphasis on those places on our visit - particularly Chorlton, which is apparently BBC central! We asked the tour guides to take the coach through the suburbs we'd read about as being good for schools - Sale, Timperley etc - and they were almost 'what do you want to go there for?'. They were more interested in showing us trendy (sorry, 'vibrant') places with nice bars, restaurants and boutiques - sadly not our priorities these days!

Ohforfoxsake Fri 28-Jan-11 14:36:35

Sorry if it takes me a while to add to the group. I don't know how to do it without friending everyone on FB! Might be that I change security settings - anyway it's there!!

Ceebeejay Fri 28-Jan-11 16:36:48

We moved up here almost 3 years ago from Kent - first to Withington then West Didsbury. Unless you have young (nursery) children it is almost impossible to break into the friendship groups here as they seem to be formed at that stage - my dd (9) plays sport in Sale and the parents there are so much friendlier. I am now thinking of moving out to Trafford - Sale, Brooklands areas as I am friendlier with the mothers I see weekly than the ones I see daily at the school - most of whom are quite insular with their own groups and do not welcome outsiders!! Just thought it might help to give you my experience - btw I am very sociable and talk to everyone grin

thentherewerethree Fri 28-Jan-11 19:32:24

Thank you all for the warm welcome and really useful feedback, it's appreciated.

Mummyisamonster - I used to think I was a country girl until I lived in Lancashire, then got so fed up with constant rain I realised I wasn't really country material at all! We now want to look somewhere with nice dry warm cafes we can while away the hours in. Glad to hear you liked Timperley, think it's definitely worth us having a look around there.

Ohforfoxsake - Tram, good schools and village are big pluses, thanks. Lots of houses that look the same isn't a reason for us to discount Timperley at all, if that's the only 'downside' to the area then that's fine! We are going to rent initially, are currently renting which also makes our move quite a bit easier than what a lot of you have had to deal with...we don't have the stress of trying to sell. Trying to find enough enthusiasm for a reccy in early Feb. Our lack of enthusiasm doesn't come from not wanting to live in the north - it's just that we have already moved twice in the past 18 months so are a bit jaded from shifting. I have heard good things about Lymm secondary school, definitely seems to perform better than Knutsford secondary (used to be head of maths in a secondary school in my pre-child life, so have been scrutinising all sorts of data...)

WizzleTheDiva - we are currently living quite close to the Heathrow flight path, maybe Manchester flight path would be quiet in comparison! Hope you do not have too much difficulty finding a school place for your six year old. Am hoping that we will be up there in time to attend open days etc, need to get on and check it all out. Have been researching secondary schools but not so much primary yet.

reikizen - had not meant to imply that Knutsford and Lymm were in Manchester, rather that if we lived in either of those places that we would still spend quite a bit of time in Manchester as it is the nearest metropolis (and am quite happy about this as enjoyed visiting Manchester when we last lived north)

tralalala Fri 28-Jan-11 20:41:39

Iskra - I live in stretford and will bore you with good bits/better bits. We moved here a few years ago and I was a bit unimpressed, I now love it.

the worst bits: ugly in parts, a little rough in others, no pubs/cafes

the best bits: great schools, lovely park, great playgroups, great community feel, definatley 'up and comming', good size hosues for money, chorlton 5 mins in taxi, city centre 12 minutes in tram,

love it more and more and actually glad I'm not in other bits now.

Tralalala, I am intrigued! I saw some details of houses in Stretford and yes, you do get more for your money but I'd heard from esate agents and others that there were bits to avoid. Any areas to look at in particular? Ta smile

I've still seen lots of nice places in timperley which look fab but are at top end of our price range.

Every time I think we've decided on an area I see a house elsewhere...DH liked Urmston but has now come round to Sale/Brooklands/Timperley..and I'm now looking elsewhere!

Woke up this moning feeling excited by the move. Yesteday I was feeling weepy. The roller coaster has begun!

Ohforfoxsake Sat 29-Jan-11 12:05:50

Things will become a lot clearer once you've spent a few days up here, I promise! You really need to see the areas (tho I admit I hadn't even been down the high street before the removal van had left!)

Yes, that's what I'm thinking Fox, now I just want to get up there for a good nosey look around.

Operation de-clutter progressing well. It's quite cathartic actually! We've got quite a nice house when it's clear of rubbish all of our stuff hmm


Just seen googled a house in Derbyshire Rd,do you know that area??

Thanks in advance

Ohforfoxsake Sat 29-Jan-11 13:14:54

Don't start appreciating your home now FGS! It'll only make leaving it harder!! wink

What I found hard to get my head around is that there are lots of roads, with the same name, in adjoining areas. Moss Lanes, Park Roads, Derbyshire Roads .... God knows how many times we ended up in the wrong place. Quite stressful when you're on a tight house-viewing schedule!

I know, I am trying to be ruthless and not emotional. Ha! At the moment I'm just wondering how we've got so many clothes! I think they must reproduce in the night..

SmallerClanger Sat 29-Jan-11 15:10:22

Hello all, taking a quick tea break from the de-cluttering. DP has been to the tip already with all the 'useful one day' things we've kept for years and have NEVER used, or are too old and tatty now. Plus several bin-bags to the charity shops full of old/unworn clothes, I know what you mean! We might even be able to see the spare room floor again soon, ready for viewings.

Finally dropped hints to the girls that we were thinking of moving, probably to a bigger house. Avoided having to say where, will wait a bit before getting around to that. But they are both planning the decor for their new room(s) and DD2 wants to move tommorrow! So, worst job done, and not as bad as I feared. Time for lots of reading books about girls who move house and make lots of lovely friends!!

Hurray, glad the girls are positive about it. My DD keeps on looking ove rmy shoulder at the various houses I'm googling and cooing over potential girly bedrooms! If you find any stories about girls who move house and love it, can you let me know??

tralalala Sat 29-Jan-11 18:06:31

mummyisamonster - derbyshire lane has some lovely houses on it, some back on to Victoria park - with balconies overlooking the park,

the other end is near the huge chester road so not so good, also some seem to have a bit of subsidance so need to be careful!

It is quite a busy road as has 2 schools on/just off it and the doctors.

Ah thanks, that is useful. The house I'm looking at is halfway down Derbyshire, near a school & the park. Looks a busy road?

BeehiveBaby Sat 29-Jan-11 19:18:33

FWIW, Derbyshire Lane has lovely houses on it but you have that 'got to get in the car to get anywhere nice feel' IMHO. No nice cafes, corner shop etc. I don't drive though so maybe I feel that more than others. Victoria Park is lovely and often has community events on.

"DD has just turned 4. We have our beady eyes on Seymour Park (and Kings Rd) but I can see from the manchester evening news' FOI request that both are hideously oversubscribed. Ho hum. Waiting list for us!"

Happy to waffle on about schools in this specific area (old trafford/ firswood) if that's any help to anyone.

I love Manchester and could never leave (moved up from London in 2003)!

BeehiveBaby Sat 29-Jan-11 19:19:35

PS. Google street view for that particular street gives a really good idea of the feel of it (had to check I knew where the doctor's was the other day).

beehivebaby, that is very handy to know, many thanks for taking the trouble to give me your valuable advice on this! The road does look very long and busy, and the house I've seen looks fab but it'd be nice not to have to get in the car for everything (which is what we have to do where we are at the moment).

tralalala Sat 29-Jan-11 20:28:21

well I disagree about the car bit as the Tram is so good for town.

Depends on what you do in your days.

There are a few great local shops on Moss Park Road (great little veg shop, dead cheap and good quality, the ugly but useful Arnedale is 5 min walk(with a small Tescos and Quality Save, and many other discount shops), the park is just there, playgroups and good primary schools are all walkable.

It is necessary to drive/tram to go to a good restaurant/cafe and a large supermarket.

The evil mecca that is the Trafford centre is 5 mins in the car, as is Chorlton with all of it's little shops.

But what you get for that inconvience is a much more house for your money.

We spent £50,000 less than friends who bought at the same time and got a much bigger house and imho a much better local school.

Also in Chorlton there are also areas to avoid; Nell Lane and Chorlton Park (the council estate) can be a bit grim in parts.

Right, that's decided it, I'm going to have a good look at Stretford! We're up at half term so I think I need to see it all for meself.

I'm never going to live in Chorlton, not that I could afford it and I don't really think it's 'me', aside from the fact that we decided fairly early on we liked Trafford for the schools...BUT I do like a nice cafe and 5 mins drive away is no bother.

...and I've fallen in lurve with a nice house....grin

fenner Sat 29-Jan-11 21:16:03

Mummuisamonster, one thing to bear in mind about Brooklands is that one side of the road is in Manchester and the other is in Trafford, which obviously has implications for school admissions.

Brooklands Primary is very highly thought of, but is oversubscribed. There were rumours last year at the toddler groups that children within the catchment area weren't getting places because demand is so high.

I guess it depends where in Brooklands you're looking it. There are some great primaries in or near Sale Moor village as well, if Brooklands Primary is out of the question.

I live very close to Derbyshire Road. It's a good area (but then I would say that, wouldn't I?)

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about specific roads, etc.

fenner Sat 29-Jan-11 21:18:27

Oh wait, you meant Derbyshire Lane in Stretford - sorry.

Ohforfoxsake Sat 29-Jan-11 22:18:15

You are very near me Fenner!

fenner Sat 29-Jan-11 22:52:41

Really? I'm in SM village. My DS is in Templemoor.

Ohforfoxsake Sat 29-Jan-11 23:12:56

Mine too!

fenner Sat 29-Jan-11 23:29:58

Small world. Are you involved in FoT?

Ohforfoxsake Sat 29-Jan-11 23:34:26

No, not yet. Are you? Won't say too much on here if you don't mind (I have a tendency to forget MN is the WWW so am always cagey!) by all means PM me. smile

Ohforfoxsake Sat 29-Jan-11 23:39:04

Don't get me wrong - it's not like I have anything to hide - I'm not that interesting! grin

iskra Sun 30-Jan-11 21:51:56

We're coming up this weekend to have a look at Stretford! A lot of houses in our budget are popping up southish of Humphrey Park & Trafford Park Rail - are those areas to be avoided & not worth viewing? I would love to be bored to death with information on the areas of Stretford to target...

Thanks for all the info given so far, posting from phone so excuse brevity.

BeehiveBaby Mon 31-Jan-11 07:46:41

"A lot of houses in our budget are popping up southish of Humphrey Park & Trafford Park Rail - are those areas to be avoided & not worth viewing? I would love to be bored to death with information on the areas of Stretford to target..."

There are some beautiful houses there but the area changes character very quickly as you progress west and street by street within that. West of Park Rd is very 'grown up' and suburban, east is a bit grittier with more Victorian houses. East of the canal and north of Chester Road is Gorse Hill, the houses are smaller and you're very close to the football ground. Moss Pk, St Anns and Victoria Pk primary schools are well regarded but I sometimes feel that people move here with an eye on the grammar schools but no plan b IYSWIM. I'm hapy with the Catholic Secondary Modern on offer.

fenner Mon 31-Jan-11 11:51:14

thentherewerethree, you asked a while ago about Knutsford. Are you looking for somewhere semi-rural?

If so, Poynton may be another place to consider that is closer and more convenient than Knutsford. It has a decent village (not as much going as some of the others, but it's OK), good rail and decent road links, and a comprehensive that is supposedly amazing. (Big, though.)

But I wouldn't advise checking it out unless you are loooking for something a bit more rural than Trafford, Manchester or Stockport.

topsmart Mon 31-Jan-11 19:37:23

Oh my word, this thread has exploded since I last visited! Hello to everyone.

Mummyisamonster, link to the house you like please!
Beehivebaby, tell me all that you know. Do your DC attend school(s) around seymour park? I v much doubt we'll end up getting a place for DD at either of the ones I liked (kings rd & seymour park), as sooooo oversubscribed and we don't think Trafford will shift us up the waiting list when we move. Probably manley park more likely: tell me now if this is a hideous option!

We're up again at the end of the week to pick a rental. No chance of us selling/buying in time for the March move. Will be looking in chorlton green (chinny reckon we'll afford it) but probably head north towards seymour park. 5 weeks to go people!! And smallerclanger I haven't even touched the clutter which needs to be decluttered! Partly because my flu turned into chest infection which led to badly bruised rib muscles from all the coughing... DH's car got towed when he went to get my pennicilin... Our luck is not good at the moment.

Off to visit our new FB page now, well done fox, jolly good idea.

tralalala Mon 31-Jan-11 20:50:34

I know a few people with kids a Manley Park who really like it.

I wouldnt go to Our Ladys (next door catholic school) as heard it is a bit rubbish (may have changed)

topsmart Mon 31-Jan-11 21:43:57

Cheers tralala, that's good to know. Generally avoiding RC schools anyway as we're non-believing heathens. Your tip about nell lane is a good one, having been to see some houses down there! Though there was one lovely one with a treehouse... Was v tempted.

TheSecondComing Mon 31-Jan-11 21:59:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thentherewerethree Mon 31-Jan-11 23:54:35

fenner - thank you for that information, I've had Poynton recommended from a variety of sources now. I'm being quite indecisive about whether to go semi-rural or not. I love the idea of living in a quiet peaceful village with a real sense of community. But I don't want to have to drive everywhere (so if Poynton has decent rail links, that's a plus). I also want cafes to pass the time in during miserable winter weather, and want a variety of activities to entertain myself and DD - and I suspect these 'wants' are more compatible with city living than rural. Also we are in no hurry to buy, we prefer to rent for the next year or two and are concerned that if we go to a small village, there will not be enough rental stock for us to have choice. Seriously need to plan a trip up to look around, but that would require facing reality and I'd rather not!

fenner Tue 01-Feb-11 09:48:59

TTWT, what's the situation with DD's schooling? Has she started yet?

I won't be saying anything here that isn't covered in Fox's fabulous thread from 09-10 (which, like a saddo I read last night despite the fact I'm not even moving blush!) I guess it all depends on the relative weight you're giving to your different priorities. Throw schools into the mix and your options narrow somewhat. Or on the bright side, the search becomes more focussed.

Lots of useful info here. Thanks to all who have posted info about various places/roads, it is all incredibly useful.

I almost had a weep on the phone to the LEA yesterday, no particular reason, but I think the enormity of this whole move suddenly hit me. Luckily, brave girl that I am (not!), I held it together, just. The LEA in Trafford have been very nice and helpful, and even sympathetic. So far all the schools I've called them about have waiting lists. It will just be a question of luck when we move.

Fenner, you're right, I need to consider the school stuff as helping me focus rather than making me weepconfusing me even more. smile

thentherewerethree Tue 01-Feb-11 13:14:20

Fenner, my DD is 3.2 so mercifully do not have to try and find her a place now; we will go through the normal school admissions process next year. I will have a look around at nurseries when we get up there; but am in no hurry as DD is a very quiet, shy girl and she's not ready yet to go to nursery.

I too have read Fox's fabulous thread - several times in fact! I go back to it every time I need more info about places.

Perhaps we should set up a new 'free school' for all BBC children who may well be school-less up there...I'm sure we'd all have the expertise between us...

thentherewerethree Tue 01-Feb-11 13:44:13

Mummyisamonster - have PM'd you

fenner Tue 01-Feb-11 13:57:33

TTWT, that's brilliant that you've got the freedom to rent and find a base from which to explore the area. May I smugly humbly point out that M33 has a fairly decent range of 2 and 3 bed properties to rent on rightmove for under £700pcm. Dearer than others places but the tram is a very convenient way to explore other parts of Trafford, and South Manchester. Or Stockport areas with good cafes (B'hall, CH) if you don't mind taking the train.

Great toddler group as well.

OK, I'll stop plugging Sale now!

MIAM, sorry to hear the whole process is getting you down. Judging by Fox's experience in constrast to others who put their eggs all in one basket by hedging their bets on one school, as long as you choose an area with a few good schools to choose from, I'm sure you'll be fine! Still, though, it must be stressful.

BeehiveBaby Tue 01-Feb-11 14:54:09

I v much doubt we'll end up getting a place for DD at either of the ones I liked (kings rd & seymour park), as sooooo oversubscribed and we don't think Trafford will shift us up the waiting list when we move. Probably manley park more likely: tell me now if this is a hideous option!

I have friends who are really happy with Manley Pk and Seymour Pk. Seymour Pk is popular but has a huge intake and a very mobile population so that could work in your favour. It has a lovely feel to it, a beautiful setting and the children and parents seem to really enjoy the school, although I have only been there on open days/ fairs so a self selecting crowd.

The main problem with schools around here is that there are so many Church schools that the schools end up very very segragated on race and (obv) religion lines which can be disconcerting. Really important to look round and get a feel (again, obv!). The most popular / hyped school in the area is probably St Hildas but they have just had an average OFSTED, so could change. Anyway, they offer 25% reception intake on a lottery so worth a go (rest to siblings, church goers and practicing members of other faiths).

If anyone is looking at Our Ladys, check out St Teresas in Firswood too.

Also, Oswald Road in Chorlton is very close to the Trafford Borders and popular with parents (they get quite evangelical!).

And on the free school front:

https://sites.google.com/site/manchestermontessori school/

BeehiveBaby Tue 01-Feb-11 14:59:01

Sorry - first paragraph in the above msg was meant to be a quote - very confusing otherwise blush

topsmart Tue 01-Feb-11 17:29:40

Thought I recognised the first bit them realised you were quoting me! Thanks for this beehive, v helpful. Good to know the ones we've chosen are alright!
Am going to focus on renting somewhere to live and then get I plan to get stressed about schools in march. I like to box up my worries into manageable packages!

Ohforfoxsake Tue 01-Feb-11 19:03:54

MIAM - there are worse things to do than cry at the LEA!
TTWT - I PM'd you. Did you get it? No pressure, just an invite.
Anyone else for FB is very welcome!

thentherewerethree Tue 01-Feb-11 23:53:14

Fenner - thanks, that's really helpful. Am quickly discovering that in some parts of Trafford, there is a fairly limited range of rental houses that wouldn't require us to eat beans on toast every month to afford! £700 around Sale would suit us well, will have a look. I am too scared to buy a house. Am nomadic by nature (expat NZer) and buying a house would force me to settle down just a bit too much (having a baby didn't bother me at all, but the thought of buying a house completely freaks me out!)

Ohforfoxsake - have replied, thank you.

fenner Wed 02-Feb-11 10:59:30

TTWT - I know exactly what you mean! We'd be renting if it were up to me. I look at the cracks and dodgy window panes in our house and think "Oh &%$£, what the hell I supposed to do about that?!" (A bit like that guy on the Relocation episode but not as precious.)

I'm an expat, too (Canadian). I've found people in Manchester and the surrounding areas to be really open and friendly, in general at any rate. When I go back to Toronto I'm always surprised by how non-chatty people are, but I suppose that's the norm really and it's just people here who'll strike up conversations with strangers.

Anyway, if you take an interest in anything in M33 feel free to PM me about streets, nurseries, etc. It seems to me that when it comes to renting money doesn't go much (if at all) further in M16, M21 or M22 because you're paying a premium for proximity to the city centre...which is a bit of a waste if DP is commuting to Salford Quays.

thentherewerethree Thu 03-Feb-11 16:02:12

fenner I used to look at my newborn and think things like that grin

The friendliness of local people is really important to us. I actively try to get my DD talking and socialising with as many people as possible and open, chatty locals make all the difference. Last time we lived north (in Lancs), it used to take ages to walk down the street as we would converse with everyone passed on the way (not quite the same where we are currently, in Surrey!)

I may well take you up on your offer and start quizzing you about M33, thanks. Am starting to irrationally worry that we won't find anywhere to rent, or will end up in a not-very-brilliant area.

BeehiveBaby - thanks for the information about schools. We are a non-religious family so feel that makes things just a little bit more difficult as we get bumped way down the admissions criteria lists.

Thanks all for you kind words, I'm ok - really! - just had a weepy moment but am feeling positive and excited now and just keen to get shifting! grin

Great to hear from those of you already in Manchester that it's friendly, that's one of my big 'wants' in moving.

And the info about schools is so useful.

TTWT - ta x

Ohforfoxsake Wed 09-Feb-11 18:47:13

Fenner and I had a meet-up today - over a bacon & egg barm and brew. That's how we do things up here. You can keep your double-mocha-decaff-ameretti-lattes! wink

Lovely she is. And you'll all be joining us soon. We'll take you to 'The Caff'. grin

fenner Wed 09-Feb-11 20:59:00

Especially the decaff part - yuck!wink

Foxy ain't too bad herself. smile

Everyone still on track with the moving plans? How much longer to go?

SmallerClanger Wed 09-Feb-11 22:17:13

We're getting there, the ETA is late July after we finish school here. I'm starting to feel calmer as we've decided on our area and price-range, and have stopped lusting after houses that are really just out of our reach, especially if we still want holidays!

topsmart Wed 09-Feb-11 23:00:22

Well done smallerclanger, that's half the battle I reckon.
We're hovering over our rental agreement just in case we get an offer on our flat this week... If nothing by Monday then we'll sign in blood and move up first week of march.

What's a barm?
And am hooked to an IV drip which delivers decaff latte round the clock. Bugger!

thentherewerethree Wed 09-Feb-11 23:21:16

Send me a bit of your calm if you have some spare, SmallerClanger! Am at the annoying stage where it feels like we are moving soon (seven weeks) but it's still a bit too early to do much of the important stuff (like find a rental up there).

I have no idea what a barm is. The first time I travelled to the far north of England it felt so different from London that I wondered if I should be using a different currency. Definitely will be using a different language!

Ohforfoxsake Wed 09-Feb-11 23:22:46

A 'barm' is a 'barm cake' but it isn't a cake at all - rather a large bread roll, preferably filled with something greasy and delicious (as today's was).

Congrats Smallerclanger - agree with Topsmart, that's one battle won.

So Topsmart, if you get an offer does that mean the house you want is back in the running...? Fingers crossed for you!

SmallerClanger Wed 09-Feb-11 23:39:20

I just hope the calm will last. I finish work next week, voluntary redundancy, that's when it will start to feel real and the panic will set in again. Will look forward to a barm and brew to settle the nerves.

BTW we were students in Newcastle, and Geordies call their large bread rolls 'stotties'!

Ooh, a barm cake, delish. I was a student in Preston and I lived on them. Particularly lovley with bacon in....

Good to hear from everyone that things are progressing well. Congrats smallclanger on deciding on an area & budget!

my update: Our house is about to go on the market having been de-cluttered and repainted to within an inch of it's life. We're looking in Manc over half term to finally decide on an area. Once we've done that it'll feel a bit more in control, and real to me, I think (I hope!)

I'm signing up with job agencies, all of whom are hopeful I will have something to move up to job-wise.

I've stopped stressing. Or I'm trying to. It will work out. There will be hicuups, I know I will cry copious amounts but I know it's be fine. And the school thing will work out too. <<deep breathes>>

But I tell you, a bit of a repaint and a (MASSIVE)de-clutter and our house is lovely! hmm

fenner Thu 10-Feb-11 10:24:29

MIAM - Whereabouts are you looking over half term?

There's a Trafford Netmums meet up at Stretford Surestart on the 14th, though I'm guessing DP might not appreciate being dragged along to that!

Ohforfoxsake Thu 10-Feb-11 11:52:24

I had a look at NM for meet-ups but I got the impression it was mums with babies (which would make me feel very, very old wink)- is that not the case Fenner? Are you going?

topsmart Thu 10-Feb-11 12:26:11

Well done MIAM! You've got cracking on your house far quicker than we did. Took an age to declutter and it still looks cluttered. Perhaps that's why we've no buyers... hmmm... Fox, we dunno what to think - don't want to think about the lovely manc house too much as I can't believe we'll sell in time. But this would be our last hope to not rent I think!

topsmart Thu 10-Feb-11 12:28:28

ps Thentherewerethree, I feel your pain. It's rotten being in limbo. Now is the time to make a list of cool stuff to do when you move, and to see all your friends!
We're off to babylovesdisco with a load of mates this weekend, whoop whoop. And they have that in manchester too... now there's a mumsnet meetup

fenner Thu 10-Feb-11 12:43:42

Hey Foxy, I think the one at the Trafford Centre is for mums with babies, but the one at the Surestart is for mums with under 5's (and maybe beyond, not sure). Here's what I found on the website:


MONDAY 14TH FEB at 10.30am
Stretford Sure Start Centre, Poplar Road.
Another Netmums meetup - this is suitable for children of all ages due to the fantastic playgroup facilities. No cost!!

I'm thinking about it. PM if you're around then and fancy going.

Mrsmackie Thu 10-Feb-11 17:40:39

The meet up at Sure Start is for mums with kids of any ages. Facilities there are great and everyone who has been to previous meets has been really friendly. The meet-ups at the Trafford Centre are more for mums with little babies but others are still welcome for a coffee and a natter. There is a face-book group 'Trafford netmums' which you can join to get updates on everything going on in the area.

Ohforfoxsake Thu 10-Feb-11 19:18:21

Thanks Mrsmackie - that is really helpful smile.

Fenner - I have just remembered I am not around sad.

fenner Thu 10-Feb-11 21:33:21

Thought not. (Let me know if you want an oveview of maths night. You missed the free wine and breadsticks, d'oh!)

Ohforfoxsake Fri 11-Feb-11 09:41:11

bugger! I was going to go - but as soon as I left the grounds it went clean out of my mind.

Still, I'd have had too much wine, so probably for the best!

Thanks - will take you up on your offer (maybe over a bacon and egg barm) grin

Ohforfoxsake Fri 11-Feb-11 18:52:31
Ohforfoxsake Fri 11-Feb-11 18:53:28
anniemak Mon 28-Feb-11 19:41:29

Dear All

My first post..I’m so pleased to see this thread..

I'll be moving up this year too as part of BBC move and with DD aged 8 and DS 6 Have just come back from a blustery weekend recce there with the kids. Took kids both to the Museum of Science and Industry and a Play centre in a Chorlton industrial estate – you’ll all know which they enjoyed more. Low point was 20mins in Stockport bus station – someone had told me that ‘the Heatons’ in Stockport were a must see/prime residential places to aim for so we did a little bus tour on Sunday morning – ouch!

Have very mixed feelings after this weekend – everyone I was speaking to re best places to live seems to be obsessed with Chorlton. The formula of space & money just doesn’t work there and I usually like living on the edges of places like that so I can experience it without paying for living in it. I was thinking about Whalley Range – I think there are some nice bits with big houses (the way that I’m selling move to the kids) but people seem a bit unsure of that area. We also had a trip to Sale which feels greener but not sure if too suburban?! Any views/experiences?

Looking on here I see that Stretford seems to
be a destination. It looks like lots of you were heading up at half term – anyone find a great place to live..?

SmallerClanger Mon 28-Feb-11 21:52:37

Hi Annie, we've just returned from another recce as well, and are centering in on Stretford. You get more house for your money than Chorlton, but are close enough to its facilities, also within cycle commuting distance of the Quays. We found 2 good parks, Longford Park nearer Chorlton
and Victoria Park in Stretford http://fovps.org.uk/

one of the vendors we spoke with near Victoria Park said there were good events there and usually an unofficial street party as well, all sounded good to us!

We are moving up in the summer with DDs 8 & 6, so would love to be your neighbours over in Stretford! We have native Mancunian friends whose friends live in Whalley Range, and we had it on our list too.

PS there is a facebook group for movers as well, Ohforfoxsake is running it, I'm sure she'll be over soon to let you know all about it (unless you have joined already!)

Suzieshoe Tue 01-Mar-11 20:38:58


Yet another partner of someone who works for the Beeb looking to move up north by the end of the year (no firm moving date given yet which isn't very helpful).

We have a seventeen month old boy who will be two by the time that we go, and we have been interested in the trafford area to move to. Went on the recce visit with my partner which I didn't find too helpful to be honest. The hotel was quite nice but I feel that they were trying to tell us where it would be nice for BBC folk to live rather than realistic info about an area.

So by the end of the year, we are looking for a new nursery for our lo, a new job for me, and of course a new place to live.

I feel a bit sick when I think about it all so would welcome any tips on nursery's, the trafford area in general (we have looked mainly at Sale and Altrincham)and the job market, which doesn't look too healthy for the field I work in (university researcher in social science. It would also be helpful just to hear from people who are also moving up / have moved up.

Has the facebook group been started, as I would also find that very useful. If someone could post the details I would be really grateful.

I'm from Liverpool originally and know that the move is probably the best for us as a family, but leaving London is certainly going to be a bit of a wrench


topsmart Tue 01-Mar-11 23:00:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ballarat Tue 01-Mar-11 23:09:30

Whalley Range has a poor reputation for schools. TBH, Manchester in general has a poor schools rep with the exception of one or two. Trafford and Stockport far better in terms of schools.

The Heatons are nice but if you thought Sale was too suburban then you'll def think the Heatons are.

Stretford is ok, a bit edgey, I guess but similar to Cholton in lots of ways just not so expensive.

I use to live in Altrincham. Nice town centre with good transport links.

rupaul Tue 01-Mar-11 23:17:11

Come to Monton or Worsley which are in Salford but you wouldn't know. Very green and some lovely houses.The commute to work is so much easier here than for people in South Manchester.

We drive to Chorlton to buy veg at the vegan supermarket and point at the Chorltonites. Wouldn't want to live there tho' scruffy and expensive. Sale makes me want to die, obviously pleasant but mostly suburban houses off a long main road.

If money was no object, I might still choose to live here. Otherwise somewhere lovely in the Peaks. I also like Altrincham as it's an actual place.

Ohforfoxsake Wed 02-Mar-11 18:30:33

Do be aware that there is a cross-over from MN Anonymity to RL with FB (and RL within partner's work) so by all means PM me if you are concerned about this and to join. If your don't normally post on MN it's probably not an issue, but if you do you might want to keep the two separate. smile

fenner Wed 02-Mar-11 20:33:06

rupaul, what are the secondary schools like around swinton/worsley/monton?

rupaul Wed 02-Mar-11 20:39:07

10 reasons to live in Monton:
5 mins from the Trafford Centre
High street with villagey feel
If you work in Manchester centre, you zip in on the M602 while everyone in South Manchester is crawling in.
Active community association - google monton for website
So close to motorway links to Chester/Liverpool and to the Lakes
Tram from Eccles just a few stops to Salford Quays
If you live in Salford you get discounts at the Lowry arts complex
Good primary schools, 2 good prep schools. If you're into private ed. there are school busses to the Manchester ones and also to Bury Grammar and Bolton School. Altho' not in Trafford, can sit Trafford exams
Loads of canalside/golf course/old train line walks
several good restaurants, deli etc

fenner Wed 02-Mar-11 20:49:16

We used to live in Swinton. I liked Monton (and South Swinton, parts of which are in walking distance from Monton), and thought about moving there, but wasn't sure what we would do when DS finished primary.

rupaul Wed 02-Mar-11 21:51:25

re: High schools near Monton. The 3 Catholic secondary schools nearby are all good. The high schools are like any others, our local one is quite mixed in its intake. As I said there is the option to enter the trafford grammar exams and plenty of private schools nearby.

Frolie Wed 09-Mar-11 14:57:29

I've lived in Chorlton for 6 years and love it. Before that I was in Didsbury. Chorlton's a fantastic place to raise children and there's a real community vibe. The schools are excellent. Chorlton Park Primary is rated 'Outstanding' by OFSTED. Property isn;t cheap, but the M21 market is very stable and has so far withstood the falling property prices that other areas have experienced. I've worked in TV and the Arts in Manchester for the past 10 years and am from Buckinghamshire. Manchester's a great city with real quality of life. The weather;s a bit rubbish though!

Bassface Sun 13-Mar-11 22:47:38

Hello, another Mancunian here who works in TV. I live in a flat in the city centre at the moment but as I've recently had a baby, we're hoping to move out to a house in Urmston at some point in the future.

I lived in Urmston when I was younger and can recommend it to any families moving up from London. It's easy to get to Salford Quays for work as you can go through Trafford Park which is normally pretty fast moving even in rush hour. It was a great place to grow up as there are great schools (still has the 11plus system) and lots of meadowland surrounding it which was great to explore on our bikes! Its even better for kids now as there is The Trafford Centre which has cinema, bowling alley, arcade etc and there is also the JJB soccerdome, and the indoor ski centre. The town centre has just been redeveloped with a new sainsburys, library and new precinct. There are some lovely parks there with tennis courts, basketball courts, bowling greens, kids play areas etc. and a sports centre with a nice swimming pool. Chassen park even has a miniature steam railway which takes children and parents for a ride round the park! (Ahh the memories smile) There are regular buses and the train takes you to the city centre in about 15 minutes.

It's a bit less bohemian than chorlton but also cheaper. There are still plenty of little cafe's, pubs and restaurants but it's not as trendy as chorlton and definitely more family orientated. Chorlton has a lot of postgraduates living in house shares whereas Urmston is mainly families.

Feel free to message me if anyone has any questions about any areas. I've lived in Manchester all my life so I know it pretty well.

iskra Mon 14-Mar-11 12:41:49

We've had an offer accepted on a house in Stretford smile

topsmart Mon 14-Mar-11 18:36:40

Ooh congrats Iskra!

We are currently staying in a hotel in the city centre. Moved out of London flat last Monday, now awaiting keys for new place - planning to rent it while we buy it. If you see what I mean! All a bit complicated but easier than renting then moving again when we buy. Just hope the survey doesn't throw up anything horrible!

sarahfreck Fri 18-Mar-11 21:33:14

Hi there
Can I offer my welcomes to Salford/Manchester to you all!
I'm an "adopted Northerner" - Born in Surrey, grew up in Gloucestershire and went to University in London BUT, I've lived in Salford for 23 years now and I'm really happy here!

I know Chorlton, Sale etc are really popular, but I want to put in a plea for Salford too. Please don't discount it before you've looked around! People have mentioned Worsley and Monton but there is also Ellesmere Park (area of very large Victorian houses near Monton) and Roe Green which is pretty and has a very pleasant village feel. I live on Eccles New Road at the Eccles end. I love it. I have a really large 3 double bedroom flat that only cost £100 grand and a tram stop on my doorstep. I can walk into Eccles in less than 10 minutes.

Areas of Salford have their problems, true, and not all of it is beautiful, but I'm really happy here.

Anyway - I hope you all find the right places for you.

iskra Mon 21-Mar-11 15:22:01

That sounds a bit hectic topsmart! How have DC adjusted to hotel living? Which area did you finally settle on?

sarahfreck, I've heard nice things about bits of Salford too! DP's going to be working at Salford Royal so we thought it might be a little too close to work for us if you know what I mean.

topsmart Mon 21-Mar-11 17:25:19

It has been, yep! Muchos paperwork to complete. We printed everything in triplicate so that DD (age 4) could 'fill out her forms too'. In bright pink pen, naturally. Hotel was fine actually - we stayed in a great apart-hotel in city centre which we've been to before. I made sure to pack a box of her toys, DVDs and books (old and new). And we made it into a little Manchester holiday! Ate out, swam at the Aquatics centre, went to museums. It's been lovely. Now's the horrible unpacking bit - am surrounded by piles of stuff!

sarahfreck Thu 24-Mar-11 17:28:31

Iskra. I live round the corner from Salford Royal! (Not that I work there!) Lots of hospital employees park in our road (grrrrr) because the staff car park is expensive!

salvadory Fri 25-Mar-11 20:59:51

Just wanted to pop in and offer my opinion. Lived in London about 10 years ago and have been in Manchester since. Spent a long time in Worsley and have recently moved to Sale.
Worsley plus points are access to nice woods and good links to city, liverpool, leeds and lancashire, downsides are that it's in Salford, there's absolutely NO coffee culture (unless you count the big Tesco in Walkden as a coffee house) and whilst people are maybe cash rich there isn't much intellectual wealth (I know that makes me sound like a hideous snob but I found it quite depressing after a bit that I was surrounded by Daily Mail readers). It's very white and still quite (quietly) racist.

The M60 J13 is an absolute nightmare in the morning and makes a journey that should be 10 mins be over an hour from around 7;30am onwards. Journey's home on the M60 at rush hour are hideous and soul destroying and there's no sneaky short cuts.

Oh and you can hear the M60 everywhere.
Monton looks pretty from a quick drive through but is scary at night and the sort of place that serves goats cheese with chinese dipping sauce and thinks that it's cutting edge (if it was a london suburb it'd be crammed full of cutting edge local shops and delis, as is it's got Fabric for wannabe wags and fellicinis pizzeria which serves goats cheese with....)

Sale on the other hand i love. It's not the prettiest town centre but it's well used and the people seem to have a real community spirit. There are walks and cycle rides a plenty and although the water park is not as nice as Worsley woods to look at, it's well maintained and a great place for a run.
Plus there's the tram, easy and quick way to get into Manchester. Sale leisure centre is busy and popular, great classes and much used pool.
There's a real mix of houses but if you like old victorian/edwardian houses there's loads of them so you don't have to be in a new suburban box.

Stretford and Old Trafford are at the minute around 10-15 years away from being places that I'd live in. There's a lot of casual car crime in Stretford and not much to do and Stretford Mall is one of the most depressing places I have ever set foot in. On the plus side it's close to Chorlton and to town.

Chorlton's fab if you're in your 20's and childless. Don't think the schools are great and there's a level of grime that would annoy me after spending the premium it costs to live there.
Whalley Range is like Stretford and not quite there yet, don't know if I'd choose to be there with children although I've already shown what I like by choosing to live in Sale.
Altrincham nice too although Hale and Bowden nicer (and pricier).

fenner Sun 27-Mar-11 14:12:32

Thanks, salvadory.

There are so many of us in Sale now I think we could start our own website. smile

iskra Tue 29-Mar-11 21:21:37

salvadory, your post made me laugh. We are moving to Stretford - luckily we don't have a car.

sarahfreck dp cycles.

topsmart how is the settling in going? have you got any further with primaries?

iskra Tue 29-Mar-11 21:22:14

sarah - that wasn't meant to sound snappy btw - I used to live opposite Christie Hospital, I totally get the hospital employees parking problem!

topsmart Tue 29-Mar-11 23:26:29

Cheers iskra, it's going well here in sunny old Trafford
- all unpacked! (well, most stuff shoved hastily into loft as my parents visited at the weekend)
LEA have told us they'll use our new address as basis of school application, hurrah! So we're in with a fighting chance of Seymour park... Think we find out mid-April.
Back to work for me tomorrow, managed to keep my job but do it from our Bolton office. Possibly not as glam as Westminster but hey, I get to drive rather than tube.
Have to say my main feeling is that it all feels terribly normal, living here. So I think that means we made the right decision
What's happening with your stretford place? Watch out for car insurance price hike

Mrsmackie Fri 01-Apr-11 23:47:55

Welcome to Old Trafford Topsmart! It's not a bad old area at all!!

puffling Sat 02-Apr-11 00:02:28

I use M60 between Stockport and Eccles. Never a problem. Was last year but traffic lights at one of the junctions has sorted it.
Can't hear motorways here. Monton has a deli with Barbakan breads collected by owner every morning, every type of cheese, cured hams etc. Monton Coffee House is independent, food a bit run of mill, but proper coffee so no need for a Nero. I don't know ant Mail readers. Every passing me on a sun morning is carrying an Observer.

AlrightMum Sun 17-Apr-11 22:42:43

It's a long shot, but does anyone know any single parents who are coming up with the BBC move? I know how hard it can be to afford a decent house in a good area when you're on your own and I'm trying to find like-minded parents who might be interested in discussing a house share in Old Trafford / Firswood / Chorlton or possible Didsbury. I currently live in Swinton with my 5 year old. This area has been good to us, with beautiful parks, low crime levels and a wonderful house on a quiet street for next-to-nothing (it also has a primary school that's in the country's top 1% - but my son didn't get in!) Now he is of school age and it's difficult because children play in the street on their own and there's a real 'toughen up' attitude to little boys which IMHO is much too premature. (I don't want to smother and stifle my son, nor do I want to shave his head and let him play violent video games etc.) It's really hard to articulate any of this without sounding snobby, but I have read snobbier comments than mine in this thread so thought I would be bold(!) I work in media and earn enough to prevent me from being entitled to benefits, but not enough to rent a property in a decent area. I am currently looking at paying an extra £200 a month for a flat above a shop in Chorlton, which would make leaving our lovely little house a real wrench, if even possible.
The other thing I am interested in doing is finding a reliable lodger who wouldn't mind living in a family home. I could rent a 3 bed with a garden in Firswood / OT for £700 a month and could afford £500 towards that, so it would be a real bargain for someone - but unfortunately I'm stuck in catch 22 as I can't afford to make the leap to £700 a month without a lodger in place and I can't advertise a room that doesn't exist yet(!)
This is really taking it out of me, I desperately want to raise my son in an area with like-minded parents and space for him to run around, but right now it feels like an impossibility. With two incomes, I could afford to share a substantial family home in a great area with another single parent family (not without complications, but also potentially very beneficial in terms of quality of accommodation and sharing childcare duties etc.) If you are single or know a colleage who is and might be interested in this, please do get in touch.
(Sorry for crashing this thread - clutching at straws here!)


Hi everyone!

Well, I've got some news. I'm heading up to Manchester for a "chat" about a runner's position within a fairly big post production company (want to keep it anon at the moment). They asked for my CV, I sent it ia email and within 10 minutes was invited up for a chat about the position, all after making an initial phonecall. Now, my lecturers have told me to act like it's a job interview, but they're just saying a chat. Is this an interview by another name? What should I expect? The lady I spoke to went through what the job entails, so what else could there be to talk about?

Confused, bit nervous and a bit excited too

Firawla Thu 21-Apr-11 23:40:23

Hi, just wanted to ask if anyone has any views they want to share about central kind of areas in manchester? I'm thinking maybe rusholme or anywhere that's fairly central really, is there any central places people would recommend looking at?
We're not with the bbc so hope you don't mind me butting into the thread, just dh's work does have another office in manchester so we started thinking of the possibility of transferring (because we will never be able to afford a house down here) and I feel quite keen on the idea now, although would not be able to do it straight away but I just want to research a bit.
What's important to me is facilities for children, children's centres etc, okay schools, parks/playgrounds, decent transport links, easily accessible to shops and necessities (currently dont drive but want to learn,ideal if can get to most stuff by walking though)& mixed diverse community (non racist area)
I read the other thread but not seen many of the more central areas seem to be mentioned that much so would be good to have any input if any local people can share
thank you!

topsmart Tue 26-Apr-11 20:09:03

Cheers mrsmackie! Loving old trafford. Fancy a meet up?
Firawla, can thoroughly recommend it. I think it counts as central-ish! (less than a tenner in a cab from piccadilly).
We're halfway between city centre and Chorlton. So you get bigger houses for your money but you're still very near everything. Nice parks. Trams and buses everywhere. And it's definitely diverse! Let me (or Mrsmackie, if she doesn't mind me speaking for her) know if you spot any nice houses on rightmove or similar and we can advise on streets. Daughter about to start school in september, so we hope the one we've got is good (seymour park, hurrah).
And sorry Alrightmum and Lollipopviolet, wish I could offer any useful advice/contacts but i've got nothing! good luck to both of you smile

Mrsmackie Wed 27-Apr-11 19:59:39

Topsmart - definitely up for meeting up. Let me know when is good for you. I am on mat leave at moment so quite flexible! So, you got Seymour park school - great news. I know of a few local mums with children there and have only ever heard good things. We will be putting it down as first choice for my daughter (who will start 2012). Firawla - OT is very handy for the city centre and has improved lots over the last few years. It is walking distance to chorlton and has really good bus-routes into the city. Topsmart is right in that you get a lot more house for your money than you do in other areas. Also, you get Trafford schools which are generally very good. It is a very diverse area and generally very friendly where we are. Happy to give you pointers on different roads etc if need be
Re Rusholme, don't know it that well and for me it is probably just a little bit too close to the city. I think there are some nice houses up towards platt fields park though which is a bit further out. Fab place to get a curry though!

fifitot Thu 28-Apr-11 20:03:58

What about Urmston and Flixton? Never mentnioned on these threads but lovely areas, great schools and quite affordable with a mix of Edwardian houses and lots of 1930s type semis. Nicer than OT, less anti-social behaviour and stuff. On a train route into town. (10 mins) It isn't 'bohemian' like Chorlton but there is stuff going on there.

Near Trafford Centre if you like shopping but avoidable if you don't and also near motorways.

Advise checking it out.

fifitot Thu 28-Apr-11 20:07:08

Just noticed someone HAS mentioned Urmston! Good!

Firawla Thu 28-Apr-11 22:26:40

thanks for your replies, will have a look at old trafford

Hurrahh, thanks fifitot, we're house-hunting in Urmston & Flixton this weekend, nice to get some reassurrance! Can I pick your brains re; specific roads etc (if we see something we like)? smile

fifitot Fri 29-Apr-11 19:46:58

Yes please do. Happy to help.

Mrsmackie Sun 01-May-11 22:46:47

Been in OT for 5 years and never really experienced any anti-social behaviour. Guess it may depend whereabouts you are ( we are just a few mins from Chorlton). I would agree that Urmston is nice - lovely property and quite a nice town centre, with all the good Trafford schools close by of course. Have some friends who live in Flixton - they like it there although they have commented that it is not a very mixed community in terms of ethnic groups etc (compared to Chorlton where they moved from) so if you are looking for an area that is culturally diverse then perhaps this isn't the right place for you.

TheSecondComing Sun 01-May-11 23:26:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fifitot Mon 02-May-11 09:20:49

Sorry didn't mean to be ignorant. Some parts of OT are quite rough but the bits near Chorlton are very nice. Firswood is nice and think the area around Victoria Park is good.

TheSecondComing Mon 02-May-11 11:15:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Firawla Mon 02-May-11 14:20:36

how mixed/diverse is stretford? is it just flixton which is not? seen some nice big & cheap houses in stretford when searching. most of the stuff available is soo nice, makes everything here look like crap in comparison
also what are these areas like for children's centres and that kind of thing, do they all have it?
thanks grin

Mrsmackie Mon 02-May-11 17:11:21

Old trafford is Trafford yes - so we get Trafford schools. Whalley Range is where it becomes Manchester. Like in a lot of places, Stretford has it's good bits and bad bits. Lovely houses around Victoria park and my brother in law lives just off Sandy lane in a lovely street. The Sure start centre in stretford (poplar rd) is pretty good.

Firawla Mon 02-May-11 22:09:09

thanks mrs mackie smile

topsmart Thu 12-May-11 23:01:23

iskra, how're you getting on with your stretford house?

Still loving Manchester. The mummies up here are a marvellous bunch! what would I have done without mumsnet and all of your contributions? <sniff>

Jessicafirsttimer Sun 11-Dec-11 15:47:21

Hi, this thread is quite old so I don't know if anyone will reply but...my DH works for the beeb and has been asked to relocate to Salford in January. So we've had a month's notice! We're both from Berkshire and have no idea where to live or anything! We have a son who is 10mths and I will be giving up my job to relocate sad We want to live somewhere not too metropolitan, we currently live on a farm in the sticks! I like Lymm but was worried about commute times for DH and Worsley looked quite villagey. We drove through Sale/Altrincham but it seemed so built up and burby. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We have hardly any time eek!

topsmart Tue 13-Dec-11 10:34:25

Hello jessicafirstimer! I've sent you a private message with some info. I know the thought of moving is scary, but it's fab up here and there's loads of beeb families who've moved and can offer support x
Ps I'm in the city so afraid I can't help with rural advice! Am sure others will be along to do so...

philbee Sat 21-Jan-12 20:48:56

Hello. I'd also like to join and welcome any advice. DH works for the Beeb here in London but is looking at applying for Salford jobs. Have one DD, 3, who's due to start reception this Sep. I've been looking at the old thread and houses online today and feeling a bit flummoxed.

How do you all who've moved like it? Have you been able to find work yourselves? Atm I work part time and would have to give that up but would like to find something there after a while.

We are thinking of doing a quick two day visit soon, as I've never really been there (just passed through to meetings etc.). We'd like to have a look at a couple of possible areas to live in but I'm not sure where to start.

Budget is probably about £200,000, and we'd like 3 bedrooms and a garden, happy to fix somewhere up. We'd like good primary and secondary schools, easy commute to Salford by public transport, somewhere friendly, with parks and that feels like a place, with some shops, cafes and things for me and DD to do, and good general public transport links. And other families with young kids. Argh! Is it possible? Any advice very welcome. Thanks.

Stevie77 Mon 23-Jan-12 16:48:24

Hi philbee,

With your budget you'll get more for your money in the Urmston area, it's quite a short commute to MediaCity, traffic not too bad during rush hours and the schools are good (Trafford Borough). Postcode for RightMove is M41.

For a public transport commute to MediaCity you'll need somewhere on the Metrolink network (check here, so Chorlton or Altrincham/Sale both of which are good but property-wise more expensive. You could also consider north Manchester but I don't know that area quite as well.

Good luck!

topsmart Mon 23-Jan-12 18:18:45

Hi philbee, I'm the OP of this thread and I can wholeheartedly say we're really happy here in Manchester. Been here 10 months since DP's job relocated to the quays and we feel really settled. And I'd say the vast majority of relocators that I've met would say the same. I'd echo the areas already suggested, plus old Trafford. But of course its best to do as you plan - to visit and walk around to get the feel of a place.

Do PM me if you want more of a chat, and there's plenty of us who meet for coffee/playdates - happy to meet up if you visit. Also there's a private Facebook group devoted to movers, search for BBC relocation partners. Loads of members who are v helpful. Good luck!

brandrethmupp Tue 24-Jan-12 15:14:08

I'd recommend Monton near Worsley/Swinton. It's an easy commute, has a high street, nice primary school and 3 prep schools, near to woods, golf courses and canal. The advantage for us living here is not having the crawl in to work from South Manchester/Cheshire bu close to motorway network for days out to Lake District, Forest of Bowland, Formby etc.

philbee Tue 24-Jan-12 15:36:26

Great, thank you. Urmston looks really nice, and within our idea of a budget. I'll check out Monton too. Ww don't have a car at the moment and probably wouldn't have one for a while, so need somewhere that doesn't rely on that. DH bikes in to work at the moment, and it looks close enough to do that from Urmston, plus there's a train there, isn't there? But maybe well check out Urmston and Chorlton for now - presumably the latter is a bit more urbanish? I read on the other thread that the secondary schools weren't as good there though.

Did any of your rent out our house/flat in London to begin with? How did that work and are rents in Manchester cheaper than here? We are thinking that might be an option so we'd have an exit strategy if necessary. And did those of you who wanted to work up there find jobs? Any websites or tips for job hunting for me would be very useful, as I currently work part time and would want to continue to do that.

brandrethmupp Tue 24-Jan-12 15:47:20

Urmston is nice and Urmston Grammar is meant to be a lovely school.
It's easy to get to Salford Quays from Monton. It's a 5/10 min bike ride to Eccles tram and just a few stops to work. Christopher Eccleston lives here and I see him about on his bike!!
We go to Chorlton if we want a fix of that sort of thing (there's a really good vegan supermarket!)I'd find it a bit intense to live there though.

Stevie77 Tue 24-Jan-12 16:39:47

There is a train from Urmston but it goes to the city centre (or towards Liverpool, in the other direction), although I guess you could take it to the Trafford Park stop then cycle from there which might reduce your journey time/make it easier. You'll have to check it out though, I drive to the city centre and know nothing about cycling!

I also think you do (or will, eventually) need a car in Manchester. Public transport here is nothing like as good as London's, even the trams suffer a lot of problems (last week or week before there were lots of delays) and they don't cover most places. They are also not cheap!

Re Worsley - some lovely areas there but most very lovely places are very very expensive and some border not so lovely areas. The traffic in that area is a nightmare, motorway grinds to a halt from at least junction 11 (Eccles) to 13 (Swinton) every damn day and has knock-on effects on surrounding areas. Something to bear in mind.

I guess we each like the area we live in and would do anything to make it sound the best smile

Regarding work, it really depends what you do and is probably not much different to any other big city in the UK at the moment.

RillaBlythe Tue 24-Jan-12 20:05:16

We moved up from London to Stretford, & really like it here. Stretford itself is a bit serviceable if you know what I mean, but there are some good houses for good prices, great community feel in the bit we are in at least.

We don't have a car of our own, we have a car share instead, & don't really miss it during the week - DP bikes to work, we get the tram to town/bus or bike to Chorlton. We would miss not having access to a car at weekends though as one of the nice things about Manchester as opposed to London is being able to get out of the city so easily.

philbee Wed 25-Jan-12 06:02:02

A car share would be great - that's what we have here and we really like it. Sometimes we also just rent a car for the weekend to go somewhere. Is you car share through a company, and do you mind me asking which one, please?

We plan to visit in a few weeks time and have a look at the centre, and then probably Chorlton and Urmston, just to get an idea. If we get to looking seriously we'll look at lots more areas, but I think two is all we can manage in a weekend! I don't know if I'm hoping to like it or not really. There seems to be so much that would need doing before we could move, not least to this house to make it saleable. One step at a time though, I guess.

Can I ask one more question, about schools? How have you found it getting places for your DCs? Here the LA publish a list of catchment distances from the previous year but I couldn't find that on the Trafford website.

Ohforfoxsake Mon 27-Feb-12 21:28:35

This still going? Hope you found the FB group. A few of us are going to the MN Local Mancester meet up on Thursday if you can make it smile

guineapiglet Sun 15-Apr-12 12:22:26

Dear All
Just to say to those looking in Manchester/Salford area, if you aren't keen on city life, try looking slightly further afield. We are in a wonderful village/town just at the edge of the Peak District, good schools, local shops, walking, outdoor activities. When my husband got his job in Manchester we wanted to live more rurally. Its about a 45-55 minute commute to Mcr direct from here and we get the best of all worlds, a big city on the doorstep and wonderful community locally. Do know of someone who has a wonderful house for sale here too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jackie2029 Thu 07-Feb-13 21:15:08

Hi guys, just wondering if this thread is still open??? if so i currently live in Urmston, and have friends in the BBC so know there is a lot of employees moving up here closer to Media City, We are looking to rent out our house semi three bedroom, unfurnished, large garden, perfect for family, long term tenancy available, nearly decorated, if anyone is interested. Urmston is probably one of the closest areas to Media City that is family orientated without going into undesirable areas of Manchester. Its semi rural, our road is 500 yrds from a very sought after primary school, 15mins walk from Trafford Centre and about 8 mins drive to Media City or 30 mins on the bus so if your interested get in touch and I can send you photos, house is available from 1st May 2013 Thanks

jewishprincess Sun 28-Apr-13 22:39:52

Hi,wondering if this thread is still open? I've just relocated to Chorlton from Barnet,for the El Dorado that is hopefully Media City &,two weeks in,am feeling a little adrift. Topsmart,you mentioned that there is a group formed of similar Londoners,do you still convene? I had twins 6 weeks ago (no,we don't do things by halves!) which could quite possibly be contributing to my current state but I'd really like to hear from anyone else currently in the same situation,or from those who have settled, to put my mind at rest and offer some advice/places to go/groups to join and to stop me running to the hills (or North Downs,to be more accurate!)

thismum Wed 29-May-13 14:08:00

jewishprincess hope you are feeling more settled. Moving & twins, wow! PM me if you like, I moved up here 2 years ago (not with the Beeb), I can put you in touch with the relocators group though.

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