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takethatlady Wed 16-Feb-11 10:28:34

This is a totally bonkers question as I am only 21+3 with my first baby, but DH and I are seriously thinking about moving to Attleborough from Cambridge and, because of our mortgage situation, this will be a very long-term move - at least 10 years, I'd say, and probably longer in the same house. So we're trying to consider all the long-term implications of so the move, and secondary schools is one of them! (Okay, okay, I'm mad).

My question is, I know that Wymondham College is absolutely brilliant and that it's halfway between Attleborough and Wymondham. Its criteria are apparently musical/sporting ability (well, we can try), brothers/sisters already in the school, and proximity of your home to the school. So, let's just say the baby turns out to be a straight A-grade concert pianist (ha ha!) - do children from Attleborough get to go to the schools in Wymondham or do they just automatically go to Attleborough High?

Obviously this is doubly nuts, since the baby (a little girl ) may equally well be an illiterate urchin without a musical or sporting bone in her body grin - but I'm just thinking through all the variables

I've heard that Wymondham High is pretty good too, so the same question applies - where do the catchment areas lie?

Any replies greatly appreciated!

Fimbo Wed 16-Feb-11 10:34:57

You have no hope of getting into Wymondham High unless you live within catchment which Attleborough will not be.

Your assumptions about Wymondham College are correct.

Fimbo Wed 16-Feb-11 10:36:50

Have a look here - this includes the feeder schools if you scroll down

Morley is close to Wymondham College wink

Fimbo Wed 16-Feb-11 10:49:58

Something like this. It may not have what you need at the moment but <dons Kirstie & Phil hat> it has potential. I have put up the schools map and the blue dot is Wymondham College.

takethatlady Wed 16-Feb-11 10:51:34

Brilliant - just what I needed. Thank you!

takethatlady Wed 16-Feb-11 10:52:15

Was just looking at that house!

throckenholt Wed 16-Feb-11 11:04:57

Wymondham college takes people from a wider catchment (I know people in Swardeston (a140 south of Norwich) and Forncett (near Long Stratton) that go there - but it is all tied up with boarding and siblings and a lot else.

Impossible to second guess what the situation would be in 10 years time.

Fimbo Wed 16-Feb-11 11:12:47

There is a few from my village that go to Wymondham College, but they are very musical/gifted and talented and already have siblings there. There is a bus that comes in the morning and takes the students there.

I want my dd to go there for 6th form, but we shall see.

takethatlady Wed 16-Feb-11 11:19:07

Hi throckenholt, yes I know it's impossible to second guess what the situation will be. But I think it's worth giving at least a little thought - i.e., if we moved here and never moved again what would be the options for our children (based on what's there now). I'd rather do that than find myself stuck ten years down the line and wonder why I didn't even think about it!

So am I right in thinking that if, for instance, we moved to Great Ellingham, and we had a gifted and talented child who played piano to grade 8 or whatever, she'd stand a good chance of getting into Wymondham College> And that if she didn't, she'd automatically go to Attleborough High?

Not exactly liking the look of Attleborough High so moving nearer to Wymondham might be worth the extra drive for DH.

As I said, I know I'm being bonkers and this is quite low down on the list of things we're thinking about, but I just thought it was worth asking

takethatlady Wed 16-Feb-11 11:19:38

What's your village fimbo? (Don't tell me if you don't want to!)

Fimbo Wed 16-Feb-11 11:25:15

The H one nearest to Wymondham!

Now I am not one to listen to gossip on the street on a daily basis but rumour has it that as well as being the next Myleene Klass/Prof Stephen Hawkings, it is a case of who you know too.

throckenholt Wed 16-Feb-11 11:27:14

>I'd rather do that than find myself stuck ten years down the line and wonder why I didn't even think about it!

that's true.

I think your supposition about Wymondham is right now - but again it may not be like that in 10 years time.

I would definitely steer clear of Thetford schools wise .

I would look in the Wymondham and Hethersett area - for ease of access to UEA, and Norwich and connection to Cambridge - which would probably give most flexibilty for future commutes for your DH once he gets a new job.

Fimbo Wed 16-Feb-11 11:31:57

Of course your dh could keep pestering WC for a job grin.

Joking aside, we moved to where we are as at the time the schools were realtively ok. The High School is ok, not great, latest ofsted is only satisfactory but it is the type of school that if you have a child that is able and wants to do well then they will be ok and certainly that is the case with my dd, who is in the top sets for everything apart from Maths. We are either going to try for WC for 6th form or pay for her to go to Norwich High School for girls for a year.

Ds is in year 2 and we will look at the school situation again before he is due to start High School.

We were going to move just before dd started High School over to Thorpe St Andrew but dd was devastated and didn't want to leave her friends so we ended up just staying where we are and moving to a bigger house. I think as they get older and firm friendships develop it is very hard to move them but I guess it depends on the child. My dd is quiet and shy and would find it difficult to move on whereas my niece would just take it all in her stride.

My dc also do all their outside interests in the village too, Beavers, swimming, dancing, badmintion etc etc. We are also lucky having a decent library here.

takethatlady Wed 16-Feb-11 11:36:08

The thought has crossed my mind fimbo grin Your village sounds lovely, btw!

Thanks too throckenholt. I like Wymondham and Hethersett. Time to start twisting DH's arm, I reckon grin

Anyway, this is all hypothetical since the mortgage product we want is so new the bank have told the media but not their staff, apparently, so we're waiting to see if it's even possible. If not we'll be renting so we'll have much more flexibility about moving later.

Wish it would just all be sorted out!

Fimbo Wed 16-Feb-11 11:40:17

The house next door to me, could be coming up for rent shortly as ironically their dd goes to school in Wymondham and they need to move shortly to get her into Wymondham HigH!

Fimbo Wed 16-Feb-11 11:41:12

Actually if you did move here, you would probably be able to find someone to car share with you.

MegBusset Wed 16-Feb-11 12:56:02

That last single-carriageway stretch of the A11 is going to be dualled so should knock a fair bit off the drive in a few years.

We looked at Wymondham too but decided we wanted to be nearer the city. Re: Hethersett, we decided against it as at (I think) middle school level there is only a CofE school, this may not be an issue for you but was for us.

We are in TSA but it is definitely very suburban, we are old and boring though so we don't mind ;)

takethatlady Wed 16-Feb-11 15:12:25

Thanks. Yes, I drive through that Elveden bit to work most days and it does slow things down (though the traffic isn't that bad. It beats being stuck on the M25!). I wonder if the roadworks will be a nightmare though, while it's being done.

No chance of moving closer to the city - DH's commute becomes totally ridiculous then, and he wants to spend some time with the baby! (He works in St. Ives - 20 minutes west of Cambridge). Even Wymondham is pushing it.

Disappointed about Attleborough though - is there nobody out there who likes it?!

threetimesabridesmaid Wed 16-Feb-11 21:06:15

fimbo - I'm moving to Hethersett in March! Much to do for mums and babies?

And - I may be a little biased - but Wymondham High is actually the best!

takethatlady Thu 17-Feb-11 07:47:02

Congrats threetimesabride - on your move and your babies! Did you go to Wymondham High then? I think the consensus on here is it's a lot better than Attleborough wink

Fimbo Thu 17-Feb-11 10:50:10

Ooh threetimesabridesmaid you simply must inbox me, to tell me whereabouts! I will in turn pass on the info you need grin

threetimesabridesmaid Thu 17-Feb-11 16:46:46

No, Takethat, I... <<fearful of being outed>> work there.
Fimbo - will PM you when I'm not on my phone.

We currently live in Wymondham and are thinking of going back to Mulbarton which is where dh and I grew up. I want to move back as I have found it nigh on impossible to make friends in the two years that I have been here as have found it hard to chip into already established groups of mums. I understand that the infant and junior schools are all ofsted 'outstanding' and the high school is gradually getting better with it's new head after a unsettled period. Mulbarton on the other hand has very average schools, feeding into Hethersett High. Where we live we have a neighbouring group of families that think nothing of walking down the street drunk or swearing at their kids out in their gardens. My dd goes to preschool with some of these children and so far the repercussions of this language have not manifested themselves, but I'm sure that they will as the toddlers get older and get more confident with speech. Basically from a wellbeing point of view I know I'll be happier in Mulbarton, but from an education point of view it looks like Wymondham is better. I never thought I would be worrying about schools as much as I do, I guess this is the norm!

threetimesabridesmaid Thu 17-Feb-11 21:00:48

Norfolkbumpkin - sorry to hear you live in such a place! (is it the HF estate?) Have you thought about moving into one of the villages that does feed into WHS - Talconeston/Ashwellthorpe - close to Mulbarton. And we never really had an 'unsettled period' - just what Ofsted were told after we had one term with an acting headteacher.

Fimbo Thu 17-Feb-11 22:54:47

Ooh Norfolkbumpkin how old are your dc, my friend moved from here to Wymondham about 3 years ago. She is Scottish like me!

takethatlady Fri 18-Feb-11 09:04:06

threetimes if you're happening to pass the history department could you put something deadly in their tea? DH needs a job grin

Threetimes - we are on the 'W/O' development. Fimbo - I have just the one, dd is 3.5. I can't drive so use public transport or bike, although am considering learning in near future. Because of transport I like having a shop nearby to get essentials, and there is no better local shop for where I live presently than Waitrose. I feel spoiled!

Fimbo Fri 18-Feb-11 13:46:01

I know where you are, I have another friend who lives in a bungalow on the street leading up to yours. Do you have social housing on your estate? We do and I know its snobby and horrid to be nasty but some of them are and do cause problems. We had car arson on ours last week.

Merrylegs Fri 18-Feb-11 14:02:22

takethat - you are a leetle mad for thinking about high schools already, but as you are wanting to be forwarned - atm all places at Wymondham college are taken up by boarders and then siblings. Last year for eg every spare place went to a sibling.

There are about 2 or 3 scholarships a year.

In terms of 6th form entry (v long way away!) the same applies, but those who apply from schools with no 6th form also get priority, and then it goes on predicted GCSE grades.

So, for eg DS has just been offered a 6th form place at Wymondham College despite not having a sibling there or wanting to board, as the school he is coming from has no 6th form and he has been predicited excellent GCSE grades.

OTOH - he was turned down by Wymondham High as he had already accepted a place at another 6th form. Lots of competition!
(We live about 8 miles from Wym)

Fimbo Fri 18-Feb-11 14:15:58

Ooh thanks for that Merrylegs didn't realise about being higher priority if no 6th form at your own school.smile

Merrylegs Fri 18-Feb-11 14:45:11

That's OK, Fimbo. The things you find out... have been to a LOT of high schools recently. Was most impressed by Wymondham High actually. But they didn't want my A* child. The b*st*rds. <not bitter> <their loss> grin

takethatlady Fri 18-Feb-11 15:59:32

merrylegs I know. Mad. Let's just say I like to plan. And then I never follow through on the plan. grin

That's very interesting to know about Wymondham College ... and about Wymondham High.

I think we're deciding now to let the house decide - i.e. we'll look at lots of places around that sort of area and pick the house we like best, and worry about schools later (I know, I know, some of you have been gently telling me to do this anyway wink).

Seen a lovely one in Great Ellingham though not sure if the estate agent's suggestion for a 3rd bedroom really works. Shouldn't keep looking at houses anyway, as this is also premature - we don't even know if we can sell ours yet!

You ladies are amazingly helpful

takethatlady Fri 18-Feb-11 15:59:47

PS - yes, their loss!!!

wymteacher Fri 18-Feb-11 16:12:10

aha! threetimes... hello!!

i am rather biased about WHS too, but chickened out and changed my name on another thread. you can borrow it from me some time, if you like! wink

MosEisley Fri 18-Feb-11 18:39:49

Just marking my place on this thread as we are also thinking of moving to Wymondham.

Sorry to hear about Norfolkbumpkin's experiences making friends as I'll be in that same position and it is something I'll be nervous about.

When are you thinking of moving, OP?

takethatlady Fri 18-Feb-11 19:24:03

It depends ... still the bank are being weird about the mortgage (they've released all the details of it to the press but not told their own staff, apparently, so I'm playing a waiting game until the bank manager finds out enough to help ...)

If we get the green light from the bank then we would need to put our house on the market, and we could move any time from now until December (preferably).

If not we'll be renting our house out and renting there, so then we'll be going in the school summer holidays

How about you?

MosEisley Fri 18-Feb-11 20:28:53

Hope you get your mortgage sorted soon. Sounds like the bank are being a bit unprofessional, really.

We are not sure about our timescales either. DH is talking to his work about moving but until we get that sorted we won't know for sure. DS1 is six and at school, so ideally we'd like to move either this summer holidays or latest next summer (because DS2 starts school in autumn '12 and we don't want to disturb more schooling than necessary).

We have identified a primary school that has a place for them at least, but we don't know which are the best schools and we still have the same thoughts as you about secondary schools.

Finding the right house is harder, so we'll probably rent first too. That said, we're looking at a couple of places when we're up there next, and if we fall in love with the property, we might just have to accelerate the whole move!

threetimesabridesmaid Fri 18-Feb-11 21:32:33

If it makes you feel better, Merrylegs, there were about 450 applications for 200 places for sixth form... no, doesn't help?

<<slinks off to the corner>>

Fimbo - sixth forms have their own admissions policies in the same way that high schools do - these are decided by governors. Obviously, I can't speak for other schools, but I know Wym High changed theirs last year to (I think): 1st priority - special consideration/SEN; 2nd - WHS students; 3rd: Other yr11s whose own schools don't have a sixth form; 4th: everyone else.

threetimesabridesmaid Fri 18-Feb-11 21:37:25

Takethatlady - don't think any of the History dept. are planning on leaving - I'll let you know if that changes (or I figure a plan to oust one grin )

Fimbo - our house is next to the social housing area, so yes it does come with a certain amount of 'baggage' that the nice lady in the sales office never alluded to in her spiel! So going back to schools, the nearest one to us is where virtually all of the children go from the estate. I am assunimg that to have an outstanding rating the school is doing wonders with the children attending, regardless of their upbringing.

The4Ps Mon 04-Apr-11 11:06:16

I live in wreningham village that feeds into Wymondham High, the village also has a primary school(4-11 yrs) that is a catchment primary.

this year a couple of children from bracon ash (which is on the edge of Mulbarton and the catchemnet school is Hethersett) have got places at wymondham high. If you attend a catchment primary you are high up the pecking list than being out of catchment alone. if they have more children in this critera apply than spaces left available then they award places to those children who live nearer (as the crow flies).

I wouldn't think either great ellingham or attleborough would get you a place at Wymondham high, especially as they are still building in Wymondham.

Wymondham is only 5 mins further on the A11 and in my opinion (i have lived in Wymondham and now and a village for 15 yrs) is a much nicer town to live in and has alot less trouble regarding the children. The High school is very good and the current head is the old head of Wymondham College (she seems determined to make it as good as the college)

Spooner Row is a nice village to consider as it is bang in the middle between wymondham and Attleborough and has its own junction off the A11 (the same one as Wymondham College) and its own Train Station and great Primary school (4-11 yrs) this is a catchment primary and area for Wymondham High and has also the village has had much success getting children into Wymondham College due to its proximity. (Also has a fantastic pub!! and pre school)

Another high school to consider is Old Buckenham (you'd get a place if you live in Spooner Row) it is much smaller than wymondhams 1500 pupils at only 600. Allthough the results don't seem as good as Wym High it does depend on your child as this school suits some children alot better being smaller and friendlier.

Wymondham College is also changing its critera for entry from 2012, so after awarding places to siblings the remaining places are going to be awarded on a lottery basis so proximity to the college is not going to be relevant. This is all presuming you are after a day place (boarding places are not a difficult to get, you just have to be able to afford the £9k it costs per year, eek)

I hope this has been of some help.

CharliePP Fri 28-Oct-11 23:18:37


Can i ask where you heard about the change for admission policy for day students? Cant see anything on their website and admissions didnt mention it when i called them. We are looking at moving close to the college so impt for us.


WymM Mon 06-Feb-12 21:48:55

I have a child at Wymondham High and I would not recommend it to other people. There is a lot of bullying and casual violence. Staff seem to be unwilling or unable to do anything about it and less confident children sink. Administration is chaos, mixing up children with similar names and sending letters out to the wrong parent. Some staff are lovely, but many are not at all helpful. Great if your child falls into the "Gifted and Talented" group, but the vast majority, that are not trouble makers and try hard are overlooked.

morleylass Tue 10-Jul-12 21:07:46

Just thought I would ad to this post although it is old, the admission criteria for Wymondham College did not change to the lottery system in the end, I think there was too much opposition.

lljkk Mon 27-Aug-12 10:13:10

eek, awful reading, we were thinking Wymondham might be good place to move to sad.

Don't take notice of the one negative comment, lljkk. I have insider knowledge of the high school and know many people whose children are at the primaries. Feel free to pm me.

lljkk Thu 30-Aug-12 21:14:22

Thank you, I will!! smile

WymM Wed 17-Oct-12 22:30:55

Feel free not to take any notice but remember this message when you are wiping blood from your child or wondering why they have got detention on a day they at home sick. When their equipment is smashed or stolen and they get the blame. When your child can't get a locker because there are not enough but the newly rebuilt front gates look lovely. When there are almost 1700 children outside moving from building to building and there are no members of staff supervising them, and when a fight breaks out right beside the building it can take 15 minutes for any member of staff to notice or they are told to "Go away, I'm busy" when they go to Student Services to ask for help.

I assume you've moved your child from this school then, WymM?

lljkk Sun 28-Oct-12 10:26:18

I thought I'd update & mention... I phoned Norfolk LEA & asked about getting 4 DC into Wymondham schools if we moved to Wymondham next summer. They laughed in my face.

No they didn't, but they would have done if they were being bluntly honest. They said there was a chance my KS2 child would get a school place within Wymondham ,but the KS1 child would have to go elsewhere. My KS3 children would also be diverted, to Attleborough or Hethersett. We'd be looking at a £100k mortgage to move into Wymondham which won't leave much ££ spare for other stuff. Because there's transport cost to the high schools if out of town (would LEA pay, I didn't ask? Costs ? £400/yr per child, otherwise).

LEA woman talked about appeals, but laid on the guilt how it was unfair if I forced a 31st or 32nd child into KS1 classes. It's unusual where we live now for any class DC are in to have > 27 pupils.

She couldn't have done better at hanging out a "WYMONDHAM IS CLOSED" sign if she tried!

We are looking to move elsewhere.

Pashley Tue 30-Oct-12 19:39:06

Wymondham college is still a state school. Therefore to apply for a day space for yr 7, you apply to the county council. The criteria is the same as any other state school, looked after children, those with a statement, siblings and then it goes on vicinity to the college. Hope that helps

Josie2000 Thu 08-Nov-12 20:45:57

Can I ask where you are looking to move now lljkk? We were also looking at Wymondham but have been told that it will expand massively in the next couple of years and I am not a big fan of estates at all. What you have been told about schools sounds horrendous and best to stay away from that area I think. How about some of the villages directly south of Norwich, I have heard that Stoke Holy Cross, Poringland, Brooke etc. are all very nice, with good schools and accessible. Has anybody got any more info on that particular area?

withaspongeandarustyspanner Mon 17-Jun-13 19:00:22

I realise that this is an old thread that keeps being resurrected, but I'm wondering if there is any logic to Wymondham College Admissions? My DCs are in on of the feeder schools, but I was talking to a mum recently and her DC was the only one out of his year who applied who didn't get in to Wym College, because of where they lived. So do you really have to live in Morley to get your DCs in? I do know some people who live down my road whose DCs go, but I don't know if there's a hope in hell. I'd prefer my DCs not to go to Wym High - I've been hearing awful things about it recently.

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