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Help couples to "start life".

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ADV: vonniridge Thu 07-Mar-13 11:48:41

It is assumed that most of you have achieved the ultimate gift conceiving and having a child. Many of you have different stories of how long it took; some like myself have been on a roller coaster ride from conception through to carrying for 9 months. Having researched the market locally, the results showed there was not enough support for couples trying to conceive, and we believe conventional ovulation test kits to be speculative and restrictive.

I am in the process of starting up a specialised Pre- conception service. I have secured part funds for the start-up company “VisOva Ltd” and now looking for the remaining funds through a crowdfunding platform "seedrs". The pre-conception service is intended to help couples wanting to conceive. They will finally have somewhere to go if they want to know if they have definitely ovulated. Our service would specialise in providing “Visual Ovulation” tests and a Conception Advisory Service (CAS). Couples would be able to walk in or book in advance and would not require a referral from their doctor.
It is intended to start the business in or around Norwich and branch out to other major town and cities over the coming years.

I would like to give the locally people an opportunity to invest in this exciting business.To invest all you need to do is register with “ seedrs” which is free. Here you can see a video and listing for VisOva Ltd and further information regarding investing. You can invest a minimum of £10 for a share in the company. All details can be found at www.seedrs.com

Beyond the potential profits, investors can enjoy the benefits knowing that they are helping to provide a specialised service for couples wanting to “start life”, and in addition support a local entrepreneur when they need it most!
We need the business up and running this summer so that we can help couples reach their ultimate goal. So please spread the word to friends and family about this opportunity and take a look at www.Seedrs.com. It is live on this platform untill the end of May 2013
Thank You; much appreciated

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