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IHateNickyMorgan Tue 05-Jul-16 22:21:20


We are looking to relocate from central london to Twickenham/Strawberry Hill area. Please can I know your thoughts on Newland House school? My colleague went there 20 years ago and remembers it as quite "militant" which is funny because the current head has a military background and I noticed the kids all jumped up our of their seats like little soliders when we visited the classes. The children didn't look particularly happy in the upper school and the head is a bit odd and cold. However it is the only school we have a place in, academically it looks ok (though none to the top schools such as St Pauls - is that because of distance or they just can't pass?) and I like the music programme.

Any thoughts welcome. This is a huge decision for us.

sheilafisher Wed 06-Jul-16 09:55:03

Not personal experience but a good friend sent two of her children there when they returned to the area. They were delighted with it, though I got the impression the children were worked rather hard with high exam expectations and lots of tests. Those children have gone on to St Georges and I think that was a popular destination.

wholemealchips Sat 23-Jul-16 23:34:00

It's ok. I've tutored lots of boys from Newland for Hampton. Some struggled a lot. If your child is very able and likes to be pushed, I'd go for the Mall or, for a girl, LEH juniors is really good. Think they are all hung up on daft report styles and weird tests these days. Some of the Newland House homework seems a bit dull, but all solid traditional stuff. St Catherine's has a very good prep, mixed ability, less academic than LEH but still good and a caring pastoral system. Hope this helps.

wholemealchips Sat 23-Jul-16 23:38:22

Should add that the usual destinations at secondary reveal a fair bit about the primary school. Hampton is more selective than St Georges, which has just lost its long serving head Jo Peake....and has a worryingly large number of young senior managers getting appointed. Hampton has also gone through changes recently, also has relatively new head, but more academic and sporty. If your child is very able, aim for LEH and Hampton, if they are an able girl but a bit quiet, St Cat's is good. LEH or St Cats juniors and the Mall do very well.

wholemealchips Sat 23-Jul-16 23:41:55

Sorry.. also Rokeby School and Holy Cross over in Kingston are good. Staines Prep is really up and coming and got six into Hampton last year. Girls do very well too. NH is good, but your are right about the homework snowballing. They aren't so good at varied learning styles and I've heard concerns from some parents too...basically, work hard and try on all tasks, sometimes set with little structuring or modelling.

IHateNickyMorgan Fri 16-Sep-16 17:20:25

Thank you for the info. Anyone else have any knowledge?

LProsser Sun 18-Sep-16 10:04:38

If the only aim is to get your children into a private secondary I would just say that my daughter's state primary school also "got" 6 boys into Hampton. My next door neighbour's son also got into there from a state primary this year. Obviously they were all reasonably bright boys some of whose parents paid for a bit of tutoring although not all. I think Hampton and the other local private secondaries are perfectly accessible from the state system and are able to pick out children who are the right level of ability and will be happy there. I don't know of any children from this area who go to St Pauls' and I don't think many parents choose it in preference to more local options.

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