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Tiggywinkle25 Wed 05-Oct-16 07:18:01

Anyone know anything about apparent current bullying and behaviour issues at Teddington School? About to submit secondary school application form. Many many thanks in advance.

LProsser Sat 08-Oct-16 21:44:31

Hi, my daughter is in Year 11 at Teddington and has not been effected by bullying at all - I have driven her demented over the years by checking she isn't being bullied every time I read an article about bullying or she looks a bit miserable. She insists that not only has she never been bullied but she has never heard of anyone in her year being bullied. However in a school with 240 kids in each year there are almost bound to be some problems. A friend's daughter in a different year had a problem girl in her class who went round telling all the girls they were fat in year 8 but they told her to get lost after a while. So I think I can say that in my experience bullying is not a major problem at Teddington and I think the students have a pretty feisty attitude to bullies on the whole and the school would act if it was told. As to behaviour issues I know that there has been a recent issue with the boys around years 8-9 flipping water bottles which has now been banned (you can look this up on You Tube!) I suspect there is some disruptive behaviour in lessons. Some of the children do seem to act up in Year 7 to try to get attention and gain new followers and there was a problem with one boy in my daughter's class in year 7 who was eventually moved on to another school as he seemed impervious to punishment. My daughter says the layout of the school with the open design where people can see what's going on means there used to be quite a lot of jolly japes such as everyone suddenly starting to clap or make the Mockingjay sign from the Hunger Games with accompanying raised arms and whistle. This has led to various bans on looking over the edge of balconies etc. but she can't think of anything else. Overall I am not aware that it's very different from what you would get in any mixed school but maybe it's worse than some? I am probably a bit irresponsible and tend to find it rather amusing when I am told about things like the clapping and to think that it's good they are having fun, but it must be annoying for the teachers.

Tiggywinkle25 Sun 09-Oct-16 11:51:07

Wow thank you for your very detailed response, much appreciated.

DorcasthePuffin Sun 09-Oct-16 19:14:48

I know Teddington used to have a reputation for this, but none of the children I know currently there seem to think the school has a problem (which doesn't mean it never happens, of course).

LProsser Mon 10-Oct-16 14:18:57

I think one thing I would be aware of is that most of the children going to Teddington will come from Collis, SMSP or St Johns and if your child is coming from another school without knowing anyone it may be a bit more daunting if they are shy. Same applies to any secondary I think. My friend's son went to Grey Court because they moved to Twickenham whilst he was at primary and he couldn't get in to Teddington. He didnt know anyone and it rook him a long time to find his feet as lots of other children knew one another and he lived a long way from the school so he felt an outsider. I would definitely say stick with your child's primary school friends if you are debating between two schools which seem to be at a similar standard. Dont worry about a 2% difference in GCSE results or something equally ephemeral.

SmileyHamptonTeacher Wed 16-Nov-16 00:22:31

The site is nice and I am sure the students are great. Have to say, however, that I have suspicions about rapid staff turnover and a rather intolerant attitude towards badly behaved pupils. All schools have some. Teddington seems ridiculously extreme with its way of dealing with them.

LProsser Fri 18-Nov-16 21:01:45

I don't think the staff turnover is particularly rapid for secondary schools in this area where young staff often move on quickly because of accommodation being so expensive. Quite a few older teachers have also retired in last few years, possibly encouraged along because they didn't want to start teaching A-level. Teddington parents and students do complain quite a lot if they think teachers aren't up to scratch - a new science teacher was ejected after a term or so last year because there were a lot of complaints.

I am quite intrigued by your comment about badly behaved pupils and an extreme way of dealing with them. I came across this a few years ago when there was an exceptionally badly behaved boy in my daughter's year 7 class who had also been in her primary school class. The school didn't really know what to do with him as he was totally uninterested in feeling chastened by any form of detention/suspension.

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