Turing House School - do your children go there?

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Living in the black hole of Strawberry Hill and looking at secondary schools for September 2017 for DS (we don't qualify for Teddington/SRR/Orleans etc). TA and Turing are the only two we are in catchment for. We are discounting TA for a raft of reasons, so we are going the private route for now (assuming he can get a place somewhere) but I am curious about Turing House. Mainly because it is new and the results (in terms of GCSE/ALevel/Ofstead etc) have not yet been proven. I know it is new, I know they have finally got a site organised etc... What I want to know is do your children go there? Are they happy, are you happy? Do you feel they are getting an excellent education? Our eldest daughter goes to Waldegrave and that school in our opinion is amazing (pastoral, educational focus, the results etc). Is Turing of the same ilk? Do you think Turing is here to stay and is not at risk at closing down in 5 years due to removal of investment or that teaching standards are not what they should be. I am in a panic - looking for your feedback? Good, bad and ugly! Thanks

Jellytoto Wed 05-Oct-16 21:28:33

My daughter is in y8 and we're thrilled with it. She's really happy and the standards seem high. Lots of extra curricular too. Why don't you go to one of the open evenings or mornings so you get to talk to the kids and teachers direct? It's the only way to get a feel for a school really.

Juliaclaire Thu 06-Oct-16 11:29:39

My son was part of Turning House's first intake and currently in year 8. This is a brilliant school. Dedicated and energetic staff. Strong leadership. The school is nurturing of both student potential and talent, with a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enhance a joy of learning and discovery. That said, there are clear behavioural expectations and I feel the students happily and maturely step up to the mark. With a strong community-feel, our family and my son couldn't be more delighted.

DorcasthePuffin Fri 07-Oct-16 01:05:23

I went to the open evening and was very impressed. That said, it won't be my first choice - because it's moving out to Whitton, and because it's overwhelmingly boys. But if for some reason we don't get our first choice I would be really happy for my dd to end up there.

Jellytoto Fri 07-Oct-16 15:00:50

I don't think my daughter's ever mentioned that there are more boys than girls and its hard to even notice at school events because the girls aren't shrinking violets and volunteer for everything in large numbers. I think she would have found a girls school more intimidating tbh and I know there are definitely some of her Turing friends who rejected that option because they wanted a mixed school. Horses for courses though if you're lucky enough to have a choice.

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