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Anyone in Rayleigh wants to meet up?

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mummyvice Sat 31-Dec-11 06:58:23

Hi. I am a mum to a 4 year old little boy (only child). My husband works a lot. Me and my son would like to find some friends we could meet up with, go out together or just stay at home to play. smile

Minimummy13 Mon 10-Feb-14 19:18:46

Hi ,

Have you had many responses ? She's got a funny name but wirecatwhore ( actual name Lisa ) lives in rayleigh and she messages me a short while ago as I don't know any mums where I live in eastwood and offered a meet up for coffee. Iv not got round to it yet but she seems really nice !

My boys quite a bit younger than yours only 5 months !! My husband is on a crazy 20 hour shift today so I know all about too much time on your own ! I was out all morning but still the day feels like forever !!

Gem x x

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