Cheadle and gatley fireworks..tonight!

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Does anyone know what time the fireworks start tonight? it's the round table one that is held at the bgws on schools hill???

GunpowderTreasonAndSquonk Sat 03-Nov-07 12:16:06

aaah, nostalgia - this was the one I always went to as a kid.

Twas always great.

<<<squonk goes off to remember a happy, happy bonfire childhood>>>

but do you know when it starts????grin

are you a stopfordian then?

GunpowderTreasonAndSquonk Sat 03-Nov-07 12:18:58

sorry, no idea what time it starts. I think back in the seventies and eighties it started at 6.30

yep, Stopfordian living in Yorkshire.

How is the old town? still standing?

Is the cinema still there at Gatley?

m-yes i think the cinema is still there!
stockport same as ever really!

have just foud out it starts at 6 if anyone else is interested!!!

Doodledootoo Sat 03-Nov-07 16:10:18

Message withdrawn

no.where is it?
have you done c&g-really good massive!

Doodledootoo Sat 03-Nov-07 16:15:56

Message withdrawn

Lucycat Sat 03-Nov-07 16:24:05

We always used to go to the Poynton one when we were small - not venturing near it this year - I'd see too many pupils!

we shall be heading to Heaton Norris rec on Monday.

sounds good. school night though and ds2 is too grumpy if he doesn't get is sleep!


Lucycat Sat 03-Nov-07 17:01:32

mmm I know - we could always watch it all from dd1's bedroom window - for free, in the warm grin

gatleygirl Wed 07-Nov-07 20:38:17

Gunpowder, the cinema in gatley was knocked down a couple of years ago to make way for flats! But the developar has gone bust so now its a big dumping ground at the back. pre kids we spent many a happy hour there - the small screen was about as big as out dining room!

Bit late for this year but for bonfire night my advice is book a table at TGI Fridays - if you sit in the window you can watch the BGWS fireworks in the warmth while you have a cocktail - result!

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