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loseley fields junior school in Godalming

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Gocowlike Mon 23-Sep-13 11:24:20

I've fallen in love with a house in Binscombe, just round the corner from Loseley Fields junior school. I don't fully understand the schools application process (oldest DC is not yet three), but I believe Godalming schools are generally oversubscribed so we might well end up going to LF even if we were to choose another school as our first choice. (is this right..?)

Anyway, what I wanted to ask was - does anyone have a view on how the school is doing? I know it is greatly improved since it went into special measures, but what is the outlook like now? Is it continuing to improve?

The house has a mad, mad layout, is too expensive, needs work we can't afford, but I still love it. I just need the schools situation to be good so I can try to persuade my DH!

thanks everyone

Guildford78 Tue 24-Sep-13 19:59:14

Demographically speaking Loseley is not 'rich' Godalming. It had a bad reputation but from what I gather on the parent and teacher grapevine, it is vastly improved and think might have been oversubscribed this year.

The new head apparently had a mass clear out of staff and is extremely knowledgeable and impressive. The grounds are also impressive. There are lots of open days for prospective parents at most schools at the moment so you could go along or ask the head for a tour.

Parents of newish children there have been delighted with it and wouldn't move their children even if the original 'first choice ' schools became available.

And, yes, you are likely to get lf as your allocated school unless you are demonstrably religious. It doesn't sound like that's a bad thing any more though. Tbh the way the situation around here is, you could move within catchment of another school and still not get in.

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