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Good schools in Sutton

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soppu Wed 05-Dec-12 19:31:54


I live in Sutton and my daughter goes to Manor park primary school in reception. I am really not happy with the school . Reason being they are not teaching anything for a 4 .5 yrs old child but robinhood and other schools have started giving key words, teaching some phonics and stuffs. I wonder is it because this school is not really outstanding? I moved a yr back and this school was near my proximity level and so did not bother much, thought all schools would be good in Uk. Also they are forcing the kid to have non vegetarian (as we are vegetarians) during party times (xmas ) to try non vegetarian food (which i have specifically written on their register ) and now my duaghter is puking . When asked for, teacher is saying am jst a supply one, when you see your main teacher you can talk to her.

I really wanted to know whether can we change our schools in year 1 or do we need any special request or permission from the council on the same.

Thanks in advance !!

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