GENEVA MN Meet up *Wine mandatory* *Leek and other Plastic Veg Optional*

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MmeLindt Fri 05-Feb-10 18:44:25

Shall we arrange another meet up before the school hols or is it too soon for you guys?

Has the Leek recovered, Cariboo?

MmeLindt Fri 05-Feb-10 21:17:13

I am so aloooooooooooooooooone

cariboo Fri 05-Feb-10 22:34:40

Leekie is miffed. He hates smelling of garlic & he hates being laughed at. Told him to lighten up.grin

cariboo Fri 05-Feb-10 22:38:12

Argh! Have just seen thread title. You meano, Mme Lindt. No wonder you're so aloooooooooone... wink

MmeLindt Fri 05-Feb-10 22:46:08

Lolol Cariboo

Are you going to report me to the RSPCL?


cariboo Fri 05-Feb-10 22:52:26

No, let's let Daphne do that.

strudelface Fri 05-Feb-10 23:00:23

Oooohhh new thread - Niiicee

Just back from watching the Geneve Servettes Hockey team lose again.

I'm free for the next couple of weeks and then its our half term and I have MIL staying so I say Yes to a meet before then.

Cadmum Sat 06-Feb-10 07:19:38

I would love to come this time, honestly. blush

I have had a rough time for the last two weeks and I actually 'forgot' that yesterday was Friday. Dh was home sick on Wednesday and I somehow lost a day in that process.

Our move has been postponed until March 12 so I have some time before then. Fairly flexible with timing usually as well.

MmeLindt Sat 06-Feb-10 14:42:09

Sorry that things are not going well for you at the moment, Cadmum. Hope it gets better so that you can enjoy the rest of your time here in Geneva.

We bought a car today, subject to it getting checked by the Swiss AA people - is it TWC or something? Not going to pick it up for a couple of weeks.

Cadmum Sat 06-Feb-10 21:45:39

Thanks Mme Lindt. TBH I am grateful that we are still in Geneva because this would have been a lot more stressful and potentially risky in Phnom Penh. At least we are somewhat familiar with the medical system and can speak French.

I will try to pull my act together before the next meet up. I still can't drive for another couple of weeks but public transport is no problem.

Congratulations on the new car. What did you buy?

TheMysticMasseuse Sat 06-Feb-10 21:51:02

marking my place ...

MmeLindt Sat 06-Feb-10 22:20:26

A veteran car - 1973 MGB.

Won't be using it till summer though.

Yes, I guess that the medical system is one huge advantage to living in Switzerland. DD seems to have a UTI so we will be off to the doc on Monday.

Niftyblue Sat 06-Feb-10 22:54:43

Found this thread
I need lessons!!!!

Enjoyed yesterday

When Dh came home last night
DD went running upto him shouting " I met Leek,I met Leek"

She came with us and had conversation`s about diamonds and "girlie" things and all she can talk about is a green plastic Leekgrin

We are on school holidays next week but are around
Let me know when can meet up

TheMysticMasseuse Sun 07-Feb-10 07:08:17

I honestly can't believe I missed the leek!!! my expectations are now sky high. Incidentally I have a whole toy chest full of plastic and wooden vegetables so if anyone fancies having a minestrone meet-up email me your choice of vegetable and I shall oblige you grin

Am always around although my mum is here 15-21 and there's no way I can fess up to an Internet meetup without her calling social services, and then away 21-25.

cariboo Sun 07-Feb-10 21:58:05

lol at minestrone meet-up! hilarious!

Nifty, your dd has her priorities straight. What could be more fascinating than meeting some mad grown-up with a plastic leek that she brings along to restaurants?grin

Leek is thrilled with all this attention. Told him to not let it go to his head (?) & wipe that smirk off his face. Hmph!

MmeLindt Mon 08-Feb-10 08:23:16

LOL, now we know what to call our next meetup thread.

Ok. Let's get serious. This week is pretty busy but I can manage to get out on Tuesday or Wednesday.

strudelface Mon 08-Feb-10 09:01:32

Are we doing night or day meet-up?

Niftyblue Mon 08-Feb-10 09:03:52

I can do nights this week
I have the kids off this week
Is it toooooooo early to open the wine or should I just stick to red bull????

strudelface Mon 08-Feb-10 09:09:54

A bit early for wine - I'd say - what's wrong with coffee?

Have DDs' cold so would prefer end of week meet so I don't scare you with big red nose and puffy eyes.

Ooh we got an imac at the weekend and the keyboard is very tactile I jusy ahve to keep typing and typing.....

Niftyblue Mon 08-Feb-10 09:15:16

I can still hear the kids when I drink coffee grin

ONLY joking about the wine

strudelface Mon 08-Feb-10 09:16:45

Oh yeah forgot you had kids at home - in that case wine as you don't need to do the school run later.

MmeLindt Mon 08-Feb-10 09:17:54

Stuff the wine, get the vodka out, Nifty

Don't think I can manage end of the week, have something on Thurs and Sat, will need an alc free day in between.

strudelface Mon 08-Feb-10 09:24:28

Well what about Weds night then? Or next week can do any except Thursday.

MmeLindt Mon 08-Feb-10 09:26:07

Wednesday would be ok, could not stay long though as I have a big day on Thursday. Or next Monday/Tues?

Niftyblue Mon 08-Feb-10 09:36:05

I could do Wednesday night

Niftyblue Mon 08-Feb-10 11:50:13

If next week is easier then thats fine to

MmeLindt Mon 08-Feb-10 12:21:26

I am can do a quick drink on Wednesday (providing DH gets home on time) or next week, whatever suits the rest of you.

strudelface Mon 08-Feb-10 12:26:38

Shall we say next week then and that gives time to get the others on board and think of a venue

Niftyblue Mon 08-Feb-10 12:38:42

I can do any week this or next
Let me know what suits

Off for another can of red bull
Have wine in for when my little cherubs are in bed tonight grin

TheMysticMasseuse Mon 08-Feb-10 13:18:55

can't do wed as dh flying back late. Can't do next week either

Cadmum Mon 08-Feb-10 13:57:28

I could probably make Wednesday work but next week would be better.

Sorry Mystic.... I hope to meet you before our departure in mid-March.

envy, why do you people over that side of the country have more interest than us Central CH'rs?

MmeLindt Tue 09-Feb-10 09:08:42

Ah, we have more wine here, and the French influence.

And I guess there are just more of us here.

You are welcome to come over and join our meet up, Kreecher.

strudelface Tue 09-Feb-10 13:01:24

lol at we have more wine here

(well they did until we started having meet-upsgrin)

Kreecher how far away are you? Could you come over for a day and then we could do a lunch meet-up.

TheMysticMasseuse Tue 09-Feb-10 15:47:58

I was having lunch with a friend and complained about Geneva being too rigid etc and he said, you should try go out to Zug, they are the real capitalists, and look at genevois as some half wits mediterranean types grin

cariboo Wed 10-Feb-10 09:12:32

Kreecher, I always think the same of Expat-Moms-In-Switzerland. They almost never have anything going on in Suisse romande grin. Come & have a "minestrone" with us!

MmeLindt Wed 10-Feb-10 18:28:56

It depends on what you are used to I guess, MM.

Coming from Germany, I find the Suisse very very relaxed.

Was over in Petit Lancy today, wanted to try out the new Aldi. Did not realise that today was the grand opening of the new Hypermarché. It was packed. Aldi not bad though, cheaper than most places.

strudelface Wed 10-Feb-10 18:36:27

I've got lost trying to find that Aldi and the parking is a bit grim and the roadworks all around didn't make for a pleasant experience. But will have to go again shortly for the peppermint tea bags - in France all mint tea is with green tea -yuck.

MmeLindt Wed 10-Feb-10 19:07:14

It was utter chaos today, Strudel. The car park is badly designed (says city planner MmeLindt) and the roadworks are atrocious.

Is there a road anywhere in Geneva without roadworks at the moment?

Niftyblue Wed 10-Feb-10 21:39:28

Kreecher you could come and vist
Or we could come to you

here I blame the air its wine and cheese grin

TheMysticMasseuse Thu 11-Feb-10 11:28:41

so did you lovely vegetables ladies met up last night? or should we try for anotehr date? what about first week of March?

Cadmum Thu 11-Feb-10 21:33:38

The first week of March would be great for me. (I might even feel human again by then.) smile

Niftyblue Fri 12-Feb-10 16:05:38

Thought it was next week we were going out?

Let me know
I can do the first week in March if its NOT

Have a good weekend
I know we live here in the land of cheese and chocolate and all that and I know I should expect SNOW
BUT I wish it would stop !!!

MmeLindt Fri 12-Feb-10 16:08:06

I can do next week, but not Wednesday as my parents arrive that day.

strudelface Fri 12-Feb-10 16:20:39

I can do next week too - not fussed about day.

Cariboo are you free?

And why has Kreecher ignored our offers of a meet-up? You've scared her off with all this vegetable talk I reckon.

Niftyblue Sat 13-Feb-10 12:36:29

I can do any nite but Thursday

strudelface Sat 13-Feb-10 16:02:27

Okay so Mon/Tues

Shall we say Tues evening?

TheMysticMasseuse Sat 13-Feb-10 16:05:49

I am fed up of the snow as well!!!!

sorry won't be able to meet you next week

strudelface Sat 13-Feb-10 16:08:57

We can meet again first week of March MM.

Snow's great grin we are back from our first foray into skiing and no broken limbs to report - which is a plus I feel.

Niftyblue Sat 13-Feb-10 16:39:52

I can do Tuesday

glad you had a good time Strudel grin

Niftyblue Sat 13-Feb-10 21:29:25

Where is everyone????

strudelface Sun 14-Feb-10 16:47:01

Awww is no-one talking to you Nifty!

Yep let's do Tuesday

MmeLindt are you free too? Caribooooooooooo where are youuuuu?

MmeLindt Sun 14-Feb-10 16:50:38

Think I can do Tuesday, will have to ask DH when he comes home. He is off running. Crazy man. It is bloody cold today.

cariboo Sun 14-Feb-10 18:53:04

Been ill since our last meet-up. Horrible cold. These viruses are strong this year - either that or my immune system is shot.

Next week busy, week after hols so will have to be March for me and Leek. xx

MmeLindt Sun 14-Feb-10 19:09:06

Looks like DS may be home from school Monday Tuesday so will DEFINITELY need a glass of wine by Tues evening.

He is Coming Down With Something <said in ominous tone>

strudelface Sun 14-Feb-10 20:09:43

Sorry you have been unwell cariboo. Have a speedy recovery - hope to see the leek and you soon.

Ok so MmeLindt et Nifty where shall we go? Nifty do you want a lift?

MmeLindt Sun 14-Feb-10 20:31:27

Ill since our last meetup, Cariboo? Did leek not protect you from our germs?

Come out on Tuesday and kill the germs with lots of wine.

Have spoken to DH. It is a GO (to use an American expression).

Ring should arrive tomorrow afternoon so bring your sunglasses.

cariboo Sun 14-Feb-10 21:30:06

tempted!grin diamonds are a girl's best friends! apart from a trusty leek, of course.

Niftyblue Mon 15-Feb-10 08:04:04

Cariboo sad
cccooooooooooommmeee out to play !!!

Yes I can Tuesday

We get out new car tomorrow (I think)

Don`t mind about driving Strudel if ya want to drink wink

MmeLindt Mon 15-Feb-10 17:49:06


I suggest at the La Clemence bar at the top of the old town at 7.45ish. Tomorrow (Tuesday) We can then decide where to go from there.

The green one with the tables outside

cariboo Wed 17-Feb-10 10:10:33

Sorry, guys (as we north americans say!) but Tuesday was a disaster day for me. Meeting with dd's school - want her out of there, poor little trout!

Didn't sleep a wink last night as was so stressed out by the meeting and sad for dd who tries soooo hard but just doesn't have the stamina to do 2hrs of homework per night. She's only 9, ffs!angry

Gritty eyed today but have at least calmed down.

Hope you guys had a good time last night and see you next time. xx

TheMysticMasseuse Wed 17-Feb-10 12:24:09

Cariboo, that sounds dreadful where does your dd go to school- i am in the process of chosing a school for dd1 (4).

hope you all had a good time

Cadmum Wed 17-Feb-10 17:38:40

Sorry for missing yet another meet-up. I am pathetic...

I hope you are still planning another one for the first week in March. I am going to need a break by then.

Cariboo. I am sorry about your dd. I agree that 2 hours of homework is far too much at 9. (We manage to fit in an entire 'school day' in about 5 hours and only rarely go into 'homework' hours.) I hope you manage to find a better solution and that you are able to get some sleep in the mean time. There is nothing more stressful than a crisis in a sleep-deprived funk.

Back to the sorting in preparation for packing.

cariboo Sun 21-Feb-10 11:50:08

She's at Florimont. MM and other expats: Don't send your kid(s) there unless you are a firm believer in a very old-fashioned (dating back at least 50, I'm guessing) school system - learning by rote, punishment instead of encouragement, strict discipline (not a bad thing at all, IMO!) and work, work, work.

We're off to Paris tomorrow, back on Thursday. Meet up next week?

Cadmum, you'd better show yourself or we'll think you're a trollgrin

Cadmum Sun 21-Feb-10 21:58:51

Cariboo - Oh, I am a troll... (Or at least I feel like one.)

When is the next meet-up then?

Niftyblue Tue 23-Feb-10 10:02:43

Watch it cadmum if you are a troll wink cariboo won`t bring the leek next time in fear that you will eat itgrin
She is very attached to her dear little leek
DD keeps asking me when am I going out with thoses ladies again
She calls you strudell
Lindt and the leek lady

Cadmum Tue 23-Feb-10 10:11:21

I won't eat the leek. I promise.

Is the plan to meet next week? Is that already the first week of March? EEK!

I am starting to wonder what I have got myself (ourselves) in for... It is 35 degrees in Phnom Penh today and raining.

Everyone we know who has been there absolutely loves it and besides anything is possible for one year though, right?

Niftyblue Tue 23-Feb-10 10:24:19

A year will fly by
It will be great
My friends did`nt want to leave

cariboo Wed 24-Feb-10 08:35:09

Leekie comments that he is inedible. He's loving Paris, although where he goes, I have no idea...grin

Niftyblue Wed 24-Feb-10 09:06:49

Leek has probarly heard the rumours about what they say about Paris Leeks
Ya know what they say about the French being romanticconfused

Niftyblue Wed 24-Feb-10 09:09:07

Watch that he does`nt run off with a string of onions !!!!

cariboo Wed 24-Feb-10 21:36:10

lol! guessing that would actually be "rolling off with a string of onions".

MmeLindt Fri 26-Feb-10 12:52:38

LOL at the budding romance between Leek and some cheeky French Onions.

Are you taking DD out of school then, Cariboo?

Back from Paris, exhausted and full of the cold. We had a GREAT time though.

Meetup next week?

Who can?

cariboo Sat 27-Feb-10 09:24:04

Just hope he didn't get involved with any leek or onion tarts!

Weren't we lucky with the weather, MmeL? Phew! Didn't take dc out of school - GE hols were last week. We had an absolutely brilliant time but are completely and utterly wrecked with fatigue. Feet still throbbing. Worth it, though.

Sooooo, meet up when? Where?

Cadmum Sun 28-Feb-10 07:36:41

I would like to meet you, please.

Next week is packers and movers so this week should be full of chaotic sorting but what I don't get done here will wait til the other end, right?
Wednesday and Friday are the least likely options for me at this point but even they might have possible time slots.

strudelface Sun 28-Feb-10 09:00:35

I'm free this week for a meet-up - am easy on time/date.

MmeLindt Sun 28-Feb-10 09:34:41

Ok. Let's get serious.

Daytime : Friday would work best for lunch for me. This would be the best option for me actually. Or Thursday if need be.

Evenings: am free every evening.<saddo sahm> Thursday not so good but possible.

Who can manage Friday for lunch?

strudelface Sun 28-Feb-10 11:20:46

Friday for lunch is perfect for me. Can do evenings too.

We are at home sad today as ski resort shut due to high winds.

looking forward to hearing about all the Parisien escapades.

Cadmum Sun 28-Feb-10 16:41:48

I can't make Friday lunch. (I will be in Bern.)

No worries if it is the only time that works. I will put a photo on my profile temporarily and you can pretend that I am there.

strudelface Mon 01-Mar-10 08:45:23

Oh no Cadmum - we should try and work around you as you are leaving. Are evenings better for you?

MmeLindt Mon 01-Mar-10 09:46:02

I can do Thursday if you cannot do Friday, Cadmum.

Or an evening?

cariboo Mon 01-Mar-10 11:19:05

I can't do Thursday - sorry!

strudelface Mon 01-Mar-10 11:36:52

I may be able to do Thursday - not sure yet tho'

Can you do evenings Cariboo?

TheMysticMasseuse Mon 01-Mar-10 13:32:02

marking my place. Have left dd1 at school till 3pm today, if that works, fingers crossed, in can even do lunch!!! yaayyyy. will let you know.

cariboo Tue 02-Mar-10 01:18:53

No, I can't do evenings until dd's school/homework situation is stabilised. This should be soon, God willing. Now I'm at odds with my not so darling h. Bleedin' heck.

MmeLindt Tue 02-Mar-10 07:57:57

If you can do Thursday, then let's do Thursday at 12pm.

Now the agonising of choosing a restaurant.

MmeLindt Tue 02-Mar-10 07:59:09

What is happening with DD's school? Have you managed to sort something out? Do you have time to meet for coffee this week, if Thursday does not work for you?

TheMysticMasseuse Tue 02-Mar-10 08:59:00

Thursday would work for me, friday just realised i cant

fastfurious Tue 02-Mar-10 11:28:11

I'd love to, MmeL. The school situation is gradually getting sorted but it's difficult and slow and heartbreaking.

Cadmum Tue 02-Mar-10 18:33:55

Thanks for making special concessions to include me. At the moment Thursday 12:00 looks workable. smile I still need a confirmed pack date from the movers so I hope they don't choose Thursday.

Flights are booked but not the movers. Does this seem slightly backwards to anyone other than me?

<<Cadmum backs away from the computer chanting the mantra: I am not going to get stressed out about this move. I am not going to get stressed out about this move...>>

fastfurious Tue 02-Mar-10 23:23:23

Rats! Thursday I have to take my car to the garage to have its pollution thingy updated & then ds has got an "open house" at school. I really CANNOT do Thursdaysad

cariboo Tue 02-Mar-10 23:26:04

I'm back, btw. cariboo I am & cariboo I stay.

cariboo Tue 02-Mar-10 23:27:30

I have got to go to bed! My eyes are falling out of their sockets.(gross, yuck)

strudelface Wed 03-Mar-10 05:58:35

Yeah - I can do Thursday now.

Has anyone seen Nifty around lately?

strudelface Wed 03-Mar-10 17:10:47

Soooo are we meeting tomorrow at 12? Where?

TheMysticMasseuse Wed 03-Mar-10 17:20:55

looks like dd1 is coming down with something- she's got a temperature and is desperate to go to bed (so out of character....). So i highly doubt i'll be able to join you tomorrow

MmeLindt Wed 03-Mar-10 17:27:39

Ok, tomorrow. Thursday. Shall we go to the place in town centre, opposite Globus? They normally have a decent Plat du jour. At 12.

strudelface Wed 03-Mar-10 17:30:55

Ok on Place du Molard?

MmeLindt Wed 03-Mar-10 17:33:36

Oui, oui.

Doing homework with DD.

<tears hair out>

Niftyblue Thu 04-Mar-10 09:52:12

Have a good time
Sorry but can`t do today
Seem to rushing around and getting no where

cariboo Sat 06-Mar-10 13:53:56

oof! dd starts new school on Monday

strudelface Sat 06-Mar-10 16:11:07

Ooooh that's good news Cariboo

cariboo Sat 06-Mar-10 23:13:03

The stupid thing is - have I done the right thing? Dh & I had a horrible row over it on Wednesday, divorce was mentioned & the whole 9 yards sad but now I've won the battle, have I really done what's best for dd? confused

Niftyblue Sun 07-Mar-10 01:00:44

Which school?

And YES you have done the right thing
DD is 9 and needs this !

You are a mum trying to do the right thing and you have
You are right to get her out of there you can`t have that little girl going through all of this shit at school
It was affecting her confidance
her self esteem
her health
her childhood
YOU are right

MmeLindt Sun 07-Mar-10 08:19:54

Yes. Of couse you have done the right thing. Your responsibility is to your DD. She was miserable in the school.

Does your DH think that rhe other school is not challenging enough?

Shall we meet up next week? I will be in town for some classes on Thurs and Friday if anyone has time for coffee.

TheMysticMasseuse Sun 07-Mar-10 12:29:41

cariboo, i am so sorry you are so torn and conflicted, i don't know the ins and outs but as others say, you have done right by your dd. Surely dh will come around when he sees she's happier.

stay strong.

well dd1 hasbeen sick since wednesday- taking her to the garde pediatrique today to check what is wrong with her. Strongly hoping (for my sanity, above all) that she'll be fine by the end of the week in which case I (and dd2) will be up for a meetup on thur or fri.

MmeLindt- have been to Manor yesterday to cheer myself up. I can see why you say it's addictive grin

cariboo Sun 07-Mar-10 13:21:27

Thank you so much for your kind words! I really need the support atm... and you've reminded me why we had to move dd. Also, her pediatric neurologist told me to take her out of such a stressful lifestyle. She's sending a medical certificate. My dh is being a bit of a control-freak atm.

A meet-up next week would be lovely but I don't know how it's all going to work out what with ds & dd having to be taken to 2 different schools for the same time! And La Chât have made a radical change to their drop-off/pick-up policy (effective Monday) which will probably mean at least 30 mins of traffic line-up before trying to find a place in the larger parking lot and then accompanying ds on foot to his classroom. There are 1,500+ students at La Chât. It's going to be absolute hell.

cariboo Wed 10-Mar-10 08:47:12

btw, I want to buy a particular Nintendo DS game for ds (!) but neither or will ship it to CH. Does anyone live over the border who would be willing to let me have it shipped to them to be collected at next meet-up? thx!

MmeLindt Wed 10-Mar-10 10:31:42

Have you tried the Game Store, Cariboo? They ship to CH and they have reconditioned games.

cariboo Thu 11-Mar-10 12:49:10

Thanks, MmeL but they only have one Sims game in stock. Oh well.

Niftyblue Thu 11-Mar-10 13:22:07

Cariboo how is school going for DD?

cariboo Sun 14-Mar-10 14:08:19

DD is in school heaven! Homework now minimal (compared to the other institution, anyway) and dd has been delighted to tell all & sundry that last week she got 10/10 on dictée, 10/10 in maths, 9.5/10 in English and 8/10 in poésiehmm. lol.

Tis DS who's now in troublesad. Hopefully just a passing storm.

cariboo Tue 16-Mar-10 12:48:06

hell-ohhhhh! where are you guys?!hmm

Niftyblue Tue 16-Mar-10 19:01:05

Here winkgrin
whats the latest ?

MmeLindt Tue 16-Mar-10 21:04:07

Fab, Cariboo. Glad that DD is enjoying her new school.

When are we meeting? Next week.

I can do lunch on Monday, Thursday or Friday.

Or evenings Monday Tuesday or Friday.

Found a lovely wee bar in Carouge that we could try out if you are feeling adventurous. Nothing fancy, lunch just salads/soup/quiche kind of food, evening steak avec frites.

We were in today and I had to use the loo, to get to which one has to go through the kitchen.

The cook was busy making pastry for quiche, some were already finished and looked delish.

Niftyblue Wed 17-Mar-10 07:53:52

I am up for going out

Evening ??

mrbrightside Wed 17-Mar-10 13:32:00

I'm here too - next week would prefer evening as we are going on our Hols Thursday so need time in the days to get sorted. So can do Mon or Tues or Weds evening.

(PS have namechanged 'tis STrudel)

mrbrightside Wed 17-Mar-10 13:32:53

PS Cariboo - good news re your DD

MmeLindt Wed 17-Mar-10 17:25:16

Monday would be best for me.

mrbrightside Wed 17-Mar-10 17:29:50

Monday's good for me.

Niftyblue Thu 18-Mar-10 10:38:06

Monday evening or lunch ??

like the name Mrbrightside wink

mrbrightside Thu 18-Mar-10 10:47:48

Evening please.

Ta Nifty smile

Niftyblue Thu 18-Mar-10 10:48:41

Check with Mr Nifty
But think it should be fine grin
I can drive

Niftyblue Thu 18-Mar-10 11:51:59

Yep I can Monday night grin

mrbrightside Thu 18-Mar-10 12:03:30


So that's me, MmeL and Nifty - Anyone else???

Niftyblue Thu 18-Mar-10 12:11:19

mrbright told dh I was going out with you lot and gave your MN names
He went "oh well who is Mrbrightside i thought strudel was a woman?"
said yeah she is but fancied a change

So he is probarly thinking
there is the lady who takes her leek everywhere
A lady who thinks she may be a man

The poor man is confused

Great LOL here grin

MmeLindt Thu 18-Mar-10 12:13:13

Sorry, Strudel but I suspect you will always be Strudel to me. I do like your new name though.

LOL at the cross dressing Strudel.

mrbrightside Thu 18-Mar-10 12:16:05

Ah - the problem is you give him too much information - I work on a need to know basis - they don't get confused then IME grin

mrbrightside Thu 18-Mar-10 12:21:13

Right my new name is a song by The Killers - I don't think I am a man and I don't cross-dress - just for the record.

<ponders going back to old name - but I didn't like the face bit you see>

Niftyblue Thu 18-Mar-10 12:24:27

what do you mean "I don`t think I am a man"

I like your new name
It was funny listening to a confused dh on the phone
I could hear the cogs turning in his head
So strudel is a woman but called Mrbrightside

I think >I need to get out more grin

mrbrightside Thu 18-Mar-10 12:24:42

Apparently the name strudel has been taken by someone else sad

Niftyblue Thu 18-Mar-10 12:26:03

shock there can only be one Strudel and thats you smile

MmeLindt Thu 18-Mar-10 12:28:50

No, you have the name yourself, you can change back.

mrbrightside Thu 18-Mar-10 12:33:29

Yes I can have strudelface but not 'strudel'

Niftyblue Thu 18-Mar-10 12:44:37

Keep mrbrightside

I can pick you up on Monday

mrbrightside Thu 18-Mar-10 17:07:28

Thanks Nifty - but isn't it my turn or did you want to show me your tidy new car wink

cariboo Thu 18-Mar-10 22:24:55

yikes! Um, how do you know Nifty, without a doubt, 100% that Strudel is a woman?grin

My dh is in Burkina Faso (sp?) for 12 days so no evenings atm... sorry about that cos I would have liked to meet up.

Leekie is bored silly. He'll be furious at missing a meet-up.

MmeLindt Fri 19-Mar-10 16:37:05

That is a shame, Cariboo. Would have been nice to see you.

Niftyblue Sun 21-Mar-10 01:51:22

O.k where then ?
maybe Cariboo`s for supper ???

Niftyblue Mon 22-Mar-10 07:53:13

cariboo was joking grin

what we doing then ??

MmeLindt Mon 22-Mar-10 08:21:17

Sorry, gals, I have to cancel for tonight. DH is not going to be home in time, he has a late meeting.

mrbrightside Mon 22-Mar-10 08:23:02

Well town is half way between me and nifts and MmeL. So do we want to eat and drink - just drink...

I'd prefer to eat (and drink)

Niftyblue Mon 22-Mar-10 08:23:28

MmeLindt sad

Mrbrightside what about you?
Or shall we re-arrange?

mrbrightside Mon 22-Mar-10 08:23:46

Well town is half way between me and nifts and MmeL. So do we want to eat and drink - just drink...

I'd prefer to eat (and drink)

mrbrightside Mon 22-Mar-10 08:33:06

Ooops MASSIVE cross post there.

What a shame MmeL will see you when I get back from deepest darkest Africa. Have a good time in Deutschland.

Niftyblue Thu 25-Mar-10 10:58:43

MrBright have a good holiday

Lets all meet up soon

mrbrightside Thu 25-Mar-10 11:22:37

Ta nifty

See you all in a couple of weeks...

Niftyblue Sat 03-Apr-10 01:36:21

where is everybody????

cariboo Wed 07-Apr-10 10:59:15

still here! grin

Niftyblue Wed 07-Apr-10 11:23:24

cariboo grin
How are you doing ??

cariboo Mon 12-Apr-10 08:39:29

hello Nifty! xx

mrbrightside Mon 12-Apr-10 08:47:25

Just checking in.

Nifts, Cariboo - how are you both?

Are everyone's dcs back at school now?


Niftyblue Mon 12-Apr-10 09:13:53

MrBright good holiday ??

I am up for a meet-up

Back to early mornings
school runs
Running around like a blue arse fly

cariboo Mon 12-Apr-10 09:56:17

back to school this morning... blue-arsed fly mode here, too. Plus mega-diet as have eaten chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate & have to go to a blardy fancy wedding in Blighty with hat, etc in one month.shock

MmeLindt Mon 12-Apr-10 09:57:29

Good to see you back. How was your holiday? I was thinking of you coming back to the cold Bise. Are you all freezing cold?

I bought a bag in Germany at last. Will show you it when we meet.

Which will be when?

I am good for lunch Thurs or Friday.

Or coffee mornings or afternoons any day (except Wednesday of course)

cariboo Mon 12-Apr-10 10:02:13

pasta! now!! arghhhh!!!

MmeLindt Mon 12-Apr-10 10:04:29

Pasta? Cariboo, what are you blethering about?

I also have to lose weight, after a week of PILs spoiling me with food food and more food.

mrbrightside Mon 12-Apr-10 10:09:39

Holiday was fab - weather not too hot and a bit of rain - boo.

Yes lets do lunch this week, I too need to lose weight after dh said he was looking at old (4 years ago) holiday photos where I looked slim he added 'er' whilst I glared at him.

MmeL - looking forward to seeing bag.

Can do any day this week.

MmeLindt Mon 12-Apr-10 10:11:52

LOL at your DH, MrB. Not very tactful is he?

Ok, Thursday or Friday this week?

Shall we go somewhere with a salad bar?

Or fish with veg?

mrbrightside Mon 12-Apr-10 10:34:33

I can do Thurs or Fri..

cariboo Mon 12-Apr-10 11:23:17

rofl at that stupid tactless dh! Mine has learned to keep his mouth shut after I told him "I can lose weight and be thin again but you will always be bald."

MmeL, I am cold. I am hungry. I am on first day of blardy diet and I WANT PASTA! and wine.grin

Niftyblue Mon 12-Apr-10 19:09:12

H can`t say anything about my size as he is and always has been bigger !!!!

Saying that I have gone up a size in the last few weeks/months ((cough cough))
BUT he is still bigger than me

mrbrightside Tue 13-Apr-10 09:39:12

So Thursday or Friday? Nifty? Cariboo? MmeL?

We also have a new recruit - Wuxiapian - who I have directed over here who is new in Geneva.

MmeLindt Tue 13-Apr-10 09:48:41

I can do either.

<waits for newbie> I think I posted on your thread a while back.

Niftyblue Tue 13-Apr-10 09:51:23

I don`t mind either

Thanks to mrBright I have a hair appt at Toni and Guys on Thursday morning
I will take your map grin

mrbrightside Tue 13-Apr-10 09:53:29

Oooh - I'd forgotten about that - shall we say Thursday then you can come straight to lunch after having hair done.

Niftyblue Tue 13-Apr-10 09:56:09

If I am wearing a bag on my head don`t ask how it went

Love to meet wuxiapian
seen her about here

MmeLindt Tue 13-Apr-10 09:57:24

By ze way. I have found a FAB hairdresser in the middle of the Swiss countryside.

I paid CHF 150 for cut and highlights.

Also went with DD and the other hairdresser cut her hair and it is lovely, a wonderful cut.

Niftyblue Tue 13-Apr-10 10:33:34

Where shall we go then ????

MmeLindt Tue 13-Apr-10 13:10:13

Somewhere where we can sit outside, if it is warm enough.

Niftyblue Tue 13-Apr-10 13:21:42

What about cafe du centre (???)
Its across from Globus on the cobbles

MmeLindt Tue 13-Apr-10 14:34:44

Good idea. When is your appointment Nifty? Shall we meet afterwards.

Good work on the phone in the bath thread, btw.

cariboo Tue 13-Apr-10 15:47:10

<waits to hear> Can Leekie come?grin

mrbrightside Tue 13-Apr-10 15:50:56

Phone in the bath thread? - I always miss the good ones.

Cariboo - only if he buys a round grin

Am feeling virtuous - had a salad for lunch - starving now though....

Awaiting time to meet - is Cafe du centre the one we went to with Lynn, MmeL?

MmeLindt Tue 13-Apr-10 15:57:08

Yes, that is the one, MrB.

Leek can come but only if he behaves himself.

Nifty is on the schooool run.

Niftyblue Tue 13-Apr-10 18:12:08

Appt is at 10.00
So should be out for 12ish

Can`t believe the other thread angry
The poor O.P sad

TheMysticMasseuse Tue 13-Apr-10 18:16:46

hello everyone, hope you are ok. have you decided on a time and day? will see if i can manage to join this time...

TheMysticMasseuse Tue 13-Apr-10 18:17:11

ps MmeLindt- i'll take that hairderesser number, thanks!

MmeLindt Tue 13-Apr-10 20:02:00

Shall we say 12.30 at Cafe du centre then? Have I spelled that right?

Will bring hairdresser's address with me, she is in Choulex, the only hairdresser in a very small village so you cannot miss her.

Niftyblue Tue 13-Apr-10 20:05:22

Suits me grin
Have NO idea if it`s spelt right grin

Don`t ask about the hair if I am wearing a bag

TheMysticMasseuse Tue 13-Apr-10 20:06:06

what day?! although tbh it is unlikely i'll be able to make it as that's dd2's witching hour...

MmeLindt Tue 13-Apr-10 20:07:57


That is a shame, MM. Do you want to meet for coffee before or afterwards? I am free till 3.30pm

Niftyblue Tue 13-Apr-10 20:10:08

MM come
ask Cariboo it`s Leekie witching hour too grin

cariboo Tue 13-Apr-10 20:21:12

Heh-heh-heh! :-)

Niftyblue Tue 13-Apr-10 20:29:03


cariboo Tue 13-Apr-10 20:30:55

Ah sheet! Have a 9:15 appt on Friday in Geneva so Fri would be a better day for me... but as you're all organised for Thurs, I'll come in both days, barring some urgent last-minute mummy requirement.

Niftyblue Tue 13-Apr-10 21:00:27

I could do friday lunch

Would a night be better?
You could all come here
Or is that making it complicated ?

Niftyblue Tue 13-Apr-10 21:03:09

Could do with MN right Now

TheMysticMasseuse Wed 14-Apr-10 08:09:58

Just remembered I have an interview on thursday at 2.30. Doh. that's how seriously i am taking the whole job search hmm

btw, quick q- i have heard i need to exchange my driving licence soon, or have to resit a drivin test (which i will never, in a million years, pass!). Do you know what the time limit to do so? thanks!

MmeLindt Wed 14-Apr-10 08:21:16

You have a year to do it but don't forget or they will make you resit your test.

It is not complicated. You need an eye test (go to any optician, I went to the one in the centre at Eaux Vives) and a photo. Then you take your old driving licence, your passport and your Switzerland permit to Carouge to the Bureau de Automobile (I think it is called) and they do it quite quickly.

I am fine with Friday, if that is better for you guys.

mrbrightside Wed 14-Apr-10 11:18:35

I can do Friday too - would actually prefer it but need to know by today as can't check pc tomorrow am as got a meeting so would go straight to lunch (if we are meeting tomorrow)

Niftyblue Wed 14-Apr-10 11:40:26

Friday lunch is good for me

MM all the best at the interview smile

MmeLindt Wed 14-Apr-10 11:40:39

Ok, FRIDAY at 12pm at CAFE DU CENTRE opposite Globus?

All in favour, say aye.

Niftyblue Wed 14-Apr-10 11:49:26

AYE Captin Lindt wink

mrbrightside Wed 14-Apr-10 13:25:12

Aye aye me hearties

MmeLindt Wed 14-Apr-10 16:46:32

Ok, looking good for Friday.

Just thought, that is better for me anyway as our cleaner comes on Thursday and last week we had a small misunderstanding. I thought she understood that we were on holiday but obviously my French is worse than I thought. She arrived and set the alarm off.

Must speak to her this week, and write down what I want to say.

mrbrightside Wed 14-Apr-10 17:07:23

Goody - will assume Friday at 12, looking forward to it smile

Niftyblue Wed 14-Apr-10 19:30:49


are you coming ?

cariboo Wed 14-Apr-10 23:05:24

heh, heh... um, well I can do both now, actually!blush

cariboo Wed 14-Apr-10 23:08:15

okey-doke! Friday it isgrin

MmeLindt Wed 14-Apr-10 23:11:38

<slaps Cariboo with a wet fish>

Fine. Friday it is.

WUX. Where are you?

TheMysticMasseuse Thu 15-Apr-10 16:05:12

Hello, well I think I may be able to make it! And let's hope dd2 falls asleep in the buggy like she's supposed to

toying with the idea of going to do the dreaded licence exchange in the morning and get it out of the way, in which case i might be late, but will see how i feel in the morning.

MmeLindt Thu 15-Apr-10 16:53:20

Wooohooo, great. All we need it Wux to turn up, have posted on her thread. If anyone has her email, perhaps you could drop her a line.

mrbrightside Thu 15-Apr-10 17:16:25

I have e-mailed her - should have thought of that earlier - good plan MmeL. See you all tomorrow.

Wuxiapian Thu 15-Apr-10 19:45:37

Hi, guys.

mrbrightside, I've just recieved your email!

Thanks so much for the thought, but I'm going to give it a miss, this time. This is only our second week in GVA and, tbh, I'm not even up on the locale, embarrassingly.

DP's also returning from trip to Germany and I wanna make him something special(ly sweet) for his return.

Hope you all have a fabulous time!

Niftyblue Thu 15-Apr-10 20:11:34

Wux enjoy the weekend wink

cariboo Fri 16-Apr-10 08:02:47

dd is having some emotional troubles so booked an emergency appt with doc for 1pm. So sorry!sad

mrbrightside Fri 16-Apr-10 08:46:08

Cariboo - hope dd feels better soon, we will miss you and leek - see you next time.

Wux - glad you got my e-mail - hope you can make the next meet. Whereabouts are you living?

Wuxiapian Fri 16-Apr-10 08:48:55

Sorry to hijack meet-up thread, but "walnuts", en francais?!

Big (cheeky) cheers!

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 08:58:04

Sorry to hear that Cariboo. Hope she feels better for having a chat.

Walnuts. Erm. Noix.

Google translate is my friend.

mrbrightside Fri 16-Apr-10 08:59:31

Hi Wux - I saw your thread in chat - went to my cupboard to check but I don't have any so I can't read it off the packet. Sorry.

Hope someone can help soon.

<most unhelpful reply ever>

Wuxiapian Fri 16-Apr-10 09:10:33

Morning, mrbrightside, and all!

I'm in Carouge! We're hoping to move sometime this year, though, as DP's bachelor pad's exactly just that! Can be a little claustraphobic with The Boy, my (bouncy/noisy) 11yr old!

I do like it, though; small, quaint and with much of what we need within a stone's throw!

Thanks for cupboard-dash. I'm gonna nip to Coop and if no luck, mashed almonds shall have to suffice! I hate veering off recipe-tracks, damnit.

Looks like it's going to be a nice day. Hope you all enjoy yourselves - it'd be lovely to meet you fab gals soon!

juststrudel Fri 16-Apr-10 17:15:49

Just (gettit) testing my new moniker

Niftyblue Fri 16-Apr-10 19:16:47

justStrudel loving the name

Can`t find ya on facebook sad

Enjoyed it today grin
lots of AIBU threads started at the table LOL

I learnt a lot as well
Smoking downwind and all that
Told Ds MN had said No to shandy !

Lets catch up a.s.a.p

wux enjoy the meal wink

MmeLindt Fri 16-Apr-10 21:37:04

I know I should not be on here but Nifty seems to know my DH as well as I do. He is snoring on the couch next to the dog while I look up the net to see if I can find a way to get him to Munich by Sunday.

Glad to read on the other thread that your DH is on the way home.

TheMysticMasseuse Fri 16-Apr-10 21:54:42

Hello girls, had a lovely time today- next time let's pop MmeLindt's sushi cherry

Niftyblue Sat 17-Apr-10 02:09:09

Like MMe Lindt Never had said sushi
Neither have I shock
So will give it ago !

MMe Lindt ( shrugs shoulders) what can I say
He is on the couch
Get the remote control for the T.V LOL

juststrudel Sat 17-Apr-10 08:48:24

Have had Sushi (street cred points = more than Nifty and MmeL)
Wasn't that keen (street cred points = less than the miss cosmopolitan MysticM)

But will try again smile

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 12:25:28

I know, I know. I really need to try sushi so I can be cosmopolitan like MM

dh and colleagues hired last car in geneva to drive to Munich

day hire : CHF 1600

Bloody crooks

TheMysticMasseuse Sat 17-Apr-10 12:35:57

Well I've never tried fondue, so not sure I am truly, truly cosmopolitan wink.

i reckon car hiring companies and taxis are the only ones benefitting; dh took a taxi home fromt he station and his driver told him that one of his colleagues picked a fare to.... Copenhagen!

TheMysticMasseuse Sat 17-Apr-10 12:37:36

ps MMelindt, someone told me that Dusseldorf has the best sushi restaurants in Europe- or did I make that up?

MmeLindt Sat 17-Apr-10 12:51:08

I can believe that. Dusseldorf is home to the biggest Japanese population in Europe. With restaurants, banks, shops etc

Niftyblue Sat 17-Apr-10 20:56:06

O.k Next time out we do Sushi shockso mmelindt and I can say we have done it

BUT MM you have to do fondue on the night out after that


juststrudel you do have more street credit
Is there nothing you have`nt done wink

juststrudel Sun 18-Apr-10 09:07:28

Nifty - ok ok I confess I also haven't

eaten fondue and the idea of it makes me want to - well you get the picture grin

Niftyblue Sun 18-Apr-10 19:48:29


MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 20:08:49

I can do sushi but I draw the line at fondue.

It makes me ill, too rich I think.

Niftyblue Wed 28-Apr-10 11:00:43

justStrudel is here teaching cut and paste and is despairing at me shock

When are we meeting again?

MmeLindt Wed 28-Apr-10 11:28:47

lol at C&P lesson.

I am up for a meeting next week.

juststrudel Wed 28-Apr-10 18:38:28

Next week I can do Thursday or Friday lunch or any evening - are we doing sushi then?

Niftyblue Wed 28-Apr-10 19:49:53

I could do friday lunch

BTW strudel I found the loo roll grin

MmeLindt Thu 29-Apr-10 06:43:08

Friday lunch is good for me

juststrudel Fri 30-Apr-10 11:17:26

nifty thank god I can sleep now

So Friday lunch sounds good.

Anyone else?

juststrudel Tue 04-May-10 13:02:24


Is Friday still good?

Niftyblue Tue 04-May-10 13:03:44

Just realised that I have friends flying in from U-K on Friday
So can`t make friday

juststrudel Tue 04-May-10 13:12:42

No probs nifty, have a good time with your friends. We'll catch up soon.

PS how are your new-found computer skills? wink

Niftyblue Wed 05-May-10 08:22:28

I have`nt used my new skill yet grin

Had enough of this weather
Anybody would think it was the North of England with all this rain sad

MmeLindt Wed 05-May-10 09:05:51

Would you mind if I cancelled too? I won't have a car and I can't be bothered taking the bus cannot get into town otherwise.

juststrudel Wed 05-May-10 12:44:34

MmeL - no probs.

Shall we re-arrange - what about an evening? I don't know about your schools but we have 2 4-day weekends this month.

Niftyblue Fri 07-May-10 13:04:12

We are off Thursday and Friday as well grin

When is everyone free ???????????

juststrudel Fri 07-May-10 16:36:10

Cor blimey someone else on this thread thought I was talking to myself then.

Heh nifty - is it your b'day this weekend?

Yes we are off Thurs/Fri - how about a night out on Thursday?

TheMysticMasseuse Mon 10-May-10 10:31:30

Hello everyone! just marking my place in case I can make the next meetup. We are going to London this thur and fri, ash cloud permitting hmm

MmeLindt Mon 10-May-10 10:35:38

My parents arrive on Thursday, ash cloud permitting.

Free on Tues.

juststrudel Wed 12-May-10 13:26:51

Hoping the ash cloud doesn't ruin anyone's travel plans - I think it has moved south now anyway.

So do you mean Tues lunch or evening MmeL ?- can do evening.

MmeLindt Sat 15-May-10 10:56:09

Just getting back online. How are we doing for another meeting?

You know what would be fun, I thought about getting a boat to Nyon - or if you guys wanted to come here you could come over. Might be easier for me to come to your side of the lake.

I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee any day cause I can conscript my parents to pick up the DC.

juststrudel Tue 25-May-10 07:53:39

Resurrecting this thread now the various May holidays are over, although my dcs are home today as it is a teacher training day.

Anyhow - meet for coffee, lunch, evening?

MmeLindt Tue 25-May-10 13:28:36



Parents off home, nothing planned for the week so let's do it!

Just waiting for the alarm system guy to come and fix the alarm. Oh, think he is here.

juststrudel Tue 25-May-10 15:00:52

Lunch - Friday?

juststrudel Tue 25-May-10 15:07:21

or Thursday - actually Thursday better.

MmeLindt Tue 25-May-10 15:55:48

Thursday is good for me. Do you fancy taking the boat to Yvoire? Or I would take the boat to Nyon. If you come here:

Détail de l'itinéraire
Départ : Nyon 11h00 Durée : 00h22
Arrivée : Yvoire 11h22

Départ : Yvoire 15h20 Durée : 00h25
Arrivée : Nyon 15h45

We could reserve a table for midday. Is that going to get you lot back to late for school pick up?

Driving into town at the moment is a NIGHTMARE. I took 90 mins to get to airport, which normally takes about 45 mins.

MmeLindt Tue 25-May-10 15:58:43

If I come to your side of the lake

Départ : Yvoire 10h30 Durée : 00h22
Arrivée : Nyon 10h52

Départ : Nyon 14h45 Durée : 00h25
Arrivée : Yvoire 15h10

juststrudel Tue 25-May-10 16:15:30

Ermm I was hoping to meet in town as have coffee planned for first thing. Then I'm back at the school for pick-up - so was kinda hoping to stay in town for the day.

Though would like to do boat trip with kids at some point.

MmeLindt Tue 25-May-10 16:16:33

ok, no problem. We can do the boat trip another time.

Lunch in town then?

juststrudel Tue 25-May-10 16:37:53

Yes please - that sounds good wink

Niftyblue Wed 26-May-10 11:14:10

What time ?

juststrudel Wed 26-May-10 12:39:24

Hello Nifty haven't 'seen' you around for a while everything ok? Can you make tomorrow?

Shall we meet outside Zara at Noon and decide where to go from there?

MmeLindt Wed 16-Jun-10 12:44:12

Bumping to get this back into Active Convos again.

Anyone fancy a last meet up before the dreaded summer hols?

MmeLindt Mon 21-Jun-10 21:01:11


ladybugandbutterfly Wed 30-Jun-10 16:37:06

I don't get on here often enough...

I might be able to do lunch if I can bring my youngest (8wks) along?

nicbat Thu 01-Jul-10 07:33:06

Sorry MmeLindt been away for a while! Thanks for trying to organise this! I guess the holdays have now kicked in for most of you..I can meet whenever so if you'd rather postpone that's fine otherwise lunch would be great (but with my 2 1/2 yr old).

MmeLindt Thu 01-Jul-10 09:23:36

We will all have to bring the DC so why don't we meet in a park? Where is good for you guys? The park in Eaux-Vives is good, where the little paddling pool is. And reasonably easy for parking.

Wednesday/Thurs/Friday next week are free for me.

nicbat Thu 01-Jul-10 13:39:22

The park in eaux vives is fine for me too. I can do wednesday next week?

juststrudel Thu 01-Jul-10 15:35:31

School's out! Yeah! Ooh some new people.

Can't make next week as off to England. Maybe catch up when we are back but before we move onto pastures anew.

TheMysticMasseuse Sat 03-Jul-10 19:39:01

I am free in the afternoons next week. Meetup on the beach anyone? Have been to Hermance last week and LOVED it.

MmeLindt Sun 04-Jul-10 09:24:42

I am free Thursday or Friday this week, which would you prefer?

Hermance beach is fab. You might have bumped into me there.

Other-side-of-the-lakers could take the boat over

nicbat Mon 05-Jul-10 07:22:19

Hermance would be great, been there once before..

TheMysticMasseuse Mon 05-Jul-10 11:22:01

either thursday or friday afternoon work for me. I pick up dd1 from summer school at 3, so can probably be there by 3.30/3.40.

hermance defo the best beach i've been to so far. have been to geneve plage yesterday but didn't much like it, too crowded and too big with little ones.

Otherwise I usually go to the very un-fancy local swimming pool in Thonex, which however has a nice outdoor space and a little paddling pool for the kiddies. Nicbat, if you feel like joining me I'll prob be there this afternoon and tomorrow! just drop me an email, i think i posted it on the other thread.

MmeLindt Mon 05-Jul-10 11:50:15

Thursday is good for me. And probably slightly quieter than Friday as lots of people go down after work.

Shall we meet there about 3.30pm?

I will warn you that parking may be difficult. There is a car park next to the school but it will be difficult to get a space there, or the big on as you come into the village.

We will bike it.

TheMysticMasseuse Mon 05-Jul-10 11:58:40

oh really?! parking is always my bigger nightmare. shit.

MmeLindt Mon 05-Jul-10 12:05:10

You will find a space, but perhaps not right beside the beach. Saying that, coming later in the day you might be lucky that those who have been there all day will leave a few spaces.

TheMysticMasseuse Mon 05-Jul-10 12:19:23

Ok. Fingers xed!!

MmeLindt Mon 05-Jul-10 12:36:59

Off there now, with picnic and pink bubbly. Will let you know what the parking situation is like.

nicbat Mon 05-Jul-10 21:45:43

I think there is a parking area somewhere behind the campsite? Thursday around 3.30 is good for me too.

MmeLindt Tue 06-Jul-10 08:44:22

Was busy but fine for parking yesterday. The water was lovely.

TheMysticMasseuse Tue 06-Jul-10 09:18:12

sounds good! sorry to be obsessive about parking, but i only know the one between the campsite and the school. Where is the other one you were mentioning MmeLindt?

(and you should be amazed at my daring, when I arrived in january i would have never dared driving that far )

MmeLindt Thu 08-Jul-10 18:52:03

Was fun today, great meeting you both.

Are you going to start a AIBU about whatever happened at the beach today? Was it the little boy next to us?

TheMysticMasseuse Thu 08-Jul-10 19:14:26

not gonna bother with AIBU, but basically

AIBU to think that mothers should discipline their dcs before others are forced to do it for them?

little boy in question was boysterously monopolising climbing frame and shouting at little ones and girls. So far, so 6 yo boy. Mother sat 3 meters away and said nothing. I went over to rescue 2 yo dd and had a firm but polite word with boy. Mother still ignored situation. 10 minutes later, I saw a man marching to the climbing frame and forcibly removing the boy for hitting another boy. Boy was returned to mother, who finally got off her behind and loudly told him that he was being "tres mechant" and sat him on a blanket. Little boy was then ignored while he cried desperately.

I think it's very unfair, and confusing, for a child to be disciplined by a stranger. He was clearly testing boundaries and trying to raise attention and failed miserably. Made me sad.

But apart from that (and PPI- pathetic parking incident) was a lovely afternoon! Thanks for meeting me despite my dodgy allegiances

nicbat Mon 12-Jul-10 07:45:50

Mystic, no I don't think you are being unreasonable and I agree with you but sadly you will find these types of scenarios everywhere! I've witnessed similar goings on many a time in public play areas. It's frustrating as it means you can't relax and are constantly hovering around dc in case they get pushed or shouted at by another child. I have previously intervened by either having to remove ds or telling other child off as parents don't seem to be nearby.

I too had a lovely afternoon and was great to meet you and MdmeLindt! Lets meet again soon..

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