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our new chat thrad for wakefield ,barnsley, hudersfield, girls come and chat

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trace2 Sun 04-May-08 10:50:52

is this ok?

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 11:35:53

bump for justabout!

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 11:40:22

Message withdrawn

Found you - off to Morrisons now sad

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 11:43:01

hello, grin

justaboutdisappeared Sun 04-May-08 11:45:36

oh, loverly, loverly, thank you all...I have to go out now but hugs

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 11:49:37

friendly could i ask you to get some plastic tubs for the soft play to carry hot cups in ? that why we can not spill on a child and burn them , and am sure it will save on your insurance grin

justaboutdisappeared Sun 04-May-08 11:53:12

Did you guys know trace is oging to set up softplay in my back shed? grin

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 12:07:44

justabouts right lol

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 12:53:10

Hi all. Saw Phoenix at the Boot Sale this morning. I bought lots of bits and bobs, mainly for DS, and DH wasn't too impressed but didn't stop me! Hee hee grin
I even persuaded him to let me by DS a Tombilboo in Tescos afterwards! Yay!

If anyone is at a loose end this afternoon, we are going to the Wacky Warehouse in Stanley Marina 2-for-1. DH is going to collect his bro from Leeds in a minute, and we'll be going out at about 3. We were going to walk through the fields at the back, but I think it'll be too muddy for the pushchair now. What a shame it didn't stay as nice as it was yesterday. Anyway, we're going to get a cab down and have a drinkie while the little man plays.

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 13:20:10

hi isa i did wonder why jo was not onwink

i would love to have yous, but i made dinnersad

i just said shame its not good weather we could have a barbiegrin

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 13:21:49

Message withdrawn

justaboutdisappeared Sun 04-May-08 13:29:55

Did you go then itsa? I went, to the one at Newmillerdamn, but didn't see either of you - probably too early!

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 13:32:36

Yes, we went to Newmillerdam too. We went at about half past 9. Got lots of bedding for DS, and a few money-spinners for Ebay wink

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 13:34:59

Message withdrawn

justaboutdisappeared Sun 04-May-08 13:35:49

Oh no, I was there for 8.30. Did you get those Pooh duvets? I got one for DS1.

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 13:41:53

Message withdrawn

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 13:53:19

lol no knickers thats ok, i only wore wi my flat sandels

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 13:53:21

lol no knickers thats ok, i only wore wi my flat sandels

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:02:21

No I didn't get Pooh stuff, I got Tweenies.
And some fab Balamory toys!

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 14:03:42

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:04:30

I know. Did you try my code to pay for them?

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 14:06:32

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:07:57

Ah well nevermind. I have a £10 off coupon as well, but you have to spend £30 on a single item. I don't think I have ever spend £30 in one go on Ebay!

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:08:49

Oh and we've decided not to go to my friends' wedding at the end of the month. Partly for cash reasons, but also I don't think I can handle it at the moment, what with being insane and everything.

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