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our new chat thrad for wakefield ,barnsley, hudersfield, girls come and chat

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trace2 Sun 04-May-08 10:50:52

is this ok?

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 11:35:53

bump for justabout!

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 11:40:22

Message withdrawn

Found you - off to Morrisons now sad

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 11:43:01

hello, grin

justaboutdisappeared Sun 04-May-08 11:45:36

oh, loverly, loverly, thank you all...I have to go out now but hugs

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 11:49:37

friendly could i ask you to get some plastic tubs for the soft play to carry hot cups in ? that why we can not spill on a child and burn them , and am sure it will save on your insurance grin

justaboutdisappeared Sun 04-May-08 11:53:12

Did you guys know trace is oging to set up softplay in my back shed? grin

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 12:07:44

justabouts right lol

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 12:53:10

Hi all. Saw Phoenix at the Boot Sale this morning. I bought lots of bits and bobs, mainly for DS, and DH wasn't too impressed but didn't stop me! Hee hee grin
I even persuaded him to let me by DS a Tombilboo in Tescos afterwards! Yay!

If anyone is at a loose end this afternoon, we are going to the Wacky Warehouse in Stanley Marina 2-for-1. DH is going to collect his bro from Leeds in a minute, and we'll be going out at about 3. We were going to walk through the fields at the back, but I think it'll be too muddy for the pushchair now. What a shame it didn't stay as nice as it was yesterday. Anyway, we're going to get a cab down and have a drinkie while the little man plays.

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 13:20:10

hi isa i did wonder why jo was not onwink

i would love to have yous, but i made dinnersad

i just said shame its not good weather we could have a barbiegrin

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 13:21:49

Message withdrawn

justaboutdisappeared Sun 04-May-08 13:29:55

Did you go then itsa? I went, to the one at Newmillerdamn, but didn't see either of you - probably too early!

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 13:32:36

Yes, we went to Newmillerdam too. We went at about half past 9. Got lots of bedding for DS, and a few money-spinners for Ebay wink

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 13:34:59

Message withdrawn

justaboutdisappeared Sun 04-May-08 13:35:49

Oh no, I was there for 8.30. Did you get those Pooh duvets? I got one for DS1.

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 13:41:53

Message withdrawn

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 13:53:19

lol no knickers thats ok, i only wore wi my flat sandels

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 13:53:21

lol no knickers thats ok, i only wore wi my flat sandels

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:02:21

No I didn't get Pooh stuff, I got Tweenies.
And some fab Balamory toys!

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 14:03:42

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:04:30

I know. Did you try my code to pay for them?

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 14:06:32

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:07:57

Ah well nevermind. I have a £10 off coupon as well, but you have to spend £30 on a single item. I don't think I have ever spend £30 in one go on Ebay!

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:08:49

Oh and we've decided not to go to my friends' wedding at the end of the month. Partly for cash reasons, but also I don't think I can handle it at the moment, what with being insane and everything.

Phoenix Sun 04-May-08 14:15:38


We didn't buy anything at the car boot. I saw you buying a grobag Itsa and your dh just stood back watching you

Dh is watching bloody football now for a change angry

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:17:31

tee hee, did you notice it was a really small one, too? Ebay here we go...

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 14:25:14

i hate ebay, saying that just watching ds trains go now on ebaygrin

Phoenix Sun 04-May-08 14:26:48

No lol I didn't notice the size I noticed it cos ds had the same pattern one.

Not been funny JA but our threads have always been Wakefield/Barnsley/Huddersfield not West Yorkshire because Barnsley isn't West Yorkshire it's South.

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:30:49

Ooooh Trace, what did they go for? Lots, I hope.

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 14:40:33

Message withdrawn

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 14:44:39

not finished just yet isa

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 14:47:28

i may bring ds wi me if after school

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 14:48:12

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:48:59

yeah do Trace.

trace2 Sun 04-May-08 14:51:13

loli dont think youll want to meet himwink

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 14:52:19

oh dear! grin

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 04-May-08 15:43:20

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 20:31:45

(psst...I think it was all a trick to confuse us...)

itsahardknocklife Sun 04-May-08 20:42:18

Justabout, is it ok if I drop this bag of clothes off one day this week? It's only a small backpack of stuff - no idea what. The chap said he wasn't sure either as he'd got it from Freecycle but never used it. Apparantly it's boys' clothes 6-18 months, so there should be stuff in there that is of use for your DS2.

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 09:12:06

hello anyone about?

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 10:07:23

morning. DH was thinking of heading to Thornes Park for the May Day thingy later - has anyone ever been?

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 10:26:48

oh isa what time?

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 05-May-08 10:39:59

Message withdrawn

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 10:43:12

hi knickwes what on at thorns park?

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 10:43:37

oops knickers

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 10:49:42

it's a May Day gala thing - stuff for kids. It's on 10-4. We'll head over at about midday.

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 05-May-08 10:51:03

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 10:51:32

us too! I'm just jumping into shower now.

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 10:53:06

thanks isa we going for dinner first to two for onegrin

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 10:55:42

Are we gonna use this thread now then? If so i'll put a link on other one.

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 10:57:01

Don't it have to be exact measurements then knickers?

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 10:59:06

Just realised this doesn't show up in active convos hmm

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 05-May-08 11:03:56

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:03:59

hmm have you all gone and abandoned me now

The sun is coming out . We might get ready and go out now. Was gonna stay in sulking but we don't have to now

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:05:51

Yes knickers decide which of the 2 threads we're gonna use or shall we start a new one altogether?

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 11:06:03

where you going?

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 05-May-08 11:06:41

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:06:59

Don't know yet Johns baking buns now hmm

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 11:08:58

well DH is now in shower and we shall head off in a while to Thornes Park for May Day stuff. Hopefully see some of you there! smile
(and yes, let's use just this thread and leave the other one)

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 05-May-08 11:10:21

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:10:40

I've linked this to other thread so no more posting on the other one

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:12:02

Cos he's likes making a bloody mess . He just decided he wants some buns and i won't make them so he said fine i'll do it myself hmm

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 11:12:31

are they currant buns? I like those.

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 05-May-08 11:13:51

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:16:30

God knows what he's making. We have cherrys, currants and choc chips so they could be anything. He's just had to go to the shop for eggs cos we only had 1 left. They won't be as nice as my buns anyway

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 11:22:06

I'm off to get dressed now then when he's finished making a mess baking we can go out

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 18:04:27

That gala was great fun! DS enjoyed a donkey ride smile I didn't realise the park was so big - it's the first time we've been there.
Went to LF as well afterwards. It was quiet when we were there but must have been rammed earlier.

trace2 Mon 05-May-08 18:50:16

we went isa but dh didnt like it so went to cannon hall, met jo was great! ti was very busy though

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 19:17:00

what didn't your DH like about it? It was busy.

Went to the Stock Cars - nearly had a heart attack at the price - £35 for the 3 of us shock then Josh didn;t like it - too noisey so spent all afternoon sat in the "cafe" (think working mans roadside cafe and you're there grin) as the noise was less in there .....

NorwichMummy Mon 05-May-08 22:14:54

Evening all, just a quick hello to say I'm back on the internet, finally! Hope you're all well.

I went to Cannon Hall too today Trace, really busy. Got there for opening and left about 12, ds really tired, and cars we're queuing all the way back to the main road, never seen it that busy.

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 22:52:02

Yay Norwich You all settled in now? We went to Canon Hall about 1pm and were queueing all that way. I would have turned round if we weren't meeting Trace there.

itsahardknocklife Mon 05-May-08 23:05:16

I still havent been to Cannon Hall. We should all go one day when the weather is nice. So many people had told me good things about it. Am I right in thinking it's a farm, with animals and the suchlike?
How is the new place, Norwich? Hopefully the boxes are getting unpacked. Mind you, I am sitting next to 4 boxes, still packed from when we moved last July. In fact, one of them hasn't been unpacked since I moved in 2001! And I have moved 5 times since then! I have no idea what's in it really, but vaguely remember it as being important grin
Knickers and I are hopefully going to be at CM in Wakey tomorrow at 3.30 if anyone is about.

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 23:10:31

Yeah Itsa it's a massive park, house and farm. The farm is £3.75 for adults under 3's free. The play area in the farm is fab. You should go there's loads of ickle baby lambs and goats at the mo, they're so cute . There's baby rabbits and guinea pigs too

Phoenix Mon 05-May-08 23:12:59
KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 07:43:16

Message withdrawn

trace2 Tue 06-May-08 07:50:15

isa not is kind of thing! we had a great time at cannon hallgrin great weather to,

norwich ive never see it like that either, but when in it was not to bad,

isa yes we can go there again for a meet and a long walk would be nice in summer have pinicsgrin

jo our jack loved looking after your dsgrin, as he says our lewy

trace2 Tue 06-May-08 07:52:37

why knickers? they in a hut

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 07:53:19

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 07:54:03

Message withdrawn

trace2 Tue 06-May-08 08:12:50

we ok, hes just a pr?@k he never changers

yes i remember going while i was pg i just sat lol

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 09:01:46

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Tue 06-May-08 09:05:26


KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 09:06:03

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Tue 06-May-08 09:17:30

Morning Knickers, i'm good ta, you?

It's my day off today so i'm happy Dh is at work til 1 then we're off to town to get ds' hair cut.

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 09:24:36

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Tue 06-May-08 09:59:59

smile yes it's a lovely day. Might even get some more washing dry. Got to hoover today though - the situation is urgent!!
Knickers, see you this afternoon.
Trace, Phoenix, fancy CM this afternoon, about 3.30?

trace2 Tue 06-May-08 10:11:37

morning, i have to pick a stool up i won on ebay this tea time, but if i can get dh to do ill try and come

itsahardknocklife Tue 06-May-08 10:21:41


itsahardknocklife Tue 06-May-08 20:08:58

Justabout, is it ok to drop off those clothes that I collected from Freecycle for you this week?

itsahardknocklife Tue 06-May-08 20:26:15

Oh dear. Sunday's changes really seem to have dried things up for the Wakefield thread sad

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 20:42:03

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Tue 06-May-08 20:54:02

that's ok. I had a nice today - and at least now I have something to wear in the warm weather!!
thanks for map reading to get to that chap's house. What a star he was, eh?
(I got offered a dog bed on freecycle but the guy also gave me a double rabbit hutch and brought it over in his land rover)

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 20:58:07

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Tue 06-May-08 21:09:25

oh ok. let me know - send me a txt or something when you know. I only have to go to Post Office tomorrow and I shall prob walk to the one in eastmoor so I am free other than that.
Just bought me a t-shirt on Ebay smile

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 21:13:07

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Tue 06-May-08 21:14:52

Good evening knickers and Itsa

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 21:27:49

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Tue 06-May-08 21:36:42

Yep fine ta, you? Did you enjoy work? I have to go back to work tomorrow. Wasn't the weather lovely today?

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 21:44:42

Message withdrawn

hiccymapops Tue 06-May-08 22:14:27

Hello everyone smile

Did you all have a good weekend?

I was very jealous of you all going out and about yesterday. I was making the most of Mark being at home and got loads of Ben recipes done to take away next week. Highly exciting grin

Hope everyone's okay xxx

Phoenix Tue 06-May-08 22:25:32

Soz knickers i wasn't ignoring you i got caught up on facebook. It's not too bad for me cos i can be out in the sun when i'm at work but i'd still rather be sat outside with a lager at home

Hi Hiccy

We went to my mum and dads this aft to practice putting our new tent up cos we're off camping on june 2nd . It's bigger but loads easier than our old one to put up so now we know what we're doing we'll be fine, we just need to find a way to stop Lew running off while we get it up hmm

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 22:28:05

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 06-May-08 22:28:23

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Tue 06-May-08 22:30:47

Don't tempt me knickers wink

itsahardknocklife Tue 06-May-08 22:44:45

knickers I cant remember the address you gave me for msn. will you add me to yours please?

hiccymapops Wed 07-May-08 08:08:36

Morning smile

I'm fine thanks Knickers. How's you? All ready for your holidays?

I've got my first midwife appt this morning - yay grin It'll feel more official when i've seen her, and hopefully i'll calm down a bit! I've been a walking stresshead this last few weeks, and i keep crying! I was emotional before i got pregnant, but this is ridiculous!

Hope you're all okay smile xxx

itsahardknocklife Wed 07-May-08 08:46:51

Morning Hiccy. Hope the midwife appt goes well. She'll be used to emotional women so don't worry smile

trace2 Wed 07-May-08 08:52:07

morning everyone! isa knickers sorry didnt make it my dads illsad

itsahardknocklife Wed 07-May-08 09:11:44

that's ok, Trace. Is it anything serious? sad
Btw, I asked the guy at CM if he was closing down and he said it was on the cards for a while but he had been told by his landlord that he wouldn't be selling for another three years.
And he had been onto his landlord about the leaky roof!

trace2 Wed 07-May-08 09:19:49

thanks isa i think hes got heat failsad

KnickersOnMaHead Wed 07-May-08 09:39:05

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Wed 07-May-08 09:43:48

oh Tracey, sorry to hear that xxx

itsahardknocklife Wed 07-May-08 09:57:30

Phoenix, what size feet does your son have? A lady I have bought stuff from in the past has these, which are nice but too big for my DS:

and these:


Phoenix Wed 07-May-08 10:08:00

He's only a 6.5 Itsa

itsahardknocklife Wed 07-May-08 11:22:56

Justabout, I have emailed you and put a couple of posts up about those clothes that I got for your DS2. I haven't heard from you, so I shall assume that you no longer need them and I'll pop them into a charity shop. I wish you had told me before I collected them as someone else in need may have been able to make use of them.

hiccymapops Wed 07-May-08 11:58:49

Hello again smile

Sorry about your dad trace. I hope he's feeling better xxxx

I've seen the midwife smile I couldn't see the one i had last time as she's poorly, but the lady i saw was lovely. Ben played up like mad in the waiting room (why they haven't got any toys in there is beyond me) but he was really good during my appt. I thought ahead and took colouring pencils grin don't think they wanted the walls colouring though blush I've got poorly arms because she tried to take blood, and i wasn't giving her any, so i've got to get it done at hospital when i have my scan - joy sad

Sorry to bore you all with this but i can't help it!

Has Ben got extra big feet? He's nearly 7 and a half!

Hope you're all okay, and don't mind me waffling grin

Phoenix Wed 07-May-08 12:30:09

Lewis has got teeny feet lol. All the other babies on my post natal thread have bigger feet than him even the girls i think

itsahardknocklife Wed 07-May-08 14:42:48

I think Dennis will have big feet too, Hiccy, so don't worry!
lol at Ben colouring the wall grin

KnickersOnMaHead Wed 07-May-08 15:16:46

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Wed 07-May-08 15:17:05

Message withdrawn

Hope you are all enjoying the weather - personally I am, business wise I'm not sad

Got loads of washing done today.

Josh poorly - he brought a bug back from Cuba that gives him chronic runs - each time he gets it he has to have 2 weeks of antibiotics and hes now on his 3rd time with it angry - hopefully Anti B's will kick in soon ....

Hiccy perhaps Ben didn't like the decor grin I'm sure hes not the first ....

You know what they say about big feet (Josh has small ones by the way blush)

KnickersOnMaHead Wed 07-May-08 19:55:23

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Wed 07-May-08 19:57:51

Message withdrawn

Are you all packed ? I'm excited for you .... In case I don't get back on have a great time ....grin

KnickersOnMaHead Wed 07-May-08 20:04:43

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Wed 07-May-08 20:23:57

Hi all. Pizza, sorry to hear about your son's sore tummy. Not nice sad
Knickers, I shall miss you grin I'll be bored, so I shall clean my house while you're not here to have fun with smile

Itsa - if you're still bored you can clean mine grin

KnickersOnMaHead Wed 07-May-08 20:41:52

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Wed 07-May-08 21:11:42


Have a nice holiday knickers, how long you off for?

for business been quiet and ds' tummy upset Pizza.


Phoenix Wed 07-May-08 21:11:44


Have a nice holiday knickers, how long you off for?

for business been quiet and ds' tummy upset Pizza.


Phoenix Wed 07-May-08 21:11:45


Have a nice holiday knickers, how long you off for?

for business been quiet and ds' tummy upset Pizza.


Phoenix Wed 07-May-08 21:12:29

Ooops didn't mean to post once never mind 3 times blush

Phoenix Wed 07-May-08 21:14:01

Was meant to say...

Forgot to say earlier Hiccy, glad all was well at the midwife app. for bloods though and at ds drawing on the wall.

Hope everyone's ok

KnickersOnMaHead Wed 07-May-08 21:46:19

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Wed 07-May-08 22:13:37

well that would be bloody typical if it rained here all week, wouldn't it? Knickers, in that case, you had better come back with enough tan for all of us!!
You left your parasol here, Knickers, btw. Are you getting a new one tomorrow anyway though?

KnickersOnMaHead Thu 08-May-08 08:07:45

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Thu 08-May-08 08:57:00

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Thu 08-May-08 09:26:21

I just got up

trace2 Thu 08-May-08 10:18:20

am here but not stopping dont think ill be on much dads had an heart attack, hes not good but they doing what they can!

itsahardknocklife Thu 08-May-08 10:20:25

morning all smile
Trace, so sorry about your dad. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you that everything is ok. They will do their best for him, I'm sure.
DS and I got up at 9, which is a nice time to get up, I reckon.

hiccymapops Thu 08-May-08 10:44:14

Morning everyone

trace i'm so sorry about your dad. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed too. Please let us know how he gets on, and great big hugs to you xxxxx

hiccymapops Thu 08-May-08 10:45:07

Friendly i hope Josh is okay too xxxx

itsahardknocklife Thu 08-May-08 10:50:42

Hi Hiccy, are you going to CM tomorrow morning?

hiccymapops Thu 08-May-08 10:54:51

Hiya itsa smile

No i can't sad Mark's off tomorrow and we're picking his new van up from Leeds in the morning. He's finally had enough at work and has decided to set up on his own. I know what i'd rather be doing in the morning though grin

itsahardknocklife Thu 08-May-08 10:58:25

ah ok. What does Mark do for work? (I'm just being nosy now!)

hiccymapops Thu 08-May-08 11:00:24

He works for Porsche in Leeds, he's the smart repair technician, which really means he does the alloy wheels and cosmetic paint repairs (took me ages to learn all that grin

itsahardknocklife Thu 08-May-08 11:18:18

oh cool. So sort of a machanic. I used to want to marry a mechanic. Or a farmer.

hiccymapops Thu 08-May-08 11:31:59

I definately wouldn't ask him to look at the engine! grin

I always wanted to marry a fireman, the uniform thing grin but only when it's dirty blush. Mark was in the RAF for 17 years and he hasn't even got a picture of himself in combats never mind any uniforms sad His first (mad, crazy, horrible) wife got rid of everything. Selfish woman grin

hiccymapops Thu 08-May-08 11:32:38

I liked the idea of a farmer too grin

itsahardknocklife Thu 08-May-08 11:40:30

yes that is mean of 1st wife to have got rid of everything. Still, there are always fancy dress shops!!!
My mum said a farmer would have been good for me because of my love of animals, unless he was a meat famrer. That would have been no good at all. sad

hiccymapops Thu 08-May-08 11:47:30

I'm the same. I've said a few times to Mark i'd love us to have a farm, but he said i'd be useless because we'd have too many animals as i wouldn't be able to get rid of them grin

Afternoon all

Tracy hope your dad is better soon smile

Ooh a man in uniform .... wink pity he can't get a nice little sporty number instead of a van. Just been for a stroll to the ice cream palour in Shelley and on a warm day like today its very ripe hmm

KnickersOnMaHead Thu 08-May-08 19:08:43

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Thu 08-May-08 22:49:32

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Fri 09-May-08 09:44:48

Knickers will be on a plane by now, the lucky thing smile
We went swimming last night, only to lightwaves. DS really enjoyed it, but the chaning rooms were really filthy. Phoenix and Trace, you shall have to give me details of where you go swimming.
I read what you guys had put about swim vests and arm bands and got the little man some arm bands from JJB.
We went at 7pm, so we took his PJs with us and put him straight into them after swimming. They were PJs that Gingermonkey had given us, and it was the first time DS had seen them (they are summer ones) and he thought they were great! They're green and I don't think he's had green ones before. It was really funny to see him laughing over some PJs and pointing at his tummy! grin

Phoenix Fri 09-May-08 10:15:32

Itsa i'll text you the number if you want. Did you call into Sainsburys before you went swimming? I was behind a car like yours on Ings Road but couldn't see if it was you I was in my RM van.

envy knickers - have a good time

Never been to Lightwaves - always seems to be shut when I go sad was it busy - might try it next week .....

itsahardknocklife Fri 09-May-08 11:22:51

Yes we did, Phoenix. We went to the cash point there, so it could well have been us.

I've got the timetable for lightwaves somewhere, Pizza. It was open until 9pm yesterday.

Right next Thursday I'm taking Josh (subject to his bum of course - which is much better !!!) - he adores swimming and spends all day in the pool in holiday.

itsahardknocklife Fri 09-May-08 12:56:44

Do you live in Wakey, Pizza?
Glad Josh's bum is on the mend after his illness grin

NorwichMummy Fri 09-May-08 19:58:47


What lovely weather it has been these last few days. Been out in the garden trying to get it sorted, don't think the people we bought of liked gardening and it is quite a mess, loads of weeds and all but it is coming together slowly!

been a bit busy this week and ds hasn't been good with his skin so sorry for not popping on to say hello, lots of me getting stressed and worried! But things improving, been to see a new doctor who was fantastic and things are definately on the up.

Thinking of knickers on her hols, hope she has a fantastic time. If anyone if free next week be good to meet up back end of week?

Phoenix Fri 09-May-08 20:17:32


Glad the house and garden are getting there Norwich. Hope ds' skin gets better

I thought it was you Itsa but couldn't quite see properly Do you need that number for the swimming or did trace give it you?

Hope everyone's ok. I've just had a kebab . Dh called at the takeaway on his way home

Phoenix Fri 09-May-08 20:51:36

I'm sat here balling my eyes out at Corrie blush

itsahardknocklife Fri 09-May-08 21:10:29

Hiya all.
Phoenix - still need the number please. Have you heard from Trace - how is her dad?
Norwich, hope the new doc can get things sorted. I have problems with my skin in the summer, but so far I have yet to find a doc who has sorted it for me. I take anti-histamines from the doc and I have cream (just standard exzema (sp?) cream) and then I keep my fingers crossed! Occassionally I have refused to go out in the past when it has been really bad.
I haven't watched Corrie today. I still get upset when I think of the baby's funeral in HollyOaks - when Tony and Mandy's baby died of cot death. I was pregnant at the time and all hormonal! I even cried when Nana Moon from Eastenders got an award at the Soap Awared that year. It's ok now, I am back to my rock-'ard self.

Phoenix Fri 09-May-08 21:20:28

No i haven't heard from Trace. I text her yesterday but she didn't reply. I hope her dad and her are ok

itsahardknocklife Fri 09-May-08 21:23:41

That's a bad sign if she didn't respond. Oh dear sad

Oh and I meant to say, Norwich, yes please to next week sometime!

hiccymapops Fri 09-May-08 22:17:17

Hello everyone smile

We're going away tomorrow and i'm rushing about like a loony trying to get everything done (last minute as always!)

Hope everyone's okay smile

trace i really hope your dad's doing okay xxxx

Norwich i'm glad you're getting sorted, i'm very jealous you've got a garden to sort out. I'm going to have to put Bens paddling pool on the concrete when i finally get him one! I hope you're settling in okay.

itsa that email really made me giggle grin

Hello to everyone else and i'll be back to waffle on next weekend grin Unless of course we have internet access at the cottage, in which case i might have to have a nosey and see what i'm missing


Phoenix i'm craving kebabs now!

Phoenix Fri 09-May-08 22:23:49

Hiccy, I haven't had one for ages and dh asked me if i fancied a take away so i had one It wa gorgeous

Hope you have a good holiday, where you going? <<nosey cow>>

hiccymapops Fri 09-May-08 22:35:51

We're going to a cottage in the lakes, so we can take the hounds with us. We went last year and it was lovely, it just rained the whole time. Hopefully the weather will be better this time grin

NorwichMummy Fri 09-May-08 23:24:36

Hope you have a fab holiday Hiccy, I love the Lakes, my aunty lives there and we try to go loads to see them. Great now we're in Yorkshire, really close (compared to Norwich that is!)

Kebabs, mmmmm Phoenix you've made me drool big time

Am I the only sad person who doesn't watch any soaps? (do I dare confess to that!)

Big hugs to Trace, thinking of her and her dad. Anything I can do let me know

I like my garden to look nice but hate the actual doing it - though I've got to do lots this weekend as we have a large (covered) pond that needs cleaning sad much rather be at the lakes envy

How do you manage not watching any soaps ? I started watching them years ago when in the office I couldn't join in the daily conversations so now I watch Coro (not watched this weeks yet - maybe tonight, will get tissues ready ) Neighbours & Doctors (left over from the lunchtime feed !!)

Going to bake some egg free buns in a min - my twin neice/nephew are 4 tomorrow and I'm making/icing a cake shaped like a bone with a dog leaning over it and the egg free buns are going to be the ends of the bone so Josh can have some .....

itsahardknocklife Sat 10-May-08 11:38:51

Hiccy, have a great time, won't you. I got some rubber tile things in Asda for a fiver that I have put outside the back step in case DS falls - maybe you could put some on the concrete?
Is it expensive where you are going? Now that we no longer have the killer dog, I would like to take doggie on holiday with us.
So, Norwich, no soaps huh? I guess you have a life then!! I love the soaps! (And, dare I admit it, I love Big Brother too!)
Pizza, will you be at LF on Mon? I might come up with DH and DS to let them both run off some energy! grin

NorwichMummy Sat 10-May-08 13:04:09

I suppose I have never got into watching something two or three times a week, to be quite honest I hardly watch telly and if dh is away I never have it on. My big weaknesses are the radio and audio books!

Meant to say itsa Thursday morning would be good for meeting up, what would you like to do? How about Cannon Hall if it still nice? Anyone else free then and fancy doing something?

Phoenix Sat 10-May-08 18:15:50


Me and ds have been out in our front garden (back garden is communal so hardly ever go out there) since i got home from work. I called at Asda and got him a small paddling pool and a water gun, he loved it. He's all bathed and in his pj's now though (eating his tea cos i forgot to feed him earlier blush).

Itsa we've got them rubber mats from Asda too cos our front is concrete.

I'm not going to Cannon Hall on a day when i'm working lol. No way am i playing nicely in the sun and then having to go to work wink

No soaps Norwich shock

I've heard from Trace's dh, her dad is a little better but still very weak and tired.

itsahardknocklife Sat 10-May-08 19:04:14

Suits me. Just tell me where and when smile

NorwichMummy Sat 10-May-08 19:46:49

So glad someone else forgets to feed their child Phoenix! Some days I get to about 4 and realise that he never had any lunch, just snacks whilst we were out and about, whoops!

itsahardknocklife Sun 11-May-08 18:19:12

this weather is sooooo nice! smile
Today we popped down to the CHristian Aid family fun day for a wee while. DS was happy because he got a pot of bubbles smile
How long is this weather going to last? It's so nice to be able to hang the washing out and come back to find it's dry grin
Tut tut about forgetting to feed your kiddies, I would never do that...honest blush

justabouthappy Sun 11-May-08 21:38:19

Hi all, life's been pretty busy recently, but today we got the paddling pool out hurray!

Phoenix Sun 11-May-08 21:59:43

Hello, we had our paddling pool out yesterday and today. It was a lot hotter today i think. me got work tomorrow.

What a lovely weekend - glad you all enjoyed it. We also got the paddling pool out at Nans today grin

Supposed to be nice weather all week cooling down Friday.

I had a huge blonde moment this morning, went off to my mums at about 10 and got back 6.30'ish and found I'd left the patio doors open all day - at least the house was cool blush

NorwichMummy Sun 11-May-08 22:25:57

Ah I got a paddling pool last year, never good weather enough to use it and when I got it out this afternoon suddenly realised that I needed a foot pump to inflate it blush poor ds had to play with a bucket of water instead!!

trace2 Mon 12-May-08 07:29:20

morning all sorry not been about and thank you for wishers for my dad! he is a little better but as a long way to go.

chloes going in hospital today for biopsys under a generalsad she carnt have anything from 730(about now) till she goes down after one(poor baby) we going into childrens at sheffield and comming out wi a tubesad

Aw poor little sweetheart - hope shes better soon smile Glad your dad is getting better.

Twigy Mon 12-May-08 09:28:21

Hi all its taken me ages to read through all the threads.
Trace hope your Dad gets better soon.
Hiccy congrats on your news. My husband used to be in the army and I loved to see him in his uniform and he also used to do smart repairs and I prefered it when he came home in his overalls smelling of oil!!!
Hi Pizza havent said Hello yet.
Hi Norwich hope things are going well.
HELLO Itsa hope you are behaving yourself.

Whats the crack with there being two threats? hmm

itsahardknocklife Mon 12-May-08 11:12:19

Hi all. Trace - I am thinking of you and Chloe today. She's such a cutie and you are amazing! Hope it goes well xxxx
I did think about getting the paddling pool out but we haven't yet. I'm worried that we'll never get him out of it once he's in. DS has taken a huge liking to the handle of a broken broom though and has not spent 2 days walking around the garden with it...and hitting my little sunflowers grrrr angry
Pizza, can't believe you left the patio doors open! Good job all was ok. I used to work with a lady who left her patio doors open all day when she was at work so the dog could go out. She said she lived in a nice area, but I woudn't risk it myself (mainly because the dog would be over the fence in a matter of minutes smile).
Hi Twigy - glad to see you back on the net. Have you been on our other thread - I've lost it and I shall have to find it again.
I like Mondays because DH doesn't work on Monday so it's like an extra Sunday grin

Phoenix Mon 12-May-08 11:24:05

Ds has just refused a nappy and said he wanted his potty so i got it out and he did a wee. Then dh went in bath and i went to the loo and ds came running in saying 'poo, poo' I went in to the room to look and he had in fact done another wee and a poo in his potty

itsahardknocklife Mon 12-May-08 11:36:07

WoW! Brilliant Phoenix! grin

itsahardknocklife Mon 12-May-08 11:51:58

We've just got a letter from the letting agents saying they are putting the rent up sad back off to the WDH offices we go.
Anyone got a shed we can live in?

itsahardknocklife Mon 12-May-08 18:14:37

Phoenix, what sort of toddler bed have you got for your DS?

Phoenix Mon 12-May-08 19:35:17

It's a cot bed Itsa

trace2 Mon 12-May-08 20:56:27

hi we home chloe didnt go down till 3 45 never cried for any food or milk, just kept smiling at every one , anyway came home at 5 45, i went back to hospital to see dad and got a phone call shes pulled out her trubesad so looks like back tommmow for it back in dh said shes not having it back in!

any way they say shes as scares in her body from where the foods and milk shes had as burt her insides shock so now they changing her milk again and they want her fattering up

itsahardknocklife Mon 12-May-08 21:41:41

Gosh Trace. Hopefully they new milk will be better for her. She is a smiley thing, isn't she? smile I was telling DH today about her blowing kisses - it's so sweet!

We only got a cot, not a cot bed, Phoenix. Any advice for when we look for a toddler bed?

Phoenix Mon 12-May-08 21:53:52

No idea itsa sorry. Ikea do quite a few and not badly priced. I didn't realise how expensive kids beds were shock

itsahardknocklife Mon 12-May-08 21:56:27

Yeah, they are. It's a little way off anyhow, I just thought I would be prepared.I'm going to keep my eye open on Ebay for a while, as well, as we are not in a hurry at all. DS hasn't managed to climb out the cot...yet!!

Phoenix Mon 12-May-08 22:03:59

How old is he? Lew never climbed out at all never even attempted it. He doesn't get out of his bed on a morning either he just lays there and yells 'MAMAAAAAAAAAA' or 'DADAAAAAAAAAAAA' lol

itsahardknocklife Tue 13-May-08 10:04:44

He's 18 months. He tries to climb up, but he's not tall enough to be able to get his leg up high enough yet. It's only a matter of time before he realises if he piles his pillow and duvet and teddies he could probably do it. He's a bit of a fearless explorer.

trace2 Tue 13-May-08 10:22:41

morning have you tried ikea for toddlers beds?

trace2 Tue 13-May-08 10:22:43

morning have you tried ikea for toddlers beds?

Phoenix Tue 13-May-08 10:24:10

I already said Ikea Trace

trace2 Tue 13-May-08 10:31:34

Mmm sorry not reARD THREAD

trace2 Tue 13-May-08 10:31:52


Phoenix Tue 13-May-08 10:34:53

How is she?

trace2 Tue 13-May-08 10:37:54

great now she took that out, phoned sheffield waiting for them to phone me, to c if they want it back insad

Phoenix Tue 13-May-08 10:41:20

What is it for?

trace2 Tue 13-May-08 10:46:39

the tube? its for collecting imformation about her foods and acid

itsahardknocklife Tue 13-May-08 10:49:09

morning smile (wave to Chloe)
Ikea do a nice toddler bed. We'll probably get an Ikea one.

trace2 Tue 13-May-08 10:52:54

hi isa

way they not putting it back ingrin

trace2 Tue 13-May-08 10:52:57

hi isa

way they not putting it back ingrin

Phoenix Tue 13-May-08 10:57:10

Yes I meant the tube. So are the burn scars caused by acid?

Phoenix Tue 13-May-08 11:01:33

ooo missed that post, for not putting the tube back in

Phoenix Tue 13-May-08 11:03:09

Morning Itsa

Dh is attempting to put our new roof bars and roof box on the car, i'm keeping out of his way

itsahardknocklife Tue 13-May-08 11:04:36

oh yes that kind of thing is best left to the men!
Trace, glad they aren't putting the tube in. How is she after yesterday?

Glad the tub is out and hope shes ok ? When will you get some results ?

Phoenix Tue 13-May-08 21:50:19


Hope everyone's ok

Dh eventually got the roof bars on but didn't attempt the box yet cos it took that long for him to do the bars lol. We don't need it on til 2nd June when we go camping so he's got plenty of time to practice getting it fitted .

it's my day off tomorrow, hope the weather's better than today. It was warm but not as nice as the weekend. I sold my Maclaren pushchair on Ebay and the lady is coming to pick it up tomorrow afternoon so i'll be waiting in for her. Toddler group in the morning though so i'm not stuck at home all day.

Trace if you have no appointments and want to escape dh for a bit i'm in from 11.30 onwards

ItsPotatoesForYouMyLad Tue 13-May-08 22:05:13

Hi all, sorry not read all 216 shockposts.

Just wanted to say a quick hello grin

<<<potatoes waves madly then runs off to bed>>>

NorwichMummy Wed 14-May-08 07:54:05

Hi potatoes, good to hear from you, hope all is well. Been wanting to contact you about bf supporter advice, can't remember the info you gave me, and it may have changed as we've moved house now anyway! Maybe you could email me? My address is slipandgully at hotmail dot com?

Hello everyone else, hope you're all ok? Right breakfast time!

Phoenix Wed 14-May-08 08:02:50


I've put a few pics on my profile of ds playing out in the sun at the weekend if anyone's interested

Hi Pots

What's everyone got planned for today? Hope you're all ok

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 08:39:21

Hi Pots smile Nice to hear from you again.

I've got the docs this morning (again...yawn) and then I am hoping that it warms up so DS can play in the garden. We've put the rabbit's hutch in the garden now that it's warmed up and it's up high out of the dog's sight, but DS has a chair that he drags over to the hutch to stand on to look. It's so funny!

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 11:27:02

The hot weather has gone and we have jumpers back on. I refuse to put the heating back on though grin

Phoenix Wed 14-May-08 11:43:21

I know its rubbish today isn't it?

Phoenix Wed 14-May-08 11:51:37

I've just put a wash load on so i can have the dryer on soon to warm the house up a bit

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 12:03:05

ooohhh sneaky. DS keeps biting me angry when I tell him off he laughs so now I leave the room when he does it. It's only me he does it too. sad

Phoenix Wed 14-May-08 13:40:33

No advice re biting Itsa. I've heard people say bite them back but i can't see how that helps really hmm

It's quite sunny here now

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 13:47:34

Mmmmm I didn't try biting back. I shall persevere with saying no and leaving the room. What silly little monster he is!
I'm also trying to get rid of his dummy during the day, which results in him singing loudly for most of the day - and he seems to have my singing voice! My poor neighbours!!
Yeah it's quite sunny here now too. I've hung the washing out.

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 13:48:03

Oh and the doc signed me off for another 6 weeks today.

Phoenix Wed 14-May-08 14:11:40

I've just made chocolate chip buns .

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 14:17:09


justabouthappy Wed 14-May-08 15:42:49

Someone mentioned to me today that there were some posts that I had not seen on this website complaining that I had not responded to an email about clothes.

I have not responded to many emails, for the past few weeks because, as itsa knows but other people may not, my sister has been taken seriously ill and for much of the time I have been away supporting her.

I am sure the clothes will have found a good home and it was sensible to pass them onto a charity shop.

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 16:18:23

watch out, watch out, lurkers about!

EggyChick Wed 14-May-08 16:29:43

I hope that comment isn't directed at me. I have not seen Justabout today.

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 16:30:43

Hi Eggy smile

Hmmm scrummy choc chip buns envy I'm making a tractor cake on Friday for one of my friends LO's 3rd Birthday.

Tracy - hope LO & Dad are better

Justs - hope your sister is OK.

My LO is still pooing his knickers (4 times yesterday and hes started just doing it cos he can't be bothered to stop playing to go) so I threatened him that if he did it again I'd take a hammer and smash a toy - don't think he believed I would but ..... I did - twice and then again today - hes finally getting the message - though if SS had come past yesterday and heard him they would have thought I was killing him ......

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 16:33:32

Oooh Pizza, that's a hard punishment!

EggyChick Wed 14-May-08 16:37:25

Hi Itsa, who did you direct that comment to?

I bob by every now and again to see if there is a meet-up I can make.

I know - I'm not a hard person but school are tearing their hair out and hes six in Sept and nothing else is working - I've done the treats, the shouting, the taking things away and he just brushes it off so this is it - not sure what I'll do if this fails sad

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 16:41:07

Eggy, to no-one in particular - I don't know who's lurking!

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 16:45:35

Oh dear I managed to put the rabbit out today without her killing me but now she won't let me put her away angry She keeps growling - she must think she's a dog. OMG!!! We got her when we had our old dog put down, who was very unpredictable and a huge liability - maybe her spirit was reincarnated into the rabbit! shock

Can U put a carrot in the cage or something ? I used to catch my rabbit by chucking a blanket over her, then bundling her up

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 17:16:07

I hadn't thought of a blanket - good idea! I'll leave her out til DH gets home as she seems to like him. Or rather she dislikes him less than she dislikes me!!

DS is getting more delightful by the day. We actually got some feet-stamping today. Soooo funny to watch! It's very hard to keep a straight face at times grin I think he's getting bored - I shall have to venture out tomorrow I think!

trace2 Wed 14-May-08 19:09:28

hello all! i am sooooooooo tired dad came home today early, was inmiddel of cleaning ,painting his house, ordered him a new carpet for tomorrow, then found out he wont stop in hospitalsad so had to rush down today to get it finished and asked if they could fit carpet today i would pay more!
any got it done just in time to pick dad up at 4grin

thank you for the good wishers

hi heppy,and

justabout, hope your sis is ok?

and friendy sorry about ds have you taken him to gp? it could be some thing medical

trace2 Wed 14-May-08 19:13:28

but ds was doing this with weeing not long ago because he didnt want to stop playing the same,i told him he smelt and no one would play with him, and did he want that i said it a few times but it did stop him

Phoenix Wed 14-May-08 19:20:43


The pushchair was picked up this afternoon and then we called to Asda for 'a few bits' hmm £60 later we came home. Thats the pushchair money kissed goodbye hmm

Hi Heppy/Eggy, how are you? Have you got your laptop sorted now?

Hi JA, hope your sister is ok (((hugs)))

Have you caught the rabbit Itsa?

Phoenix Wed 14-May-08 20:08:15

hmm is no one around tonight?

I'm here ......

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 22:14:05

I left the rabbit out until DH got home and let him deal with her - she didn't go for him at all, so it's obviously personal!!

Hi PIzza, you still up?

Yes - going to bed soon though - shattered today sad

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 22:24:11

did you work today?

itsahardknocklife Wed 14-May-08 22:27:38

Has anyone ever been to Rainbow Days play group at Balne Lane Community Centre? I've been trying to look up some things to take DS to on a regular basis now that it looks like I shall be off work for a long, long time (as opposed to a longish time!) and there aren't many around central Wakefield. I went once to one with DH in Stanley but I didn't like it. It was a church-run thing and it was a bit happy-clappy for my liking, IYKWIM. Or does anyone know of a decent one around here?

Phoenix Thu 15-May-08 07:23:12

Do you mean toddler groups Itsa? Have a look on here just select the areas you want, the type of care you want - toddler groups, pre-school, nurseries etc. and it tells you everywhere there is one with addresses and phone nos.

itsahardknocklife Thu 15-May-08 07:29:25

that's brilliant, Phoenix, thank you smile

Is anyone going to Canon Hall today? Norwich - hope you are settling in ok at the new house.

Phoenix Thu 15-May-08 07:48:31

I'm working today so no Cannon Hall for me.

itsahardknocklife Thu 15-May-08 09:25:57

Norwich is probably still up to her eyeballs in boxes anyway!

NorwichMummy Thu 15-May-08 12:27:59

Hiya, sorry not been in touch! Have been so busy and then up half the night with a very angry toddler who decided that he was just not going to sleep in his own bed but get up and play instead! In the midst of all of that I totally forgot about going to cannon hall today. But the good news is I have only two boxes left to unpack and then we're pretty much sorted

itsahardknocklife Thu 15-May-08 15:18:17

Hiya Norwich. Playing in the night is not good sad - hope you got some sleep at least.
Does anyone fancy braving Cheeky Monkeys in Wakefield tomorrow at some point?

OOh what time - I might be able to make it ?

Playing in the night is really not on ! Just think how you can get revenge in 20 years time ....

itsahardknocklife Thu 15-May-08 16:36:52

Morning is best for DS. About 10?

trace2 Thu 15-May-08 17:08:35

hi all did you go to cannon hall?

i carnt come tomorrow we got app with neuro for dd at 10, our nurse is going to try and sort app out we had enoughsad, i feel really bad i gave dd some thing with lactose in under a diffrent namesad shes now got sweet smelling breath and runs

itsahardknocklife Thu 15-May-08 17:55:30

Don't feel bad, Trace - you weren't to know if it was called something else. Hope it goes well tomorrow.

trace2 Thu 15-May-08 18:26:04

thanks isa ! you missing d? have you heard from her if so is she having good time?

itsahardknocklife Thu 15-May-08 18:38:16

Yes, missing her lots! I'm sure she's had a brilliant time, but I shall be glad to have her back. She's a really great friend to me.

trace2 Thu 15-May-08 18:43:53

well isa thats what makes a good friend and i say try not to lose the good ones grin

itsahardknocklife Thu 15-May-08 18:53:48

I agree grin

OK - what do you look like so I don't just start chatting to a stranger grin

itsahardknocklife Thu 15-May-08 21:39:53

I'll put my son's favourite teddy on the table - it's a beige dog with brown ears and is rather grubby! I shall aim to be there at a bit before 10. smile It'll be nice to meet you.

Ok C U tomorrow - will come as soon as Ive droped wages off at LF.

Trace - don't worry too much Josh still gets poisoned by people giving him Tuna Mayo - they forget it has egg in sad its just one of those things.

itsahardknocklife Fri 16-May-08 13:22:07

Hi all.
Pizza, it was lovely to meet you this morning. Would you believe it, but my little man still hasn't gone to sleep!

It was lovely to meet you too - Nice to put a face to a name - will he sleep later or are you in for a rough night ?

itsahardknocklife Fri 16-May-08 14:28:24

He has finally fallen asleep, after half an hour of jumping up and down laughing in his cot grin
You know when you said about splitting aloe vera plants, do you just pull the leaves apart and plant them individually?

Thats all I've done in the past and popped them in a plant pot and they have grown smile

Glad hes gone down .....

Trace how did you get on at hospital ?

justaboutwasquoteoftheweek Fri 16-May-08 16:10:13

I have been sorting out some books from work and I have a large selection of OverComing Depression self-help books (I wrote several academic articles on them, it was one of my post-doc topics).

I know some people here are suffering from post-natal depression so if any of you want them for yourself or for any relative or friend (you don't have to disclose who) then email me and I will drop them off to your house.

Right, that's it, I'm off now, I won't be posting on this thread for a while, so anyone who needs to get hold of me should use the email or CAT me.

Thanks for the kind wishes re: my sister, FriendlyPizza - much appreciated.

justaboutwasquoteoftheweek Fri 16-May-08 16:14:34

P.S. The current name is of course, intended ironically.

trace2 Fri 16-May-08 20:23:20

friendly shes ok, ad a few turns today but not while we was with pead, was very scary today a few of her peads was all there together. any way they took her of meds again need to reveiw her soon, they have no idea what causes her to have the turnssad.

justabout are you ok, hope ive not done anything to upset you? if you want to email me you have myaddy

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 16-May-08 20:32:48

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Fri 16-May-08 21:42:12

Trace I guess you have to just keep going. Is it good that they have taken her off meds?

Knickers hellllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. How was the holiday? We REALLY missed you! I met Pizza this morning at CM and DS went up to a baby about the same age as your DD and was stroking her head. I guess he missed his little girlfriend grin

itsahardknocklife Fri 16-May-08 21:43:42

oh and I got a brill toy for your DD from Freecycle this week - it's for those little rolly people things IYKWIM.

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 16-May-08 22:17:51

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Fri 16-May-08 22:48:53

ha ha I'm pissed and going to bed now. grin

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 17-May-08 08:15:59

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sat 17-May-08 08:20:58

Nope! grin
Although DH is at work today doing overtime booooooooooooooooooooooooo but he should be home some time this afternoon.

So, Knickers, tell me about your hol!

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 17-May-08 09:05:47

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 17-May-08 09:13:45

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sat 17-May-08 09:35:39

No meets planned that I know of - although we are hoping to go to LF early this week (DH has this week off work).
Knickers, try Freecycle for a buggy first. What a bummer if you have to pay out for one only to have to buy a double in a few months.
Holiday sounds good. Lol at them thinking you and your dad were a couple!!
So your DD took a couple of steps, eh? She'll be running off with my DS before we know it. Can't wait to see her clap smile
DS still shouts 'mummy' at either me or DH.

itsahardknocklife Sat 17-May-08 10:23:57

Could anyone use this bookcase
We've got it in the lounge - it's a dark brown colour. We've had it a year but need the space. It's huge, though, but DH assures me it will fit out through the door! (we built it in the room)
Let me know if anyone would like it - would like it gone ASAP and it's far too good to take to the tip.

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 17-May-08 10:41:15

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sat 17-May-08 10:50:19

Maybe I was a bit hasty in getting rid of the dining table - although I like the dining room (or dog's room, as it is) without the table covered in stuff! We thought we'd put a small table in the lounge instead, where the bookcase is.

itsahardknocklife Sat 17-May-08 10:54:34

Grrr the binen yesterday missed three bins in our road (garden waste) - I've reported it via the website. Not happy coz it is full and we wanted to get some more of the bloody ivy down this weekend angry

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 17-May-08 11:03:42

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sat 17-May-08 11:10:55

yeah miserable. I've hoovered this morning, Knickers - are you proud of me?

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 17-May-08 11:12:32

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sat 17-May-08 11:20:08

Don't be suspicious - maybe he's making an effort.

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 17-May-08 11:24:55

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 17-May-08 11:58:04

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sat 17-May-08 12:07:35

wow! that pool is amazing! what did your dd think of being in the water?

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 17-May-08 12:08:56

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sat 17-May-08 12:11:38

I was thinking you looked nice in the one on the balcony.
We went swimming last week, to lightwaves. It's a bit grubby, but nearby, and I don't mind slumming it with the commoners now and again. DS loved it! The fact that it's like a beach (where you can paddle before it gets deep) is good for kiddies, I think. And there is a bit behind behind a wall where you can hide with wee ones when the waves are on.

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 17-May-08 14:37:57

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sat 17-May-08 19:49:20

Yeah! shock arrrgggghhh it's you! Sorry, I've been drinking again!!!!!

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 17-May-08 20:40:23

Message withdrawn

(whispers) morning all (in case itsa has a headache)

Glad yoou had a good hols knickers, at least today its nice again for you to show off your tan !

My house is never spotless sad - lifes too short for me to do it !

Josh decided he wants the new pizza hut stuffed crust for his dinner so thats nice ans easy then - just have to break it to dad when he surfaces. He has the lie in on Sundays and I get one on Saturdays.

Made my tractor cake was very impressed with it - will bring photos next time we meet, started making one last night that is a stables with 2 horses poking their heads out for a little girl across the road.

R U coming to LF this week - I could be around Mon (all day) Tues PM and thats it for 2 weeks.......

itsahardknocklife Sun 18-May-08 10:14:10

thankyou Pizza. Yes, I will admit that I have a headache.
We are thinking of coming to LF on Monday - Knickers says she is busy but I might kidnap her and bring her anyway!
The stables cake sounds even more ambitious than the tractor! I've never even made rice crispie cakes! blush

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 18-May-08 11:40:24

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Sun 18-May-08 13:24:06

We went to a car boot sale - got loads of HappyLand toys for DS!

hiccymapops Sun 18-May-08 17:11:25

Hello everyone smile

We got back yesterday and i'm still unpacking! Me and my 'just in casers'!

Just wanted to say 'Hello' smile and hope everyone's okay.

I'll have a proper read through later and see what i've missed grin

itsahardknocklife Sun 18-May-08 17:20:31

Hiya Hiccy. Did you have a good time? WHat lovely weather it was as well, you lucky so-and-so!

hiccymapops Mon 19-May-08 15:43:25

Had a lovely time thanks itsa smile Ben's paddled in lakes in his wellies, and been to the beach and had a go in the sea grin he loved it, so did the doggies. I think they're all very disappointed to be home. We were lucky with the weather too, it rained all week when we went last year.

trace i'm glad your dad's better. I really hope they get to the bottom of things with Chloe. Big hugs to you all.

Twigy it's nice to see you back smile Thank you for the congrats.

Knickers your holiday sounds lovely, i'm glad you had such a good time smile

Justabout sorry to hear about your sister, i hope she's feeling better.

Hope everyone else is okay xxxxxx

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 19-May-08 18:44:15

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Mon 19-May-08 18:49:09

Hiccy, I know you have probably told me before, but how many doggie do you have?

Phoenix, Netto have Iggle Piggle sandals in at the mo - £3.99 smile I know your DS didn't find the trainers comfy, but maybe he'd like sandals instead? BTW, put the old trainers on Ebay. I think they are going for a tenner a pair!

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 19-May-08 19:00:59

Message withdrawn

NorwichMummy Mon 19-May-08 19:03:33

Hi there,

Glad you had good holidays Knickers and Hiccy. What kind of dogs have you got Hiccy?

Hope things start to get better for your dd Trace, it must be really stressful for you at the moment.

Been very busy here, got dog back now we have made the garden secure and it adds a whole new dimension to my day, but it is lovely to have him back mind!

Knickers, have just seen your post re: my pushchair, sorry thread had dropped off my "threads I'm on page". I'll email you now with info if you are still interested?

Hello to everyone else wink

itsahardknocklife Mon 19-May-08 19:06:53

Hi Norwich smile
Right, I fancy doing something this week - DH is off, but will be out Thursday, so is anyone around Thursday am?

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 19-May-08 19:06:57

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Mon 19-May-08 19:09:04

Yo Knickers! Got a bag of toys and bits for DD and a bikeytrikeyparenthandledthingy for you. Will have to see you this week to drop it all off!

itsahardknocklife Mon 19-May-08 19:11:58

Look - it's on Ebay! Twigy will be proud when she finds out I am really, really sorting things out!

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 19-May-08 19:13:12

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 19-May-08 19:13:46

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Mon 19-May-08 19:16:20

yeah, which is more than I thought we'd get! I was all for freecycling it but DH insisted we try Ebay first.

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 19-May-08 19:20:02

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Mon 19-May-08 19:24:16

it's huge though! We built it in the lounge, and I am not sure it'll get out but DH assures me that it will.

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 19-May-08 19:28:07

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 19-May-08 19:30:11

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Mon 19-May-08 19:30:44

I shall have to be out when they come to get it or I shall get all nervous about it not fitting! I'll take the dog and DS for a walk and let DH deal with it. grin

itsahardknocklife Mon 19-May-08 19:31:24

I guessed that's what you meant smile

itsahardknocklife Mon 19-May-08 19:32:11

Oh yeah I wanted to tell you, Knickers, at LF today, DS went up to this little girl and stroked her head - I think he's missing your DD. smile

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 19-May-08 19:50:20

Message withdrawn

Phoenix Mon 19-May-08 20:52:22


I'm still around but trying to be good and not sit with my laptop attached to me 24 hours a day. So i'm only coming on to read occasionally. hmm How long is this gonna last?

Glad you had great holidays Hiccy and Knickers

Glad you're settled in and got your dog home Norwich

I saw them sandals Itsa but he loves his crocs and won't have anything else on his feet lately so i'm not gonna bother with them. He's not that bothered about In The Night Garden as much since cbeebies took it off on an evening either. He could have gone off it before iggle piggle took over our house hmm

itsahardknocklife Mon 19-May-08 21:06:53

hee hee Phoenix. Yes I can't understand why CBeebeies stopped the evening ITNG. Well, if you want to sell any ITNG stuff, here I am!

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 19-May-08 21:08:37

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Mon 19-May-08 21:10:18

Well my computer is upstairs, so I just pop on whenever I come up, to the loo or to check on DS or the cat or with washing. Any excuse to come up really!

hiccymapops Mon 19-May-08 21:29:30

Evening smile

See, i'm back now you'll get no peace grin

The doggies are Cavalier king charles spaniels. Sam is massive, and Baxter is titchy. They're like Little and Large grin

Glad you've got sorted Norwich smile What sort of doggie have you got?

Phoenix is your DS the same size in sandals as he is in shoes? Ben's nearly 7 and a half shoe, but when we took him for some sandals, he's a 9! shock The lady at Clarkes said it's to protect their toes. I thought there'd be more room in sandals.

itsahardknocklife Mon 19-May-08 23:15:46

cor that'a big difference in size.
Well no-one replied earlier, so I shall ask again - anyone around Thursday morning? Shall I provisionally suggest CM in Wakey?
Twigy, if you're not working, it'd be great to see you.

hiccymapops Tue 20-May-08 07:42:57

Morning smile

Ben's back to silly o'clock getting up times sad

Sorry itsa i meant to say we'll come and play on Thursday smile

Hope everyone's okay xx

itsahardknocklife Tue 20-May-08 07:56:42

yay! grin
DH has taken DS to childminder so we have an adult only day here. We are going to the flea market in Ossett - I've wanted to go for ages for a nosey.

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 20-May-08 09:35:24

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Tue 20-May-08 16:46:58

yeah put it on there anyway in case people are looking at it.

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 20-May-08 17:17:38

Message withdrawn

itsahardknocklife Tue 20-May-08 19:33:16

Yes.great to see you. You look brown and healthy!
I can't believe that a certain person thinks I have been bullying her. angry I am assuming that it was me. So because I don't agree with one suggestion I am a bully? hmm Well, I don't like being used - my house is not a free play centre.

KnickersOnMaHead Tue 20-May-08 19:46:26

Message withdrawn

trace2 Tue 20-May-08 20:10:52

sorry ladies i carnt come still looking after dad

Love to come but will be in a car on the way to the airport grin

Trace - hope everything is getting better ((hug))

Knickers/Itsa - have I missed something ?

Off to start counting knickers/socks etc etc

hiccymapops Tue 20-May-08 21:05:07

Evening everyone smile

Has everyone been falling out? <<very confused face>>

trace how's your dad doing? Hope you're all okay xx

Friendly have a lovely holiday smile Hope to finally meet you when you get back.

Hope everyone else is okay

itsahardknocklife Tue 20-May-08 21:33:45

Trace, you're a star and I'm sure your dad kows it.
Pizza, you lucky thing going on hol envy
We've all missed something, so don't worry. Knickers and I have managed to upset people without knowing how or when. Ah well, these things happen, don't they?
It would appear that people have fallen out with us, but I've no idea what it's about and I am trying really hard not to think about it anymore because it's making me ill sad
Anyhow, it'll be nice to see people on Thursday. I shall tell you all how nice Pizza is smile (both the food and the person, if you like).
Knickers I need you to show me how to get onto the internet on my phone because Big Brother starts soon and I won't be able to be upstairs when the TV is downstairs!

itsahardknocklife Wed 21-May-08 15:39:03

My little man had his first hair cut today. I was quite reluctant to get it done but it did need doing. We walked into one place, but left again when I realised it was the same poor woman who did Twigy's son's hair. I just couldn't put her through it again! It must have been so traumatic for her that she moved to work in a different barbers!! We went to another one, and I stayed outside with the buggy and DH took DS in. There was a bit of shouting on DS's part, but the outcome is good! Well worth the money, I think.
Looking forward to seeing people tomorrow - should be a few of us there smile
Pizza, if you haven't already logged off, have a great time away and see you in a few weeks.

Phoenix Wed 21-May-08 20:08:16

Where u meeting tomorrow?

itsahardknocklife Wed 21-May-08 20:11:30

CM in Wakey.

Twigy Wed 21-May-08 20:33:17

Hello girlies. Bloody hell this working lark is making it soooo difficult to catch up with you girls. How is everyone? Yes Its i will be there in the morning!!!! wink and well done for the tidy up. I will be inspecting your front room soon!!!
Knickers how are you getting on. Have you been on your jollies?
Hello to evryone else.

KnickersOnMaHead Thu 22-May-08 08:09:10

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Thu 22-May-08 09:18:16

Hi all! Hardknock had decided to no longer be a doormat, hence the name change!
No-one was intentionally made to feel unwelcome. A situation has got out of hand, not sure how. I've now even been blamed for something that happened on another website between a bunch of people I don't know. hmm Seems a lot of misunderstandings have occured.
I suggest we put this whole thing behind us and forget about it.
And if anyone has seen my DH wandering about, he didn't come last night and his phone is switched off...

hiccymapops Thu 22-May-08 13:14:56

Thank you for a lovely morning everyone smile

Monster stayed awake on the way home - yay, so we're off to bed now grin

wotulookinat Thu 22-May-08 13:55:13

I;m glad he stayed awake - have a nice sleep smile

We didn't find DS's cup so God knows where that went to!

hiccymapops Thu 22-May-08 14:01:46

He won't sleep sad my plan is foiled hmm part II in 10 mins grin

Do you think he dropped it in the bin wot?

wotulookinat Thu 22-May-08 14:50:41

He probably did, yes. What a naughty little chap. I think he did it deliberately to get another Fruit Shoot. He's a cunning wee thing.

hiccymapops Thu 22-May-08 17:53:16

He finally did nap, so i got to lie in bed and read my book for an hour grin

I'm being very lazy today and i've asked Mark to call in at KFC on the way home, but there's been a bad accident or something on the motorway, so he's taking forever! I'm starving!

wotulookinat Thu 22-May-08 17:58:25

Oh dear. Which motorway is he on?
Hiccy, if you do a review of your book you could win a boat thingy for the garden.
Hang on, I'll find a link...

wotulookinat Thu 22-May-08 17:59:15
hiccymapops Thu 22-May-08 18:05:57

Thanks wot, i might have a go. I read at least 2 books a month so i can pick my fave grin

The M1 and M62 from Leeds are both horrendous apparently sad He's nearly at KFC now though, so i can put my oven on grin

wotulookinat Thu 22-May-08 19:12:30

DH says the M62 from Leeds often has accidents on his way home from work.
I've entered the competition. It's a fab prize, eh? It would take up the whole garden, but imagine how cool it would be grin

KnickersOnMaHead Thu 22-May-08 20:25:53

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Thu 22-May-08 20:26:26

Message withdrawn

Twigy Thu 22-May-08 21:09:31

Nice to see you all again girls and to meet you Hiccy. Well i managed to get LOs hair cut, it took half an hour, he screamed the whole time!! No head locks thiss time. And it bloody well cost £9.00 £9 bloody quid. sorry cant stop saying that. Thanks for the truck Wot. Lo and Clyde really like it

wotulookinat Thu 22-May-08 21:41:21

Ha ha I can imagine Clyde playing with it!
You should have gone where we went to get Ds's hair cut. It was £6.
I'm pissed again!
The bookcase has gone (god the bloke was well sexy!) and we are currently sorting out the mountain of stuff that came off it grin
So, Knickers, you will have a load more toys and books coming your way - you may need to move to a bigger house!!

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 23-May-08 09:58:12

Message withdrawn

hiccymapops Fri 23-May-08 10:31:47

Morning all smile

Mark was handing his notice in at work today, and he was dreading it. So at 7:30 i was cleaning out and rearranging the kitchen cupboards! Told you i was a stresshead! As it turns out it's all gone really well so far, lets see if it lasts. They really turned on Marks friends when they handed their notice in, and basically accused them of planning on stealing loads of stuff, and customer information so they could steal them too! So they got escourted off the premises! Just for handing their notice in and being honest and telling them they were planning to set up themselves. Lovely company it's turning into hmm Sorry for the rant. I could do with getting this het up more often, i'd get loads more done grin

I'm very jealous now everyone's little ones have new haircuts. Ben's going next Wednesday, so his granny can see him having it cut grin

Twigy i couldn't stop laughing picturing you getting your gorgeous little DS in a headlock grin

Hope everyone's okay xxx

wotulookinat Fri 23-May-08 10:37:12

Cor, Hiccy, it's a bit extreme to be escorted off-site for handing in your notice. Crazy really, because if you were going to steal information or something about customers, then you'd have done it before you handed your notice in really! Good to hear about your kitchen cupboards grin You've made me feel guilty about mine now!
We're still up to our armpits in stuff that came off the massive bookcase. Why does it take a man so long to do anything? I send him upstairs with an armful of stuff to put on a table in the spare room and he's gone half an hour. hmm

hiccymapops Fri 23-May-08 10:40:06

grin if he's anything like Mark he'll have got 'distracted' men need supervision at all times grin

hiccymapops Fri 23-May-08 10:41:50

I may have exaggerated the cleaning and sorting out blush i only did the most mixed up shelves blush

wotulookinat Fri 23-May-08 10:44:41

You're so right, Hiccy. When I came upstairs after he (finally) went back down, the computer was on.
All our shelves are mixed up! When we moved, I plonked things in anywhere, with the intention of sorting them at a later date. We've been here nearly a year now and still haven't sorted it. Oh dear!

wotulookinat Fri 23-May-08 10:46:30

Anyone want a highchair?

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 23-May-08 10:47:44

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Fri 23-May-08 10:50:02

cool. sorted. all yours. needs a clean, though, but it's not too bad.

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 23-May-08 10:52:25

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 23-May-08 11:02:54

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Fri 23-May-08 11:09:31

Well the highchair will cost you two cups to tea and some biscuits grin

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 23-May-08 11:17:07

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Fri 23-May-08 12:06:53

No thank you. Not enough room in the garden! We're not allowed to get rid of the wooden picnic table because it's the landlords so there is not enough room for anything else.
Plus, I've entered the MN comp to win the pirate ship for the garden!!!

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 23-May-08 12:09:47

Message withdrawn

hiccymapops Fri 23-May-08 12:47:45

My little man is faffing with his nap routine angry

Knickers have you put that table on freecycle yet? It's just we bought new garden furniture and Mark wanted to get rid of our old plastic table and chairs but i couldn't (i'm ridiculously emotionally attached to it as it's the first furniture we ever bought together!) So we've got it dismantled in a corner of the garden. But it's come in really handy when we've had a big barbecue, and for Bens birthday last year when we needed more tables and chairs outside. Just a thought, but if it all packs up sometimes it's handy.

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 23-May-08 15:35:35

Message withdrawn

hiccymapops Fri 23-May-08 16:00:30

I'm good thanks Knickers. Are you feeling okay?

Mark's just rung me from work to tell me he can hear the Kaiser Chiefs rehearsing at Elland road. So he's getting a free concert and we don't need to go and see them grin

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 23-May-08 16:32:26

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Fri 23-May-08 21:09:17

Anyone want a Fisher Price Incrediblock and some Peek a Blocks? Like this one:
cgi.ebay.co.uk/FISHER-PRICE-PEEK-A-BLOCK-INCREDIBLOCK-CUBE-INC-BLOCKS_W0QQitemZ130224295884QQihZ003Q QcategoryZ131082QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
But it's for free, not for sale!

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 23-May-08 21:47:50

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Fri 23-May-08 23:51:08

Well if you change your mind, Knickers, you are welcome to it. Your dd might like it because it's a good height for standing up against IYKWIM. Let me know, anyway. I'd rather give it to someone I know than freecycle it, if I can.
Off to bed now.

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 24-May-08 12:13:38

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Sat 24-May-08 14:57:59

We're looking at cheaper places to rent today. What a nightmare!

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 24-May-08 19:15:27

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Sat 24-May-08 19:50:56

We rang up about lots, but they were all taken or were no kids or no DSS. We'll keep trying though, as we have a week before we'd need to give notice on this place. It wouldn't be the end of the world to stay here, but the rent increase will really push things too far. Anyway, I am off downstairs to watch Eurovision. Text me if you need me grin

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 24-May-08 20:01:42

Message withdrawn

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 24-May-08 21:39:50

Message withdrawn

hiccymapops Sun 25-May-08 08:46:18

Morning smile

Hope everyone's having a good weekend smile

Good luck with the househunting wot, the no kids policy isn't very nice!

Knickers - calpol? hmm different grin

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 25-May-08 10:14:33

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Sun 25-May-08 11:04:38

Well we came last again in Eurovision. angry
No luck with house hunting so far. Will keep searching today.

trace2 Sun 25-May-08 19:46:51

hello, hope you get a house soon isa!

well am going to skeggy tomorrow god no idea why? taking dad too its going to be bloody hard work, dad booked ot for us months ago and hes been looking forward to it, i supose it helped him get better going some where even if its skeggygrin. anyway, not be on fora while now so ill see you all later

wotulookinat Sun 25-May-08 19:52:40

Have a lovely time, trace. I've never been to Skeggy but DH really wants to go.

We're going to look inside a place tomorrow. DH thinks we should stay here for another 6 monts and be skint and move between Xmas and New Year. hmm

I'm just in a bad mood because my oldest friend (I've known her since I was 7) got married today and I couldn't be there because we couldn't afford to go down to London for it sad

trace2 Sun 25-May-08 20:18:40

hi isa sorry your having a shitty timesad hope things get better soon for you

wotulookinat Sun 25-May-08 20:20:32

Yeah they will. smile for you too, and then we shall get pissed to celebrate!

trace2 Sun 25-May-08 20:30:57

mmmmmm yes i would like that seams sooooooooo long i had a drink! going to bed now for few hours see you soon

wotulookinat Sun 25-May-08 20:31:30

night night xx

hiccymapops Sun 25-May-08 21:29:47

Hello smile

Have a brilliant time trace smile Hopefully it'll do you all the world of good. I've never been to Skegness, i've always wanted to though, i love seasides grin

Sorry you missed the wedding wot sad Did your friend get it on video? I know it's not the same as being there though. You'll have to have your own celebration the next time you see them , and get very drunk so you can make up for any drunken shenanigans you missed at the wedding grin There's always some grin

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 25-May-08 21:48:45

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Sun 25-May-08 21:53:08

Cor, Knickers, that's nearly half way.

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 25-May-08 22:06:18

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Mon 26-May-08 11:26:10

Well I am shocked by the greed of some people! On here there is a 'toys reunited' section, and I have sent a toy for free through it and received one as well. I have been trying to find a back-up Mark Spence for DS (the grubby beige dog that he carries around wit him) and put an ad on Ebay Want it Now. Someone replied yesterday and had one. They asked me to make an offer. We paid a fiver for ours new, and theirs is mosr certainly not new anymore. I offered a fiver, inclusing postage, as he is light and would cost under £2 to post. She said no, she was hoping for a lot more! angry I think that's really cheeky so I said I wasn't able to offer more for a second hand toy. Am I being stingy or is she taking the piss?

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 26-May-08 11:28:09

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Mon 26-May-08 11:36:11

I think she must think I'll pay a lot more because she knows I want it - but it is a second hand teddy afterall.

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 26-May-08 11:42:10

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Mon 26-May-08 12:06:15

glad it's not just me then.

hiccymapops Mon 26-May-08 18:00:31

Hello smile

Hope everyone's had a good weekend smile

That's awful about the toy thing. If i had a toy Ben didn't play with and someone needed it as a replacement, i'd happily give them it and just ask for the postage. Some people are just mean!

We've been to Newmillerdam today and Ben loved it, even though he spent most of the time going around on his dads shoulders grin He's being a little independant horrorchops at the minute, and will only hold hands for a short while, then he wants to be off, and if you use his reigns he sits on the floor! So shoulders work wonders grin

Oh if anyone's after a paddling pool, we got a Spiderman one from Mothercare this morning for half price. It was only £6:49, and it comes with a ball and a swimming ring. It's for ages 3+, but it's a nice size and it's not as if he'll be left alone. So i thought it was a bargain.

Hope everyone's okay smile

Phoenix Mon 26-May-08 18:28:17


shock at the second hand teddy price itsa. How mean?

Hiccy - The independance thing is annoying isn't it. Lewis won't let us help him with anything lately. If we do something that he wants to do he throws a paddy.

Calpol knickers???? hmm. shock @ 19weeks pg.

How's the house hunting going Itsa?

We haven't done much today. We lounged around til around dinner time then went to do the weekly shop at Asda (how boring?) cos we had no food. Then i cleaned the bathroom and sorted the medicine cabinet and a shelf out (threw loads of body moisturisers and bubble bath etc. that have been stuck on the shelf for ages and out of date meds.) Then PIL turned up without warning (so we couldn't go out wink) and now we've just had our tea and waiting for Lew to go to bed then we'll chill out some more

Hope everyone's ok

Oh and i can't come Thursday cos we've got the dentist

wotulookinat Mon 26-May-08 19:10:22

Ds will very rarely hold hands now, and he doesn't like to sit in a shopping trolley anymore, but dad's shoulders usually do the trick for us too.
We've got reigns, which are ok, but not easy to use.
We looked inside the house today. It was small but nice. The problem was the garden though. It was a few planks of decking and a small patch of waist-height weeds. Nowhere for DS to play or dog to wee.
We've had a good chat and decided to stay put for a year, although we are going to argue about the rent increase.
Phoenix, tut at you for blowing us out to go to the dentist!

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 26-May-08 23:33:42

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Tue 27-May-08 08:16:48

What miserable weather today.

hiccymapops Tue 27-May-08 08:32:49

Morning smile

I blame myself for the weather - shouldn't have bought a paddling pool grin

My mum's coming today grin

Hope everyone's okay xx

KnickersOnMaHead Wed 28-May-08 08:50:00

Message withdrawn

wotulookinat Wed 28-May-08 09:43:57

Hi to Hiccy's mum smile
Glad Pickles is ok. (Pickles is Knickers' new pet - a gorgeous little hamster, btw!)
DS is still asleep! Mind you, he was up a lot in the night.

hiccymapops Wed 28-May-08 21:16:55

Hello everyone smile

My mum says 'Hello' too grin

It was nice to see you two briefly today smile Sorry for rushing off, i could sense i was being scowled at for keeping people waiting in the lift.

wot thank you for explaining Pickles, i thought Knickers had finally got her cat grin

We're going to go a bit earlier in the morning, because i'm bringing monster home for his lunch, he had lunch out today and didn't have much, and you know i'm a worrier!

Hope everyone's okay xx

Phoenix Wed 28-May-08 21:47:50


It's very quiet on here, where are you all?

Have fun at Cheeky Monkeys tomorrow, i'll have fun at the dentist, not!!!!!!!!

It's our wedding anniversary tomorrow and dh has just texted to say he's finished work but is calling at Asda before he comes home, hmm wonder what he's going there for? A card maybe??? Why are men so useless?

wotulookinat Wed 28-May-08 22:31:48

Happy Anniversary for tomorrow, Phoenix smile

I texted Twigy and she can't make tomorrow either, so it'll only be the three of us, but we'll have fun anyway smile

I think the whole of MN has been a bit quiet, not just our thread. Maybe everyone is on holiday for half-term or something.

KnickersOnMaHead Thu 29-May-08 07:54:30

Message withdrawn

hiccymapops Thu 29-May-08 08:33:09

Morning everyone smile

Happy Anniversary Phoenix and Mr Phoenixgrin Hope you have a lovely day grin How many years is it?

Hope everyone's okay xx