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4Laurie Fri 09-Sep-16 11:23:29

Hi there, are there any mums out there who could advise me about St Laurence school, I am currently in NZ wondering where to move back to, and like the look of this school, plus it's near friends in Bath/Bristol, etc (though property prices are a little scary). It's almost oversubscribed, like every other school I've contacted - is it worth appealing, what are your views/experience of the school!! Any info very helpful from this little corner of the planet...thanks, Jenny

Savernake1 Sat 10-Sep-16 01:27:00

Hi Laurie - I'm posting out of sheer pity- your OP has been bobbing up in Active all night!

I know nothing about Bradford on Avon schools, I'm from Marlborough in the east of the county. However, if you want to get a 'feel' for your chosen area, the local FB groups aren't too bad.

FWIW, there are absolutely no weak primaries in our patch, and three of my clients happily commute to Bath/Bristol daily.

4Laurie Sat 10-Sep-16 20:18:47

Hi Savernake, thanks for posting - I wonder why it kept popping up, I am new to this. St Laurence is a secondary school, one of the huge probs in trying to move back is every secondary school which looks good seems to be full, including St Laurence who have one place left in year 8 and two families visiting next week, it's not a case of - I can move there and my son can go to local school, seems not..year 7 has a waiting list. NZ is so different, there is no concept of 'full', your child just goes to local school and that's it. I really want to find him a good secondary school otherwise we can stay here, where there is a fantastic semi private for only 5K a year! ...thinking on...

Savernake1 Sun 11-Sep-16 06:47:16

Good luck whatever you decide.

FWIW I don't believe St John's is oversubscribed, a catchment family ought to be able to get in pretty quickly. It's a pretty academic school though, the sort that would love to be able to turn itself back into a grammar.

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