Babywear shops in Worcester - help needed mummies!

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lipsy28 Sun 02-Oct-16 16:20:14

Hi mummies - I'm looking at the possibility of opening a babywear shop in Worcester and would love some feedback from you guys.

I'm going to be stocking mainly Spanish & Portuguese fine knit sets probably starting from newborn (or small baby) through to 18-24m initially.

I'm originally from London and have lived in Worcester for 3yrs now. I have three children, my youngest being born in Worcester. With my other children I was spoilt for choice for clothing but it seems to be really limited here.

So my questions are:

1. Do you think a dedicated babywear stall or shop in Worcester is a good idea.

2. Do you like the bits I'm proposing to stock (pictures attached)

3. The prices for an outfit will start from £20-£40 - would you be happy paying this

4. Christening wear - is there a need for this in Worcester too?

I really appreciate the help. Thanks 😘

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