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Anybody knows about an ofsted approved holiday club for over 11s?

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SteakBake Sat 10-May-14 15:37:23

Simple as it is, I work full time, have an 11 year old and absolutely no family around. I have a low salary so will need to pay for the club with the help of tax credits, but I would only receive help for that if the club/scheme is approved by ofsted.

I am sorted for half term but no idea what to do about the summer holiday. Does anybody knows of an ofsted approved holiday club for over 11s in York?

Thanks in advance!

Andasliceofcakeplease Sun 11-May-14 20:36:23

Bishstreetkids is 4-14 and is Ofsted registered. Try looking on the council website - the schools normally give out a newspaper before each holiday which lists holiday clubs and activities -I think it is called Shine and it is also available online.

thisisweird Sun 11-May-14 20:44:18

Contact Kaleidoscope nurseries. They have a branch called KOOSH who run holiday clubs as well as after school. Definitely OFSTED registered. I THINK they would take an 11 yr old. It's a good club, lots going on. I've used them for years.

SteakBake Sun 11-May-14 22:58:06

Thank you, unfortunately DS' school only hands out Shine on the last day of school and by then is already too late to do much planning (ie. working reduced hrs to ensure I have time to drop him and pick him up from clubs). But thanks for the reference about being online, I will look for it.

I used Koosh for a summer when he was younger but the average age for children in the summer was about 7, so he was getting bored even then as all the activities seem designed for young children, having said that, they had some brilliant male nursery nurses who DS really looked up to at the time. Unfirtunately, they are no longer there :-(

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