Marketing & Events Manager

Argyll & Bute

Marketing &amp; Events Managers <br /><br />Have you got a fabulous, loud mouth?<br /> <br />Do you want a part-&#8203;time, flexible, work-&#8203;from-&#8203;home opportunity that fits in around your family commitments?<br /> <br />Do you want to be your own boss but also work in a fully supported, team environment?<br /><br />We're passionate about the benefits to families and the environment of reducing cost and recycling; therefore, our team of fabulous Marketing &amp; Events Managers is rapidly growing to keep up with the demands from communities across the country asking for Jack &amp; Jill Market events within their local areas.<br /><br />For more information please visit our website, I look forward to hearing from you.<br /><br /><br /> <br />Pauline Macmillian<br /> <br />National Development Manager<br /> <br />