The Estuary School

Barking & Dagenham

The Estuary School &ndash; A place where every child can find their element<br /><br />The Estuary School is a Free School Proposal with the aim of opening in Purfleet in September 2015.<br /><br />The Estuary School will be a two-form entry, mainstream Primary School for children aged 4-11 years old.<br /><br />We are currently looking at the Purfleet area of Thurrock as a possible location for our school and would welcome your support on this.<br /><br />In our first year of opening we will be taking in at least two cohorts of 30 reception aged children.<br /><br />We will also take in a cohort of mixed age infant children. As our school grows we will expand to have a two class cohort from reception to year six.<br /><br />Please visit the website for further details

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