Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Gla

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Have you ever wondered what you would find if you could travel to the other side of a mirror? Or what you would find at the bottom of a rabbit hole?<br /><br />Join Alice on her whirlwind tour through The Looking Glass and Wonderland as she meets the most amazing, amusing and bemusing creatures ever imagined.<br /><br />Come along on this magical, fanciful, comical journey; ideal for anyone who ever wanted to take tea with a Mad Hatter or play croquet with a flamingo!<br /><br />Also...<br />We are giving away one of our beautiful hand-made Flamingo puppets after the final show to one of the lucky buyers of a ticket to see Alice! Each person who buys tickets for the show will be automatically entered into the draw on March 3rd.<br /><br />For an amazing chance to win a Flamingo puppet...<br /><br /> online now or call 020 7723 6609<br /><br />

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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