Parent Partner Prepare for Parenting


Parent Partner is a personalised support service for new parents in London, Herts and Essex.

We offer a unique 1 day (6 hours)Preparation for Early Parenting workshop which will enable you to feel more confident in early parenting skills. This one day workshop can be taken stand-alone or in any combination with our other workshops. See for more information.

Our one day course includes:

Practical babycare skills - nappy changing, dressing, bathing, playing
Safe sleeping, co-sleeping, bed sharing
Breast or formula or both?
Soothing, carrying & baby wearing
Understanding your baby's cues
12 hrs with a newborn - what's it really like in the first few weeks
What happens when in the first few months?
Emotional wellbeing after birth
Coping with the postnatal body

Price incl light lunch & refreshments

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