affordable shiatsu massage for pregnancy

Mill Hill East

A l i c e F i x s e n
Qualified Practitioner (MRSS)

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese Bodywork
(based on principles of traditional Chinese
medicine). It uses finger, thumb & palm pressure,
as well as other techniques to stimulate pressure points.

Shiatsu can help with tension, mood, sleep,
stress & energy levels. It can be especially relaxing during
pregnancy when the body is working harder each day. It takes
physical, mental & emotional aspects of the individual into account.

Treatments can easily be adapted for personal
requirements, & are carried out with the
client fully-clothed.

Appointments currently available evenings and weekends, at my home practice or at your home. I try to make shiatsu affordable, so if the price is too expensive for you, then please discuss it with me.

Please contact me by telephone or email with any questions or to book an appointment.

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