Komedia Arts Cafe


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Komedia Arts Cafe is a family friendly cafe in one of Bath's most exciting and diverse venues. Serving Bath's only Soil Association Gold accredited food, we pride ourselves on offering affordable food that is freshly prepared, free from unwanted additives and based around local, seasonal produce from producers who operate to high farm standards.<br /><br />We also exhibit work from local artists and host regular events from children's French classes to an art fair.<br /><br />Join us for lunch on Tuesday's after the Toddler Time film screening and on Wednesday after The Big Scream (www.picturehouses.co.uk/cinema/The_Little)<br /><br />Mon: Closed unless Cinema is open.<br />Tue&acirc;&#128;&quot;Fri: Arts Caf&Atilde;&copy; open from 11am &acirc;&#128;&quot; 4pm. Food from 12pm &acirc;&#128;&quot; 3pm<br />Sat: Arts Caf&Atilde;&copy; open from 10am &acirc;&#128;&quot; 4pm. Food from 10am &acirc;&#128;&quot; 3pm<br />Sun: Arts Caf&Atilde;&copy; open from 11am &acirc;&#128;&quot; 3pm. Roast from 12pm &acirc;&#128;&quot; 3pm<br /><br />Toys, books and changing area all provided.

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