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Baby Swimming


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  • Locations across Bath

  • Lessons at a number of different pools, BA2,3,15

  • underwater@waterbabies.co.uk

  • http://www.waterbabies.co.uk

  • 21-Nov-13 to 21-Nov-15

  • Mon-Fri, Sun, 8.30am -12.30 Sun;10am-2pm Mon; 10am-7pm Tues;10am-1pm Wed;10am-7pm Thurs;10am -1.30 Fri, Call to check times

  • 0 months to 4 years

Water Babies Bristol provide a programme of swimming lessons from birth to 4 years. You can start your Water Babies journey at the beginning of any term. Lessons run across 10 week terms at a variety of locations and times. Socialising, wellbeing, health, exercise, confidence, learning, bonding, safety... there are so many reasons to teach your baby swimming with us! Taster sessions are often available, so call the office to discuss your options. Tel
0117 9466919

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Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • Jackfen

    22-Nov-2013 Report

    I was so excited to hear all the rave reviews about waterbabies that I had my first daughters name on the waiting list before she was even born. The classes at Church Farm, near Bath didn't disappoint. The special uninterrupted bonding time we had was like no other, I loved the skin to skin contact, songs and I was totally in awe of my young baby kicking and swimming freely towards me. The way that she progressed through our waterbabies journey until she was nearly 4 was just amazing! Meanwhile I started waterbabies with my second baby and have only finished a few months ago. 6 years from when we started and I am still really good friends with many of the parents in our swimming groups and our children still play together. I can honestly say in that 6 year period every single lesson we went to was fun, professionally taught and each week felt that we were learning something new. The instructors put each little one at the centre of their planning and it always felt as though we had plenty of 1:1 attention. I am so grateful to that special time we had together and that my two girls have developed a life long love of swimming and have brilliant safety skills around water. I know I will cherish these memories forever and continue to enjoy our special family time in the water.

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