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Regiment Fitness


Why Train With Regiment Fitness?<br /><br />Regiment Fitness sessions are fun, equipment based training sessions which cater to YOU no matter what your shape, size or level of fitness. Our Sessions provide a complete workout and will build up your stamina, strength &amp; general fitness.<br /><br />Whether you're looking to get fit for the first time or push your performance to the next level, our team of military &amp; ex-military PTI Instructors will challenge and motivate you.<br /><br />Train with a friendly group at one of our great locations and let us help you achieve your fitness goals.

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  • youmaycallmeSSP

    29-Sep-2013 Report

    These are easily the best fitness classes I've ever been to. Everyone supports each other and there's a lovely friendly atmosphere. We're all pushed hard and I've often thought "I can't do that" only to find out that actually, with the right support, I can. Regulars at the class I go to include a wide range of ages and abilities, from people who are seriously overweight to super-fit runners, older teenagers to people in their 60's, and ordinary folk like me who are a bit wobbly round the edges :o Everyone is included and made to feel welcome.

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