Pregnancy Massage


  • MIBeautiful Salon

  • 79 Shelley Rd, Luton, LU4 0HZ

  • 07830780748

  • 60 miuntes pregnancy massage £45

You body is working overtime day and night now that you are pregnant. Don't you think you should say, thank you?<br /><br />A pregnancy massage at the new MIBeautiful salon, minutes from the Luton and Dunstable Hospital is a relaxing, safe way to ease the pain and discomfort of pregnancy.<br /><br />Some benefits of pregnancy massage include:<br />- help to ease muscle aches, knots and tense <br />- reduce backaches and help ease headaches<br />- Aiding sleep<br />- encourage the circulation of fresh nutrients and expel waste and toxins<br />- improve skin elasticity reducing stretch marks<br />- reduces fatigue and adds digestion<br />- reduces swelling<br />- Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints<br />- relaxes the mind and body<br />- creating a sense of wellbeing<br />- and much more<br /><br />At MIBeautiful, you can expect a nicely decorated treatment room with low light and soft music.<br />Introductory rate<br />60 minutes pregnancy massage &pound;40 normally &pound;50

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