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Group meet-ups in Belfast centre are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer Tee2072a.

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  • SacreBlue 08-Mar-2014 07:46 Add message | Message poster

    Hi everyone,

    I know local threads just don't seem to show up anywhere even when someone replies (they only show on 'threads I'm on' for a short while after your own last post) so it's always really quiet here because most ppl are on the main forum.

    The last official meet was ages ago and now Tee, who was local editor, has left so no more 'official' meets have been planned. I met 2 posters 'unofficially' this week as I know them on Facebook and I think a couple of others have had local meets organised via netmums.

    I've noticed a couple of posts on local (nosing around whilst putting a local listing up) so I replied/pm'd and I'm suggesting that if people still want to meet that I could maybe organise a meet over Easter?

    I don't mind orgainsing one but maybe anyone who wanted to meet up after that could swap numbers/fb etc to meet up again (unless/until MNHQ have a new local ed)

    I am suggesting Botanic Park, close to me <lazy - but I'm not local ed so going with handiest> close to Botanic train station for commute, easy to find on map, on road parking & easy enough from motorways, running about potential for little kids, cafe in PEC for coffee/toilet etc

    If anyone would like me to organise this please let me know by posting on South/Central Belfast meet up pages